August 3rd, 2007

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What are some really great emotional (not emo.  just emotional.  you know what i mean.  maybe?) songs that you know?  Examples of ones I like are...

Last Kiss by Pearl Jam (or whoever did it first)
Wonderwall by Oasis
With or Without You by U2
Don't Stop Believin' by Journey

I'll love you forever if you have ideas!

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its only the beginning of august and we're broke!!!...
what are some fun, relatively free things to do with a group of friends?

i live in new jersey (central), if this means anything...and also i can't drive, only a few of my friends can actually...

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have you ever had a metallic taste in your mouth that just will not go away?

this started after i got a bad ear infection and fought it off without medication. it kind of feels like it could be post nasal drip from allergies, but i also have 5-6 fillings in my mouth. i don't know what to think of it.

serious answers plz. and i have a doctor's appt on the 16th, so i do plan on asking about it if it doesn't get any better.

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1. What is your favorite Harry Potter book?
2. If a couple goes to a marriage counsler, what would that say to you about their relationship? I know this is really vague, but would it generally be bad or good?
3. Can somebody please explain military time to me? I don't understand it, or technically, I don't understand which 12 it starts at, noon or midnight. So if something is at 20:30, what time would that be? Sorry for being an idiot, I really am.
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What brands or stores carry jeans come in lengths of short, regular, long and are $40 or less? I rarely find jeans that aren't too long for my short legs. I usually get Tilt brand jeans from Pac Sun but they tend to have the same washes and I'm feeling like mixing it up a little.
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Covering all my bases.

I am moving into a new apartment in September, and I want to make my fireplace-less mantle into a many-religioned shrine. I don't have a religion, but enjoy studying mythology and religion.

Anyhoo, what are some deitys/gods/goddesses/spirits/etc. associated with protection of the home or general happiness and prosperity and the like?

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1.) What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard?

2.) Have you ever given out a fake number?

3.) Have you ever heard of the "rejected" phone number?

4.) if so, have you ever given it out to?

*inspired by previous post*
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Some morbid questions:

1. When someone dies, which debt dies with you (I know student loans) and which get passed on to your family? Like, can my mom run up $$$ credit card bills and then I have to take care of them when she dies?

2. What are the rules about burying people? My husband thinks that you can just bury anyone, anywhere. That can't be right, right? Or can you get a permit to bury grandma in your backyard? Does it change if you're in the city vs. a farm with a lot of land?

3. If you can/do bury grandma in your back yard, what happens when you move? Do you take her with, or leave her with the new owners?

4. When they bury people, do they put cement in the hole with them? My husband was telling me that the put cement under, around, and above the casket. I had never heard of that. True or false?
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Poll #1032776 Which is better?

Which is better:

showing up for a job interview on time, but unprepared (not having all the necessary paperwork)?
rescheduling an interview at the last minute, but being prepared for the rescheduled day?
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holding camera

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What is a good photo editing program (like Photoshop) that you can download off the web for free? I've heard of one called GIMP...does anybody have/use GIMP and is it any good?
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Is my tv dead?

About 5 years ago I bought a 52 (or something) inch tv. Last night around 11:00 it did Collapse )

So..on a scale from 1 to 10, how fucked is my tv?

We still get sound, just no picture.

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1. Who here has ever treated an inanimate object as if it had feelings? For instance, feeling bad for a notebook you were about to throw away. Tell me about it, please.

2. Has anyone here served in the Peace Corps? If so, how was that experience?

3. How do you deal with clutter?

4. I have two senior citizen dogs (I've each for at least 10 years) who like to sleep at the foot of my bed. Do you think that getting them Pet Steps is a worthy investment or should I just figure out how to make them myself? I don't have much money but might be willing to save up for those nice steps.

5. Which food can you never seem to want to stop eating?
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Oh, help me Americans! Particularly New Yorkers. Very particularly, upstate New Yorkers!

What city, near the Niagara Falls (or Fort Erie/Buffalo) border, would you deem a lovely place? Why?

I have, uh... about 5 days to find a place to live over there! But I haven't been a visitor in so long, so I have no idea what to even research. :(

To add: We're mostly worried about if there's a mall not too far away (so no tiny towns where cows roam), and public transit. :)
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from your own experience and professional opinion: what do you believe is the meaning of life?

what's your sad story? EDIT fine, if you won't tell me your sad story, what's your funny story?

what is something you believe everyone should know?

what is the most eventful thing that has happened to you in the past 85 hours?
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Do you know any identical twins?
Can you tell one apart from the other?

or, if you're an identical twin.

