July 16th, 2007

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So apparently I'm an internet newb or a complete idiot. Either way, I need help.

I was trying to set up my wireless router so that only my computer could access the wireless router and no one else could use the signal. So I go to the router address to do this (I have a Linksys router), and put in my computer's MAC address into the MAC filter box and tell it only computers with this MAC address can access the router. Only then, I lose internet via wireless and now cannot access it except via plugging the cable modem into the ethernet plug. I'm on a Mac and I know that the MAC address is the Ethernet ID (which is what I typed into the box and double checked it) but then lost connection after saving that. But this doesn't make sense. I did this step-by-step the same as when my dad showed me this on his computer at his house earlier.

Am I screwed? What can I do if I'm not? I've tried unplugging and resetting the router, but apparently I fail at that and it won't work. Is there a way to get it back to factory settings? What did I do wrong?

Can someone walk me through this step by step if you're able to help me?

And also, my Mac has had the track-pad issues, as I've posted several times about but haven't gotten much help here or elsewhere I've tried. I'd taken it to the Apple store to have it looked at but all their diagnostic tests showed my computer to be okay. I take my computer outside my apartment, and the mouse won't stick (tried it at my parents' house today). But it still sticks in my apartment. It doesn't stick with an external mouse though. Any ideas?
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How do you feel about Barak Obama? Does he have a campaign slogan yet and if he doesn’t, what should it be? (examples: Calvin Coolidge “KEEP COOL WITH COOLIDGE”; Hebert Hoover: “A CHICKEN IN EVERY POT AND A CAR IN EVERY GARAGE”; Ronald Reagan: “ARE YOU BETTER OFF THAN YOU WERE FOUR YEARS AGO?”) I'm actually very partial to "keep cool with coolidge" myself.

Also, what kind of scissors do you own and how many pairs?
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What do y'all do when you've gotten yourself irrationally scared/worked up?

I was sitting down to watch TV, and I swear I heard someone at the back door. So I discreetly check, there's nothing, but now I keep hearing things and every noise is freaking me out. What can I do to chill out???

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Poll #1022213 Horror Movie rolecall

Which horror movie cliche are you? No, seriously, which would best describes you

Overconfident skeptic who approaches horror movie creature with disbelief. All skeptics in movies never make it past the second act
Brooding loner 'toughie'. Good chance they emerge as an anti-hero
Requisite hottie. Most of these types are the first ones killed. Rarely do they make it to the end, unless they happen to be the...
Baptism-by-fire heroine. Is introduced as average chickie, but through horrible trauma and life-or-death scenarios, transforms into asskicking, beatdown babe
Part of the couple that has sex. Regardless of the location or external events, half the time there's a couple that needs to bang one out. The surprise is whether or not they're the first ones to die or the second
Likable nice guy, who prevails over evil monster badness to rescue his damsel in distress. Yeah, he did it all for love. This character cannot be killed in horror movies
Token minority. Usually this character has no personality, though half the time is a walking stereotype. Most of the time they're the second ones killed cause it's racist if they died first
Party boy. He has a good time wherever he goes, and is the life of the party. Life of the party usually leads to death after the party, for these fun fellas' hours are numbered
Brainy chick. It's a toss-up. Half the time, they make it to the end because they're smarter than the rest of the cabbage-headed goobers. The other half of the time, they're killed off towards the end
Helpful teacher. They mean well and are excellent support for the heroes. All helpful teachers are killed, usually in the most painful method in the movie
Hot ditz. What's that sound? I don't know, but I'd best check it out in my panties, without even a flashlight to protect me
Arrogant jock. He's the most popular guy in school and the ladies get moist for this star quarterback. If he's not also the likable nice guy, he's killed off for being a dick
Seasoned combatant/soldier. These types know best how to handle themselves and how to turn the tables on the bad guy. Most of them are killed off towards the end, but sometimes, they're the heroes
Offspring of star of movie. You play the kid of the main star, like Jamie-Lee Curtis. You couldn't die if you wanted to. You're deathproof
Misc. random person. You tend to be forgettable and are always killed in the beginning of the movie. Usually no one notices you're missing

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Which British accent or regional dialect or whatever do they pronounce "th" as "f"? As in "free" instead of "three." I haven't found any sound clips online. I'm wondering because last night I was in the company of some British guys who talked like that and I want to know where they were from. And before you demand why I just didn't ask them myself, I was too intimidated by their awesomeness. :(


1. does "DRAMA" only exist when at least one person involved is taking the intarwebz "SRSLY"?

(if drama goes down in a forest, does it make a snark?)

2. i'm only accustomed to making large quantities of roux for immediate use in batch cooking. how long does roux 'stay good' if fridged or freezered? (and sealed obv.)
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Getting Eyebrows Done

For those of you who have gotten your eyebrows done ...

