August 8th, 2007


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do you have a tattoo that everybody asks/comments about?

tell me about it?

is it annoying as fuck or what?

1. yes.
2.every time i talk to a stranger, i hear "oh, what instrument do you play?" due to the treble clef on one arm. i got it because i USED to play several instruments and i will (duh) always love music. on the other one, i have "one love." yes, it's from the bob marley song, but it's also the very beginning of a sleeve. my best friend got one with me, only hers is in kanji on her ankle. "what does that mean? what does that say? i don't get it."
3. yes and i want to punch everybody.
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Does anyone know any good Remus/Sirius MWPP era fics? I'm looking for something in the vein of the Shoebox project or Moonshadows (where there's a lot of build-up, friendship, pre-slash, ect)

also, does anyone know any good communities where this could go? the only ones I can think of right now are hpstoryfinders, but that's only specific fics, not general searches, and hd_ficsearch, but obviously that's only for h/d.

also, do you like the taste of blood?
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I just got back from the James Morrison/Ben Folds/John Mayer concert. And Ben Folds owned some MAJOR ass, it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

Who have you seen live and how would you rate them?

Have you ever gone to a concert to see the headliner?

What artists have you met?

If you could go on tour as a tech/groupie/roadie with any band EVER, who would it be?

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OOoohhhooohhoh third post today.
But I'm looking for pictures of paintings of female Catholic saints....I can't even find a picture for reference, but when you go to a Catholic person's funeral, the artwork that is on the back of their obituary card and/or hanging around a church or Catholic home. Bright colors, pretty faces, you know.
Sorry if I phrased that in a horrible way, I'm not Catholic and I don't know what that style is called/where normal people find it. lol The only Catholics I know live in an abbey...they're nuns.
Can anyone help me out?


okay similar to this style
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Where the hell is everyone tonight?

Is this an example of TQC chat ruining TQC?

What else is TQC chat ruining?

What else is ruining TQC?

Have all the Harry Potter fans left LJ yet?
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People with First or Last Names that are also Actual Words:

does it feel weird for you to use your name/hear other people using your name in the sense that it is a word?

i.e. your name is Ron White, your friend says to you, "I like the snow, it's so white and pretty."

i.e. your name is Happy Gilmore, some creepy black guy with a wooden hand tells you to go to your "Happy Place."

also, of course, what is your name?

P.S. plz to forgive me if this isn't all that coherent. It's late, and I'm sure you know what I mean despite lack of eloquence.

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What do you consider your conscience?
How often do you speak with your conscience?

My boyfriends mom wants to see him tomorrow but he wants to blow her off. I told him "sometimes you have to do things for other people" and he disagrees. Whose right?

Damn internet

Is Yahoo mail working for you? It isn't for me, and I want to know if it's me or them.

Edit: Relieved to know it's not just me, but damn, it's frustrating...

Edit again: Working now, no idea what the issue was...
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Hawaiian prude?

TQC I need fashion advice.

My friend is having a "hawaiian themed" party and attendees must dress hawaiian themed.

Consider the fact that I simply do not wear clothing that reveals more than a full-coverage t-shirt and long jeans would reveal. I just don't. Frlz. They can't make me.


All I can think of is some cheesy hawaiian print button down but where the fuck do they sell those ugly things anymore anyway?

Ideas pleeeease?

Moving for love

1) If you fell in love with someone right now, would you move for him/her?

2) What's your current stage in life (i.e. high school, still in college, working professional, etc...)?

3) Which other factors would sway your answer in moving for your significant other?
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Lexmark X2350 Setup/Driver HELP!

A friend of a friend just gave us their old Lexmark X2350 Printer-Scanner. YAY! Only thing is they can't find the driver/setup disk.
I have tried for 2hrs now to find it online, and apparently I suck, cause I can't find anything online.

Anyone know where I can get a free download for a driver/setup of this Lexmark X2350 Printer-Scanner??

Any help would be much appreciated !


x-posted a few places.

Friend on MSN helped, thanks anyhow, much love!</strike>

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1. Why is applying for student financial aid so painful?

