July 26th, 2007

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I live in Illinois, and my mom just bought me a plane ticket to fly to New York  in 5 hours. My husband told me he would drive me before mom bought the ticket. Now he's saying he won't drive me to Ohare airport because he doesn't want me to go, and says I can't spend 100 dollars on parking (i'm staying there for a week) Now, I can't waste my mom's 300 dollars round trip ticket. So, any ideas?

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I'm going on a very short camping trip this weekend with some people who work with me at a radio station.  One of the guys offered to pick up some alcohol for me while he went to get some (we live in a dry county, and you have to go outside the limits to actually buy stuff.).  So... what would you ask him to get if you were in this situation?

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Would you consider it cheating if your SO had sex with a ghost?

What if they had sex with your evil alter ego from another dimension?

I haven't dyed my hair in a while and forgot how dirty looking my natural hair color is. I have the hair dye to go either darker, to a brown, or lighter, to a light blond. Which way should I go?

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okay so i am african american( i am medium-toned/beyonce's skin tone) and i really want to get a sun-glow look, so i was wondering if there are any special spray tanners for black people that would help me get that sun-glow type look?
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1. How the hell did anyone ever pick their major/career??
2. Did you change your mind alot of the year/s?

I'm starting my second year at the community college this august, and so far I have just been takin the core classes. I seriously need to start thinking about what major I want, or what degree I want to pursue. I am so completely lost. I have always wanted to be a teacher, but I dont know how comfterable I would feel being responsible for so many kids. I love accounting (took a course for a year in high school) but I would hate being in front of a desk all day. I am really good at graphic and web design and have won some awards from that but again with the desk thing. ehh. =/ I feel like I'm just gonna go to school and its gonna be a waste, since I'm taking a bunch of classes I might not need.

3. Last question, how long after you got your degree did it take to find a job?
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1) What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
chocolate milk or diet pepsi

2) What is your favorite snack?

3) What did you do today?
I worked and then played WoW

4) How are you feeling?
I'm quite sleepy

5) Is anyone else excited for the Simpson's movie?
I am, I can't stop singing the Spider Pig thing

6) Did anyone read the 7th Harry Potter book in under 8 hours?
I did, and I was disappointed in it.
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What does your shower routine consist of? How long does it take?

Mine takes like 35-40 minutes and I always get bitched at for it, but I don't know what the hell I'm doing to make it so much longer than everyone else. (FTR: shampoo, condition, general scrubbing, shave, brush teeth, wash face and ears, rinse) Do other people just get wet and they're finished or what?

ETA: My SO informs me it's more like 30 minutes. Which is still horrifying.

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Does anyone know the exact quote from Running with Scissors that Augusten's mom said, about going to Mexico, and waking up with pesos in her hand?

Thank you.

I answered it myself.

"once, i had a dream i was in mexico. when i woke up, there were pesos in my hand."

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Does anyone know where I can find a download of Oregon Trail Deluxe that works on Windows XP?

It was the old version everyone played in computer lab in 2nd grade. EVERYONE.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't know that this was against the rules. I won't do it again. Anyways, I got the download fair n squarez (aka NOT for free) and got DOS to work. It's so weird to play a game like this when you're so much older!
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1. What time did you go to bed last night? Why?

2. You can choose any person in the world (except yourself) to receive $1,000,000. They cannot use it on anything that would in any way benefit you. Who do you choose? Why?

3. Say you have a little sister (13 years old) who lives with her extremely conservative parents. Her parents will not let her read a certain series of children's books, as they believe them to be evil. Your sister desperately wants to read the books. She is coming to stay with you for a week. You own a set of the books in question. Do you let her read the books or respect her parents wishes? Why?

4. What is the first sentence of the latest entry in your LJ?

5. Any plans for the weekend?

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1. Why does my supervisor keep calling me Shelley? Why does he think I have been working there for four years when I've only been there a year?

2. How does Dateline get away with putting the predators they caught on TV? Don't they have to have some sort of permission for that? If I were a predator, I would say no way, Jose, you're not putting me on TV.
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When you die:

1. How do you want to go?
2. How old do you want to be?
3. What would you want your last words to be?
4. To whom would they be addressed?
5. Do you think you'd be remembered?
6. What for?
7. Would you leave a lasting impression on the earth?
8. Any last requests?
9. What would you want your last meal to be?
10. If you could write your epitaph, what would it say?

my answers in comments
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Because I'm Cheap and google fu failed

1. Is there a safe and cheap way for me to modify a Bike so I can carry my dog *dog in question is on icon* with me on it? 

