July 25th, 2007

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So, cleaning out my basement, I found a huge box of Pokemon stuff. Included was an Eevee around three inches tall that makes this adorable "meww!" sound and tilts her head and wags her tail. Nostalgia hit almost immediately.

What's something that's happened lately that reminds you of your childhood?
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Stolen from another poster, ear drama

I've had my ears pierced about three times because they kept getting infected and I had to take my earrings out and let the skin grow back and then get them re-pierced. I think the piercer pierced them in the same spot all three times, too. Grr. Which is a crappy spot. Don't you think it's way too high up on my ear?

Now it's pretty badly infected again and if I take my earrings out for a few minutes the holes already start to close up, and I have to force the earring back in and it hurts.

I want to have pierced ears but this really sucks.

Should I let it grow back and then in a year or so get it re-pierced with a needle, and much lower down? Or should I let it grow back and not get it re-pierced? Or should I just wait and see if it heals and deal with how it looks?

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Besides googling "Evanna Lynch" and "Luna Lovegood" for images, what are some places I could check for perhaps screencaps from Order of the Phoenix of Luna?

Have you ever taken philosophy? If so, have you ever read Epictetus?

Are you a night person or a day person?

I'm turning 20 on July 26th. I have class from noon till 10:30 at night. When I get back home, what should I do to celebrate?

Do you believe in Fate, God, multiverses, or none of the above? ((If you pick multiverse, explain why - I'm interested in that and debating writing an extra-credit philosophy paper on my thoughts and arguments for them and I'd love to know your opinion.))

Do you think that paid members should get compensated for the 7 hours that LJ was down today? ((I don't, honestly. If it had been a few days, sure. But 7 hours? No.))

TQCrying game

1. Someday, when there's a TQC party and we all gather, and find out that 90% of this community is really 45-year old men, living in their grandmother's basement, masquerading as female LJ users cause they're weird or sexually confused...will it put a damper on TQC, or will we just roll with it?

2. If that was so, it sure wouldn't explain the plethora of vagina questions, would it?

3. I'm going to the great Comicon tomorrow in San Diego. Anyone else going? If so, are you dressing up?

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If your SO wanted to use their sexual appeal to make money, to what extent would you allow be comfortable with them doing so? This could extend from prostitution to stripping to modeling underwear.

To what extent do you think your SO would be comfortable with?

For the single TQCers: Would you sell your appearance to make money?

Edited because yesterday_laugh reminded me that we all have free will. =P

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1. Do you name inanimate objects, such as your car or computer? Names?

2. Have you ever heard of a rat king? What do you think causes them? Are they faked or do they happen naturally?

3.If your significant other told you they were planning on getting gender reassignment surgery, what would you do?

4. What do you do when you can't sleep?

5. How do you feel about PETA?

6. What was the last disturbing dream you had?

7. Do you feel you've gotten more attractive as you've gotton older, or less?

8. If you had $9 to buy groceries till next wednesday, what would you buy?
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1.)What do you believe to be true that your friends usually do not believe to be true?

2.)If you had a choice between having a sexual fantasy fulfilled with no strings attached, one time only, or the ability to fly, for twenty-four hours, at the speed, height and distance of your choice, which would you pick?

3.)If you were stuck in your home for 5 years with no computer or TV, and could only choose one of the following as reading material, which one of the following would you choose? Remember, you can only have one of these: The Bible (Old and New Testament), The Encyclopedia Britannica (latest edition), a stack of Playboy magazines for the years 1995-2005, every Stephen King Novel, every Robert Heinlein novel, every Anne Rice novel, one current TIME magazine a week for the 5 years you are confined. Which do you choose?

4.) If you had the opportunity to travel in deep-space as part of a generation ship (assuming the technology to create a self-sustained 'artificial' environment for human beings to populate, direct, and monitor throughout the many-lifespan journey), would you take it? Does your answer change if your loved ones come with, and how so if it does?

5.)If Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, and Confucius were gathered in a room, who would be the first to speak? What would he say?

6.) Q: A man with a gun walks through the door and points his weapon at your head. Give me a reason not to kill you,” he says. What do you say? (Note: death is imminent. You may not overpower or disarm the questioner. Only what you say will have any effect on the outcome.)

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Acceptable side effects for a flu medicine?

Slight nausea
Shooting pain behind your eyes
Liver failure
Unsightly lesions
Complete loss of upper motor skills
Blurred vision
Loss of control of one's bowels
Sudden hair loss
Irreversible erectile dysfunction

Drew Carey is the new host of the Price is Right. Who would you have rather seen take Bob Barker's place?