I get to the very end only to find out my PIN is all jacked up, so I have to wait "up to 4 hours" for a new one. And coz the 'save' function doesn't actually save anything, and I don't wanna do this shit again, and the page times out after x minutes of inactivity, I'm clicking 'previous' and 'next' every 5 minutes while I wait for my emailz.

2. If you adopted a kid, would you tell them they were adopted or let them think they were your biological offspring? Why?

ETA: I ask coz my friends just adopted and they're not going to tell the kid she was adopted. They have a pretty decent health history of the parents and all, but jeez. I feel like it's going to slip out from someone sooner or later and be a big mess.

3. What movie is this? B&W, set in Civil War era. This kid grows up to be a doctor. He has a horse named Pilgrim. His mom sold all her silverware to pay for his education and he can't even be bothered to write her a letter until Abraham Lincoln scolds him for it. (Really.) Yes, I know about that one comm for this type of question, but they never know. Found it! Of Human Hearts, 1938.

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do you ever feel you are boring or not fun enough to be around when spending time with others?
what about when you meet new people?
how do YOU talk yourself out of this and feel more comfortable with yourself?
Beast mode!


1. So, what news story is making you sick today?

2. What is your favorite number?

3. For those of you who use them, do you get out of bed when your alarm goes off in the morning or do you hit the snooze a time or two?

4. Who are you proud of at the moment? Why?
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3some: not in all cases but on the average

7:09 PM 8/7/07 · I've noticed a disturbing trend, over a long period of time, that makes no sense to me. Guy and a girl are seeing each other. Guy cheats on girl with another girl. Girl guy was seeing finds out about the other girl. Girls confront each other. Girls try and beat the crap out of each other.

Why is it that, more often than not, the girls fight each other rather than beating on the guy that cheated on the original girl in the first place?
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k so, tqc. I apologize for being drunk last night. that was uncalled for.

but, now I am sober! whoo!

I was hoping to start the process to adopt a pit bull once I move but my apartment says they don't allow "aggressive breeds", with pit bulls on the list. Is there any hope for me and my possible future pit bull?

If I can't adopt a pit bull.
My step mother is really not fond of her dog, she ignores her all the time and just generally doesn't like being around her. Lucky, her dog, and I are bffs. She was adopted from a shelter about 10 years ago when she was near dead from abuse. She doesn't warm up to people well and I'm pretty much the only person besides my step mother that she likes. I have tons of experience with animals, especially dogs.

Would it be totally inappropriate to ask my step mother if I can bring Lucky down to Austin with me?
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Legal Database?

Part of my job is to set up an organization sytem for all the bazillions of files floating around the office. I want to make a computer database of everything so anytime we need a file, it can easily be looked up.

So, my question is this:

Do you know of any great software for organizing legal files? A database program of some kind? It just needs to be able to take information about a file and store it, then allow us to do a search for it at a later date.
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i say, old bean

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when are you people going to ever change your icons?

what's something eventful that is comming up this weekend?

what is the touchiest of touchy subjects that one should not touch?

what was the last thing you copied? care to paste it?

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hi TQC,
has anyone had the experience of cracking the lcd screen of your nokia phone? did you get it fixed? how much did it cost? is it advisable to buy an lcd screen off ebay and fix it myself?
Give a dog a home

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Besides me, who do you wish would just STOP POSTING SO MUCH in tqc?

Do you like cake?

Do you think that they will find the miners in Idaho Utah alive?

When you see someone with bumper stickers that you like or agree with, do you honk and/or wave and/or give them a thumbs-up?

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thought of this from this question:

i'm 20 years old. a month or two ago i found one single grey hair close to my bangs.

1. WHY?

premature greying of females does not and never has been in my family. i am in no relation whatsoever to Anderson Cooper. my mom is 56 and just starting to get a few grey hairs. my dad is 60 and is just starting to get a couple and my grandma is like 84 years old and only has a few grey hairs on the sides of her head by her ears.

2. does this mean i'm going grey or can it be just a freak thing where one strand went grey and that was it?

and yes, i have been under a lot of stress and have been out of sorts for a long time now.