Do people commonly mistake you for your sibling?
If so, does that upset you?
Haruhi disappearance



2) WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST TODAY? i fails so this doesnt get capslock no more D;




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So, TQC, I got fired about two hours ago! How's that, eh?

Have you ever been fired from a job? What was the job, and why?

(In case you're curious, I was fired for 'not being able to commit to the time' - I had been coming in late every day to see if they'd notice - and because I was looking for a new job anyway. But what really irritates me is that today we won a grant that I had worked really hard to get us, and the money we're getting from that is going towards hiring my replacement. Ungrateful fuckers.)
Text - best is yet to come

Maybe this will be my last one. It's harder to think of them now.

Can you name the TQC Member that fits the following facts?

1. Is a Jess, but not a Jessica
2. Is a teacher
3. Always posts a picture of her in feetie pajamas
4. Is childfree
5. Is the opposite of childfree (lots of kids)
6. Is starting their freshman year of college soon
7. Is a cop
8. Was in the military but isn't anymore
9. Has changed their username at least twice
10. Has only been seen by one other TQC Member so the rest of us don't know what he looks like.

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1)Have you ever kicked a coworker in the nuts? Why?
2)Are you a blonde, a brunette, or a redhead? obv I'm talking about your natural color here.
3)If you had a super-villain as your arch enemy, who would you want it to be? I'd want the Monarch from Venture Bros.
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1. If I wanted to start giving cooking classes to women (or men) who want to cook good, healthy, easy, low-cost meals, how would I start? What do you think would be a good price? I love to cook and so many people tell me that I should teach them how, and I could use the extra money for doing something I love.

2. Should I get pizza, gyros, or sushi tonight?

3. How freaking GREAT is mineral makeup?

4. Do you get sick pleasure out of peeling your skin after a sunburn, or popping a really juicy zit?
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1.  What do you think about the claims in this article?  Do you think this is true? Have you ever personally encountered something like this?
2. How old does a dog have to be for you to consider it old?
3. Are you prone to headaches? If so, how often do you get them? What kind?
4. Is anyone else NOT excited that it's Friday? (I have to work all weekend)

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can my mother have me arrested for going to her apartment if she's the one that gave me the key to it?

what would you do to get back your GPS and 1000 CD collection from your psychotic mother, if you were me?

edit:// would I be wasting the police's time for calling them about this when my mother more likely then not does not have a loaded weapon in her possession?

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I am watching Family Fued because there is nothing on and my dad took my car and thus have now purse or wallet or anything. The question: "Which country has the most interesting women?" Guys, I know it may come as a surprise, but "London" and "Africa" are not countries.

Anyway, what are some of the stupidest responses you've ever come up with?

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olive ewe


Not that kind, you perv.

My fiance is going to his folks' house tonight so it's just me and Stinkerton Q. Poopmachine, our cat. I want to give myself a facial, but I've got no idea what sort of products are best for that. I've got oily, acneish skin (yum) but it's not overly sensitive.

What do you recommend, TQC?
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1. What's the biggest risk you've ever taken?
    For me, it'd have to be moving from NY to California to live with people I've only met physically once.

2. What order do you put the stuff in your tacos in?
Sour cream, meat, cheese, lettuce, sauce.

3. What's your favorite word ever? What does it mean?

4. ?
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Have you ever had a nail fall off? Does it hurt?

Mine is half off due to an accident a couple months back. (It was bloody, they had to drill into it in the ER...yet, surprisingly, it didn't fall off!) Now that it's growing out, the bruised up bit of nail is falling off. Is it going to hurt to have the skin exposed?

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Okay, I'm sure I'm going to get laughed out of town for this, but I'm asking anyway. Is it possible to numb the area or take a painkiller or something, so that getting a tattoo hurts a lot less (or in a perfect world, not at all)? Yes, I know for a lot of people, the pain is part of the experience, but I'm really a horrible wimp about pain, and needles scare me a lot. This is probably the only way I'm ever going to go through with it, and I really want to. Any suggestions?