I would prefer to have her run beside me, but she is small, and fat, and while she could use the work out, I'm afraid that she wouldn't 'agree' with going in a straight line, and would either run underneath the bike, or do something that would make me fall off of it.

2. What do you think of http://www.angelsonwheels.com/umbrellas.htm that product? Have you ever seen anyone use it before?

1. All I've found are expensive attachments, and the roll behind things. I would prefer to have my dog infront of me so I can grab her if she tries to attempt bike suicide. 

2.  Dear god no. and NO! I don't even use an umbrella when I'm outside!

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Okay. So, my boss has taken this strange habbit of hitting me 'playfully' when I do something that annoys her. First time it was on my arm and it stung, the second time was a few moments ago on my head. I told her to stop and but she kept trying to hit my head. It's not that it hurt, it's just unwelcome. I don't like her very much to begin with, but I try not to show it. How do I get her to stop this without causing too much of a scene? I know it's only happened twice, but I don't want it to be a real habbit.

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Thanks to a debate my sister and I had, here are some questions:

1.) Has anyone lost a significant amount of weight through diet alone, no exercise?

2.) If so, what was your starting weight and ending (current) weight?

3.) Has anyone used a diet pill that actually works?
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paper cuts ahoy

According to something I heard on the news last night, the recent release of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows has hit some fans in an unexpected way. Several hundred books, so far, have been reported missing pages or having them repeated or in an odd order. As you can imagine, this has caused a lot of civil unrest.

Rowling is supposed to make some kind of statement about this later in the week.

If you've bought the book, was your copy complete?
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1. Why would a bar be 23+ only on certain nights of the week?

2. If a woman gets a yeast infection from antibiotics, is she likely to get it while she's still on the medicine or after she's through with it? I've never had a YI before but right now I'm on two mega antibiotics and would like to know what to expect... :(

3. Do you wear scented deodorant? If not, do you find it difficult to find unscented deodorant? I swear, every time I find an unscented brand that I actually like, it gets discontinued and replaced with some stupid scent like "fresh flowers" or "chai tea". WTF? That is the last thing I want to smell like. The other day I settled for Dove's "original clean" scent and I smell freaking gross.
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1) Will you post the most ~scene~ picture you have of yourself? Pls tell us if it was staged or if you look like that normally :P

ETA: it doesn't have to be "current" scene, haha. If you were a stereotypical grunger in the 90's or a legwarmer wearing big hair weirdo in the 80's, that works!

2) Will you post the classiest picture you have of yourself?

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fiction... and you?

hey ya'll..

so, what movie/tv show/literary fictional space would you want to reside in? no, you don't have super powers, unless that is a given of the fictional place you would put yourself in.

not to say you'd BE a character that already exists, but that you'd be yourself in a fictional locale.

no, reality TV shows don't count. FICTION, people.

EDIT: yes, i will tally up the number of votes HP gets, if only for my entertainment.
HP: 24
STARGATE (all): 4
Sunnydale: 4
Firefly: 3
Star Wars: 3
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Icons, Identity, Individuality

What is your default icon, and why?

Is it a stock image or one created specifically created by or for yourself?

Is there a particular trait, characteristic, affiliation expressed in that icon?

Do you use different icons to identify them by filter or subject matter?

What are your most commonly used icons used for that purpose?

PA Pet Purchase

Does anyone here live in PA?  Do you know if you have to provide ID to purchase a live fish?  I seem to remember trying to buy a pet fish years ago and needing my stepmom to come get it for me and I've just had this irrepressible impulse to go and buy a pet fish after work today but I do not have ID with me.  

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1) Have you ever donated plasma before?

2) What was your experience like?

3) Is it true, you can feel the blood going back into your body?

3a) Is it really cold?

4) Anything else you wanna tell me about donating plasma?
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hello world ?!

Ok, heres the question:

I just got a router and I can surf the net, but I cannot for the life of me get my webcams to work. For the record, I use webcamxp.

How do I configure my cams and my router so people on the interweb see them?

By the way I am router stupid, never had one before.

Oh yeah its a linksys router
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A couple ?s

A) What is the last thing that you think you spent too much money on?

