July 19th, 2007

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Happy 5th, TQC!

Did you know that today, July 19th, is the fifth anniversary of TQC being founded?

So, in honor of that, here's the five-year-anniversary-meta-question extravaganza!
1a.) What do you think has been the most epic drama in TQC history?
1b) Most awesome banning?
2.) Which former TQC members do you miss most?
3a.) Who do you think has made the most posts in TQC?
3b.) The most comments?
4a.) How many polls has echafaud posted to TQC?
4b.) fourcorners?
5.) What (non-picture) post do you think has the most comments?
6a.) When do you think we'll hit our two millionth comment?
6b.) Who do you think will post it?
6c.) 100,000th post?
6d.) Who do you think will post it?

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Moldy house

I live in the basement of what we think is a 150+ year old house. In England. Where there has been a lot of rain.

We've just discovered that stuff - specifically shoes - all over the bedroom have gone moldy. I'm wondering:

1) Is this a health hazard? My partner has asthma, dustmite allergies, and general respertory issues. Could this be why he's been feeling lousy?

2) Any ideas for how we can get rid of it? Do we just have to wait until it stops raining (i.e. move house!)? Should we get the landlord involved?

3) Any hot tips for getting mold off fake suede? :-/
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(no subject)

I was driving home tonight when I suddenly saw a whole shit load of eggs being thrown at my car (7 hit) by some neighbourhood tweens with the false sense that this is TOTALLY awesome and TOTALLY rad. Now I have never been egged before and am still trying to think it over, but this of course begs the question...

Have you ever been egged while in a car? What did you do? Have you ever egged someone?

(no subject)

During a conversation about dreams, I mentioned that most of the time my dreams seem to be about the world ending or some sort of apocalyptic disaster. One of my friends said it must mean something. Any ideas as to what it means?

What's a strange/awesome/interesting dream you've had? Details?

What is a word that no matter how many times you see it the correct way, you always spell wrong?


First impressions are the most important.

When you meet a man/woman for the first time what are the top 3 things that can automatically turn you off from pursuing a romantic relationship with them.

mine are:
1) scrubby looking
2) bad teeth
3) arrogance

How the 'visual feel' of professional movies is obtained.

How do filmmakers give movies that visual 'movie feel'? It seems even low budget filmmakers get it right. I'm talking about the look you get that makes it seem both professional and detached, whereas a home movie, even filmed with he highest end amateur digital camera, will seem to have a more real/attached feel to it.

Is it the use of a specific type of film (e.g. beta, 35mm, etc)? Camera filters? Software filters (e.g. software to make it look like beta)? What about newer films that use HD and still get the feel?

EDIT: I've done light searching and found something about color grading, but I don't know if that's it.

(no subject)

My sleeping schedule is pretty backward at the moment on account of sitting at home doing nothing all day. So today I woke up at 6pm and tomorrow I'm going out at 1pm. Which means I should be in bed by about 4am, which is in half an hour...

I've only been awake 9 hours!
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mah laundrychines...let me talk to you about them.

Ok TQC. I read the washing machine wiki article, but all I learned is that apparently any European washing machine, even if designed by some guy's armpit hair, will perform better than an American one. That's unhelpful to me.

So, I got a used WM and hooked it up, having never done this before. I put the hoses on the two spigots, and they're even the RIGHT spigots, the hot is hot, etc. But...now what? If I leave the spigots off, the washing machine gets no water. If I turn them on, they...stay on until I turn them off, whether the WM needs water or not. Isn't the washing machine supposed to regulate this itself? I'm pretty sure that in most households you don't have to climb up on the damn washing machine, reach behind it, and turn two rusty spigots to make it go. Wtf?

What detergent do you use?

If I were out of mine, would you lend me a cup of yours?

In fact, when this damn washing machine breaks, can I do laundry at your place?

Visiting Mexico City


This question is for people who have visited Mexico City on budget travel:

Where have you stayed at? Hostels? Hotels?

If so, could you please name it and give a brief review?

I´m planning to go there next November (on a student budget)

(no subject)

I am having a BBQ for some friends at my place this weekend, about 5 of the friends are vegetarian.

What kind of yummy food should I cook for my vegetarian friends?