BONUS QUESTION: why the hell don't my friends believe me?

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How many people have you on their friends list, and you have NO idea who they are?

me: three that i don't know, one who I don't know why they added me :(

who are they? :P

me: dmprncss83, eriuuu, tqcnancydrew (and kennapea)

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1. Women: You have decided to live a CF life when you accidentally become pregnant. What thoughts are running through your head? Initial reactions?
1a. Men: You have decided to live a CF life and then you get your girl pregnant. Oops. What is your initial reaction? Punch her in the babymaker?

2. A lot of interviewers have asked me to talk about my weaknesses. What do you think is the best way to approach that question?

3. I have an ink stain on my carpet. I know hairspray (amongst other household products) will remove ink from clothing, but is it ok to use it on carpet? Just fyi, the carpet is beige and its very cheap.

4. What reality tv show is your #1 guilty pleasure?

5. What stereotype that you are associated with makes you laugh the most because it is so far from the truth?
5a. What about one that's actually funny because it is true?
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1. What are you addicted to (take that term as loosely or as strictly as you'd like)?
2. Do you pray? If so, care to tell me to who and how?

1. I'm "addicted" to beading/making jewelry and shopping for clothes and shoes. It's kind of bad actually, but I don't use credit cards and I always pay bills on time... so hopefully I know my limits.
2. I do, to kind of a general god. I was really into Hinduism and Buddhism for a long time, and I incorporate the malas and some of their gods/saints in praying- sometimes that's easier than praying to a faceless god.

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last month we took our yorkie to the vet. a couple weeks ago i ordered his heartworm meds (heartguard) online at 1-800petmeds. i assumed it had shipped because i got the confirmation and all.

yesterday my boyfriend got a call from the vet saying that 1-800petmeds had contacted them and they needed proof that he's had his heartworm test. apparently they forgot to do this last month when we had him in.

i know the reasoning behind this. but i've never ordered pet meds online and i've never heard of having to go through the vet as a middle man. is this normal?
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Do you have any experience with alzheimers or dementia?
Anyone with relatives that suffer?

My granny is almost certainly about to be diagnosed, I don't know single person who has it (I guess I don't know many elderly people) but I know it must affect so many.
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1) Have you ever tried evian? Do you notice any difference between it and "lesser" bottled waters?

2) Is anyone else going to the Warped Tour in Mansfield MA/"Boston" tomorrow? Who are you planning to see?

3) If you could only eat one flavor/kind of chips for the rest of your life, what would it be?

4) Do you always look on the bright side of life?

5) What is the most expensive thing you own, besides cars and places of residence?

1) Yes. I kinda think it tastes crisper than some other waters

2) I plan on seeing Flogging Molly, Bad Religion, A Static Lullaby, maaaybe The Almost, and Poison The Well.

3) Cool ranch Doritos...or Salt & Vinegar chips.

4) I try!

5) My computer setup(tower, monitor, accessories, printer/scanner/fax/copier.

Where were you when...

A. Oklahoma City bombing occurred?
B. Princess Diana died?
C. O.J. Simpson was pronounced innocent?
D. The shootings at Columbine happened?
E. The Twin Towers were hit?
F. The Challenger exploded?
G. The Berlin Wall came down?

(And, yes, this is very U.S.-centric--I am only thinking of things that I remember experiencing)

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water and names

1. Is it legal for a landlord to charge a tenant for water even though there's only 1 meter for 2 apartments? (Michigan, if it matters)
2. What are your nicknames?

1. Mine splits the water bill in half, as if that's in any way accurate. I asked him about it and he said that's how all landlords do it. I've been renting for about 5 years and have never run across that and neither has my boyfriend, who has rented here and in NYC.
2. Mama (only my boyfriend), MereBear, Dr. MereBear, Megadith, and my all-time favorite: Meredith Peredith Pooter, given to me by my uncle when I was a baby.

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1. If you're going to college/university/whatever the fuck you call it this upcoming school year, what is you housing situation like? Are you staying at home and commuting? Living in dorms? etc.
2. Are you exited or fearful? Why?
3. If you are moving out, when?


