August 5th, 2007


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We have to put our dog down on Monday. My father and I decided that she's just in too much pain.

My brother is on vacation in Las Vegas and won't be back on Monday until after we have put her to sleep.

My brother also has a major final to take on Monday before he comes home to the house.

I don't want to ruin his vacation and I don't want to freak him out before his test, however I feel as if he should have a chance to say goodbye or something.

Should I call my brother and tell him that we're putting our dog down? Or just wait until he comes home and tell him?

My brother's 22 and we've had her since my brother was 7.
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1. if you have a dog, does it ever try to run laps in the house?

2. how old are you? who's the oldest person you hang out with on a regular basis (that's not family)? who's the youngest?
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what's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this?

*ETA: when's the last time you had dinner at a sit-down restaurant? what restaurant was it?

if you tend to use cc's when making purchases, do the clerks/cashiers/salesperson.. etc. usually ask to see your i.d?
The Monarch

Okay, here's one

What did you never get taught in school that you wish you had learned?

Me, I'm going with Watergate. I didn't manage to get up that far in history until my junior year in high school, and then when we finally got around to it, it was explained so poorly that i still don't really know what happened. I don't know if it was expected to be common knowledge, but man!
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1. I have about a month left of summer before my senior year. My friend and I want to do something really big before I go back. Or at least something really fun and memorable. We've already done random day road trips and dyed our hair. We want something a bit bigger. Any suggestions?

2. What is the most beautiful/breathtaking/life changing place you've visited?

3. What beautiful place do you really want to visit?

Questions for Poets

Based on something I just heard Charles Simic, the new US Poet Laureate say in an interview:

Did you first start writing poetry to impress chicks/guys?
Did it work?

If you're not a poet, you can adapt the question if you'd like:

Is there anything you started doing* or learning so you could impress the boys or girls? How'd it work?

I didn't start writing poetry to impress the boys...I think I was writing before I was interested in boys.

However, in high school I learned everything I could about football because I thought the boys would think it was cool for a cute little bookish chick to have in-depth knowledge of football. Yeah, it totally worked.

*besides the obvious, like serial blowjobs
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Why is it that a large amount of the active lj comms that have manners or etiquette as an interest are about BDSM and female submission?

Why is the etiquette section at barnes and noble mixed in with the wedding section?
(it's one itty bitty row at the bottom of the section, it is sad and lonely)

Do you think manners matter?

Did your parents teach you manners or did you go to some sort of etiquette/charm school?

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1. Have you ever picked up something from the For Sale section of Craigs List that they were giving away for free?  Was it a good deal or were you better off just buying it yourself?

I'm moving into a new unfurnished apartment up at school and there's this couch that someone posted for free and I'm extremely tempted to get it.

2. What'd you do this weekend?

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Have you completed an advanced degree (master's, JD, whatever) and then realized that that field was NOT what you wanted in life? What did you do?

I'm reaching the head of a year-long crisis, is why I'm asking.

ETA: Or, let's say you were in this situation. Would you go back to school and do what made you happy, even if it meant having to pay more tuition and spending more time in school? Or would you just suck it up and decide that going back to school to pursue another degree was a colossal waste of time and money?

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Dear TQC -

My mother just had a discussion with a friend about "shipples", that is, nipples that get hard when take ((leave?)) a crap.

Have you ever discussed this with anyone or noticed it yourself?

I have not, for the record, but the conversation was so absurd that I had to come ask you all. I know you shall not disappoint me.

- The girl who has probably had a couple too many Smirnoff Ices -

P.S. Do you like Marilyn Manson and/or Nine Inch Nails? If so, how many songs do you have by them on your computer? I have about 350 of each. :D *is hardcore* *reallyisn't*
i say, old bean

b-b-b-b-b-bennie and the jets

do you know any guys who speak for their girlfriend/wife?
does it bother you?
if you're a guy, do you do this?

for example: my brother always speaks for his girlfriend whenever someone asks her a question. if they ask her how her day has been, my brother will instantly say she's having a fantastic day.

what song is stuck in your head right now?
bennie and the jets by elton john

I'm sure...

