August 1st, 2007


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1. What was the first question you asked on TQC? (If you don't remember the first, an early one.)

2. "Some things in this life are worth fighting for." What are they?

3. Tell me a scary story? I love the type that end with things like "And the calls were coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE."

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1. If you could afford plastic surgery would you have it done?
If yes, what would you want done and why?

2. If you have children what are they currently obsessed with?

3. What is your most favorite dessert ever?

4. Its 2am, is it too late to eat dinner?

5. If you had a 4 year old son would you let him watch adult swim? what if he was a really cool 4 year old?

My answers:
1. I plan on having a breast reduction after breastfeeding my wee one.
2. my four year old is obsessed with legos and starwars. and the video game starwars legos.
3. strawberry shortcake
4. im hungry.
5. i would like to hear your answers first.
John/Peter - 'Damnit'

Mac Users: Browser preference?

So...Mac users!

Do you prefer Camino, Firefox, Flock, or Safari?

Are there any great browser plugins for any of these four that work really well in a Mac?

I've just downloaded Camino, which means I now have all four on my computer. Obviously, I want to pare this down to two (I'd like to keep Safari just because it's the default for the computer).
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Morning/afternoon/good evening TQC, how's it going, first off?

i found my brother's girlfriends ID card in the gutter awhile back. I don't really know how to return it to his girlfriend, considering she gave it to him. so tqc, what would YOU do?

when walking down the street, are you one of those people that'll move out of the way of a person walking from behind you, or do you stand in the way and make the person go around?

what's your favorite movie? why is it your favorite movie? what was the best scene?

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i bought a loaf of raisin bread and have been making toast in the mornings at work...
however, either the toaster or the bread itself makes it too crunchy for me...i mean, i'm eating it (why waste good food), but it's a little crunchier than i normally like my toast to be...

1. how do you like your toast?
2. do you like raisin toast?
3. what about that thick-ass texas toast bread?
3a. you eat that for toast or french toast?
4. when making french toast - how do you make it?
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Give a dog a home

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Is 300 any good? That is, is it worth buying, or should I just download it illegally?

If you had 3 ripe tomatoes, what would you do with them?

Regardless of who you WANT to win, who do you think WILL win the 2008 U.S. Presidential election?

Today is my dog's birthday! Deuce, not Bella. He is 3 today. What should I get him for a birthday present?
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1.What did you do for your twentieth birthday?

It's my friends birthday in a few days. I'm throwing a bbq for her then we're all going to her place to party like rockstars.

2.She doesn't drink beer or drinks where you can taste alcohol. Any suggestions? We've been drinking blue whales lately.
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Have you seen the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in person?

I saw it yesterday for the second time in my life. I've never gone out of my way to see it, it just appears. It's amazing.

Are you glad it's August? What do you have planned for this month?

I'm entertaining my boyfriend's mother while she visits, finishing my internship, making the 8 hour drive home, going to Michigan, going to Virginia, seeing Modest Mouse (I hope), starting school, throwing a party, and seeing my boyfriend off to Ireland for the school year.


Do you have a totally busy job full of insane people and huge amounts of stress with no down time?
Or are you one of those people who sit around all day, doing nothing, can't find enough work to do, and you end up surfing the internet while filling a seat and collecting a paycheck?

If you're one of the first people, how totally mad and jealous are you when you hear about others needing to find ways to occupy their time at work? Also, what is your job?

If you're one of those second people, what is your job and how can I get it?

I'm a high school secretary and my job is ridiculously busy and stressful. (And underpaid.) God bless those summers off, though........ I don't think I'd trade them for the world.
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Haruhi disappearance
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1) Is there any physical part of you that you hate people noticing/commenting on? Why?

2) What should I do to keep myself motivated on my exercise/calorie reduction plan? I'm beginning to feel the "fuck it all, I'm having a giant vat of french fries!" vibe kicking in :(

3) If you work, do you get vacation/personal days? How many a year? Do you wish you had more?

4) Are you into body modification? Why or why not? (If you are, what mods do you have?)

5) What is the current temperature where you live?

6) Do you like clicky pens or pens with caps better?

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have you ever "retired" one of your piercings?

which one was it?

why did you decide to get rid of it?


what has been your experience with craigslist? stories plz
have you ever gotten a job off of there?
What was it? did you enjoy it?
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Why did the Humane Society scare me off from adopting one of their dogs? Don't they want the poor animals adopted out?

