July 20th, 2007

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What is the most ridiculous thing one of your friends has ever gotten mad at you about?

My answer: My friend is jealous of me because I'm really good friends with her boyfriend. We hang out a lot and she apparently thinks that I like to flirt with him in front of her (I find him unattractive... very). Also, I've been going out with his best friend for almost two years. She's crazy I guess. It sucks most because I've been friends with her since I was in first grade and she's only known him for two years. Great friend.
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What's your favorite made up slang or dialect from a book, movie, or tv show?

Can you post an example of it?

I'm rather fond of Nadsat, from A Clockwork Orange.

Dim: What did you do that for?
Alex: For being a bastard with no manners, you haven't a dook of an idea how to comport yourself public-wise, O my brother!
Dim: I don't like you should do what you've done and I'm not your brother no more and wouldn't want to be.
Alex: Watch that, do watch that O Dim, if to continue to be on live thou, dost wist?
Dim: Yarbles! Great bolshy yarblockos to you. I'll meet you with chain or nozh or britva anytime. I'm not having you aiming tolchocks at me reasonless. It stands to reason, I won't have it.
Alex: A nozh scrap anytime you say.
Dim: Doobiedoob, a bit tired maybe, best not to say more. Bedways is rightways now, so best we go homeways and get a bit of spatchka. Right-right?

Crave... I think.

Does anyone remember that awesome powdery stuff they used to sell in plastic test-tube lookin things in Hot Topic, and it tasted really good? I think it was called Crave or something.

EDIT: I ARE NOT FAIL AT GOOGLING. I found the name of it... there was one called Crave but the real stuff was called Raven's Revenge.

1)What was your favorite flavor? (Mine was a zillion way tie between a bunch, I think I only ever disliked the green kind.)
2)Does it still exist? I are fail at Googling D:
3)Hook a sista up, yo?
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1. Ever been to Georgia? (the state, not the country)
1a. What was your favorite thing/tourist attraction?
1b. What was your least favorite thing/tourist attraction?

2. What's with the Braves this season?

3. What color is your current purse?

4. I have to be at work at 12.15 tomorrow. Takes about 10 to get from my house to work. I have to go to the store on the way to get some lunch. Store is about 3 or 4 from my house, work is 5 or 6 from store. I have to shower, too. What time do I wake up? Should I already be asleep? (it's 12.45 am here).

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I cut my foot on my shoes, and now it's healing along nicely but it is really itchy. So while I scratch the hell out of it in an attempt to make it stop, would you tell me about most interesting itching related story?

Unrelated: What's the latest time you ever ate dinner? For the past two days I've had dinner past midnight.
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I recently bought some store-brand white bread from the local grocery store.  It's horrible.  Like, inedible.  Not because it's growing things (at least, I don't think it is); it's just bad-tasting bread.  So yesterday I bought a new loaf to replace it.  So what should I do with the loaf of bad-tasting bread?  (For those who are wondering, if any:  It's about a week old, and there are no ducks around to give it to.)
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1) Have you ever cheated on your significant other?
1b) Have you ever wanted to?
1c) Do you consider yourself in love with your significant other?

2) Do you think it's possible to love someone and still cheat/want to cheat on them?

3) Any other thoughts on cheating?

4) How do you feel about "open" relationships?
4b) Have you ever been in one?
4c) How did it end (if it ended)?
4d) Would you ever be in an open relationship (if you have been in one, would you be in one again)?

5) Any other thoughts on open relationships?


Anyone on the Nuvaring?

How do you like it? Pros/Cons?

Any other recommended alternatives for contraception?

Edit: How effective has it been working as a contraception?

Fire alarm / trouble?

My mother burned some food pretty bad today. She walked outside and forgot about it and when she walked back into the house, the first floor was filled with smoke, but our fire alarm didnt go off becuase the battery is dead. 

Now, several hours later, the fire alarm in our attic is making noise - beeps about every 10 seconds. 

Could it be carbon monoxide? 
the downstairs of our house still smells, but my parents assumed they could just air it out. 
could burning something like taht cause carbon monoxide poisoning or something else?
what should we do? if we open all the windows, should the alarm eventually stop or do we need to take some sort of serious measures?

