August 7th, 2007

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Have you ever 'tricked' someone into eating something they didn't want to?
(example: tricking a kid into eating veggies, tricking a vegetarian into eating meat, etc)

When was the last time you spoke?
How often do you talk?
How many people do you speak to daily, on average?

Have you ever loved someone so much it made you cry?
Have you ever tried to find the words but they don't come out right?
Have you ever?
Have you everrrrrrr?
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Quote question

In "Anne of Green Gables", Anne states that she once read "My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes" in a book. I was wondering what book she read that in.
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I'm scared completely frakking shitless about going to college in 19 days. Not the academic part, but thinking of sharing my room with strangers, and having to be involved in this community, and not having any space to be alone in my suite. Thinking of not being alone or just of not being at home sends me into little mini panic attacks. Was/is anyone else this afraid? And does anyone have any advice?
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Thanks to you guys saying that driving in reverse takes miles off your car, today I drove in reverse doughnuts only to GAIN a mile.

What is the biggest bullshit you've heard here?


So I had a pretty strange encounter earlier, and I'm wondering how everyone else would have handled it.

I was out with my nieces and nephews at the local park/castle & grounds (babysitting) when some other random kid came by on a bike (for reference my nieces and nephews are all ten-ish, and this kid was ten-ish also). He saw the kids with me, stopped, came over and said hi. All the other kids said hi and started chatting, like kids do.

I didn't take much notice at first, until I realised that the kid was using huge amounts of shitty language. He said 'fuck' pretty much every other word and was talking about beating the shit out of people and crap like that. At first I was inclined to laugh, seeing this come out of a ten year old's mouth, but then I got to wondering why my relatives were friends with him as they are of the goody two shoes kind.

So anyway it quickly became obvious that they weren't friends when my youngest niece dropped back and whispered to me, "I don't like him, he's really weird.. he picks on [my brother]"

The kid became suspicious that she was talking to me like almost instantly and started shouting "Have you been bitching at me?" at her. I was pretty WTF'd out at this point so I told the kid he should probably go and play somewhere else. He told me he could 'do whatever the fuck [he] liked' and I was all, "sure, go do that.. somewhere else"

At this point he started doing the "are you going to make me" thing which left me pretty nonplussed as I'm seventeen and twice his height, so obviously I'm not going to lay a finger on him. So instead I told him to go away and told the kids we were going home & walked off. He followed us all the way home & kept riding his bike really close up to the kids and scaring them shitless (it was kind of obvious that they were scared of this little twat). He kept swearing at us and coming up to me and trying to, I don't know, start something. I just kind of watched but didn't say much other than things along the lines of "go away small child". I felt bad about it afterwards and I'm pretty sure I handled it badly, but at the same time I don't want to get into shit for starting something with a ten year old.

I'm going to be taking the kids to that place quite often this summer, I forsee, and as that's like the only place in my tiny village kids hang out I expect I'll bump into him again & when that happens I want to handle it better so my kids aren't upset & have their fun ruined. What can I do to make it obvious to him that he needs to fuck off that doesn't involve actual violence? I would threaten to report him to his teachers or something, but it turns out he was kicked out of the school my nieces and nephews go to (big surprise -.-).

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How do you keep yourself from thinking too much/getting too excited about what happened on a first date?

I just had a really great first date and I'm trying not to blow it out of proportion. I don't want to get too excited this early in the game . . . I don't trust things to work out well, based on personal experience.
Emily Porch

Hyphenated last name *from birth*

Have you grown up with a hyphenated last name? Do you hate it, like it, not really care? How many syllables is it altogether?

Also, why is it hyphenated? Did your mother keep her name altogether with no hyphenation, and yours is the result of your mother's + father's name? Or did your mother take a hyphenated name after marriage? Did both your parents?

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Where were you when you first discovered that division by zero is undefined? Did you calmly accept the discovery, cry, or fly into a rage, the likes of which hasn't been seen since steroid abuse was discovered? Or are you in complete denial to this day, still believing that "IT CAN BE DONE!!!"?

