August 2nd, 2007


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Why isn't AIM opening for me? I double click on it, my mouse turns into an hourglass for a minute, and then it goes back to normal and nothing happens. I opened task manager after trying a few times to open the program and it said I didn't have it open under Applications, but there were about six of it in Processes. What the hell?

Nevermind, fixed :)

Why don't 24 hour places like 7-11 sell pregnancy tests? They sell condoms and alcohol, you'd think the next logical thing on their list would be pregnancy tests, right?

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I'm pulling an all-nighter. I have 2 litres of coke by my bed, snacks in the form of watermelon, bright lights, and a fully charged ipod.

What advice do you have for people doing all-nighters?
Noel Panda. Fat Chinese people.

fingernails and DNA

as I was nervously gnawing my nails today in class (which I normally never do as having long, lovely nails is quite important to me), I started to wonder just how important my fingernail clippings were as I tossed them in the trashcan. It made me wonder: could my fingernails be linked back to me? I know there are no nerves or blood or anything in the free nail part of the fingernail, but is there DNA in there?

I searched relentlessly and everything I found about DNA and fingernails had to do with forensics and being able to get DNA evidence of an attacker from under a victim's fingernails.

so does anyone know about fingernails?
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Haruhi disappearance

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1) What is your favorite energy drink? (If you don't drink those, list your favorite caffinated drink.

2) Does no one have questions to ask today? TQC seems slow.

3) What has bummed you out today?

4) What are you looking forward to this weekend?
a. How about the upcoming week?

1) Bawls original

3) I bought a bagel from Dunkin Donuts, not toasted, with cream cheese. I was so excited and happy to have a nice tasty breakfast(I usually only eat an apple), but when I opened it up, it was toasted and there's no cream cheese to speak of. *cries*

4) My cousin's 16th birthday party- free pizza!
a. Seeing someone Monday, and the Warped Tour on Thursday.
Beast mode!

Sorry my questions suck, I'm only posting for eidna to feel less bored.

1. My new roommate is moving in this weekend. I won't really be around much for the next three weeks. Should I try to get her to hang out this weekend so I can get to know her, or leave her to her moving/unpacking/all that and get to know her later?

2. If you could have been born any day other than the day you were born on (same year, just different day) what would that day be? Why?

3. Cake for breakfast, good idea? y/y?

4. Do you find communities devoted entirely to the length of your hair to be a bit creepy?

5. What are you doing tonight?

Edit: Why did the airport question get deleted?

BiZaRrO questions

1. Should Gardisil be allowed to be marketed as a "cervical cancer vaccine"? 

2. Would you ever consider getting the "G-spot shot"?

If the result was guaranteed fantastic sex every time, would it be worth it to you?


3. Should recycling pick-up services be paid for by taxes so that it is free to residents? 


4. If a person driving a car tries to force their way over into your lane, do you let them?  (Not like in a "merge" situation, but in a "my lane is ending in 20 feet and I didn't feel like getting behind you even though no one else is behind you" deal)

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How long should an idiot who doesn't know how to bake meat bake thawed chicken wings?

(and what should a person put on them?  Said person has fresh garlic, caeser dressing, ranch dressing, fat free italian oil dressing, some oil, paprika, oregano, aaannnd, COULD pop by store maybe.)

Purely hypothetical.




i have a big bag of frozen gnocchi that i'd like to make for dinner tonight, but i've never made it before. what kind of sauces would you suggest i use with the gnocchi? also, what other dishes would go along with it? i was thinking maybe chicken? i really have no clue.
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Why does my stomach always cramp after I have dunkin donuts iced coffee with cream? What about cream is so unsettling?

Did Ryan Gossling and Rachel McAdams break up?
>>> I dont care if you dont care, I just want to know if its true =]

Do you love Shark Week?

Do you watch "To Catch A Predator?
What do you think of cops posing as teenagers to catch skeezy old men?

