July 28th, 2007

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Why is my (male, 9 week old) kitten stealing tea towels from the kitchen and either hiding them under the desk or burying them in his litter tray? The tea towels are clean.

How many cats do you have? Did you buy your cat(s) from a breeder/pet shop or adopt them?

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Has anyone ever heard Collapse ) song before? If so, where?

My brother stumbled across it on YouTube, and I KNOW I've heard it before, but I can't place where I've heard it. :\

This is driving me insane. Help.

Edit: If nothing shows up under the cut, try this link.

Edit 2: Answered. Thanks, guys. ♥
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TQC pot heads:

I know that magic brownies work because the THC in marijuana is fat-soluble in heated up butter. Knowing this, I decided to make a "Hot Pot Sandwich" which basically consists of putting about 1 bowl worth of pot and mixing it in with some hot, melted butter, and smearing it on a sandwich with cinnamon and sugar, then eating it. Do you think this will work out? I could definetly taste the THC pot-like stuff when I ate it, but maybe I'm just retarded.

So, do you think I am retarded, or do you think this will actually work?
petit prince

two in one night, holy bawls

1. when you type "c" into your url bar thingy, is tqc the first thing that pops up in the drop-down?
2. is your lj the first thing when you type in the first letter of your user name?
3. what foods and drinks do you have within your reach right now?
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If it was not only proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that reincarnation is real, but you could track down who people get reincarnated as, would criminals who get multiple life sentences be incarcerated for the same number of lifetimes?

Nice to get that out in public. I've been pondering it and bringing it up with friends and family for at least four years.
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Inspired by the "thing you post about too much" question...

What is something tqc DOESN'T know about you, that you've never mentioned before in a comment or post that's pretty significant in your life, that you don't post about enough but should and want us to know about? Feel free to post pics or elaborate.

I don't think I've ever mentioned the fact that I'm a dancer, which is insane because it's a pretty big part of my life and I've been posting since march 06.

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Picture a gear in your mind.

Is it the stereotypical kind of gear, or a different kind?
What color is it?
How many teeth does it have?
Is it spinning? Meshed with other gears? Attached to anything?

Also inb4 "METAL GEAR?!"
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All you need is love

1. Is it possible to fall out of love with someone? Or was it not love in the first place?
a. What would make you fall out of love with someone?

2. What is love to you?

3. How do you know when you're in love? Does it have a feeling? Can you describe it?
a. If you've never been in love, how do you imagine it would be like?

4. Is the love you feel for your significant other the same kind of love you feel for your best friend? your parents? your children (if you have any), your pets? your most cherished possesion? etc. etc. Or is there more than one kind of love?

5. Is "love" tossed around to easily and quickly? When someone, like a co-worker or an acquaintance, says they love you, for whatever reason, do you think they really mean it or is it said just our of happiness or fun or something else?

6. Do you think love is all you need?

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This is so ridiculous.

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Can anyone direct me to a website that explains how to differentiate between using "in" or "on" while speaking English? For example, why is it that you say you're "in" the car, but you're "on" the bus or "on" the plane?

Or, if you know, can you just explain to me how I explain it to a native speaker of Spanish?
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How can I persuade my brother to get out the house more?

He basically never leaves his room. When he's in, he always has his computer on and my downloads go at about 20kb/s. Now he's finally gone out, they're going at 100kb/s! Hoorah!

All right internets, let's get some answers!

Over in ONTD I read about the comedian Mo'Nique and how she uses the N word.
She says, "Do I use the word n$#@%r? Yes, in my comedy routine and in life because it's our word. Here's the thing. We need to stop giving people the power over that word. We take it and turn it around to make it beautiful. You see, they gave us that word back then. They called us n$#@%r back then.

"So yes, I hold on to it. And I say it to the n$#@%rs, keep doing your thing with pride and honor. Look how we overcame. Her name is Oprah Winfrey. His name is Shawn Carter. Her name is Condoleezza Rice. Look at them n$#@%rs."