I have never cooked for a vegetarian before so any suggestions would be helpful.
What's that smell?!

(no subject)

Does anybody know where I can get cheap Polaroid film?
Preferably in black & white. Well, either color or b+w! Haha, yeah.

I found $6 color on Amazon, which is still ridiculous because with shipping it'd be over $14!
Thanks guys!

Give a dog a home

(no subject)

1) Have you ever cut your own hair?
2) I gave myself bangs/fringe last night. Does it look okay?
3) If you color your hair, do you do it yourself, or get it done by a professional?
4) What is your favorite pasta shape?
5) If you have your ears pierced, what type of jewelry do you wear normally?
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(no subject)

1) The stupid 20 year old boys at my work are all bragging about how they run over squirrels and chipmunks for fun, that animals are dumb, etc etc.

What is up with young guys and trying to act all super dickhead macho? Are they really such assholes, or is it all for the sake of their ~*~image~*~? It pisses me off and I told them I hope someone runs over their pets. Ugh.

2) What is your favorite flavor/brand of soda?

(no subject)

Do you ever not ask questions/for more information because you're afraid someone will make fun of you for not knowing the answer/understanding their joke?

(I'm not talking about TQC questions)

-edit- Does it depend on who the person is? If so, which people are you afraid to ask and which are you comfortable with?
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(no subject)

My friend and I went to dinner last night at a fantastic burger place one town over and ended up sitting next to the absolute most boring date ever.  I think watching paint dry would have been more fun than this chick was having.  And Mr. Big Shot would not STFU.

What's the worst date you've ever been on?


Why did my cat shit on the carpet in three different places last night? She did her srs bzness in the litterbox, but she decided to leave little presents around the carpeted area.

Do you update your el-jay using rich text or html?

Have you seen this yet?

alice in wonderland, rainbow

(no subject)

1. What's the most brazen thing you've done to show someone you fancy them?

2. How did you and your current S.O. meet? (if you don't have a current SO, how did you and your last one meet?)
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(no subject)

Do you listen to Rilo Kiley?

If so, then if you listen to Ween's Mononucleosis from The Pod, does it remind you of Jenny Lewis (lyrics and mood) like it does me?

Doesn't Sketches of Winkle on the same album encompass what Tenacious D strives to be?

(no subject)

How have your experiences been having relationships with very sheltered people? Such as they can't go anywhere alone, their parents always check up on them every 5 minutes practically, etc etc.

Have you ever drawn/painted a picture of a friend of yours and given it to them (assuming they didn't know you were doing so)? How did they react?

Have you ever created a fake Myspace/Livejournal just to friend someone else and read their entries?

How creepy would you consider those last two things?
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(no subject)

1)What is the opposite of shit?
2)Do you lose things a lot or is your loss frequency pretty average?
3)What are your feelings on lobster hypnotism?
4)Have you ever tried to skin and/or debone a raw chicken? I have skinned a cat (in science class) and it was far far easier than removing the skin from a chicken leg.

(no subject)

I'm not quite sure how to word this, so bear with me. What religion are you a follower of? If you're not a follower of one specific religion, what religion do your beliefs most coincide with?

(no subject)


I live in an apartment complex and we are only allowed to walk our dogs in ONE SPOT. That is the ONLY place we take him, and he keeps getting fleas dispite frontline, AND flea collar, AND a flea bath. I called my apartment manager today, and she basically said "WELL IF YOU WOULD HAVE FRONTLINED THE DOG IT WOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM!" I DID FRONTLINE him, and she's basically like TOO BAD. It's not just my dog, but this lady is SKURRY, so no one else will call her.

What would you do?!
Should I punch her in the face 3x or 2x?
Any NO FAIL flea tricks?
Can I live at your house till they are gone?

Edit: Yeah, I could walk him somewhere else. I'm just really frazzled about this whole thing : (

What cheers you up?
Where did my $20 go? (The fleas probably ATE IT)
cliffs of insanity


So, the SO and I are moving in together and the actual move date is set for this weekend. I've got the power and gas turned on but now I'm setting up the cable/internet and I've hit a snag that I'm hoping someone else has some personal experience with. We are moving to an area that has Comcast (which I've never used) and we'd like to set-up Standard TV (no digital) and High Speed Internet.