Would you like to own your own business some day?
What kind of business would you start?

Whats your favorite quote?
>>> Currently mine is "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" :)

The final "evil tenant" question:

I've had an evil tenant for about 9 months now (no, I'm not pregnant...) She's out as of the end of the month.  When I gave her her eviction notice, she said that she wouldn't pay me rent for August, and that I should use her damage deposit instead.  Now, that's not legal- I have to agree in writing to accept the DD in lieu of rent.  So rent was due yesterday, and of course, she didn't pay.  Now, I have a couple options:

1) Let it go, and use the DD as rent.  The cons to this is that if there IS any damage, we lose out.   The pro is we get the rent for the month.
2) Give her the 10-day eviction that she deserves.  Now, this choice would be more satisfying, but the next person isn't moving in until October 1st anyhow (my Grandma).   On the minus side of this decision is that we STILL can't use the DD for any damages she causes (which, if she's possed, are more likely to occur), unless she gives us written approval, or we bring her to court, and she most likely won't pay the rent anyway- meaning we get no money for August.

So, should I kick her out, as is my legal right, and lose out on the rent, but gain back my spine?  Or let it lie, and hope she didn't wreck anything?  I guess a third option is to get her to sign a release stating that she will pay for any damages, but considering we've been avoiding each other since I gave her the eviction notice (and the HUGE screaming match that erupted that morning), I'm not sure that a face-to-face is good.

I, of course, am leaning towards the "keep my mouth shut and keep the peace" option, but my Mom is leaning towards "make the bitch suffer" choice.

stock- budding flowers

The Keys to the Kingdom

I am now reading Mister Monday by Garth Nix. I am not getting into it as much as I thought I would. For those of you who have read it before, should I continue on? It this really a good series and gets better as I progress?
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How much money would you try to save up if you were moving? (US dollars is what I'm mentally working in) I’m thinking of saving 5 or 6k, but I’ve never moved on my own before, so I may be way under? I have an older sister I can stay with for a while when I move up there, but I really don’t want to take advantage of that, and I’d like to be able to help with household expenses when I’m staying with her.

I’m moving to Portland, Oregon if it changes matters. Does anyone know what the apartment/job market is like there? I have a few years of college under my belt, and I was promoted to supervisor within a month of hiring at my most recent job (because of being able to handle responsibility, I guess? some crap like that,) but I have no idea if that makes me marketable as an employee.

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what did you think of the movie knocked up?


have you ever wanted to kill or seriously hurt one of your siblings?
were they younger, same age, or older?
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Spiritual Questioning

1) Is it possible to follow a religious path and the philosophy of metaphysics?

2) How can you tell when something is not a productive part of your spiritual journey?

3) What are some steps to get yourself back on track?
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Do you believe in the powers of Fengshui?

My boss is looking at having a fengshui consultant come out and "analyze" our new office space, the land it's on, the building it's in, etc., and help us with the layout to promote good fortune, harmony, etc.

I just spoke with the consultant on the phone and while I really, really want to believe in it all, she seems sorta out there.

She told me story about how she re-arranged this dude's office space based on energies and his company made 250 million bucks in the following 6 months.

Is this right up there with psychics/clairvoyants/palm readers? Or do you think it's legit?
rainbow sheep

balance of education vs. work experience on a resume

(very basic resume, I don't have many options in my local area and can't afford to move, yet)
So far I have 4 vocational diplomas, and am being evaluated for my Bachelors in Metaphysics right now, having started my Masters recently. (for those who need details I will be happy to explain how this works.)

However. I have less then 2 months work experience between 2 jobs, in 2 different states, both out of state from where I am now.
Also, Most of my schooling is much more recent then the jobs.

I was raised to always fill a page for a resume, no less then one full page and to put both relevant and most recent relevant and schooling first.

any ideas on balance?

Right now all the source material I have to possibly put on any resume is 5+ pages total.
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Have you ever had to home quarantine your pet? Any advice?