1. Out of the times you've gotten them done, how many turned out awful?

2. Do you wax, pluck, thread or something else?

3. How much did it cost? How much did you tip?

4. How long did it last? How often do you go?

5. What made you decide to go on your first venture to get your eyebrows done?

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So, I drive up to Long Island from Connecticut in my beat up [bumper being held on by a bungee cord, smashed up front right light, etc.] Nissan Quest minivan and spend time here. While we're already here, one night we take a run to pick someone up and my batter/brake/gas lights are on for no reason. I have gas, my battery is not even a month old and my brake is not on. So, in a very typical me fashion, I think nothing of it. While my sister and I are driving home, the same lights are on. Randomly, the radio console just dies, and the lights in the car all start to dim while other lights, like the air bag light, turn on. The car is dying, so we take the next exit and pull into a gas station where we get a jump. Same thing happens and we call our cousins to pick us up. After a lot of pushing we eventually get the car into a church parking lot and leave it there.

1] Now, my question is, what would be my best choice of action at this point? Better even, what is wrong with my vehicle? Any knowledgable answers would be nice, because I am very lost.

2] Do you like overusing commas, even when you don't really need to?
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1. Do you let your cat or kitten bite you ?

2. Have you ever found out your grandparents real names were different than what you called them ?

3. Have you ever made your own LJ avatar ?

4. Would you ever like to work on a movie set ?

5. If you were given 500 million dollars, what kind of movie would you make and what actors would you hire ?

6. If all your relatives died, would you change your life a lot ?
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1 - Chem majors/students/people smarter than I: Okay, so I use dissolved aspirin in water as an aftershave to prevent razor burn and what have you (works great, btw). But being the frugal person/cheap bastard that I am, I hate to see stuff go to waste, in this case putting aspirin in the water that's not going to dissolve. So, I ask you, how do I figure out the ratio of grams of aspirin (C9H8O4) to one liter of water to make a saturated solution? I have googled but I didn't understand the answers I found and I can't even tell if the formulas I found are what I need. This is really annoying 'cause I know I used to be able to do this back in high school chem (but that was four years ago).

2 - Is there a website that compares, side by side, the political platforms and opinions of the presidential nominee candidates? I know I could go to each one's website and find out there, but I'd like to be able to compare their policies side by side without having to, say, compile a chart or something myself. My google-fu has failed me again. This seems like a question that might have been asked before, but I haven't seen it recently. I'm sorry if I fail and this has been asked recently :(

3 - You've been told that you can have an all-expense paid trip including spending money for a week to either NYC or Las Vegas. If you go to NYC, the deal comes with tickets to see Lance Bass in Hairspray and two other Broadway/Off-Broadway plays/musicals of your choice. If you go to Las Vegas, you get to see the Spice Girls reunion tour, plus two other shows of your choice. Which do you choose? And what other shows do you see?

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Are those websites that send you a kit in the mail and you mail them gold jewerly and things and they melt it down and send you money legitimate or not?

My friend ordered one of the kits today and she said it was totally free and it was guaranteed and if you don't like the amount of money they send you, you can send it back and they'll return your gold to you... but if it's melted? I'm confused QC...

Has anybody ever tried one of these things and if so how was it? Did you get a good amount of money? Were you happy with what you got?
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yummy beer!, yummy

it's movie time!

Hey gang -

what's your favorite movie from the 90's?
the 80's?
How about your favorite movie from before 1970? 
What's your favorite b&w film, specifically from the time when that was more the norm?

If you don't watch old movies or b&w, why the hell not?
And do you know how much good shit you're missing out on? 
Mr. Misto
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Which home improvement store will cut plywood to my specified size?  ( I don't own any kind of saw, swiss army knife, or ax  )  Will Any of them do it?

Home Depot

Reasoning. I want to 'make frames' for my posters and glued together puzzles by gluing them to the plywood, then having a certain amount of excess around the edge, buy some framing paint it to whatever color I like, then glue the framing onto the plywood around the picture. Because I am just too lazy to buy my own frame and I really really want to do something craftsy.


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Which would you rather be stuck with? If you don't drink soda or eat chips, pretend that you do.

Stale potato chips
Flat soda

Would you rather have dry hands or hands that feel grubby due to moisturizer. If you don't have dry hands or use moisturizer, pretend that you do.

Dry hands.
Grubby lotioned hands.

Would you rather have your zipper down/skirt tucked into your underwear or a booger showing in your nose? If you don't wear underwear please pretend that your skirt got tucked into your belt, and everyone has boogers so don't even try to sidestep that one in comments.

Underpants flash
Boogie oogie ewww

Does describing sex as "making love" make you gag or lol or wrinkle your nose cause that's just lame?

