July 21st, 2007


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1] If you could bottle any scent, what would it be?

Definitely the air that comes out of my very old air conditioner. Or the smell of clothes when you first walk into a clothing store.

2] What kind of "phases" have you gone through? Pics please, if you have any.

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3] What do you do well?

Honestly, not much. I'm really good at memorizing song lyrics, but that's about it.

4] Someone sell me a car?

I kind of need one.

Because there have been a few serious posts...

So i'm moving about an hour west of my hometown in the fall. (From Rochester, NY to Buffalo, NY, for those interested.) I'm comfortable with the move, mostly, because i'll be living with my aunt and uncle while taking classes and working. It's time for a change, I work in buffalo so it'll cut my commute time, and I feel like i'm stagnating here eight years after high school graduation, but this poses a problem.
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So, everyone at my work is thinking about quitting due to under-staffing (amongst other things, but oh the irony!), and a friend of mine is thinking about becoming a supervisor. Could you help me out with a more elaborate job description than the one I could provide for him?

Have you ever been a supervisor (mainly in a retail or fast food company)?

If so, what was it like? I thought it was mainly about analyzing employee performance, but I've never held a position like that so I can't say.

How much did you make doing it?

And what were the responsibilities? He's made up schedules and trained people to work (including me), and he does a pretty good job keeping the rest of us on track.

And, a bonus question for me: Do you think 3 months' worth of experience working in food service would suffice getting a job at a movie theatre?

best buds

So, back in high school I had a really close friend. We were like sisters. After a while though, I realized that she was really toxic. Everything in our friendship was a competition to her. She had to have the best looks, the best job, the best grades, the best boyfriend, etc. She did a couple really shitty things to me, and also constantly put me down in backhanded ways. She had a huge ego and was really pretentious.

Eventually I said 'Fuck this bitch' and I basically just stopped talking to her. It really bothered her that I no longer paid her any attention. This was over a year ago.

Anyway, today she sent me a message on facebook asking me if I was willing to "work through my issues with her" because she has a hard time erasing people from her life. Honestly I found the whole message kind of condescending, and it seemed like she was only interested in making herself feel better.

What do you think TQC, should I bother responding?

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If you already suspected your SO of cheating, which scenario would make you even more suspicious:
1) They tell you almost 2 weeks in advance that they may be going camping with friends of the same sex, then actually go?
2)They tell you the night before they intend to leave that they're going camping with friends of the same sex tomorrow?
or both... or neither I suppose.

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Quick question because I can't find an answer any where else.

My eyes are a weird colour, they are grey, green and hazel all at once. Depending on the day the exact depth of each colour will change (today they are green with grey and the hazel is pretty much invisible unless you're looking for it).

So how the hell do I define my eye colour? There doesn't seem to be any sort of way to find out so I figure lets ask..

Also the same for hair. My hair is black in the winter but light brown (well a hazely medium brown) in the summer. How do I define my hair colour? Black or Brown?
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-For those of you who watched Flavor Of Love Girls: Charm School, who was your favorite?
-Who was your least favorite?
-What moment either made your jaw drop or made you groan in agony from the embarrassment/stupidity of the girls?
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1. How many communities are you in?
2. How many of them are you 'active' in?
3. How many of them do you know 'the rules' in?
4. How many of them have mods who actively enforce those rules?

Bailey and I

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What is one material thing you are afraid of?
One living thing?
One "in your head" thing?

Why are you afriad of these things?

What do you do when you're around them?

Tell me a story about you and your scary thing(s).
Are you drunk?

Halp me, TQC!

So ok. I need to go to a bridal shower today.

Sad but true, I've never been to one.

So what the heck would be an appropriate gift?

Are we talking like... motion lotion and lingerie? Or are we talking something like, a napkin set?


She used to be my best friend. This is mostly a friend party and not family.

Edit part II:

The bridal shower is for the BRIDE, right? Is it for the couple? Because I thought it was a shower for the bride. Hence the term BRIDAL shower.

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If your SO goes through your e-mails and checks your aim logs would that bother you because it's an invasion of your privacy or you wouldn't really care because you don't have anything to hide?

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Are you familiar with the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto?

Did you know that there's a list of acts and laws passed by the U.S. government that have been linked to the ten planks?

