July 23rd, 2007

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ebay woes

I was trying to set up a seller's account on ebay because soon I will have to sell those Lewis Black tickets, and I have never sold anything before. I was starting to enter my credit card info when I looked at the URL and it was "https://arribada.ebay.com/..." so I stopped. Is this some kind of scam? According to this website it's not, but I'm paranoid. At this rate I'm probably never going to sell anything on ebay.

I just emailed ebay about it anyway.

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EDIT: Have you ever wanted to manifest a person just to see what would happen? And I don't mean have you ever wanted a mental disorder. To just create something from your mind for momentary amusement and run with it to see where it would go. Like playing make-believe but really experience it.

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My vag has always had a... smell. Not really a fishy smell, more like vinegar. And as far as I can remember, it's always been like that. I had read before that it's not really supposed to have any sort of foul odor at all, but for some reason this never really bothered me until recently.
I am not sexually active, and the smell would be my only symptom.

Is there something wrong with me or am I over-reacting?
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harry potter, names

I saw the posts about names and Harry Potter so...

How long do you think it's going to be before kids are being named after characters? What would you think if someone named their kid Harry Potter or Albus Dumbledore? (Let's say they actually had the last name to pass down)
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I currently live with my father in Houston, Tx. I am thinking of moving, and going to live with my mother for at least a year in Atlanta, GA.

Why? Well I've had a horrible horrible falling out (we still havent even 'broken up') with my long time boyfriend.. I am incredibly lonely. I have 2 friends I hang out with every now and then. I am really not allowed to leave the house. Well, I am. But my father is very sick and I feel guilty leaving him home all alone. He worries alot and I dont want to give him another heart attack. So I spend all day. Alone. I work part time as a waitress. But it isnt helping much.

I really do miss my mom and the rest of my family that live in Atlanta.
I am thinking about moving. I have been thinking about this for quite a while. The only thing is that, I would have to leave college. Atleast for a year. =/ But I still wan to continue my education. And if I move, my mom guaranteed me a full time job at her work. So I will be able to save up for tuition and everything.

I just feel like I dont have anything here. Not just a boyfriend. Fuck that. But I dont have family. Or friends. I go days without any human contact. Other than my dad. And I am positive that I am slowly going insane.

I just dont know what to do. =/ Should I move? Just quit my job, take a leave from college, pack my shit, and go?

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1. Have you ever had a professional massage?

2. Have you ever been to a tanning salon for a fake tan?

1. Yup, my boyfriend is a massage therapist :)
2. I went to a tanning place for the first time ever yesterday, but waited outside while my boyfriend got a mystic tan... haha


Dear TQC,

If your best friend sent you messages about 'something leather' on MSN (which is like AIM) and her "tranny looking guy" friend didn't believe you when you said it was cow skin (you're vegan so you are OFFENDED), and then he said some mean things sparkle ponies chocolate chip cookies and it hurt your feelings.

Do you think getting him fired is a good form of retaliation?

PLS HURRY, I need to know NOW so I can get back at him before school tomorrow.

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If you had to assemble a team of people (real or imaginary) to go on a mission to save the world, whom would you choose?

My picks:
Indiana Jones, James Bond, Professor X, Ellen Ripley, Superman, and Sancho Panza (for the lolz)
MLP - pinkie chicken

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1. If there was one teacher/professor out of all the ones you've ever had that you could punch in the face right now, who would it be? What was so terrible about them?

2. If there was one teacher/professor who you could give $50,000 to right now, who would it be? What made them such a great person?

3. What can you remember from kindergarten? Third grade? Seventh grade? Eleventh grade?

Entering US with criminal record

I live in the US and have a friend in Norway who would like to come visit.  He's afraid to apply for the US Visa because he was charged with possession of pot a few years ago.  I've tried googling, but I still don't quite understand how this stuff works.  Will he have trouble getting into the US with one, minor criminal offense such as this?  (I consider it minor, anyway...)

