July 24th, 2007


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1. Do you enjoy going to dollar stores? Have you ever purchased anything particularly exciting in one?

2. Have you ever seen Driving Miss Daisy? Did you like it?

3. What variety of smoothies are your favorite?

4. Should I go to Ikea alone tomorrow, or should I wait until the weekend and go with my dad who will pay for everything?

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Good loving Jesus, I come back and find a mock post about me! ):

I'm sorry if I came off as silly or immature to some of you.  I know I probably sounded dumb after the edit, but I'm just stressed out over a lot of things right now.

What's your favorite color?

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If your spouse had a debilitating disease, would you consider killing them to save them from the pain?

There have been lots of stories about elderly couples in my town doing this lately. :( Last week, a 73 year old man shot his wife, their dog, and himself, because his wife was suffering from Alzheimer's.


1. are you a texter?
2. have you ever accidentally texted something to the last person who you wanted to see it? ie something BAD about THEM?

1. yes, i had to buy the unlimited texting package
2. the other day i was texting my brother about how my feelings for my bf are changing, and I TEXTED IT TO MY BF. awesome. but perhaps it needed to come out.
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It is 12:30 AM. I'm home alone in my house, I'm disgustingly sick, and my cat just brought in a live rat that it graciously set free inside. Said rat is currently hiding behind the basically immovable television and stereo cabinet. (Even if it were movable at other times, I feel like I want to pass out and die right now and am NOT up for lugging a huge piece of furniture around.)

How the fuck do I get it out? Is there a danger of it seriously chewing through cables/destroying things if I garrison myself in my room to sleep and leave it until the morning?

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What's your opinion of self-help books?  Have you ready any that were actually decent?

I actually read a book called On Being Authentic that talked about historical ideas of authenticity and mentioned modern self-help books.  Other than that, I've never read one, but I'm supposed to read this book by the end of summer for a program at my university.  It's gotten good reviews, but I'm still somewhat skeptical.
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Is anyone else watching Ardal O'Hanlon on Comedy Central?

Can anyone explain to me the joke about sheep, ducks, and absorbency? I don't understand. Was the point that it was pointless? Or am I missing something?

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You are given a bottle of pills. If you take a pill, you will be healthy and not age for five hundred years. Do you take the pill? Do you give any of the pills in the bottle to others?

You are about to write the greatest novel the world has ever read. What is the first sentence?

Which is more important to you: to live true to your idea of who you think you are, or to behave in a way that is consistent with the idea other people have of who they think you are?

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Would you feel comfortable with your SO working in an adult film studio? They aren't in the films, they would work as a receptionist or janitor (ew) or a cameraman, but they get to see absolutely everything that goes on.

My skin is super sensitive, when I use shave lotion on my legs I always break out in hives from it, so I have to use certain soaps. But I don't get as good of a shave as with shave lotion and my legs get really itchy from the little prickly bits left behind. I definitely wouldn't be able to do waxing, and I've tried Nair and Veet, they both irritated my skin. What else is there?

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For those of you who are (or have been) in the habit of doing such things:

Who was the first fictional character you fell in love with? When, and do you know why?

I was totally in love with the Disney Robin Hood when I was nine.
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srs and non-srs as always.

My windows are open, and I thought I heard a car pull into the driveway. When I got up to look, there was a huge SUV parked in front of the driveway. The driver's side door was open, and some guy was walking down the driveway from the front door. He got back in the SUV and drove off. It's 4 AM here. I didn't recognize the SUV, my house number is on a well-lit stone slab on the grass beside the beginning of the driveway, and my house is pretty distinctive anyway (i.e. ugly), so I doubt they could have mistaken my house for a friend's house.

That said, what the hell was this person doing?

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I have a drug test today at around 11ish. I have smoked in about 2 1/2 weeks and before that I was never a "heavy user" just did it for about a month or two almost every weekend while my room mate had a bag and a bong. My question is I drank a strip detox drink yesterday and bought another one to drink today, will I be alright or should I hold off on the test for a little longer? Also my urine is now a neon yellow color will this be a red flag to the testing facility or will they just think I take a lot of vitamins?