Does anyone recall the name of a shoe (sort of looks like a Keds) that when you buy a pair, a pair is donated to a certain underdeveloped country?
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After washing my hair every other day since forever, WHY is my hair now greasy after just a day?!
I haven't got time to wash it every single day!
This has only been happening for the past two weeks.
How can I make it stay clean for longer?

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1.) When you're staying in a hotel, do you put all your clothes & stuff in the drawers, or do you just live out of your suitcase?
2.) Do you bring your own shampoo & soap, or use whatever they have in those little complimentary bottles?
3.) Do you reuse your towels if you're staying for more than a night or leave em on the floor for housekeeping to replace each day?
4.) Are you one of those weirdos who makes your bed when you stay in a hotel?

Know the sex.

When/if you become pregnant, will you find out the sex of the babe?
Why/why not?

eta my answer: I'm on my second babe and have no interest in knowing what the sex is. Sometimes people I know think this is annoying and weird.
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1. What do you think of people who have 'birthday weekends', rather than just one party?

2. Is it rude to turn down one or two of the events of a birthday weekend, or do you have to attend them all (dinner + club Friday night, dinner + something else Saturday night, brunch Sunday)?

3. Do you/would you still give a gift if you're attending all of the events of a 'birthday weekend', or is you spending a lot of cash to spend time with that person enough of a gift?

Shower Gifts

I got the invitation to my friend’s bridal shower today. It’s later this month and it’s a themed “tool” shower. I was assigned the bathroom and am told to “be creative and have fun!”

What kind of tools should I get for her? She and her fiancé just bought a house 5 months ago and it’s pretty well stocked already. I thought about buying a decorative hamper-type basket and filling it with stuff like toilet paper, a plunger, and some song lyrics printed out and laminated to hang on a suction cup hook for the shower (so she can sing in the shower and have the right words, lol).

What else should I put in this basket?

*It's a no-go on any sort of sex toy. She's not that type.
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Did you take AP classes in high school?
Did you do well?

Did your high school offer AP American Studies (the double period english and history)? Did you take it?
What did you think? What did you get on the AP tests?
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1) Which would be better to get: a real bike lock that has the combination built in, or a piece of chain and a lock bought at a hardware store? Which would be cheaper?

2) What would be a good replacement for the old Herbal Essences shampoo I've been using? I used to use the pink kind (for colored/permed/dry/damaged hair) since I have wavy hair that gets frizzy without a lot of moisture. Which type would be the best out of the new kinds they have?


3) What do you think of people who have anal sex?
What do you think of people who perform analingus?
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1) Moral question! I need to pick up a few things today. Should I go to Walmart(eta: yes yes, we all know walmart sucks, but it's close and has everything I need in one go), where my ex-i-still-have-a-small-crush-on works?(I'm lame, this has been established) Or, should I just go somewhere else out of the way? If it matters, there's still tension there and I'm engaged.

2) Why is broccoli from the freezer always hard and why does it tastes like crap? Other frozen veggies don't get this way...

3) What is your weapon of choice?
fat ass


What do you think the healthiest item on this menu is?

(I'm going out to dinner tomorrow with the firm and I'm on a diet and don't eat red meat. I'm trying to not resign myself to eating carrots and water all day tomorrow, but I might because that menu looks so tasty.)

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when you're all old and grey, what will you exaggerate about to the young whippersnappers who don't know any hardship?

like, "when i was your age, i'd have to walk 10 miles uphill to school, in a snowstorm, with no shoes!"
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lies and trickery

What lies or tricks did your parents use to get you to do things when you were a kid?

I made this comment in another post, which made me want to ask this question.
-- My mom told me that all the vitamins in bread were in the crust to get me to eat it. It worked, although in retrospect, what a weird kid I was to care that much about vitamins.

ETA: Where does this this bread crust/hair connection come from?! Did all the parents get together and decide on this one?

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1) If you are a vegetarian/vegan, is there anything that might make you give up vegetarianism?