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My boyfriend was telling me a little story today. A couple of years ago he was walking home from a friend's house, the way home passes through a little area of shops. As he was walking through this area, he heard a man's voice and then a girl yelling "Stop!" and "Help, rape!". he ran around the corner, saw a guy holding a girl who looked absolutely terrified, and tackled the guy without a second thought. The girl freaked out and pulled him off and said she had just been joking, he was only tickling her. My boyfriend told her that yelling rape wasn't funny or cute and she was lucky his friends weren't with him at the time. The girl slapped him in the face and walked off with her guy and my boyfriend went home.

Do you think his reaction was justified?
Do you think her reaction to his reaction was justified?
Have you ever been in, or heard of, a similar situation? What happened?

Birthday Gift

1. What would you get a 25 year-old semi-friend/former co-worker (can I get some more adjectives for this guy, dammit) who having a party in celebration of his birthday? I am quite broke, otherwise it'd be alcohol.

Macaroni cards just don't cut it anymore, huh?

2. Do you collect anything?

3. How would you react if you were driving and the person in the car next to you had a Real Doll in the passenger seat, or better yet, the driver's seat?
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i need some ideas

i'm an efl teacher in korea. i have a summer intensive class that starts tuesday. the class is expository reading and vocabulary. but we also have workshop days that are supposed to be more relaxed and fun. i need to find a theme and think of a project related to the theme for the kids to work on during workshops. there are four workshops over the course of the month. my class is the only intensive class that doesn't have a fiction book to read so it's hard for me to pick a theme. for example, one of the classes is reading a wrinkle in time so that teacher picked time travel as his theme. my book is filled with all different kinds of non-fiction subject matter. the kids are around 15 years old. i was thinking of having discovery as the theme and have them invent something. i remember doing something similar in middle school but i absolutely hated it. another idea: have them create their own board game. can you help me out with some ideas? thanks in advance.

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1) Favorite type of potato chip?
2) Seasoning on your popcorn?
3) Do you like your popcorn buttered?
4) Favorite book of all time?
5) Do you like tuna?


1) Rippled Lays with some sort of dip.
2) When I ate popcorn, I liked for there to be ketchup seasoning on it.
3) I did.
4) ?
5) On occasion. ; )
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Where can I get custom made jigsaw puzzles? My friend and I LOVE doing jigsaw puzzles, and we want to start doing jigsaw puzzles of certain pictures we have. We would want them to be around 1,000 pieces. We also don't want to spend an arm and a leg (I've heard some people say they can cost up to 100 bucks!?)
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Random gift of vinyl

On Friday, I was given a box of my personal affects collected on my behalf from the job I was forced to resign from.

Weirdly and very randomly, a rolled sheet of "Double Polished Clear Vinyl" was in the box. I'd say it's about the size of a poster.

I have no idea what one would do with a sheet of vinyl, but it's kinda cool and I want to do something fun with it.

What would you do with a sheet of random vinyl?
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1) Can a corset leave you feeling sore if you're not used to wearing them?

I ask because I tried on wedding dresses saturday and they squeezed me into a lingerie corset, and I woke up the next day with really sore abs and calves. I also got really drunk that night, so I'm not sure if it's from the corset or if I somehow hurt myself while drunk (but my fiance was with me the entire time, so I don't think I did...)

2) What kind of drunk are you?

Hello TQC!

And thanks for the good answers so far.

I need a bit of pet advice:


My SO (boyfriend of three years) has a cat. This cat is some sort of tabby mix who is, for the lack of a better word, depressed.

I know this sounds weird, but I think animals do get depressed just as humans do. He isn't playful at all and doesn't use his scratchpost. Should we buy him catnip? Is catnip dangerous or addictive? (I heard it's like a drug, and I don't want to harm the cat)

Unfortunately for him, due to a complicated situation (we don't live on our own and SO's dad has OCD) the cat is confined to the basement. The basement is fairly large, and there is a workout room in it as well as a bedroom and of course, cat goes everywhere, as long as it's in the basement. Cat is six years old, and I think he's overweight. We feed him both dry and wet food from Friskies, so maybe that could be the problem. (actually the dry food is Whiskas, the wet food is Friskies)

How should we put him on a diet? By which I mean, how should we change his food and to which specialty food should we change it to?

We do try and take him outside, and we do have a leash for him, but he hates being in the leash. Should we buy a different leash for him?

Thank you very much for reading all this.