Whoopie Goldberg
Fred Durst
Rosie O'Donnel
Christopher Walken
The Coreys
Hugo Weaving
The Geico caveman
Bob Dole
Kathy Griffin
P. Diddy
George Lopez
Iggy Pop
Ted Nugent
Lewis Black
There is no one more qualified than Drew

What do you call P. Diddy?

P. Diddy
Puff Daddy
Sean Combs
That guy who jacked the Police song
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This post is a follow up to this one.

So I went to my doctor and he checked out the bump. He told me it was an ingrown hair, squeezed the shit out of it and pulled out a hair. It was nasty as hell and I can't ever remember anything being that painful. I'm so happy it's not an abscess or boil though.

Do you know you could get ingrown hair on your head? Have you ever had one?

bored : )

1.) God (assuming, of course, the existence of such an entity) appears before you and asks, "What is the most profound question you can ask me?" What is your answer?

2.) Would you rather have the ability to phase through solid matter or to shoot electricity from your fingernails? What would you use the power of your choice for, primarily?

3.) What role, if any, do you feel consciousness plays in the cosmos?

4.) What is your favorite "little kid" game?

5.) What is your favorite word?

6.) Do you feel that time moves at a different pace in various situations, or does a minute, or an hour or a day feel more or less the same to you regardless of content?

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What do your hands smell like right now?
--> My left hand index finger smells like saliva. For some reason I decided to stick my finger in my mouth. The rest smell like Dove hand soap.
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laptop memory upgrades

i'd like to upgrade memory on a sony vaio laptop. currently it has 512, and max it can have is 1gig
i looked on the sony site and they offer 3 choices: 1 gig for $600 and two different (?) 512 modules for $300 each.
i've never bought notebook memory before and never upgraded notebooks, so i don't know if this is normal.
so should i buy from sony or are there less expensive solutions that are not too dangerous?
any insights into laptop memory upgrades appreciated :)

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I woke up this morning and I still had my glasses on, but I really distinctly remember taking them off when I went to bed last night.

Does this ever happen to you? What weird things have you done in your sleep?

When is the next time you will fly somewhere? Where are you going?

I'm going to Providence, RI on Friday.
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I'd have to study a bit on permutations to figure out how to do this on my own, so I'll ask here if anyone can answer this easily...

I want to protest an online racing league that doesn't redo car number assignments when it redrafts players to new teams. In order to protest this, I want to paint EVERY number on my car. The easiest way to do this would be a grid of numbers that, reading either top to bottom or left to right in any column, every possible two digit number is displayed. How do I arrange numbers such that this is the smallest rectangle of numbers possible? (If it's not square, it doesn't matter which direction in which it extends slightly.)

What are some good topics for my persuasive speech for my public speaking class? It has to be public policy themed, and I'd prefer a non-divisive issue that can get the attention of a class full of other college students for six minutes. (Granted, it's only a class of six, including me.) So far I'm leaning toward those boys in Portland facing criminal charges over swatting the butts of girls in the hallway at school or the couple suing a USF doctor in Florida for negligence when he told them they could have a healthy child after their first was born with a genetic defect. (An aside question, did everyone see these stories and what did you think of them?)

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1) Are there any programs or companies that produce something similar to The Secret?

2) Can you suggest some poems to me that fit the following criteria? 

Mother to Son.
Uncle to Nephew.
Aunt to Nephew.

I'm helping someone out with a baby book. I'm trying google, but I figured I'd ask just in case someone knew of something specifically whether it be a poem or a website.

3) What's one good deed that you've done lately?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) What word never fails to make you hungry when you read it? Mine's Spaghetti. It just sounds delicious and makes me hungry EVERY TIME. Yuuummm.

2) I'm getting a tattoo today! Any advice? (besides "don't", lol)

3) Is 1500 calories an acceptable daily consumption level for an 185lb, 5'5" woman with a desk job that's looking to lose weight?

edit: 4) Is LJ not mailing comments for you?

(no subject)

1) What kind of car do you have?
1a) Is it good on gas?
1b) What color?
1c) Is it sinfully ugly?

2) Do you automatically think less of someone who has a Neopets account?
2a) What about Myspace?

(no subject)

1. What's your favorite mythological creature? Why?
2. Are there different ways you greet people online depending on how much you like them/want to talk to them? What are they?
3. How many pairs of earrings do you own?

