July 30th, 2007

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A really fun game, guys!

Have you ever played/heard of a game called either "Invisible Football" or "Game Master?"

Is there maybe a different name for this that I could search under?

I just learned how to play it tonight at a party but had to leave early. Upon arriving home I tried to learn more about it, but Wikipedia and Google both failed me. :/
The jist (gist?) of the game is this: No smiling, talking, or laughing allowed. Sitting in a circle, players pass motions to each other. If someone acts out of turn, smiles, or laughs, other players can tattle on them by addressing the Game Master, who chooses a ridiculous name for themself, often with accompanying hand motions. Players found to be in error are given "strikes." Upon receiving three strikes, the Game Master assigns punishments a la Truth or Dare.

MySpace has its good points

What's something good that has happened to you because of MySpace?

For me: The usual. Reconnected with several old friends. The most unexpected thing, though, requires a little bit of backtsory.

When I was 3 or 4, I was babysat by an older woman who babysat several other girls. The woman was like a grandma to me, to the point of me calling her Grandma Dorothy. While in her care, I became close with one of the other girls there, Gwen, who was eight years older than me. After a while, the woman's house burnt down, she moved about an hour away, and us girls dissipated and lost touch.

Gwen sent me a message on MySpace less than a week ago (I hadn't talked to her in at least 15 years). She's organizing a reunion of as many of the girls Grandma Dorothy babysat, and we're all going to go visit her. I wasn't even sure she was still alive, because I knew she was pretty old when she babysat me.

I can't wait!
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(no subject)

I purchased a silk-screened poster at an outdoor concert yesterday and it rained heavily so the poster's edges got wet inside my bag. I laid it to dry but now the parts that got wet are all crinkly and don't sit flat like they should. Would it be a good idea to iron it with a clothing iron (heat, not steam)? I would put cloth over the poster so the iron doesn't touch the paper. Bad idea?
Edit: If you think that idea sucks, do you have any other suggestions for what I can do?
Edit2: Okay I went ahead and did it anyway. Nothing bad happened, y'all. It's not perfect like I want so it's under a bunch of Harry Potters to get flatter.

How many posters do you own? What of?
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What is something you recently just learned/realized that you really should have known all along?

I recently just realized that all my life, I have been spelling the word "beetle" (as in the insect) with an "a", like the band The Beatles. I genuinely thought that this was the way you spelled it, until someone pointed it out to me.
I suppose it shows how much The Beatles have impacted society, and not to mention how dumb I actually am.

(no subject)

I spent the whole last week in bed, when I could of easily gone to school. I very nearly threw up at the thought of leaving the house. I've missed an exam, and I don't know how to tell my mother I may fail the HSC. I haven't left the bed for more then fifteen minutes at a time for the past 7 days.

I think i'm depressed, but i'm not actually. sad. it's just like I can't get any enthusiasm. It takes me an hour to sit up after i've woken up.

I like to think i'm a reasonably intelligent girl, but I have no idea what to do. I have exams in a week, a final artwork due on Friday, and all I can bring myself to do is hug my cats and lock myself in my room. I'm not even stressed. I simply don't care.

Help, TQC. How can I make myself happy again?
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beep beep and the pink fuzzy.

My mom's keys are on a keychain with a big pink fuzzy pompom on them. She leaves them in her purse.

I have a cat who, for some bizarre reason, loves the pink fuzzy. He'll do just about anything to get it.

Mom has left her purse unzipped tonight and the pink fuzzy is in plain view.

Would it be cruel of me or highly amusing if I left her purse unzipped and let Beep Beep do whatever he wants with her keys? She knows full well to zip her purse up so he can't get it, but hey... I need a laugh...
Feet Pyramid

grown men - a dying breed?

Why are men maturing so late in life now? It seems like 25 is the new 16 for men. Living with parents much, much longer than what used to be acceptable, being less interested in starting a career or saving money or starting a family...

I understand this happens with women as well, but as a woman I've really noticed it with men. Is it because women are so much more independent now?