My question to you is, do you think this is appropriate? For one thing, if the black community as a whole wanted n****r to be a good word, wouldn't they encourage the use of it? Wouldn't it use being restricted to the black community in itself be just as racist? In all honest I don't see other races, or genders and whatnot, trying to take a negative word (spic, or chink, or fag, or cunt for example) and make it into a positive thing. But then, you don't have the stigma against the other words. A lot of people will say 'the N word' or type it with * like I did above. Most have no qualms with typing out the whole of other derogatory words.

I personally think it's bullshit. The only way to truly get rid of these words is to not use them, ever, no matter what the word be. If children never hear the word nigger or fag, then they won't know it exists, and then won't use it, now will they?

MP3 editing

What's a good program for editing MP3s?

I've looked on download.com, and there's a wide selection available, so what I'm looking for is recommendations on programs that people have used and found to be pretty easy to use/navigate. I do have at least 3 programs on my computer that can be used to edit MP3s, but they're all difficult to use for even a simple chop/edit. (I think the programs are more aimed at people who want to do fancy editing stuff.

I have 100+ downloaded language lessons in MP3 format, which take up over 1G of hard drive space. My MP3 player only has 1G storage space, and I want to fit as many of the language lessons on it as I can. The lessons average between 10-20 minutes.

However, each lesson has 20-90+ seconds of repetitive stuff at the beginning and end of each lesson. And sometimes they repeat some basic info in the middle, because the lessons are of course designed to be downloaded independently. By now, though, I'm familiar with the lesson formats, and their explanations of why they are repeating phrases, etc, and I am really good at repeating these opening and closing phrases. ;) But I figure with so many lessons, I could probably shave 15-25% (or more) off the file sizes if I edit off this repetitive material and perhaps downgrade the file quality a step or two.

I don't mind paying up to $30 for a program that functions well and is easy to use, although of course, freeware is even better. Any recommendations?

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Remember when Akon 'assaulted' at 14 year old at his concert? Old meme, I know, but I just found out it was at a 21+ club.

Does this make you feel any different about the situation?

My taste in music is SERIOUSLY lacking.
What song can you NOT stop listening to?

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I am looking for some advice. I have a problem.

I have several bird feeders and bird baths in my front yard, hanging from a tree. Lately, one of the neighborhood cats has become absolutely obsessed with hunting. If it were an occasional bird, I would accept it as an unavoidable fact of nature. However, this cat has just caught three birds in a single hour.

I don't want to keep the bird feeders and baths here if it will just end in all the birds being killed. I may end up removing them entirely but first I'd like to come up with solutions. The baths and feeders are already as high up as they can be in the tree, yet she still manages to jump a ridiculous distance and catch them. Do any of you have any suggestions for how to keep the cat out of the area in which these bird baths/feeders are hanging?

I'm considering a chicken wire fence, although that would be extremely ugly, and probably easily jump-able. I'm also considering one of those devices that emit a piercing screech only audible to cat's ears when something comes near, but that would only work during good weather.

Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

a) do you own a little black dress? how long/short is it?
b) do you own a pair of black boots? (are they to your knees, ankles, etc?)

a) do you own a suit? how often do you tend to wear it?
b) do you own a white baseball cap? is it for a certain team? or does it just have one initial? (whats it stand for?)

"Sometimes you can't see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others." what do you see if you were looking at yourself through the eyes of others?

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Inspired by a recent question, what is the sexiest thing someone can do for you?

EDIT: If you've known anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight, did they change in other ways, too, such as personality-wise?

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1. This isn't really a question of concern, but rather curiosity. Ever since I was 12 I was very regular, which is awesome. My periods used to be 4-5 days long. Now they're only 2, at most 3. Have any of you other girls experienced your periods getting shorter as you get older? What do you think could account for this? (Background info: I was on hormonal BC from age 17-20, not on it anymore. I'm 22 now.)