Did you know Poowords is waiting for some more people to start a game? Want to join? (Bob's Room)

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1)What do you like to pack for lunch if you're taking it? And don't say leftovers, jerks. I want to know specifically, please, what leftovers you like to tote in your lunch pail. Also, what do you carry your lunch in and do you stick an ice pack in to cool it or can you stick it in a fridge?

2)Do you think a coffee can would be a weird thing to carry your lunch in?

3)Do you use soap on a rope?
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Laptop Batteries

For those with laptop computers-

1) How often do you calibrate the battery?

2) Do you leave your laptop plugged in even if the battery is fully charged?

3) If my answers are "never" and "almost always" to the above questions, does that explain why my laptop battery becomes fully discharged after only an hour (when it used to take two hours when I purchased it less than a year ago)?

4) Would you be more or less likely to purchase from an Ebay seller if they had this image in the item description: Probably Not Safe for Work.

1) Never

2) Almost always

3) Probably, and now I have to buy a new battery. Woo hoo.

4) Far less likely.

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How often do you look at porn?

What is your favourite adult site?

Have you ever watched it with your SO?

Is it weird for two straight people of the same sex to watch porn together?

Besides the usual, illegal stuff, what type of porn absolutely disgusts you?
south park

(no subject)

1) Have you ever judged someone because of how much money they had?

2) If you grew up with well-off to wealthy parents, has anyone ever made you feel bad about it?

3) Were you spoiled as a child? Would you still consider yourself spoiled? Were you a "spoiled brat?"

....and a couple random questions:

4) Are you an ageist?

5) How much of an education have you had? 

6) Do you make your own money? How long have you been making your own money?  (meaning if you have a job, even if it's not a career and even if you're still considered dependent)

7) Do you owe anyone money right now?  How much?

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misplaced funk


I can't crunch numbers. Help.

Say you have a married couple, one of which is making (before tax) $65,000 a year, while the other is making $37,000 a year. They have a cat, two cars (both paid off), spend about $50-$60 a week in groceries, and have about $150 a month in credit card bills to pay. They rent an apartment at about $850-900 a month, with utilities being about $200/month.

Can they afford another $1700 a month in student loan payments and still have something left over for savings? What am I not factoring in?
Bailey and I

(no subject)

1a Why when you post/comment something people don't like do they get on the offensive?
1b Do you get on the offensive when you see something posted you don't like?

2a Why don't people try and educate instead of yelling at other people?
2b Do you yell at people when they don't agree with/understand what you are saying?

3a. Why are people rude when others come off as less-educated or not knowing?
3b. Wouldn't it make more sense to be nice?
3c. Are you rude, or do you try to be helpful when someone is "stupid"?

4a. What is your favorrite breakfast?
4b. Favorite Lunch?
4c. Favorite dinner?

Ethics question

Let's say you broke up with an abusive man who comes from a very rich family. Let's say that he raped you and you got pregnant. If you decided to have this baby, are you obligated to tell this man about the child?

Let's say he is more than capable of being a Scott Peterson.

Let's say he would be the type to kidnap the child and go overseas just to upset you, not because he cares for the child.

What would you do?

Or in a case like this would it be better to have an abortion because either way the child will be dead because he is more than likely to kill you if he found out you were pregnant.
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(no subject)

Why [are] there negative feelings in regard to medical psychology. People can accept theripist.. who may not be trained to handle people, but others look down upon anti depressives and [medical] solutions to people's personal problems.

(no subject)

1) Do you feel bad for Beyonce or did you laugh? (Note: It happens at about 1:50, so you don't have to sit through the whole thing)

2) Will go see John Rambo in the theater with me and any of my friends I can drag along, plz? :D

3) Will you pay for my slurpee and nachos?

4) If you died and it turned out there was a Heaven and Hell and God asked you to justify your right to live at peace in Heaven, what would you say?

5) If someone held a gun to your head and said, "Sing Sexyback while performing a striptease, but leave your socks on", what would you say?

6) Do you agree with the theory of evolution? If you do, what do you think of people who don't? If you don't, what do you think of people who do?

(no subject)

When you realize that your pants are gradually becoming tighter and tighter around your waist, would you rather change your diet, change your exercise, or go pants shopping?

What types of incense do you like?

How long do you keep birthday cards?

edit: & for girls, how old were you when you started wearing bras?

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every day i wake up w/a song in my head...for awhile there it was a song or three by the english beat, then it was the ocean breathes salty by modest mouse...this morning it was radio, radio by elvis costello...