My indoor-only cat was slightly behind on her rabies vaccine and yesterday she bit the vet. Now they're making me quarantine her. Yay.

Have you ever been bitten by a cat or dog?

I was bit by a chihuahua a few years ago, and it was a huge pain for everyone involved. I was uninsured and I had to pay for that emergency room visit in installments for over a year. The neighbor had to quarantine her dog, and it strained relations everywhere. And it effin' hurt.
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Travel book

I'm going to spending next year studying abroad, one semester in Maastricht, Netherlands and the other in Norwich, England. I know there are a lot of books like Let's Go or Frommers, etc on traveling throughout Europe, but if anyone could recommend a good one that centers around Netherlands, Belgium, Germany (ie that part of Europe, and around) that would be major sweet! Also, if someone here thinks there is a must-see country/place that is rarely seen (but really should be) lemme know!

Thank you for your suggestions!

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How come the basil from the local produce place always tastes a little like mint?
(It's not mint, but thanks for the vote of confidence.)

Are there any words that you say wrong/in a weird accent?
I've been saying "basil" like the british name all my life. I get so much shit for it but it's the way I learned it!


If you received a form letter that had something like "sir/madam" or "he/she" in it, would you rather the person sending it circled the applicable term or just left it alone?

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1) Have you ever been inside a prison?
2) Do you know anybody inside or who has served time?
3) I don't know about the rest of the world but in England and Australia there was a smoking ban on July the 1st in public places- good or bad thing?
4) You can pass a law...what is it?
5) If you (future?) children had the same childhod experience as you, would you be satisfied?
6) Do you live in a nice area?

1)No, but my primary school was overlooked by a high security prison (where Gary Glitter the paedophile was serving)
2) Yes, the man who's married to my mother's cousin.. hardly know him & i don't know what it was for.
One of my best friends' boyfriend did 3 years for being the driver in a pub robbery. He didn't really know what was going on at the time, but he was a heroin user and the time inside helped get him on the right track so.. a blessing.
3)GREAT I woke up this morning and my hair doesn't smell like an ashtray after a night clubbing.
4)Ban tobacco. Yeah, there's the blackmarket but that would make it expensive and people would actually want to give up. Also it would stop people from picking up the habit in the first place, namely kids.
5)hm.. yeah I had it good apart from medical issues.
6)I do indeed. If you rank my city into areas with 1 being the most expensive/nicest I live in number 3.
This is my parnts though... at uni the area is safe, but it's just mostly student houses.

An Etiquette Question

I bought the following dress to wear to a friend-of-the-family wedding:

Collapse )

Now it’s more cream color than it appears in the picture. But my question remains: is it too close to being a white dress that it'd be inappropriate to wear to a wedding?

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Inspired by rudezombie's post:

Everyone loves responding to questions with suggestions of violence, but how would you feel if you found out that the asker really did resort to what you instructed them to do? What if rudezombie really did punch the guy in the neck, resulting in the guy having to be hospitalized and rudezombie getting fired?

What if someone asked ways to get revenge on someone, you suggested some crazy scheme that led to much pain/death/paralysis, and the person really did do that? How would you feel? Guilty? Flattered? Tickled? Or would you just laugh?

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1. What was the most recent new thing you tried? (Be it a food, sex position, book, etc...)

2. I know when a potential employer calls your old job to verify your history, the old job can't say how horrible you were, but what if you're applying at a place you used to work, just a branch in a different city? Specifically, will a hospital I worked at part-time four years ago in City X have records of my shitty attendance and will they hold it against me at City Y?

3. What's the worst job you ever had? Why?
Quinn Twin


So, last night, the ferret I've had the longest got sick. Today we took him to the vet and she gave him some fluids and said to keep an eye on him, etc. Tell me, TQC, do you think he's just faking it because he's OMG JEALOUS of the new baby fert we got the other week?
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Text - best is yet to come

Part 2. Harder? Maybe.

