July 17th, 2007

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1. I'm watching big love right now. How can anyone have three wives and still have it in him to go out on dates?
2. How active are you in local online communities like meetup.com, meetin.org, craigslist.com and stuff like that...
3. Would you ever or are you a member of Hospitality Club or Couch Travelers?
4. Do you have DVR? Do you love it?
5. What about a sling box? I have one. It's great. Means I get to have cable from the USA here in Brazil for free :D <3
6. Biggest age gap in a relationship of yours?
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When I started my iBook up earlier today the spinning wheel spun for about 10 minutes before it actually started up. This is the second time this has happened in the last 3 weeks.

1) What could be wrong with my iBook?
2) Should I just leave it on 24/7 in case this happens again and it won't start up at all?
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A boring question...

Since I only work part-time hours, I don't have dental coverage. I'm thinking of signing up for one of those "affordable dental plans." I was just wondering if any of you have experiences with these plans? Are they really affordable? What do they usually cover? And lastly, do you recommend any one in particular? TIA TQC!

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Does it annoy you when larger* actresses who are admired for being a normal, healthy size lose loads of weight and become skinny? Or do you think it's their own body to do whatever they want and they shouldn't care whether other people think think they're "setting a good example" or whatever?

Examples being Thora Birch, Christina Ricci, Sara Rue...

*By "larger", I mean by Hollywood standards considering none of them were very large at all

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Okay..I usually don't ask..personal questions...so..yeah.

My boyfriend got to his house about an hour ago.
I knew he was going to hang out with one of his friends-a girl.
When he got home, he told me that he was drunk and had no idea what happened.
-- He spent a few hours at her house. He's gets drunk really easily. She had another friend over. He remembered watching a movie and playing videogames, but that's it.--

What would you do in this situation?
How would you feel?

(We already had a big long talk about it--but I just wanted to know your opinion.)
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What's a lyric or set of lyrics you really love, just right now or forever?

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Edit: 2. What song(s) make you happy?

For me, it's "Rains in Asia" by Jump Little Children, "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield and "Walk On" By U2

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Do you find yourself surprised by the kindness of people on the internet in comparison to the kindness of people in real life?

I do!

Do you prefer the internet to RL? If so, why?

I do, because in rl, people are assholes, and you can't hit the block button to get rid of them.
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When you see internet drama, do you tend to:

1. Help fan the flames

2. Try to get the person to calm down

3. Sit back, watch it unfold, and mutter "lol butthurt" to yourself

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Has anyone ever read William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily"?
What about "Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway?

I am currently working on a summer assignment for an AP English class and I found those two stories to be incredible. I was just wondering what others thought.

If you haven't read those, What would be something you have read, art you have seen or places you have been that have just... changed your life? Maybe even just something someone has said to you. Anything.
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a question for those on the opposite end of the political spectrum from me

This question is inspired by a coworker who was unable to produce any reaction but "Euww!" to the idea of two women marrying. No real brain-driven reason, just that the idea squicks her.

To those of you who don't agree that couples besides the strict male/female should legally be able to marry- why not? I'd like examples of logical reasons, non-Biblical if you have them.

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My friends and I were walking in the college campus area for the U of M about an hour ago, and we ran into some people on a stoop. We ended up smoking a joint with them, and found out that one of them was Muad'Dib, the beatboxer from Minneapolis' own Heiruspecs. What local 'celebrities' have you spent time with in your area?

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Is it normal to have a job where you get paid the same every paycheck(essentially a salary position) but to never get overtime and constantly stay over 40 hours during a week?

If you are divorced-was it ugly and drawn out with lots of court appearances?

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1. what do you do to distract yourself/avoid talking about issues that you know need to be dealt with until you are ready to confront them?
(awkward sentence, i know, but i hope you get my drift)

2. what happened the last time you convinced yourself that your next step was a sound and logical one and it was the right thing to do? only to discover that once you made that move, you found yourself filled w/self doubt...