They kept warning me that the dogs hate other dogs (I don't have any other dogs!) or that they will eat anything that touches the floor (I don't make a habit of dropping food on the floor!) or that they hate kids (I don't have kids!) and despite telling them everything would be fine, they told me I should just wait until a more subdued dog comes in. What the hell?! :(

Paging Dentist LJ.....

I'm off to google this, but I was wanting personal opinions/experience as well.......

The gum area around one of my teeth is slightly puffy, but doesn't hurt.....  Am I going to die because of it??????  :)

(Oh, and why can't I add a tag???)
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caffeine: need. moar.

hey ya'll..

1. if you drink coffee, how do you take it? milk? sugar? equal? iced?..
2. if you drink espresso, how do you like it? latte? double espresso? white mocha? iced?..

3. if you drink tea, what type do you like? white? green? black? herbal? iced?..
4. if you drink tea, do you add milk or sugar to your tea?..


5. if you drink chai, do you consider it a different category than tea or coffee, even though it is basically a modified tea? ...
6. if you drink liquor, do you like to mix caffeine into your alcohol intake? like coffee and Baileys?...

7. do you make your caffeine at home? or buy it at a store? if you buy it at a store, do you always go to the same place? (starbucks, peets, 7-11)
8. must you have caffeine by a certain time or you get the caffeine headache or start feeling grumpy? if so, what time?

[need. moar. coffee.]
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Bitchy is my middle name


I feel a sore throat and body aches coming on.

I took Airborne this morning.

1) Has Airborne been effective for anyone to stop a cold?
2) Did the taste suck, or was I just being a sickly whiny baby?
3) Has Emergen-C been effective for anyone?
4) Are you a whiny baby when you're sick?
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Can you match the LJ user to the following facts?

1. Is Latvian
2. Has a husband and a boyfriend
3. Was kicked out of school because of LJ
4. Is in London for school (multiple answers here and bonus points if you can list more than one).
5. Had her gallbladder out
6. Is under the age of 15
7. Is useless
8. Has a disabled little sibling (multiple answers, again, bonus points)
9. Moved to live with her SO
10. Is too old for this shit
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Grr, argh

I'm having a bad day. Like a "I'd love to punch you in the face simply because you spoke to me" day.

-Any ideas how I could not be so homicidal? It's bad for business.

-How do you cheer up when you're feeling cranky?

-Are you having a good or bad day?

-Who was the last person that spoke to you?

-Ever made crab cakes? How'd they turn out?

-Do you watch Top Chef? Did last weeks faux reunion make you cranky, or did you enjoy it?
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My father in law referred me to a friend he knew for twenty years at a Harris bank, so I met with her, really nice lady, I wouldn't even call it an interview(she didn't ask me questions such as what is your best quality). She has emailed me 3-4 times so far now, and told me she would contact her friend at the diversity (i'm deaf and a woman) department about getting me a job within Harris Bank. This friend at the diversity department has just contacted me today. That makes it 5 emails from Harris bank employees. Do you think I have a very good shot at getting hired? Yes I'm obsessing.

Old School Nick

1. Remember that show Wild and Crazy Kids?
a. If yes, on a scale of 1-10 how awesome did you think it was?
b. If not, click that link. Based on the Wiki article, does it sound awesome to you?

c. Were you ever a contestant? If yes, details plz.
d. If not, did you ever want to be one?

e. What kinds of games were your favorite?
f. Did you and your friends/siblings/cousins/whatever ever try to recreate any of the games yourselves? What happened?

g. Which host was your favorite? Least favorite?

2. If you didn't like Wild and Crazy Kids (hell, even if you did), what were some your favorite Nickelodeon shows from that era?
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pet names

What are your pets' names?
What are all the other names you call them?

Mine are all cats:
Gonzo - New Cat, New Chat, Newchatta, Chatta, Furry Tocks, Fathead.
Steve Jobs - Stevie, Steves, Fat Steves, Heebie, Heebs. (I was unaware that was a racial slur until recently. Oops.)
Nunca - Nunky, Bunca, Bunky, Kito, Kitosan, Kitosabe, Kashi, Heavy B, DJ Flexion, Mos Def.
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What's a movie you saw because you heard so many people say it was fantastic but then when you first watched it you thought it was crap?

