July 22nd, 2007

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Ear Piercing

I'm getting a standard ear piercing for the first time in a couple days. I've read up on how to tend to them after it happens. A lot of sites say not to remove the studs for 4-6 weeks to prevent the hole from closing.

Can I not remove them at all for a month? Can I swap them in and out for different earrings if I do it immediately (washing them of course to prevent infection)? How long should I wait before I can change earrings?

Edit - Thank you to those who actually answered my question. My question was NOT where should I go to get them pierced or how should I do it, and I have no idea why everyone decided to bring in their agenda in on this post.
Big Lebowski--Style

the Dude abides.

Does anyone know where I can watch The Big Lebowski online?  I'm at work and I have a terrible hankering to watch it.

If not, then just feel free to leave comments about how awesome it is, and favorite quotes...
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UK people [esp Scots]

There is a chance that I may be in Edinburgh next Saturday night, and I want to go clubbing. However, I've never been out in Edinburgh, and haven't a clue about any clubs.
So, please, can anyone tell me what clubs there are, where I should go, where not to go, if there are any clubs in the city centre?
* I'm looking for something very similar to a Liquid club [why is there not one in Edi? =(]
* I am 18 but the person I may be taking with me is 30, so I need somewhere without age restrictions.

Thank you mucherly!

Vix x

(no subject)

I sold something to someone online and he payed me with Western Union. He gave me the code to retrieve the payment but when I went to W-Union, they said the code was wrong. So, he scanned the paper from W-Union. It's the grey copy and it's all written in pen, even the tracking code.
My question:
Is the grey copy the right thing he showed me, and is it normal that these things are all written in pen?

Thank you

(no subject)

What's your favorite breakfast food?
Do you have your favorite breakfast food on a regular basis, or is just once in a while?

Once in a while, so it makes it that much better when I have it. Plus, I think if I had bacon every day, I'd be dead by now. It's so not healthy... but it's so damn good.
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Drunk bird?

A little bird just flew into my office (I work at a yacht club and have the door open to get air). After scaring the shit out of my by flying into the window and making a huge noise, he continued to fly into the other 4 windows in my office. I removed the screen from its favorite window to see if it would fly out, but instead it flew upstairs to the offices.

Is it mean that I laughed at the poor little bird? I tried to help it out but it didn't realize it.

Also, has anyone ever had a bird hit their window so hard that it left a mark of the entire bird's body, but the bird was able to fly away, unhurt? This happened at my mom's house, and we had an imprint of it's body on our picture window, we could see the details of the feathers and everything but it was able to fly away, no problem.
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I said a BOOM chicka boom

This upcoming week at camp is themed Harry Potter. I'm thinking for the "A boom chicka boom!" repeat song we'll have a verse be, "I said a BOOM ACCIO BROOM!" but I still need to figure out the other line, which in the original is "A boom chicka rocka chicka rocka chicka boom" so it could either be "a boom accio broom and ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ _oom!" or "a boom accio _____ accio ____ accio broom!"

Any suggestions? Thanks!!!


Does anyone know the recipe for sludge? That's what the craft fair I bought some at called it, but I'm sure there's other names for it. It's sort of slimy feeling but isn't actually 'wet' and it isn't runny, but it can be stretched out thin. It doesn't get caught on clothes, but you can't put it on paper. If it dries out you can wet it again and it'll work again.
Anyone know what I'm talking about and/or know where to find a recipe?

And, so that more people can answer this entry, what are some good starter conversation threads for a quiet fan forum's general chat section? More than just 'what's your favourite colour?'. Or if you're really good, what would be some good 'on topic' conversations/threads for a Lano and Woodley fanforum (guys in my avatar), The Brittas Empire, the Pagan books by Catherine Jinks, or the tv series Maid Marian and Her Merry Men? You don't need to know these shows and books to answer that one, just general on topic stuff would do.
Are you a member of any quiet/non popular fandoms? What ones?