You have answered this question millions of times before but I'm desperately bored and I've finished my book and already worked out. :[

What program do you use to download music?

What about movies? Or do you watch them on line (What site?)

Let's play word association, say the first thing that comes to mind:

Your mom.


Do you like Harry Potter? if so, why? what's your favorite book out of the series? what's your favorite HP movie?

if you don't like him & you think he deserves to be sporked to death.. why? have you ever tried to get into the story but couldn'?

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Why are some people against the pill that stops menstruation?

The only argument against it that I've heard is that it's unnatural, which is a dumb reason IMO.

Why do these people like women's pain so much?


my brother has a mac and basically has no idea how to work it. he really needs a simple paint program like MS paint for a quick project. we tried downloading photoshop, but for some reason it wouldn't work. could someone lead me to a paint-like program for macs?
[justthreemiles] Hm

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HOWDY! My 13 year old cousin really enjoys Build A Bear workshop, but she's also really close to outgrowing it. I told her about Dollfies, customizable dolls, and she seemed very interested. Considering what an investment those dolls are, and she could easily outgrow this, I was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative, hopefully somewhere closer? Something like model airplanes, except with dolls, animals? I haven't searched much, but if someone could point me in the right direction, that'd be very helpful. :)

A hopeful thanks! :D
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1: do you have anything that happened to you a long time ago that you still feel embarrassed about if you think about it? what was it?

2a: at work they had a betta fish for decoration, and he was floating on his side 99% of the time for months if not longer. i finally stole him yesterday. what's wrong with him? do you think it's his swim bladder? if so, what do i do? poor guy.

2b: what should i name him? he's blue and purple. i want something fancy and formal sounding that's not necessarily even a name.
Zooey face


iPhone: Yay or Nay?

And why?

My current cell phone plan is almost up and I'm thinking about buying the iPhone as it is pretty nifty. What do you guys think?
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Smooth Criminal

Straight or Curly?

Which style do you like better? It takes me about the same amount of time to do both styles and I've gotten compliments on both styles. So I ask le internets! Which one do YOU like better?

ETA: Looks like I need to go invest in some good mousse. Thanks for all your opinions! :)
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Ok, I'm hungry and despite it being 4:30 I'm making lunch. Should I make a big tasty hamburger with great seasoning and ketchup and dill pickles and cheese (no tomato or bacon though, lame) or should I wing it with the bisquick and make some kind of cream cheese-caramel pastry confection? I may be out of sugar, also.

Third option-make the hamburgers now and the dessert later, like the fatty-in-training I am?

you smell like a yard sale

do you like yard sales?
what is the best thing you have ever bought at a yard sale?
have you ever had a yard sale? how much money did you make?

1. yes, but i don't like waking up early enough to go.
2. i'm pretty excited about the bumblebee costume i bought my son yesterday,
3. yes. i don't remember.

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Is everyone kung foo fighting?

Should I take a shower?

Why is there no one online when I finally have the time to be a lazy bastard!?

Should I go to the zoo next weekend?

Hungry Jacks or stir-fry for dinner?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I have been looking for the past hour or so and I am about to go crazy, so I figured I would bring my question here, to y'all, to see if any of you happened to know offhand.

I need school-related icons. Don't care what's on it, what it looks like .. just icons related to school. Frustration, happiness, whatever. I looked all over peanuts communities, college communities, teacher communities .. nothing. Can anybody help before my head explodes? :P

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1. So how many of you have added the Honesty Box to your facebook profile?
2. What's the best feedback you've gotten?
3. What's the worst you've gotten?

I've gotten some cute ones like "i never enjoyed watching jeopardy so much until you came along!", "i miss you!!!", and "I'm so glad we met and became friends!"