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What is this to you:

a: submarine sandwich
b: Po' boy
c: grinder
d: hoagie
e: other and will explain in comments

ETA: If you are curious about what other people call sandwiches around the country, check out Sandwiches That You Will Like. It is a 2002 PBS documentary by Rick Sebak of WQED. It talks about unique sandwich offerings of cities across the United States are shown, from those that are often found outside of their city of origin (cheesesteak from Philadelphia) to the virtually unknown (St. Paul in St. Louis). I watched it yesterday with my husband and it was really interesting.


I need to get some sort of concrete/cement to set a 6 foot 2x4' up in a large pot as a post, and I'm clueless!

Quick drying stuff would be great, because I lack patience, and stuff I can just make in the pot it's going to be in would be good too, 'cause I don't so much have anywhere to mix things.

What should I buy?


Yet another cat question.

I recently moved from another state where we don't have fleas and ticks, and my sister is keeping my cats until the summer ends. She emailed me a few days ago, however, and told me that my older cat (the one she really likes) won't be able to make it because he's on what's called a "crystal diet." That means he can't have flea and tick medication.

This girl is the biggest liar I know, and I'm 90% sure she's making this up so she can keep my cat. Just recently she also lied to a friend of mine, saying that I granted her permission to hold the keys to my self-storage space. !!! Now, obviously I'm going to ask some vets if what she says is true, but in the meantime (I don't have a phone yet) I'm going to ask you guys. Can cats on special diets take flea and tick medication?

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1. Do you believe that if something is meant to be then it will happen?

2. As much as I love Harry Potter and all, let's talk about other books. Will you recommend me a different book to read please?

3. What is one thing that you love about yourself? Nothing is not an acceptable answer.

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Hey guys. I'm looking for a place to move. I live in Southern Nevada at the moment, and the job market sucks, as does real estate. And the weather. 100 degrees is tolerable, but that's considered cool from mid May until mid September. Anyway. What I do love here is the landscape. I love deserts and mountains. Trees are alright, but I need some mountains.

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When I go crazy, will you come visit me in the asylum?

Ketchup or mustard?

If you were going to submit a video question to the democratic primaries, what would it be? (I guess this is a U.S. only question)

How fast does egg salad made with "real Helmans!" go bad?

What should I make for dinner tonight?

I'm going to have to fight with my bosses to get the days off I need for trips I've already paid deposits on, and I can't get back. Should I do this in writing or in person? I'm not very good with confrontation, and they don't seem to be available today for me to just pop in and chat.

Scented candles or incense?

Snickers or Mars bars?

What's the next movie you're going to see in theaters? What was the last one?

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My friend is house-sitting for a couple that are on vacation. They invited her to eat anything out of the kitchen. I spent the night last night, and this morning grabbed some leftovers.

It was wonderful- sliced chicken breast, onions, and red peppers. The sauce was thin, and it was slightly spicy. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'd love a recipe for it, but I know I'll forget to ask them when they get back.

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So I work at a theme park, and my mom is going to buy a season pass just so she can check up on me. What do you think? (PS I'm 16 and a senior in HS)

Considering she's not going to use it for anything else, she doesn't go on rides and wouldn't go to shows, and she always complains that we don't have enough money (so wastes it on a pass).

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If TQC were a reality show like Big Brother/Survivor/Real World, what sorts of shenanigans do you think would go on?

Who do you think would get kicked off first?
Who would "secretly" hook up?
Who would be the one to cry and run home?
Who would be the one to cause the most drama?
Who would be the one to bring home random people from the bar and lock themselves in the shower?
Who would be the one to walk around naked?


Hi TQC. How do you say "grasshopper" in [insert language that you know here]?

So far, I have translations into French, Dutch, Swahili, and Ancient Greek. Any others? (If it's in a non-Latin alphabet, please try to transliterate.)

(Also, I realize that there may not be the entities I know as 'grasshoppers' in countries where some languages are spoken. If there is a comparable insect, however, that would be okay!)
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I'm in BIG TIME need of spoiling, but have little money that is entirely dispensable. Will you guys choose a 'spoiler' for me, or suggest something that is around/less than $50?