And ladies, how does that make you feel?
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lactose intolerant

lame cleaning questions

one - the bottom of my tub gets SO DISGUSTING with built up soap scum. i literally have to scrub it down after every shower. i feel this is because my drain is stopped up with my hair. it takes forever for the water to drain. how can i declog this? my drain cover doesn't remove, either. believe me i've tried. idk how effective drano would be in that it's not buildup in there...just a lot of hair. do you experience this? how do i end this?

two - i also have a beige carpet that is need of a serious cleaning. what shampoo should i/do you use? where would you buy it? it did not exist at the market today.

Zelda - Pink

Back to School

Two of my close friends are about to head back to college. They are a couple, and live together. His major is currently photography (I think) and her's is Spanish.

I'm trying to put together a back to school care package to send them. I'm starting it off with flowers for them both. (His and hers.)

As far as actual back to school stuff, though, all I can think of is pens/pencils/notebooks/sharpies/highliters/etc.

Can ya'll give me some ideas of some out-of-the-ordinary stuff I could include?

I'm not worried about price, but it has to be able to fit in a small/medium shipping box, so something like new pillows would not work.
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abandon all hope

some people love it, some people hate it

5:43 AM 7/30/07 · The pairing of Aliens versus Predator is a fan favorite for many but not everybody is all that thrilled with it. I've always thought it stemmed from the 2nd Predator film, that bit with the display case, but I'm honestly not sure what sparked it off if it wasn't that.

Let's just say the whole Aliens versus Predator thing never happened, the pairing...not the movie. If you could choose something else for either one of these two to goto war with, what would it be?

If that's not clear enough:
  • Aliens versus...?

  • Predator versus...?

Personally, sacriligious lil' thing that I am, I kinda like Aliens versus Jesus: The Immaculate Infection.
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jim greco


Does it make you mad when people steal your food from the fridge/pantry/etc?
How do you keep your food items from being taken if you live with family/roommates?

Just today I woke up and was like "omg I will eat those delicious left over ribs from my dinner I ordered last night". I woke up and they were gone. The empty box was in my younger brother's room. He continuously eats my food/drinks that I buy. Every time I confront him about it he says "oh I didn't know it was yours??" He takes whatever he pleases. It wouldn't bother me so much if he paid me back because i'm low on money as it is, but he won't. He's 17, has no job, and basically does shit to help around the house.

Has it come to the point where I have to sit him down, show him my groceries, and explain to him that these are NOT HIS?

I am getting frustrated because this happens at least 3 times a week for about 4 or 5 months now.
Snoopy Enterprise


1. Where is your favorite place to get coffee?
2. Have you seen "The Simpsons Movie" yet? If you have, did you like it? Was is worth the four year wait?
3. Why is wussycat deleting all of his entries even though the posts were stupid in the first place?
4. What is your favorite Italian food?
5. What the hell is going on in stupid_free? NSFW stuff on the main page. The mods have deleted the dickspam.

(no subject)

Have any of you traveled by airplane with an infant before?

Any tips for flying?

We are flying from DC to LAX, LAX to Anchorage and then reverse in September.

What are some necessary items to bring on the plane? We have come up with nursers, diapers, clothes, some toys for him, pacifiers, medicine, burp cloths and some Pedialyte. Anything else?


When would be an appropriate time to start using icons with spoilers of a new release? Right away? A week after the release? Two weeks? What do you think is a reasonable amount of time to wait?

Example: I want to use my new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows text icons, and they have major spoilers for the book. It's about a week since the book came out - in your opinion, can I use them now without being a bad person? Or should I wait another week?


what kind of candy or snacks are unique to america, that are not easily found in australia?

what kind of candy or snacks are unique to australia, that are not easily found in america?
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Do you have a cat?

Do you have an automatic litterbox (like Littermaid) that cleans itself?

If yes, what brand and what do you think of it?

We want to buy one for the new condo because it'll have to be more out in the open than before and we want to cut down on the smell.
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Thor - getting righteous on your butt

'ey batta batta batta

5:09 AM 7/30/07 · Personally I don't thing he deserves to get it, what with the steroids and all, and I'd be quite amused if a karmic twist of Fate kept him from quite making it just cuz he kinda cheated to get this far.

That aside...