Can you name the TQC Member that fits the following facts? (PS All have multiple answers today and if you only pick one, you lose).

1. Has recently given birth
2. Is writing a novel
3. Has hair past their ass
4. Is in an LDR
5. Has an icon of a chicken
6. Is in a band
7. Has a child named Jack
8. Is dating a guy who looks like her brother and is older than her
9. Has the gestation period of an elephant
10. Is a mod of the community but is not shippo or loanwords (and no cheating with the userinfo).

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I tried to make soy yogurt in my new yogurt maker and it tastes like death. What did I do wrong?

What is that little pocket in your underwear for?

This afternoon should I (A)clean/reorganize the pantry like I've been meaning to do, (B)start packing for school, or (C)just be lazy and read my new book?

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Long story short, I have to make a formal request to get my medical forms from my pediatric doctors office.

What exactly should I say in this letter?
I really can not think of any way to word this thing.
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You're hosting a Pirates Vs Ninja party. What sorts of things would you have there? (Such as snacks, drinks, games, decorations)

And since it's a costume party, you have to dress as one of the two. Which costume would you dress in, pirate or ninja?

What's the best theme party you've ever been to/hosted? (And hell if you have a photo or two taken at said party, go on and post them!)

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1. Did you ever keep doing something even though you realized it is a bad idea at the time?

2. What?

3. How'd it work out for you?

1. Yes.

2. I resized a pewter ring with a hammer, a paper punch, and a pair of scissors. 

3. It's still a bit tight, and it's got even more of a "weathered" look to it, but I'm sure it will fit better soon. When the swelling from me constantly shoving a too-small ring onto my finger to "check" if it fit yet.
kiv dancin.

this is a very very serious question, okay

Poll #1032282 Life or Death

Which of the Chips Ahoy varieties do you prefer?

Candy Blasts
Oatmeal Chewy
Fudge Chunky
Peanut Butter Chunky
Reduced Fat

EDIT: the candy blasts are also known as 'rainbow'
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Do you have a degree in adminstration of justice? What is your job right now? What kind of jobs can I get with this degree other than being a police officer?

I think it would be really cool to take the classes for this degree and they really interest me but my hubby says its pointless for me to get it because I don't want to be a police officer or in the fbi. He thinks I should just get a paralegal degree.

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Yesterday was my dad's last day at his job, which he is very excited about. He's been teaching at that school for almost 40 years, and now he gets to devote his time to my autistic little brother and his town's Democratic committee, of which he is the treasurer.
Unfortunately, his older brother passed away yesterday, too. I feel so terrible for my dad, especially because this was supposed to be a very happy day for him, and now he'll always remember it as the day his brother died.

What crappy coincidences have you experienced and/or heard of? Pretty much anything similar to the ones described by Alanis Morrisette in "Ironic". Please tell me stories, I'm trying to keep my mind off this until I get home from work.
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What's something that really amuses you about your school/place of work?

I work in a Plumbing Supply House, and my boss just walked in and went, "Hey, let's replace the toilet in your bathroom today!", and ran out back to grab one. haha!
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1. Will someone help me figure out how to determine my bra size? I tried what Victoria's Secret website said to do to figure out but... it just didn't make any sense. D: Help me plz. When I measure around my bust at the widest point it's 34", and right below my bust is 28 and a half inches.

2. Do you like bra shopping?
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Does anyone have access to ProQuest? If so, could you look up an article for me?

I need an article for work, but I can't access it through the newspaper's website. It'd be greatly appreciated.

(no subject)

So, I have a Phillips 6 GB HDD 1635/17. I lost all of the accessories to it (like the disk, charger, etc.) and was trying to find it online because my MP3 player is still in good condition. Unfortunely, I can't find it. I've looked on amazon, ebay, and went to the Phillips website. Does anyone have any suggestions to where else I can look?

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1. Do you ever forget to do something that seemingly is a no brainer in the correct order?
I often forget to wet my hair before putting the shampoo on.