I am making love right now <3<3
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So, ever since I had my wee little boy 7 months ago, every time I shave my legs (no matter what kind of soap/shaving gel/etc I use during, or what kind of lotion/body oil/etc I put on afterwards) for like the next week, my legs are horribly itchy all over. In fact I will actually get hives, which as anyone who has ever had them knows, are awful.

Obviously, this sucks rocks. I don't want to be hairy, but omg this is driving me crazy. (And I just figured out last week it's the shaving that's doing it.)

What is going on, TQC, and how can I make this stop happening?!

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1) What's your favorite anime/manga? Mines Hellsing, if you couldn't tell by my icons.

2) Have you ever lit yourself on fire? What did you light on fire? How long was it on fire for? I've lit my hands on fire briefly using methane bubbles. See also: colgone (though that one hurt a lot moar).

3) Do you paroose 4chan? Where do you go? I usually look at /b/, /gif/, /h/, and /s/.

4) Would you consider yourself "open" in regards to your body/sexuality? I'd say I'm one of the most open people about that kind of stuff ever, and my friends would agree.

5) What's your opinion of guys who wear girls pants? Personally I love wearing girls pants. I don't know why, I just do.

6) How large would you say your vocabulary is?

7) Has anybody had experience with Apex Learning? How are they?
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this is for a friend of mine.

can you test positive for a drug test from second-hand smoke? (specifically weed) .. she's worried she won't pass the drug test that her employer sprung on her today; and i really have NO idea. i've never smoked so idk how all that mess works.
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1) An LJ friend is putting me and my husband up on Saturday night, and I'd like to get her something to show my appreciation. Food is out, since she is on a diet. What should I get her?

2) Do you remember Degrassi Junior High/High?

3) Will the Harry Potter questions ever end?

4) What time is your alarm clock set for (if you have/use one)?

5) Pizza: thin, thick, Chicago-style or other; what's your favorite?

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How much sleep is enough sleep for you?

I don't want recommended hours, but the number of hours that works for you. I'm supposed to get 8-9 hours a night but I think 10-12 is what I need to wake up refreshed. :P

What was the last dream you had?

Without the use of pictures, and stated in 7 words or less, what's the most disgusting thing you can think of?

Under the same rules, what's the nicest thing you can think of?

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1) Where are some places I can work & not get paid minimum wage, that allow you to have fun colored hair? Not like, a blue mohawk...but different colored chunky sections. Like pink or maybe blue. I got vibrant red streaks in my hair this weekend - I work at a financial company, but my last day is on Friday so I don't have to care what they say about it anymore.

2) What did you do this weekend?

3) When was the last time you went to Starbucks, and what did you order?


2) I got my hair done, went to a smoothie place, & went to the park with friends. Those are the hilights.
3) This morning...Grande Coffee Frappucino Light, and a Hickory Ham & Cheddar Sandwich for lunch.
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I recently had leather placed inside my shoes when I took them to get repaired. Since then, my socks have been stained orange and the shoes, my socks, and my feet all smell like rotten beef jerky.

Any suggestions what to do so that the leather doesn't stain/smell anymore?

Sunday 3

1: What are your plans today?

2: How do you read the paper..if you read it?(crossword first?, stuff like that?)

3: Have you ever had someone talk to you about something you don't care about and you do the head nod and say things like "Yea" and "sure"?

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What kind of Self Inflating Sleeping Mats do you recommend for camping?n (and I dont mean the big huge mattress' I mean like the sleeping pads that inflate a bit!)
I got one from target, and tried it and then read the reviews and it barely inflated and was junk!
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Has anything made your day just a little better, today?

I've been having a shit day at work, and one of my salesmen just brought in his dogs for us to watch(goofy chubby bulldog and a chihuaua/corgi mix)! We all love it when they come in. Yaaaay!!

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1)Are you or do you know anyone who is apotemnophilic?

2)If you were the praying sort, what would you pray for?

3)On a scale of 1-10, how much do you worry about stuff on a daily basis? (1=complete and total apathy about everything, 10=you've given yourself ulcers worrying about really dumb shit)

4)edit: In my experience I have found that losers tend to gravitate towards awesome people. Have you found this to be true or do think losers mostly stick together?
I see what you did there!

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1. Best thing to happen this weekend?

2. Worst thing to happen this weekend?

3. For lunch today, should I have a Hot Pocket or some soup?

4. What's the most expensive thing you've purchased in the last week? How much was it?

5. Which of your eyes do you like better?

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If a place says "apply in person," do I need to bring my resume with me? I've never done that, or are they just going to hand me an application and I fill it out? It's for a retail position, if that helps.
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when we sparkle

For those of you with pierced ears:

How long did you wait before changing your earrings for the first time? When did you start wearing earrings that dangle?