3. what was your last really great conversation about?
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Strange Questions

- Is anyone on TQC an AC/DC fan? How were you introduced to this band? What is your favourite song by this band?

- If you like the Rock genre, would you say you were a "classic rocker", "metal-head", "hardcore", "pop-rock", "punk and all variations", "emo"?

-Is it wrong for a girl to want to learn how to ride motorcycles? Why would you think girls riding motorcycles is inappropriate?

-How do you convince someone that bisexualism exists? Anyone famous someone can quote?

-Am I the only one who thinks that people who post "foilers" are actually trolls? (even though I find some of these foilers funny)
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What's the strangest nail polish name you've seen?

I ask because yesterday I got a very pretty bottle of blue nail polish, and its name was "Skin Tight Denim Creme." It was a very WTF?! moment.

pedicure designs

ok girlies (and maybe some of you guys?) out there, i live in hawaii aka wear flip flops year round. so i have to keep my toes looking pretty. i do my own pedicures and paint my nails but im out of ideas of designs to do, so show me your pedicures!

For those who paint their own nails, what colors/designs do you usually do? any tips?

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1] I'm thinking about majoring in English. What do I have to look forward to?

2] Also, is it just my hopeful imagination, or is there a college that might have classes on Ancient Greece/Greek Mythology?

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Do you have a bruise right now?
Where it is?
What is it from?

I got a nice giant one on my stomach. I was laying down the other day on my couch and my two schnauzers jumped on top of me to look out the window and kept jumping up and down.

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1. Which would you choose?
2. and why?

Guy A :
- Lives about an hour drive away
- Busy bee
- Shy, softspoken 70% of the time
  Forward, anxious 30 % of the time
- More street smart than book smart
- Funny
- Cute as a button
- Doesn't do drugs (not including some maryjane), has a "clean slate."
- Hardly sexually experienced
- In college studying music
- Honest/genuine
- Nice 24*7
- Scared of relationships

Guy B :
- Moved to CA about a month ago, but moving back to AZ (or for this question...your state) at the end of this year
- Nice 12*7 (a.k.a half the time)
- Too smart for his own good (a.k.a Mr. Know-It-All)
- Past with drugs, still stuggles with tempation occasionally.
- Often overtly aggressive and defensive
- Very sexually experienced
- Romantic/sweet talker
- Religious
- Smart (book and street)
- Peace advocate
- Easy on the eyes

Both are: 21 years old, single, musicians and interested in you...
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1) I have a $1 LJ gift certificate. WTF am I supposed to do with that?

2) If you could have a song play whenever you enter the room (like the songs wrestlers have when they enter), what would it be?

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1.) Well it seems that I've officially had Wraith Pinned To The Mist by Of Montreal ruined for me by those fucking Outback Steakhouse commercials. I can't listen to anymore it without thinking of ads for shitty fried food. What are some songs that have been ruined for you in a similar manner due to their inclusion in commercials or movies or TV shows?
2.) Are there any plants near you? What kind of plants?


i have to make this quick as i'm at work.
to sum it up, i'm about 4 mths, and can't afford to go to the doctor or anything at the moment. i know, i should have gone by now. not much i can do.
lately i've been getting cramps in my lower abdominal area.
they feel like period cramps, only on a higher pain level.
they don't necessarily hurt, sometimes they kind of do, and sometimes they aren't bad.
is this normal?

planned parenthood did nothing and said i have to pay for EVERYTHING. and i've called "free" clinics that aren't free and don't offer payment plans or help of any kind. i'm not THAT stupid. so stop suggesting things i've already tried, please and thank you.
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are the kind of shopper that always tries stuff on before purchasing it?

when buying shoes do you walk around the store with them on for a bit to get a feel for them?

do you consider yourself a picky shopper?

you've been chosen to play matchmaker, who is the lucky couple? why do you think they'd be good together?
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1. This picture's gotten a few Pagans (and others, I'm guessing) in the UK annoyed. It's made with temporary paint and will wash away with the next rain. What do you think about it?

Personally, I think it's funny.

