July 29th, 2007


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So I'm writing a story about tiny elves who live in a forest and one of them I described as sprightly. Now, that gh really gets to me, and I think those letters are annoying and don't belong, and since it's about an elf, do you think it would be too much of a stretch to change the word to "spritely?"

Or is that stupid and pretentious?

Or does it make you think of Sprite?

I don't know, it seems like the "gh" adds like 50 years to the thing I'm describing.

This is the sentence in question: "Leta had always used to be rather sprightly, and Kya knew she was indeed different now, from this odd stateliness."

EDIT: Yes I know it's not the strongest sentence ever. The story is not close to being done. If it ever is, this sentence will probably not be in the same form.

EDIT: Thank you, TQC. Hopefully now it's a better--if much shorter--sentence.

EDIT: And now there is no practical application for this question, because all mention of "sprightly" or "spritely" has disappeared from the story. Ultimately, I probably never would have been comfortable with them anyway. Thanks, though. Even though it's really annoying, criticism helps. A lot.
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I've decided to take a semester off of college, which means (among many other things) that I will no longer be eligible to be on my father's insurance. Was I no longer insured as of the moment I decided to become a dropout, or does the insurance cease to cover me the first day I don't attend classes? He paid the premiums for me to be insured through August, if it makes a difference.

Is the life of an uninsured person as scary as I think it is?

I dreamed a spider bit my neck, then woke up with a mosquito bite on my neck. What the fuck was a mosquito doing in my room in the middle of the night?

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I installed some software and the first time I tried to load it, I got that message. I tried restarting, I tried reinstalling and then restarting. It didn't change anything.

Do you have any idea what I can do to fix this?

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So, I work at an overnight camp with a variety of week-long programs. During the single-gender weeks the staff of the opposite gender takes a night off, and a pranked is played on their cabins. There are three cabins. Pranks have to be approved by adult staff as safe and reversable. Girl's week is coming up and we have a few ideas, but I thought I'd get some further inspiration.
So, TQC, what prank would you suggest?
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When was the last time you were really excited & why?

The file I've been downloading for five days is supposed to be complete in SIX MINUTES! IT'S FINISHED!! I'm giddy with schoolgirl glee :|
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Poll #1029692 Soda Connoisseur

Can you tell the difference between Coke and Diet Coke?

I haven't drank one or both.

...Diet Coke and Coke Zero?

I haven't drank one or both.

...Sprite and 7UP?

I haven't drank one or both.

...Coke and Pepsi?

I haven't drank one or both.

...Cherry Coke and Wild Cherry Pepsi?

I haven't drank one or both.

...Coke and store generic brands (i.e., Sam's Cola)?

I haven't drank one or both.
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Has anyone here been in Omaha for more than two days?

What would you like the weather to be like every single day? Temperature, humidity, winds, cloudiness, etc.

Are you afraid of anything that most people would never consider something worth fearing?
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1. If you could go back to high school, would you want to do it all over again?

2. Why and how?

3. Who were you in high school?

4. Who are you now?

5. What is the most embarrassing experience you had in your high school days?

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Dear TQC -

I rely upon you to help me out. A few years back, I saw this TERRIBLE porn movie in which a witch enchanted fruit and anyone eating it had an orgasm. Do any of you know what movie I am talking about?

Also - What is your drink of choice? ((Mine is either Rum Island Iced Tea or peppermint shnapps. And then I mix them. And I mix peppermint shnapps into any drink I can. Bad ideas sometimes. That + Kahlua = sugar coma))

Do you still watch Boy Meets World? Am I a bad person for seeing some light Shawn/Cory in there? ((Hey, Wiki confirms it!))

Do you own a horse? If so, what breed and what is his/her name? ((Pictures? :D :D I love pictures!)) I do not, sadly. I shall. I want a Pintabian. And a Shire one day.

Do you do NaNoWriMo? If you do, has your brain decided to give you your plot for NaNoWriMo '07? ((Help. It's in my head and I can't write it. *sob*))
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These questions are not related at all.