Sunday morning..ish

1:Would you ever date someone younger than you? Older than you?

2:Do you have any hidden talents?

3:Do you prefer boxers or briefs?

4:Have you ever written a love letter?

5:Have you ever laughed so hard you peed in your pants?
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MLP - pinkie chicken


I'm going to the store in a couple of hours to get some school supplies to take with me to college. As a rising freshman, I have yet to experience quite the workload college has to offer. So I have a couple of questions for my collegiate friends:

1. What do/did you find worked best in class? Binders, notebooks or folders? (I've got an intro to education class, a basic academic seminar, mathematical modeling, theatrical heiritage & sociology.)

2. Do/did you take a backpack, or did you just carry your things with you from class to class?

3. I have a pink planner book .. thing that I used during the school year to record assignments, etc. Is this going to be the best method, or will I need to do something a bit more drastic? (I have a dry-erase board that has the days of the weeks as magnets on it that I will probably put on my desk to assist in that department)  I will be in the honors program, and taking six courses, so things definitely won't be easy street for me academically.

4. For those of you who have already graduated or are at least upperclassmen, what is one piece of advice you would give to your younger, rising-freshman self?
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(no subject)

have you ever pretended to be something you're not just to see how people would treat you?
when was the last time you locked yourself out of your house?
when was the last time you locked yourself out of your car?


So my boyfriend's father looooves this Italian beef sandwich thing. I remember a while ago someone shipped their family a big pack of frozen beef, gravy, rolls, sweet peppers, etc and everyone loved it. The packaging was full of little flyers about how you can order online and get it shipped anywhere, blah blah.

So now I'm trying to find it online and it is DRIVING ME INSANE! The company it came from was something like Perillo's/Perrilo's/Perrillo's and I'm fairly sure they're based in Illinois. No matter how many ways I google this I cannot find their friggin' website or any trace of their existence.

So, can anyone track it down for me? Maybe someone from up North?

(no subject)

I have an open house at two...and I have to be out of the house at 1:45 (it's 1:20 right now) and I can only come back around 2:30

I don't have my car with me.

Where should I go?
Should I just..walk aimlessly around town?

(no subject)

I like the following artists

Led Zeppelin
Judas Priest
Daft Punk
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Bikini Kill
Faith No More
Fiona Apple
The Pogues
Venetian Snares
Talib Kweli
Iron and Wine
Jets to Brazil
Frank Sinatra
none of these

(no subject)

How would I go about removing the letters from the keys on my keyboard? I want the original keys on it, but some of the letters have worn off and some haven't- I'd like them all to be gone.

EDIT: I tried rubbing alcohol and acetone nail polish remover- neither seemed to help. I don't have sand paper but my emery board didn't do much either.I was gonna learn to be patient, rearrange the keys and wait for the other letters to rub off on their own, but the keys are slightly ergonomically designed so there are slight slopes to all of them that make it less than ideal to switch them up.

Any other ideas?
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(no subject)

is your SO a momma's boy/daddy's girl? (if you don't have a SO, substitute SO w/ your best friend/crush, if you don't have a best friend/crush use yourself)

just how bad is it?

live music

I find that when I go to concerts, I enjoy hearing songs that I haven't heard before on CD. Sometimes I get bored when artists sing their originals but I love hearing covers/new stuff. I always thought this was odd  because I'll love the artist but I won't always like hearing their stuff live. Am I just weird or is anyone else the same? I hope this made sense.

original colors

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I have not seen my boyfriend in 2 months and I'm seeing him tomorrow. I can't decide what to wear. PICK FOR ME PLEASE?
Edit to add: We are going to dinner right away (nothing fancy though), not straight to the bedroom ;) so I need to look semi presentable for like 2 hours.
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happy monkey

(no subject)

1. do you think you'd be able to pick your significant other's palm out of a set of 5-10 palms?
2. when was the last time you went to the beach?
3. what are you looking forward to in the up coming week?