I feel like such an idiot and I am extremely nervous because I need to pass to get this job... I really want/need it and already quit my other job. Please help my TQC!
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1) Whyyyy do mothers insist on storming into your bedroom at 8am? And WHY do they persist in talking at you in an obnoxiously loud voice? - There is no good reasoning.. I just know that a large part of me can't wait to move out.

2) What is your favourite Destiny's Child song? -I've been listening to their remix album. It's baddddass. I like their cover of 'Emotions'

3) Think back to being aged 14... what song reminds you of being that age?- Anything from the American Pie soundtrack. Something grungy. Maybe even Nirvana, smells like teen spirit.
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What is something that you have to do every day / week / month / year that you absolutely dread doing?

What is your dream job?

Are you doing Blogathon? Who are you blogging for?
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1. What is your favorite small moment of the day? (Ex. You always pass that cute guy on your way to get coffee, you come home and your kid hugs you, etc.)

2. What was the first thing you said out loud today?

3. What sort of shit are you too old for?

4. Are you convinced random internet strangers are lying to you? Do you preface all your posts with "Be honest" to combat this?

kinda slipped between the cracks

8:28 PM 7/23/07 · I have been, as far back as I can remember, extremely fond of cop shows. Any variation of the good guys versus the bad guys will do but the ones with a more legal edge really work for me. Law & Order series, CSI series, NUMB3RS, The Closer; that kinda thing. I have a very structured, more like jam packed, television schedule and there's a bit of overlap here and there that I usually cover when one show finishes up its current reason and starts doing repeats...

...there's one show I've yet to see a complete episode of that Mom swears by. I've seen bits of it on different channels but I'm not even sure when it comes on.

I'm just wondering.

Have you ever seen Da Vinci's Inquest? Is it any good?
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I mean chronic pain that isn't self inflicted.

Poll #1027066 reactions to chronic pain

What are some reactions you have when around a person with chronic (continual) pain?

genug (feeling of "enough already")


other (will comment and say what)
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1- Have you ever sat in a courtroom and listened to other peoples' cases other than the one(s) you were involved with (if any)? How'd that make you feel?
1b- If you've never done this before, would you ever consider it?
2- What is the least appealing (to you) job in the world?
3- If you were to work at a casino, what sort of job would you want to do there? Dealer, the people who hand out jackpots, showgirl, etc... ;P
4- What is the state of your fingernails currently? Pictures or descriptions, whatever.

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What are some synonyms for crock of shit?

If you get a tattoo over a scar, will it still hold the ink like the rest of your skin or will it be all weird?

Edit:Can you be in a domestic partnership and a marriage at the same time or is that considered bigamy?
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1) Every day I keep noticing more bruises on my legs. Who's beating me up in my sleep?

2) I just got back on the internet yesterday after a week of vacation in a land o' no internet. What did I miss? (On this comm or stupid_free particularly, but anywhere on the internet will do)

3) Speaking of stupid_free, does anyone remember that one post about a chick that wanted to charge her kids back for all of their costs? Like feeding them, housing, school, etc? I really want to find/bookmark that one to show people. It's such brilliant stupid!

4) I picked up Warcraft III awhile ago, and am currently battling my way through the Undead campaigns. It's totally kicking my ass. Does anyone else hate this part of the game? Any tips for survival? It's really driving me nuts.
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Okay, so here's the gist of things: I don't pay my cell phone bill, it's a family plan, and my father covers my minutes. Texting is not covered, but I receive a few and nobody explodes. My question is, does the bill say what number the text comes from, or does it just say that there's a text? (I have verizon, if that changes anything). Like, if I get a text from America versus a text from Europe, will he be able to tell the difference?

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anyone here had to take the PRAXIS teaching test? is there a certain study book that you would recommend to use that helped you? i have to buy one soon and i think there's alot too choose from, so i'm just wondering. also, any other tips/hints about the test? thanks.
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Whackjobs and the people who love them

What is something you believe in/subscribe to/study that many other people think is a crock of shit?