2) What color is your hair naturally?
b) At the moment?

3) What's your favorite currently airing TV program?
b) Cancelled?

4) What's the last store you visited?

man the word snob is so cool sounding

How come black people music is so much cooler than white people music?

Why do people want 598706243974398 million gigabytes of space on their iPods when they only listen to music on their iPod for an hour or so a day and its probably all the same genre of music anyway?

When someone has similar taste in music to you, do you say something retarded like 'GOLLY GEE WHIZ YOU HAVE SPECTACULAR TASTE IN MUSIC'? I see this a lot online and I think it's obnoxiously arrogant.

How do you judge people based on their musical tastes? I've found recently I care a lot less about what people actually listen to and just how they represent their taste in music. I typically file anyone who says 'music is my life/boyfriend/etc' or 'I listen to a little bit of everything' under immature and or stupid.

What art form do you think it's most difficult to be snobby about? I'd say books, 'cause they take the longest to digest and are the most difficult to obtain, whereas anyone with the internet could be a music snob if they wanted to.

What kind of snob are you?
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1- When was the last time you were really scared? What scared you?
2- How do you act outwardly when nervous?
3- What is the hardest thing to deal with, going on in your life currently? If everything is going peachy, screw you. :(


If someone told you they sensed there was "chemistry" between you and another person, what would you take that to mean? How would you respond?

What if the person they were referring to was someone you were/are attracted to?

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Okay, so this probably isn't possible but I'll ask anyway...
Is there a way to connect your cell phone to a regular phone so that you can call and receive calls from a standard telephone using your cell service (with your cell nearby/attached)?

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I get that the uterine cycle and the ovarian cycle are separate cycles, but do they occur at the same time? Or is it one cycle starts and the other one starts a few days later?

I've searched google for the last hour and can't find the answer.
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Inspired by something I've seen in its various forms all over teh intrawebs: Do you feel superior to subsequent generations because of the things you've "survived"? Or do you think that the precautions people now take with their children are simply appropriate responses to an ever-evolving (or devolving) society?

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I am not current at all on games.

What are some really amazing games for Windows that aren't internet-based? Anything from the past several years. Bonus points for cool adventure games aside from Dreamfall, which I already bought and beat.

P.S. I've exhausted HL, HL2, and CS.
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Truly random

I just bought a new hookah online from a reputable dealer, and it arrived in the mail today. It works just fine, but even after two cleanings, the inside of the shaft and base smell, and the stink gets into the smoke and makes it taste terrible. How can I get rid of the smell? Is there some gentle solution I can put in it to clean it better, or should I just let it air out? It isn't something that'll go away on it's own, is it? D:

If it helps, the smell is sort of like burnt rubber and metal.
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So, I'm going to get a Wii soon. Dunno when, but I will almost undoubtedly in the near future. As a birthday or Christmas present at the latest. But, after a conversation with a coworker, a 360 is looking not-that-bad either.

So, who here has one? How do you feel about it? Do you think I'd like one? Thoughts?

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How many times did it take you to pass your driver's exam?

I just failed mine today. The question that cost me the test was "When do you use a space cushion?"

I have no idea what a space cushion is.
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i was just on youtube watching videos of "Mama Who Bore Me" from Spring Awakening... i came across a video of people doing a contemporary dance to it, and it was pretty cool, and i also came across a video of people singing it and doing this really awful dance to it, and someone commented and said that it isn't a song that should be danced to but they might have just said that because it was awful. so i'm seeking your opinion on this matter. do you think it's a cool idea to choreograph a contemporary dance to (a recording of) this song? why or why not?

also... does anybody know of any affordable choreography computer programs/software?.. like finale but for choreography instead of music
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Why is Lifetime disrespecting the Golden Girls by replacing the afternoon broadcast - the one timeslot I'm ALWAYS awake to view - with that fucking ridiculous show Gay, Straight, Or Taken?

