July 27th, 2007


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1. For those of you who've had LASIK done, would you recommend it? Do you have any regrets?

2. When did MTV stop being cool? Was it ever cool?

3. Have you ever experience racism? If so, feel free to share, if you want.

4. What do you think the next generation will tease us about (fads, fashion, etc.)? I'm thinking cat macros.
regina [lupinskitty]

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What are some good books for a 15 year old girl who doesn't usually like reading much and who reads at or a bit below her grade-level?

I'm helping a co-worker make a list for her daughter, who has recently gotten into a YA fantasy series, the name of which I've forgotten.

Leaving Harry Potter aside, I've already suggested His Dark Materials, The Hobbit, and Madeleine L'Engle.

So she likes fantasy. Soft sci-fi might work and her mom said she might consider some historical fiction.

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Is anyone else having problems with Hotmail's inbox page being detected as a virus? Does anyone know how to fix this? I can't even view my inbox page because of this.

I am fairly certain it's the sequence of characters in the URL but I can't be sure.

ETA: Fixed. That was strange.

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A friend asked me this and I thought I'd share. It's for males or for anyone who wishes to post an answer.

Someone has decided to take horrible revenge on you. A rubber band is wrapped tightly around your scrotum preventing blood flow from your body to your testicles. Deadly poison is then injected into your scrotum.

Do you leave the rubberband on to save your life (but lose your testicles) or remove it and die from the poison?

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I'm on lithium for depression and bipolar disorder. Can I still have alcohol for my birthday, since lithium is just salt? I would think so, since it's not something like Lamictal or Zoloft.
Ted, fish

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You are the person with whom someone is cheating on their SO. Do you feel guilty? Or do you leave the guilt to them?

And a follow-up: If you found out midway through a relationship that you were The Other Wo/Man, would you still feel guilty?

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What do religions who don't believe in "spilling the seed", and don't allow birth control, think of having sex while pregnant? Because there is no chance of getting pregnant while pregnant, isn't that considered spilling the seed? Or can the couple hope by a miracle that they get pregnant again and therefore it doesn't "count"? Ha ha.

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1.) How old are you before it can be said you died of old age?
2.) Why do people sing "Rock a bye baby" to lull their little ones to sleep when the song is about putting your baby in a tree and letting the wind crash the cradle to the ground? Is this some twisted parental inside joke? I could dig that.
3.) Internalized human-machine symbiosis, yay or nay?
4.) Would you rather die falling down from a massive height (suffocating on the way), or drowning among tropical fish?
5.) You are temporarily granted a magic power of your choice by a talking patch of moss. What is your power?

Those weird milk commercials

This might be a California resident question only, I'm not sure...

Does anyone know the story behind those dairy council milk ads? You know, the ones with the ragged orphans meet Brazil via a blinding snowstorm? And that weird one with the ball-busting queen?

I liked the happy cows better.

TQC you're my only hope.


Backstory, recently in my company we were relocated from really big nice open airy cubicles. To tiny cramped things. Pisses me off. 

So, could you please give me your best cubicle jokes?  I need to decorate this thing. Pictures and sfw please.
The Receptionist Classic

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1. Which book sounds like it would be the most entertaining?
Collapse )

2. Now that the Harry Potter book is out, what book are you most anticipating the release of?
Bones to Ashes by Kathy Reichs drops on August 28th. I'll have that finished just in time for the new season of "Bones," too. Huzzah!

3. What color are your underoos/chonies/panties/boxers/whatever today?
I think mine are white with orange and blue polka dots. Not 100% sure, though.
nancy drew

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1)Did you go to see movies a lot when you were a kid/teenager?
2)What's your favorite movie with a very minimal cast?
3)Were you aware that the Geico cavemen are getting a sitcom on ABC? Will you watch it? What commercial characters do you think should also get their own sitcom/show?