Clicking through the options on the website it says that I can pay $19.99 for the first 6 months of internet when you have tv and the offer is only available online. Then there's the install fees. They want $99.95 to have someone come in and "professionally" install one computer -or- if you're already a customer, you can pay just $9.95 for the self-install kit. Major difference.

My question, how long do I have to be a customer before I can order the self-install kit. As soon as service is connected, a week, a month? Anyone have experience with this?
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jobs and stuff

For those who have higher education degrees:

What is your highest degree? (Bachelors, Masters, PhD, etc)
If you want to state your major as well, feel free.

Did you have a job lined up prior to graduation?
If so, how did you secure the job?

If you DIDN'T have a job lined up for graduation,
How long did it take before you got a job after graduation?
What did you do for the time being between graduation and finding that job to pay the bills, etc?
How did you eventually find a job?

Also, for those of you who moved away after graduation and didn't know anyone there,
How do you job search from afar?
Did anyone already secure a job PRIOR to moving? IF so, how did you do that, since you can't really do interviews and such if you don't live there yet.
If you found a job AFTER you moved there, what did you do in order to survive/pay bills/find a place to live if you didn't have a job when you first moved there?
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(no subject)

What are some good, short workouts that I can do to tone up my body?

I won't follow any long program, so I'm looking for something akin to a 20-minute-power-workout DVD. Any suggestions? I have limited space.

(no subject)

1. What is the last mean thought you thought about a close friend of yours?
2. Are you usually judgmental?
3. Do you type out words and sometimes stare at them because they look funny even though they are spelled right?
4. Are you allowed to listen to music at work? Do you?
5. Do you have any hand me downs or stuff from thrift shops? Is that because you like the clothes or because you are poor and/or frugal?
6. Do you prefer get togethers are your house/friend's house or going out somewhere with your friends?

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(no subject)

What are some good birthday ideas for my 17th later this year? I kind of want to do a murder mystery, so has anyone done one and can tell me a bit about how it went? Last year I did this big scavenger hunt across town, which was loads of fun but it took a long time to score everything. I like parties like these, where the whole thing is a big game, so any other suggestions? Themes are good too.

Also - what's a good/unique/interesting costume for halloween? I'd go as an Aquabat but I already did so for superheros day.

(no subject)

1. Who are your favorite you tube people?

2. Do you count the amount of posts between your questions so that you don't break the rules?

3. How much traffic do you deal with on a daily basis?

4. Do you walk, drive, or take public transport to work?

5. Are you addicted to making profiles wherever you can and just signing up for anything?

6. What are your reasons for skipping work?

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Because I'm always bored

What are some of your favorite podcasts? I need to find some new ones.

Links would be awesome too.

Shit, I forgot to add some of what I listen to:

This American Life
Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo
Slate Explainer podcasts
Grammar Girl and Mr. Manners' Quick and Dirty Tips
The Sound of Young America
Jordan, Jesse GO!
All Songs Considered
Fresh Air
The Word Nerds
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(no subject)

1. From what gas stations do you usually buy gas? Are there any you tend to frequent more/less than others? Avoid completely?

2. What grade of fuel do you typically buy?

3. Have you noticed a difference in your mileage between different gas stations?

4. And, isn't it amazing what a hug from a good friend can do for you? :P

1. I stick to Hess when I'm at home, and BP if it's cheaper (cleanest, and seems to run the best for my car). When I'm at school, I use the Exxon station in town rather than Valero.

2. Regular.

3. Yes. I filled up at BP this past Sunday, and my mileage has gone up about 10-15 miles from my previous fill-up which was likely from a Hess station. Could also be due to the fact that I've been less road-ragey this week too. :P

4. Yes. I feel much better now.

(no subject)

What was your favorite toy or thing to do as a kid?

I loved playing house, and coloring!

Also... My sister and I are going camping.. tomorrow.. What 2 person games should we bring?!

AND.. do you see anything missing from this list that we need?

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(no subject)

So, assume for a second, no matter what your economic conditions, personal choices on going to college, etc are, you are going to college. You have infinite money to spend on youu education, you're going to you dream college, etcetera. All extenuating circumstances which would prevent you getting an education aside, what would be your major of choice.