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Hey, all. My parents turned my bedroom when I left for college into some kind of storage closet, and I'm just now getting around to cleaning it out. Half an hour in, I discovered what my sister claimed to be the remains of a pumpkin, now completely decomposed and crusted to my carpet. I got most of it up, but a lovely multicolored moldy bruise remains on my floor. Any suggestions on how to get it up, or do I have to rip the carpet out?
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I am trying to upload a video to YouTube but it tells me it's too big. It was 9 minutes...I made a new video and was able to cut it down to 6 minutes. Still too big. How do I shrink the file so I can upload it?

(I'm sorry if the answer is obvious, I don't know what I'm doing)

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Do you know what the mayor of your town looks like? Do you even know his/her name?

For those of you who live in places that have no mayor, what color is your hair?

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There's a video somebody put on Facebook that I really want to save to my computer so that I can upload it onto Photobucket. Except I don't know how, because whenever I drag it off onto my desktop, it saves as a link (which I'm guessing is completely expected and I'm just stupid). What am I supposed to do, and how do you convert a video link into video format? Gahh.
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i'm so broke...

So, I am set up to start a job but keep getting hung up on mishaps with my background check, which is seriously pissing me off...

But basically I was really hoping to get sent on training next week but that's no longer happening, but I need to start making money pronto. Any recommendations of ways to make money short term, for like next week? I gave a call to Spherion, a temp agency I have experience with, but no dice. I'm not sure what else to do.

On a related note, there's a Craigslist posting which seems shady, yet tempting in light of my brokeness. How broke do I need to be before considering something like this?
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(Question inspired by the latest LJ "strikethrough")

Do you think media (text, image, anime) depicting sexual activities involving minors should be illegal if the media in question doesn't depict any real people and was created without any real children involved?

It is illegal in your jurisdiction?
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a couple of things...

for the ladies, and apologies in advance for the TMI nature of some of this:

To those of you not on hormonal BC, how frequent and regular are your menstrual cycles?

To those of you using hormonal BC, how has it affected your cycles, either for the better or worse?

So you'll know why I'm asking -
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For all:

Whose gone missing from tqc of late that hasn't made a flounce announcement of some kind?
iow, where is seanutbutter (among others)??
And is photofrog just enjoying private time with her reunited hubby? - someone please tell me she'll be back!  8,
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If you have ever quit a job, how did you put your two weeks notice in?

Talk to the managers and let them know verbally?
Write it down and tell them what day will be your last day?

I'm doing it tonight and I think I'm just going to come in early to talk to the managers before my shift and let them know that two weeks from now will be my last day.

Good idea?

EDIT: I had help from my mom and we came up with this:

My name, address, and city/state/zipcode.
August 3, 2007.

My workplace's info.

Although I have enjoyed working as a hostess for Captain and the Cowboy, due to financial circumstances I must find other means of employment. This letter is to officially inform you of my resignation. I will be available through August 12th and arrangements have been previously made for time off for August 13th through the 19th. I will not be available after that date.

Does that sound good?

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1. What was the last thing that made your life a little more surreal?

2. When you were little, did you have any names picked out for your kids that make you lol now? I thought of this as going through my diary as a 7 year old, when my "crush" was a tall boy named Pete lol.

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how hard is it to get a BCP refill before you run out of the "active" pills?

what BCP do you favor?

my sister says her doctor refuses to let her get a refill until the day before she runs out of sugar pills but I was under the impression that they let you get it before that for people who do back-to-back active pills instead of the week of sugar pills.

If you have a GPS for your car:

What type is it?
Have you had any problems with it?
How long have you had it?
Would you recommend it for inner city driving?

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1. Do you know the last names of all your RL friends?
2. Do you know the first names of all your online friends?
3. How old were you before your parents stopped trying to run your life(ex: telling you to go to sleep, telling you to do homework, telling you to do chores)?

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Okay, so I work at a pizza place, and I have to wear a hat.
My sister has a Dunkin Donuts hat, and I'm going to put a 'Hello' sticker over the part that says 'dunkin donuts'. (Y'know, those stickers that leave a blank space for you to write your name)

Any suggestions for what I should write on it?

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Isn't it annoying when a post you make gets hijacked by people who decide to start arguing?

Do you like to get annoyed instead of using the tools that LJ provides like freezing threads?

Other than being the owners of the community, do you think moderators are justified in legislating whether or not you may use facilities provided by LJ?

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So...My boyfriend is having a cookout/bbq this weekend for his family, who I've only met once before. I offered to bring a side dish/dessert/something and I don't really know what to make. Anyone have any delicious recipes they want to share?