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  1. Have you sent any text messages on predictive text and said the really wrong thing lately? if so what? I just sent one on my way to work to a few friends, and a co-worker saying HARRY FRIDAY! instead of happy!
  2. Have you ever been in a tourament? I"m in my 1st one this weekend.. oddly enough for Madison's Gay Softball league, and i'm quite straight, but excited!!
  3. Is your bestfriend on LJ? Mine is wi_chicken.. but she sucks balls at postin
  4. What about your siblings? berrytone
  5. Parents? no
  6. your possee? yeah larsipoo, heralady, a_dream_weaver, deesseclotilde, kcweezkid
    7. What name should I have on my t-shirt for my softball team, the Red Canoes?
    a. lil spud
    b. kissmeimjewish
    c. tator
    d. allison
    e. other? (ideas?)
    f. small fry
    g. Allie Oop
    h. Little Beaver (no idea)
    i. daddy's Mistake
dean - i'm batman

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It's 10am here and I've been awake since 6pm yesterday. I want to stay awake until about 4-6pm so I can try and readjust my sleep schedule.

How can I stay awake for another 6-8 hours?
I already have copious amounts of coffee ;)
leave your turntable on

dog problems.

My family has a nearly year old min pin/rat terrier mix puppy, and she's pretty well-behaved most of the time. The problem is that she can't stand to not have anyone within her eyesight/paying attention to her. Whenever one of us is home, if she's not wandering around the house or we're not playing with her, she whimpers and cries to a genuinely frustrating degree and won't stop until someone comes to her or she gets so fed up that she goes to sleep. I don't know what's wrong with her. What should we do? I can't even sleep late unless I drag her bed in with me because she won't freakin' stop crying!

Story time!

What are some of your worst ex horror stories? 

I need cheering up because my boyfriend's ex is putting us through hell right now with a pregnancy scare I'm 90% sure is fake.

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Restless and bored

1. How do you politely tell somebody "I'm not a moron. Really." If it's a co-worker, does the answer change?

2. How do you make yourself let go and say "It's their life, I said my piece, they won't listen?"

3. Is there anything good on daytime television?
(Not so far as I can tell...)

4. Do you decorate your desk at work? What have you got on it? Pictures?
(all I have is this comic).

5. What's the last phone number that you dialed?
(I called my husband yesterday)
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1- When and what was the last time you displayed the wrong emotion at the wrong time? (Laughing at a funeral, crying at a birthday party, etc.)

2- What is the predominant colour in your direct vicinity?

3- How do you feel when you 'get' an internet in-joke? Like cat macros!

4- What is something you wish you could live without, but just cannot, for whatever reason?

5- How's the weather?
Mitty box

tl:dr nerd question

So, for everything you do in life, you expend energy. Walking, talking, pooping, sex. It all expends energy. You have to refuel and sleep to gain your energy back. Now, onto my question:

Do super powers expend energy just like regular daily activities?
If they don't in the comics, do you think they would in real life?
Would you want a super power if it came with an expense?

The Force expends energy and magic (such as Harry Potter brand magic) expends energy. Why wouldn't a super power do the same?

I thought of this last night while lying in bed. I was thinking that if I had a wish that it would be to be able to drive perfectly and never get into an accident. But then I thought that I could wish to fly. But how exhausting would flying be?

ALTERNATE QUESTION! Who's/what's your favorite superhero? Mine is Batman!
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1. Do you think left-handed people are discriminated against?  (I'm not sure discrimination is the correct word to use...but you get my drift.)

-classrooms filled with right handed desks
-only having one pair (if any) left-handed scissors for a large group of people 
-paper-cutters with the handle on the right side
-having to pay extra to get a left-handed guitar (this is the one I find really absurd)

2. To my fellow left-handers out there: Have you adapted to the right-handed world?

I learned to play the guitar right-handed, I shoot a basketball right handed, use right-handed scissors all because it just made life less complicated.
Give a dog a home

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So I have this friend, and the last time I saw him was about 3 weeks ago when I had a party, and we both said we'd try to keep in contact better. He left after about an hour and didn't seem to have a very good time.

I haven't been good about contacting him. In fact, I haven't spoken to him since the party (not intentionally, just haven't).

He just sent me a text message that say "Yeah, way to keep in touch..."

What should my response be, if any?

Srs and non-srs answers plz.

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i'm not a professional, but found an ad looking for models and thought i should check it out. i need to go in for an audition/interview.
on a scale from 1-10, how important is it that i wear heels?
ETA: the dress code is "upscale casual". are dark skinny jeans & a nice top too casual?
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

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Does anyone here have snyesthesia? In what way does it express itself to you?

I have it but only in a teensy way, a few physical sensations turn into colors for me. When I'm sick I feel green (sounds cliche but I seriously feel like I'm in a bubble of greenness) and when I feel extremely awesome, generally sexually, I feel either a bright white or violet.