Examples: homeschooling, the Talmud, the Bible, pro/anti-vaccination, pro/anti-adoption, pro/anti-abortion, Jesus, Mohammed, "Breast is Best", Pagan Gods/Goddesses, etc.

ETA: I'm not saying these things are crocks of shit, but they're highly controversial, etc.

What is something that others' believe in /subscribe to/ study that you believe is a crock of shit?

What do you do when you engage someone who has vastly different beliefs than you? Are you hostile, or do you remain calm as possible?

How do you treat people who proselytize you or otherwise try to indoctrinate you into their way of thinking? Are you receptive, do you placate them by listening or do you blow them off?
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What do you think defines a person's identity more:

their "biological sex/gender", their "socially-determined gender", or their "cultural ethnicity (- not just black versus white, but Hutu vs. Tutsi, Afrikaans vs. African, Kurds vs. Iraqis)"?

Or are they all about equal?

(I put them in quotes because I know that these terms are often defined differently than how I am using them here)

Witness to a violent crime

Have any of you witnessed a violent crime ?

If you have,does it take a long time to stop playing the scene over and over in your mind?

Should the police tell a neighborhood that it has been hit with an nightime attacker of women?
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TQC, my roommate (female) is sitting in the living room watching the Little Mermaid (and singing along) and coloring in her Aladdin coloring book. Is this normal behavior for a 20-year-old girl, or should I be seriously worried?

Or am I resenting my roommates because they have more free time than I could ever hope to have?

ETA: Apparently, I'm a grinch, and this isn't so weird after all. I'm blaming my grumpiness on the fact that she has the time to do absolutely nothing. It's really not my place to dictate how she spends her free time.

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1.)A being tells you that your current life is actually the afterlife, and it will last for as long as you wish. If you desire, you will not age or get sick. How does this statement make you feel?

2.)Do you see yourself happier five years from now than you are today? Why?

3,3.) If a child at the age of reason asked you whether Santa Claus is real, would you say yes or no? What if she asked about the existence of heaven?

4.) How would the world be different today, geopolitically speaking, if the ancient land masses had never drifted apart and, therefore, today's world consisted of a single supercontinent? How would biological life be affected?
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1) Why does Harvard Pilgrim have such exorbitant co-pays for everything? (I'm on Blue Cross, and I pay $5 for a doc visit and $25 for E-Room. My fiance pays $25 for doc visit and $100 for e-room).

2) What food are you craving at the moment? (I could go for a nice veggie taco or two)

3) Why are scabs so fun and enjoyable to pick? Is there some evolutionary reason for picking them, or are we just really nasty creatures?

4) Will you suggest some very flavorful (preferably spicy and acidic flavors) but low calorie meals? Recipes are always good.
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If you could go back in time, and go anywhere in the world, as well as change your appearance to fit that time period and place (but only once)... what would you do, where would you go? Would you stay there?

It's hard for me to pick, but I'd definitely go way before all of the really good inventions were invented. And then I'd either do the ideal myself or get into the works with someone who I knew would be inventing something great. And I'd become successful/leech off of their success. :D :D :D

Or... get thrown ino jail or whatever for speaking in tongues/being a witch/etc.

ETA: And also, if you could bring ONE item from your current time, what would it be?


My mother had my ears pierced when I was a baby, and I wore earrings clear until high school, when I just got bored with them and stopped. My ears didn't fully close for a lonnngg time. In fact, my mom bought me orange sapphire earrings for graduation, and I was able to easily poke back through my ears even though I hadn't worn any earrings in at least 2 years, and didn't have any problems.
But now, I haven't worn any earrings for at least 5 years, and I'm thinking of having them re-pierced.

1. I know guns are bad, so I need to go to a real piercer. About how much will this cost?
2. Is it going to bleed a lot? I have an iron deficiency, and I don't want to pass out and freak the dude out, you guys.
3. Does it make any difference that my ears have been pierced before?
4. How long before you can change out the studs for the earrings of your choice?