2. Are you a "stick in the mud"?
My wife calls me that all the time. Just because I don't like anime and crap. Boo.
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Have you ever hacked your neighbors wireless?
I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop, with a Intel Centrino card. I want to hack my neighbors wireless, because my computer is compatible with my family's wireless card. I know this is dishonest, but quite frankly I feel God is making fun of me because I pick up at least 11 other wireless routers, besides mine, and they are ALL locked.  Has anyone done this before? Aircrack isn't compatible with my computer. I just want to have wireless that doesn't cut in and out on me every 10 minutes!

Do you lease, or finance your car? What kind of car is it? Would you recommend it to me?
I'm driving a 1996 Honda Accord right now, and I want to get ride of has 175,000 miles on it, which isn't so bad, it's in fine condition but I'd like something a little nicer, and with less miles on it.

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1.) Some of you might remember when I asked a question a couple of months ago about how some guy pissed me off so bad on a support call my eye twitched for like three weeks. He's currently in the office and sitting about five feet from me. Should I just straight up punch him in the neck, or show a little restraint & remain employed?

2.) Do you tend to take direct action against those who've crossed you, or do you instead leave it to fate/God/karma to work out?

3.) Do you have any good revenge stories that involve you or somebody you know?
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Has anyone ever used Their ads keep showing up, and I wonder if the deals are as awesome as they seem.

Do you like your job?
I'm bored as hell, but I'm getting paid to read TQC. My job is pretty great.

Do you ever have days where you notice everyone staring at your boobs?
My shirt isn't any tighter today than it is any other day, but I've caught six people staring at my boobs! It makes me all paranoid that my bra is pinching them into weird shapes.
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Toilet etiquette

I was in the bathroom at work the other day, in a stall doing my business, when a lady two stalls away made a really loud fart.
She then said, "oh, excuse me!"
I didn't say anything in reply. I really didn't know what to say.

When we came out to wash our hands, she gave me a mean look and left the bathroom.

So I'm wondering, should I have said something? What should I have said then? "Better out than in!"? Or "Good job!"? Or what?
Geeky Girls

Book Suggestions?

I am going to hit the book store tonight to pick up some reads for the weekend. I am super picky when it comes to books. I don't care for romance but I do love historical fiction. Do any of you guys have any suggestions? Or how 'bout a goofy, carefree read with little/no romance schtuff in it?

I haven't read a fiction book in sooo long because I get bored so easily with a lot of books. When I was younger, I would devour every book in my vicinity. Whether it was a Western, romance, mystery, whatever. It did not matter. Normally, I would just pick up a non-fiction book but I want to escape to fantasy land this weekend. I need help!
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I know the guy that made the equipment in this youtube video. It was #1 on youtube yesterday and today it's #3. Does that make me cool by association?

The same guy made some crazy 12,000V capacitor and used it to blow up miscellaneous items for the 4th of July. Like steel wool, guitar strings (those made awesome noises), was pretty amazing. Who's jealous?

Do you have any good stories, either about extremely nerdy things or extremely dangerous/explosion-y things? Please tell me!

(no subject)

1) why are a lot a females attracted to older males
2)why are a lot of males attracted to younger females.

does this apply to you.. do you find that you are attracted to one more than the other..

3) what do you think of an 18 year old GIRL dating a 16 year old BOY?
4) what do you think of an 18 year old BOY dating a 16 year old GIRL?

(no subject)

If you could go into your favorite show/comic/movie/video game/whatever's universe, would you? Which one would you choose and why?

Last night while I was sleeping with my kitty (he likes to sleep next to me under the covers) he bit my boob and cried. He gives 'love bites' sometimes where he nibbles on people toes or fingers and then licks them, but it never hurts. Why did he do that?

(no subject)

Thanks for your advice, everyone! I successfully and clumsily finished it via all-nighter. Or as much as I can be fucked finishing it.