Anything else about you that most people would find strange?

Cellphone question!

So, unfortunately, due to my stepdad changing jobs, we're switching cell providers to Verizon. (He gets like a 20% discount or something like that, I dunno.) My question is, for those of you that have them, what phone would you recommend? I text a decent amount every month, but I don't like the enV or that weird Samsung one that has the double flip, because the buttons are too small. I'm looking at the Nokia 6315i or just buying a used Moto E815 off of eBay and using that.

So, what do you all recommend?
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animal lover

Ferrito Burritos and Sunscreen

I got a new bb ferret, bbs! :D The only problem is, we've had her almost two days and still can't decide what to name her. :( Usually, especially after seeing their personalities, the names just come to us or we start calling them something that sticks. What do you guys think we should call her? Collapse )
She's a super fast runner, gives kisses and is adorable. So far, the things we've thought of and liked the best are Bella (Bella or Trix) and possibly Mia after Mia Hamm since this little girl LOVES pushing the toy ball around! Her ferret breathern are named Blondi(fur)/Deborah Harry (she's the only light coloured, non-sable we have), Stinky Pete, Meeko, and Mini (named such because at the time she was a mini of Meeko - now you have to hold them together to tell them apart because Mini isn't mini anymore!).

Also, a question noone will answer because of the super adorableness above! But I'll ask anyways! What's a good inexpensive sunblock that isn't greasy feeling? I know which one I'm going to buy for our faces, but my husband hates sunblock because of how it feels on him (he doesn't like lotion, either, so that should tell you how much he hates sunscreen) so I need something different for our arms. Living in Atlanta and having a mother who's fought skin cancer three times (so far D:) has made me paranoid. Oh, and in case it matters, I need a cheap one for our arms to make the expensive face one last longer. I read in an article written by a dermatologist that this is the way to go - but she didn't cover many options for the non yucky feeling ones. :/

PS - Please don't think we're stealing your doggie's name,bellasmommy! My husband doesn't even read TQC and he's the one who suggested Bella!

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What are your favorite decorating ideas when it comes to bedrooms/apartments/dorm-rooms? Do you have examples?

I'm about to paint my room a dark mahogany red to go with my dark brown furniture and candle obsession. However, as much as I love this theme, my future roommate doesn't want our dorm room to be the same. What themes would you suggest? Colors themes? Furniture ideas? Decor ideas?

Also, along the same lines, what would you suggest from experience for decorating a dorm room and making the most of the limited space?

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1. Which is better: Final Fantasy X-2 or Final Fantasy XII?

2. Have you ever ordered crickets by mail? How'd that go? Is it better than paying $.09/cricket at the pet store, y/n?

3. Is it gonna rain today?

4. Have you ever done a rain dance? Did it work? My friend and I did once when we were kids. It worked, too... although it was already cloudy to start with. :D

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Okay, I'm wondering why does my bra strap constantly fall off? Even if I tighten it up, it still slides off, even my tank top does it too. It's really annoying. Any suggestions on how to stop this?

You know how on AIM, we have "moviepfone" "shopping buddy" "IM Speak" Is there one for checking the weather? AIM, MSN?

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Can anyone recommend a cheap Hotel or Nice Hostel to stay at in NYC?  I need to use up my vacation at work and really want to go to NYC but don't want to pay a lot for a room. 

Has anyone had any experience with Candy Hostel?  http://www.hostelbookers.com/booking/index.cfm?fuseaction=hosteldetails&hostel=23640

It looks pretty nice and they have private rooms but I don't really want it to be really slummy or in a bad neighborhood.  And it looks like the private rooms are only $55 per night.  So if I split that with a friend that could be a lot cheaper than a hotel. 

me and reagan 24th

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How does one negotiate doctor prices?

I have an obgyn I love, he's a good family friend, yada yada.
I just found out I'm pregnant (!!) and our maternity benefits won't be valid because we are not out of the waiting period yet (boo). We don't qualify for any kind of assistance, so I'm out of options. We're much better off financially than we were with our first, so it's not going to be as difficult to pay, but I'd like to save where I can!

So. What do I do? Do I just ask my doctor? Should I talk to billing? What kind of angle should I take - "If I pay it up front, can I have a 20% discount"? Any other ideas?

Thank-You Etiquette

You receive a gift in a close setting (say, at your very small office or while seeing your in-laws). You thank the giver to their face and have a good chunk of face-to-face time with them before and after the gift giving.