Can you imagine the U.S. being invaded by a conglomeration of foreign nations?


How do you use an e-ticket at the airport?

I heard there is a machine at the airport that prints you out the ticket? But what about the ticket for on the way back? Do I get both tickets there, or the one for the way home at the airport on the way home?

Also, I have not traveled in years but someone told me you're not allowed to lock your suitcase?
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What are work handkerchiefs? How do they differ from regular ones? Other than the internet, where could I buy them? Google is not really helping.

I asked my grandpa what he wanted for his birthday and he requested work handkerchiefs. He told me they were blue, and 100% cotton. Google images is not turning up anything like that.

What are some other things I could get an 89 year old for his birthday?
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Should I buy a Sony PSP or Nintendo DS Lite (or both)?
Why? What's good or bad about them?

Or.. should I waste money on something completely different?
(all answers welcome)

Edit: Ok, so far everyone has said DS, so I think I'll go with that. Thanks for your answers :)
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I need some new icons. Nothing fandom-related, no blank, wordless caps, either. I like the snarky ones with old pictures from the 50s or bitchy quotes .. 

.. anyone got a favorite icon-journal I could peruse?
Selfie w/Moo

Let's Play Pretend!

Ok, pretend that you're the parent of a school-aged child (if you aren't already)... between the ages of 10 and 16. Your child is a big Harry Potter fan, which you're completely cool with, seeing as you enjoy the books yourself, and are pretty ok with almost anything that's getting/keeping kids interested in books these days.

If this long-awaited release of the 7th and last Harry Potter book were to fall on a school night, would you allow your child to skip school the following day so that they may spend the day reading the book?

Would your answer differ depending on whether your child is a good/average/poor student?
lactose intolerant

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if a guy already has a hyphenated name he inherited from his mother,
what name does a girl take when marrying this guy?

also, when you're dating someone,
do you ever thing about stuff like this (even if you're fairly certain you won't actually end up marrying the person)?
dwight working at staples

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Anyone buy the new Harry Potter off amazon.com and still haven't received it yet?

My husband's hasn't came yet and since it is almost 2:30pm, he's pretty pissed. The estimated arrival on the tracking website is set for today, but it doesn't say that it's on the truck or what time it should be here.

It finally came in the postal mail at about 4pm. Thanks for all the replies!
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I started working at Hollywood Video about 2 weeks ago. Today, we had a meeting and they told us they're implementing a whole new system where we basically have to kill the customers with kindness and questions. I have a speech difficulty and am pretty sure I will not be able to hold out for long; we get write-ups each time we don't ask each customer a billion and one questions, basically, so I might be fired. I think I might just lose it after today (the first day of this new system) and quit right there on the spot. To get at least an okay reference for future employers, would I need to give a 2 week notice?

p.s. Also, I gave the whole background because I'm curious to know what you would do in my situation. Also, can you think of any decent jobs that don't require a lot of speaking? It IS a registered disability, so I'm not just flaking out and being shy or whatever.
I See What U Do

Indecision Sucks

I've been sick all morning/early afternoon (intestinal upsets). Things have finally calmed down. I really needed to go to Farmington today, but its about 3 hours away.. should I just go anyway, or stay home? Its so stupid, but I can't make up my mind. =/
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The Dude Abides

Mall ?s

1) When's the last time you went to the mall, did you buy anything?

2) Yeah, who's your favorite New Kid. Yeah, call me Joey. Oh, come on. Don't make me get loose. Yeah, that's right. Call me Donnie. Oh, girl. Oh, please don't go girl.
me and reagan 24th

re-arranging furniture

How would you make this room look better?

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It's all hand-me-down furniture. All of it. Well, the desk my husband bought years ago on sale, but other than that.
Obviously it's not as clean as it could be, I basically just got rid of all the clothes that were on the couch, threw my daughter's toys back in her basket, and snapped some pics. I organize and clean the desk about every other night. Oh, and my daughter decided to pull trash out of the garbage before I snapped the pic of the desk. Ah well.

I'm thinking like ideas for re-arranging that would make it a little more roomy/inviting. Maybe get rid of the massive entertainment center and just get a little stand for the TV? We might get rid of a couch too, as it's basically just a holding place for clean clothes.