I'd major in pure mathematics, minor in thermodynamics.


How do you hold off crying? I cry WAY too easily and no matter how hard I try, it always comes...causing my bf to lose quite a bit of respect for me when we argue. So...any tips?
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(no subject)

What's your opinion of Matthew Lesko? Could you see yourself wearing his crazy suits? Where do you think he gets his suits from? Do you think there's actually a store that sells them, or do you think they get custom tailored? I would fucking LOVE to own a Matthew Lesko suit. Would you be so kind as to make me a nice Matthew Lesko colorbar for my user info? I'd love you forever and fucking ever if you made me one. Seriously. I would.

Sorry for the Lesko wank post, but I mean come on, I think he's the coolest guy abusing government programs ever!
de beauvoir

(no subject)

If you are or have ever been in college, what did you do during the summers?

If you could be specific as to which year you did what, that'd be helpful.

I am currently a rising sophomore, and I just got my first job (retail), but so many (and I'm talking probably more than half) of my peers have full-blown internships already. Am I crazy to think that it is kind of soon? And also, where the heck are they finding them, when they've just started their college careers?

Also...if you've already graduated college, what sorts of internships/jobs/activities either during the school year or summer were you involved with that really helped your grad school or career opportunities?

Merci beaucoup!
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever been involved with a friend's sibling? How did it go?

2. Have you heard of the ex-Comedy Central show Stella? Do you like it?

3. If you can answer the questions you pose to the community, where do you post your answers? In a comment, behind an lj-cut, etc.?

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I have problems with assertiveness and my boyfriend suggested that I need to learn how to be a "bitch", which seems kind of vague. So, internets, how would you recommend someone teach themselves to be assertive?

ETA: I fully disagree with the use of the word 'bitch' to describe an assertive woman and I suspect he just said it to make his point.
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(no subject)

If you have a kitchen with black marble, what color curtains would you get to put on the window by your sink? (oak cupboards)

Do you know a good garden magazine to subscribe to? I'm beginning to learn about gardening. I thought about Better Home and Gardening, but it seems to be mostly landscaping, and indoor stuff.

(no subject)

For the folks that use the words 'whore' & 'slut' as an insult, do you differentiate between the 2?

What attributes do you think a slut has that a whore doesn't & a whore has that a slut doesn't?

ps. I don't give a rats ass whether you think it's wrong to call someone a whore or a slut, I didn't ask about that did I.
Zach Braff

"Toto I don't think we're in Connecticut anymore"

1. There have been at least 3 tornadoes that have touched ground here in CT. What is up with this? We never have tornadoes and back when school was back in session, we had at least 5 warnings and we were put into lock-down mode. Is this due to global warming? God hating us? Anyone else in CT as freaked out as I am? The tornadoes are heading towards Rocky Hill where my dad works and he had no idea when I called him. Plus, I'm flying out of Bradley tonight at 8 and I'm not feeling too good about this.
1b. Should I go hide in my basement?

2. So if I don't get tossed into the sky like Dorothy and Toto, I'm supposed to be flying into Orlando tonight. We're heading off to Disney and Universal over the next ten days. While I've been to Disney numerous times, I've never been to Universal. Any rides I need to ride and if I don't I'll no longer be considered American? haha How about the best thrill rides?

3. My four-year-old brother saw a coach bus and asked my mom, "How does the man gets in when the door is closed?"(since you know the bus driver is the one that opens the door) So, anyone want to explain to my little brother how the man gets in the bus?
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(no subject)

1) Have you realized anything today? I've been eating very healthy lately, and after eating 2 Reeses, I've come to the realization that they have little taste, and that they make me feel crappy. Candy habit broken!

2) Why do fax machines make the old dial-up modem noise? Shouldn't they have a better way of signaling that something went through by now?

3) What brand of bottled water do you buy most often? If you don't buy bottled water, pretend that you do. I buy Poland Spring.

Thank You

To all the guys that helped pick me out the tie. The Black was the clear winner. Black always works. And if anyone cares which i know you don't but anyway the job interview went well. The 30yr something woman even flirted with me and is reccommending me to 4 different positions so I;m bound to have a job.