Do you still send them a thank you note afterwards?

When I was little I was always harassed into sending notes in situations like these and I just realized the other day that I've never gotten a single note like this after being thoroughly thanked to my face. Do I just give gifts to rude people or were my parents trying to hone my awesone thank you note writing skills by making me write them when it wasn't necessary?
DMB wash me

okay let us pretend..

If you were a plus size butch lesbian, what would you wear to a job interview? I am having a hell of a time trying to find something not only appropriate but would allow me to be comfortable, cool and confident in. Would dress slacks and a button down shirt be okay? If I wore a women's suit I'd look like a dude in a woman's suit...but I don't think the place I will be interviewing would accept it if I wore a men's suit. Any ideas? I have a bunch of nice stripe shirts that I would probably pair up with a pair of greyish/black dress pants and black shoes.......?

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Sooo I have a serious situation. I'm at work, and one of the girls has this small live bamboo stalk in a little glass cup with roots and marbles that's been sitting at her desk for years. All of a sudden, about 20 minutes ago, she starts screaming. We all go over and there are WORMS swimming around in her bamboo stalk. They must have grown out of the mildew or something. They are very very small and "inch" when they move or just freak out and flail around everywhere. They are covered with "hair" and have little antennae. They were all various sizes and there seemed to be hundreds of them, they're transparent. They have a black line inside their body and in their head is a black dot that seems to be their brain. I want to know exactly what kind of worm this is. What kind of worm is this?

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when's the last time you saw a REALLY attractive person that made you go 'woah, they're really attractive!'? this lady just walked in and she looked like a life-sized BRATZ doll, lol her skin was so clear and her eyes were the bluest eyes i've ever seen, and she was so tiny! and tan, of course. lol.

who is the wealthiest friend that you know?
do they come from a prestigious family?
what family?

out of all of your friends, who is the most immature?

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Can you taste fruit?

People at work here all agree that no matter what fruit you eat, the taste is all water and just texture, with no actual taste. I'm not sure if I agree with them or not.

What fruit or vegetable have you never tried? I recently met a girl who had never eaten a cucumber before.
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Question involving poo, read at your own risk:
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2. What does one do when they feel their significant other is walking all over them? Do I talk to him about it or start asserting myself more? I have a tendency to avoid relationship talk because I hate feeling like an effusive female, but at this point something needs to change.

3. Who here does temp work? How long do your temp jobs generally last?
I'm hopefully going to do a 2 week stint as I need some small income until I can "break out" into my field.
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How much do you hate that fucking "I didn't go to medical school for nothing" girl? I want to beat her up. She totally interrupts her friends story to start bragging about her medical school skills. We would not be friends.

When I told someone I haven't seen any Harry Potter movies, she was like

"Oh, I have all 4 of them! You can borrow them." and handed it to me. I'm not interested in watching it and have been really busy. She's leaving somewhere for a long time and I feel like I should give them back today, but I haven't seen the movies. Is that rude to tell her? I didn't even ask to borrow it, she just gave it to me 2 weeks ago.

What to say? I bet she's going to ask me what I think of them.

sophia, beauty, class, loren

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1) Do you find it weird if someone goes to see a movie by themself (at a movie theater)?
-1a) Would your answer change if that person was a young woman; teens to mid-twenties?
-1b) How about on the weekend?
-1c) Have you ever gone to see a movie at a movie theater alone?

2) At this very moment how much debt to you have?

3) How many times has your heart been broken by someone you were/are in a relationship with?

4) Favorite kind of bagel?

5) What is a decent amount of interest you would consider to pay on a student loan?

6) What is the most recent stupid/ridiculous/regretful thing you've done while drunk/high/out of your mind?
Cute kitten & bear by fiona_adam

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1. What is the last thing you bought and how much was it?
2. What movie always leaves you feeling depressed?
3. Who is the last person you spoke to face to face? Would you trade lives with them? Why/why not?

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What websites do you go to when you want to create something but need inspiration?

What would be a great image to use as a focal point in a living room? The furniture colors are mostly browns and light blues.
Starbucks cup

you either love it or hate it.

If you take the first four letters of your first name (first three if you don't have that many) and the last four letters of the month you were born, what would your name be?

Nicomber. Sounds like something you'd eat.