So far I've come up with :
- Hairstyling.
- Manicure.
- Facial.
- Ice cream and a movie.

Something else?

What would you want to do to spoil yourself on a budget of $50? O_o
Me--State Fair

it's so badly awesome.

What's a song that most people would consider "bad" but you think is good?

This is mine:
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How can you go wrong with falsetto "ooooohs" and pre-"cocaine is a hell of a drug"-Rick James doing backing vocals? It's a great Eighties pop song, methinks. The dancing extras in the video crack me up.
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When I was little I sleepwalked into my parents' room one night, whipped it out, and took a leak on their floor. Have you ever done anything weird in your sleep?
Are you a picky sleeper, or can you just drop off any time any place?
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(no subject)

So I've finally had enough of my current mascara (a cheap Mabelline thing) that clumps like a bitch, but I have no idea which sort to get now. Any reccomendations for a really good non-clumping mascara?
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One for the anime fans

Okay, so I remember having this series on my computer. I don't remember anything about it but the opening. The opening had a bunch of people standing on tables and laughing.

I'm positive it's Paranoia Agent, but I don't have it, and I'm positive I watched it on my PC. If it's not Paranoia Agent, what is it? It's really bugging me =\
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If you have a sleeping partner, which side of the bed do you sleep on? Has it changed?

I always find myself on the left side. I thought it had to do with being close to the door, but we moved and now my boyfriend sleeps closer to the door. We switched places for one night and neither of us slept well.

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I looked up my credit report at freecreditreport.com, and I was totally baffled to see that someone had opened up a credit card in my name in 1996 (I was ten years old in 1996) through "assoc/citi" with a limit on it of almost $25,000.00! It seems they've been paying $95/month on it, and it's actually HELPED my credit, not hurt it, but for obvious reasons, I want to clear this up.

I called their customer service, the lady was absolutely no help. She looked up my social security number and said nothing came up.... that was about it. I explained the situation to her and she just repeated that nothing came up, and I should write to citibank???? uhmmm okay.

Since i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who's gone through this.... what happened? What should I do next?

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Ok, say you were with your SO, Danny, for a good few years (unmarried) and you got pregnant. You didn't feel ready to have a child but you don't believe in abortion and he was really happy. You ended up miscarrying because of complications with your body (and you felt like it was your fault)

A sort of guardian/boss over you, Danny and your other close friends, tells you to go and clear your head for a month or so and he'll explain it all to Danny. When you come back, you find out that not only has the guardian/boss not told Danny anything, but has set him up with one of your old ex-friends, Amy, who you know messes guys around.

That same night, you bump into one of Danny's friends who is nice to you and is there for you for a while called MAtt. You and Matt get together a few months later and Danny has no problem with this. But after a few months, you and Danny find yourselves kissing and you both explain things and both realise that it was the guardians/boss's fault you both are no longer together.

He dumps Amy but what do you do? Matt is funny and amazing...but he's not...Danny. But do you really want to throw away what you have with Matt?
However, you have never loved someone like your Danny


Similarly...guys. If you were Danny, would have have dumped Amy?

(no subject)

All right, I had to take a spaceghetto hiatus, but it's been suspended. Who knows where it is now? I tried the spaceghetto webhop, but that was suspsended too. I was really looking forward to some sick humor.
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i swear the customer that i just called in re: to an order he had placed with me earlier (i wanted to double-check something) was either masturbating OR having sex just right now when i called him. THERE IS NO WAY THAT MAN WASN'T DOING SOMETHING! especially because of how he had sounded earlier when he called and what he sounded like just right now. :s

have you ever answered the phone while having sex?
has anybody ever answered the phone while they were having sex when YOU called?
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Oh, Hades

Has anybody ever told you they hope you burn in hell? Why?

Do you think you deserved it?

Do you think you're going to hell anyway, so it doesn't matter much?

(No, I'm not very serious with any of these questions).

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(no subject)

1.  my town has a green bag/ blue bag law for garbage, and  i live in appt so we dont ahve to obey it since all our garbage goes in a dumpster.. however if i do want to divide my garbage in the green/blue bags will it still still be better even tho its gonig in the dumpster along with a bunch of black bags? im not exacly sure if it all goes to the same place or not.