2. Does anyone else here actively keep up with news in another country, like by reading the website of a paper from that country?

Random Assortment of Q's

~ Have you ever been to Machu Picchu? What airport did you fly into? Any good tips?
(the boy and I are planning a trip for May or Sept 08...looking for some general thoughts)

~ Two morons in the row next to me at work are having a conversation about organ donation. One of them is arguing that organ donation is a pointless endeavor, only continues people's lives for an average of 5 years and is generally not cost effective and a waste of resources.

My grandfather had a kidney transplant, lived more then 5 years afterwards and the extra time we got with him was well worth it. 

So three questions
1) Do I tell this kid that I find his argument incredibly offensive and to shut up?

2) What do you think of people that talk loudly about things like this without considering who might be around?

3) Have you ever had something like this happen to you OR been the person who inadvertently offended someone?

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1. What are you waiting for?

2. Anyone know how quickly Fed-Ex updates their online tracking after a delivery?

3. How do you feel about your hair today?

4. What's your weather like today?

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TQC tell me this

How do you stop children from having nightmares/night terrors?

For the past week my 3 yr old has woken up at 5am to get into bed with  SO and I.
I asked her today why she has been doing this she told me that there is dark and a noise in the wall and it got in her bed.
I slept on the couch last night because of the heat and she woke up again and got into bed with my SO.
He woke her a few times because she kept yelling "no" in her sleep. 
She has a night light so thats not something we need to get.

What should I do?
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Children's Fantasy Novels

I just saw a poster at the local movie theater for Spiderwick. Is this a good series? I wanted to read them, but I need opinions on them first.

Have you all seen the preview for Water Horse? It looks like a good film. Has anyone read the book?

What other children's fantasy novels (that are being made into movies) should I check out?

On Cleanliness

1. What are your house keeping habits?
2. How dirty is too dirty?
3. What is your version of the 5-second rule for food?
4. Nastiest think you have ever done? (as in dirt, not as in sex).
5. Do you have some secret habit, like picking your nose when no one is around or something?
6. Dirty secret of the day? (once again, not about sex)

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Jobbity job job

Do you hate your job?

If so, how long did it take you after you got hired to hate it?

Why are you still at said job?

Could this job somehow be saved if some aspect of it changed? If so, what?
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Because it's summer I've been waking up really late. I work at 2 or 3, normally (some days 5), so I don't really have any other reason to wake up. I mean, it's 12:20 pm and I just rolled out of bed 10 minutes ago. It's making me feel really useless. I'll will get woken up by my boyfriend at 9, be wide awake, but think "Well there's no reason to get up," and I go back to sleep.

What can I do to fix this? Any ideas for what I can do in the morning that'll make me want to get up?
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1) Which statement would you tend to agree with most?

a. "Spending a little more than you have(ie, running up a credit card) is okay, as long as it's not crippling your life"

b. "You should never spend more than you can afford. You'll be happier in the long run."

c. "You only live once, you could die tomorrow. Buy what you want!"

2) Who in TQC do you think has a misleading username in terms of personality? (i.e., someone who has a hilarious username but is a complete buzzkill, etc)
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Baby Shower Etiquette

I'm wondering if you guys can help me with figuring out baby shower etiquette. A friend of mine is having a baby shower on 7/28/07 and I need to get her a gift. She's registered at Babies R Us. I looked at the registry online, and so far, no one has purchased anything there. I know that if I buy something there it will be shipped to their home, most likely arriving some day before the shower. It's a lot more convenient for me to order it online than to go to the Babies R Us store - about 30/40 minutes away.

The invite says this: "In addition to a baby gift, please bring an unwrapped baby toiletry item (wipes, diaper cream, nail clippers, shampoo...) to be included in a basket that will be from everyone."

Do you think it's okay to just bring the item for the basket and have the registry gift shipped? I hate to be tacky and explain, "The gift is in the mail." What if people notice that she doesn't have anything to unwrap from me? Can I assume that packages shipped from the registry will be held and then opened at the shower?

