July 18th, 2007

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1a.) Where can I find some good Andean rock music?
1b.) What is some good Andean rock music?

2.) Hooking up with your friends' siblings- yes, no or does it depend?
ETA: I'd be too scared to talk about it with my friend/roommate.
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Late night weirdness

1) How deep is your belly button? Will you measure it and share your results? (Outies, measure how much it sticks out!) Mine is ~ 3/4 of an inch. lol.

2) Myspace or Facebook?

3) So, I heard you like Mudkip?

4) What "rewards card" keytag do you use the most?
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Can you describe your first, or your earliest memory...

Car journey?

Train journey?

Bus/Coach journey (greyhound, national express etc)?

Plane journey?

Boat trip?

Car: Earliest I can remember, my granddad taking me and my family home after visiting him and his family, in an old 3 door austin metro. Navy blue with no back seatbelts.

Train: I think going to beach with my mum when I was 6.

Coach: I remember going down south to our supposed new home. It had a toilet and air con, and when you're 4 that's the coolest thing ever.

Plane: Flying to the us via iceland about 4 years ago.

Boat: Can't remember anything big, just a row boat ride with my dad.
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Is it possible to make microwave popcorn without a microwave? How?

I have a bag of microwave popcorn, but no microwave. I was wondering if my air popper, stove top or oven could work to pop it.

ETA: I was able to do it with a pot and it turned out pretty well. Thanks for all your help! :)
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1.) What do you call the little nub between the "g" and "h" keys on your laptop (if you have one)? Do you call it a TrackPoint/pointing stick, or do you call it something more vulgar?

2.) Why does Wikipedia have an entire category devoted to poop?

3.) Do you use more than 1 account to comment on TQC?

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so I'm going for a consultation at a specialist for my teeth tomorrow probably for braces but i might need surgery as well. when I asked the lady on the phone if I had to pay anything she said no cause its only a consultation... so.. what exactly will they do? just talk to me about my options or are they gonna look at my teeth at all?

have you ever needed surgery for your teeth/jaw or braces? what was it like

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You're riding in one of those outside glass elevators. There's one other person with you, of the gender you're attracted to, and an attractive specimen at that. Suddenly, the sky is lit by what looks like a burst of approaching light. "It's a nuclear missle! We're all going to die!", the other person says. You panic, and maybe cry. "In these last few minutes of life, wanna go out with some frantic, end-of-the-word sexin?". Your answer is ____

Yes. Let's go out with a bang as we go out with a bang
No. Impending self destruction or not, I still don't know you
I'll just lie here and go fetal. The other person can hump my unresponsive body all they want before it's all over

I'll veto all of the previous selections except for the first one. You've all engaged in passionate 'we're-going-to-die' lovemaking, lubricated with your own frustrated tears. The nuclear missle that was approaching nears your building and bursts into a brilliant array of fireworks. Guess your life wasn't in danger after all. What do you say to your elevator stranger-with-benefit?

"Oops. Our bad. Hey, let's pretend the last 5 minutes never happened"
"So...wanna get a cup of coffee?"
"OMG! What's that? That twinkling thing! Venus, you say? I bet it's another missle. What'll ya say we go for round 2? I'm on top this time"
"Rape! Pervert! Police!"
Awkward silence until the doors open, and you both scurry away
The other person bursts out laughing and says "I can't believe you fell for the ol Chicken Little stunt! Bwahaha. Wait'll I tell my friends", at which point you kill the other person with your shoe
"Thank God it wasn't the end of the world. I wouldn't want my last few minutes engaged in such a lousy lay. You! Take this second chance to watch some porn and get a clue"

In a related impending death question, you go to the doctor and are informed that you have 3 HOURS to live. How do you spend your last 3 hours of life?