2. What was it like getting your first period? Did you know what was happening?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


Have you ever said something to someone and someone else assumed you were talking to them? Details plz.

- Like for example, last night I asked for directions on how to get somewhere on the train to some guy. And when he was getting off, I asked my friend "WHAT DO I DO?" cause I was telling her a story. The directions guy thought I was talking to him...and repeated the directions again. It was so funny...and I love it when that happens.
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I'm dying to bake some cookies, but I can't get in touch with my grandmother for her recipe. (For some reason, Grandma cookies are always best.) Her molasses cookies are just so moist and chewy and molasses-y.

What's your favorite cookie recipe? What's so awesome about those particular cookies? Feel free to post the actual recipe if you have it.

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This is a pretty close copy of the exam I have on Monday (the questions will be different, but all the texts/format will be the same). I'm doing:

- Section I, Question 2(b)

- Section II, Question 8

- Section III, Question 13, Antony and Cleopatra.

Each question should take 40 minutes. Do you think this is easy or hard? Exam from hell, or cruisey romp of joy?

I think it's pretty good, and it will be my easiest exam (some of the others may melt my face). I almost want to snuggle the paper.
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Do you believe that there is something greater than us out there?

Do you follow a religion? If so, which one?

Do you disagree with anything that your religion states/believes/teaches?

Oh, and what are you doing tonight?
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Q. How do you get to work/school? Do you take a car, some form of public transit (i.e. bus or train), a combination of the above, or something else I haven't mentioned? Is your answer the most convenient way to get to work/school?

A. I drive to the train station then take the train to work. It's probably the most convenient way - the train is fast, my stop is literally right in front of my work, and parking is free at the station.
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My boyfriend and I love any food if cheese and meat are involved in the ingredients. Perhsps with pasta or some kind of bread.
Lasagne and enchiladas being our fave foods.

Does anyone have any recipes they could share with me here?

I'm not sure what to cook tonight and I thought I'd ask here before shopping for what I need.

(no subject)

(1) If you are in, already graduated, or on your way to college, what is/was your major?

(2) What career do you hope to hold with it?

(3) If you weren't able to do that, what would be your second job choice?

(no subject)

Is there a Mac program similar to Microsoft Paint? A friend just switched from PC to Mac and is having a hell of a time finding a program in which to mess with images. Thanks.
Bug-eyed Earl

Stupid dishwasher

Why do my dishes come out of my dishwasher smelling like fish/rotten eggs?

I cleaned out all the food traps I think, and I ran it empty with a bottle of vinegar dumped in there and then ran it empty with detergent and it still smells! There's a drain in the bottom with a Rubber seal around it and I tried taking the rubber seal thing off but it doesn't seem to come off, I don't know if that's another food trap.

What more can I do?
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How can you tell if a dog is depressed? What about a cat? Any other animals?

What is the best way to treat depression in a dog, short of taking him/her to a pet therapist?

Have you ever taken a pet to a therapist? What was your experience?

Letting go a lover

1. Have you ever had to take a break from a significant other (for whatever reasons)? For how long?

2a. If so, how did it end up? Did you break up or did you get back together?

2b. If not, how do you feel about this concept?

Leave lots of details if you want.
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Should I go with Cingular AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile?
Or should I just stick to Verizon?
(I hate it...the plans are expensive, and they always screw up some part of my bill.)

When I went to the 'Mobile Solutions' stand in my mall, to get a Sidekick ID, the man helping me looked up my credit report to determine my eligiblitiy. He asked me if I was French...My last name sounds either German, or Jewish, and I look more Russian/Polish if anything. He was Haitian, which is a French speaking country, if that means anything. How would he know what ethnicities I am?

fast food nation

1. what do you mainly order from the following?
-- mcdonald's:
-- taco bell:
-- burger king:
-- kfc:
-- checker's/rallys:
-- sonic:
-- steak 'n shake:
-- roy rogers:
-- dunkin' donuts:
-- dairy queen:
-- pizza hut:
-- subway:
-- chipotle:
-- chick-fil-a:

(you don't have to answer for all if you don't want to)
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1) What Britpop bands do you like?