Now let's kinda switch it around. What would your name be if you took the first four letters of the month you were born and the last three letters of your first name?

Noveole. Sounds like an Indian tribe. I love it.

Australian comms, books, movies, tv series

What lj comms or forums do you know that are for Australian books and tv shows and movies? (either in general for 'Australian [book/movie/tv show]' or for a specific one) I've seen hardly any around really. And that makes me a bit sad. So I'd love as many of them listed as posible!

http://colandfrank.proboards56.com/ for Lano and Woodley. (anyone like them?)
aussie_boosh not an Australian show, but it's for Australian fans of The Mighty Boosh
cnnnn for CNNNN and The Chaser's War on Everything
lwfanfic for fanfiction about Lano and Woodley
obernewtyn for the Obernewytn Chronicles books by Isobelle Carmody.
pagansfandom for the books about the character Pagan, a squire in the 1100s, and his knight, Roland, by Catherine Jinks.
heard_of_it is for any country but we do talk about quite a few Australian things.

That's all I personally know of right now. What about you? Trying to get as big a list as possible.

What are your favourite australian books?
I love the Pagan series and Obernewtyn and other ones by Isobelle Carmody. There's lots of sci fi that's written by Australians. Right now I'm a bit blank feeling though.

What are your favourite Australian tv shows and movies? Do any of those mention or are set in Adelaide?
I love Lano and Woodley. Blank on movies right now but I know I do like some. Lano and Woodley mention Adelaide, but only as Frank Woodley's mother living there. In one episode Frank's going to leave Col, and he packs his bags to go to Adelaide to live with his mother. He is on the bus, and you see that it says "Adelaide: 666" haha. :D

Have you tried showing them to non Australians? Did they like them?
Yep, converted them! :D
richard p feynman

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Do you argue on the internet with people over trivial things (like an lj-cut when you have broadband)?

If you do, is it important to you to win arguments on the internet?

Why should you care what other people think about you?


So..I'm sitting here watching 300 and I have to say I'm disappointed. I thought I would love it, and I don't. I just can't get into it. Erg.

Is there any movies you've seen recently that disappointed you?

It's Friday night....what are you doing, TQC?

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I want to make some MP3's a better quality, but I'm behind the times on that sort of thing.
Does any one have any suggestions on FREE programs that will do this for me and that are relatively easy to use?

Also, have you every had a cut on your eyelid? If so, what'd you do to make it heal?
I have one, I have no idea where it came from and it's stinging and making my eyes water; I don't like it.

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I started taking Yasmin birth control for the first time on Wednesday night. Yesterday and today, I've felt fine most of the day and then I'll suddenly feel very tired, have muscle aches, coughing, and a fever of around 101F.

Is this related to Yasmin?
If so, should I continue taking it until I talk to my doctor on Monday?

Rotating clip.

My sister e-mailed a .avi clip to me but didn't rotate it, so it's sideways.

Outside of booting up my laptop and downloading it and using my editor on there, which came with my camera (no, I have no idea where the discs are at the moment), is there anything I can use to fix it?

Also: HOW WAS YOUR FRIDAY? Mine was long. The autoclave at work hates me now for some reason and makes me look like an idiot.

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Does Marvel comics have anything worth reading?

That is, obviously, not counting Cable & Deadpool, as anything with Deadpool is obviously worth reading.
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1. Do you like cleaning, or hate it?

2. What was the last thing you had to clean?

3. If you take the first and second letter of your first name, and the third, forth and fifth letters of the last thing you cleaned, and the last three letters of your zodiac sign, what do you get?

I don't like cleaning the kitchen at home, or my room, but I'll happily clean those that belong to others, the last thing I had to clean was the kitchen :( and Jatchbra!

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1] What's something that you seem to always lose and need to buy more of?

Lighters and Hair Clips.

2] What song are you listening to right now? Post what line in the song just passed.

Abandoned Pools; Goodbye Song
"But if you're a lonely girl, you might as well come on home"

3] What's the best thing that's happened to you all week?

My ex-boyfriend came back from Iraq for R&R and visited me, even though we haven't talked since breaking up. He is mostly not my ex-boyfriend anymore.


1. When was the last time a package fooled you?

2. I bought Broccoli and Water Chestnuts in Mushroom Pepper Sauce at Trader Joes for dinner. The package stated it was a "great vegetarian entree." While I was preparing it I noticed one of the ingredients was fish sauce. Does Trader Joe really consider fish vegetarian?