Calling up and visiting everyone I care about and telling them I love them
Making all the necessary arrangements for my death, and the distribution of destruction of all the porn, kinky or drug-related material in my room
Mass killing spree. Then, as they surround me, I surrender. Won't it piss them off to know that in a few hours, I die and get away with it
With the hottest prostitute/escort/piece of ass I can find
Getting stoned or drunk off my ass. This way, I'm in the right proper mood to accept my upcoming exit off this ball of mud
WoW or chatting. I'll finish my life the way I lived it: without a point
Suicide. I can't take the wait. I'd rather go out on my terms
Cryogenics. STAT!
I'll take the subway and sit on the train for the next few hours. I pity the fool who ends up sitting next to my dead ass and not being aware of it until they watch the news later
ZOMG! This is so sad. I must make a weepy emo post in my journal
This is so ridiculous.

I'm gonna need a lot of books soon.

1. What is the last really good book you read?

2. Do you tend to gravitate toward a certain genre of books, or are you someone who reads everything?

2a. If you only read specific genres, what are they?

3. Care to recommend me a book?

En El Tiempo De Las Mariposas. Oh my God, so good.

2. I especially like history and biographies, and for the most part can't stand science-fiction/fantasy, though I did read Harry Potter. Right now though, I'm super into books pertaining to Latin American revolutions. I think I've read every biography of Che Guevara out there.

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1. Do you ever watch The Today Show? Who is the better Today anchor--Katie Couric or Meredith Vieira? [It's become my insomnia tradition. Katie made being insane from not sleeping more enjoyable. Meredith seems awkward a lot of the time.]

2. Ever since I was a kid, I hold my breath for about 15 seconds after people cough or sneeze (to avoid inhaling whatever they're spewing around). Exercise in futility, y/n?

3. Have you ever written a letter to your congressman? Exercise in futility, y/n?

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morning everyone.
i ahve to go to the dentist today for a "consultation" its  a orthodontist i think? dunno never been to one, anyways I was told during consultations they dont do anything to your teeth yet, like take x-rays and what not, that they only talk to you about what will happend if i get braces and look at my payment options and stuff

i'm just wondering if this is true? cause I always brush me teeth and not eat before the dentist but I am starving and i'm gonna get something to eat before going and wont ahve time to brush my teeth again in between... do you think they will care if they do look at my teeth?

I called the place now cause its open and they told me they were only taking pictures and talking about payment options and what will happend
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Have you ever done something to face your fear? Like bungee jump when you're afraid of heights. I'm getting scuba certified and I'm starting to realize that I have issues with this and I'm looking for some reinforcement.
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Dr. LJ, Dr. LJ

Paging Dr. LJ, you have a patient waiting

Hola! For all of us with eye problems out there. Have you every experienced a "Floater"  ( A dark speck in your eyes that you generally see when you look at a plain background? ) if you went to your eye doctor for it, what did he do? Anything?  Should I go see my specialist that I saw for 15 years ( and do a two hour drive to see him, if I can get in soon ), or some other doctor I've never seen before?

Collapse )

Also, what is the longest you would expect to wait at the doctors office before leaving? ( if it was a non medical emergency ) 

1. Never had this sort of thing before, definately going to the doctors office to have it checked out.
2. I waited for an hour, then rescheduled an appointment and left. No one was getting in in the last half hour that I was waiting, and it was for the entire specialist floor. Not just my doctor.
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1) What was your first ever LJ username? Do you still have it?
a. What other usernames did you have before you arrived at your current one?

2) If you remember the first LJ community you ever joined, what was it?

3) Will you copy and paste a list of communities you're in currently (Member Of)?

4) a. If you have a penis, how large is it?
b. If you have boobies, how big are they?

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Do you remember when you first learned that meat is dead animals? Did you find that at all disturbing? If so, did you try being a vegetarian?
tank girl


I don't remember artist or song name. All I know is the video. The artist is something like Muse. In the video there is a war scene going on, but all the way in the start, a little boy goes to deliver a message and then gets shot.
Does anyone know the name of this song?
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What is your current food obsession?
I'm currently obsessed with grapes.