What is the /worst/ thing to watch/listen to while doing an all-nighter?

It's a toss up between the NIN year zero star chamber incident 'phone call' coming on at 3am, or deciding to find out what this 'saladfingers' person was...
Beast mode!

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1. What is last drastic change you made to your hair? Were you happy with it? Pix plz!

2. What did you have for lunch today?

3. Why do I only drop food on myself when I am wearing white?

4. What are your plans for the weekend?

5. What was the last email you sent out about and who was it to?
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1. do you have or know anyone who has diabetes?

2. if yes, are you/they insulin dependent?

3. doesn't it make you wish for universal healthcare?

4. if it is someone you know--do you know what to do if they become incapacitated due to high or low blood sugar?

1. my husband.
2. yes, he gives himself shots several times a day.
3. god, yes, 2 kinds of insulin + blood strips + needles = very expensive.
4. i wish he would write it down, because i'm still not sure how much of what kind fo give him, though i do know how to draw up and give a shot.
My first tattoo!

White Freckles?

I have quite a few of regular freckles, but among them are "white freckles".  I don't know what else to call them.  They're not blotchy or anything, just little spots of white all over.  I'd like to know the name for them.  Might I add that mild photosensitivity is in our family, and I still have these little white spots even on places where I've had severe sun damage.  Thank you in advance to everyone who replies.

(no subject)

So a guy [say, oh, an ex-boyfriend] is on leave from the Army and spends the weekend with you. He spends close to $400 on various things, including a hotel and paying for food, movies, etc. However, after he leaves, he only calls once to tell you he's sorry he hasn't called, he's been busy. Doesn't call you at all after that, even though you text him twice.

1] what do you think is going on?!

I hope I'm just being slightly overly paranoid.

2] What are you currently procrastinating on?

Reregistration for a community college. I need to get one that. Speaking of which;

3] I lost my w2 forms from 2006! How do I re-acquire them without going through people at my job?

Financial Aid is needed.

windows vista

This is a follow-up to a question I asked a few days ago.

I'm about to get a new laptop that runs on Vista (Home Premium) and I want to buy Baldur's Gate II (and the expansion) but I'm wondering if there will be compatibility issues.

Has anyone installed it and played successfully? Had issues? If you had problems could you/how did you fix it?


(no subject)

1. I am applying for a job and the application is asking for professional references (no friends or family). Can I reference a professor under whose direction I headed the creation of a book that was published? I did not get paid for this position nor did I apply for it - it served as credit for an advanced course.

2. Which job in the world would you not take on even if the money were right?

Thanks, TQC.


Dear TQC,

I am booking a flight and it says I should enter the passenger name. My driver's license (aka my only form of photo ID) says Christine but all other things I have (credit cards, insurance cards etc) say Christie. WHAT DO I PUT? I don't remember from the last time I flew.

Love, the girl who doesn't know what to do with her N

EDIT I thought of more questions since clearly that is boring.

1. If you could wear one kind of shoe all the time, what kind would it be (ie flip flops, sneakers etc)?
2. What are you looking forward to most in the next week?
3. What's the last thing you bought?

(no subject)

I hope someone can help.

I'm in Scotland and looking for a tour operator that doesn't charge a fortune in single supplements (or preferably none at all) because I am travelling alone. I'm hoping to go on a package holiday somewhere in Europe (a last minute deal) sometime in the next month or so but everywhere I look I have to pay a fair bit extra cos I am travelling alone. Its not bloody fair! Can anyone help?

Please and thank you :)
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1. What is the last thing that made you laugh 'til you cried?
2. Do you laugh a lot when you're drunk?
3. When you smile, do your gums show?
4. Do you have any candid pictures of yourself? Do show.

(no subject)

When you listen to music, do you prefer melody or harmony?

If you prefer melody, what do you think about songs like Rick James' Super Freak (and consequently U Can't Touch This since it sampled Rick James) where the same two measures repeat ad infinitum?