2. my screen door for my balcony has been broken of its hinges for a couple weeks now and I'm trying to get the landlord to come and fix it however he is always busy and never shows up. am I allowed to hold my rent until they come do something? it really sucks cause its so hot and I cant keep the door open.



I have no shame

Due to wearing sandals, flip flops, breaking in heels and going barefoot at a festival, my feet are very funky and calloused. I *could* go for a pedicure, but I'd rather save the money and do it myself.

What sort of products/tools/torture devices are great for tidying up my feets so that they are soft and presentable?

Also, what are some must-have manicure items?

Tourist Attraction

Roadtrip! My friends and I are making a little fun trip to Coney Island and Montauk Point in mid-august.
We were planning on camping instead of renting a hotel (we're all going to college, so we're trying to make this trip as inexpensive as possible). However, we want to make this trip a fun one, seeing as it's our last hoorah.

I've looked up state parks around the Montauk Area, and from what I gather from the information provided on-line (which is not that much), and it says you need an RV or trailer hitch.

Are there any state parks, in the Montauk to Brooklyn Area, that are cheap and allow actual tents?
Also, what else do you suggest we see/do while we're down there?
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(no subject)

I have the following left overs. Which should I have for lunch?

mashed sweet potato with brown sugar, and walnuts
2 small pieces of pizza topped with broccoli and fat free mozzarella
macaroni and cheese
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I have another one!

I'm in graduate school and I just found out that I'm going to have an exceptionally large financial aid refund coming to me for fall and winter semesters (about $7K/semester). If I accept it, I could become completely debt-free in one semester (aside from student loans, obviously) and have about $3K left over which I would use for a laptop for school and paying for various things I've been putting off. If I decline it, I'll have less in student loans to pay off later.

I'm conflicted. It will save me money in the long run if I don't take the loans but if I do, I could focus more on school and less on work, improve my credit, and get a laptop that actually works.

a techinical question.

My boyfriend has a DVD player that can play CDRs that have data on them. I'm guessing not, but if I burned some avi files onto a CDR, would he be able to play them on the DVD player?

I don't know the specific model number, but it's a Sony.
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I am sending my bff who's in afghanistan a package. I got him some fun toys, and he's getting his harry potter book. He just told me today, jokingly to send him lube.. and I decided i would. BUT I dont know what brand/type... What should I get him? Also anyother things I should send him?
Family Planning

It's stuck!

According to Talk Sex with Sue the top four items removed from rectums in emergency rooms are:
1. Glass bottles
2. Drinking glasses
3. Broom handles
4. Carrots


Have you ever stuck something weird up your butt? Got it stuck or lost it?? Do you know any emergency room Dr.s with stories?
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(no subject)

I live right on the Canada/US border in Canada. I want to fly out of the US (Buffalo, NY) to somewhere else in the US. We don't have the time to get passports, which is why we can't fly out of Toronto. Also, because Toronto is further from us than Buffalo, it's easier.
Are there going to be any problems doing this? Are they going to hassle us for flying out of the US, or do people do this often? Would we just need photo ID?

Cell phone providers

Okay, so apparently there aren't many Helio users in this comm, so my cell phone questions continue.

Who is your cell provider? Are you happy with the service you get? What kind of add-ons do you have on your plan (ie, texting, web surfing, picture mail, that sort of stuff), and do you pay extra for it or is it included?

My answers, just for fun:
Right now I have Sprint, and for about $65 a month I get the internet (or at least a good number of sites that are compatible), texting, and picture mail (when it works, my phone is busted at the moment). I've never had any complaints about Sprint's service and I get reception in lots of places where no one else does.

"Hypothetical" (tl;dr?)

You and your bf (or whatever you're going to date) have been going out for almost 6 months.  

A year before you started dating he asked you out, but then because you were kind of a brat said he made a mistake and went out with another girl for almost a year.  You have been very jealous of this girl because frankly, she won and you lost.  A year passes and after a remarkable series of events you are finally going with the boy.  Lots of love and happiness and all that jazz.  Because most people in your family are alcoholics, drinking makes you uncomfortable, and so your bf agrees to try not to, or at least keep it to a minumum.