What is your current non-food obsession?
Degrassi Junior High/High/The Next Generation.

Would you drink your own urine if you were stuck in the desert and were rapidly getting dehydrated?
I saw some guy on TV who did that and it made me wretch.

First it was "IM IN UR NOUN, VERBING YOUR NOUN", then it was cat macros... what will the next internet obsession be?

What color is your underwear?
I'm wearing white ones from Victoria's Secret with pink trim and retro-y flowers.
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Appropriate Punishment for Animal Cruelty?

So my husband came in this morning from getting coffee and told me about this story he heard on the radio. Being animal lovers and Pit Bull parents ourselves, we were of course horrified about this story and started talking about what we thought would be the appropriate punishment for serious abject animal cruelty like this. What are your thoughts? If you had the power, what would your sentence be for Mr. Vick?

(Also if anyone's interested in signing the petition, it can be found here.)
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The Receptionist Classic

I love the smell of flannel in the morning

What bands would you say were a part of the grunge genre?
Nirvana? Alice in Chains? Spice Girls?

My co-worker is under the impression that all things not pop/rap/hip-hop/country from the 90s are considered grunge. I need to set the boy straight. (I'm kidding about the Spice Girls, just so you know.)
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Inspired by all the people in this post who said they would never eat dogs/cats/etc.

If you were served a meat dish (pretend you eat meat if you don't)and enjoyed it and later found out it was an animal you NEVER wanted to eat, how would you react?

Since you did enjoy it, and you've already done it, would you do it again?
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Be the good person?

Okay, so this weekend I'm going to get a chance to see my favorite voice actor EVER, in person. I'll likely get his autograph at least once, but he's doing two signings and I want to try to go to both.

My husband's good friend, who is also my friend (I knew him before I knew my husband actually, he's one of the reasons we met) is also a huge fan of this actor. Said actor was the voice of his favorite character in his favorite show.

I'm not guaranteed two autographs.

Should I:
-Be selfish! Even if you get both autographs, make them both for yourself! You're the one going all the way there and waiting in line for hours. Plus, you love half his characters and can't pick a favorite thing for him to sign anyway.

-Be the good friend and great person! Get your stuff signed first, but wait in the second line to get something signed for your friend, then surprise him with it when he least expects it.

One more question: going to a celebrity signing, is it in poor taste to print up a picture on your computer/photo printer for them to sign? Since this guy voices anime characters, I don't have any way to get an 8x10 glossy except to print it myself. And if I wanted to get something for my friend, I would need to print it myself. It wouldn't be the actor's picture though, it would be his character.

Sorry for the tl;dr.
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"If it weren't for my horse......"

What's one of the strangest/funniest/most random/most obnoxious/stupidest conversation snippets you've overheard in public?

A few months ago, these girls were boozing it up in the bar (at our local Houston TGI Fridays) and they were discussing the love lives of several of their friends. The following exchange floated over the din...

Girl 1: Oh may gawdd!!! I cain't belieeeeve that!!
Girl 2: I know, right??
G1: I cain't believe JD would do that to her!!
G2: No no no! It wasn't JD! It was DJ!!
G1: DJ???? Oh may gawdd!!!

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Should I get a facebook?

I never had a Myspace and feel like I'm missing out on the fad.

I work at a shoe store and we got a shipment of Uggs last night (supposidly 17 huge cardboard boxes). Should I buy like, 10 pairs and sell them on Ebay during Christmas season? My manager mentioned doing this, and says he could get triple the price if you time it right.

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1. When was the last time you got hurt while doing something seemingly harmless?

I was just filing some charts, and a few of them fell and slashed my hand. They managed to go through all of the skin there, and now I have a slanted gash below my thumb. I didn't bleed on any of the files though ;)
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I'm having nachos for dinner tonight!

What should I put in them, besides meat?