B) Do you listen to any musical artists who seemed to have been more critically acclaimed when they had substance abuse problems? If yes, who?
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1. How do you choose the names (keywords) for your icons? Are they descriptive of the icon? Something to remind you what the icon is of? Or just whatever random nonsense pops into your head?

2. What is the next bill you have due? How much is it?

3. I want to do a photo scavenger hunt. Will you assign me something to take a picture of? (If I don't post yours right away, then it's something I have to wait until I go home to get a picture of.)

4. Do you want to do a photo scavenger hunt?

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1.  Does prefering to be on the left mean your submissive?  I was walking with a friend today and I moved to be on the left since I just feel more comfortable on that side, and she was like "Ohh it means you like to submit to people!"  And my reaction was "O_o?"  

2.  Is compassion for strangers neccessary or unneccessary?  Explain please?

3.  Underwear: friend or foe?
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1. What's a decent, cheap *.3gp to *.avi (or *.mpg) converter? I'm trying to make a video from clips I made at a YouTube meetup, in Windows Movie Maker but it doesn't like the files I took using my mobile phone.

2a. On that note, has anyone here ever been to any sort of Internet Meetup? I'm not talking of meeting one or two people you know online, but a group of people from a particular site where you will not have spoken to the majority.
b. How was it?
c. Post a picture if you have one! Please? [Gotta make it a question, right?!]
d. If you haven't been to one, would you ever? Why? Why not?

3a. How often are you on YouTube?
b. Are you more a watcher, poster, commenter or a mix of some of them?
c. What is -your- YouTube account?
d. Your own personal favourite video?
e. Your alltime favourite video? [Whether it be your own or someone elses.]

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Do you have a camera or camera phone with you right now?

Would you like to do a photo scavenger hunt?

Can you find (and photograph and share) the following items?
a. A hubcap.
b. An 11.
c. A tree.
d. Something handwritten that you didn't write.
e. Something used for medicinal purposes.

Edit: Now go join tqc_scavengers! (And don't laugh at its dippy userinfo.)

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do you take calcium supplements/vitamin supplements?
if so, what kind + why?

i take 1 viactiv multi-vitamin and 2 caramel viactivs every morning. the multi-vitamin one is kinda gross but it actually provides adult nutrition in a chew (i used to take kiddie vitamins, but does a 4 year old really have the same requirements as an 18 year old?). The normal viactivs taste like candy (at least the raspberry, chocolate mint, caramel flavors, dont know about the rest) so i always eat that extra one..haha

i take them because i dont drink milk and just..do.

Mastur B

When you jerk it,  do you get off quicker than your partner when they jerk it? 
I'm like 20 minutes faster than my bf, is that weird? I'm not racing or anything, I just can't comprehend jerkin it for 30 minutes straight.
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1) Would you rather be deaf or blind? Why? If you are deaf or blind, would you rather be the other?

2) My dad just sent me an email titled "The Unemployed" containing pictures of heavily tattooed and pierced people, and the forward says things like, "EW!!!!" and "GEE I WONDER WHY THEY CAN'T FIND WORK!". I'm into all of that. Should I be offended?

3) What's YOUR favorite way to deal with annoying co-workers?
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1. What do you talk about altogether too much, driving your friends crazy? What do your friends talk about altogether too much, driving you crazy?

2. What song(s) are you listening to over and over again at the moment?

3. What's your favourite Alfred Hitchcock film?

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How many of you would stop at a roadside lemonade stand?
Would you be more apt to stop if there is a little kid standing there?
Do you have to have a roadside permit to sell drinks at the road?
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HOw much would you pay a babysitter for 6-8 hrs. for a 7month old, and the babysitter is 16.
i dont want to be cheap.
*LAST MINUTE  please answer soon!*

When a guy says he doesnt want a relationship, he really means he doesnt want one with you. Y/N?

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What is your opinion of the Wand of Gamelon? Is it epic? Is it the best Zelda game ever made? Is it a barrel of laughs?

What was the last "risky" thing you did? I snuck out of my friends house with my 2 friends at 3 int he morning and we taped giant penises and a penis yin-yang that says "I Suck Cock for World Peace" on the back of my other friends car. Though it wasn't very risky or sneaky because we told my friends parents we were leaving the house and they just laughed and didn't really care.

fiction... and sexy time?

hey ya'll again (.. gasp! two posts in a day.. oh my!)

so, after my earlier post, here, about fictional places you'd like to reside, i realized, THE THREAD MUST CONTINUE. ..and get sexy.