I'd like to make myself a pair of earrings made from small radishes (just bare with me) to wear approximately five weeks after my ears were pierced, but I was told not to change them until it had been six weeks and I can't remember what the piercer said about heavy earrings.

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Is it expecting too much to assume a four year old can spend time by themselves without, I dunno, spontaneously exploding? I don't mean home alone, I mean the child watching TV or playing in the next room where I can still hear her and help her if something arises. She knows where I'm at, I know where she's at, and no, there's nothing dangerous in the TV room.

She's perfectly healthy, and and more than mentally capable for her age.

My parents seem to think she needs to be monitored as fiercely as a deathly ill infant, and I say they're turning her into a lazy brat.

I think I recall watching children her age at schools and summer camps function just fine on their own...*shrug*
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What's the weirdest/funniest thing that's ever happened to you during sex?

My boyfriend and I were making love in the swimming pool on Saturday and his neighbors had a band playing at their barbecue. We just started singing along to all of these alternative 90's hits while we were going at it. It was pretty amusing and cute. :]
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1. when you were in elementary/middle school/high school (i don't think they continued showing it in high school i stand corrected) did you ever have to watch Channel One news before class started?
2. what elementary school did you go to? Kittridge.
3. what about middle school? Pierce/Crooked Oak.
4. when you were in school was 6th grade considered elementary or middle school? it was considered middle school.
5. was 9th grade considered middle school or high school? it was considered high school.
6. have you ever owned one of these shirts?

Sex Songs!

What are your favourite songs to have sex to?

Mine have got to be Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song) by Incubus, You Can Do It by No Doubt and Plug In Baby by Muse.
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My Spoon is Too Big


Well, in a few weeks time, I head off to Whitman College. But I'm having trouble deciding what I really need for my dorm room. Any advice for an entering freshman? What were some absolute necessities you had (or wish you had) in your dorm? I love links to specific products if you would like to provide them.
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I need to contact Google because someone logged into my Gmail accounts and sent VERY personal e-mails (including pictures) to EVERYONE on my list. Friends. Family (MY DAD!). And work. A state agency. That's harassment, clear as day. Hell, the state agency will probably want to prosecute him once we figure out who it is (if they hadn't believed me when I said it wasn't I who sent the e-mails, they told me they could have charged me!). They have also effectively COMPLETELY locked me out of at least three Gmail accounts. There's gotta be IP info SOMEWHERE! And Google has to have it!

I am 99.99999% positive who did this, and I am also 99.99999% he did this from his job (LiveJournal logs IPs whenever someone logs in, and he logged in several times from his job, like a dumbass).

HOWEVER, Google hides the header information! I assume they have all of that on their servers. Buuuut, the one contact form I found on Google for abuse got NO results. This was sent last Tuesday or Wednesday, and I've received NO response.

I NEED TO CONTACT GOOGLE so that I can get true header information for these e-mails. It needs to happen ASAP. The company he is doing this from is well aware of the situation and also wants this information.

Any suggestions? I am so at a loss, which is why I am asking here. I'm going insane. If I can prove he sent these e-mails, he is so going down. (For the record, and for those who know me, it's NOT someone from LiveJournal and is in fact some random person that hardly knows me).

PS - I wonder if I had someone from the agency contact Google if they'd respond quicker?

ANY HELP AT ALL in this situation would be awesome. Seriously. I am going insane. (I was forced to resign, my DAD saw personal e-mails between my boyfriend and I, etc. It's not cool, man, NOT COOL!)

EDIT: Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. If you have any more, awesome! A lot of what was said was common sense, but my brain is not functioning correctly (I woke up in panic mode again). It needs a push. Thanks!

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Your friend comes back from a two-week vacation and tells you about how she lost her virginity to a tan, muscular, sultry beach boy. Before this, she said she refused to have pre-marital sex. She had told several boyfriends this, none of them as attractive as the "sultry beach boy."

Would your opinion of the girl change?

Are you against pre-marital sex? How do you think this affects your opinion of the girl?

What would you say to this girl if she continued to criticize friends/acquaintances who have had pre-marital sex? Especially if she made comments about their partners' attractiveness?

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What does it mean if something is accidentally carbonated? I got some carrot juice, the only ingredient is carrot juice, and it's definitely carbonated or something like it and it isn't supposed to be (i've had it before), though it is well before the expiration date. Is this really bad?

Do you volunteer? If so, with whom?

Home Alone/Home Alone 2

I'm just wondering about the movies 'Home Alone' and 'Home Alone 2' starring Mackauley Culkin. In one scene, he's watching tv and a black and white movie is on where a man starts shooting everyone and laughing manically.
Is this a real movie or just one shot for the sake of 'Home Alone'?
FFXII - Penelo

Band-aid keeps falling off...