How long does Barry Bonds have to break the record? Does he have to do it in a certain timeframe or does it just apply to his entire career?
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(no subject)

Say you were going to go meet a very good LJ friend for the first time. You got a hotel room to stay at. But your friend is worried about the hotel because it is not a great/safe area and even the stations for public transporation in that area are a lil seedy. However you were a moron and got the hotel room paid for and it's non-refundable. You can't change hotels or anything. So your friend offers to let you stay at his/her apartment.
What would you do?

(no subject)

Sparing the "yuck, yuck, ew gross," aspect of fake nails, how durable are they?

I rip open boxes and cashier all day. Even if they're not all that long, will they break instantly, even if I'm careful?

Gel or acrylic?

Any other tips?
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(no subject)

Who is your favorite US president? They can be living or dead, but I would like for you to give reasons on why this person is your favorite. For the international folks out there, let's hear your favorite leader from your country as well!

Mine is Ronald Reagan, because he led the country out of a difficult time, and he defied the naysayers that said he was going to start WW3. Further, his charm and his speaking ability is something we sorely miss with our current president.
Sweet Pea

(no subject)

What electronic devices do you have, that you cannot remember functioning without?

Me? Tivo and Wii.

EDIT: I can remember not having a Wii. I just got one (after months of looking) so I'm excited about it. :)
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(no subject)

How the hell do you get past the level that says, "How about my new hairstyle Clean up the floor Very very very difficult Watch your step out?" in this game?

Thank you guys for helping me pass this game. I would have had a conniption fit if I hadn't got it before work.

er... new question... (because you lot are already asking this) What level are you stuck on?

(no subject)

1. Google has failed me. What is a good free video recording program (like, one that can record games you're playing on your computer), which also records sound? That is, if there is any.

2. Do you have anything around your house that has expired? What is it and what was the expiration date?


#1: You are an intern at X Associates, LLC. Zed, one of the associates, gives you an assignment. You complete the assignment to the satisfaction of Zed.

Two months later, Ackbar gives you a similar assignment. While the facts surrounding the question are different, the end result is the same. Do you simply tweak the assignment you did for Zed to fit the parameters of Ackbar's assignment, or do you re-do all your research and preparation? Is it untruthful or otherwise wrong to plagiarize your own work?
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(no subject)

Have you ever taken the morning-after pill?

Would you buy the morning-after pill for someone who is not old enough to buy it for themselves?

If you have condoms in your place of dwelling, what is the expiration date on them?

How do you like your Nutella?
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disney timeshare??

Does anyone here own a Disney Vacation Club timeshare? (well I know you don't OWN IT own it I guess do you takepart in it...)

We are thinking about getting one... any experiences good or bad? Do you love it or hate it??
anti-time dispensary

(no subject)

Why are my cats freaking out over biscuit dough? I gave them a little, just so they wouldn't take me down like a pride of lions takes down a wildebeest who's holding biscuit dough in its hooves. What the hell?
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oh god, did you drink all that abinsthe?

I just got my first bottle ever of Absinthe; the King of Spirits Gold was delivered to my door just now. It's full of herbs at the bottom of the bottle, like a bottle of tequila and its worm. They say artists love it for creativity, so I thought, what the hell? I've always been attracted to the pretty color of the drink as I've seen it on TV, though admittedly this drink isn't at all bright like what's seen on TV.

Have you ever had that Absinthe?

Have you ever had any other kind of Abinsthe?

(no subject)

1. Do you like it when people touch your hair?  (The kind that grows near your face, you dirty bird)

2. Do you have an LJ Arch Enemy? (No, you don't have to tell me who or what they did that made you SO OMG MAD)

3.  Are you still trying to find a Wii?  If you have one, how much time did you honestly spend screwing around with your Mii?  

EDIT:  If your given name was Bubba and you were in a "normal" field of work, say...Human Resources or Corporate Training, would you change your name?  Or would you suck it up and stay "Bubba"?

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(no subject)

Are any of you members of the Zombie Squad? If not, would you be if your town had a chapter?

What are you looking forward to today?

I'm going to see a show by a certain First Name of a Popular Male Character in a Fictional Children's Book and His Last Names band at the library tonight with my boyfriend. Also, seeing my boyfriend for the first time in a month. Yay. :)

de beauvoir

Job-related questions.