Hello my name is Meta Fail

Hi, I'm a criminal justice major and I studied abroad in Egypt last semester and as an assignment had to observe a few different types of prison, and like EVERYWHERE I went every single one of the prisoners was A-rab! I mean I know racial profiling goes on in the US a lot and that leads people to think that mostly African American people commit crimes but come on, I didn't think a country like Egypt would do it! I know that Darfur is in their own continent and all the terrorist stuff has been going on but that doesn't mean you need to jail any Arab you see on the street. Does it?

b. What is the weirdest first/last name combination you've ever heard?

This customer at my dad's store was named Gaylord Flaming.
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(no subject)

1. TQC! I've been in small town Wi for the past few days. What LJ excitement have I missed?
2. Do you have a bank at home? Like a piggy bank, but not necessarily in the shape of a pig? What does it look like?
3. I want to start making more desserts. Candy, brownies, fudge, that sort of thing. What should I make?
4. Do you have a bad vacation story?
5. If you're going back to school (or work at a school) when does it start for you?
6. Since I only have one day of meetings next week, it's like I'm really on vacation. I need people to go to lunch with. Anyone in Chicago want to meet up and do lunch?

Old games, old laptop, two questions

1. If you had computer games that were made in the early 90's that you'd like to attempt to play, and you had A) a desktop with Windows ME (don't say anything; it's not my choice), and B) a laptop with Windows XP, would there be a way to get those games to run? Like, a way to fake an older Windows or DOS environment? I have a vague notion I've seen something like that, but I'm not really sure what I'm talking about to even google it.

2. I have an oldprehistoric laptop with the following specs: Gateway Solo, 6GB hard drive, Pentium II 300 MGz, 192 RAM, running Windows XP. The battery doesn't hold power, so it has to be plugged in. It needs airflow around the bottom to keep from overheating and freezing up, which is really an ironic term under the circumstances. It has damage to the case, one of the PCMIA slots doesn't work (the other does), and you have to do the old "paper clip inserted in the hole" trick to get floppy disks to eject. It does have a working CD/DVD drive. It has either a 56K credit card modem (although not the dongle-thingy 'cause it's long-lost) or a laptop ethernet card; due to the PCMIA issue, only one could be used at at time.

How likely is it that someone might want to buy this, either as a really cheap computer--it's suitable for word processing/internet surfing--or for parts? If so, would $25-$50 be reasonable? And any suggestions on where to sell it?
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1. If there are any regional sodas in your area, what are they and do you drink any of the varieties/flavors?

2. If you watch(ed) Friends, which of the friends is your favorite?  Which is your least?
What was the best storyline?  What was the dumbest?

3. How much money do you spend on non-necessities or 'extras' in an average day?

4. Do you have a song you'd probably like better if it didn't get keep getting stuck in your head on occasion?
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Celebrity dating shows

Would you ever go to a casting call for one of those celebrity dating shows you see on VH1 like Flavor of Love and that one with Bret Michaels of Poison?

Would you date the above two men?

What celebrity would you like to see have a show like that for you to go to a casting call and be on TV?

I don't think I'd do something like that. I wouldn't want people in my business!

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1. Do you ever have dreams about people you barely know? If so, does this make you feel weird or does it not bother you?

2. Have you ever had a dream about someone you've never met? (example: someone you see frequenting on whichever forums you frequent)

3. Have you tried those Space Bags? If so, were they worth the cost?

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do you ever type your Live Journal name into to see what comes up..?

** I thought it was funny because there were a few results where it braught up my name in other communites. People talking about me. 

What comes up when you do this?

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I opened the phone bill today and I noticed my SO has been talking to his ex a lot lately. I knew they talked some, but last month it was like 80 minutes. This month is about 500. And he hasn't mentioned speaking to her at all, which he usually does when they talk. This bothers me a little.