1a. Do you ever or often sleep with anything clutterful on your bed besides bedding? such as clothing, toys, remote, books, etc.
1b. Do you feel that sleeping in a clutterful bed has any relation to living a clutterful day?

2a. Where do you keep your vibrator?
2b. Do you ever misplace it?

3a. What is your favorite sauce to put on bean burritos? (brand?)
3b. Favorite sauce to put on chicken tamales?

4a. Do you find it distracting to masturbate when you're gaaaaaaassy?
4b. Do you do it anyway? lol

5a. Are you missing any teeth?
5b. How many and why?

6a. Who are you trying to get over?
6b. How long have you been trying to get over them?
6c. Why is it so hard for you?
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I went to the dentist a couple of days ago for a tooth extraction. It hasn't stopped bleeding until now. Should I be worried? Also, any advice on how to stop the bleeding would be appreciated.
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I am always making a fool of myself. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening so often, or is this an unavoidable part of being seventeen?

EDIT: I remember reading about an interview with the Italian author, Umberto Eco, in which he was informed that some people were very pleased with him for writing the whole of one of his books without one semicolon. His response was that the keyboard he was using to write the book didn't have have a semicolon key. At one point, a year or two ago, I used to use semicolons quite a lot; now I use them rather less. Anyway, what's your opinion regarding semicolons in writing?

Likewise, what's your opinion of italicizing words for emphasis? I've heard that criticized as well.

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1. Have you ever had a crush on someone and felt embarrassed about it?

I'm an atheist who currently has a crush on a guy who is a fundamentalist christian and a Young Earth creationist. I must be crazy.

2. Do you have any plans for today?

I might spend part of the day at a friend's house.

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how long did it take you to pack up for your last move?
how big was the place you were moving out of?

Did you do it alone or did you get others to help?
what did you let them help with?
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1. can you tell when someone enters the room you're in?
2. do you know how to do the Time Warp?
3. should i take a job at a place where my boyfriend's mom works?
4. how was your weekend?
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Strange moments of clarity

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not like most people, I take comments like "You're strange" as a compliment (mainly because it's a hell of a lot nicer than the alternative "WTF's your problem, weirdo?!") but there are times when I discover things about myself that even have me scratching my head thinking "Where on earth does that come from?!" Anyhoo, to get to my point; I realized that it'll be far easier for me to deal with my future children dating should they turn out to be gay. Example as given in the referenced post: I'd have objections to my 13-year-old daughter dating a 16-year-old guy, firm ones even. I, however, would have very little objections with that same daughter dating a girl of the same age. So here are my questions:

1. Does anyone else feel this way?
2. Be straight with me, how weird does this make me?
3. Does this sort of thing ever happen to you? You'll be discussing something and afterwards you'll think "Huh... I didn't know that about myself..." ? If so, what did you discover?

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If you were a celebrity, would you date another celebrity or just a regular person who is not in the business? Why?

(If your answer is celebrity, what kind? A-list as in Nicole Kidman or Z-list as in Andy Dick.)
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I got a tattoo on my left foot the other day (about 4 or 5 days ago), and it was itchy (which I expect as it heals), but now my entire foot hurts and it is starting to make it so that my ankle is stiff. Sometimes I get stiff joints for different reasons.

Could this just be bruising from the tattoo? I have 3 others that didn't bruise, but I know the foot is a sensitive area for tattooing.

I also was standing on a seat at a concert and had to have my ankles at weird angles, so maybe it is just stuff from that?

Has anyone else ever gotten bruised from tattoos? What was the longest that your tattoo hurt after getting it done?

Cheer me up?

What can I do to cheer myself up today, TQC? 

I just found out that my ex-husband is now remarried.  I am having major, life-altering surgery on Tuesday and I am terrified.

I need to clean my house, but all I want to do is crawl under the covers and cry my heart out.