So far I have salsa, taco sauce, jalapenos, and queso dip. Booooring.

ETA: Unconventional toppings are welcomed, as the people I'm sharing my food with hate olives, guacamole, and sour cream D:
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If you could open up your own business, what would it be?

(I would have a used book store. My boyfriend opened up a roofing company last year and we are planning on running a pawnshop in the next few years.)

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1. What was on the best hotdogs you ever had?
2. How is the weather where you are? Is it going crazy, as in like... the weather is not what it is supposed to be this time of year?
3. What do you do at your job?
4. Have you ever had a cooking accident? Tell me about it.

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Has anyone ever created an LJBook?
How did it turn out?
Is there any way to not have the table of contents included?
Once you've download the pdf. file, how do you edit in it? It won't let me edit or delete anything. :(
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Now that Michael Vick has been indicted, do you think he is innocent or guilty?

What should the NFL do to him, even if he is not found guilty, but say, the people that are indicted with him are? Suspend him for 4,8 or a full season?

I must know!
Cartoon Me 2

Germs in the bathroom?

For the women in the group...(and the men if you think it appropriate)

If you are one of those people who can't stand sitting on a public toilet seat, I ask why?

Is it because of people like you who get urine on the toilet seat and don't wipe it up? (since it's generally pretty hard to get urine on the seat when you're actually sitting on it)

And, what are you afraid of exactly? Is it the germs on the backs of people's legs? (Are you afraid that most people have some kind of strange "back of the thigh" germs that you may contract?)

And have you ever stopped to think that the germs acquired from using toilet paper are on your hands as well and hence living on your pants since you buttoned up before washing them?

So again I ask, if you are one of those people who can't stand sitting on a public toilet seat, why?

I'm just curious because I think the whole "hover" idea is stupid. If the seat is dry, I am sure it's fine. I have yet to see the headline about the woman (or man) who died from the germs she acquired from sitting on a public toilet seat, which is probably cleaned more often than your toilet seat at home. But maybe I missed that headline?

As an aside, if you walk into a stall and the seat is clean but the toilet is not flushed, would you change stalls or just flush it and do your business?

I have flushed and done my business, but I have also walked away. In both instances I just shook my head kind of like I do when people don't return their carts to the cart holder in the grocery store parking lot. But that's a whole other question...
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im too lazy to look into this. im hoping one of you smarties knows the answer.

i got married in vegas. live in minnesota. lost my marriage certificate. (i have no idea where it is, i brought it w/ me to canada and now its gone) how do i go about getting a new one? i changed my name in MN, can i get a copy here or do i need to call vegas?

im asking b/c i have safety bonds i have to cash in, and they are in my maiden name (no, i havent changed my name at the bank either. i know, im lazy) do i need my marriage certificate for that? they didnt the last time i cashed them in, but i dont think ill be that lucky this time around.
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1. ??? <<< this is the 'community' icon. ...what is it??

2. has anybody ever actually learned a language from the "xxx in three months!" books?
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There's a song that has the line, "hos take off yo' clothes, hos get naked" and I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT IT'S CALLED. I want to hear it so bad. If you recognize it do you know know who sings it or where I could find it?

If you're in a cubicle farm, what are your neighbors like? 
I'm in a square of them, and the guy to the west of me is very very gay and likes the Simpsons a LOT. The woman to the north is an oldschool hippy, with save the whales posters up and everything. She eats leftover organic beans for lunch out of mason jars. It's lol. Diagonal from me is some weird old lady who yells at me if the lights aren't off when she gets here in the morning (I'm not the last to leave in the afternoon!).

What color is your favorite pair of shoes?

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I read the newspaper this morning and rolled my eyes. Have Harry Potter omg-don't-spoil-it-people-are-jerks fans really lost that much perspective of what the important issues are in the world?