Justice of the Peace weddings

Anyone who's done the quick JotP-type wedding, besides the marriage license, what else do you need to do? My fiance/hubby/whatever and I are most likely going to be going this route (insurance purposes). Shawnee County doesn't do common law paperwork, unless a lawyer draws it up. Cheaper to do a JotP-type wedding, XD than to do that. So, HELP!

i'm resume cutting today.

Can I see your resume?
Do you have a basic cover letter that you edit?
Can I see that too?

If you have to cut your resume down, what stuff do you get rid of first?

What's your favorite seasonal beer?

edit: i'm not trying to steal your resumes, nor do i need help, i already finished mine. i was just curious.
Starbucks cup

(no subject)

I'm at Best Buy right now and I just looked at 'The United States of Leland'. Is that movie worth buying or should I just rent it? I love Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams...but yeah. Opinions on the movie if you've seen it are greatly appreciated.
Futurama--Angry Dome

lkqjalkjelkjqsdlkfj I hate rap music

There's a jackass in the apartment complex across the way changing a tire on his car, and he's got the rap "music" blaring at top volume. I've got my window open, because when I closed it, I could still feel/hear the bass thumping.

TQC, should I call the non-emergency police number and make a noise complaint?

ETA: They turned it down, phew. I guess this is a sign I'm getting older.

ETA2: I have to stay up all night to get on schedule to do overnights for the next two nights at work after being at work today, so STFU about me being whiny, because this is my morning again. I think I have a right to be annoyed about it.
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(no subject)

In the past 24 hours, what have you done? What has been your overall mood?

I drove to NH to see John Mayer, had a wonderful time at the show, drove home, slept, went to pilates, came home, found out how much I owe for college, got the new yellowcard cd, and now am about to eat some dinner.
I feel wonderful.
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(no subject)

1. do you like seafood?
2. do you still have stuffed animals from when you were little?
3. how much weight have you gained/lost this year alone? (if any)
4. how many keys are on your keychain?
5. is there that ONE person that you've wondered to yourself 'mhm, i wonder how they are/what they're doing/what they look like' about, as of recently?

Thursday night special

1:What's the difference between a novel and a book?

2:How old are you before it can be said you died of old age?

3:If nobody buys a ticket to a movie do they still show it?

4:If you have a cold hot pocket, is it just a pocket?

5:Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

6:Do penguins have knees?

(no subject)

I'm going to mount Hotham, Australia, skiing on Sunday.
If I have a hotel room booking for 5 nights from Sunday July 22nd, then check out should be sometime on the Friday 27th right?

I have spent all day adding things up and trying to work out times, chaging flights... I can't for the life of me work out when to book my coach ticket back to Melbourne.

Yes call me stupid and crazy but i'm going delirious and I need some reassurance. This no refund business is making me nervous..

What tastes/smells make you think particular things?

The taste of blue powerade makes me think of long journeys abroad in the middle of the night.
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(no subject)

Inspired by the Thursday Night Special...

What's the difference between a flight of stairs and a story of stairs?
(ie. I live 3 flights up, I live 3 stories up)

hamburger or beef? what's the difference? they're both cow....

(no subject)

Because of my current home situation, my psychiatrist is trying to get me living out of my house.
I'm not quite 16 years old yet, but I have got the go-ahead for some government funding for me to for pay room and board in a home-stay situation.
Once I am about 16 1/2 yrs old, I will legally be able to live on my own.

I'm having some troubles finding a suitable place.
Everything I have found on the 'net is for students coming from out of the country.

I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on any websites, or other resources that may be helpful to myself.
I'm living in Canada, specifically Britist Columbia.

Thanks for any help!

un- or non-

My Russian-English fails here: is there a difference between "unconventional" and "non-conventional"?
Google shows approx a 5 over 1 usage frequency ratio, but even the least used "non-conventional" is referenced about 2 000 000 times, so its usage is pretty justified, it seems...
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I know what I want

Chuck Norris says he wants Chuck Norris quotes.  You give Chuck Norris what Chuck Norris wants. 

So, what are your favorite Chuck Norris quotes?

Jeeves asks Chuck Norris
Chuck Noris never googles, he stares at the computer until it displays his web site.
Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried
Chuck Norris doesn't have hair on his testicles. Because hair does not grow on steel
Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice
Chuck Norris can speak braille

Oh poo, no fun *sniffle cry butthurt*  New question. 