2) Flash back to the 90's when Britpop was in its prime. Oasis or Blur?

3) Some people consider The Spice Girls as Brit Pop. Do you agree or disagree?

4) What did you think of Jarvis Cocker's "Michael Jackson" incident?

5) Which Britpop band do you think is the best?

6) How many Britpop bands can you name?

7) Liam Gallagher: Deity or Dickhead?

8) Do you mourn the loss of Select Magazine?

9) Sexiest Brit Pop star?

10) Who is the best songwriter in Brit Pop?
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(no subject)

Did you write the book of love?
Do you have faith in God above, if the Bible tells you so?
Do you believe in rock ’n roll?
Can music save your mortal soul?
Can you teach me how to dance real slow?
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(no subject)

Just reply "n/a" or leave the question blank if one does not apply to you.

1. How old were you and your spouse when you got married? How old were you and your spouse when you had your first child?
2. How old were your parents when they got married? How old were they when they had their first child?
3. How old were your grandparents when they got married? How old were they when they had their first child?

Learning Piano

edit: I'm trying to learn piano but I don't want to learn notation. I'm looking for a program that I can plug notation into and get a visual of where the keys are on the piano. Any recommendations?
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Do you have any friends who are perpetually ridiculously slow?

I have a friend whom I called about an and hour and forty-five minutes ago. She had just woken up (it was after 4:00 p.m.) and said she would take a shower and call me back. She hasn't called me back yet. This is pretty typical. She takes over an hour to take a shower and takes several hours just to get dressed, and this girl doesn't even dry her hair or do her makeup or anything. That's just to pull on underwear, a pair of pants, a shirt, shoes, and pull her hair out of her face. If I go over to her house and call her over an hour before I still usually have to wait an hour at her house for her to be completely ready.

Second question: When do you think she'll call?

If she doesn't call in an hour I'll call her again.

Random series of questions

1. Do you like pancakes?

2. What are your thoughts on gun control?
2a. Do you own a gun?

3. Would you pay four figures for a haircut? If so, why on earth?

4. Have you ever been to a movie where the audience applauded at the end?

5. Got any pets that aren't cats or dogs?

6. Ever drop acid? If so, how was it? If not, would you?

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Sensible answers preferred, but silly answers welcome.
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1: What is your favorite magazine?

2: What is your favorite kind of cookie?

3: What is your favorite piece of clothing?

4: What is your favorite television program?

5: What is your favorite time of day?

Security for XP?

I have finally got Norton off of my laptop and installed Paretologic for the moment since dad's offered to pay for it since I helped get Norton off his settings and installed panda for him.
Now since I have got rid of Norton Am I right to say I have no firewall since my windows security centre is still claiming Norton is my firewall and Paretologic is simply a anti spyware program.
Any recommendations on a decent security program that doesn't freak out every time I go on the Internet, such as panda did?
Free's good but I have no problem with paying for a product if it is more efficient than the free programs.
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(no subject)

If you're an adherent of Judaism or Christianity, what is your favorite passage in the Tanakh/"old testament"?

Mine's Jeremiah 31:3: The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn thee.

Do you think that there's a difference between the deity described in the OT and the NT?

If so, what do you think about Jeremiah 31:3?

Do you know there are a lot more passages in the Tanakh that caused the writers of the NT to say what they said?

(no subject)

What's your favourite, best, no fail fudge recipe?

I've been really wanting some fudge lately, but the only sort available at the shops is a soft caramel fudge, which isn't the sort I want. Chocolate, and not soft but not crunchy. Does anyone know the sort I mean? I bought some at my nephew's school fete and it was to die for. I've looked up lots of recipes online, but I'm not sure they'll make THAT sort of fudge. Can you help? Please?