(I ask this because I'm fairly certain they would cry if some one told them the ending (which is rude, but not heartbreaking), but can't be bothered to care much about [insert your pet heartbreaking human rights atrocity issue/international issue right here].)

EDIT: Before this gets me too far up the creek without a paddle (which it already has), I'm not saying that caring about world events and Harry Potter are mutually exclusive. They aren't. I do find a lot to shake my head at and laugh at, though.
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1. What do you think is the most obscure, yet fatally romantic love song - one that not many people know about, but everybody should hear? [links, pls]

2. In what movies/TV shows can we see your hometown? [here's the IMDb link if you don't know any]

3. Any folks who live in/have visited NYC - do you know how long the average rush/student rush ticket line is? (the ones that offer extremely discounted tickets when the box office opens in the morning) I'm planning on trying my luck for student rush tickets to see Spring Awakening and/or Jersey Boys. Any estimate of how long before the box office opens, that I should be in line?

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buy me foods pls.

What time of day do you prefer to grocery shop?

Do you always go to the same store or do you switch it up?

What type of shopper are you? (eg, you go a few times a week, once a month, etc)

What was the last thing really good thing you bought at the grocery store?

What was the last really gross thing you bought that didn't wind up as good as you expected it to be?

all work and no play...

How did you find your job?

Where do you work and what do you do?

Has anyone done the Enterprise Management Training program? If so, how was it? Was it worth it? Tell me everything!

What job would you suggest for a recent college grad (with a BA in psychology) who has no real work experience other than retail and food service? (In other words, what kind of job can I get??)
hello lion-o

omg germs!

Do you use the paper toilet seat covers when you use a public restroom?
If there aren't any, do you just hold it?

I have never once used one of those in my entire life.. and some of my friends find this fact absolutely absurd. :) If a toilet is extremely dirty, I just won't use it.

Egg Drop Escapades?

hey ya'll..

1a. have you ever participated in an Egg Drop? ..in either 5th grade or a high school physics class? (This is what wiki says)

1b.  if so, what was your design? did your egg survive?

1c. how high did you drop it from?

2. if not, do you have any ideas of what you would want to use in your egg-protecting structure?

[i'm doing an egg drop as part of my thesis involving burning man and a local elementary school]
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1.   Sex or candy?
2.   Barbara Streisand or Bette Midler
3.  If the election was today, who'd you vote for (they can be officially running or not)?
4.  Atlanta Braves or Boston Red Sox
5.  East Coast or West Coast?
4.  Irish Spring or Coast?
5.  Apples or Oranges?
6.  Dell or Gateway?
7.  Yawn or burp, which do you do more?
8.  Are you going to go see the new Indiana Jones movie next year?
9.  The color purple, whats up with that?
10. When did you cut your hair last by yourself?

More geography questions, and others.

1. Which part of New York is upstate?

2. What is the part of New York that's not upstate called?

3. What color is your bedspread? Do you like it? What do you wish your bedspread was like?

4. Do you, by any chance, have a picture of your bedspread that you could show me?

5. And what color are your eyes? And do you have any pictures of them?

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Have you ever recognized someone you knew in a porno?

edit; To answer peoples' question, I've seen a few people in pornos that look like people I know or used to know, but I have no way of knowing if it's actually them (I DL all my porn, so it's not like I can look at the credits and google their porn name or anything).

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I have mono and am bored out of my mind.

I need books to read. Any recommendations?

I don't care what kind, if you would just be so kind to tell me what genre and if they're a light read or a deep one.

Thanks. Any other suggestions to overcome the boredom would be welcome as well.

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Girls, do you squirt?