What do you do when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel?
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I just set up aim for my cell phone (verizon, if it matters..) and I'm confused.
First of all, I know I get charged for a call when I sign on, and for IMs I get charged for texts.  but does this mean I get charged for a call for my entire AIM session?

I can only see the first group on my buddy list.  is there some menu I have to go to in order to see the other groups?
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I would normally never come to y'all with a layout question, but I have been looking for ages and I still cannot find the answer to this question:

How do I add the day of the week to my LJ entries? So instead of saying July 29th, it would say Sunday, July 29th? I'm using mixit, if that has anything to do with the price of tea in China.

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Let's say you have 700,000 in cash.

Which one of these houses would you choose? (Assuming you had absolutely no other choices)

A. A 1,500 square foot home in a very desirable area of Southern California, upbeat, in the middle of everything, and in decent shape. Fake (Laminate) hardwood floors, tile countertops, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Detached 2 car garage, very pretty landscaping and a smaller backyard. Nothing is wrong with the house, but it isn't luxury.

B. A 4,500 square foot home in the country. It's a suburb of a large city, but it's a small town. The house has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, marble floors, granite counter tops, a huge kitchen and a massive master bedroom with a sitting area. Attached 3 car garage, decent landscaping, on a larger lot. (Pool size)

Why would you choose that house?
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I'm writing a story in which people informally toast each other a LOT. Like every few minutes. So what are some synonyms for clinking your glass against another person's? I'm running out of vocabulary very quickly.

Edit: I'm not looking for what people say when they do it, I'm looking for a verb to complete this kind of sentence: "She _____ed her glass against mine"/"He ___ed his glass to mine", etc.

Thanks peeps.
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Do you ever hold conversations with people in your head? Are they people you know in real life? Made up ones? Fictional characters? Celebrities? Do you talk out loud to them, or converse in your thoughts? Am I the only one who does this?


I have an iPod and a Mac computer. My hard-drive got wiped and my iPod is the sole location of years of collection. WELL, I have my Mac back (still empty HD) but Im getting a new PC.

A) I wanted to try to get some of my music back on the Mac and I found this, iPod Copy. Has anyone used it? I'm not sure if I trust it and I don't want to take chances with my music/videos (some of which are home movie sorts of things I don't have anywhere else)... Does anyone know of any other good tried-true programs?

B) Does anyone know of a program (that they've used) that could get music from my iPod to a PC?

I guess if I had an answer for (A) is there a way to hook a Mac up to a PC (via firewire or something)? If you need special programs for that-- any suggestions? (Preferably free ones.)

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How do you connect a power generating device to your home's power grid to that your appliances use power from it first and then from the utility company? Also, how would you rig it up so that you can sell the excess power back to the utility company?

Do you have any high effiency devices in your home? What?

Would you buy something that would decrease your electric bill if it was under a hundred dollars?

Are you watching tv right now?
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ebay woes again

When you list something on ebay does it take a while for it to come up when you search for it?

I can get to it through "My Ebay" but if I just search for it I can only find the tickets other people are selling, and this worries me.

EDIT: They don't show up when I cick "View seller's other items" but they do show up when I search for the item number. Should this worry me? Will this sort itself out?

EDIT #2: I figured it out.


What's a part of your body that you despise, and why?
What's a part that you like, why?
Are you obsessed with how much you either like or dislike one or the other?

I despise my boobs because they're barely there.
and I don't mind my legs because they're long and don't look bad in too many things.
I tend to obsess over having bigger breasts+cleavage, especially after watching tv/hanging out with friends.
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1. Do you like writing letters?

2. Receiving them?

3. Bolstered by my friends sending me postcards from the fabulous locations they've been to this summer, I've restarted my postcard collection. Would you send me a postcard from your fabulous location? It's going to be my birthday soon, if that makes you feel more charitable, and I promise I'll send you one back from my scenic state.

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I have a birthday coming up. (42)
My Mom will be having surgery the same day. So no party at Mom's house. She won't want visitors, and I don't blame her.