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Question for the women on here...

What do you think is the best product to clear up a yeast infection?

My gyno once gave me a magic pill that cleared it up in a day or two, but I can't ge to the doctor that soon and it's driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance!!
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Another Piercing Q!

So I got my ears pierced yesterday, and I woke up this morning and my right ear was caked in dried blood. :/ I cleaned it out and did all the movement stuff with the earring and they seem ok. They didn't bleed right after I got them pierced. And I didn't read about bleeding anywhere when I was reading on how to take care of them. I assume it'd be expected a little but I want assurance. :o

Is it normal for them to bleed?
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fill-in the blank.

1. don't you just hate it when __________?

i don't know my best friend's cell phone #, i know it starts with 410.. but that's it. i programmed it the moment she got it and i've never had to dial it, i just press her name.. we've been best friends for forever.

2. what's something that you DON'T know about your best friend?
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If you take the first & last letter of your first name, the third & fourth letter of your mom's name and the last two letters of your sister's (or brother or if none apply, best friend's) name, what would your name be?

Necqyn. Sounds like a nasty demon from Buffy.

Golly Olly

There's this song that I discovered ages ago. It's acapella, and quite obscure. And I have no idea what it's about. It seems to be called Golly  Olly, but I'm dying to know who it's about or more details. I've tried googling lyrics. edit: I already know who sings it.

Golly Olly
Anyone know it, or who it's about?
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1. what do you call that stuff in the corner of your eyes when you wake up? sleep? eye boogers? crusties?

2. are you buff in the arm area? pls post a picture of your biceps/triceps/whatever arm muscles you might have.

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1)In your mind (HP readers), is butterbeer served hot or cold? What about pumpkin juice?
2)What was the last thing you purchased online?
3)What's something unique about one of your best/good friends?

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Has anyone here ever been 'up north'?

Any advice for someone who is being dragged up north by her tree-hugging hippie fiance?

Should I just shoot myself now?

ETA: I'm on crack, I mean up north in Minnesota.
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So, even though I'm 29 years old, my body still thinks I'm 14. The biggest part of this is the greasy hair. Like super greasy. When I wake up in the morning, I can brush my hair back and it will stay like I put gel or something in it. I wash my hair every day. (Yes, some say you should not do this, but I have to interact with the public and a weeks worth of no washing would make it look like I'd given up on life. I can't wait the supposed couple of weeks to retrain it not to be washed.)

Not so long ago, I use to buy oily hair shampoo. But someone put out some sort of memo that apparently, those of us with oily hair do not exist. Every single brand I've ever found has now been discontinued. Even Herbal Essences decided to get rid of theirs.

Now what?

Anyone else have my problem? What shampoo do you use? Or are there other oil hair shampoos somewhere that I'm missing. I am suffering through with extra body shampoos since they seem to at least moderately adjust to my super fine hair.

two unrelated questions

1) do you consider your city/town "diverse"?
edit: also include where your from

2)whats your favorite soda/pop/coke?

1) I live in baltimore: sort of. Its majority african american but the rest is mostly white, there are very small asian, mexican, south american, etc. communities and compared to San Francisco i dont consider it TOO diverse, just polarized.

2) diet berries and cream dr.pepper. I cant find that shit anywhere, but its so good. Then dr.pepper/pepsi, im not too picky because i only started drinking soda a couple months ago.
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What is this flower?

Recently I saw these flowers, and my mom thought they were mums, and they look a lot like this:


which is supposedly a mum, but in general when I look up photos of mums nothing looking like that comes up.

So is this flower actually a type of mum, and if so, what exactly is it called, or is that photo misnamed, and if so, what kind of flower is it?

The ones I saw were looked like white porcupines, basically.

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1. What do you think of Trader Joe's?