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Do you ever feel uncomfortable saying 'I love you' romantically to anyone?
Do you feel love more when you're happy, and less when your sad/scared/angry?
Do you ever feel temporarily incapable of loving a person at all?

Or am I just weird?
BW | Ghetto Blaster

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I was given a schedule for when and what exercises I should do for a month. It tells me to do various things Sat-Thurs with Friday as a rest day. Why should I rest that day? Is there an actual reason or is it like *reward* you got through 6 days you can bum around? What I'm basically trying to figure out is; Wouldn't it be more beneficial to skip the rest day and keep exercising?
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Mini Road Trip

Say you are going on a mini road trip (about 200 miles to another city and back). You are driving your car and your friend will take part on this trip - it's for the both of you.

Would you split the gas cost down the middle?
Would you say that the other person should pay for the gas, since you are providing the car and putting miles on it?

Shelf Support

My eldest daughter has a bookshelf with the adjustable shelves (where there are rows of peg holes in the sides and you can choose where to stick the supports). I am trying to fix it back up and she is missing 4 supports! Any suggestions for things I could find around the house that will hold up the shelves in place of the missing support pegs?
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Friday Five

1:Do you prefer talking on the phone or online?
2:Have you ever had a crush on an enemy?
3:Have you ever had a crush on a best friend?
4:What is your favourite book?
5:Do you have a collection of anything?

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1. when you first heard it, what song did you NOT LIKE/HATE but now you like it?
(mine's the game of love by santana & michelle branch - i hated this song for the longest time, but now i like)

2. what state do you live in, and what is the natural disaster(s) that occur(s) in the area in which you live?
(i live in california - we have earthquakes, fires and mudslides: we had an earthquake this morning - a 4.2)

3. what song or type of music makes you dance in the car - either while driving or as the passenger?
(for me, lately it's been ska music - the english beat, people like that...and well for starters)
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My brother is getting married in one week, and I'm a bridesmaid. I'm also a pale red-head, and the dress washes me out big time, so I'm thinking about getting a spray tan.

So, for those of you who have gotten one:

1. Was the color natural looking? Orange? Too dark? Streaky?
2. How long did it last?
3. Did it rub off on all of your clothes/bras? If so, did it do this the whole time, or just during the first few days? Did it wash out later?
4. Anything else I should know?
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As a sort of celebration (or an excuse to eat out) of just passing the year-to-go mark for our wedding, my fiance & I are going to This Restaurant for dinner tonight. We're having our reception here in the function hall next year, so we figured it'd be fun to eat in the restaurant part tonight.

What should I order? (Nothing with teh meats.)

What should he order? (More meats the better)

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what community have you been in/belonged to the longest?
what community is your favorite and why?

I think i've belonged to TQC and Customers_suck the longest without leaving.
TQC boobs! because there's boobies ....duh!

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Does anybody have a picture that shows a lady pointing over a computer that a guy is looking at, and at the bottom it says something along the lines of "I can tell this image is shopped because I'm a master at photoshop and there are a few blurry pixels."? Would you share it with me, pretty please?
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TQC, who is your bestest LJ/online friend ever?? How did you meet? Have you ever met in person?

Mine is 21six! He's a right bastard and like my best friend EVAR. We met on some guestbook years and years ago and I'm dragging up here for my wedding. Yay!
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Free speech...

only applies if my feelings aren't being hurt.
only applies if you agree with me.
only applies if you preface it with, "This is only my opinion, but..."
only applies if the opinion being espoused is nice and sparkly, and not at all mean.
only applies if the person espousing the opinion is being all nice and sparkly, and not at all mean.
only applies if I'm in a good mood at the time.
only applies if I'm not offended by it.
applies all the time.
none of the above (please explain in comments).

Free speech...

deserves to be respected all the time. It's their opinion, and they have a right to say it.
does not deserve to be respected. That's my opinion, and I have a right to say it, too.

In today's society, free speech...

needs to be more restricted. My right to not be offended > you're right to offend me.
needs to be less restricted. My right to speak my mind > your right to not be all butthurt.