1. do you wake up w/song(s) in your head?
2. if you do - what song did you wake up with this morning?
3. what do you listen to/read/watch before you go to bed?
4. what book are you reading now?
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Earlier, I left in a moth. It's pretty big - probably a couple inches wide and long, and is brown but when it unfolds its wings, it has orange on its back. Any clue what it might be?
for all you drama queens


Those of you who use the tag function for your posts can do this, the rest of you really can't. If you go directly to your journal and add /tag to the end of the URL it will bring up your journals entire tag list.
  • Is there anything on there you don't remember using?

  • Anything on there you wish you hadn't?

  • If you could go back and remove any of them...would you?
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~*imagine*~ you are working a clerical job (if you don't already) and are asked to take phone messages. you CANNOT ask the customer how their name is spelled, because.. you just can't :p

a customer by the name of:

A) Brian calls in. How do you write his name when taking down his message? Bryan or Brian?

B) Katherine calls in. How do you write her name when taking down her message? Katherine, Catherine, Kathryn?

C) Britney calls in. How you write her name when taking down her message? Britney, Brittany, Brittaney, Britny etc?

D) Louis calls in. How do you write his name when taking down his message? Lewis, Louis, Luis?
Mario - F#CK!
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my last question

Why do some people consider the dictionary the worst source for word definition and usage. I saw debates about what rights are, beliefs, opinions, and law. People gave definitions, but they weren't related to what's in the dictionary. Is the dictionary out of date?
pretty ren

(no subject)

I planned a day trip for some of my hometown friends before I move out for college. Suddenly, the day before the trip, one of my friends wanted to pick up his girlfriend who lives an hour away and meet us at our destination. He knows that his girlfriend and I don't get along that well (and our group of friends don't all know her that well), and that this is one of our group's last chances to hang out together. Frankly, I didn't really want her there.

I emailed him and politely said that the outing was meant as a last chance for us all to hang out together, but that with that said I couldn't force him not to bring her; I don't OWN the trip. I asked him to please just tell me what he was doing so I knew whether or not to pick him up. He didn't reply to my email and forced me to call him shortly before the trip, whereupon he told me bluntly he was sorry but he was bringing her.

Was I rude or was he rude?!

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Which of these names from Austin Powers movies is best?

Alotta Fagina
Robin Spitz-Swallows
Fook Mi/Fook Yu

Which of these Alfred Hitchcock movies have you seen?

The Birds
North by Northwest
The Man Who Knew Too Much
To Catch A Thief
Rear Window
Dial M for Murder
Strangers on a Train
Stage Fright
Shadow of a Doubt
none of the above

Do you have a theater that shows old movies (not necessarily 1940-1960's old but ones that were released several years ago)?

(no subject)

For the last few months, I've been working on a sort of "Lifetime To-Do List." At the moment, I've got over 425 items, so I'm curious: what sort of things do you hope to accomplish before you die? (apart from the usual get married, have kids, etc etc)

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what are the laws of Ohio regarding the possession and carrying of pepper spray?
I just bought some & the can says to check state law about it and it never occurred to me that I might not be allowed to carry it. It's 17% pepper spray, 2M scoville heat units. It's this stuff.

Any reason I would be in trouble for using it in self defense?
Mitty box

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I was making a pizza and wanted to try something different from my regular cheese. So I added some deli turkey and deli chicken to the top.

1) Do you think it will be delicious or gross?
2) What are some spices I could put on a pizza besides garlic powder and parsley?
3) What do you put on your pizza?
4) Are you a good cook? If so, what's your signature meal?

5) Do you like my new icon?

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Trapped in the city

Is there such a thing as a driver's ed type course, but instead of teaching you how to drive an instructor teaches you how to navigate a specific city? Like something you might do for a potential taxi driver but just for a regular citizen?

Because I can't find my way anywhere, I'm afraid to use the interstate because I'd always end up in the wrong place so I can't even find my way to the next city over, and I know if I got a GPS I'd be too scared to go anywhere because I'm too unfamiliar with everything to correctly change lanes and stuff. I need professional help, seriously!
zee goggles!


I picked up a bottle of Dasani "Natural Grape Flavored Water Beverage ... with other natural flavors" at my local Subway*. It tastes like chewable grape aspirin, yeach.

What was the last thing you consumed that made you skeeve?

* - Ha ha, now you want subway.


I've never flown anywhere before, and this weekend I'll being flying to California for a class trip. I can take one carry on. What type/size of bag is good for a carry on?

Any advice for a first time flyer? One that is a little afraid of planes?