(no subject)

Would you disown your child if they became a bridezilla and started demanding unreasonable things and telling you to foot the bill? 

What would you do in that situation?

Just curious, I was watching Super Sweet 16 and can see some of those people turning into raging bridezillas.

Advice pretty please with sugar on toppp!

Mkay. Girl 1 dates girl 2. 1 & 2 fall in love.
Girl 1 gets locked up for two years, loses contact with girl 2.
Girl 1 gets out of lock up, reconnects with girl 2 (who now has a daughter).
2 expresses leftover feelings for 1, wants to get married and raise children.
1 still has feelings...but also now has a loving, great, wonderful boyfriend.
1 doesn't want to upset 2 by telling her that she's dating someone.
And 1 has to see 2 in a week, for a 'sleepover'.
And by sleepover, I mean they'll probably do the hibbity jibbity.

1 needs to be loyal to her bf, and needs to gently break the news to 2, while simultaneously controlling her urges to touch 2's breasts.

How does 1 do this?

(no subject)

1] What's your preferred method on cracking your back?

The small of my back hurts, and I normally use this chair at work to crack it, but I have three days off.

2] When's the last time you got something free/discounted? Why?

Everyone at my job was dead tired so I went to Dunkin Donuts to buy 8 of us some coffee. The lady behind the counter was complaining about how she tried to buy a lighter but was refused because of her age. I offered her my lighter and she was so grateful she only charged me for two coffees.

3] Does anyone know a site for buying cute earrings?

I want some new earrings.
Quinn Twin

Big Gamble/Pets

1. When something is a big gamble - meaning it could either really, really fucking rock if things work out or it could, conversely, really, really fucking blow goats for beer money if it all falls through - how do you decide on whether to roll with it or give up the ghost? Do you have a limit of the size gamble you're willing to take? Basically, I have an opportunity that could either end up being an amazing stroke of luck or a big pit that I'd be tossing a lot of (possibly unrecoverable) money into. And I am torn and need perspective...

2. What's the best pet you've ever had, assuming you like animals enough to raise an animal? Collapse )
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(no subject)

1. is there any lotion i can put on scars to help at least make them fade? (i'm talking small scars, but alot of them...stupid mosquitoes.)

2.when was the last time you saw a movie? what was it? was it any good?

3.summer 2007. yay or nay?
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(no subject)

1- How would you feel if the fate of someone's life was in your hands? Take this as literal as you feel like.
2- When stressed (really stressed, not small-stress) do you eat more, less, or find there to be no change in your eating habits?
3- Are there any chopsticks in the building you are currently in?
4- What should I order for dinner? Just for me, woe. :(
5- Is naming a child (or pet, sure) "Jesus" as in "Gee-zus" not "Hay-zoos" a total no-no to the whole world?

(no subject)

Should parents pay for their children's wedding? Is it required? Do you expect your parents to pay for your wedding?

I am on a wedding question kick today it seems. But someone commented in my last post and it inspired this one.

(no subject)

Would you be offended if your best friend didn't go to your going away party when you are moving 3,000 miles away?

She isn't going because she is going to NYC to go be with some guy she is sleeping with, who already has a girlfriend.

(no subject)

Can I get my yearly car inspection in a different state than my car is registered in?

For those of you who went to college out of state and took your car with you, how did you do that? Did you change your registration, etc? I'm moving from Texas to New Jersey for a 2 year grad school program next week and I'm wondering if it's absolutely necessary that I register my car there. I don't really want to, but if I have to I will.
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(no subject)

1) When was the last time you were really, truly scared?

2) Have you ever been mugged?

3) - If so, did they have a weapon? Did you give them what they wanted? Did you try to defend yourself? Where did this happen?
- If not, how do you think you would react? If you were bigger than the person, would you try to take them on?

4) Have you ever beaten somebody up? How bad?

5) What is one of the coolest things you've gotten to do?