I have a wart growing on the sole of my foot that I'm trying to get rid of using tiny salicylic acid adhesive pads covered by a band-aid. I'm supposed to keep the adhesive pads on for 48 hours then change it. The problem is, the longest I've been able to keep it on is 12 hours! It falls off everytime I walk or shower. Those damn salicylic acid pads are expensive, especially if I have to change them 4x more often than I'm supposed to.

So, does anyone have any tricks to keep a band-aid in place on the sole of a foot?
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1) Do you enjoy muffins?
2) How much money did you spend last week?
3) When did you go to bed last night?
4) What's the last book you bought?
5) What should I eat for lunch: pizza rolls or a sandwich?
EDIT: I chose the sandwich. Mmmm!

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Not including For The Win, what are your favourite phrases for the acronym FTW?

Why is it so popular for people to say that they like "everything except rap and country" when talking about music?

(no subject)

1)Do you have a HDTV? If so what brand is it and are you pleased with it? Anything else you want to tell me about it?

2)What is the next large purchase you are wanting to make?

3)If you have a mortgage, how much are you paying?
that&#39;s what she said!

money for nothing, chicks for free

1. Do you have a 401(k)?

2. If so, how much money do you have in it currently?

3. For reference, how old are you?

4. What percentage of your paycheck do you put into your 401(k)?

I realize money questions can be sensitive and you might consider that information private, so feel free to decline to state if you don't wish to share.  I'm just curious what your average saver is putting away and where it's gotten them thusfar in life.
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This is ridiculous. How do you pronouce Steve Buschemi's last name?

Someone I was talking to today pronouced it  "Bu-see-me" but I've always heard it pronouced "Bu-shemmy".  Now she has me thinking I've said it wrong...

Is she right, or just crazy (which wouldn't suprise me...)?

me and reagan 24th

I need you, Google. Please come back.

Is Google broken??

Why can't I go to the site? I've typed it in, I've clicked the little "Google" button on my toolbar, everything. It keeps saying "Internet Explorer cannot find", and then once it said "Invalid Address" (but it was right!). All other websites work. Does Google work for you?

Is it sad that I am this upset over it? What did we do before Google?!
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I received this email today at work (I work for a labor union):

Hi all,

One more surprise for XXXX's son XXXXXX (I swear it’s the last one!) …. It’s a great union book called Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type, and it’s got a great union organizing theme (ask XXXX, she had it for her son when it first came out – way to indoctrinate them young!!). We were going to just do this from the H&S department, but a few more people wanted to sign it, so we thought it would be fun to open it up to the building. If you’d like, please drop by to sign the book for her and the baby, and please write a short union/solidarity type message to little XXXXX. If you want you can also e-mail me one for him and I’ll paste it in the book for you. The book will be at the materials table in H&S dept. (across from XXXXX’s desk), and we’ll have it there until the last week of July.

Is it really appropriate to 'indoctrinate' your children? Am I the only one who thinks this is kind of creepy?
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(no subject)

Anyone know the name of that Ayumi Hamasaki song where she's kidnapped and these psycho people are ruining pictures of her and such?

What are some of your guilty pleasures?
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I'm hellaciously bored. So...

Any tips on eBaying a bunch of my old junk? I'm posting some to my journal to try direct sale to my friends but man, I need this stuff out of my house.

What colors should we paint the rooms in our new home? The crazier the answer the better, since my husband is actually picking out the colors, I just get veto power.

Do you eat spinach?

Who called me and didn't leave a voicemail?

Do you read The Consumerist? (www.consumerist.com) Do you believe what they write, or take it with a grain of salt?

If you heard the sentence "The War of the Ice-Princesses is about to get heated!" would it make you lol?

What grocery store do you shop at? Why that one?

Do you think it's weird that TV Guide channel has actual shows now?

Too many questions! I know, but I'm bored out of my mind and IKEA's website is not user-friendly...so my plan to pick out our new furniture failed.
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(no subject)

1.  What CD do you listen to every day?

2.  When you're speaking to a customer service person on the phone, would you rather them be professional and to the point or talk to you like
you are having a normal conversation?

3.  What would be your ideal afterlife?

4.  In professional situations, when people type their name in all lowercase letters, do you think that symbolizes that they feel very
little about themselves?
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For those who wear glasses:

Have you ever recognized someone else wearing your style of frames?

(I never have. The frames are mass-produced, so it shouldn't be so impossible... but I also don't know if I'd notice. I'm not sure I could even recognize my frames on someone else's face even if I was looking for it.)
petit prince

baseball, wtf?