This or That

1. If you had to choose between riding a roller coaster when you first woke up every morning OR eating the same thing for dinner every night for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

2. If you could choose between never hitting another red light OR having the same car (that required no repairs/maintenance ever – except for gas) for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

3. If you could choose between living a perfectly healthy life and dying at 65 OR living to be 90, but risk the health complications that can possibly come with old age, what would you choose?

My answers:

1. Roller Coaster. Good times.
2. The car.
3. I think I'd risk it and shoot for 90.
loving pat

Facebook pictures and the relation between cold and clean

1. When you think clean, do you also think cold? If so, why do you think that is?
I do. I think it has something to do with clean = white = snow = cold or the fact that doctors offices are the cleanest places I know and they're always cold, too.

2. If you have a Facebook account, what is your current profile picture? What is your favorite Facebook application?
This is mine. I like the "Free Gifts" application, and "Graffiti."
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(no subject)

Were you teased as a child or popular in:

Elementary school?
MIddle school?
High school?

If you were teased, how do you feel about it now?

Is there anything you are sensitive about being teased about?

Do you think homeschooling a child because they were teased is a good reason?

Would you rather your child were the bully or the bullied?

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(no subject)


a) your boss was to appoint you to a higher position or tell you that you'll start training for another dept in your current place of employment (and still keep your same job) would you be happy for the extra work or be like 'ughh! i can't take this, it's too much!!?'

b) your SO/crush/celebrity you can't get enough of/WHOEVER your heart desires was to ask for your hand in marriage, who would be the first person (best friend, sister, parents, etc) or place (church, reception hall, bridal shop, etc) that you'd call? IF you are already married.. instead of getting proposed to, you're hit with divorce papers.. who will get the phonecall?

c) it's (insert whatever time it is right now), do you know where your best friend/parents/siblings/SO [pick one] is?

(no subject)

TQC ladies:

What sort of outfit would one wear on a first date to a casual dinner and then to get drinks? I don't mean specifics like "such and such shirt from Express" or otherwise, I mean like "a casual skirt" or "really nice jeans" or something like that.

Similarly, what sort of outfit would one NOT wear on a first date?

And, you know, why?
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me and my ....life?

I'm leaving my job and writing thank you and goodbye cards to my coworkers. I've written one's to all the people I like - but we have a small office so I feel if I don't write a card to everyone it will be noticed, and the people I've yet to write one to are people I dislike mostly all management. I need a generic card. Any suggestions or ideas? Ideas on what to write would be great....something I can just stock card in the damn card and get it done with .

Thanks for any help.

(no subject)

1. When reading a book are you able to tell if the author is a different gender from the narrator/main character they are writing about? What gives it away, especially when, for example, a female author is trying to write a male character?

(What prompted this was I had a customer last night who proceeded to tell me about Water For Elephants and that even though it was a good book, what happened (or rather didn't happen for many chapters) was completely implausible and should've happened/would've happened a lot sooner if the character had been written/acting authentically male. I haven't read the book yet so I can't be more specific than that.)

2. Also, are there any books/narratives that are really bad examples of this (a male author gets a female narrator's thoughts and actions completely wrong or vis-versa)?
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(no subject)

Which digital camera do you have?
What do you like about it?
What do you dislike about it?
How much did you pay for it?

I'm looking for one in the price range of 150-250 dollars. I figure asking for personal experience would be helpful.
Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. Should I hold my birthday celebration extravaganza! six days before my birthday, or fifteen days after?

2. Ladies (and those gentlemen to whom it applies): What is the strangest thing that you currently have in your purse/handbag?

3. What are your plans for this evening?

4. What is your current MySpace profile picture?

(no subject)

How strange does your life have to be..to confuse dreams with reality?

(My dreams are always extremely messed up...but I'm trying to think of what I did yesterday, and I don't know if I was actually living it...or if I dreamed about it last night/the night before)

(no subject)

My boyfriend hates talking at meetings, but is interested in speaking to kids at schools and such about drug addiction. He's very candid about his experiences, has a realistic attitude that kids can relate to, and I think it would be really good for him. We tried to get some information from NA, but no one really knew where to start with that. Who should he talk to?

wedding atire

Ok, I'm 17 and have never been to a wedding where I was not in the wedding party. My track coach is getting married Friday and the whole team is invited to the church ceremony. My question is what would be appropriate to wear? would a sun dress be fine?

pretty pictures are appreciated
box o' sloth

(no subject)

1)What do you think people taste like?
2)If you've ever had a roommate who was not your SO or immediate family, did you find the experience enjoyable?
3)If you were to drag someone from TQC to a karaoke bar and have them sing something, who would it be and what song would you have them sing?
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(no subject)

Harry Potter fans:

What is your interpretation of Aberforth's goat obsession? I know that there has to be a sort-of innocent way to read his 'illegal charms on a goat', but for the life of me I can't think of anything that wouldn't end in something like 'his wife? Is a goat.'