Thanks in advance! I know I'm kind of over-thinking this. I just want her to be happy and do things the right way.
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How many people out there know a lot about putting together your own computer? I need a computer that's good enough to run Lord Of The Rings Online without any problems. Here's their official recommended requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or equivalent
Video: 128 MB NVIDIA GeForce FX 6800 or ATI Radeon X850
OS: Windows XP / Vista
Optical Drive: 2x DVD-ROM

I prefer AMD Athlon processors, even though I know there's nothing wrong with Intel, haha. I also know that I actually need at least 2GB of RAM, because our best computer met those requirements and still had problems. As for all the other parts (modems, soundcards, etc), I have no idea what to get. If anyone can help me find the place to get the best bang for my buck, I'd be grateful. I also want the computer to be able to handle any future PC games, at least for a little while. Technology is advancing too damn fast, I swear.

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Which cookies do you enjoy stuffing your face with?

chocolate chip
peanut butter
oatmeal (plain or with raisins, chips, etc.)
white chocolate macadamia
shortbread cookies
mexican wedding cookies (those little balls you roll around in powered sugar)
sugar cookies
no bake cookies
icebox/refrigerator/slice and bake cookies
ginger snaps/spice cookies/molasses cookies
jam thumbprints
chocolate cookies with chips, candy, etc.


pecan sandies
SAMOAS (or other girlscout cookies)
chips ahoy
other store bought cookie
the ONLY cookie I forgot to mention and you had better tell me what it is

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i need some help

i am planning my daughter's first birthday party, i am doing HIGGLYTOWN HEROES as a theme. well, come to find out they dont sell ANYTHING higglytown. atleast not that i can find. So i am looking for pictures, screen caps, websites to buy things from...anything you can help me with....

know any good places to find higglytown heroes???
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We've got mushrooms growing in our garden, and my mother wants to know if they're safe to eat or not. The ones in question are mostly brown with a pinkish white color thrown in. The caps are split, almost, and look similar to five petal flowers.

Anybody know if these are poisonous or know of a website that can help me out? I've been googling, but no results. Thanks in advance.


'K, so we all know about Suicide Girls, etc blah blah blah.

But, are there any actual legitimate (ie non nudie based) modeling sites/co's out there that don't want just the generic tall boring sort of people? (I am teh tiny chixxors at 5'1", so that doesn't work so good for me.)

Yes, I am *that* bored at work today.
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I may be going to a group job interview at Zumiez, a skateboard/snowboard/surf shop. But I'm not sure what I should wear...The current employees dress very casually.

What would you wear to an interview at a place like this? Dressy or just...presentable casual?
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Mustache ?s

1) What do you think looks stranger on someone, a mustache without a beard, or a beard without a mustache?

2) Who do you think looks weird with a mustache?

3) Who has the best mustache ever?

4) Who has the creepiest mustache ever?

5) To those this is applicable to: Do you have a mustache and/or beard?

EDIT: Have you ever heard of The American Mustache Institute?
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I think I'm riding in the failboat and haven't even noticed...

I realized that people here were friends with each other, in rl or otherwise, but i never realized people were clique-ey or catty or whatever!  i've seen a lot of posts lately about other members and the comments are kind of mean!  I just pop in about once a day, play around, as a question, and leave.  So, i guess my question is...

how bad do i suck?  am i a bad TQC member?

eta:  i guess i phrased this poorly... what i was kind of after is, do you think there's anything in particular that makes someone a good community member?  i'm really not that self-involved and concerned with what the internet thinks of me...

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I work in a shoe store. I've noticed that I have started to look at what brand of shoes people wear. Like, I'll go out and when I meet someone new, I'll look at their shoes. Or I'll be in an elevator and look at everyone else's shoes out of curiosity. If we sell that brand I'll get all excited.

I was watching Crime TV the other day, and a witness to a crime was a cosmetologist. The investigators said this was very fortunate, as cosmetologists tend to study the details of other faces.

Has your job effected you like this?