2. Have you ever fainted from standing in one place too long?

3. If you were a doctor/NP/PA, what specialty of medicine would you want to work in?
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bed location

I would like to rearrange my room, but due to the placement of certain shelves, my closet door, and the height of my book shelves my options are limited. Basically my bed can either stay where it is, or be placed near my window. I worry that putting it near my window will creep me out.

If you have your bed right alongside a window, does it ever creep you out? Did it when you first put it that way?

If you don't, do you think it would bother you?

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1) What are the bare minimums needed to refine oil? (No, I'm not trying to drill oil in my backyard. :D)

2) A while ago I saw one of those little collection jars with a picture of a sick baby on the front in the grocery store. I deposited my money and a woman who worked at the store informed me that the baby on the front wasn't the actual sick kid. Apparently, the real sick kid was a teenager and his mother brought in the baby picture because she thought it would elicit more sympathy and thus more funds. Do you think what this woman did was wrong? Would you be angry if you had donated money and found out that the person on the jar wasn't the sick person?
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forgive me for being lame.

So, there's this boy that I talk to online. And offline, via obsessive texting (mostly from my end, but he DOES reply).
I've known him for awhile, about 8 months now. About 3 months ago, I realised that I really liked this guy, and it was painfully obvious to everyone who knows me, barring me, and probably him.

Now, he lives close to me. So close that it wouldn't even be out of his way to stop by and say hi on his way home. He is incredibly shy, which is definitely hindering things. He told me once when he was drunk that I should force him to come see me.

I want to meet him so badly that I laugh at myself for it. I really reaaaalllllllly like this boy (poor guy!), but I don't know if I should follow the wise advice of a fellow TQCer or not. Her advice was to tell him that i like him, and that i really want to meet him, and see what happens from there. There's three ways from there: we'll get over it and get some closure, we'll stop talking, or things will you know, move places.

Now, I am scared of throwing away our friendship, but surely, if we're really as good friends as it appears we are, we'll get over it, right?

Help me, internets. Should I be biting the bullet instead of my tongue? 

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1) Age
2) Gender

1) Have you seen "Hair Spray"?  Did you like it?
2) Have you seen "The Simpsons Movie"?  Did you like it?

Have you heard good things about any of them? Do you want to see them?

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My iTunes keeps saying 'disc burner or software not found' whenever I try to burn a cd.
I have redownloaded iTunes multiple times.
What's wrong with my iTunes/how can I fix it?
What is a free and easy burner software I can download?
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Do you think anyone has a cat macro tattoo yet?

Can you find me any pictures of one?

Failing that, pics of nutters who've had any kind of image macro tattooed on themselves?

Closest thing I could find was this. (Technically SFW, but eh, I dunno.)


What scenes from horror movies made you really creeped out. And if you don't get creeped out just thought that was good or that idea was awesome. List as many as you want.

My example is original child's play when the mother realises her son's talk doll has been operating with out any batteries which were included in the pack but remained in the box. It wasn't scary but I just thought it was a real neat scene. Just trying to creep you out with out an actual boo!

Another is the description of Michael Myers.
Dr. Sam Loomis: I met him, fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no conscience, no understanding; even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child, with this blank, pale, emotionless face and, the blackest eyes... the *devil's* eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... *evil*.
 that didnt creep me out either i just loved how he described him.
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1. For the rest of your life, you are only allowed to use five sexual positions whilst having the sexytime (this is for anal or vaginal sex, not oral sex or anything else). What positions do you choose to have in your repertoire? Include pictures if you so desire!

2. What is the craziest place you've ever had sex? Again, include pictures plz!

3. What's one reasonably obtainable sexual fantasy you have yet to fulfill? Picture?

4. You aren't one of those crazy people who don't like sex, are you? If you are, please include your photo!
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What kind of jobs have you had that you've enjoyed the most? Specific stores or companies would be great.
Conversely, what jobs have you really hated? Again, specific stores or companies, please.

I'm working at Hollywood Video, my first job, and I want to quit so bad. I despise retail, because I am not so good with constant interaction with strangers. But where else can an 18-year-old with barely any life experience and no job experience go to find work?