But I've also gotten two weird comments about the relationship I'm in - such as the one saying "dump that boy of yours you're WAYYYYYYYYY out of his league." My guy is a total sweetheart, softie, and is one of the most considerate people I've ever known.

My 4th question is this: I want to reply to this comment, so what should I say? The comment is "that indian is just gona use u, and will run away lol". The person who wrote this is an ass, obviously. How would you respond?

Just to add: I take these with a grain of salt, btw. Not getting bent out of shape because of any of them :) I was just wondering if you guys & your killer wit could come up with something good :/

while we're getting hair opinions..

I have naturally blonde hair. Over the years, it's become kind of dirty blonde, so I highlight it. But it's definitely blonde.

But, I decided I was tired of highlighting it so I dyed it brown. It was TOO dark but eventually it evened out and was kind of a light brown and i Liked it.

Currently i'm at the point where it's kind of half blonde and half brown (the brown's fading) and I have to decide what to do -- go back to blonde (cause it's annoyin to have to duy my hair when my roots come in) or stay brown (cause i don't like highlighting it).

My husband and mom like the blonde becuase "i've always been blonde so the brown seems weird".

Other people like the brown.

What do YOU like, TQC? If I'm gonna spend $150 every two months I should at least LIKE it, right?
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About 6 years ago I was dating this asshole... He was getting all into music and my dad let him borrow his $500 keyboard to play with because it was kinda collecting dust at our house.

We had this huge falling out and stopped talking and neither one of us even wanted to make the first move to get our stuff back because we just didn't want to talk to each other.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, he starts myspacing/calling/texting me trying to be friendly again.

I asked him if he still had our keyboard because I've been wanting it back all this time, I just didn't want to be the one to contact him.

"No, sorry, I was pissed at you so I threw all your stuff away."

My dad's $500 keyboard? o_o

So um... would you do anything in my shoes? Ask for some sort of compensation? Just let it go?

I have no interest in being friendly with him again, I just took the opportunity of him talking to me to ask for it back. I had a feeling he wouldn't have it but I am a little pissed because I've been wanting it back.
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I've googled and had no success.

I bought a USB cable, it said "computer to computer" and had two nice computers connected on the box. I want to transfer music etc. from my desktop to my laptop.

How the heck do I do this?

2. Have you seen Peaceful Warrior? What did you think?
3. Favorite nonfiction book of all time?
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So my sister is getting married in a year. I've been designated to be one of many (10) bridesmaids (I wasn't even asked, just told that I'd be one). I don't really want to be one, but whatever. My sister wants me to, so I'll be one to make her happy. Part of why I don't really want to be one is that my sis and I aren't really close. The only time we see each other is when we both happen to be at my parents' for whatever reason, and we don't email or call each other.

I'd mentioned to one of my friends that I was going to be a bridesmaid but didn't really want to be one but wasn't given a choice. She responded with, "You're a sister, so you have to be one. You don't get a choice."

This got me thinking...if/when I get married, do I really have to have my sis be a bridesmaid? Am I obligated to do so because she made me one? Am I obligated to do so because she's my sister? Will I cause family strife if I don't have her as one? Unless we grow closer (not likely), I don't see a point in it.
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One time, somewhere on LJ, I saw an animated icon of Llama Kuzco crying that said LLAMA FACE! and I loved it! I loved it so much, I thought I saved it, but had not. :( Does anyone know where I can get a copy? I say that all the time so I'd love to have it. Thanks!
Answered, thank you!

Since my first question got answered so quickly, here's a new one!

Based on this picture, and the fact this is a snack marketed towards kids, how wrong do you think the advertising is on a scale of 1-10 (1 = nothing is wrong with it, you perv; 10 = OMG SHIELD LITTLE TIMMY'S EYES!!!!1)?
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hate pimentos

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What do you think about parents whose children's names all begin with the same letter?  (like mr. and mrs. miller's children's names are David, Delilah and Darrin?)