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ugh guys i only have weird dreams when my sleeping schedule is fucked up and i just arose from a 4 hour nap so idk but anyway i had a dream that i got to fuck tatum channing and we were b/f & g/f and i got to watch him film movies and idk i knew a bunch of famous people and one of my friends got arrested for crashing a car and didn't have his license it was soo weird / sweet.

what's the last dream you had?
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When you see those overweight children on shows such as Maury and Jenny, what runs through your mind?
Would you ever let your children get that heavy?
When some mother says that "she feeds her baby what she wants" and her "baby" is 4 years old and weighs more than 120 pounds, what do you want to say to her?
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How many funerals have you been to (+ how old are you)?
Have you ever been to a funeral with an unorthodox dress code (e.g. Hawaiian shirts). If so, would you mind telling me a bit about the deceased?
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1) Do you have an actual weight preference when it comes to choosing potential mates, or is it more about how the person dresses/how much confidence they convey?

2) Were any of you in the old school original randomquestions? Were you a regular there?

1) I think it's about confidence and dress. I like fat people and skinny people, depending on how they carry themselves.

2) Yup, and I think I was...I lived on it and was in chat 4509743956346 hours a day. lol.
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Anyone know where there are any good salons in Maryland that are really good with the choppy haircuts, razored bangs,[pretty much scene, punk,etc]? Anywhere in Maryland.
I'm taking my sister to get a haircut for her bday and i want it to be a great place that really know the latest stuff. thank you!

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Anyone know of some good places near CSUN to stay for a few weeks? I'm starting school there in August and as of right now I have no place to live. Or if you know of anyone renting places out or a community that has info like that, could you comment with that information?

lioness; bw stalk

Ren Faire

My family is trying to make me go to Renaissance Faire. I don't want to go if it is just drinking, eating, loudness and dirtiness.

Have you ever gone?

Was it fun?

What is there to do there?
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Background: I was living with my aunt when she died six years ago. My mom, as executrix of her estate, spectacularly failed to deal with any of my aunt's stuff, leaving me with it all. Now, I have no problem either using, throwing away, or donating practical things (dishes, tools, furniture, etc.). However, I've been at a complete loss as to what to do with the photo albums, memorabilia, and such that were left behind. To make matters worse, in addition to her own belongings, my aunt had kept those things from her partner, who died four or five years before she did. So I have photo albums and memoribilia of a family I'm not even related to. (I also have both my aunt's and her partner's ashes, but those can continue sitting on top of the bookcase for all eternity, I suppose.)

My aunt's partner has kids, none of whom have made any attempt to collect any of this stuff. I don't know how to get in touch with them. My mom has done absolutely nothing to get in touch with them; I'm not sure if she has any contact numbers anymore. ETA: Let me clarify: I'm 99% sure there is no way to contact them. Let's assume for the sake of my question that I can't. If I could, I would have taken that route already.

My questions:

1. Do you think I can ethically throw away the photo albums, newspaper clippings, and various other bits of memorabilia?

2. If you were the aunt's partner's kids, would you expect those things to be waiting for you whenever you got off your butt and came to find them?

3. If you're in favor of keeping them, what would be a good way to preserve them while taking up as little space as possible?

4. Would you be uneasy if you didn't know where your mother's ashes were? (Assuming for the moment that she had died and her wish had been to be cremated.) Or uneasy if you knew they were with a family you didn't really know that wasn't related to you?
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inspired by my massive cd cleanout today...

1. When was the last time you went through your old burned CDs/mix tapes?
2. Do you ever wonder what inspired you to make some of those mixes?
3. Do you have songs that always seem to appear together if they are on more than one mix?
4. Do you have songs that seem to repeat themselves every few CDs/tapes?

my answers:
1. Today
2. Definitely. I know some of them were made just as backups, but then I wonder why I had so many backups of the same songs.
3. Yes, there were two 98degrees songs that always seemed to be together, no matter what the CD was for. And "The Way You Look Tonight" and "My Way" by Frank Sinatra also.
4. Definitely. I think I have the same 2 Frank Sinatra songs on about 5 CDs, some random songs that appeared on 2 or 3 CDs each. And a few mixes that were so similar to each other that I wonder why I made both.
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Why won't this ship to America?