I always insisted that 1 / 0 = ∞, until my Calculus teacher showed me that that would mean ∞ * 0 = 1, which isn't the case.

I, am apparently, a bigger freak than what I thought I was....

I have always known, internally, that I am odd. Yesterday, this was confirmed by a medical professional.


Have you ever had a doctor tilt his head to the side, look at you, and say something to the effect of: You confuse the fuck out of me. ?

Were you deeply disconcerted?
Or were you relieved that at the very least, it's not all inside your head?

Deleted my answers because, apparently I cause peoples brains to short circuit.

I always thought this was common sense, but hey

Ok, so here's the story:

My fiance and I go shopping late last night and get home around 8pm. We buy some frozen food, namely some frozen mini-pizzas and those funky Aunt Jemima breakfast tv-dinner things... (he eats them, so hey, I won't complain.)

Anyway, I get caught up with feeding our piggers and thought he had thrown the stuff in the freezer, which as it turns out, he didn't. The frozen stuff was still sitting on the floor next to the fridge at 6:30 this morning. So that means it had been sitting out for almost 11 hours.

I felt the food through the box and it was kinda room-temp... maybe just a little cold in the middle, but really, I figure it's garbage. My counterpart thinks otherwise and we had a mini-argument this morning over whether it's garbage or not. He says he'll eat it. I say I'd rather risk tossing roughly $10 worth of food then risk him missing a week of work from puking up cheap pizza and microwaveable eggs.

So, of course, I ask you, LJ, as Google isn't being my friend this morning: Is this food still good? I put it back in the freezer for now, but really, I'm not sure I trust it.


Would you toss it or keep it?

Toss that shit
Keep it
Beast mode!

CAPSLOCK TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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These are two different questions that will probably have very different answers.

When you die, what do you hope people will say/write about you?

When you die, what do you think people will say/write about you?

This can be in the eulogy, obituary, on lj, how they tell casual friends and former acquaintances about your passing, etc.
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It's going to be hot today, REALLY hot. However, I have a meeting at work where the temperature is always 50 degrees.

In this situation, would you:

a) Wear jeans and gym shoes so that your feet don't freeze while you're at work
b) Wear short and flip flops so that you don't die from the heat while getting to work
c) Something else that you'll explain in the comments

Which would you go?

mm, delicious spiders

So! You go to a restaurant, one you really like, they have one of your favorite dishes there, you've gone there many times before. Yada yada. This time, however, you're almost through your meal when you discover... a dozen or so baby spiders crawling all over your plate. You move your plate to discover a full grown, rather large spider camping out on the table.


Anyway, the restaurant moves you to another table and gives you free food (not the whole meal, but free dessert, which adds up to about twice the cost of your meal). There are no more spiders.

Do you go back? It's a chain; if you wouldn't go back to that particular restaurant, would you go back to others in the same chain? Or are you TOTALLY SCARRED FOR LIFE?

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Would you prefer to have an SO that is smarter or more attractive than you?


-edit- I don't care about your current SO and how ~amazing~ they are. You've got two options. Smarter, or more attractive. PICK ONE PLS. :) :) :)

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Let's say you're listening to your voicemail. You get a message that's obviously a wrong number. The person leaving the voicemail leaves a callback number. They say it's important. What do you do?
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-Do you watch G4?
-What shows do you normally watch?
-Do you take the advice of X-play?
-Even though Morgan Webb is a hardcore gamer, does she still drive you crazy with her monotone voice and freakishly long forearms?
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1) Do you know anyone who was born on the same day & year as a notable event? My brother was born on Aug 1, 1981, the same day MTV launched)

2) What did you/will you eat for lunch today?

3) Is there any store that you KNOW is overpriced, but you shop there anyway? Why?

4) Will you tell me your thoughts on legalizing euthanasia for humans?
a. What about cloning?
James Franco joint

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I was supposed to hear back from my friend about when I am picking him up to drive 3 hours for a concert. I wanted to leave at 1pm-2pm, and it is now 11:11am. Apparently, the number I have of his is the wrong number (I called it this morning), he doesn't have a cell, and I wrote on his wall, but he doesn't have a computer, he goes to the library.