How about if the parents screw around with the spelling of a name (like Jinger instead of Ginger or Alizabeth instead of Elizabeth) just so it starts with the same letter as the rest of their kids?

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Just out of curiosity:

  1. What instrument(s) did you play as a kid?
  2. Are you still playing/singing? if not, how come?
  3. Did your parents make you take lessons or did you ask to start? or maybe self-taught?
  4. What instrument(s) do you really want to learn how to play, but haven't gotten the chance to?

As for me...
1. I've been playing the piano since I was 5. I tried clarinet, violin, and flute but stuck with piano.
2. I still play, and am majoring in music education. (Forget low salary, I can't see myself doing anything else!)
3. My parents made me start lessons, and I'm glad they didn't let me quit.
4. I love electric bass and the cello. =p
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What do you think will be the end of TQC?

ETA: On a totally different topic, what was your favorite robot from the Mega Man series? (Mega Man X series accepted, but no further.)

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Soon I am going to begin playing WoW. I don't really know too much about it.

For those who play, do you like it?

What race are you?

What made you chose that race?

What level are you at now?
Dom Lost


I'm looking for a nice decent webcam that isn't too expensive, just something for normal chatting that hopefully won't break down in a year. What are some good recommendations for either specific webcams, brands, or just some specifics that I just look for when at the store?
Give a dog a home

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Would you rather:
- live in a shitty apartment that you can afford
- live in a fairly nice trailer for the same price?

Have you ever lived in a trailer?

Would you ever live in a trailer?

Let's say you meet this guy/girl and things are going AWESOME. You've been out on a few dates together, and they ask you to come back to their place. You agree, but find that they live in the aforementioned trailer. Does this change your opinion of them?

If they don't call them trailers, what do they call them in your area?


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I'm trying to remember a few shows from my childhood in the early-mid 90s. These are incredibly vague discriptions.

One show with puppets, and perhaps an older woman, who lived in some sort of house with maybe a fireman's pole? Or like a couch in the shape of a circle? - It is Under the Umbrella Tree! Am I imagining the fireman's pole part, though? And the woman's not old, I guess she just seemed that way in my memory because I was little.

Another with I think just one puppet where they were in a house and sat on the couch mostly with stairs behind them, and people came over I think, and they had stories on it. One time the puppet got the chicken pox and had to wear oven mits. Real life kids were on the show, too.


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1. Do you go to school?
2. What type of school is it (college, high school, middle school, trade school, etc.)?
3. If you can get a degree in your school, what are you going for?
4. If still in high school or lower and are planning on getting a degree, do you know what you want to go for yet?
4a. If yes, what is it?

1. Yes
2. College
3. Music Ed


What should I name my three male degus?  

They were born April 4th, and I just got them today.  I was hoping for a theme... 

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*Thank you everyone!  I have decided to go with George (Carlin, Clooney and Foreman) because I can't tell which is which right now (they are still shy, and only come out of hiding when I walk away, lol.*

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I would really like to pick an ethnicity and talk about it all the time here on thequestionclub. The problem is that I'm your typical American mutt, so I'm not really sure what I am. Can you tell me which ethnicity I should pick and talk about all the time? I may even learn the language and cook food based on it.

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Please help. I'm very desperate to start talking about how much I love my heritage.
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camp counselor advice

Have you ever been a sleep-away camp counselor? If so, how long was your training process?

Any advice for a first-timer?

I'm leaving in two days to be a counselor at Concordia Language Villages...I'm kind of scared I'll have no idea what to do with the kids, but at least the not being able to speak English factor might help because everyone will expect it to be awkward anyway.

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What's that thriller movie that came out in the past year (maybe even the past 6 months) where the teen boy realizes he's dead and has to find a way to help cops find his body? He gets some outcast girl to help, she's the only person who can see him. I can't think of the name for the life of me!