Seriously, it pisses me off. And it also pisses me off that they do a one-hour block of Reba, then a one-hour block of Still Standing, and instead of doing two more hour long blocks of different shows, they just show more Reba and Still Standing. If they insist on removing GG from that timeslot, they could put them in one of Reba or Still Standing's slots, with some other show in the other one. Do we really need two hours of Reba and Still Standing back-to-back like that?
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Ever been on antidepressants?
Ever been on Prozac?
Does/did it make you tired as heck?
Will this wear off eventually?

(I started medication yesterday, and the two pills I've taken have made me tired beyond belief. I was just wondering if this was permanant or not - perhaps I should just take it at night from now on).

And, non-emo:
What's your favorite vegetable?

(no subject)

1. Should I go running? It's like 100 degrees outside, so I don't know.
2. I slept really late today, and have not left my house yet (it's 6 in the evening) because it's so hot. So I'm probably going to have issues getting to sleep tonight. The thing is, I have to get up early tomorrow morning. What should I do to make it easier for me fall asleep at a reasonable hour tonight?
3. What movie do you cry at every time you watch it?
4. What is a good store to get a good messenger bag at?

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So thanks to someone on here, I read the story Guts online. I'd like to read more short stories like this, or just really good short stories online.

So what online short stories would you reccomend?

What blogs do you read?

What are you eating for dinner tonight?
lactose intolerant

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is it possible to get a tattoo in gold ink?
i've been browsing around and i see a lot of yellows and oranges combined to appear gold, but do you have any pictures of a decent gold color on the skin?

non-monogamous UP sex dilemma

hey ya'll.. 

my boyfriend just sent me this email on his way out to his vacation;

             I need to make an uncomfortable confession.

I had unprotected intercourse with her at one point.

I feel like crap and I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

To clarify, i'm peeved that he had UP sex, not that he had sex with girlie. the actual action of sex is fine, but the lack of responsibility irks me.
i haven't responded yet, and i'm super sick, so an email is more likely than a phone call, but i'll do what i gotta do.

 feedback, intarweb>?

again, i don't care  much if you wouldnt put yourself in my non-monogamous situation, rather, i'm curious how you'd deal with this new information in my position. also, if you don't care about my situation, suck it..  i'm asking to gauge my reaction in relation to others'.
                                                                                                                               (x-posted for range of results)
EDIT: i'm not sure when the UP sex occurred with him and girlie, but we've had UP sex relatively recently. the *when* of his sexing is certainly a large factor here, and i'm certainly going to inquire further.

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How often do you eat a balanced dinner, with an entree and sides?

Ever just have various snacks for dinner? If so, what are you eating for your dinner tonight? I had a plum, an english muffin, some pickles, and a spoon of peanut butter.
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1) Other than when you were growing up, what's the longest you've been unemployed? It's three months for me since IBM laid me off May 8th. On this day, I was told I'll be living in Dallas M-F for a three month contract that may turn into a long term job. I've been enjoying unemployment.

2) Have you ever been to Dallas? Did you like it?

I've been to an art museum in Fort Worth, as well an Omnimax. Omnimax is awesome, but Austin is the best place in Texas.

3) When was the last time you posted in your LJ?

2007-03-20 02:01:25, 20 weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure I meant to post to statements, so it's been longer than that.

heavy boozing

Some people drink to excess - really heavy partying till the wee hours drinking large quantities of all sorts of stuff till you're totally out of your mind and maybe vomiting.

Do you think there's ever an age when this kinda of behavior is vaguely acceptable (i.e. "they're young, dumb, and wild - it's just a phase")?

Do you think there's a certain age where this behavior starts to become especially ridiculous (i.e. "okay, you're X years old; stop acting at parties like you're a frat boy or its your high school graduation")?

Have you ever stopped associating with someone because of they always partied to excess?
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What are your top MSN avatars? (or AIM Yahoo etc?)
Can you tell me the story behind the photo/image?

Me on a cold beach in Australia last month.

My friend Laura and I at a My Chemical Romance Concert.

Me & the boy on Valentines Day in Paris, obviously.