What fictional character (from movie/tv show/literary fictional space) would you happily BONE, do the deed, or get it on with?

again, no, reality TV shows don't count. FICTION, people.
as a side note, it doesnt matter if you are currently involved. afterall, what good is an SO who will keep you from sexy-time with your dreamy fictional character.
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I'm trying to get some good "traveling to New York" songs...I've of course thought of all the standards: Sinatra-new york, new york, and billy joel and paul simon. But I'm out of ideas. Any one know of any fun, New York themed songs? or songs by New Yorkers?
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Do you think that new mothers are pressured to breastfeed? Do you think that, in some cases, this could be, well, not good?

Were you breast fed or bottle fed?

Ladies: did you/will you breastfeed? Why?

Men: did/would/will you encourage your baby-momma to breastfeed? Why?

PS: Let's get Godwin's Law out of the way and say if you're a 'Boob Nazi', skip this one. (Yeah, like that'll quit them.)

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What breed would you say he's mixed with? We only know Border Collie for sure. 
Is it true that blue spots on the tongue mean your dog's part chow? Cody's about 60lbs, I think. Thanks people
*edit* I also wouldn't mind seeing the dogs you guys are talking about also! :P

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Evil Dead The Musical

Did you know that there was an  Evil Dead the Musical? I only found out about it like, yesterday, and it sounds totally hilarious and brilliant. I love warped musicals.
http://www.myspace.com/evildeadthemusicalsoundtrack here's four of the songs. There's also a song called "An Ode to an Accidental Stabbing" which also totally makes me laugh.

What other 'warped' musicals do you like? I love Cannibal The Musical and AvenueQ and 'Tanz Der Vampire' even though I can't exactly fully understand German. I just looked at translations,  and enjoyed it in German. :) I also like Spamalot, a  lot.

I'm listening to this song now that I've not heard until the other day, it's called "tick tick boom", it seems... though it is labelled "30/90" .. I don't know what musical it's from as it's not labelled as what it is. And... what exactly  does 30/90 mean? I get that it's a song about your 30th birthday...  does it mean that you're likely to live until 90 years old? So it's year 30 out of 90?

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1.)Is the global reliance and addiction to money just an evolutionary phase we are going through, that will eventually lead us to an empathetic and caring society?

2.)When water is found on another planet would you consider being the first to volunteer to drink it?

3.)When you hear the word alien, what comes to mind?

4.) If you were given the chance to know the truth of any event in human history, which would you choose and why?
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So in August we are going to Bermuda. I would like to go ahead and start the process of changing my name. My passport is in my maiden name. I really don't think I have a chance in hell of expediting a name change since we applied for our passports in March and just got them today.

If I change my name on my license, is bringing a copy of our marriage certificate going to be sufficient for leaving and reentering the country with my passport being in my maiden name? (Copies are only $2 a piece so that's no problem).

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What is something random you always keep in your car (if you have one), and why do you keep it in there?

I have a gold eye mask that's usually hung on my rear-view mirror.  I keep it so that people on the passenger's side can put it on and wave at passing cars.

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There's this kid that's IMing me about this paper he's trying to write and he needs help with it. Now normally, I'd help him all I could, or at least some, if it was something I knew about. But this paper he's writing is about masturbating.

I might not even mind discussing that with him but he's always trying to ask me out and he used to ask me for sexy pictures so I'm not very comfortable with talking to him about my girl parts. Specially 'cos I don't trust him and part of me doesn't believe he really has to write this essay.

But nobody else wants to talk to him about it, and he's not allowed to use the internet as a source, and the library didn't have any books about how girls masturbate. And he doesn't know anything about it, I suspect because he doesn't have much success with girls (and I can see why.)

Every time I tell him "no, I'm sorry, I'm not going to help you" he says, "no, no, I don't mean to sound like I'm pressing you or anything, I'm just worried about my paper, and I do understand your limits, but if you want to answer some questions for me that would be great."

(This kid is so persistent. When I was young and stupid--I still am--he asked me out. I said no. He kept doing it, continuously for three hours. I caved. I figured he'd take me to a movie or something, and being asked out meant I wasn't necessarily committed to him. As soon as I said yes, I realized it was a mistake because he called me his girlfriend, which meant I was committed to him. So I broke up with him two days later. He wanted a girlfriend so badly. I was the third girl he asked out in two weeks.)