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1. My mom used to have a banana cake recipe that she made with Toblerone chocolate bar chunks in it and now she can't find the recipe. Does anyone know what recipe this is, or one like it? ( I asked why she didn't just make her usual one and put the candy bar in, but she says she really liked tha recipe).

2. Do you have any friends/family without livejournal that ask you to post things in this community? My mom knows about TQC and everyone now and then she'll approach me with a question to ask you guys.

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Inspired by the start of the Australian Idol 07 season:

You want to go on Idol. You truly believe you have a great voice, that you've got the looks, the glitz, the glamour - baby, you're sure you're the package.

But really, you can't sing. Would your friends and family tell you the truth? Would they let you go try out without saying anything, in the hope that you'd end up as one of the rejects everyone laughs at?

Why do people let their friends and family go do this if they can't sing? The best part of this show is to laugh at those fools.

Have you auditioned for Idol (if it's in your country)? If so, how'd you go? Would you?

Would you tell your friends or family the truth, and try to stop them, if they really sucked?

(no subject)

Why do people mention a person's lisp derisively?

Are speech impediments funny?

If you had a child, would you mind them mocking someone's lisping/stuttering?
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fair trade coffee


I want to cook some tasty brown rice in a rice cooker. I have been doing it for a few weeks now but it's BLAND!! In all caps, seriously. BLAND. Not tasty.

I've tried adding in heaps of curry powder and salt, but it just doesn't cut it. What can I do? I'm having difficulties finding brown rice recipes for rice cookers in google. Any ideas? Or with brown rice, do you have to cook it first and add things later?

Thx in advance.


So, my parents are getting me a laptop for my college graduation and I have nooo idea what I want/need/should get/whatever. My only needs are that it is $700 and under and I'd like something that won't overheat, since my one now (an hp) does that alll the time. It'd also be nice if could play the sims on it without it slowing down everything. So, my question is where can I find good reviews of laptops online? Also, do you guys have any suggestions of good laptops in this price range?
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What kind of designs do you like on t-shirts (simple, text only, grungy, cute, etc)?

Do you like smart-ass quotes on t-shirts like the ones from t-shirt hell?

What are your favourite quotes (from movies, books, in general, wtfever)?

Would you buy a t-shirt with your favourite lyrics on them?
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The Cure

A friend has a ticket for The Cure going spare - should I go? Are they worth it? I've only got 3 albums and a small assortment of random songs and am undecided, although definitely interested. Will I regret it if I don't go?

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1. Am I the only person here who imagines scenarios and then gets depressed over them? Not like, oh the world will end, how sad. But like just these pathetic little things that really wouldn't be a big deal, that involve people you know, aka your family. I just thought of one of those, and it made me really sad, even though it wouldn't ever happen. Does anybody know what I mean?
2. Is it weird to see The Ten by myself? It's only playing at a theater far away from my house, and I don't want to force my friend to go all that way to spend 12 dollars on a movie he doesn't want to see.

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Random with meaning:

1. Would you forgive someone who apologized for betraying you one year after the fact? Why or why not?**
2. Would you be even more pissed off for someone telling you "just get over it" when you were mad? What would you tell them?
3. What do you do if you are really pissed off? or grumpy?
4. Whats really pissing you off right now? Do you want to just scream or throw someone into a wall?

**in regards to number 1, this person has not made, or attempted to contact you in any way,shape or form. Instead they are cowards and spread lies to your friends.
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jon dance

Legality of mailing prescription meds

My googling skills have only turned up sites advertising mail order Viagra and the legality of those sites, so maybe you TQC'ers could help me...

I work at a summer camp, and am in charge of dispensing medications.  It is our policy that if a camper/camper's family does not pick up the leftover meds by the end of camp, then they will be disposed of.  A parent asked me if we can mail them to her, since she was not able to make the trip back to our campus before we will shut down at the end of this week.  Is it legal for me to send prescription medication through the mail, or is there some sort of special liscence you need for it?  It just seems like something we could get in a lot of trouble for if it turns out to be illegal.
(BTW, we are in MA if that makes any difference.)