Daniel Johns of Silverchair in this picture that I LOOOOVE.
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I'm editing a few papers for a friend/former coworker this summer. I edit for friends pretty frequently, and I don't expect anything in return... I just do it because I think it's fun, and if a friend needs help, I like to do what I can. However, she is insisting that she pays me hourly. She asked what I normally charge, because she wants to be generous. But... I've never been paid for doing this before.

What is a reasonable rate? I don't want to ask for too much, because she's already implied that she's going to pay me at a higher rate than what I tell her... and she's a friend of mine so I feel bad charging her for anything!

Have you been paid for services like this before, or paid somebody for something similar? What should I ask for?

Oh, and I'm not really even doing much editing. I've done seven pages so far in one hour, and that was taking my time. She's a pretty good writer so it's not like I'll be slaving over this for hours on end.

CPR classes

Has anyone here taken a CPR class?

Next week when classes start up, I have a 4 week CPR class from 6-10 pm on Thursday nights.

What can I expect?
Is it easy?
How much is book work and how much demonstration?

I hate demonstrating anything in front of people, especially people I don't know. I'm really nervous about it. Is that weird?

(no subject)

1. What 5 sayings/slang/catch phrases do you say a lot 
2. Do you prefer to greet people with physical contact (handshake, hug), or just verbally (saying 'hello' or 'how are you')? 
3. Do you have an accent? How would you describe your voice? 
4. How do you usually answer the phone? If you have an answering machine or voicemail, what does your recording say
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Although I live in the middle of Hollywood, there is an amazing variety of wildlife wandering through my yard every day and night. Some of the more fun animals to spot are bobcats, and they are what my Qs are about. :)

If a door is open and nobody is there, and it's dark and all is quiet, might a bobcat wander in, do you think?

I see many different bobcats and some look quite different from the others. I swear we saw one last night that had a long tail, and I've seen one gangly one without really pronounced markings like the others. Is it possible they are breeding with domestic cats? It was *not* a domestic cat we saw :)

How many do you think it's possible there are, considering I live in a place that's so built up, and yet still see so many?

Are you allowed to start high school all over again if you graduated, but were a D/C student?

I honestly would love to. I just graduated (barely) this year, but I keep thinking how I could have done better if only I had yearned for knowledge as much during freshman, sophmore, and junior year as I did during senior year (I totally turned around senior year and WANTED to learn). I just wish that I was in high school for learning instead of being there just to pass it. I feel like I missed out on being enlightened and how I could be a better writer or be more knowledgable today about social studies if only I had listened in class.

There's a high school closer to my house that's known for being really good, but my district assigned me to my old high school. Do you think they would let me enroll there and start all over and redo all 4 years? I know that I will get really good grades (because of intrinsic motivation rather than for grades) and it'll be worth it because that would set a better foundation for college later on. Either that or I'm going to a community college and transfer. I really do want to go back to high school to gain more knowledge...basic knowledge I should know. Btw, I'm 18.

Sorry about the grammatical errors...I should have listened in English class.
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(no subject)

Any one who listens to American music:
I want to make a mix cd of...I don't know what genre this is.
My only example is Money Maker by Ludacris.
(sortive rap-ish but very very popular)
I want more songs of that genre that most people have heard before.
(I'm just looking for names of songs, I'll get them myself)

Sorry if this is so vague, it is really late here and couldn't think of a better way to word this.

(no subject)

I went to an Amish produce store today and my groceries came to a total of $6.66. Do you think that the Amish person who rang me up thinks that as an Englisher, I am associated with the devil? Are Amish people superstitious?
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Dr. TQC this post is for you.

Hi TQC, what would be some reasons why a healthy young woman of 23 is experiencing random stabbing chest pains above her left boob all week? Stress? Caffeine? Harboring an internal bomb mayhap? Or should I just go to health services tomorrow morning?
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(no subject)

Ok, my mother's doctor gave her this medicine called voltaren for her painful joints. now she's itching all over. after reading i found out that it is a not-very-serious side effect. is there anyway i can do to ease her itch? any remedies? :(


Have you ever attended The University of Phoenix (specifically Online)?