1. what do you think of barry bonds?

2. who else doesn't really care about baseball, yet hopes everyone who pitches to barry bonds till the end of his career intentionally walks him?

3. is there anything specific you care about which is deeply mired in the context of something broad which you don't care about at all?

4. did that^ question even make sense?

~*~bonus~*~ does the webbing between your pointer toe and your middle toe start slightly higher up than the webbing between your other toes?
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(no subject)

1. If I told you I watched The Tribe when I was like 11-13, would you know what show I was talking about?
2. Have you ever worked two jobs?  If so, how was it?
3. Craziest named teacher you've ever had?
    My 5th grade teacher was Mrs.Hooker!  And Now I have a Mr.Grimm.

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*if you work*
when are you next due for a raise?
how comfortable are you around your boss?

when's the last time you were the passenger in the car instead of the one driving? where were you headed?

what's the sexiest part of a woman's body?
what's the sexiest part of a man's body?

(no subject)

1. What's the funniest scene in a movie you've ever seen?

2. What's the saddest scene in a movie you've ever seen?

3. What do you think of prenuptial agreements?

4. Have you had any bad experiences with ebay?
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(no subject)

Have you ever changed your hair color in photoshop/another image program to see what you'd look like with that color?

Will you post a picture?

Did you end up changing your hair color because you liked the look?

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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


1. What's the last big mistake you've made?
(I was supposed to take a pill...once a day, and all this time I've been taking it twice a day...crappp!)

2. Why do newborns sleep with their arms up?
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Why does it take small-town government 9 months to accomplish something?

I got a speeding ticket in October, never heard from them. April rolls around, "You have a $200 fine!" ... Today rolls around, "here, have a receipt!" ... my heart skipped about 10 beats because I thought it was another fine. Wtfpeople.

Sigh. Don't mind me. I am dumb today.

On a lighter note, how was your day? Did you accomplish anything spectacular?
Not horrible, not that great either. It's only 6:20 though. So I've got a while left. :P

Back to the HP reading.
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Do you have any cool/different skills/talents? Or anyone you know?

My dad can shoot rubberbands at flies & kill them. I think it's pretty cool. Who needs fly swatters when you have my Daddio?
My mom's cousin (I guess that makes him my cousin, too) is the world's fastest backwards talker. It's awesomeeee to hear him talk.

I am pretty much talent-less. ):

Ready? Set? Go!

1. Do you say paddle or controller (as in video games)?
2. What is your favorite kind of cookie?
3. Should I ask for a raise? When I first started here, I recieved a 50 cent raise after the first few months. It has been about a month past the date I was hired here a year ago, is that usually the standard time frame for businesses to give out raises (woops that was question 4)?


I am SOO lazy this past year. I have absolutely no motivation in anything that I do. So I was wondering how can you overcome this laziness and actually do what you SHOULD be doing. I should be prepping for next year and I have a stack of books that I need to read plus, I'm trying to get more exercise but nothing's working right. I just get distracted, go on the computer, watch tv... Do everything relaxing and that I like but what I shouldn't be doing! Next year is gonna be my gr 12 year and I need to do well. So any idea anyone? How do you get back on track and get the motivation that you need? Because believe me, I really really need it.

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So there is this beautiful man who lives in my subdivision. He jogs at the same time every day, so I go out and sit in the yard with Seamus and wait for him to go by. We always say hello and a few time he has stopped to pet Seamus. He is honestly one of the of the most beautiful people on earth, you can't help but stare at him.
I was telling my brother about him and described him like this; Tall, muscular build, very friendly/warm face and just all around nice person. I also said he had the most beautiful skin I have ever seen in my life. He has very dark black skin it almost has a blue look to it, it is sooo beautiful with no flaws. My brother got all up in my face saying that was a really racist thing to say (hat his skin had a 'blue' look to it). Is it? I remember when I was in Jamaica a lot of the women I met there had that very same beautiful skin tone. I feel horrible thinking all this time it would be racist to think that. I myself find very dark skin very attractive and striking. But is it wrong for me to have said it had a blue tone? I have never had anyone else ever say this to me and now I feel really bad.


Is there a digital camera made specifically for kids, say ages 5 - 10?

Something easy to use, without a hundred different settings, moderately good image quality, and able to withstand the butterfingers of a 6 year old. I've not seen anything likes this, but would love to get it for a friend's daughter.

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What's the last super dorky thing you bought?

Today I bought a kick ass 60's style 'Beatnick Cigarette Holder' for $2.45. It kicks so much ass I don't want to dirty it up with an actual cigarette. Yes, I just wanted to brag.

What are some pics/videos/games/jokes etc etc that I should have on my computer?