If so, what does it feel like? Is it an intensified orgasm? can you control it?
(my friend sent me a link which ended up being a porn, or a girl squirting. and well she looked like she was in pain after)
Film - The Old Guard

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It's been ten years and I've never really been sure -- in Titanic, what does Brock (Bill Paxton) think happened to the diamond? We know Rose had it all those years, of course, but she didn't tell him that...he says "Three years I’ve thought of nothing except Titanic, but I never got it. I never let it in." Meaning...?
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You open the door and there are space aliens! Big green ones! They're willing to give you a cure for cancer and the recipe for cold fusion, and in return, all they want is to perform an anal probe on you, in the privacy of your bedroom. However, their probing equipment is located on their body, somewhere around their hips. Do you take one for the team to improve the human race?

I shoot them in the face, and hope they're carrying the goodies on them

For those of you that said yes, you'd give up the anus for the good of your species, you're in mid-probe, and for some reason, the probe involves a lot of thrusting. When the probe is completed, they say the cure and the recipe will be mailed to you in 2-3 weeks. As they're leaving, you notice a zipper on the back of their necks. They walk over, not to a spaceship, but to a parked rambler on the curb. What do you do?

"Oh boy! I can't wait for the cure for cancer to come! I might be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!"
Notch this one up to live-and-learn and what not to fall for next time you see aliens on your doorstep
Call 911 and report an illegal anal probing by two guys in a rambler with plates reading...
The joke's on them. I like anal play. I would have given up the browneye for nothing, and they had to wear clumsy alien suits to bed
Lock and load. There will be a reckoning! I'm coming with a shotgun, and hell's coming with me!

Why do you suppose space aliens are obsessed with anal probes?

Pure scientifc data. Obviously such a probe gives away a lot of information on our digestive system, our diet, and exactly the nature of organisms we carry in our bodies
Like Japan, they're a little too preoccupied with butts. Anal fixation
They don't understand the human anatomy. They think they're looking down our throats. "Say aaahhhhh"
They're intergalactic frat boys. They get liquored up on weekends, drive down to earth, pick up a farmer in Wyoming, and do a train on him, and erase his memories afterwards
Humans have the finest ass in the known universe, that's why. EARTH FTW!


How is it like having big/decent sized boobs? I'm tired of having tiny girls. Are having big boobs as awesome as I think it'd be? 
*edit* do you think it's possible for a guy to not prefer big boobs? i've heard of it, but I don't believe it.
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Job Interview

I have a job interview tomorrow and am wearing this green shirt with a black coat over it but I only have 5 ties to pick from. Could you people help me decide please?
Its urgent hurry. 

To those that help pic em out much thanks I have no clue in these matters.

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(no subject)

What was your most recent embarrassing moment?

I had a date this evening and I thought I would be fine despite not having slept much in the last two days. During our date, I was so frustrated and tired that I began crying uncontrollably. It wouldn't have been so bad had we been alone instead of being in a public restaurant. Everyone near us was staring at us. Needless to say my date was embarrassed and not too fond of me. Can't say I blame her though.

(no subject)

Did you ever have the chicken pox?
Do you know someone who got it later in life?

My friend just called to tell me she has them. She thought it was poison oak at first, but I guess it began spreading. She's 19! I thought everyone our age had it as a kid.

I had it when I was 3.
lady tree tree

Mental Health

Without googling, do you know the difference between a Psychologist and Psychiatrist? (if yes, is it because you're a patient of one of them?)

Do you think one practice is more reputable than the other?

If you had to pick one, which would you rather talk to about your mental health?

(no subject)

What's the most ridiculous experience you've ever had with an apartment or landlord?

I thought my roommates and I had pretty much had it all with our apartment, but today takes the cake. We found out that we have been paying someone else's electric bill. For two years. Yeah. If we had been underpaying I would not be as irritated, but we frequently pay well over $200 for a 1300 square foot apartment that we usually keep very warm. I am beyond pissed at the moment.
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koda brother bear air smiley!


So this will be my first offical time interviewing someone.
Any tips? I'm nervous as crap.
I know to keep things going and say that I will be using their quotes.
Anything else?

Andd, another question:
What is a band that you would like to see get more popular?