1. At what age did you write your first resume? Did you do it all by yourself or get help? From who?
- I wrote my first one last summer, wanting to apply to a CTY job. I think being underqualified probably had something to do with it, but I'm sure my resume sucked. I basically looked online for resume samples and molded mine after theirs the best I could (with my own information, of course.)

2. What is the shortest time you've spent at a job? The longest? (current ones count).
- I just quit my first job after 3 weeks. I'm weak.

3. How long should you have worked at a place to put it on your resume?

4. How do I break into the whole library job / bookstore scene? (You don't have to answer this if you're like wtf?)

5. At what age did you get your first "adult" job? ...as in, not retail or minimum wage

6. What were you doing with your life at 18?
- I am trying and failing at being an adult. Going to college and feeling sorely inadequate in comparison with my peers.

(no subject)

What are the swear words? At least, the ones you shouldn't say in front of your mommy and daddy?

I'd say: shit, fuck, hell, cunt, dick, ass

HOLY SHIT! Let me rephrase that last line. I meant "I'd say:" as in "I'd say my answer is..." not "I would say these words."
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(no subject)

OKAY I don't know if this is allowed, but I'm going crazy trying to find a reduced bitrate version of a song that I need for something. The song is, <b>The tallest man, the broadest shoudlers - Sufjan Stevens</b> (Part 1 I guess, it was in the movie Driving lessons). I need a bitrate under 128? I think. In order to upload it to Myspace. If you have a copy of the song, with a low bitrate, would you mind commenting? I'm dying here, I totally need it and I've been looking for ages and can't find it. OR if you know where I could get a low bitrate version of it for free download on the internet, that would also be appreciated.

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(no subject)

I'm going to Chicago with my mom for three days in about 2 weeks.  We're planning to do some shopping, but we also love museums and other cultural stuff like that.  So, are there any great things going on right now that we shouldn't miss?  Like special exhibits at any of the museums, or great shows we should try to get tickets to?
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This is my stupid question

How do fish get into man-made lakes? Does the city come out and dump fish in the place? Do frogs bring fish eggs over on their backs? Is it birds? Do fish just appear where ever there is a lot of water?


Also, why do people fish in retention ponds? I feel like the fish from there would be fairly gross.
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(no subject)

do you like leonard cohen?
what's your favorite leonard cohen song?
did you know that he was ordained as a Zen Buddhist monk in 1996?
do you know who "chelsea hotel #2" is about?

and because it's generally a matter for discussion amongst fans:
who's version is your favorite cover of "hallelujah"?
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Funeral songs

So, my paternal grandfather passed away on Sunday morning. We're now planning his funeral. But the problem is... we have NO idea what songs, at all. He didn't listen to music. He wasn't religious, so hymns seem inappropriate. So I was like ' hmn, how about a song that reminds us of something to do with  him?'
and my own father said "Old McDonald Had a Farm?"

He was a farmer.

So yeah. NO idea what songs. At all. Any ideas? My dad's only clue to a group he liked was 'he liked the Seekers'. But...  that would have been 30 years ago that my dad found that out. It's not that we didn't see him around, we just don't know much about him. He and Dad had nothing in common, neither did my aunts with my grandfather, particularly, especially in the last 20 years  or so. So they don't know that much about their own father either, at least  not music wise! We'd see him at least 8 times a year, but... yeah.

I'm Curious

1. Do you follow right-of-way rules in stores and such?

2. Which LiveJournal community seems to have the most members, other than news? I ask because someone recently linked to a post in a community where there was an average of 5,000 comments to a single post. Wow.
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TQC I'm bored!

If we're buying a condo, but haven't closed on it, can we still ask to go look again to measure the rooms and the closets to make plans for changes we're making?

Why am I so bored today? Nothing will hold my interest.

Is it just me, or is TQC a little slow today? Probably just me.

Do you love or hate junk mail?

Have you ever had Gerber juices since you were older? Did you like it? (I like the Gerber apple juice more than any other juice I've ever had, but it costs too much).

Do you try to explain your random trains of thought/segue ways, or do you just leave it?
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(no subject)

I'm packing for a week-long trip to NYC right now.