What is the worst Villian name ever?

a: Barnaby Barnicile from Babes in Toyland
big alligator?

(no subject)

How often can you hear your neighbors arguing? Do you ever turn the music/tv/radio off so you can hear them better?

I was bitten by several mosquitoes and I'm rather itchy. Should I take some Benadryl to stop the itching even though it will make me sleep for more than 12 hours?
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(no subject)

I just found four bottles of 50 mL of Johnnie Walker black.  I'm never going to drink it.  Should I throw it out?  Pour it on people?  Give it to the homeless guy outside?

Tell me what to do with the booze, TQC!

(no subject)

Is there any logical reason for city workers to be going down a street and opening up the fire hydrants?

I ask because we were driving down the street on the way to my sister's apartment (this street contains not much more than apartment complexes), and there were two guys in city uniforms opening up two fire hydrants at a time, letting the water rush out into the road. There was no sign of "road work ahead", or any indication of what they were doing.
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(no subject)

I mean this with all sincerity:

What in the hell is so special about the Harry Potter series? The books are being guarded like they contain everything from incantations of the Necronomicon top-secret military information that would easily doom any nation.

In fact, they're guarded BETTER than those things.

Obviously, I've not read them. To me, this is just another series of books that I might eventually read but I'm not really interested in it. I have not, at any point in the years and years I've been reading books, found a series that would cause me to willingly sit outside of a bookstore before it opened so I could have one of the first ones.

Yes, I understand, this last book is closing the series, and therefore everyone is up in arms about murdering people who post spoilers as though they were gays in the South trying to get married. But, there's been many other series of books. Am I to assume that fans of the Hitchhiker's Trilogy-That-Isn't-A-Trilogy determined that anyone who told another person of the inside of Mostly Harmless was treated as badly as those who make a little "Snape Kills Dumbledore" avatar on Livejournal?

So, really, what's the big deal? Do they offer some kind of secrets? I assume that the books are "good" by any standards. People wouldn't be wanting to murder other people if they weren't good.

(no subject)

Question about smoking.

My friend's boyfriend swears that when you open a new pack of cigarettes, you're supposed to turn the middle one upside-down and smoke it last, as it is your 'lucky cigarette'.  At first I thought he was just making fun of me, but my friend says, yes, he really does this. I'm not a communal smoker, so I have no idea how prevalent this is. He's from Georgia, and I'm from Indiana, so it may be a southern thing.

So, has anyone ever heard of the 'lucky cigarette'?

If so, where do you live?

Do you have/know someone who has smoking rituals? What are they?
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(no subject)

1- Do you ever wonder about the people who used public things before you? Like bathrooms, or utensils in a restaurant, or a bed in a hotel...
2- What is the positively worst weird-public-item story you could tell here? About you or otherwise. :)
3- What's the longest you've ever gone without eating?
4- How 'bout them (insert sports team of choice here. If there is no sports team of choice, um... insert whatever the hell there is in your world worth mentioning!)?

(no subject)

My friend has naturally a dark brown hair color.
She dyed her hair auburnish, and she wants to get it blonde, but no matter how many times she dyes it, it won't work.
She just called me a told me she put bleach in a spray bottle and sprayed her hair with it. I told her it will mess up her hair. She doesn't care. Will it actually work though?
Iowa represent!

first in the nation...

Is there a website that has a side-by-side comparison of the current US Presidential Candidates and where they stand on issues? I'm thinking sort of a box graph where the issue is at the top and the candidates are on the side, with their views in the same column as the issue.

I've seen these things in newspapers, but of course it wasn't for THIS election.

In case you're wondering, I'm not insane, I just live in Iowa, so we get candidates daily. I met Rudy Giuliani today and he was nice enough, but not my candidate. Hence, the search goes on!