But, wait! There actually is no "right" to not be butthurt offended!

It should be a right.
It shouldn't be a right.

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Ok, so you've been waiting for this haircut for several weeks and been totally hyper over it because you've FINALLY lost enough weight so suit a short haircut.

You mum books it for 12:50 and it's now 13:06 and she's gone out somewhere without her mobile. And she's gone with your auntie who, after phoning several MILLION times, has turned off her phone aswell.

Your mum always lectures (and when I say lecture, I actually mean scream and shout at you) you when you miss one phone call and it's just to ask what you want for tea. In sheer frustration of not being able to get hold of them, you slam your phone down and break it.

When she gets home, do you:

b) Cry and make her feel really bad about missing the haircut you so badly wanted (and you're going out tonight so it was for that too)
c) Make her pay for a new phone
d) Give her the MAJOR cold shoulder
e) Sweetly say "It's ok. I can get another hair cut. No big deal" while secretly plotting to cut all her hair off during the night
f) All of the above
g) Other suggestions?

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Inspired by this post:

How do you prefer your ideal man dresses? It seems a lotta girls like their men in tight pants, shirts, etc, but that's not really my thing. What about you?

Also: big sunglasses on guys: y/n?

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Has anyone ever broken into your car? Was it on your property or in public? Did they happen to open the trunk to check for stuff? What did they get you for?

For the first time ever, yes, this morning. It was in our freaking driveway! They did get into the trunk and stole speakers and an amp. Out of the front they got a carton of cigarettes and a book of burned CDs, leaving the super expensive nice stereo system. Did I mention that the doors were unlocked, but they still went through the trouble of breaking the window?!

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Dear TQC:

Should I join the Michigan MIlitia? My mom is like "NO NO NO THEY'LL SEND US SPAM MAIL!" but I think it would be bad ass to be in a militia, just for the bragging rights. Plus there's a strong anti-government sentiment in the militia, which I can relate to.

So, should I?

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I'm applying for jobs where you're supposed to send a picture with your resume. What kind of picture should I send? Is it better to send something really generic of you standing around and smiling or would it be a good idea to try to make an impression with a more unique/amusing picture? They do all stress that they're looking for fun and energetic applicants.

:-( I've never worked in retail before, office managers don't care how you look.
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1. What's the best over-the-counter face wash for controlling acne?

2. What's the best brand of external harddrive?  Where can I check to see how much space I'm using on my computer so I know what size to buy?

3. What are you looking forward to this weekend, TQC?
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1. Who is doing the cover of "Toxic" in this video?

2. I have blonde hair but get dark red streaks in it, and all of the bottom half layer of my hair. How do I make the red stay vibrant? It fades after a month.

3. Ladies: Have you ever had your bikini area waxed? What about professionally? What about a Brazilian?? :O Stories plz. I am considering one but am frightened.
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Doctor, doctor - give me the news...

For those of you able to choose your own physician/primary care giver:

, do you prefer a female over a male doctor, or vice-versa?  Please share why if you care to.  Do you have no preference - if none, why is that?

Men, do you prefer a male - why or why not?  If no preference, please share the why on that, too.

On another subject: I'm going to be out of the loop (long distance family visit and camping - Yea!) for most of the next week.  I'm concerned about withdrawal, and trying to sift through for the highlights when I return.....thanks, TQC - especially to those who offered helpful suggestions.  I got it covered now!

Oh, and there still may be more cookies in it for those who choose to pass along their own personal favorites - rich chocolate chunk both with and w/o nuts.  :D

And yeah, yeah - I know I got it pretty bad.  :[
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At what time tonight do you think a scanned copy of the last page of the new Harry Potter book will end up on TQC?

Which TQC member do you think will have the intestinal fortitude to do it?

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I'm trying to search under download.com for a program that will tell me my CPU temperature so it doesn't overheat and ruin my computer... I don't know what it's called so I'm not able to find it. Does anyone know?


So. I went to Starbucks about two hours ago. Got a medium (grande) iced mocha with whipped cream. I almost immediately regretted the whipped cream. And I also wished I'd got a smaller one.