Then last night, he goes out with the ex and 2 of her friends because they would all hang out occasionally.  

Your bf:
a) got drunk with them
b) played truth or dare and kissed a boy on the lips (which honestly doesn't bother me too much)
c) was dared to kiss his ex

He tells everyone in the group that he's never going to talk to any of them again, kisses the ex (closed mouth, on the lips) and leaves.  

Next day he calls you, explains, sobs, promises anything you ask, apologises too many times to count, says he's undeserving of any kindness and would gladly do anything you request, and admitted that he is a complete idiot rotten gaping cunt douche bag.

Yes, he thought of how you felt about drinking.  Yes, he thought of you before he kissed her, and decided he had kissed her before, it meant nothing, and he was playing the game after all.

Do you forgive him?
I did.

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(no subject)

Have you ever worked for Borders/Barnes and Noble/Half Price Books (or some other chain bookstore)?
What did you think of it (your employers, coworkers, customers, etc)?
I live in Austin, and this is a pretty open-minded town, but do you think my piercings (lip and eyebrow) would be a problem with a coorperate place such as Barnes and Noble? I'm thinking I should probably take them out for the interview (provided I get it!)

And some unrelated questions:

Do you play any instruments?
Ladies, what kind of purse do you have?
Have you ever cheated on a SO? Did they find out?

(no subject)

My language skills are failing me.
I was going through some post-secret archives and found a few phrases I don't know:

"esse quam videri"
and "Kaufsuchtig" with an umlaut over the second u.

I couldn't find any kind of a solid translation for the Latin phrase, and the German one is something to do with buying/shopping? That's all I got.

What do they mean?!

(no subject)

I have 3

1. In a mag I looked at recently, they showed celeb pictures 2 days apart looking 15 pounds thinner, because of jeans. What jeans should I get? I mean like...high waisted or whatever..? That sounds stupid but my jeans suck, I have one pair, and I wanna invest in a good pair. (I'm poor)

2. Am I only the only wierdo who loves rainy/stormy days better than this sunny summer weather?

3. This isn't really a question, but I think you should all comment with a photo of yourself so we can get a visual of who everyone is..? I duno, seems(typo) like a good idea to me.

I added body shot, help!

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(no subject)

i will never work in the fast-food industry. if i am unemployed and i need a job i will work retail, telemarketing, clerical, pretty much anything BUT fast-food.. it's enough having to deal with people and their merchandise (clothing, building products, etc) but i can't come between people and their food, lol.

what's something that you've vowed to NEVER do?

Car accident

Who's at fault?

Car 1 is stopped at a red light, waiting to make a right hand turn. Car 1 sees slow moving semi truck in right hand lane, knows she can beat it, so starts to make her turn.

Car 2 is behind semi. Car 2 decides semi is moving too slow and goes to pass. Car 2 comes around semi and starts to merge into the right hand lane right as Car 1 is making her turn. Car 2 whacks Car 1.

ETA=I googled it and it is illegal to pass within 100 feet of an intersection in our state...so...should that make it car 2's fault?
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(no subject)

Okay.. I'm confused.

I served on a jury a few weeks ago. My employer paid me for both days (I am a union member and we are alloted 20 paid jury duty days each year.)

I also received a check today in the mail for about $40 from the court as payment for my services.

If my employer paid me for jury duty, is the payment from the court also considered to be mine... or is this check supposed to go to my employer?

I'm in California if it makes a difference.

eta: thanks for the quick responses. It's what I thought... but my mom likes to second guess every single thing in the world and started asking questions about it.. and I started to second guess myself

(no subject)

I have been on two antibiotics for 5 days for a lung infection. I have to take them through an IV, so they are of course in liquid form. Because of this, it makes me pee a lot. It also makes my pee smell like ammonia.

Has anyone ever had to take medicine that made their pee smell really bad?
What did it smell like to you?

Anything else that makes your pee smell bad?
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) Why must all the big, shiny, expensive sales orders at work get taken from me or canceled by the customer? *cry* Just when I had a $1300 order! (I'm still new and I'm trying to take more orders, so this is big for me!)

2) What is your proudest work moment?

(no subject)

Can anyone recommend some good ska bands? I need some new music and the genre intrigues me.