3. What should I make for dinner instead? I was so excited to try it too, especially since I don't live close enough to a TJ's to go often.

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Okay, I always wanted to watch Pirates III but never around to it, and after hearing so much about Ragetti and that line, "Calypso, I release you from your human bonds" that had all of my friends squealing, I was practically dying to watch it. Tennis somehow came in between me and my time and I never got that chance.

I hoping someone could find a video clip from the movie of Ragetti saying that?

And btw, even if you can't find a clip, would anyone care to share opinions on the overall movie? I've heard everything from, "OMFG! SPECTACULAR!" and "MAN, IT SUCKED."

Thanks to anyone who helps. :D

Sorry this is all jumbled and probably hard to read...

I'm failing at life right now. I have to leave the town my school is in because I ran out of money. I have to go back home and save up a bunch of money and get my life in order. The thing is, although I feel as though this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me, I don't really want to come back here. I was thinking of just moving to Ireland once I saved up the money. I have lots and lots of family there, so its not as random of a decision as it seems. I've been to Ireland twice, but I was too young for it to really matter.
(1)Have any of you ever done something like this before?
(2)Do you think it would be hard for me to find a good job there?
(3)Do you think school would cost me an arm and a leg?
I know that here(Tallahassee, Florida), schooling is outrageous unless you're a resident, but it also only takes 12 months to be considered a resident.
(3a)Will this hold true in Ireland?
I'm shooting for Dublin, as that is where most of my family resides. I currently pay $333 a month for my share of a 3 bedroom townhouse. Utilities usually run me around $80.
(4)Is this going to change drastically once I make the move?
I guess basically I just want some input from people who live there, or who have before, and know what its like being a 20-something making a drastic change like this. I know this is going to take far more research than just asking TQC, but I thought I would get a feel of what I'm jumping into.
burning words

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okay, i don't watch much tv, but i keep hearing/seeing this Milo Ventimiglia guy around. how do you pronounce his first name? is it "my-low" or "mee-low" (french kind of accent). i have a pug that's named Milo (former pronounciation) and i find this just funny all around. so yes, tell me?

shannon you never wonder why


1. Why would some people in really fancy wedding outfits (including the bride and groom, complete with limo) be getting their pictures taken in my parking lot, in my somewhat ghetto neighbourhood? In front of the dumpster, no less?

2. Tomorrow will be my first day at my new job, working in the kitchen of a restaurant. I'll be starting out doing mostly prep work. I've worked fast food before, but not at a real sit-down restaurant. What should I expect?
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My friends and I just want to go to the state of New York for a day, from Montreal, by car.. to go shopping but one of them don't have a passport or a birth certificate. She got her licence, her SAN only.
Do I really need a birth certificate to travel to the USA from Canada by car?
petit prince

did you hear?

here in thequestionclub, we have lots of regulars. after time, i've noticed that some members tend to bring up the same factoid(s) about themselves frequently.

1. be honest, do you have a thing you bring up frequently? if so, what is it?
2. do you think you bring it up too often or just often? do you think other people think you bring it up too often?
3. is this post out of left field, or do you perceive that there're people here who bring up the same stuff about themselves over and over again?
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[23:01:52] njyoder: is it illegal if I hire a wet nurse to suck her boobs
[23:01:58] noveldevice: ...
[23:02:02] njyoder: I can say that I need fresh breast milk for nutrients
[23:02:04] noveldevice: ask ron4ld
[23:02:05] nghtcrwlrct: awww....it's the corny episode of Futurama that they play every Friday!
[23:02:16] njyoder: every friday?
[23:02:20] nghtcrwlrct: ask the comm, Nathan

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obviously related to the other thread...
How old were you when all of those physically painful things happened to you? Have any of you ever had appendicitis? How was it? I hear that is also extremely painful. Has anything particularly interesting/terrible ever happened at any of your hospital visits?
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Does anyone else have friends with annoying behaivours towards ones pets? Anyone else know how to correct this?

I have a friend that always tries to make my pets love her. She always makes a big show of showering them with affection, encouraging them madly to sit on her, and if they go to her for pets, she goes all smug, and if they end up in my bed, she makes oblique references to me taking them from her sleeping arms as opposed to them seeking me out. Oh, and she always tries to tell me things like 'Oooh kittens like /this/ better'.

It's really pissing me off.