(no subject)

In my last post I asked what was wrong with my iTunes. Everyone said it was probs my drivers.
I was on the Dell website and I can't figure pout which driver I need to download to make my burner work (with iTunes. It works with a different burned I downloaded a while ago, that's what made me think it was an iTunes problem).
What driver should I look for/download?

If it matters, I have a Dell Inspiron E1505.

Annoying phrases

What phrase annoys you to all hell?

I hate when people say "It's gonna get worse before it gets better." and then look all smug. I just feel like beating the shit out of them. Yeah. Tell that to somebody who's caught a bad bit of luck who lost his parents to a car accident or to somebody who was just diagnosed with cancer! Yes. I've heard somebody say that to people in those situations.
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(no subject)

1- Decide my hairstyle for me? I have long-ish (past my shoulders) naturally curly hair. It's brown and blonde by some weird fluke of nature.

2- What are the chances of jail inmates being more sincere about compliments than someone on the street?

3- Got any interesting news to share? Do tell. :)

Inspired by the road ragin' post...

Story time: A woman I knew once realized that she was being followed on her way home from the grocery store. She continued on her way home and pulled into her driveway. She got out of her car and demanded that the man who was following her explain what the Hell he was doing. He informed her that she had hit his car in the parking lot and that she ought to come see the damage and then they'd contact their insurance companies. She told him that she knew she didn't hit a car in the parking lot and to leave. He asked her to at least look at the damage.

1) In this situation, what would you have done?

2) Would you have done anything different than she did earlier in the story?  

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(no subject)

I heard some time ago that certain smells can trigger memories depending of course on that particular person and situation. I'm almost positive though that for me it works backwards. When memories come back, usually due to emotions felt, I swear I can smell the scent that is linked with that specific memory.

So do scents trigger memories for you or is it the other way around?
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(no subject)

What do you think about wearing keffiyehs in a trendy manner? Is it offensive? Is it just a piece of cloth? Explain.

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I don't really see thinks like that as offensive unless it's worn as a way to mock someone/their culture. But I don't think anyone wears them to offend people, just cause they like how they look. ANYONE could fold a scarf in a certain way with certain colors and that doesn't mean anything.
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(no subject)

Inspired by this.

Today is Année 215 de la République, Mois de Thermidor, Décade I Jour du Sextidi.

Had you ever heard of The French Republican Calendar before?

What's your favourite unusual calender?

Can you perform fluent math in anything other than base 10?

Are you so geeky you have a favourite base, other than 10? (Mine would be hexidecimal, due to HTML colours.)

I used to know someone who would write the date on his checks in the French Republican Calendar, and was so disconnected from the rest of humanity that he was surprised that the bank tellers didn't get the joke and just thought he was a nutter.
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Oil based lube?

Now I know that oil based lubricants are bad to use with condoms, that they can weaken the latex and all. I don't use condoms though, so what I want to know is are there any risks involved to using oil based lubes (sweet almond oil or olive oil based and the such, never petroleum) other than that they can stain the sheets?
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1.) To you: what is the difference between a scenester and a hipster?

2.) Which one do you like or hate more?

3.) What is your favorite scenester/hipster trend?

4.) What is your least favorite scenester/hipster trend?


Ok.. so basically the story is this.


and i wanna know what you think about what the radio was asking as a people poll today.

"Should pitbulls be banned in saskatoon?" (because of this incident and a few others..)

do any of you live in an area where pitbulls are a huge problem? even banned?

can you see a reasonable solution to keep this from happening again?

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Do you own a pair of Rainbows? If so, are they worth the price?

I'm not one to spend a lot of money on footwear in general, but going through so many crappy cheap flip flops I think it's time to invest in something with longevity seeing as how I wear them year-round.

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So, I'm reading a book, Songs In Ordinary Time and I came to this sentence that I can't make sense out of. Maybe I've been reading too long and need a break or something but this one sentence doesn't make sense and it's driving me crazy. If you understand it could you please explain it to me? The sentence i'm talking about is in bold.