I have three kids.
I don't eat cake (Much)
Not much money (about 20 bucks)
No one but my kids and I will be celebrating my birthday.

So, TQC -- what should I do for my birthday? I live in the Phoenix area if that makes a difference?

The crazier the idea the better, I am getting old and need to experience life.
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My 4 year old laptop died a death yesterday (sob), so I'm in the market for a new one, and obviously a new one will have Vista on it. I'm ... skeptical, but I don't want Windows XP (and Apple is out of the question) so I'll live with it. Is there anything I should do to it before using it, though? Stuff I should delete or download to make it better?
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1- Is there any reason someone's skin would go yellow-ish at all? Just in some spots, not full-on jaundice!

2- What are you waiting for?

3- Could you be so kind as to name the nearest reading material?
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So I was flipping through my new copy of National Geographic and saw an ad for the Rosetta Stone language learning software. I was intrigued by the list because you could choose between Spanish (Latin America) and Spanish (Spain), as well as English (UK) and English (American).

So, TQC, if you had to pick one of the Spanish editions, would you pick Latin America or Spain's version? Why?

Let's say you were learning English. Would you pick the UK version or the American version? Why?

And lastly, I know the differences between American and UK (as well as Australian) English, but what is the major difference between Spain Spanish and Latin American Spanish? Is it using different words for similar things like in the various Englishes? Or is there more to it than that?

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1. Why are there no Disney princesses with a big chin? Or a big nose? Does Disney want girls with large chins and/or noses to feel horrible about themselves and develop eating disorders?

2. Which Disney princess (or prince!) did you most relate to? Feel free to elaborate as to why. And we're using the term princess as defined by Kingdom Hearts, so you can say Alice or Minnie or something if you hate all the other ones.

3. Which HP character do you most relate to? If you hate Harry Potter and want it to die, you can say the Dursleys because they hate wizards and stuff too.

4. Will you please show me your last.fm so I can laugh at your sub par musical taste?

5. Are your parents interesting people? Tell me about them.


Hello all.

In two weeks, I am going on a road trip from Philadelphia, PA to San Francisco.

I've never really been west of Harrisburg, but up and down the east coast in the ten years I've been in the states.......

1. Where should we stop to visit? Anything cool that is never mentioned, but should see?

2. What one thing would you take on a road trip? Other than food, clothes and a butt cushion

3. Have you ever road tripped? where did you go? Any funny stories?

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Do you know someone who knows someone famous?

Or even know someone who's related to someone famous?

I work with the mom of a Detroit Tigers player, and my sister went to school with Delilah from 'Hey Delilah' song.


Last night the White Stripes played at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware as part of their "States We've Never Played In" mini-tour.

Have you ever been to Delaware?
Do you know anything about Delaware?

I'm sure lots of you have been through Delaware-it's that $10, 10 minute stretch of I-95 between PA/NJ and Maryland.

My apologies if this seems like an exceedingly US-centric post.
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Saw a snippet

This morning I turned on my tv to see what time it was, and caught the tail end of the last video on VH1's Nocturnal State. 
The video featured a red haired girl singing, and I've been trying to figure out who she was all day. 
I searched google for a video playlist, but it was to no avail. 
She was singing alone, and to my sleep befuddled memory it seemed as if she was surrounded by greenery. 
It's not the lead singer from A Fine Frenzy, cause I already checked that one.
Help me LJ TQC-ers, you're my only hope,
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If you were meeting up with some awesome TQC people, would you consider getting a tattoo to mark the occasion?

Would it depend on who showed up? Who would need to be there to make the tattoo worthwhile?

If you'd do it, what would the tattoo be?

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1. Why are most Hanson fans fat girls with mental disorders?

2. The balloon store I work at is moving further away from my house. It's about a half hour drive for a lousy paying part time job. The thing is, everyone else who works there is leaving the week after our move to go back to school, so I'd be the only employee left. I've been wanting to quit and get a better job for a while, but I'm too much of a pussy to bring it up with my boss. Now that I'm the only worker who'll be left, it's even worse. What should I do, TQC? How have you quit your lousy paying jobs?