Ok so I found the perfect pet for me, a Gupi from IWantOneOfThose.com. I can't kill it, ignore it to death, and if I move I don't have to worry about it getting used to a new enviroment. The only problem is that for some reason the website let's me put in my address but says they can't ship to the USA. I'm going to see if I can find the pet anywhere else, but I am a bit curious to the reasoning of this decision and would like to know in case it happens with anything else I may want to purchase. Has anyone heard of this before or has an idea for the reasoning?***

****Oh and I know that with DVDs/CDs/etc... there are problems because of the diffent studios/record companies/etc... but this is a robot so I'm thinking it would be different.
kate and I.

need help booking a train

Okay. So. I need to book someone a train from NYC to the Syracuse, NY area as soon as possible. He has asked me to help by finding stuff online... my problem is that there are so many information websites out there, I have no idea where to start. Where is the best place to catch a train? What line? etc, etc. Any help would be super appreciated. TQC, you always come through for me...
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(no subject)

1. How long does Hummus last once you've opened it and refrigerated it?

2. Has anyone here who pre-ordered the HP book recieved an email or phone call about the Friday release party yet? I pre-ordered a couple months ago, but haven't heard anything yet, and I'm getting worried that maybe my pre-order didn't go through since I've not heard anything about times and all that (and Border's newsletters say that they'd be sending emails soon, but that was over a week ago). If it didn't go through, will I still be able to get my book at midnight after all the pre-orders buy theirs?

3. Who do you think is the most inspiring living person today? It can be anyone you want, whether you know them or not, whether they're from your country or not, no matter how old they are. Inspiring in any sense of the word.
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next month, some lady from china with fortune telling powers is coming to my city. supposedly, she can look at someone and know everything about them, but she's particularly adept at telling you what you what/who you were in your past life. my mom, sister, and i are all going to see her.

my mom had her fortune told over 20 years ago by some guy who's more famous than the lady who's coming, and everything he told her [most of which was pretty shitty] came true. i want to ask this lady if she can tell me about my future because i'm really impatient, but i'm afraid she'll tell me something terrible and i'll expect it for the rest of my life.

so tell me...
1. have you ever had your fortune told by someone who was a "professional" fortune teller?
2. what did he/she tell you?
3. has any of it come true?
4. if you haven't had your fortune told, would you want to, even if it means you'll be dreading and/or excitedly anticipating things that may never happen?

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are you eBaying right now?
if so, what are you bidding/watching?
do you buy or sell on eBay?

what have you sold/won in the past?

i'm selling a build a bear (spring bear w/ outfit) right now
there's 22 watchers


Do you like morning sex?

If not, when do you enjoy sex the most?

If you're not currently having sex, when is your favorite time to masturbate?

If you're not into masturbating, what's your favorite pie flavor?

Bonus: What do you think of when you see my new and improved icon?

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Inspired by the posts about knowing TQC-ers in real life...

Are any of you in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area?

If so, feel free to swing by my SOs house for barbecue on sunday! I doubt any one of you live in Brazil, and I'll be in the USA for 10 days :)

(no subject)

Have you ever told a person something like: "I'm feeling kinda lazy." or "Ugh, I wish I had a little extra money," (not to complain, just to state a fact) and they just said "Well, that's your problem" and acted all snotty?

Have you ever wanted to punch someone like that in the face?

I'm asking because my friend just did this when I mentioned I didn't have a lot of money right now. :/ Which is a rather insensitive thing to do because the last time he complained about not having any money I loaned him 50 dollars.

So I guess my real question is: Should I punch him in the face?


I'm looking for this thing online (or for a way to possibly make it.) It's like...a cover/giant burp blanket that the mother puts around her neck/shoulder while breast feeding to cover the baby. It's not the baby carrier-blanket type thing that holds the baby around you're shoulder. It's just a cover for breast feeding, but if you tighten the strap, I'd seen it used almost as a baby puke armor, haha.