I know that TSA is required to inspect all checked luggage, but if I have a bunch of clothing packed into a SpaceBag (you know, the ones you roll all the air out of), do they have to open the SpaceBag and check everything inside that, too?

It's not too urgent for this trip, but moreso for when I fly up to CT next month for college. I will undoubtedly need the SpaceBags to fit as much of my stuff as I can, so we don't have to ship as much.

Language software

How good is the Rosetta Stone software at helping you learn a new language? I have this strange desire to learn a new language, but because of where I live, it's hard to learn anything other than French, German or Spanish - nobody seems to know anything else, which kinda sucks.
So is it worth it?

What languages do you know? If you have more than one language, how did you learn your second/third/fourth/whatever language/s? What languages do you want to learn?

I speak English (because it's where I was born) French (learned it in school) and a very small amount of Italian (my grandmother is from Venice). I want to learn better Italian and I want to learn Dutch too. No real reason, I just like to learn.
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(no subject)

Hey, more involving my reformatting my hard drive.
I did it, and I think it worked.
My new question is involving my sort of new computer (since I need to start all over).
I lost all the information and the FireFox add-ons I downloaded. I was smart enough to at least screen shot my bookmarks and favorites, but I forgot about add-ons.
What are your favorites? I already added the Download Toolbar, FoxyTunes and StumbleUpon, but other than that I can't find the ones I used.
The one I need the most is one that lets you drag a link anywhere on the page and it will open in a new tab. And one that lets you click a little button and you see every tab you have open in a diagram/chart type thing.

Any help/suggestions?

xposted/tia/all that jazz.

Pain, yuck!!!

For any and all:

Do you have periods of time when you experience constant painful symptoms that make you feel like you are dying? Do you go to the doctor only to find out that nothing is wrong with you?

(no subject)

1.) Do you support a woman's right to abortion? Or should it be made illegal? (I know this has been asked recently, but it ties into the next question)

2.) If you think it should be made illegal, what should the punishment be for a woman who goes through with it anyways, somehow?
Jimmy Tickles

Working at "big box" bookstores.

Hey TQC'ers!

Happy Monday. I have a question about working at Borders and/or Barnes & Noble. I recently moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana and I need a job. I currently have an MLS (master's of library science), but due to being restricted in my job search (because I signed a year long lease), there aren't any openings in my area for librarians. I figured that working at a bookstore would be a good choice if I can't work in a library.


  • Would having 2 bachelors degrees and a master's disqualify someone from getting hired at either of these places? (I.E. "Wow, you are REALLY overqualified to work here!"

  • Is there some "in" to getting hired at either of these places? Something special that they look for in applicants?

  • If any of you have worked at either (or both) of these places, how did you like it? How much did they pay?

Thanks in advance! I'm open to anything else that might be relevant to working at either of these places.

death from above!

(no subject)

1)  Subbed or dubbed?
2)  Pirates or ninjas?
3)  What's your favorite accent to listen to?  What do you think is the sexiest accent?  (For example, I think Australians have the sexiest accents, but Scots are fun to listen to.)

(no subject)

I'm considering moving.

Which should come first, getting a job to have money?

Finding a place to stay?

I'm leaning more towards job first, place to stay second, simply cause I've done it the other way around and it turned into an ugly mess.

Also, just to make it more fun, share a funny but true story.

Here's mine!
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever listened to a CD so much that you memorize the places that it skips? If so, what is one CD/song that does that for you?

2. If your alarm goes off in the morning, do you get out of bed right away or do you hit snooze?

3. What song lyric describes how you're feeling today?

* * *

1. On my Something Corporate CD, the song Fall always skips right before the second verse. I'm obsessed with the CD so that "dun-dun/dun-dun" has been burned into my memory. It takes me by surprise when I DON'T hear it.

2. I have to get up right then and there. If I sleep for just "5 more minutes," it's all over -- I'm never getting up.

3. In "Lasting Impressions" by The Starting Line: So let's meet at the mouth for a kiss that's been so long overdue, no thanks to the 2000-some miles...

(no subject)

If you're in a relationship at the moment, could you tell me what your first kiss with your current SO was like?