So my question: At what time do you suggest I grab my best friend and go without him?

He is 100 flavors of retarded, and didn't know it was today. But everything is cool now.

Have you ever wanted a twin?
If you are a twin, have you ever NOT wanted one? Maybe just as a sibling?
Would you rather have 2 kids 2 years apart, or twins?
Alliteration in twins: cute or ridiculous?
Bob dylan

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Does music make you cry?

And not like, sad songs that you would expect to make you cry, but weird ones?

I just teared up while driving home and listening to Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles. It's just so hopeful! And the traditional folk recording of The Fields of Athenry (a very sad ballad about the Great Irish Famine) I have doesn't do a thing, but the punk version by the Dropkick Murphys gets me every time.

Am I just a psycho?

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1] What did you dream about last night?
Collapse )

2] In the summer, do you take warm, cold, or somewhere in between showers?

Most of the time, I take warm showers. But sometimes if it's unusually humid or sticky out, I take cold showers.

3] What did people in high school know you as? Were they accurate?

People in high school thought I was some weird smart girl who liked to read. I did, in fact, like to read, but I actually wasn't very smart. I failed algebra a few quarters and never was very good in History. And I'm no more weird than anyone else was.
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1) If society at large truly wishes to raise the young generation to be less prejudiced and close minded, then why are children's shows full of blatant stereotypes?

I give this as an example:

2) What children's shows do YOU think are full of stereotypes/predjudices?

3) What shows do you think actually show an expansive and tolerant world view? (Even if you think cartoons aren't srs bsns, kids DO take away a lot from them).

How To's

My co-worker isn’t very tech Saavy, and want me to write her a list of how to’s for different computer functions, such as making folders, and stuff. She often gets desktop and email folders confused because she uses email soo much. What how to’s should I write for her?

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is there something your family really wants you to do or really thinks you should do with your life that you would never ever would do in a million years?

my family always thought i would be a vet because i love animals so much, dogs especially. my aunts ask me why i don't go to school for it. i wonder, are they nuts? i mean, i sob at those ASPCA help save the animals commercials. i'm way too sensitive for that. i couldn't handle it. i'd never be able to eat lunch at work because my sandwiches would be so soggy from my tears.
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i would like to thank cottonmanifesto for this entry. i absolutely love chicken and i'm SO going to try a lot of the recipes/ideas that were given.

who would you like to thank today? (it doesn't have to be a tqc member.. maybe someone that smiled at you out of nowhere, that called you to wake you up so that you wouldn't be late, etc)

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what are your favorite songs from the 90's?

edit: i'm making a playlist for a roadtrip tomorrow and i want songs of all genres.

edit: thanks, no need to answer anymore. someone pointed out that there's already a post about this a page or two back

Is anyone here a nurse? if so, what type of nurse are you (LPN, RN, etc)? How do you like your job?
dont be a dingleberry


Why are some peoples' panties in a twist about TQC Chat?

Is it because they can't get AIM to work so they can come play? Are they jest jellis? What gives?

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my husband hasn't eaten chicken in over 10 years due to ethical issues with factory farming but when i was in vt this past weekend, i got 2 organic/humane/free range chicken breasts and would like to cook them for him tonight. how should i prepare them?

if you hadn't eaten chicken in 10+ years but you really liked chicken, how would you want it prepared when you finally did get to eat it?

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Favorite movie of the Indiana Jones trilogy?

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Favorite movie of the Back to the Future trilogy?

Back to the Future 1
Back to the Future 2
Back to the Future 3

Favorite movie of the Robo Cop trilogy?

Robo Cop 1
Robo Cop 2
Robo Cop 3

donating blood + signing up to be a bone marrow donor = <3

1. Have you ever gotten involved in any of MusicSavesLives's events?

I haven't had the chance to, but I try to be a regular blood donor anyway... but I get so freaking excited everytime they're promoted somewhere. In my opinion, this is one of the most brilliant organization ideas EVER. They team up with artists to provide VIP passes & concert tickets to those who donate blood ahead of time or sign up to the bone marrow registry.