Do you still feel the same or have you changed your mind since your first viewing?

It's elementary.

Think back to elementary/primary school. What were some disgusting or stupid things that were "cool" and used to impress and gross out your classmates? When was the last time you did those things? Do you still find them funny or cool? 

Collapse )
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Florida Keys

Has anyone ever taken a snorkeling vacation in the Florida Keys?  Which is the best of the keys, in your opinion?  I think we would like to stay in the northern part, more Key Largo or Islamorada than Key West.   Is there anyplace you've been there where the snorkeling is decidedly bad?  If so, tell me where so I can avoid it. 

Also, if anyone just so happens to know of an awesome place for condo rentals in the keys, let me know that, too!


Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?

How far, how often did you see them, hardest part, and for how long?

I'm about to move in with my sister to finish my senior year of HS partly so I can see my bf more, since staying here means not seeing him at all.  We'll probably only get to see each other 2 times a month, which is better than nothing.  No, I can't stay and lie to see him.  Tried that and now I'm in this mess.

Any advice on this ldr's?

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Senior pictures

Sooo. I'm going to have to get my senior pictures done soon. I know the place I'm going to get them done, but I have no idea about anything else...

Do you have any advice or experiences to share with me about getting my senior pictures done? What kind of things should I wear? What were your senior pictures like?
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does anyone know of a good site or comm where I can find someone to beta read a 20 pg short script?

alternatively, does anyone want to beta read my 20 pg short script?

It's about zombies....kind of...if that sweetens the pot :P It;s for my final project which I will be filming in three weeks.

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all i want are white women's snowboard bindings in large.
why is that so difficult?! [boohoo!]

my question:: what is the difference between men's and women's snowboard bindings? can i just buy men's bindings?
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What cell phone service provider do you have?
Are you happy with it? [What do you like about it?]
Is the customer service good? [Share horror stories.]
Would you rather have another provider? [Why?]
What provider do most of your friends have?

I have Sprint. I'd like T-Mobile, as all my friends are on it.
Last night I spent an hour waiting for the Sprint people to free up so I could ask questions about my account. 
Their website is horrible and not userfriendly. 
But my cousin is their lawyer. :]

Or, what is your favorite brand of computer?
Do you prefer laptops or desktops?

I have a Dell laptop. I don't like it much.
If I had a job, I'd buy a new one, and maybe a desktop since my family one is crap. Probably stick with Dell though.

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1. You know how when you try a new shampoo, the scent is really strong?  And after a week, it is not as strong?  Is that because the scent is less noticeable to you because you have become accustomed to it or because your body gets used to the chemical make-up of the shampoo?  (And I'm entirely sure this is LOL-worthy...but I am an idiot)

2. Do you think the green Xerox lights are harmful to your eyes?

3.  How does semi-permanent hair dye *permenantly* change your hair color?  For example, I had dark brown hair until I was in high school and dyed it auburn.  Now, my natural hair color is much redder than it was and that was 12 years ago.  Why?

4. Do you have longer legs or a longer torso?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Does anyone here work for Comcast? What is it like? What is the starting pay/benefits for a field tech (Comm Tech for example).

2) What other companies have starting pay of $12+ an hour with benefits for someone with no degree (but experience with outdoor manual labor)?
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Afternoon Poll

Which (in your opinion) is the better version of each song?

All Along the Watchtower

Bob Dylan
Jimi Hendrix

Gold Dust Woman

Stevie Nicks

Sweet Dreams

Marilyn Manson

Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson
Alien Ant Farm

Love Song

The Cure

Mad World

Tears for Fears
Gary Jules


Stevie Nicks
Smashing Pumpkins
Dixie Chicks

Higher Ground

Stevie Wonder
Red Hot Chili Peppers

American Woman

Guess Who
Lenny Kravitz

Any other cover songs you can throw in there that are way better or worse than the original?
i miss dating

Some silly questions

Is there any way to have all the comments in a single community emailed to you? I'm a moderator, if it matters.

For those of you who are knowledgeable about respirators, can your health affect what kind you can use in an emergency situation? Pointing to OSHA regulations would be a huge help. For example, if someone has diabeetus or takes vicodin they can't use Respirator Type X. Or something.

Nevermind, found what I was lookin' for.