If you're not in a relationship at the moment, what was the first kiss of your last relationship like?

If you've never been kissed, what do you hope your first kiss will be like?

ETA: If you've never been in a relationship and still have been kissed, pick the most interesting kiss and tell me about it.
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Birth Control

Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that these apply to you when you are in a long-term relationship with no other risk of getting any STI's. This is strictly for pregnancy prevention.

Ladies: If you use any form of hormonal birth control, do you fully trust it, or do you use condoms as well?

Gents: If your girlfriend uses HBC, do you trust her to take it correctly, or would you feel safer using a condom as well on top of it?
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Perfect 10

For those of us that don't feel we're attractive and struggle with all that jazz;

How intense or seriously does it affect your life, if much at all?

If you could, would you change:
A - the way you feel about yourself
B - the way you look so you WOULD feel good about the way you look?
The Dude Abides

This is your brain ?s

slightly related to this post

1a) Do you think there is a "window" in which a person can experiment with drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy, or acid and if they haven't experimented yet their "window" closed?

1b) If you do, do you think it is based more on age or certain circumstances (ex. getting married, having kids, starting a career, etc)?

2) If you've never done any of the aforementioned drugs and don't plan on doing so, do you have any regrets?
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(no subject)

1. Have you tried to buy a house?
1a. Did it work out?
2. If not, do you rent?
2a. How much do you pay a month?
3. Are you saving up to buy a house?

1. Yeah.
1a. No, we just didn't have enough money for it work. :/
2. Yes.
2a. Well, we WERE paying $350, but the landlady "forgot" that we had dogs, and upped it to $370.
3. We're trying to. We're not the best at saving money, to be honest.
James Franco joint

Another technology question...

What type of external hard drive do you have?
How many GBs?
What should I look for when purchasing one?

I ask because I found THIS, but it seems TOO good to be true. Is it? (probably)

And, I want it to keep all my music files on. Will I be able to run iTunes on my laptop if this is plugged in (obviously not if I don't have it plugged in), or will it totally jack things up?
yellow, balloons

For the writers/authors

1. Are you nursing one big idea in your head that you're too afraid to write because you don't think you can do it justice?

2. I've had writer's block for about 4-5 years straight now. I don't know how to overcome it. The creative juices are starting up again but my best ideas come just as I'm too exhausted to actually do anything about it. I quit caffeine. What do I do? What do you do?

3. Are you published yet? Huh? Huh? Huh?

4. What do you mainly write about? What's your muse?

5. I'm scared to ask for specific help because I don't want anyone to steal my idea. Is this stupid?
veggie chaz

ilu northwest saab planes


Yesterday I had a lovely evening in my layover city, Detroit, because "they" canceled the rest of my flight to Newark. While yesterday certainly wasn't the worst experience I've had, I was pretty ill and a bit of a grumpy pants by the end of the day... waiting an hour for the shuttle to the hotel that's a five minute drive.

What is your worst experience flying?

yayyyyy stories.
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(no subject)

1. are you still with your first love?
2. if you are, how long have ya'll been together?
3. if you're not, how long have ya'll been broken up?
4. are you dating someone new or are you still single?
5. are they dating someone new or are they still single?
pretty sax icon


I just had a fresh spinach salad with dinner.

I now have a chalky aftertaste in my mouth - it's like I went down on a junior high civics teacher. (Not that I'd know...)

Does anybody else experience this? What causes it?
Bailey and I

Stupid Runs In My Family

My sister thinks the moon cools the earth of at night. I say it doesnt.

Does the moon cool the earth off at night?
Why or why not?

She seriously thinks this. Please help lol

EDIT:  She really is fascinating.
"Tell these people they are hurting my brain! I don't know why it cools down on cloudy days. I just know that the moon is a big ice cube. Even on the new moon its still there working its celestial body magic and doing its job. Do these people live in think tanks?"  "The moon has to have a job, it can't just be a blob"
ME: The moon makes...CUTS ME OFF
Her: I know what the moon does with the Earth and water and stuff.
ME: Then why are you saying its job is to cool the earth
HER: Because it needs an extra job
with thanks to piperrhiannon

(no subject)

I'm new to this game so sorry if this question is too drama inducing...