"Oh Yah!" she said when he told her. "You're Alice Fermoyle's brother." She ground out her cigarette in a large ashtray loaded with red-ringed butts. "I was in school with Alice. All the way to freshman year. After that I kinda quit on school. Couldn't take the nuns." She lit another cigarette. "I never could figure them out. I mean never getting married or having kids or having a good time, but Jesus Christ, lemme tell you, they got the life!" She laughed. "The voice of experience, that's two kids later talking!"
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When you eat pasta do you have to have some sort of sauce on it or do you like it plain?

Do you like cold pasta?

Do you like reheated(micro waved) pasta?

What's your favourite pasta dish?
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Can anyone remember that Vintage Carousel released in the early 90's. It had a pink jewel at the top and you could purchase the ponies and they clicked in the actual carousel? I wanted one as a kid when I was about 8 or 9, but unfortunately I never recieved it. I have had no luck searching on eBay or finding images.
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1. I purchased 1 yard of Goosebumps fabric for $1.25 today! It was so cheap I couldn't resist. What should I do with it? I have a sewing machine and limited skills.

2. Do you recognize any of the things on the fabric from Goosebumps? Which ones? I remember reading the books all the time, but I don't remember what happened in any of them.

EDIT: I found the characters here.

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So basically for my job I do henna, aka freehand temporary tattoos, and tomorrow is my first official day working, and I get nervous when I actually do it on people. Do you, TQC, have any remedies for shaky hands? Besides "you'll get less nervous as time passes" because I know I will, but I don't want to suck at the first ones I do tomorrow. :( So any way to calm myself/my hands when I start on my first person tomorrow and I'm practically having seizures?

Thanks :)

also: What is your favorite sound? Besides music (but it can be something in music).

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I've heard the ladies of TQC referring to a community for women's health when somebody posts with sexual health questions, etc. I can't remember the name of it, only that it exists. But anyways, is there a community like that for guys?

ETA: __ria just suggested I *actually* ask the question here, since there aren't too many wang-health communities around. So here goes:

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1/ Have you ever felt really broody at a pretty young age, i.e 17/18, like you're desperate for a baby to hold and look after?

2/How do you prefer books/movies to end? Sad, happy, open to interpration etc?

3/Last book you read and really regretted reading?

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random questions

1: What do you look like? Post a picture.
2: Who is your favourite Harry Potter character? Why?
3: Pigs are adorable, and I think they are very friendly, so why is it an insult when you are called a "pig" or call someone a "pig" regarding the way you've treated someone/you've been treated? (Cheating, lying, etc.)
4: a. Do you have your general plan for life in your mind already? What is it? Assuming you're young, 18 - 20ish? b. Did your life follow a plan that you made for it and go the way you planned? What was it?
5: What does your favourite purse look like?
6: How many brothers and sisters do you have? What are their names?

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brain stew.

1. what subject in school was the most difficult for you?
2. what was the easiest?
3. if you absolutely had to get either a tattoo of large fairy wings on your upper back or a tribal tramp stamp, which would you get? (you have to pick one!)
4. if you are using your air conditioner right now, what temperature is it set to?
5. one over the reciprocal of - 4/9 is ?
6. have you ever stolen a traffic sign? if yes, why, and how?
7. do you have long or short hair? do you like it?
8. stuffed shells or manicotti?
9. have you ever been in a situation where you had to routinely deal with a person you couldn't stand? did you find it more effective to be a bitch to them all the time, or act super sweet to them because you knew it would piss them off but they wouldn't be able to do anything about it?
10. have you ever worked night or graveyard shifts? besides being able to go to the bank during the day, is there anything good about this type of schedule?
11. what is the square root of pi?

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Yes, I am full of computer questions/problems. Sorry.

So, I bought an external harddrive, am downloading Norton Ghost, and have my OS and Driver reinstilation disks all ready.
What am I missing in order to delete/reinstall (reformat, whatever it's called) my entire harddrive?

I am planning on calling Dell within the hour, but I was wondering if anyone has ever done this before and has any tips?
The reason I'm doing this is because apparently my harddrive is fucked and every so often I get the 'blue screen of death' and need to restart/lose all my stuff I have open.


Can't Stand them, can't live without them...

On two totally different notes:

1.) Why do guys still leave some of the house hold things to the women of the house? (My SO and I just got back from MD and though I work all day, and he has no class or work till September, he still expects me to clean up the apartment and unpack the suitcase. I would say its cause he's living in the wrong century, but I hear many women friends of mine complain about this frequently)

And yet...