3. Now that I am knowledgeable in the ways of balloons, what should my next job be?

4. How smart are you? Do you do that whole 'well since I realize I'm somewhat intelligent than I really must know nothing at all' modesty thing or do you just straight up admit you're brighter than most everyone around you?

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1. My first wedding anniversary is coming up (!) and the traditional gift is paper. My husband just started playing the guitar and so I thought it would be cool to give him some sheet music as his present. For those of you with personal experience especially, what bands'/artists' music should I look for if I'm looking for something relatively easy to play? My husband likes bands like the Foo Fighters and Incubus and all of that, if that helps at all.

2. Do you prefer the spelling Phineas or Phinnaeus?

3. If you've ever been whitewater rafting, how scared should I be if I can't swim? Also, what type of shoes am I supposed to wear?


1. What's the best, most special gift you have ever given someone or received? Home Made or not.

2. I'm thinking of sending my kid brother who just moved away from home for college something like 'Cake mix in  jar' or brownie mix or something or just something he'd enjoy. If it its food - not hard. He's a computer geek and going to DeVry, living in an apartment with three other guys. Any ideas??

3. I'm thinking of making a shadow box for my boyfriend of pictures and quotes and 'memories' before we part again for college. ANy other ideas?

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Do you download music? What do you use? Is it something official like iTunes, or something shady? Do you think evil RIAA people will be busting down your door?

I use http://www.gomusic.ru/ and I think it's awesome, although the the costs have gone up a bit, from 10cents to 19cents per song, since I started using it two years ago. I figure at least I'm paying someone, right?

I don't like the idea of paying a dollar per song so I won't use iTunes, but if some legal site went down to maybe .25/song, I'd be ok with that. What would/are you willing to pay to be legal?
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out of all of your friends.. who is the one that gets approached/hit on the most? do you think they get hit on because of how attractive they are or because of their personality? pics, plz.

will you please show me a picture of either you, your SO, your best friend, an acquaintance... SOMEONE that you know, in a bathing suit?

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What is a fugue seizure?
I understand what a fugue state is, like when someone has amnesia and then is in a fugue state.
But, I've never heard of it coming in seizure form.

Wiki didn't do anything and google just showed me a bunch of fugue-state stuff.

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1. What is something that is considered overrated that you like?

2. If you shop online, where are places to get cute inexpensive clothes that isn't forever21, delia's, or something obvious like that. I want new cute clothes. All I wear are t-shirts and some type of bottoms i.e. jeans or shorts.

3. If you've seen the Simpsons movie, how was it?

4. Recommend a meal/food that you think a lot of people haven't tried that is amazing and delicious.

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I have two sets of measuring cups. One stainless steel set that is just standard, goes from one cup down to 1/4 cup.

I have another black plastic set that starts at one cup and also goes down to 1/4 teaspoon.

The One Cup cups are noticably different! The stainless steel can actually fit insides the plastic one cup.

This is a bit upsetting, as I bake.

Could it be because the black set is from the dollar tree? Which should I trust? would this upset anyone else?
Hunger Games

Car Primer?

Is there anything I can do to remove primer from a car?

I bought a used Neon that was formerly purple. The guy I bought it from refused to drive a purple car, so he primered it (a light gray primer, if that matters) and never got around around to painting it. Personally, I like the purple and wouldn't mind it back. I don't foresee myself having the funds for a new paint job anytime soon, so is there anyway to remove the primer without destroying the purple beneath?


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1.) (Inspired from the post a few down), What IS an Amaretto Sour?

2.)For you calorie counters, (or heck, anyone :D)does alcohol hinder weight loss even if you stay within your caloric range? Vodka is 64 calories per shot and if you pair it with something like diet pop, or Diet V8 splash, or Sobe Leans, it doesnt seem too bad. But are there other things about alcohol that would hinder weight loss?

3.) Has anyone been on a Princess Cruise? How was the food?