(no subject)

If you are in contact with something you are allergic to (or ingest), do you feel the effects right away or does it take a bit before they appear?

Are there any shows that you secretly watch but don't tell people because they are part of that terrible thing called reality television?

(no subject)

1. Why do my cats jump and run out of the litter box as if they've committed a crime by using it?

2. Does anyone have DVR? I missed the intro information on the couple before last on So You Think You Can Dance and I really want to know the artist of the song they danced to. I don't watch the show all that often, so I'm not sure, but I think the dancers were Pasha & Lauren? They danced in black and white outfits with glasses on, style was contemporary.

3. How often does it happen to you that you go scouring the net for the song you saw in a TV show or commercial? It happens to me all the time and I feel lucky when I find it.

Downloading ringtones

What is a good website to download ringtones that does NOT have a monthly fee?

Years ago I went to 3gupload and I paid like $3.00 and got unlimited downloads at that 1 time fee...
When I look up 3gupload now I get dozens of links...

Where should I go???

Thanks in advance.
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Hey you guys! I died!

(no subject)

how does one create a feed out of a blog page? i'm trying to add a blogspot blog to my lj feeds.

p.s. you may remember my carrot juice question. um, i drank it before waiting for advice. it kind of made me drunk. yay for being stupid.
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(no subject)

How do you stick it to "the man?"
What was the last place that you went to, even though you were forbidden from going there? (note: a "no tresspassing" sign or something similar counts for the purpose of this discussion.)
marshall -- wtf?
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Say you grew up with seriously emotionally challenged parents and, at some point in your child, decided that you wanted nothing to do with one of them in particular. After several years of not talking, said parent (who happens to be slowly dying halfway around the world of his/her THIRD round of lung cancer) fires you an e-mail more or less telling you that you're an immature brat and claims that your (new) marriage is a sham.

Remember, you've not spoken with this parent for years and they've never met your spouse.

Then, they tell you that you need counseling.

What then hell do you do with that?

(Incidentally, I sent back an appropriately livid response. My sister, who is close with this parent, told me to speak with their spouse, with whom I've never spoken. WASTE OF TIME, Y/N?)

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1.  What sorts of topics could I read up on that would allow me to converse more easily with and endear myself to a group of vaguely-nerdy guys in their early and mid twenties? 

All I have on the list now is comics.  (edit: I'm already somewhat knowledgeable about Star Wars trivia.)

2.  What is the most interesting article you've found recently? 
Neocons on a Cruise: What Conservatives Say When They Think We're Not Listening

3.  What's your favorite nonfiction book?

I really like Acid Dreams by Martin Lee, and I also really love the book On Being Authentic by Charles Guignon, but mostly because I just finished reading it.

4.  What is the last new word you learned? (also, if you provide a definition, that would be awesome.)
Ignostic: one who expresses ignorance of any knowledge of a god or gods due to finding theism incoherent.
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Given that 16 is the age of consent in the UK, so there would be no legal repercussions:

What is the maximum age at which it would be uncreepy to screw Daniel Radcliffe, and would you?

Why I ask.
'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe is happy to have sex with girls who are only interested in him because of his fame.

The 17-year-old actor insists he is too young to settle down and is keen to take advantage of any groupies he has.
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Why are pandas black and white?

It makes sense for zebras and cows 'cause it breaks up their outlines and makes it hard for predators to single them out
but aren't pandas solitary?

Why be black and white if you're surrounded by green?

It makes no sense, damnit!
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Scary Stuff

What was the scariest thing you ever lived through/experienced?

I lived and worked 10 blocks away from NYC's pipeline explosion today, and I also lived very close to a natural gas pipeline explosion in '94.  No natural disasters, though.
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I bought a dress from Delias via internet over a year ago but it was too big and had a rip. I meant to return it but forgot about it and it kind of got lost in my mess of a room. I emailed them but almost a week later still have no response. Anyone know if they would take it back for store credit after all this time?