Does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about? I need to get ahold of one/make one within the next week!


(no subject)

Is there any way for me to see what's written on someone's MSN Messenger display picture? I tried taking a screenshot then zooming in, but it's way too blurry. Using the Sharpen function on Photoshop doesn't help either.

How do you know when you love your SO? Rather abstract but, any sort of answer would be nice.

(no subject)

1. Raspberry or pineapple?
2. What's a dessert you're craving right now?
3. Favorite alcoholic drink?
4. Favorite cut of pasta with sauce?
5. Has stupid_free gone to the dogs?
6. Did you see Order of the Phoenix?
7. Have you pre-ordered Deathly Hallows?
8. Hippies: yay (yea) or nay?
9. Link me to a cell phone you're lusting after.
10. If you could have a leading role in a movie, who would be your co-stars?

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In what style is the Canterbury Tales written? It's something like, you describe a character by telling what he does, not what he's like.

I remember having to write a poem in this style, but I can't remember what it's called.
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When applying for a job in retail, should you:
a) Hand over the resume and filled out application and leave the store?
b) Do the above, but browse around?
c) Do the above, but browse around and buy something?

Do you think not browsing/buying something gives you a less likely chance to get the job?
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I had blood drawn for thyroid lab work on Thursday and my doctor said the results should be in this past Monday and that she'd call me and let me know what the results were. I still haven't heard from her.

Should I just assume that no news is good news and wait until my appointment on the 30th, or should I call? I'm kind of phone shy and I don't deal with phone stuff well, so I'm leaning towards that, plus if something is wrong, I'll just worry myself sick up to my next appointment.
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I am cooking an artichoke for the first time in my life. I found a simple recipe online and it says to put a "steamer basket" in the pot and then add the artichoke. I don't believe I have a steamer basket... What is it for and is it necessary? Can I use something else?

What food do you eat just because its healthy?

I am currently trying to cook an artichoke because it is low in calories and high in fiber.
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What are some other sites you visit almost daily?
StumbleUpon, Fark, eBay, Craigslist, Youtube, ThisMag, SteakandCheese

Does anyone know where I can find a larger picture of my icon?

Should I stab my neighbour in the face for weed-whacking our front yard (I'm in a duplex) at 10pm?

My 16 year old brother just professed his love for his best friend of 2 years and she turned him down. We are really close. What can I do to cheer him up?
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i am looking to adopt a dog, but the thing is: i live in a miniscule apartment. i live right near a park and have a pretty flexible schedule where i can take the dog out quite a bit, but i'd need a breed of dog that is smaller, okay in smaller spaces, pretty low-maintainence, and generally a good city dog. what kind of breeds would be good for this environment? what kind of breeds would not be? how about shiba inus? i kind of want a medium sized dog, not the kind of dog you dress in pink and tuck in a louis vuitton bag. thank you!

(also, of much less importance, what are some good breeds of dog that have can have brown fur?)

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TQC, how much exercise did you get today?

I went for a bike ride downtown (1.5hr), then I played frisbee with friends for a good 2 hours, and then took a two hour walk. After all that, it was another hour and a half bike ride home. Yay for feeling good about myself, though, since it's hard to get me out of the house.
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Cocaine addiction.

Would you consider a person who does cocaine every weekend addicted?

What if they only get cravings when they're drunk?

Why or why not?

This person I know claims he's not addicted because he only does it when he's drunk every weekend and doesn't spend a lot of money. He also claims he's not a cokehead because he has a job and keeps up on most of his responsibilities. I think he's just in denial and slowly destroying himself.

What are possible options that I can do to try and help him since reason does not work?
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Oh, God

Due to an unimaginably bizarre series of accidents with a hot cup of tea, you become God for precisely 5 and a half seconds.

In this time, you are able to cancel one of the ten commandments, and add another in its place.