(no subject)

1. At a concert, how do you feel when someone in the band tells you to clap or jump up and down or sing with them? Do you do it?

2. Which band or musician that you've seen live has the best/most natural stage banter in between songs?

3. Would you consider a lead singer running into the crowd to sing during a song like this part of being a good front man, or just lame?

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(no subject)

By your standards, do your parents have good taste in music?
Yes, for the most part.

Are you good at packing?
I am notoriously bad at packing. It's really pathetic, actually.

You are going away to a boarding school and will not be home for four months. What the hell do you pack?
I DON'T KNOW!!!! Pants. That's all I've got so far. I should definately bring pants, and shoes, and shirts. This really shouldn't be so hard.

How much do papercuts suck?
A lot.


For engaged: May I see a picture of your engagement ring, if you have one?

For married: May I see a picture of your wedding band?

For the single or otherwise not married or engaged and/or without jewelry or whatever: May I see a picture of your favorite piece of jewelry?

For people who don't wear jewelry: If you could go on a date with a member of TQC, who would you pick and why? Where would you go?

(no subject)

Has there ever been a person in your life who you find yourself always aroused around no matter what you two were doing or where you were?

You are driving in a car at a constant speed. On your left side is a 'drop off' (The ground is 18-20 inches below the level you are traveling on), and on your right side is a fire engine traveling at the same speed as you. In front of you is a galloping horse which is the same size as your car and you cannot overtake it. Behind you is another galloping horse. Both horses are also traveling at the same speed as you . What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation?
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This is a hell of a long-shot, but does anyone remember fake news coverage of some sort of disaster that was on primetime French television in 2005, possibly 2004, if so could you tell me the title or more clues about it? I've googled and looked on IMDB but I don't really remember enough to come up with any results. I remember a scene in which a family was trapped in a car (I think there was a snow storm-- this might have been about an avalanche), and then there was a scene in some sort of hospital or other facility that they'd turned into a make-shift hospital to help victims I think but then there was a storm or avalanche or something there, too. It was all fake, but made to look really real, and at the time it was kind of a big deal, but like I said it was just a TV movie/presentation. It might have been a movie that was just being broadcast on television but I think it was made-for-TV. Tips on how to find it would also be appreciated.

If not, what are your favorite natural disaster movies? I prefer suggestions that don't pull at the heart-strings, and are more science-based. Like the Day After Tomorrow but plausible and without the heroic stories and dramatic music and wolves and heavy social commentary. So like Discovery Channel suggestions, too, are welcome!


bad moods

I'm letting two stupid things bother me. I've tried telling myself not to get so angry and being rational... it's not working. I went running too, no luck.

How do you get out of a bad mood?

Pride Stuff

Where are there good places in New York City to find cool/cheap Pride merchandise? I checked out the Village the other day, but came up short. I'm looking for buttons, stickers, that sort of thing. Any particular stores have that stuff (and not the crappy-looking kind)? I don't want to buy online and have to pay shipping.

Also, are there any useful/helpful books out there on how to handle coming out of the closet, or on dealing with the confusion of bisexuality?

Pit Bull: Reindeer

(no subject)

Why do cigarettes supposedly make you have to poo after you smoke one?

When you're just hanging around your house, where do you keep your cell phone (if you have one)? Do you carry it around with you when you go from room to room?
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(no subject)

Has anyone seen the movie "Perfume"?  I read the book and liked it pretty well, but I got the feeling that it would have to be done superbly in order to make a good movie.  If you've seen it, do you think it's worth buying?
lioness; bw stalk


know anywhere I could buy the movie 300 online to watch it immediately? iTunes or anything doesn't have it. ergh.

what else can I do to keep myself entertained while I wait and worry over someone not showing up and wondering if they're ok? ):

eta: I don't have a car so I can't go anywhere, btw.

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Can anyone help me tune my ukelele? Like...give me a  link to an online tuner that ISN'T guitar? Please?

Also, I know this isn't allowed much, but I'm bored and cant find anything, so does anyone know if there are any Harry Potter macro communities or places to find them? Thanks.

(no subject)

1.What is your favorite cult?

2.What is your favorite thing to read about on Wikipedia (or real encyclopedias)?
Cults, diseases, mental disorders, biographies, and various scientific articles about volcanoes and lightning what not.