Edit: Ok you can stop recommending bands now, I have about 20-30 suggestions so far, that should do me for quite some time :P
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(no subject)

For those of you that are married:

1. Were your parents supportive of your wedding?
2. Did your parents help you financially?
3. Any wedding day horror stories you'd like to share?

For everyone:

1. When attending a wedding, are there certain foods you expect to be there? What foods are they?
2. When attending a wedding, do you dance?
3. How do you feel about cash bars?
4. Would you be appreciative of a table that had cookies and other desserts?

kind of a long-shot

Is anyone here familiar with the Grand Canyon area?

I'm in Vegas right now and I want to drive to the Grand Canyon. The only directions I can find online take me on a five hour drive to the southeastern portion of it. I want to do this trip in one day and five hours is too long. It is obviously possible to get to the western or the southwestern edge in much less time, however I've found through googling that going to this area will take me though Indian reservations that charge something like $50 a person just to drive on the roads that take you to the Grand Canyon, plus most of these roads are unpaved.
So, does anyone have any idea if there is a part of the Grand Canyon's south rim that I could visit that will let me avoid these Indian reservations but not go too far west? And how do I get there?
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Alright so I'm looking to get a new laptop. I'm really interested in the Macs, but I've been looking at the new colored Dell Inspiron whatever laptops, too. They're about the same price for (about) the same thing, but Macs monthly payments are a bit cheaper. I just want something that has lots of memory, can play games well without overheating, and just looks nice overall. Which should I get, or can you suggest something better?

I'll be installing Linux on whichever I get, so OS doesn't matter.

ETA: Might as well ask while I'm here. If any of you have a MAC, what do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? Has it ever crashed on you? Is the one button mouse thing really that bad?


How pretentious is it to say "Ciao" as an English native speaker?

Does it change if said native speaker is in Europe and not an English speaking country?

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So. Jews who keep kosher don't eat meat & dairy in the same meal because the Jewish Bible says not to eat kid cooked in its mother's milk. They are being cautious and all.
The Jewish Bible also says not to eat eggs & the mother bird of the eggs. But I've never heard of no poultry with eggs. The only kosher rules I've heard about eggs is that most consider them pareve.

Why is that?
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More HP

Okay, so now that we've [just about] all read DH, how do you think they're going to approach the film?
I know this book, like the rest, is on the chopping block but I just don't see how they can cut this one, so much of it is imperative to the story.
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-You ever had a sex dream about a celebrity/rockstar?
-Did it go well in the dream?
-Do you recognize the girl from my icon that Manson is all grabby on? 10 points if you do!
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Here's something seemingly obvious that I just need to confirm.

Do I need a credit card registered to my Paypal just to receive money on it?

PS. If so, does it follow that I can use that money in paying as well?

Thanks. @-)
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i got bit by something last night on my thigh. the bite now is 1.5" in diameter and looks like a giant nipple (an area in the middle is slightly more raised). wtf bit me?! what bit you?!
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Inspired by this post: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/24156357.html.

When typing, do you leave a single space after the end of a sentence... or do you hit the space bar twice?

Mr. Boss happened to look over when I was typing something and freaked out b/c I only allowed a single space between a punctuation mark and the first letter of a new sentence. I told him that he must be having flashbacks from his college days when he was trying to get a 10 page paper out of 5 pages worth of info ;)

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1. Have you ever tried a diet such as the Atkins diet or South Beach diet?
2. How was it?
3. Did it work for you, did you lose weight?
4. If so how much?


5. How long have you been on the diet?
6. Did you quit? Why?
7. Did you gain the weight back?
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Dear Dr. LJ TQC,

I have this bump on my head. It hurts. It hurts a lot. I noticed it on Saturday when I leaned my head back on my car headrest. It was small back then and didn't hurt all the time, but since then it hasn't stopped hurting. I forced my mother too look at Sunday evening and she, liking to pop shit, went into crazy zit-popping mode and popped it. So much puss came out and it was the gross, infected green kind of puss. Anyway, ever since then it's been getting more and more swollen with fluids. When I touch the bump, it's all squishy. Right now it's about the size of a nickle and it's stinging like mad.