I talked to a counseler today and went through the enrollment process.. but I've read mixed reviews about the place & I want to know some honest opinions about it. I don't know if I completely want to go through with it all yet.

so have you had any experiences with this school? or do you know anyone that has?
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Inspired by current events

Do TQC questions about how to make pot brownies or asking for people's experiences with illegal drugs promote drug use?

As far as your understanding of LJ's rules goes, would they be in breach of the Terms of Service?

Should they be?


Hey guys, I've never had to catch a connecting flight before so I'm just wondering if an hour and twenty minutes is enough to do so? I'm flying from Aruba to Charlotte, NC and then catching the connecting flight to New York. I'd hate to be stranded!



(no subject)

School orientation is tomorrow! AAAH!


2.  If you are in school, college/highschool/whatever, what year will you be, and what are you taking this semester?

I'm finally a senior (in high school) and I only have 3 credits all year!  I'm taking English, Pre Cal, and Spanish 2
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DVD question

A little while back, I purchased a set of dvds through the British Amazon or ebay or whatever. It was a series that was only found on dvd thru the BBC (Robin of Sherwood). I overheard somewhere that european dvds can't be played on American machines. I hadn't thought much of that little info-blurb until tonight, when I popped in the first disc and my machine couldn't read it. The discs look like normal American cds, but looks are apparently deceiving.

My questions are
1) Is there a way to play European, specifically English dvds on American dvd players?

(no subject)

let's say that a known sex offender becomes pregnant.  What do you think, MORALLY, ought to be done with the child?


Should the child go to family members, with the chance that the mother could see the child?




Where's a good place to buy a nice blanket for under 20 dollars in Australia?  I looked at target, but I only saw things that cost 34$ or more D:
(Blanket, not the wacky australian quilt pleeeeease. something like this or these or aqui.)

(no subject)

1.why do people who wear glasses seem to appear smarter?

2. how do you react when somone tells you you CANT do somthing? 
as in "you cant be a doctor." even though thats your dream career.

3. what is/are your all time favorite song/songs?

Traveling bug

1a. If you absolutely love traveling, what are your favorite aspects about it?

1b. What's your favorite place to visit in the entire world? Why?

2. If don't care for traveling, why not?
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bring on the hate.

What is a personal problem of other people's that you cannot stand to read about, specifically online?

for example..
I cannot stand to add or read anyone who talks non-stop about their eating disorders or cutting themselves. yeah I'm such a cunt, blah blah, I won't go out of my way to humiliate them or be rude, but I refuse to have it on my friends list. I know everyone has their own 'unique' problems, but I hate the "so I had 3 calories today WTFBBQ I just purged cuz im such a fattie.. the world hates me so i took a knife to my thighs and..." shit.

am I alone in this?
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(no subject)

1. Do you scrapbook? Are you really into it, if you do? Like having a big organizer of stuff, huge stack of papers, 3354323 types of stickers, etc?

2. What's the nearest framed picture to you of?

3. When was the last time you changed your default icon?

4. Have you ever sent anyone one of the LJ virtual gifts?

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(no subject)

Are you a follower of the rule that who ever is driving has control of the radio?

Are you one of those people that changes channels during commercials? (while watching television should have clarified that one... STATIONS refer to the radio people!!)
Or are you one of  those people that is highly irritated by this habit?
So&#39;s Toes

Fungus & Such

1. How should I rehydrate dried porcini mushrooms for cooking?

I'm making whole wheat linguine with italian sausage, broccoli rabe, and hopefully porcini mushrooms for dinner tomorrow and I don't know the answer to this question. I do not have chicken broth.

2. What did you purchase today?

Highlighters and pens

3. If your state was having a sales-tax-free holiday, what would you buy?

Mine is having one this weekend and I am buying school supplies, a book bag, and fall purse/wallet set though here in Mass, the purse and wallet are tax free anyway.

4. What are the names of your pets? Did you give them their names?

Grinling & Tray (dogs), Dexter(foster dog), and Angel (conure parrot). My husband came up with the names of the 3 dogs but Angel was 6 when we adopted her and at the time I didn't realize I could have/should have changed her name.