2. Are you a fan of Jack's Mannequin?

HELL YES. They're one of the bands that participates in MusicSavesLives. Behind the cut is the amazing Andrew McMahon talking about having leukemia and making the choice to get involved.

Collapse )

3. What's your favorite Jack's Mannequin song?

It's gotta be the acoustic version of Bruised or Dark Blue.
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1. When interviewed by several people at once, is it better to shake hands with all of them before you get started or after you're done? Or should I just wave on my way out?

2. I have an off-white silk blouse that's pretty see-through. What can I wear underneath it to make it more appropriate for work? For outside of work? Can I wear a darker color underneath, or is that just wrong?

3. Are Payless shoes worth it?

4. What is your general opinion on Zach Braff?

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My dad just received a letter in the mail that had underpaid postage by 17 cents. The post included an envelope to pay them back tomorrow.

What would happen if he does not pay the 17 cents?
What would you do?
Why didn't they just return to sender?

I want to leave them a quarter and an envelope for my 8 cents in change.

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Just because me and a friend have been arguing about this for a long-ass time:

Do you call someone who's the useless person that's awkwardly there in the middle of dates and whatnot the 'third wheel' or 'fifth wheel'?

EDIT: DD: Apparently I'm the only one who uses fifth wheel regardless of whether it's a double date, although to me that makes more sense since I overthink things and use it as an analogy-- three wheels are still useful (a tricycle), while anything over four is just pointless on a vehicle.

Clearly I fail. D:

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Dear TQC,
I got a male betta fish for my birthday. I haven't had a fish since I was 8, when I won a goldfish at a fair, and that fish jumped out of his bowl after a month and met his death under the couch. I don't want this fish [who I have named Maurice, btw] to meet the same fate!

I've read the basics about how to test their water and get it to the right condition and how often to feed them, etc. but there seems to be some debate about how big of a space a betta fish needs.
Mine is currently in a 1 gallon glass bowl, the typical "goldfish bowl" you see in cartoons. It has about an inch of rock at the bottom, and a leafy fake plant in the middle that he can swim in and around and rest on.

Is this a good home for a betta?


I'm moving out of my house (with my parents) and into an apartment and I'm sort of thinking about the fact I have no clue how to cook anything outside of like... pasta and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Does anyone have any simple recipes/ideas/websites with recipes/etc etc that won't require any massive time/monetary investment/skill? x_x Thanks!


I have a half brother that I don't remember (haven't seen him since I was a newborn). I've been thinking about trying to find him so I can meet him and stuff.

So, tqc, what would you do? Would you look for a half sibling that you knew you had and you knew they knew about you? And if you were the half sibling being looked for would it be awkward for you?

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1. I put something up on eBay and someone asked me if I could put that "Buy it Now" feature. She said she'd buy it a few bucks more than my asking price. I said okay because I really need money ASAP and did it and she bought it. She just messaged me asking if I could lower the cost of shipping.

I have never shipped this particular kind of item before and it ranges from $2 - $7. I'm asking about $5. Should I lower the shipping cost?

2. What is the last thing you bought or sold on eBay?
Mitty box

I enjoy sleeping

1) What size is your mattress?
2) How much did it cost?
3) How old is it?
4) Is is comfortable?
5) Do you have a bedframe (i.e. sleigh, canopy, sticky up pole things [my words have deserted me today!]) or just the metal one it comes with?
6) Are you picky with your bed linens or not care?
7) Can I see a picture of your bed?

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I feel gross.