3. What's your favorite wikipedia article ever?

4.So, what's wrong with you? What diseases/conditions/disorders/physical abnormalities do you have, if any?

5. Has anyone ever told you that white people smell like mayonnaise?

the big apple

What is your favorite area or thing in New York City?

if you've never been to NYC.. would you like to visit it someday? what would you most like to see?

my answer: SoHo/greenwich village is my favorite area to be in. I've never been outside of Manhattan so I'm missing out on whatever wonders lie in the other boroughs.

ps: rice to riches, ftw. if you're in ny it's on spring street. GO THERE. NOW.

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Does anyone know a website where I can get a good recipe for pot brownies? My friend offered to buy if I baked, and I am trying to find a good recipe, but google hasn't really helped me.

(no subject)

does anyone know who the girl is in the "Lazy Eye" music video by Silversun Pickups??? (the one with the short hair and jacket.)
does she look familiar to you?

Its just absolutely driving me nutz, its not even that important. Its just one of those things where you want to figure it out just that much more, because you cant.

Oh, and how dumb is this video. I hate the boy with the jacket over the shoulder.

Trading Online

Someone in one of my Flickr groups has an item that I want and he wants an item I have, so we want to trade.

How do I set it up so it's unlikely that I'll be ripped off? He hasn't done anything to make me suspect him, but I want to be as careful as possible.

Any tips?

Thanks, TQC.

Edit: sorry, I forgot to mention we are in different states (I'm in Texas and he is in West Virginia) so we can't meet up.

(no subject)

1. Should I rent "Seven" even though I already know what happens? Is it a good enough movie that it won't matter that I already know the plot, who the killer is, etc?

2. What other movie should I get? My only requirement is that it's an enjoyable movie, not something excruciating and painful to watch aka Saw.

(no subject)

Okay I have PlanetKC for my ISP. It's dial up. Because of dial up, I have two questions.

1)My dad took the dial up password off my laptop. Is there any way to use the dial up without the password? I guess is there any way to "hack" it? I'm the only one that uses it in my family.
2)My neighbors have wireless internet. I don't know which neighbor it is. It's secured. Is there any way to use it anyways? We can't get high speed internet at my house, so I'd love to be able to use theirs, especially when I'm grounded.
I know nothing about using things without passwords or whatever, so any help would be great.
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(no subject)

Hello hi, TQC. I've been away too long.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate you and your partner's sexual tendencies/kinkiness/fetishism? (1 being not very kinky at all, 10 being omg do me with tentacles)

2. Can you recommend a good facial exfoliating product?

3. What did you have for dinner?

4. When you were a child what kind of toys, etc did you collect?

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i r dum

Is it OK to have an air conditioner plugged into a powerstrip? Should it go right into the wall, or does it matter?

I'm sure they taught this in Stupid 101 but i missed that day or something.

(no subject)

My boss asked me to do a closing interview when i come in tomorrow since I gave him my two weeks notice tonight. What should I expect?

And on another note, what would your ideal sandwich consist of?
the sign of the tristero

(no subject)

Everyone has a random subject(s) that intensely interests them for no reason. If asked, what topics unrelated to your career/studies could you stand up and give an impromptu 45 minute/hour long lecture on?

Mine: the North African theater of WWII (specifically post-TORCH), synesthesia, or the lives of Vladimir Nabokov or Niccolo Paganini. Or, like, how to be a dick on the internet.

(no subject)


Let's assume that no higher power than mandkind exists, and that we are not born with some divine purpose. We have to choose what the goal and purpose of our own lives are.

What's your purpose? What were you born for?
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(Fan) OTPs

Countdown clock

I wanted to put a countdown clock in my profile, however, MySpace uses the embed code for their clocks, and LJ doesn't read that coding. So does anyone know where I can find a clock that I can put in my profile that would work?
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Does [adult swim] suck lately, or is that just me? Not having any way to watch it on a regular basis, it seems very different each time I get to watch, and I like it less and less. Same with TV in general, I guess.


What would you do if you said something to someone that you are REALLY interested in that could be easily misunderstood and fuck everything up(in a stupid text message, no less)? I want to send him another text message explaining myself but I don't want to come across as crazy or clingy, especially since I don't even know if he really misunderstood me in the first place. I already sent him a text saying to call me later, but If he got the wrong idea I doubt he's going to do that :(

What would you do?

Oh, and I can't call because he's at work.