Is $.48 per mile a good price to be reimbursed for driving in a car that gets ~350 miles per tank (city driving)?

(no subject)

How should I fix the holes in the sole of my shoe?

What's your favorite place to shop online?

Do you like mustard? What do like to put mustard on?

Why does Youtube hate me and want to prevent me from uploading the short film I worked so hard on? :[ Problem solved!

(no subject)

How does the whole insurance thing work when you get into an accident and it's your fault?

I've never been in a accident before and the driver who I hit said she was going to call my insurance company, am I supposed to call hers too? or since it was my fault do I just let her and my insurance handle it? I don't really care about my car, I just want to know what to do about hers.

Thank yous =)
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(no subject)

1. do you watch Flight of the Conchords?
a. if no, why the hell not? it's all on youtube. no excuses now.

2. what's your opinion on Zach Efron?

3. what do you think of the US governments' decision not to allow M.I.A. a visa into the States to record her new album because she wrote a song about suicide bombers and has a somewhat aggressive anti-war and peace image?
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Vote Tyrion

Word Games: You wanna play?

The Rules:

  • Letters can be repeated, but only these letters can be used.

  • Whole, real words only.

  • Any dictionary word accepted (i.e. verbs, nouns etc are all ok)

VOWELS: a, e, o, u
CONSONANTS: c, m, n, r, s, t, v, w, x, z

How many words can you make using only these letters? What's the longest word you can make?
holding hands

(no subject)

What's the craziest word you've ever heard (that's actually a word)?

I'm doing a writing workshop for kids tomorrow and I want to have some crazy (or at least crazy-sounding) words up on the board for them to come up with (probably also crazy) definitions for.

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Hay TQC, I have a few random questions.

Do you enjoy speaking in all caps?
What do you imagine when people talk in all caps? Anger, passion, excitement, boredom, what?
Where can you find all the weird ingredients that go in potions? All the weird roots and animal parts etc.
Is a testicle an appendage?
Did you like 28 Days Later? What about the Simpsons movie?

(no subject)

Your friend has a very attractive parent. Do you tell them? Do you tell them if their sibling is attractive? Do you tell someone to tell them you think that their parent/sibling is attractive?

Do you bring your cell phone to work with you? If yes, do you keep it on or turn it off? If you're at work is your cell phone for emergencies only? What do you do when someone constantly calls you at work for trivial things?

Do you drink VitaminWater? Why? What is your favorite flavor?
I don't like drinking water since it's flavorless and I'm picky like that, but since VitaminWater has a little flavor to it I drink more water. I like dragonfruit flavor best.


Media Player

I've got Windows Media Player (version 11) on my computer, and (annoyingly) have only just today realised that it automatically imports Every. Single. Picture. from various folders on my computer into it.  I never use WMP so it's been doing this since whenever, I would assume. 

I clicked on Library > Folder and deleted the 'My Music' folder from the list (the one where I keep my files), and it disappeared. However, whenever I save any more pics to there it immediately imports them into media player. DO NOT WANT. I've tried Tools > Options, and can't find where to prevent this from happening. Their 'help' index is less than helpful. Is it possible to block ALL photos/pictures from media player?

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Shark Week

Would you rather:

1. Have a shark bite off either an arm or a leg?

2. Have a shark bite off either both arms or both legs?

3. Have a shark bite off an arm/leg combo either both on the right, both on the left, or one on the left and the other on the right?

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ugh. resume questions. sorry.

1. Is there a good and free resume wizard app out there? I'd like to be able to answer questions about my work history and qualifications and get it back in a nice tweakable format.

2. When listing work history, they want the position and skills you had when you quit Company X, not what you were hired for originally, right? Or should I include both?

3. If I worked for Company X, which has headquarters in Phoenix, but I worked at the Dallas branch, (which doesn't really accept mail or anything) which location do I list as the company's address--Phoenix or Dallas?
Beast mode!




anti-time dispensary

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Are there any 'normal' fandoms?

Why must fandoms be primarily porn?

Am I the only person in the world not turned on by brothers doing it in the butt?

I just looked for LJ comms for a favourite book series of mine, one that's not huge or well known or anything, and there's STILL primarily incest slash fic of it, instead of real discussion or something, yanno, not creepy.