Any ideas for $50 or less?

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I am seriously looking at getting a car sent over to me in Western Australia, from Victoria. Does anyone have ANY idea how much it will cost me? 

I don't know if the size or type makes a difference but that's the car for reference.
Christmas Jim and Pam

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1. Have you ever had ringworm? How did you get rid of it if you did?
2. Whats your favorite energy drink?
3. Whats your favorite pizza?
4. Do you have a passport?
5. What stamps do you have in it?
Dom Lost

what to rent?

Ok so I can't afford to go out to the movies tonight so my friend is coming over later and we're going to cook dinner and rent something instead. Now here's the problem, we're not sure what to rent. We always see movies that we try to make mental notes to remember to get later, however neither of us can think of any right now. I've tried browsing my netflix queue but nothing seems good right now so that's why I'm here to see what's out and new.

To get an idea of what we like last time we rented movies we got "Music & Lyrics", "Because I Said So", and "The Holiday". Also so far between us we've seen the following in theaters...
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
- Hairspray
- 1408
- Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

So yea what's good at Blockbuster/Hollywood Video now?


Dear TQC,

I'm home alone for the weekend and have just decided that I want to cook myself dinner. I'm on a diet though.

I'll go to the store and get whatever I need.

What low fat recipe should I eat for dinner, internet?

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1.What (besides anything physical) is your favorite thing to do with your SO?

My bf and I like to go to Barnes and Noble together.  Yesterday we sat in the Sex and Relationships section and answered questions from some couples book!  We already knew about 90% of each other's answers :)

2.How do you and your SO communicate best?

We're pretty good at just talking together, but sometimes when things are particularly difficult, we post a private entry on Xanga (I've just had it so much longer than my LJ...) for the other to read, and then kind of analyze it over the phone.  Is that wierd?

3.What holiday are you most excited for?

I love Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day.  I'm tired of summer and the lack of awesome holidays!

Edit: 4. Have you been able to see Eagle vs Shark?  It's not playing anywhere near me!
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After being yelled at by about a billion people.. here's some background info..

my sister and I went to the harry potter thing in cambridge mass ( hogwards square) .. there was people dressed up and all hilarious waiting for the book (my sister and I went because we had nothing to do, but we don't read the books we feel they are badly written) ANYWAYS my sister is very much embarrassing and picks up a stick from the ground and starts waving it around... yes it was funny.. for a minute but after the first half hour it got really embarrassing and annoying.. so I took it and put it back on the ground...

EDIT ::: she is 23

what would you of done?
am I right to feel embarrassed?

as for more fun questions! yay

What color crayon are you?
If you could change your name what would it be to?
Do you feel your heritage/culture/ethnicity is important? do you have unique traditions because of it?
What do you do when there are people on the street telling you you're going to hell unless you are 'saved'?
What's your favorite thing to order from chinese?
Me--State Fair

after rewatching it today...

Do you think Napoleon Dynamite was enhanced or hurt by the extra scene at the end of the movie?

I saw it in the theatre three times, and the first time I saw it before it took off and they added the scene, and I just think the movie ends better where it originally ended. "The Promise" makes me all mushy inside every time I hear it.
ETA: I'm talking about the fact that the movie should have ended where Napoleon and Deb are playing tetherball, the scene with Kip and Lafawnduh's wedding is okay, but not my cup of tea.

Where on earth is my watch? For that matter, where's my packing tape, scissors, and big red marker? How can I finish packing to move if I don't have that stuff?
I've got other scissors, tape, marker and my dress watch, but where did my others go? Black hole? Vaccuum?

Did my mom pack them in a fit of overzealous packing? (she might have...she packed the cups I was keeping out to use until I move, lol.)

Based on my previous question yesterday, a lot of us have had sex in Iowa. Is Iowa just SEXAY! or what?
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one of my fuck buddies has a serious foot fetish but it too poor to buy me nice shoes.

should I deny partaking in this fetish until he saves up the money to buy me said shoes, or should I just buy shoes since I have fairly expendable income?

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Why is it that when I plug in my charger to my laptop I get this error message:

The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your ystem will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 90W AC adapter or higher for best system operation.