I'll be losing my net connection for god knows how long & I'm saving everything & anything to my computer I can. Can you point me in the direction of things you think I'll need to amuse myself?

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So, I've read in a couple places that you shouldn't wear open toed shoes to job interviews. Also, people keep warning me about wearing open toed shoes at a work place (office type work), and all I have is peep toe shoes. What the hell? Do those count? Or is it more the strapy shoes that show your whole foot that I should be worried about?

A bushel and a peck and a barrel and a heap of questions. :)

Are there any private music teachers here in the group? (Especially piano or guitar teachers.)
If so, do/did you teach out of your home or in some other way not through a private lesson program with a school or district?
If so, did you draw up a contract for your students' parents as far as management of payments and missed lessons?
How did that work out?
Did you find that the people responsible for paying were more willing or less willing to take lessons from you if there was a contract involved?

Who here knits or crochets?
If so, do you you make felted stuff?
What's your favorite pattern for a felted messenger bag? I have seen the one on knitty already, and I'm almost considering it.
If you've made the bag from your favorite pattern, do you have a picture of it that you would link me to?
(Some variation of this question will be crossposted in a few yarny communities.)

"I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a barrel and a heap..."
Did anyone sing this to you when you were little? :)
My mom used to sing it to my siblings and me, and her daddy used to sing it to her.

Why can't I find a recipe for Blonde Brownies that doesn't have nuts or chocolate chips in it?
I had a recipe, but I lost it, and it didn't have chocolate or nuts in it. I did also find one without those things, but it was also missing some of the ingredients I remember being in it. Could it possibly be as simple as leaving out a couple of cups of nuts or chocolate morsels? That seems like it would mess things up to leave out a big chunk of such bulky ingredients like that, and I'm hesitant to try.
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i'm feeling kind of :[, and i really don't know why. maybe it's this damn Brandy cd i got blasting from my speakers that's making me feel this way. how are you feeling right at this moment?

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If you have recently traveled to, from or within the U.S., did you get those Homeland Security brochures in your checked luggage that are like, "[Hay, we went through your stuff!]"?

I used to get them every time I flew (which happened to be with my mom) but I haven't seen any lately, even when I went to Canada. My dad joked that it's because my mom is "on their list," which I think is silly, but I guess it makes sense.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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How often do you ignore phone calls? Are there certain people that you'll only answer for occasionally, or do you get into a certain mood where you don't want to talk to anyone, or... ? What makes you ignore certain phone calls?

Which phone calls do you ALWAYS answer?
Which phone calls do you NEVER answer?
Dom Lost

Computer Cable Question....

My internet keeps going sketchy and disconnecting on me or saying I'm connected but not loading anything and I think my router may be going. I've had roommates that were not so kind to it in the past so I wouldn't be terribly suprised to find out the antenna were messed up in some way. Since I can't afford to buy a new $40+ router right now I'm looking at getting a cable to connect from the living room where the router is located into my room about 20-30 feet away. I know the router still works in this sense since that's what my roommate does considering his room is closer to the router and I was on wireless before mainly to keep the cords out of the way.

The issue is I don't know the name of the type of cable I need. I think I found the right one on TigerDirect, but I wanted to check here first. I need a simple cable that will connect from the back of my router/cable modem into the back of my computer.

Does anyone know the name of the cable?
Does this look like it might be the correct cable I need to buy?
Cables Unlimited 25-Foot Snag-Proof UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Cat5e Cable - Red

Thanks in advance for any help.
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You and your band (yes, you have a band, deal) have decided to cover one of your favorite 80s or 90s songs. Which is it?

On that note, what's the most recent cover of a song that you like?
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big shoes

So I bought a pair of cute, black pointed-toe pumps... but they're a bit too big (At $15, though, I couldn't resist!). I figured I could get those gel heel protectors to make them fit, but does anyone have any other suggestions?

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1. Did your parents ever do that thing where they say to the other one, "Go talk to your daughter," "look what your son has done" and emphasizing "YOUR kid" as opposed to "our kid?" I hope I worded that okay.

2. Why do they do that?

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what are some of your fears?

deep water, seeing a dead body In real life, i think i will have a panic attack if i ever do, death, heights, the dark. I'm so scared of the dark and lady bugs. :/

What makes you sick to your stomach?

I was just reading up on abortions for some reason i stumbled upon them and it was making me sick.
the smell of grease makes me sick.
people blowing their nose while im eating or spit while im eating.
watching children / babies/ old people getting hit / slapped or yelled at.
hives :/

Song help.

Okay so I was just listening to a song on the radio and as it's a Spanish radio I didn't catch the artist or the song title. I caught one line and google'd it in hope of it turning up some lyrics and it didn't. They're singing in English and it's a male. The only line I caught:

"It only feels like loving someone."