I finally logged off that screen name. Luckily he only knows the one I don't use much.

So what would you do? Would you be comfortable talking to him about that stuff? Since he's creepy and awkward, would you block him? Or would you put him off and lie to him to avoid hurting his feelings too much (like I did)? Do you think it's true about the paper, or is he just being awful to me?

EDIT: So if he continues to bring it up I AM NEVER TALKING TO HIM AGAIN.

random i'm sure.

i had a random thought at work today while some girl was using those scented markers.
how on earth do they get them to smell?
there's got to be something in the ink right?

what do you think? or if you know?

thanks guys! :)
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To those of you who have found jobs on the internet, where did you find them??
I know about craigslist, and I've gotten a few calls when I sent out my resume but nothing really solid came out of that. I was wondering if there's anything else that works out there.
I'm in Long Beach, Ca by the way if it matters at all.
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Do you ever just want to go into someone's home with muddy boots and track them all over the rug, then on the couch yelling, "FUCK YOUR COUCH, NIGGA! FUCK YOUR COUCH!" ?
gasp zooey

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If you could be BFFs with one TQC-er, who would it be?

What does a TQC-er have to do before you, personally, consider them to be a "regular"?

If you could punch one TQC-er in the face, who would it be?
If you want to punch that one TQC-er in some place other than the face, where would it be?
Tree H&M

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I'm bored. Have some random questions. :D

1. Quickies... How short was the shortest episode of sex you've ever had? (Why can't I word this right?)
Like fucking 5 minutes... ):

2. Do you know anyone who has gotten pregnant while on birth control?
My friend's sister did.

3. Do you recognize me?

4. Do you like/shop at Bath & Body Works? If yes, what's your favorite scent?
Yep. Exotic Coconut. Or maybe Warm Vanilla Sugar. Or maybe Coconut Lime Verbena...

5. Do/did your parents care if you drink/drank underage?
As long as it isn't excessive, my parents don't care.

6. Do you get along better with the same sex or opposite sex?

(no subject)

When driving, do you usually listen to your music loud, soft or in the middle?

Have you or someone you were with ran out of gas on the road? Who did you call, if anyone, and how long did it take you to get gas?
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(no subject)

1) What was the name of your favorite ever pet?

2) Any tips for me if I'm interested in a piercing apprenticeship? (mail out letters, walk in, anything else?)

3) Are chubby people attractive?
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(no subject)

Which of the following statements apply to you?

I'm wearing socks.
I have eaten something within the last 30 minutes.
I like bananas!
I've peed in a fitting room.
I weigh more than 150 lbs.
I like raw tomatoes!
I like tomato soup.
I have to pee.
I have less than $10 in my wallet/pocket.
I have stolen something from a friend's house.
None of these statements apply to me.

(no subject)

It occurred to me that there ought to be a site where you could go and anonymously push a button if you are feeling depressed or angry but unable to unburden yourself to another living being.

And the site would tally how many times the button had been pressed that day or something useless.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Is there any site remotely like this already in existence, that you know of?

Please forgive me for posting this. :( I think it's an indication that I spend too much time on the internet, that I would come up with something like this instead of doing what I used to do, which was rant cryptically into journals that were actually made of paper.

(no subject)

Tonight we hotboxed some girls cabana and told scary stories and now I can't sleep. I have a very early bus tomorrow and I NEED to get some shut eye.

What do you do when you're too scared to do... anything?
hello lion-o

(no subject)

What are some odd things your school known for?

-Our football program set NCAA division 1-A records for most fumbles in a single season and most fumbles lost in a single season

-On July 12th, 1976 a mentally-disturbed campus janitor shot nine people, killing seven, in the library.

-Our campus arboretum has been successful in producing four blooming titan arum plant specimens. (corpse flowers)

(no subject)

1) My hair is fading so today I bought hair dye, however tomorrow I have an appointment to get my hair cut. Should I wait to dye my hair after the haircut? or should I do it now?
2) Want to be my LJ friend? I don't have many :(
3) Do you ever watch shows about making a meal and actually make the meal?
4) Do you own a magic bullet (the small blender magiger)? Is it as cool as it looks?
5) Have you ever been happy with what you looked like? picture?
6) What is your favorite hobby?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Do I invest in a printer to take with me to college? (my room is tiny, and I can make room if I really need it, but it's not apartment-style or anything). The library is just a short walk from my dorm.