I tried unplugging it from the outlet and from the computer to no avail. It will sustain the battery but it won't recharge it. I've been using this charger for 2 years without a problem, and it is a 90W AC adapter.
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My parents are having some really bad money problems. My Mom recently gained some weight, and so she had to buy a few new pairs of work pants. I went with her and picked up a few clothes of my own (about a hundred dollars worth). My paycheck will be cashed Monday, so my Mom just said she'd lend me the money.

I come home and look at the reciept to determine how much I owed her. She then told me not to worry about paying her back. I keep saying I will, and that it's absolutely no problem. But she's being really insistant that I don't.

Should I hand her the money on Monday, or just accept her offer?

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The worlds most expensive pizza, a Swedish man is trying to sell the worlds most expensive pizza for about 3 000 USD. He is trying to get into Guiness world book of records. I can't link to an article in English because I can't find one, I did however do some translations.
The pizza is made with Whole wheat flour from Italy and has the following toppings
Buffalo mozzarella

Homemade tomato sauce
Ricotta cheese
Montenegro Ham
Swedish whitefish roe
Truffle salami
White Alba Truffle
Armagnac jelly
Olives from Italy
Kobe beef
Duck Liver
22 carat gold leaf

Would you buy it if you had the money? If so to be able to tell people about it or because you think it sounds tasty? If no would you try it if the price was right? Does it sound like something you'd like to eat if you got it for free?

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hello lion-o

dr LJ

I am going to the dentist/oral surgeon on Monday... buuuut...

What can cause me to go from thinking I might have a cracked filling because of a bit of localized molar pain to the entire half of my jaw throbbing with a horrible stabbing pain that comes and goes? (from one to the other in a little less then 2 weeks time)

It is non-responsive to aspirin, ibuprofen, and vicodin and all 4 of my wisdom teeth are removed. Sitting vs. standing affected how severe the pain was until today.


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Recently, I have spectacularly decided to "crossover" into new territory to much big success. I created a spectacular new video that is already on one of YouTube's top 100 Most Viewed Videos lists. Imagine my "surprise!"

I have decided who better to get input from than all my THE QUESTION CLUB fans! Get ready for a real Q&A treat!

Have you ever been popular?
As popular as me though?
Of all the smart/witty things I said, which was your favorite?
Would you like to join me on another witty adventure?

What have you been up to?
Would you say my video is one of the greatest of all time?

Thanks for your input.  It means so much to me.
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My husband and I need to plan dinner for the week. We don't have any restrictions (we eat meat, dairy, etc).

What would you plan for dinner? I'm looking for main dish + side dish.

Or, what is your favorite dinner to have?

Please take my Survey!

If any of you have taken the survey I posted yesterday, would you mind re-taking it? The poll I did completely messed up and would not show me any results so I have included the survey in the link below. Also, people had expressed some concerns about confidentiality and how the poll did not provide this. All results can now be emailed to me. I really appreciate your participation!
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'You thought I had my eyes closed, I was lookin at you the whole fuckin' time'

1. Mkay. Would you rather burp during a makeout session, or fart while sitting on your crushes lap?
2. Should smoking weed be legal?
3. What do you see yourself/are you pursuing as a career?
4. How many friends are on your AIM list? How many do you regularly talk to? How many are logged on?
5. What brand of shampoo do you use?
6. What is your middle name? What is your SO/crush's middle name?

This was lame, but yeah.

1. I would rather burp. :/
2. Yes, it fuckin' should.
3. Marine Biology or Radio Astronomy.
4. 45. About 30. 12 are logged on.
5. Bath and Body Works. It smells like grapefruit!
6. I'm Christine Elizabeth, his is James Lawrence.
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So I'm a rising junior in high school, and I'm signed up for two AP classes (U.S. History and American Lit).

Due to my chronic procrastination, I now have 8 days to read/finish the following books and make detailed notes about: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the Scarlet Letter, and 1776.
(Oh, and I've got a nice sized project to do for French II, however it is not AP.)

However, my copy of Deathly Hallows arrived this morning at 7 AM.

My question for you is:

Should I completely just blow off my projects and tear through HP7 so that I can be like OHMAHGAWDDDDD like everyone else, or "do the right thing" and finish my projects so I don't fuck up my upcoming academic year?
What would you do?
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