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Okay, I am honestly a bit confused by this, and if anyone can help, lots of cookies for you.

If you don't want to click on a link, here's a Collapse )

Now, what I don't understand is, if you tell them to hang up, wouldn't your phone hang you up as well? How would you still be on the line? Or is there a time limit in which they can call you back?

Also, have you ever tried a service like this? Did it work like it said?
Mamo Usa chest

(no subject)

I want to make brownies, but I have no vegetable oil. Actually, I have no oil of any kind whatsoever.

What can I substitute for it?
(Solved, thank you!)

With brownies - chocolate chips, or no chocolate chips?

What about frosting?

Ever mix in espresso?

Other flavors? (Butterscotch, mint, caramel, peanut butter...)

(no subject)

Have you ever wished that a fictional character was with you?  (Not counting sexual fantasies.)  Who was it, and why did you wish they were there?

I've been trying to get wrinkles out of a brand new shirt without the benefit of an iron, and I suddenly thought, "I wish Cat were here.  He'd have a suggestion."  (Cat is a character from the British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf who's obsessed with looking good, for those of you who are wondering.)

(no subject)

Has anybody ever worked at an amusement park before?

What park was it?
What job did you have?
What was your experience like? Favorite part? Least favorite part?

Just wondering since I just got home from my favorite Busch Gardens, where I've always kind of had a secret desire to work one summer... ;)
Bob dylan

(no subject)

My little sister is driving me up the fucking wall.

She is constantly coming into my room when I'm not there and taking my things. Half the time when this happens, I never see the thing (usually clothes, a book, cd, or dvd) again. My door does not have a lock on it, but I'm considering installing one. My main question here is how to either get her to give back my stuff or reimburse me for the stuff she's lost/destroyed. She blows me off every time I bring it up and my mom is taking an "I don't want to get involved" stance.

How can I get her to either give me back my stuff or pay me for the things she's ruined/lost?

(no subject)

1] Does anyone here watch The 4400? What'd you do when you saw the preview for the next episode?

I screamed at my TV. Which I've only done once before in my life. Which leads to!!

2] What moment on a TV show or movie made you make loud exclamations? Notable ones, if you're like my sister and do this all the time.

From some reason, when the Alien in Signs walked by in that video of the Mexican Party, I screamed. I don't know why. It was all slow and anti-climactic, but I screamed. And when a character came back on One Tree Hill during the last minute of the episode.

This is a silly question...

At 5'7'' I am the tallest woman in both sides of my family, to the best of my knowledge. The tallest men are about 5'11''. Most of my family is quite short. I'm beginning to think I'm a lovechild. Silly, I know. But I worry easily. So how did I end up so tall? Maybe it's a recessive gene, but I don't know how this works. Biology is long forgotten. Explain please!
box o' sloth

(no subject)

Would you tell me something that's totally awesome about your mom? Or I guess if you hate your mom or don't think she's awesome, would you tell me something awesome about your closest mom-type figure?

(no subject)

Why is my friend grounded?

She won't tell me why--perhaps because I asked tactlessly. She's been avoiding me lately anyway.

She's an enthusiastic Christian. She likes to go out. Her parents are Brazilian. She has a boyfriend.

So what do you suppose she did to get grounded?

Or did she lie about being grounded because she doesn't want to talk to me?

I feel terrible.
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

1. If you sleep with someone, what side of the bed is yours?

2. I am going to Las Vegas a week before Christmas. Does anything special go on?

3. It's a long weekend and we have nothing to do tomorrow. We will have severe thunderstorms. What do we do?

4. My new neighbours just moved in and they have 8 kids in a 3 bedroom apartment. Can you predict how this will turn out?