If you were to be raised in the wild by animals, which animal would you choose?

Are you going to see The Simpson's movie? I'm still trying to make up my mind.

(no subject)

i know that some dog owners give their dogs a raw egg every now and then as a treat. is it okay to do the same for cats? i've searched on google, but there seems to be a lot of different opinions on whether it's safe or not.
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(no subject)

So, I twisted my ankle about a week ago in the grass by the library going to pick up Harry Potter (shows me what a crappy book it is, heh). It really hurt that day, and then it abated, and now I'm on vacation at a cabin in the mountains until Monday morning and it hurts like a mother.

How long do I go before I see a doctor about this? What can I do to help ease the immense crapload of pain I'm in?
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(no subject)

1a. If TQC were The Breakfast Club, which TQC-er do you think would relate to each character, respectively?

1b.  Which character do YOU relate to?

2. A naked blond walks into a bar, with a poodle under one arm, and a two foot salami under the other. She lays the poodle on the table. Bartender says, "I suppose you won't be needing a drink." The naked lady says...
As far as I know, this joke was made up specifically for the movie The Breakfast Club.  So, what do you think the punchline is?

Website problems...

Okay, so we've upgraded to Vista twice now, and for some reason I am unable to log into certain websites like eBay, Chase, Myspace, etc.. It has nothing to do with the cookies/cache, we've tried adding them to our trusted sites, but it doesn't work. Every other page loads fine and I can log in and what not so I don't know what's up. I can't even get into eBay's Live Help, or use some of their features. Can anybody give me ideas to get this taken care of?


         Last night I went out to a bar for my birthday and ended up getting hit in the mouth with a beer bottle.  It broke all of my front teeth on both the top and bottom.  I'm pretty sure that I'll have to get more than a "fill in" on the bottom two and I'm pretty devastated about it... I feel that my smile was one of my better qualities :(

Has anyone here broken their teeth (more than just a chip)? How?

Can you tell me any personal experiences with caps/veneers?  Are they natural looking?  Are you happy with yours if you have them?

We've all got our problems, Wrigley. Mine happens to be glandular, yours happens to be my fist!

What's your tried-and-true method of getting yellow pit stains out of white shirts?

I mean honestly, I must have super sweat or something. I wear antiperspirant, I don't even sweat that much, but all of my white shirts get the most stubborn pit-stains ever. I always try and treat the area with a bleach pen and wash them but they're STILL THERE.
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(no subject)

1) What is a good antiperspirant/deodorant that's hypoallergenic?
2) Have you ever had you house or vehicle broken into?
3) What did you eat for dinner?
4) What is the most amount of laundry you've ever done in one day?
5) Why am I still wearing my bra at 11pm?
6) How much would you pay for this dress?
EDIT! NEW QUESTION: 7) What's a genre of music that people would be surprised to know you enjoy listening to?

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paypal buyer credit -- do you receive a bill in the mail or just an electronic bill/statement? if it is the latter, are there notification reminders? are the minimum payments like any other account? decent? [ please note: i did indeed search the frequently asked questions section & did not find my answers, so that is why i am asking here! ] thank you.
de beauvoir

(no subject)

The situation:

I just quit my job at Hollywood Video, after 2 weeks (I was there for 3, but only worked for 2). It was my very first job, but I found it to be very difficult due to a speech disability I have. I discussed the issue with my boss freely throughout the length of my employment, but I think we both knew that this just wasn't the right job for me. I think, on the whole, though, I did give it a fair try and I did do my best to learn everything and perform well.

Should I put this on future applications? I really want to, so I have at least ONE reference, but I don't know if it will look stupid, working for 2-3 weeks.

Also...when I told him I wanted to quit, he didn't say/ask anything about giving a 2-week notice. Would there be a chance of getting a better reference if I said I could stay another 2 weeks?