Can anybody tell me the song?!

Also: what's the other song Lily Allen released? Not Smile but the other one.

Never mind. The song is Enrique Igleasias "Do You Know?" and Lily Allen's song is "LDN".

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1] What are some of your irrational fears?

I'm terribly afraid of whales. Specifically, blue whales. They are huge and scary and if I were ever near one, I would probably be traumatized for life.

2] What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

My younger cousin is the voice of Dora the Explorer, and years ago they had an open audition for Dora's cousin. I tried out for the part and I did horribly and when the producer went into the other room to talk to my cousin, she asked how I did and he went on about how horrible it was, and I was right there and heard everything.

3] Are you the result of good parenting?

No =[.

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How many pull-ups can you do in a row? How many sit-ups?

If you had a pull-up test in high school, did the girls have to do pull-ups or just hold their head above the bar for a set amount of time? Do you think that's fair?
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questionclub, why don't i have a boyfriend?

why do i want to pinch someone's head off one day and then feel really sorry for them the next?

why is he with her?

who thought bobbleheads were a good idea? (i have several hockey ones.)
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There was a post recently on boingboing.net (http://www.boingboing.net/2007/07/13/sam_the_sesame_stree.html) where people wrote about the Sesame Street sketches or scenes from other kids shows that terrified them when they were younger.

What shows or movies meant for kids traumatized you?

I was always afraid of the beginning of Disney movies, where Mickey Mouse is in the dark and his wand lights up the screen. I still don't like watching it.

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My boyfriend has decided to have a D&D campaign. I was invited to join in, I've been wanting to play for a while and I've never done it before, so I'm pretty excited. Does anyone have any tips for a first timer?

What are you looking forward to?

The Number 23

The number 23 in song lyrics. Anyone got a lyric besides the following??

"Are you where you thought you'd be? So beautiful and only 23."-Anberlin

"Amazing still it seems, I'll be 23."-Jimmy Eat World

"That's about the time she hung up on me. Nobody likes you when you're 23."

"I'm 23 now but will I live to see 24? The way things is going I dont know."-Coolio
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Forgive the double post, Im bored.

1.)What is your favorite season? Why?

(Mine is Fall, some sun, mostly clouds, great smelling air, harvest moon, gorgeous trees, dry leaves crackling on the ground, ect. p.s. I live in Oregon and its GORGEOUS here)

2.) What is your favorite kind of weather?
(Cool, windy, dry)

3.) I am going to a nice hotel on the beach for two nights after my wedding; a mini honeymoon before the alaskan cruise in august. I am a very healthy eater and really active. My fiancee for some reason doesnt want me to care at all about exercise/eating relatively healthy. I know its a vacation and I do plan on splurging, but should I really not give heed to health at all? Any why is he so adament I do not?

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If you are against eating meat, how do you feel about:
A) Inuits and other people in arctic regions where you have to eat about 10,000 calories a day just to survive, which would be impossible with a vegetarian diet (even nuts and beans), especially impractical given the sparse vegetation of such regions?
B) Hunter/gatherer societies?
C) People who are not lucky enough to have alternatives to eating meat?
D) Animals eating other animals, per the natural order of things?

Edited and edited again because my personal opinion on meat-eating isn't really pertinent to the question.

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1) Do you prefer songs that have a definite end, or ones that just fade out?

2) Do you/have you ever eaten Peanut Butter straight out of the jar with a spoon/knife?

3) You have one day in Chicago, what do you do?

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I am so very bored tonight.

1] What are some things you can't do that most people can?

I can't whistle. I can't burp. I can't snap my fingers. I am also not ticklish. I am pretty incomplete.

2] What is your current favorite piece of clothing?

Collapse )

3] What are your favorite and least favorite words?

My favorite words are Graft, Pendulum, Altruism, and Iridescence
My least favorite words are Rural and Quarter.
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Say a SO or a family member did not flush the toilet after peeing what would you do?

flush the toilet without comment
flush the toilet, and at a later date remind the person
flush the toilet, and tell them right after
make them come in while you are in the bathroom and tell them to flush
something else
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what kind of credit card(s) do you have? (ie. VISA, AMEX, MC, DISCOVER, etc)
what's your highest credit card balance?
what's the credit limit on your credit card(s)?


Whats your favorite hit of the 90?

Favorite song ever?

I need something to download!!

ALSO-- Does anyone know the name of the song that starts off with someone saying "I will survive... without you" but its not "I will survive". I don't remember anything else about the song of the tune or etc etc. D:

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Do you ever go to concerts/movies/plays/etc by yourself?

Whenever I go somewhere by myself, my friends call me crazy. I've tried explaining that I don't need to be with people all the time to have my life be satisfying, but they just don't understand. Oh well.