(I ask because my husband and I each got lost in New York last night, separately, and some guy tried to mug him, and my husband kicked the guy's ass, really, really badly at about 2am. He was hysterical when we finally were able to find each other after 4 hours of getting lost on the subways. Again, separately. On an up note, I sat ONSTAGE for a Broadway musical and it was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had in my life.)
Ted, fish


How do I find out what my accent is? It doesn't sound like the predominant accent in any of the places I grew up, and it doesn't sound entirely like either of my parents' accents. What gives?


Inspired by the rap question...
what songs can you absolutely not avoid dancing to? or just what kind of good dance music do you have? I don't mean techno...more like pop or hip hop..
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(no subject)

Why can't I find pictures of stock Evos & Lancers to compare? Everything is modded or they are from completely different angles. :(

Can you tell the difference between the two?

Why is cardomain failing at sending me a shift knob?

Furthermore, how cool is it that because I forgot to buy the paper and had to double back to get it, I met up with a friend who I haven't seen in ages?
koda brother bear air smiley!


Do you like MAC pigments?
Does it work well?
Any picstures?
I know nothing about MAC makeup at all, I finally have some extra money to buy some.
So any help would be great=D thank you
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(no subject)

Paging Dr. LJ!

Ok, guys, my ear hurts. I can't even remember the last time I had an earache, but this blows.

My husband asked me if I had an earache or swimmer's ear - I don't think it's swimmer's ear because I don't feel like I have water in my ear, and the only time I'm in water is in the shower. It started yesterday, but my throat also hurt. My throat doesn't hurt anymore except when I'm swallowing.

What can I do to make this feel better? I read on the internet to try a 50/50 vinegar/water mix - has anyone tried this?
Why do people put cotton balls in their ear when they have an earache?
When was the last time you had an earache?

I'll go to the doctor if I have to, but it's a pain because I don't have a 'regular' doctor picked out because I never need to go to the doctor.

(no subject)

if you had a child or friend that had sound-related sensitivity issues (as in loud noises induced migranes, anxiety, or panic attacks), would you put them in loud noise situations to "train" them to deal with loud noises?

do you think someone with sound related sensitivity issues should be trained to just "deal" with loud noises?
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digital camera

Could anyone recommend a digital camera that is good for traveling (though not necessarily a small one). I'd like it to be somewhat professional with good quality pictures with a decent zoom. However i dont have too much money so under $400-500. 
What's a good brand? What brand should I stay away from? Is there a better store to buy in?

(no subject)

1. To all of the Harry Potter readers, what will you do now that you've finished the book? (Or what will you do once you've finished it?)

2. What time did you wake up at this morning?

3. What are you looking forward to?

4. What are your plans for tonight?

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(no subject)

1) Am I the only one who gets nervous about calling people on the phone?

2) Am I the only one who hates hearing other people talk on the phone?

3) Is it rude to ask someone, even a close friend, how much money they've won in a legal settlement? (Note: I wasn't the one who asked)

4) Do you get annoyed when people start cracking up at their own joke/funny story?

5) What are some good scary movies or thrillers I should watch? I've already seen a ton of them, including the Saw series, The Ring Series, The Grudge series, The Hitcher, Darkness, Hide and Seek, The Return...

(no subject)

1. I just acquired a full-size, real traffic light. It's about 4.5 feet tall and it works. What should I do with it?

2. How do you organize your photo albums (by year, etc.)?

3. Who is your favourite artist?
edit: of pictures

Dark confessions

You find out one day that your SO used to be a porn star. It was before you guys dated, it was just one film, though s/he ended up sleeping with 5 people in that movie. Either 5 thin-waisted, big-boobed women or 5 guys with enormous wieners. Your SO never told you cause, well, s/he thought you wouldn't understand, and it's all in the past. Would this affect your relationship at all?