4.) Why do all cats like to sit at windows?

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Does anyone have a Philips go gear mp3 player? I want to put some new music on mine and my computer won't recognize the damn thing and I have no idea where the cd is... and the philips people said it was going to cost 12 bucks plus $9.50 to mail it to me! Is that just crazy or what? for a freaking CD!!! damn it.. I'll have to listen to what's already on there I guess. :(
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Why do so many people on livejournal get all up-in-arms over other people's questions/comments/posts? I mean, c'mon. Arguing isn't going to change anyone's mind, and for chrissakes, you're on the internet.

Does anyone have any explanation for why so many users on LJ go batshit over anything someone posts? It's not as if you can't skip over it if you don't like the opinion in it.


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How would you make this a worse death?

"Tie them to a stake in the desert over an anthill and put honey on their penises and balls and cut off their eyelids and position them facing the sky so they can stare at the sun 'til they die."

I think playing really upbeat Cher music the whole time would be pretty bad.
「stock」★ your aura captivates me。


People find British accents sexy. Some find Scottish accents sexy. Others find accents in English from Romance languages sexy. (I, meanwhile, find Southern accents sexy.)

But, I'm curious: Is there anyone that finds Southern Californian accents sexy? (I still don't believe that we have one.)

- hl
hate pimentos

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My husband and I are headed to Niagara Falls, Ontario tomorrow.  We're U.S citizens, from pittsburgh.  This will be the fourth time we've gone there in the last few years.  There's a lot of fun stuff we do up there (visit wineries, do the whitewater walk, etc.  I'd really like to know if there's any kind of hiking trails in and around the area (either stateside or in canada), and maybe possibly see a map of said trails.  I've been googling this for the past week and i can't find too much.

also, there's a ton of restaurants up there, and we have our favorites, but i'm wondering if anyone here has been there and have any favorite spots to eat/drink/hang out, etc.

So, TQC, what's your niagara falls info for me?
NYC Virgin Megastore sign
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I'm going to be moving to the Twin Cities area later this week, and I'll be on my own. I'm FINALLY leaving the nest, so to speak. (about damn time.)

For these of you on your own...

What things do you wish you had known when you were first moving out?

What things do you wish you had thought of buying for your first place? (I'm hoping to get some interesting answers for this one... Besides the basics, of course)
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What's your favorite thing about food network?
The cake/pastry/sugar decorating contests.

What's your least favorite thing about food network?
Rachel Ray, followed closely by Paula the butter and lard lady.

My mother and I are crazy want to attempt a three dimensional cake like the really intense cakes from food network. Who/what should we make in cake form?
dam drugs
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social security number

I have to bring in several forms of ID, one of which has my social security number on it, to my new job before I can start working. I have my passport, my birth certificate, and my driver's license; none have my social security number on it.

What else might have my social security number on it?

EDIT: boy, I really wish I'd mentioned the fact that I've lost my SSC.

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What movie will you stop to watch whenever it's shown on TV?
The Godfather, and my boyfriend and I have seen Terminator 2: Judgment Day an unholy amount of times.

What movie sucks when it's being shown on TV?
Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Fight Club, Se7en
Cute kitten & bear by fiona_adam
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1. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
2. Do you have someone you can call/text when you're tipsy/drunk? Who are they?
3. What do you look like drunk? Post a picture if you have!

default picture


I have a friend (who uses a Mac) that needs to open a file using the extension .hqx. She can't figure out what to use to open it and wiki-ing it has provided some help but we can't seem to open the file, even using the programs listed on the wiki page.

Does anyone know how to open a .hqx file on a Mac? Or another comm I should post this in for help?

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I keep seeing commercials for the Veet bladeless razor kit thing.
Ever used it?
Does it actually work?
I wanna try it, but I don't want to waste my money.

I have a colonoscopy on Wednesday, TQC. D:
What should I expect?
Is it really as horrible as I think?
Will they knock me out?
I should also mention that I'm 17 years old....
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