As a forewarning: I'm not looking for a political debate, I'm just looking for a comparison so I can make a decision, even though it's really early and most of these people will be gone soon anyway. But I'm just sayin'...keep it nice. (as nice as possible when politics are involved, that is.)
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some random Qs

1. How can a person get good exercise without (much) using their feet?

I'm recovering from a bunch of torn ankle ligaments and can't walk far, run, jump, etc. but I really am having a craving to get physically tired (I don't know if that makes sense to anyone, but that's how it feels to me).  I'm used to waiting tables and doing a lot of hard work in the course of a day when able-bodied, and then when I was on crutches they provided plenty of exercise.  Now I can walk to get around, but not much more than that.  How can I work hard and wear myself out without help from my feet?

2. Assuming you eat them, how do you like your eggs? 
   Scrambled, for me.

3. Do your friends hang out at your house, or do you usually end up hanging out at their houses? Or in public?
   For some reason, my house is never host--always a friend, or in public--but not because of any unwillingness on my part.

4. Do you ever worry that your friends don't truly like you or that, fundamentally, you're weirder than everybody else?

5. I'm usually a lurker/reader with the occasional answers or questions.  How many of us are out there?  Show yourselves!

6. Baseball, anyone?  Who's your team?
   I know I have some fellow Cub fans out there...
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when's the last time you heard 'End Of The Road' by Boyz II Men?
when's the last time you head a Christina Aguilera song?
when's the last time you sang along to a song?

zoom zoom

I am mildly terrified of learning how to drive, and I have my first lesson tomorrow. I am not so sure about this. So:

1. Do you have your driver's license? If not, why?
2. What's the best piece of driving advice you have? Can I have it, please?
3. Got any good stories about learning to drive, driver's ed, things that happened to you while driving, etc?
4. How was your day? Or, how is your day or how do you anticipate that your day will be, depending on the time of day? Will it involve driving?
O Shit

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Question for the ladies:

Do you ever drink alcohol while on your period? Like, a lot of it? Does it affect your period at all?

I drank a lot last night (yesterday being the first day of my period) and last night I bled more than I've ever bled, ever. I guess that makes sense. Just curious.

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Do you usually say things behind a person's back or to their face?

If you weren't the religion you are, what other religion would you be?  Like, what's your second choice?

I want to do something cute for my boy through email, since that's our only form of communication for a couple of days.  Any ideas?

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Have you ever read Self Made Man by Norah Vincent? If so, what did you think about it?

If you haven't, it's about a woman who spends a year disguised as a man, and offers her insights on gender relations. I was intrigued by it because I get a huge kick out of crossdressing every now and then and at least tricking a few people into thinking I'm a guy (at least until they talk to me). The book opened my eyes to lots of male (and female) behavior, and really made me appreciate being female, at least in some aspects. Which leads to my next question:

What are some things you like about being your gender? What are some things you dislike? I'm speaking more on social terms than physical; we all know the physical attributes of men and women.

My brother thinks it's too much and will spoil them too much. What do you think?

I bought a whole bunch of toys and fun stuff at the Dollar Store and at Clair's (like 30 things) to put in a "good kid bag." There was a crazy good sale at Clair's where you could buy items that are $10 or under for 50 cents each. There were cool kiddy stuff like Dora, Thomas Train, and Spiderman. So I took advantage of the sale.

Anyway, I'm planning on bringing this bag each time I babysit and I will tell the kids (ranges from 2-6 y/o) that if they behave well, they will get to choose a toy from the "good kid bag." They will not be allowed to look at it until the end of our time together so they would be more excited and surprised. This way, I will get the kids to listen to me faster and get them to share and stuff. At the end, they get to choose 1 toy (if they're good) and I will tell them why they got it (I will be specific, like "Because you said "sorry" to your sister for bumping into her).

What do you honestly think?

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I have an external harddrive that my mother gave me this last Christmas. I haven't used in a long time, but the last couple of times I have used it, I tred plugging it into the computer and the drive doesn't show up on he computer. Also, when I plug it in to an outlet or into the computer (It has to at least be plugged into an outlet) it makes this strange sound that you can hear here. ---> http://media.putfile.com/Sound-87-54
Is it broken? I don't believe I've done anything to it to make it break physically. It's tipped over once or twice, but only when it's been on the floor and it still worked directly after it happened.  It's a Maxton and that's about all the information I know. Is there any way I can fix it or is the data lost forever? You guys are quicker to answer than having to go out of my way to find a place that might be able to tell me what's wrong and then make me pay them to fix it.