2.) What is the cutest dorkiest thing you've done with a SO?
(My So and I were in MD for an anime convention and we dressed up as an anime "couple..." Cloud and Tifa if anyone gets the reference)

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where should I live?

we are looking for a city with atleast most of the following attributes:

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I'm interested in hearing if anyone's moved to Philadelphia; it's the largest city I'll consider, and it looks pretty awesome. but I am from a fairly small and not-at-all dangerous city. to me, Philly looks super expensive, and my boyfriend, who has spent several years in St. Louis, tells me I wouldn't know very much about being safe in a larger city. hehe.

if anyone just wants to tell me about how awesome/horrible their city is, I will also find that very amusing. non-US cities also welcome! (I can dream, can't I?)

edited: thinking of switching to linux from windows. any recommendations/warnings?

further edits: I agree a lot of the larger cities have these things. livin' in teh souths, we gots no culture, so I took that for granted. (okay, atlanta's alright...the rest of it, meh!). where do you really, really love? this move isn't gonna happen for a few years, though (gotta finish my BA and have the boy finish his BS in chemistry...)
also, I am loving all these replies! thanks!

two unrelated questions

1) What's more important: the journey or the destination?

2) Suppose you are writing a fiction story. You have planned certain things for the characters later in the story. However, as you write the story, you find a character (or characters) deviating from their intended destination. What do you do? Start over from some point before the deviation occured? Keep what has been written but force the character(s) back toward where you wanted them to be? Roll with the changes and accept that your characters have taken on a mind of their own? Something else?
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If you hear someone you don't know described as a "genius", what is your first instinct regarding what they might do for a living?

Will you write me letters when I go to camp next week? (If you do, I will have to dance in front of the little kids I am counseling.)

Will you play scattegories with me? Please?

(no subject)

My period is about 3 weeks late. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and they have all been negative. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress, so I was just figuring it could be that, but could it be something more? Should I try to make an appointment with a doctor to find out what the hell is going on??
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I was at a work wear store today and they kept bandanas behind the counter where you had to ask for them. They kept much more expensive, and just as easy to steal items throughout the store. Why were the $1.75 bandanas behind the counter?

And thank you to everyone who helped me figure out what my grandpa meant by "work handkerchiefs"!
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waxing RASH??

I am a kind of hairy person, so I decided to get my belly and my back waxed a week ago. My belly is great, but my back has had a nasty red "rash" of little bumps ever since. How the F*CK do I get rid of these? I don't put anything on the area usually.



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Does anyone know of any fun or interesting games that I could download free to my new Mac? Now that I have access to a computer with internet 24-7 I need new ways to waste time on it.

I'm not very familiar with games, so I couldn't really tell you the kinds I like, except I can entertain myself pretty well with the Sims and shooting games like Doom are kind of boring.
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I've been thinking for a while now about getting on birth control (for a variety of reasons). With all the nice and knowledgeable women in this community, I figured I'd ask for recommendations.

1) I don't want one that only gives me four periods a year, or any other amount than 12. I think a period supposed to come once a month, every month. (If you want to argue the point, feel free. This is just my opinion and is noted to save time.)
2) When it comes to medication, I'm nearly always in that special 2%. Meaning, when the side effects are mentioned, I'm in that "but only in 2% of participants", which means I get all the fun and wacky side effects.

So, please, what birth control would you recommend and why?

Also, if you feel this is a repeat post, please link me. :D I've searched back quite a while but with no relevant results, but I could simply have missed it or not looked hard enough.
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1) You're supposed to learn something new every day. I haven't learned anything new yet today. Have you? What was it?

2) Will you tell me something I don't know?

(no subject)

what is it about teenagers that makes them so mystifying to everyone?

can you speak any other languages besides english (obvs)? even if you don't, what language seems to be the most appealing?

(and a bit selfish, sorry:) my itunes was recently re-downloaded, and now the numbers are at the bottom instead of at the top of the list of artists. it really bothers me, and i've tried clicking the arrow but it merely switches the descending order (numbers, then z, y, x...). how can i put it back to normal, or will it affect my ipod?
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Popsicle Stick Art~*~

My latest life project is using up all of my arts and crafts supplies and I have a box of a couple hundred popsicle sticks. What is something cool that can be made out of popsicle sticks? Google is only giving me lame-ass kid projects. I'm not interested in making 250 popsicle stick photo frames and not to be cocky but I'm a little more advanced than your average 7 year old. I need a challenge- even just ideas of things to make would be helpful.
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