Which commandment do you get rid of?

What commandment do you add?


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Friendship is the best (Coupling)

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Tell me, TQC, what do you do when your boyfriend (or, girlfriend, as applicable) is stuck in a house, in a city a 45 minute drive away, with no transportation, in a house that is filled with fleas because the previous residents didn't de-flea their cat properly?

And if the council sent an exterminator, who didn't call ahead and make an appointment and so came when they were all out, and then shunted them to the bottom of the waiting list because they missed their 'appointment', would it be fair to call up the council and kick up a fuss given as it has now been over a week since the exterminator last came, and that happened nearly a week after the initial call? Especially as they're supposed to act within five working days on matters such as this for reasons of health and safety?

Would you be as pissed as I am right now, TQC, if you knew your boy/girlfriend was having to sleep on the kitchen floor this evening because there are fleas in their bed??

He's been in there since June 30th. The fleas are just getting worse. Can he threaten legal action against the council, to get them to pull their heads out of their asses? Especially as he, his housemates and myself have all been bitten and the bites are starting the scar. The landlord's not the problem (for once), he's paying for the exterminator, but it's the fact that the exterminator was such an incompetent that's behind them still having fleas two, nearly three, weeks after they originally called to get this sorted.
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Summer Stuff.

1. My SO and I are buying jet skis tomorrow, and I've just realized that this will be the first time I've done something in the water (besides swim) since early high school (I'm 21). This presents a couple problems. First, I hate getting water in my eyes. I realize that zooming across the water means I'll get pretty wet, but would it be extremely dorky of me to wear goggles whilst riding/driving a jet ski?
2. I am also photophobic, and must wear sunglasses whenever I'm outside. I've checked both Dunham's and MC Sports, but cannot find any kind of tinted goggles. And the only ones I've found through Google are the snow skiing kind of goggles. Do you think these would work? Do you know of anywhere I might be able to find ones like these that are tinted?

I'm seriously a huge baby when it comes to getting water in my eyes. I have all sorts of problems with them on a daily basis - the last thing I want is some kind of lake particle to get up in there. I really need them for work :( lol

3. What's your favorite summertime activity?
4. Have you ever had sun poisoning? What happened?
5. Do you have a driver's tan?

3. Camping!
4. Yes :( Several years ago we went tubing down a river. Due to having stood in the water before sitting in my tube, my legs got wet and as the sun dried them, my skin got dehydrated. Like a dummy, I kept dipping them in the water and, after being out in the sun for about six hours, they burned. My lower legs/ankles/feet got
so swollen, and I felt really nauseous for a couple days. It took almost a week for the swelling to go down completely.
5. Unfortunately.

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1] What are some weird habits you have?

When I am nearing my meal of a medley of things, I need to make sure I have a little piece of everything and then decide which order to eat them so I can decide what's best to eat last.

2] What is a tasty way to prepare frozen vegetables?

I love vegetables, but throwing them into the pan and cooking them with a little bit of soy sauce and vinegar gets boring =[. edit: I am dieting

3] What is the weirdest thing you like to eat?

I like to eat eggshells, raw spaghetti/rice, and straight up red wine vinegar/Tabasco sauce.


Ok, nerdiness commences now.

I have a set of 259 4"X6" pharmacology flash cards. I purchased them for board prep, and since they were kind of expensive and are in organized by category, I'd like to figure out a good way to keep them together and in order. I was thinking of getting one of those single binder rings, but I can't find one any bigger than 2", and the cards themselves are at least 2.5" thick when they're in a single stack.

So, TQC, any ideas of how to keep my cards together?

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So im looking for pictures of Hippies. they can be of people in the 60s and 70s.
but im preferably looking for today-type-hippies.
so any pictures you have/find please post them here!

and...the question to go along with this post is:

Do you like the 'hippy style'?
my friend has recently gotten into it and wants as many pictures as possible.

my answer: i think the style is great. my mom was a pretty big hippy and is just so cool to see pictures of her in high school! What a cool mom i have..haha, seriously!