1. What was your highschool mascot?

2. Did you enjoy highschoool?

3. Was your highschool 'clique'-y?

4. I just pigged out. But today is my day to go for a long run only. Should...
   (a) do some extra cardio at the gym
   (b) just do the long run and make up for it tomorrow with some extra cardio
   (c) don't worry about it!

paper notebook question

was browsing through this topic (huuuge notebook geek) and was wondering if there are any sites like cult for notebooks. See, I saw this awesomely chunky leather notebook at a shop once, but didn't get its brand or anything. It was colored leather, with a leather string for bookmarking, and the pages were thick, almost like vellum. it looked absolutely delicious but I didn't have the money for it at the time, and now i want it for my birthday, to journal and write in for NaNo this year (my b-day's in September) but I don't know where to tell my boyfriend to look. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Ok i have this really cute bunnyhug/hoodie/hooded-sweater whatever. its blue..
but it REEKS!! like i've had it for almost a year now, and it STILL smells like moth balls.
I really want to wear it, but i avoid it more often then not cause it smells so bad.

I've washed it and all that jazz..

TQC....How on earth do i get rid of the moth ball smell from my bunnyhug?? :(:(
Have you ever been in a similar situation? what did you do? did it work?



1. how much wood could a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

2. is it possible to get a sunburn on the palms of your hands or the bottoms of your feet?

3. if it came down to Batman VS Superman, who would win and why?????

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whose advice would you more likely listen to:

one of your friends within 2-3 years of your age range
a relative, friend, or coworker who is over 60


edit: okay since it depends on the issue, lets say the issue is romantic relationships. whether that means your marriage, dating, w/e.
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What is your favorite Biblicial story (for those non-Christians who want to bitch and moan how this is "Jewish/Christian only, well too bad)?

Mine is the story of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10).

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Anybody have any suggestions for a carry on luggage piece that has a compartment for 17" laptop screen?
We just got one, and it is 1.5 inches too small for the laptop. Any suggestions?

What is your favorite thing to do?

Do you buy your cars new or used?

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1. What is a topic you find yourself tuning out of in real life conversations?

I am often VERY bored by discussions about medical procedures, and get myself in trouble because I forget what surgeries people are having. My friend keeps talking about how swollen she is from her surgery and I have no idea how to respond because I zoned out completely when she started talking about in the first place and have no idea what she had surgery on.
you make me feel like dancin

It starts out sounding gross, but I promise it's not

I drink about 3-4 water bottles a day, and as a result, go to the bathroom a lot. The problem is I work at a tiny non-profit and there's only one bathroom. I feel like every time I walk to the bathroom my co-workers are thinking "There goes that intern with the bladder problem!" even though they probably barely notice.

TQC, does anyone else have irrational social fears like this? Anyone else out there a little paranoid?
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My CD-RW drive has been fucked up lately. I'll put in a CD with files on it, and when I go to access them, the CD is showing up as blank. I can click on the drive and it'll open, but none of the files are there. Is my drive just shot, or is there something I can do?

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Why won't my boyfriend cook dinner?

He'll order food for dinner or go out and pick stuff up. But whenever I ask him to cook he won't, not even if it's something simple and he knew I could walk him through it if he needed.

But more importantly:
What can I do with random bits of broken vinyl record?

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What do car dealers do with unsold models that have been discontinued? Auto auction?

For example I drive a Dodge Stratus that was discontinued in 06 to make way for the Avenger. Same with the Intrepid/Charger.
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1. My friend (LOL NOT ME!!!!!!) wants to start mixing her marijuana with a non-tobacco herb when rolling joints. What wouldn't taste nasty? (Rly not me actually, otherwise I'd just experiment.)

2. If you have a Facebook with a public graffiti wall, would you care to share the link so people can draw graffiti for you?

Here's mine.
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If your household could afford it comfortably, and given the opportunity, would you be a house-wife or house-husband? Why or why not?

What about a stay-at-home mom or dad?

I'd probably be a housewife if I could. Cleaning doesnt take long at all, and i'm one of those blasted CF people, so I won't have kids to take care of. I'd be a lady of leisure!

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Do you believe in signs?

Like for example: The fact that I've tried to leave Providence twice and last night I didn't make it at all because of plane mechanical issues and today my flight is delayed four hours is a sign that I should just call my job, tell them I quit and stay here?