An hour and a half later I'm stumbling out of the shower, trying to get dressed, and feeling quite dazed. Afraid of fainting, I lie down for a good ten minutes, and then eat some liverwurst and an apple. Now I'm feeling a bit better.

So do you think it was the caffeine? How much caffeine does a grande mocha have? I thought it would have less than just coffee but now I'm not sure. Can I order it decaf, do you think?

I've had caffeine before but usually it just makes me feel jumpy and jittery and I talk a lot more rapidly. That didn't really happen this time. What effect does caffeine have on you?

Sorry if tl;dr.

ETA: Haha, from now on I'm going to find out what I'm putting in my body before I order it at Starbucks.
And eat lunch even if I'm filled up with whipped cream.
And have beverages with meals. I feel silly now.

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Two guys are friends. Friend 1 moves to the other side of the country because he found out his ex-girlfriend had a baby who is his son. Friend 2 keeps in touch with Friend 1 via msn and facebook. Friend 1 posts pictures of his son on facebook. Everytime Friend 1 posts pictures of his son, Friend 2 takes a picture and uses it as his profile picture on Msn and Facebook, etc.

Is this wierd? (Considering Friend 2 has never met the kid or have any relations with the kid at all).

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I am supposed to be going to a birthday dinner for my grandfather in 3 hours.

My 4 month old daughter has the flu and is teething, my partner has bronchitis and I'm JUST getting over Pneumonia - basically we all feel like total shit. All I want to do is tuck my little one and my partner into bed and crash out. My grandparents live about half an hour away and we will be leaving at 7 to have dinner at 8pm meaning we won't be getting home until at least 10:30pm. It is the middle of winter. I really do not want to go. My daughter is pretty much inconsolable and a miserable wreck and my family doesn't know what "leave the baby alone" means. She will be passed around, and if I say anything they will bring on the "we aren't speaking to Jessica" (myself) thing. Am I mental for even thinking of not going or does this warrant me not going? I don't know if I am being really unfair or if I can call and excuse myself.

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I haven't been fired from my job (I posted about it some other time), but I am definitely not going to stay longer if I don't have to. My family is leaving for vacation in Vermont on August 18, so I would have to be done working by the 16-17. What would be an appropriate time to let them know that I'm quitting?

You're out with your friends and one of you swears. An angry mother storms up to yell at you about swearing in front of her children (who you didn't see in the first place). How do you react?

My brother is in full swing "I'm 16 and I'm an adult so screw you rules!" mode and I'm pretty sure is going to be this way for a while. Any tips for surviving this?

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1. at what intersection is your nearest grocery store? what grocery store is it?
2. at what intersection is your nearest gas station? what gas station is it?
3. what brand of shoes are you wearing?
4. LADIES, do you have a name brand purse? if so, what kind?
5. MEN, what cologne do you wear? (if any)
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Because I'm nerdy

1) Did you watch Reboot when it was on air?

2) Did you like it? If you didn't, you suck and I hate you.

3) Who was your favorite character?

4) Do you find any of the characters attractive(in that wow, its a hot cartoon way)? Which ones?

1) Hell yes!


3) I love AndrAIa and Matrix. and Frisket. and Ray Tracer and Mouse.

4) I think all of them were pretty nice looking, haha. I always liked Matrix and AndrAIa though.


It's quitting time on a friday and I can't get anyone at the office to stay for a bit and drink with me at the bar/grill across the way.

Will any of y'all hang around and keep me company?
archer / pam.

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I just took my driving test (and passed, yay!) ... but they were supposed to charge me $75.00 for the road test but they never did. I went in when I first got there, perfectly ready to pay but all she did was take my license and tell me to wait in the car. So when I was done the test, I came back in and again, took out my wallet to pay, but all the woman did was say "Congratulations!" I asked her where to go from there and she said "Home!" So ... I went.

Should I feel guilty about this, TQC?

Because I kind of do.

Would you?

Christmas Jim and Pam

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What kind of cigarettes do you smoke? (If you smoke)
Have you ever slept with someone you lived with? What happened?
If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
What was the last movie you watched?