1. Do you think that an alcoholic should get the same priority as any other person in getting a liver transplant?
why or why not?

ok enough w/the serious...
2. when someone asks you if they look fat what do you say?

3. what communities do you have in common with me? (ok besides tqc) I am a member of 
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Does anyone know of a place like IKEA (you put it together yourself type) that has beds? I really dont want to have to pay the same if not more for shipping, as the bed itself costs. from places like Target or Amazon. I'm just looking for something simple and definetly on the cheap end. Im in Houston, if that matters at all.

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I've minimally tried to google this, but it tends to be "click the last name, we tell you what it means" which doesn't work when I'm looking for a last name that means something (instead of the meaning of a last name i already know)...

Does anyone happen to know (perhaps because it's theirs or you know someone) a last name which implies something about "from god" or somesuch like that? Plenty of first names, but I'm looking for a last name. >.>
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Have you ever been with someone just because you were lonely? Have you ever considered it? How can I tell if that's what my feelings are towards someone or if I have genuine feelings for them?

And for something completely different...

Is "Red" a flavor? Can something taste like a color? Something like "This popsicle tastes red..."

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Looking for a Good Web Host

Does anyone have good experience with a web hosting company that they could recommend? Basically I'm looking to register a domain name and pick up a basic package that will help me design a website.

I've done a lot of research and I have a good sense of what I like and don't like on free servers (i.e. Wordpress, etc), but need help finding a really good pay/business site.

I should add that I'm on a Mac.

EDIT: Can I see your website?

Your help is very much appreciated.
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After seeing a formula/breastfeeding attack on stupid_free, I was reminded of something, and come to you guys for insight!

As recently as 2-3 years ago, my mom had a cannister of baby formula in her house. My youngest sister is 16, so she would have been 13-14 at last sighting of this cannister.

What possible reason could my mom have had for keeping such a thing around? Was her stash in there, and I should have checked it out? Do I have an even younger sibling that she kept in the attic? Conspiracy theories, give them to me!

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To all TQC musicians out there, specifically drummers -

If you have a drumset (or loud musical instrument) in an apartment or condo, how do you deal with the noise and not pissing off your neighbors? I live in a condo and play the drums. My neighbors finally said something, even though I only play during weekdays in the early afternoon (what sort of adult is home during that time anyway?) I've been told to build a soundproof room in my basement (which isn't a finished basement) but I'm just not having much luck. Does anyone have any suggestions or personal stories?

(For the record, there's no way I can afford an electronic drumset right now)
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Why do people do stuff like this?

I was driving home from work the other night, it must have ben close to midnight, and out of nowhere these two teenage girls start crossing the street.  In order to keep from running them over (which I wanted to do but I don't care for the thought of jail time) I had to slam on my brakes, causing lots of noise and commotion.  They thought this was the most histerical thing ever.  And of course they took their sweet time crossing the street.  I was stopped for at least 15 seconds.  This is a straight city street, I had my lights on, there is no way they didn't see me coming unless of course they didn't even look before crossing.  And yes, I flipped them off as they laughed on the sidewalk.

WHY? WHY? WHY?  Don't they care that someone might not be looking and mow them down?  I'm sure they assume that as pedestrians the world will stop while they cross the street, but really?  No regard for safety at all?
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My husband was telling me about a picture he found on the internet somewhere that had an alien peering into a bedroom window. He said it was really creepy looking.

EDIT: He says "The alien is in the background, the bed is in the foreground, and it's a wideangle picture of the bedroom. Also, it is nighttime outside, but the bedroom is well lit."

Does anyone know what he is talking about or where to find this picture?

Googling various forms of alien, bedroom, window, and scary brought up nothing.
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How often do you lose faith in humanity?

It's about at least once a week for me.

How often do you lose faith in the people around you?

Everytime I talk to/think about them.

edited to add second question
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1. Any hide experts out there? This hide came from Africa. Any Idea...

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2. What's your favorite mistake?

3. Illuminations, the candle store, is totally decked out for Halloween. Considering it's JULY how ridiculous is that on a scale from 

4. Carnies. A delightful sub-sect of Americana or a terrifying subculture comprised of people with small hands that smell like cabbage?
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