*I'm planning to move here soon*

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I've been spending 1-2 hours every day for the past two weeks on craigslist trying to find a job for my BF once he moves to Austin.

how many blowjobs does he owe me for my efforts?

what is a good job for a 21 yr old dude with zip education and only four months customer service (insurance/gym whore) experience?

he isn't built enough to be a stripper.
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I just got back from Whole Foods, and while I was being checked out, I was asked if I wanted paper or plastic and I said it doesn't matter. The cashier and the bagger both said "it doesn't matter" with an "you ignorant fool" tone.

Does it matter?

Silly Death Scenes

I recently tried to watch Suspiria, which I've heard is one of the best horror movies ever made.
Well, I got to the death of Pat Hingle and I burst into giggles. I still can't finish the movie!
Have you ever been distracted by a ridiculous movie death scene or am I just desensitized and horrid?
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If you found out that the person you are in love with was a racist, would you be able to stay with them?

I found out today that my boyfriend is racist. It came to a shock since he seems tolerant towards nearly everything else. As much as I love him, I realized that I can't be with someone who is a racist so I ended the relationship.
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Oh mighty TQC, please help settle this dispute between my husband and I, this question has dogged our relationship since it's inception five years ago. The burning issue is this -
Is Eternal Flame a 'girly' song?

Please, please help as the future of the world, the universe and everything is at stake! (Okay not really, I just want to be right! :P)

*is doing a victory dance while husband runs off to cry because he likes a girly song!*
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1.) What is your favorite healthy food?

2.) What is your favorite "so very bad for you" food?

3.) Favorite Ice Cream?

4.) Favorite Cereal?

5.) Are there any way to get my wedding pictures onto my computer without a scanner?
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House Numbering

Can someone please explain to me how house numbering in the US works? 

I'm used to the first house on a street being number one, the next being 3, then 5. The opposite side of the road will have the even numbers. However, from what I've seen over here, the first house/building can be 10453, the one next to it will be 10500 and then the next one 10612. Where do these number come from?!

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do you associate techno with robots? or vice versa? why or why not?

is a robot mask/hat appropriate attire when asked to "dress techno?"

will you sing me a robot song?

ETA: because I have to "dress techno" and in addition to pretending like I'm going to a rave I found this awesome robot hat/mask/head cover thing. My friend was like "TECHNO IS ABOUT THE DJS WTF ROBOT?!" and I was like WHAT. So I just want to make sure I'm not the only one who thinks that robots are techno-y.

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What was the last thing you had no right to be annoyed about, but were annoyed by anyway?

I live with my cousin, and her brother in law is staying with us for four weeks. This means less time to myself, more crowding, more shower/bathroom time negotiating, another person who will probably eat my food without asking, and I don't know how he'll take to my animals...

It's not my house though, so I have no right to be pissed off, haha.

Snobby ears.

I have snobby ears. They don't like anything but gold earrings. They haven't always been snobby, however...for some reason, about 7 years ago, they started rejecting sterling silver and whatever else earring posts are generally made of.

My question: I'm looking for earrings to wear at my wedding, but it's been so long since I've worn earrings, I'm not sure if the posts have to be gold both inside and out or just *filled* with gold. I ask because in searching for earrings online, I'm finding many advertised as 14k gold filled posts.

I know, it's different for everyone, but I just thought I'd ask those in my position what their ears generally tolerate. Thanks!

And so people without earring problems don't feel left out:

How often do you wash your bathmats?
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So... a sorta friend of mine just told me the details of their sex dream about me could get me wet.

How does one respond to that?

ETA: It was said over a MySpace profile comment, if that makes a difference.

(no subject)

1. what's got you down today?
2. to cheer ourselves up, what's something awesome or at least kind of cool that happened today(or recently if nothing today)?

my answers:
1. i'm a bit bummed because i'm really unhappy here in Wisconsin. i want to move to England to go to school and be close to my best friend. i miss her all the time.

2. i got 5 pairs of underwear for $15. they're super tacky and comfy and fun. i've got scottie dogs on my butt! and when i was walking home this dog i'd never met saw me from like 20 feet away and was like "YOU'RE GOING TO PET ME AND IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!1" and it was.
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What is the minimum you would agree to be paid per hour to be financially stable?