Eh hem.

Marlboro Menthol smooths. Yes. Double cheeseburger. The Hitcher.


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1. Best techno songs?

2. Best techno lyrics?

3. If someone were to tell you that you have to dress up based on a theme, and your theme was "techno," how would you dress?

4. What do you associate with the word "techno?"

sexin' around the world

To take everyone's minds off the HP wank (god, is it tomorrow yet? I hope all these people who say they are getting off the internet get OFF the internet) a quick sex question.

How many states/countries have you had sex in?

Three--Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois.
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Tree H&M

Cosmetic surgeries for pets

If you had(/have) a Doberman or Great Dane, would(/did) you crop it's ears?

If you had(/have) a cat, would(/did) you declaw it? What if it had issues with scratching things (including people/children)?

If you got a puppy that didn't have a docked tail, but the breed generally does (Australian Shepherds come to mind), would you have it's tail docked?

If your dog had a barking problem, would you have him/her debarked?

Would you ever get Neuticals (www.neuticals.com) for your dog? Or cat, I guess?

Stuff about cosmetic surgeries for dogs and cats, if you're curious:

Harry Potter and the Sexual Offender list

1. If you had fanfic/slash about Harry Potter and Ron on your computer, could the cops bust you for pedophillic content?
2. If not, is it perfectly legit to write creepy erotica about little boys?
3. If you had fanfic/slash between Stewie and Brian of the Family Guy on your computer, could the cops bust you for possessing pedophile and bestiality content?

(no subject)

1. Did you know that The Question Club anagrams to form the following phrases?

obscene quilt hut
both equine cults
butt oil quenches
she quotient club
cue the quilt snob
tune both cliques
to club shit queen
bitch unto sequel
noels butt quiche
quite honest club

2. Do you find this disturbing?

3. What anagrams does your name (or phrase of choice) contain?

Name Change?

Ok I'm seriously thinking about changing my LJ name.

1. Do you think that $15.00 is a reasonable price to pay to change your LJ name?

2. Have you ever changed your LJ name?

3. Do you think people will have a hard time recognizing your journal after the name change?
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south park

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I know I posted a question not too long ago...


Which is worse:

1) Being too mean, or being too nice?
2) Always teaching lessons to children with white lies, or always teaching them the truth? (generally)
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"I got my daddy's gun in my car..."

I work at a day care.

Two kids - both boys, both sons of fellow day care teachers - have made threats about shooting me and anybody that dare get in their way of, well, getting their way.

On one, I told his mom, because I knew she'd actually do something about it. Eventually.

On the other... his mom is a bit batshit crazy, and I didn't trust her judgment on what to do... so I pretended to call the cops. He ran up to me, yelling "NO!" and apologizing like crazy.

What would you do when your life is 'threatened' by a five-year-old?

I just found out that one of my cousins is getting married this fall.

The first question out of my mouth is "Is she pregnant?"

Seeing as I had my own surprise pregnancy and subsequent shotgun marriage (that backfired), was that hypocritical of me? Or just a bit snarky?

ETA: She is, with twins, due in late December/early January.
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There's always room for jello!

What's your favorite flavor of jello?

What's your favorite pudding flavor?

How about icee/slush flavor?

In general on TQC, do you like preference questions (like the above), opinion questions (is it wrong to_____?), or experience questions (when did you last/first (try) _______) more?
If another type of question is your favorite, please share. 
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Eddie Izzard | Hot Pink

Pork Butt Roast

Teehee, I said butt.

Anyway, I have a huge Pork Butt Roast with bone, sitting unfrozen in my fridge (it's never been frozen). It is too big for my Crock-Pot. :(

Would it ruin the thing if I took the bone out and halved it, and then freeze the rest to use later? I guess I would just cut around the bone?

Oh, bother, I know diddly squat about meats. :/

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Just as my boyfriend came over to my house, an "old friend" he hadn't seen in "years" called him and wanted him to hang out.  I asked him if I could come too, and after a lot of "I'll call him after I leave," and "I don't think he'll want you to come.." he admitted flat out, he didn't want me to come.