What the fuck is this thing?

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I primed my room on wednesday of last week, let it dry, and put 2 coats of Semi-Gloss exterior paint on my walls. The woman at wal-mart said exterior is fine, it will be more durable (there was no interior left). It is now Monday, and the walls are still tacky and if you hit/graze the wall the right way the paint will come off.....

Anyone know what I could do to make it not tacky? Or should I go find that woman and tell her she needs to paint my room over?
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How do you feel about kids missing school to go on vacation? Do you think it's okay up to a certain number of days? How many days do you think is too many?
My parents usually made sure I didn't miss any days if we were going on vacation. Sometimes I would miss one, and I think twice in high school I missed 2. The kids I went to school with would sometimes miss like 10 days in a row because they were on vacation. I thought it was ridiculous.
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Is there any difference between boneless chicken wings and chicken tenders?  I realize that the "wings" are usually a little smaller, but they're not actually de-boned chicken wings, are they?  I keep seeing commercials for KFC's "boneless whatever wings" and i can't help but thinking this is all just a marketing campaign.

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EDIT:  Does the fact we've never had intercourse, but everything else imaginable, make any of you think I actually may *not* be pregnant?  If I was pregnant I would have to be the next Virgin Mary or something, because like I said, we've not had sex.

Is it possible to be pregnant and have a normal period?

I ask because my period was 10 days late last month, but was otherwise completely normal.  My boobs hurt before hand, and stopped hurting completely once it came-- just like normal.  I had intense cramps with the normal color blood just like normal, nothing near spotting or lightly colored blood.

Now, I have almost every symptom of pregnancy, including nausea, head aches, peeing frequently, constantly being hungry, horrible gas, and the smell of certain food absolutely makes me want to hurl.  I haven't done anything sexual since last month's pregnancy scare so I couldn't have gotten pregnant since then.

I looked up "period while pregnant" on Google and I am now absolutely horrified.  Not a single website that came up on the first page said it was impossible!

Do I have room to worry?


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What is the most irrational story you've convinced yourself of?

Today I got a message on my cell phone from a random person with a phone number in Jamaica where my brother is doing an internship. I convinced myself that one of two things had happened:
a) My brother had had his cellphone stolen
b) My brother had been kidnapped (or killed) and the person was calling me, the first number in my brother's cellphone directory, to demand a ransom.

Neither were true. I still don't know who called me but I spoke to my brother about an hour after receiving the voicemail and he was napping at his house.

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Dear TQC,

When things are 'so meta it hurts', what kind of hurt is that exactly? Is it good hurt like hair pulling during sex? Or bad hurt like a papercut between your toes? PLEASE TELL ME TQC, I NEED TO KNOW. :(


hey ya'll..

1. what is something weird thing your parent/caretaker ever did?
2. what is something your parent/caretaker did that annoyed the shit out of you?
3. what is something unexpected that your p/c did?

my dad interacts with every fucking person he comes across. it kinda makes me crazy.

extra credit!
if you are a parent, answer the questions for yourself as your children would answer them.

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At work we are moving to new offices, and need to invent names for the nine conference rooms. So far someone suggested the names of planets, just for the hilarity of scheduling a meeting in Uranus. Can you think of any other interesting sets of names for which there are at least nine?

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If you are a user of Myspace, do you make friends aware of when you are logging off of the website? Do you post a bulletin saying "Good night everyone!" or "Alright I'm signing off"?

Why don't people do that here in TQC? Wouldn't it add a more personal touch?

eta: What percent of TQC posts do you generally take seriously?
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Bike riding...

Anyone else here who's a grown-up that can't ride a bike?

Anyone who's learned as an adult? How long did it take you?

What tips might someone have for an adult hoping to learn how to ride? I'm still living at home (the post-grad slump), and Dad's decided to try teaching me in the backyard, but I'm having an awful time figuring out this balance thing.

Finally, is there an easy, non-measuring way to figure out how tall your bike should be from ground to seat? I thought I heard somewhere that you should be able to straddle the bike with your feet just touching the ground, in which case I'm trying to learn on one just a smidge too tall, but Dad insists it's fine- is cycling supposed to be this uncomfortable? :P