Do you think someone can actually live a healthy life on minimum wage in the US? (5.85/hr or 2.13/hr for waiters)


Have you ever been adventurous or are you adventurous in your cooking? Do your creations come out delicious, or only good enough for the trash disposal?

What have you created? Care to share your recipes/'secret ingredients'?

My father has cooked for us for as long as I can remember, and since about three months ago, I have REALLY gotten into cooking, and experimenting. I'm open to things other people have tried.
  • brree


1. Have you ever given blood?
2. Have you ever been rejected from giving blood? If so, why?

1. I used to give every 56 days like clockwork, but then they messed up with a vein and it squicked me out too much, so I haven't given since 2003.
2. I tried today and they said NO THANKS because my temperature was too high! I've been rejected for low iron and low blood pressure plenty of times, but never for a high temp! It was only 99.7.

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When in an small office was are some common "administrative tasks"?
I'm interested in a job, and I'm not exactly sure what they mean by it, seeing as I have never actually worked in an office before.

EDIT: It's a small photographers office, if that's any help

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1) do you feel like you don't get any credit for doing something that you think is praise-worthy?
2) why didn't your first serious relationship work out?
3) do you have a favourite day of the year, that has no national meaning? i.e. christmas, thanksgiving, halloween (and whatever other holiday your country celebrates)

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Is there any way to dial straight into a (Sprint) voicemail?

I know how to do it on T-Mobile, but I HAVE T-Mobile, so I think it's different.

What's up is that I want to respond to something that was said about me online; I don't want to be juvenile and respond online, but there's really nothing that needs to happen after I'm like, "Uh, it's not what you think." There needs to be no further conversation, I just don't want to respond online. Thus, I just want to leave a voicemail.

ETA: I just called and (as expected, really) she didn't answer. I left a voicemail. However, I did find out that if you call your voicemail and press two (at least, this is true on Sprint and T-Mobile), you can send a voice message directly to someone on your network. Okay!

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How hard is it to gain 3~4 pounds in 3~4 days?

I went from 111 to 115 pounds in 3 days and I'm wondering if my scale suddenly broke or... I'm just gaining weight like a monster. I don't eat much besides cereal sometimes for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, then a small dinner that involves some type of meat and veggies, then a bowl of chips mixed somewhere during the evening. I guess I'll have to go to a friend's house and use their scale tomorrow to see what's up... gah.

*is not pleased with self* Thanks guys, I feel normal now :D

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How could one go about looking up their genealogy?
Also, I heard there was a library specifically for this somewhere in New Mexico or maybe Arizona. Anyone know what it's called?

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can you take snacks on a plane? I know no liquids over 3 oz. but I didn't see anything about food. And, do you think I need to put my lipgloss in the plastic bag for screening, or can it just stay in my purse?
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1. What year(s) do you think had the best music?
I really love music from the mid to late 90's probably because that's when I started developing my own taste in music

2. If you could propose a brand new ice cream flavor what would it be?
I was thinking that Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough would be great

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I have been omg xxxxhardxxxcorexxx to da extreme vegan for five years now.

I have this FOR SERIOUS urge to go get chicken mcnuggets.


p.s. I am drunk and I love you tqc.

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I move in (to my dorm) Sunday, and I had stuff to do/get in order before I left, so I told my work I wouldn't be able to come in and now I'm functionally jobless; I have a lot of time on my hands.

I really want to see that Jane Austen movie, and our local theater has shows during the week that are only six dollars. I'm sortof sick of most of my friends right now (ONE: does that ever happen to you?) and I don't think they'd enjoy the movie very much anyway ('cause I'm a huge nerd). TWO: Is it lonely or pathetic to go to a movie alone? THREE: What other things do you like to do when you are alone-but-not-lonely?


I found this shirt in a plus size catalog. It would be perfect for my friend, but she needs a smaller size. Any clue where I could get a shirt like this?

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I'm 15, and my boyfriend is 18. He's not in high school, while I am. Can anyone please give me some advice on how to maintain our relationship between my school and his work?