Nope. It's all in the past and doesn't affect the present. I'm just curious what my SO spent the money on
I'd be horribly jealous. This information would start a fight
I'd think it was funny. I'd have a new pet name for my SO
I'd be more hurt that my SO never told me this before. This is big. What else is my SO hiding from me?
It'd be hot. It would be such a turn on. It's make our relationship stronger
If s/he was a porn star, how come s/he sucks in bed? I call bullshit
I don't feel as bad about all the whoring I did before we met now
Not only would I be jealous, but there would be issues about adequacy or sexual inferiority about myself

You find out that your SO has a love child. Before you two knew each other, there was a previous relationship that resulted in a kid. That kid was put up for adoption, but there is a little version of your SO walking around somewhere. How do you feel about this?

Indifferent. What does this have to do with me?
Terribly hurt that my SO had a child with someone else
It'd be kind of funny. I'd tease my SO about this and it would no doubt spawn a new pet name
As long as the kid isn't in our lives, it don't bother me none. My SO could have a gaggle of kiddies that were given away, as long as they never show up on our doorstop
It would change our relationship. I couldn't see them the same way anymore

One night while talking late into the night with your SO, you start sharing all manner of secrets, when your SO admits that, when s/he had first gotten his/her driver's license, they had hit a homeless person with the car. It was the wee hours,and your SO simply loaded up the body, drove it somewhere really isolated, and buried the bum in a field/desert. It was never found. Your SO never forgot the incident, but doesn't sound entirely sad it happened. How do you feel about this confession?

This was some time ago, so the crime was never solved. I'm glad that my SO got away with it
I leave an anomamous call to the cops later, reporting where the body is located, but giving no info on who dunnit
Same answer as above, except I rat out my SO
My SO did the right thing. Nothing good could come from bringing the police into this
I really can't see my SO the same way again. This kind of information will damage the relationship
"As long as you haven't run over and buried any more people, I'm willing to write the experience off as a live-and-learn"
This confession allows me to reveal my own accidental death/shallow grave story. It'll feel good to get it off my chest!

kitty cat.

i'm currently staying at someone's house cat-sitting for the entire month while they're on vacation. i was warned that the cats were rather spoiled, especially the younger one, who is a male that's about a year old.
he's a very sweet cat and loves to play, but he's a little TOO playful. anytime i lay down in bed to go to sleep, he comes over and nips, scratches, etc..and will not leave me alone no matter how much i tell him "NO!" or nudge him off the bed.
a simple solution to this VERY annoying problem would be to close the bedroom door, but the apartment is just one large room, the only separate room being the bathroom. i don't want to lock him in the bathroom every night because it gets really humid in there, plus, i'd feel terrible.
i even tried barricading the (doorless) doorway to the bedroom once with suitcases, nightstands, and a punching bag, and he STILL GOT IN.
i'm really getting fed up with this. i haven't slept without waking up at least five times during the night in a month!
can anyone suggest anything before i go crazy?
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(no subject)

Have you ever told your SO or sexual partner they had vagina/cum/spooge/vajayjay/dick/etc. breath?

Have they ever told YOU that?

Where were you, physically, when you lost your virginity?

Did you have oral sex before having regular sex? (Not immediately before, but sometime in the past, whether it was days, months, or years)

Have you masturbated today?

(no subject)

I keep trying to register for classes online and so far have only been able to add one out of the five I need to be a full time student. I keep getting this error, "PREQ and TEST SCORE-ERROR", when i try to register for my required classes. The school website is pretty much useless, any idea what it means?
Varitek - Woo!

Helio cell phones

Does anyone have Helio as a cell phone provider?

How do you feel they compare to the larger companies like Verizon, AT&T, etc?

I'm concerned about switching from a major provider to them because I don't know what their service will be like in comparison. I mean, I know they use Sprint's network, which I've been on for years with no real complaints, but I guess I'm just hesitant to switch to a new company without hearing some experiences first.

(no subject)

1] What were your favorite books when you were little and just starting to read?
2] And also- What were your favorite television shows when you were little?

1] The Berenstian Bears and Henry and Mudge
2] Mister Rogers and Lamb Chops