Boston restaurants

Hey, TCQ!
Anyone know of any good, family-friendly Boston restaurants? My family's going there at the end of the month, and we're looking for places to eat. We've already been to the Hard Rock Cafe. Any ideas? If you need more information, let me know. Thanks!

omfg fucking ipod motherfuck

I bought myself a car yesterday. (2005 suzuki aerio sx)

It has a stock CD player (in-dash mounted 6 disc)

Problem is that I don't listen to CDs, I have an ipod that has most of my music collection on it. My experience with FM tuners for the ipod has been less then spectacular, the ones I've used so far have had really bad static issues.
The only other option I know of besides an FM tuner is to get a new ipod-friendly stereo, which would run me about 150$ at the lowest.

Should I cough up the 150 for a new stereo or try to find a better quality FM tuner to save myself the 70-100$?
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You are a 16 year old guy. Because of moving around frequently and being homeschooled, you do not have many friends and play World of Warcraft a lot. You and your mother will be moving to live by your older sister in a matter of weeks. Your older sister informs you that she knows a girl you should meet who also lives in the area.

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? Creeped out? Flattered? Would you go for it? Would your opinion change if you knew the girl played World of Warcraft also?


ETA: Is it worse if your mom is also involved in it, and she's trying to get your AIM screen name and WoW server/character name so you can talk to the girl?


I got my underarms waxed for the first time today, and now I have these nasty blood blisters/bruises. Is this normal, or is my skin falling off?

What's your worst waxing story?
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Now that I'll be home alot more, I'll be able to have more say in what we have for food here.
I'm looking for some healthy breakfast, lunch, dinners and even some snacks.
I don't mind doing any simple cooking.
Any suggestions? (websites and recipes are love)

On the flip side, what food is your guilty pleasure?
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(no subject)

Does it weird you out when people essentially write fanfiction about real people and publish it as a novel? e.g. The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank, Gatsby's Girl (about F. Scott Fitzgerald's lover), The Last King of Scotland? What are some other examples of this?

I think it is creepy in a way.
petit prince

share and share alike!

1. at what point does the frequent borrowing of a laptop turn into imposition? how many times/hours per week would it take for you to feel like the borrower should just buy their own computer?

2. do you have green jammies?

3. how many buttons are on you right now?
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when you make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, which one do you put more of on the bread.. the peanut butter or the jelly?

for me, it's peanut butter ftw.
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wow.  did you hear about Minneapolis yet?  Kinda scary.

so TQC - - have you ever heard of a situation like this?

EDIT: I read on AOL news that someone said it's not yet confirmed if it's a terrorist attack..and more than likely it isn't.  I was listening to the radio (B96) and they had someone on the phone that had worked for 25 years in some sort of construction or another and he said the bridge was checked out in 2006 and there was noticeable cracking.  HELLLLLLOOOO LAWSUIT!

Are you from Minneapolis?  Are your family members okay??

EDIT 2: Here's another website.  It's a local station and constantly being updated.

(no subject)

1. What's a song that reminds you of your parents? Of your hometown?

2. Etiquette question - we were house shopping by ourselves, then a realtor who is a family friend contacted us and started finding houses for us to look at. She always shows us houses listed with realty companies, however I keep seeing interesting "for sale by owner" houses in my neighborhood. Will a realtor work with someone selling their house themselves? Should we ask the realtor to call the owners to see their homes, or just go ourselves? It's not like we hired this realtor, but I'm not sure if we're obligated to see houses with her since she is doing so much legwork.

(no subject)

1. Do you know anyone who's been on a game show (especially old school Nickelodeon game shows)? Who? What show? What did they win?

The only person I know was a teacher of mine who won some fancy car on Wheel of Fortune.

2. I always see giveaways on cereal boxes and such, do you know anyone who's ever won?

I want to know who wins those trips to Hawaii and lifetime supplies of SPAM.

Edit: I added on stuff. Yep.

(no subject)

So, I'm going to Istanbul tomorrow, and my friend travelling with me has already re-packed her bag four times.

What do you always forget to pack? What's the most important thing you've ever forgotten?

I nearly forgot socks, until another friend mentioned that he'd bought loads of cheap ones so her can dump them there, and have extra space in his bag.
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(no subject)

I know it's "too soon to post," but I think this is okay.  It's not like I'm asking annoying questions. 