Would you be upset about this?
lioness; bw stalk

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I don't know how to explain this without sounding emo or annoying. I actually don't even want to ask this question, but I was told to do it. I was talking with someone and they said, "why don't you see what that question place has to say about it?" and they are insisiting on it, and I realize I probably won't get much helpful advice besides some snarky stuff but here goes.

How do you deal with constant, daily feelings of helplessness, neediness, loneliness, etc?

Collapse )

(no subject)

1. what is the most dishonest thing you have ever done?

2. can you tell me a random act of kindness you have done lately?

3. If the girls who lived in the apartment below you came up and told you that you had to stop walking around/watching tv/talking/having sex at 11pm would you:
a. abide
b. try and be even louder
c. do nothing different.

4. where is waldo?
Friends: Unagi.

(no subject)

I'm seriously considering going to back to college since every halfway decent job seems to require at least a bachelors. But I have some questions.

1) Who here has gone back to college after dropping out? How did that go? Was it difficult being older or didn't that bother you? Was it dificult getting back into studying on a regular basis? Did you succeed or did you end up dropping out again?

2) If I do decide to go back which type of contract should I take?
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Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) For those of you who live in northern MA/Southern NH....

Could you recommend a really good tattoo shop? I'm looking to start getting my tattoos soon and I'm very nervous about going and walking out with something I'm not 100% happy with. What would you suggest? (If you're suggesting a place you got one done, pics are helpful!)

2) Why does my cat rub his face on my power cords and then start chewing and making munchy sounds? (he's not actually eating anything)

(no subject)

1.have you ever shoplifted?
2.Did you get caught shoplifting?
2a. how old were you when you were caught shoplifting?
2b. what happened when you got caught and how did you feel?
3. did shoplifting affecting you in anyway?
3a. how did it afffect you?

(no subject)

1. What is the last thing you purchased online?
Rilo Kiley tickets!

2. What is the last thing you sold online?

3. My aunt gave me an ugly, pink, Dooney & Bourke wallet from the hearts line two year ago as part of my Easter Basket. I hate it, and have only used it a few times, and only because she was around. Would selling it on ebay be a shitty thing to do? Would you sell it on ebay in this situation?
Bailey and I

(no subject)

1. What do you do to keep going (and in a good mood) when you're so exhausted but have to stay awake?

2. What do you do when you've barely gotten any sleep but have to get up early?

3. What is your favorite time of day?
3b. What do you usually do at this time of day?

4. When are you most awake?

5. How do YOU get rid of the hiccups?

6. What do you think of posts with lots of questions?
6a. Do you usually answer them all?

7. What do you think is considered "animal cruelty"
7a. Is killing an animal and not using all of its meat, fur, bones etc wrong?

8. Have you seen the new HP movie?
8b. Did you think it royally sucked as much as I did?

9. Whos your favorite actor?
9b. Actress

10. Was this post too long?
Sun Flare


Why is jean shopping so frakking hard? I have a skinny waist but then I don't have the typical white girl flat butt. If I find jeans that fit in the butt/thighs, they're too big everywhere else and I'm sick of it.

Which reminds me - I heard a model on tv complaining that pregnancy made her thighs touch when she walked. My thighs have done that since middle school and I was considered skinny until a few years ago (I'm a college graduate now). How common is this girls? Especially considering that it was a model talking.
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Making a mix - need ideas.

Are there any songs that you would put on a cd for an ex who you have had a lot of drama and difficult times with, but are now trying to be friendly with? the idea is for the music/songs to say something along the lines of a) i hope you're happy now  b) although it was so hard, i still care about you or c) we both know we can't be together even though there are still strong feelings. 
Any or all of the above ideas in the song, without the songs being too cheesy or hard core. 
These are examples of the ones I'm going to put on. 

Tegan and Sara - Where Does the Good Go?
Morcheeba - Part of the Process
Sia - Breathe Me
Regina Spektor - Better
The Blow - True Affection
KT Tunstall - Miniature Disasters
Azure Ray - In Spite of All the Damage

So that's the type I'd like to stick with, but I dont have enough. Any suggestions would be appreciated.