He gets home in an hour. Should I not bring it up? Ask WTF, but in a pleasant way? Bludgeon him with a crowbar? What would you do?

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What do you personally think a jihad is?

Just wondering. My coworkers are shockingly ignorant and well, that's what sparked the question.

ETA and completely unrelated: How might I seduce my boyfriend tonight?

going out

It's not unreasonable for me to decline my friends' invitation to a bar that's easily 35 miles from my home at 9ish at night right?

Do you usually go to your friends' chosen spots, or do they come to you?
Where do you usually go?

Obviously this is a dilemma I am having considering my friends never seem interested in coming to my neighborhood to go out (even though we can walk to the bars and crash at my house, no DD needed!).
Friends: Unagi.

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So, why don't you introduce yourself to all of us strangers and tell us all about yourself?

What are your hobbies?

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

What are your good qualities?

Do you have any concrete plans for the next few years of your life?

Do you mind if we take your photograph? As a reminder when we're discussing everyone? So we have a visual whilest mocking you.

Are you a teamplayer or do you prefer to work alone?

Don't you just hate those questions?
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Because for some reason I have Potter on the brain

You wake up one morning to find that you're 11 years old again, and living in England (this part may only be shocking if you weren't living there already) Confused, you head downstairs where you see a letter on the kitchen table addressed to you. You got it... it's your Hogwarts acceptance letter.

1. How does your family react to finding out you're a witch/wizard?

So, you got your letter! You do the usual routine... freak a bit, accept it, go to Diagon Alley to get your things, and ship off to Hogwarts at the beginning of the school year.

2. Which House does the Sorting Hat put you in?

3. Once you're in your House and settled, which class do you think would be your favorite?

Now that the first year is out of the way, what about the rest?

4. Would you try out for/play Quidditch? If so, which position?

5. On a normal trip to Hogsmeade with your friends, what would be on the agenda?

You've completed your seventh year!

6. What advice would you give the first years before leaving?

7. And finally, what job would you have in the wizarding world?

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When you attempt to fall asleep, do you like to have your room cold, room temperature, or hot?
Do you need complete darkness, a nightlight, or does it not matter?\

I like it cold, or at least a breeze. I also tend to need it to be completely dark, however, if I'm napping, it can be broad daylight.
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Inspired by tonight's trip to see the Simpsons Movie:

1. Have you ever had a theater totally to yourself?
2. Did/would you take advantage if you did?

1. I almost did.
2. I would've by singing along to the spider pig bit as loudly as I could :P
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Being the child of an amazing self taught cook, I have never understood people who don't like meat loaf!

1. Are you one of these people? If so, WHY?! People who don't like meat loaf LOVE my mom's (and now my) meat loaf!

2. Also, are you a gravy on meat loaf or ketchup on meat loaf person? Where are you from?

3. What do you eat with your meat loaf?

4. Do you make meat loaf sammiches with left overs?

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wedding bells

1. Is there a minimum amount of time (generally) you would know/date someone before marrying them? Not time before accepting a marriage proposal, but the actual marriage date.
1a. If so, what is it?

2. Would your answer change depending on your age?

I know things change with each person you meet/date, but generalize here pls.


So, in your opinion, which are more adorable:

Human babies or baby animals?

I'm honestly going to have to go with baby animals. Puppies, kittens, hippos, whatever.

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What was the last bet you made?

My friend is certain that a life-long friend and I will get married (she's had this notion for YEARS). I bet her that if I do, I'll pay her 100$ on the wedding day. =]

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1. What is your least favorite housecleaning activity?
2. Cleaning: Therapeutic or annoying?
3. The owners of the restaurant I work at are Indian and order a lot of gourmet teas from India, we even have a tea menu. I tried our chai and it's the most amazing blend I've ever tried. I have no idea who our supplier is, and I don't feel like asking. It's bagged, it comes in little cloth pyramids. So, where do you order your teas from? Best loose chai?
4. Law and Order: Original, SVU, or CI?