After my question about the bridge in Minneapolis, I realized how many people are actually from Minneapolis area!

Where are you from?
I'm from a north-west suburb of Minneapolis.

(no subject)

I really really want to get snakebites in the near future, the thing I always end up working in some sort of professional office environment. SO:

To those of you who have visible piercings and work in an office environment...

Does your boss/supervisor mind that you've got visible piercings?

Do you wear a retainer?

If you wear a retainer, can I see a picture of you wearing it??

(by visible I mean somewhere on your face or surface neck piercings and the like, just want to make sure I'm clear)
Haruhi disappearance
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From the primordial soup of my brain...random

1) If you're in a committed relationship, have you ever cheated/had an affair?
a. Do you regret it?
b. Would you do it again?
c. Did your SO ever find out? If so, how did that end up?(did you break up, resolve it, etc)
d. Why did you do it?

2) What is your real name? Do you go by that name IRL, or something else? Mine's Andrea. I go by it.

3) What do you think of Daft Punk?

4) What do you put in your salads?

(no subject)

Awhile ago I asked a question about getting my ears re-pierced.

Well, lo and behold, my brother got married on Saturday, and the bride gave all bridesmaids matching earrings to wear during the ceremony, so I had my mom go ahead and poke those suckers through my old holes.
Now, my right ear wasn't fully closed, the earring went right in and I didn't even feel it. The left ear, however, needed a little tough love, and I got to hear a lovely POP! when it went through.

1. Have you ever done this? Did the pop freak you out?
2. Will my ears fall off now? Am I going to die?
3. What kind of earrings should I buy?
4. What does your favorite pair of earrings look like?

eye phenomena

1. Have you ever closed your eyes and applied a little pressure, say from rubbing your eyes, and 'seen' crazy stuff like fractals and gears and geometric shapes and spiders? Just me, then?

2. If you have, WHAT IS THAT? I've been wondering since I was a kid.

3. If you look at something bright and squint 'til your eyes are almost closed, can you see little circles and squiggles and stuff floating around? What is that?

(no subject)

1a] What did your elementary school waste money on to keep you safe from?

Underage drinking, Drunk Driving, Unprotected sex, Smoking, Weed, Recycling. I should send them a check when I get older.

2] What's the best thing you ever cooked randomly after walking into the kitchen with no idea what to make?

Egg white omelet with hot sauce, red crushed peppers, with mushrooms and hash browns. Oh, and grilled cheese bagel with crushed potato chips sprinkled on top.

3] What do you doodle when you're bored in school?

Lyrics, mostly. Shapes with patterns in them. My friend's names.

4] If you're watching TV, What are you watching?

Top Chef. Crazy drama.

(no subject)

When I go into work this friday I'm giving my two weeks notice. Besides just "oh hey, I'm leaving in two weeks, peace", what's something short and sweet to tell my manager? He acts sweet, but I'm almost afraid of him guilting me into working longer, he's good at that.
Not serious answers are welcome :D

Also, in two weeks I'm going with my family to visit my grandparents. My boyfriend is coming with me so he can meet my grandparents. I'd like him to meet my grandfather especially, since he isn't in good health and we don't really know how much time he has. I haven't had anyone I've dated meet my grandparents before, so now I'm wondering what to really do. Should I suggest a gift? Ask him to dress not like a hippie? Perform magic tricks?

Baltimore Locals:

I'm going to the Virgin Festival this weekend. Driving down to my uncle's outside of Baltimore, and then finding my way to Pimlico from there. I was going to buy the outrageously-priced parking the venue sells through ticketmaster on advice from my uncle about the area, but it seems to be unavailable.

Now, I'm not unfamiliar with shady/bad areas considering I live in what is usually considered one, but I love my body and my car and I don't want anything harmful to happen to either of them. I'm familiar with inner harbor area Baltimore, but not Pimlico.

Should I still drive in and find other parking? Should I drive to a subway station closeby and take the shuttle instead? Should I carpool with the friends I'm meeting up there?


1. Are you on your period right now?

2. What is absolutely the worst thing about your period?

3. What is absolutely the best thing about your period?

4. Have you ever had to leave school or work or whatever you were doing because of your period?

5. How comfortable are you about talking about your period? Is it taboo with you and your friends?

And for people who don't get periods (lucky you!):

6. How uncomfortable are you with this subject?

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