July 15th, 2007

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1. what is your favorite food?
2. are you ticklish?
3. one thing that you think is really underrated? 
4. what is one time period/event in your life that was so great you wish you could live again?
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One last set of questions for the day...

1. Do you consider yourself a shoe freak?
2. To the point where you'd be very happy to be able to squeeze a 3rd pair of shoes into a suitcase?
3. Are you deathly bored right now?

My answers:
1. Yes
2. YES! That situation was me when I managed to cram my boots (which I'll be lucky to wear once on the trip) into my suitcase with a lot of room to spare. Wanted to make sure this wasn't just me :P
3. Ugh, yeah. I guess that's why I'm haunting this community so much tonight.
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1) After seeing the preview for the movie before HP the other day, I went out and bought The Golden Compass from the His Dark Materials series of books. Is it a good read?
2) Are silverfish random, or does one mean there is (are?) an infestation? I sure hope not...
3) What's your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor? Mine is Dublin Mudslide, but they don't make it anymore. =(
4) This is such a stupid question but... the other day, I saw a commercial for a 90's rock compilation. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the disc or company that makes it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Found it! It was Buzz Ballads from musicspace.com, lol. Thanks so much stitch_vicious!

ADDENDUM: Have you ever made your own ice cream with one of those homemade countertop machines? Could I make my own ice cream with liquor in it, or will it not freeze?
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I just got my long hair chopped off in favor of a Victoria Beckham-esque do. I now have a ponytail of hair. Where could I donate it? I've heard of locks of love, but don't they have a length requirement? I had layers, so the length varies from 2 inches to 8+


Never mind!! I found on the locks of love website that layered hair is acceptable as long as it's 10 inches from end to tip (straightened, it's about 14 haha!) Thanks again!

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My boyfriend was supposed to stop by and help me with my math homework after visiting a friend. Supposedly he went to this friend's house at 8:30. It is now 1 am and I am thinking I'm being stood up. He doesn't have a cell phone and I don't know the friend's number. This is kind of out of character for him, but I'm fiending for a fight anyway. What should I do? Where do you think my bf is?


are you jealous of anyone/anything right now? would you mind telling me about it?

have you seen transformers? would you like to talk about it?

How bored is everyone here? i know im like going insane...

What is your main mode of transportation?

if the phone rings right now.. who would you want it to be and why?

Do you wanna buy me a season of friends.. anything after season 5? (i doubt anyone will be serious about doing this..)

what are some un-dirty things i can do to entertain myself?
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1. Sorry, I know this is obnoxious, but could anyone give me an invite for demonoid? It would be highly, highly appreciated. Thanks!

2. What bank do you use? Would you recommend it? I specifically would like to hear from people who use Chase or TCF...(right now I'm using chase but I hate it...it's the only decent option where I live. Now I'm going to school far away where there are few Chase ATMs, but a lot of TCF. However, there's absolutely no TCF in my hometown. Aghhh.)
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...Ok, I lied before. This will be my last question, or you can all kill me lol

1. What do you think should be my next vacation destination?
Moscow, Russia
Vladivostok, Russia (this would be more a friend-visiting trip but hey.)
Helsinki, Finland
Auckland, New Zealand

2. Has anyone here ever been to one of these cities? If you have, what are/were your reactions?

Answer me this questions three

1. Have you ever used an erotic toy like this? I was flipping through channels and some sex toy show was on. This one made me giggle a bit.

2. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? I was watching a segment on Ben and Jerry's, and realized that I haven't tried much more than traditional flavors.

3. Do you think the person who plays the steel drums for the music on all those "Girls Gone Wild" commercials puts it down on his résumé?

Thanks, TQC!

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Yesterday I was driving around the middle of nowhere and had an interaction with an OSTRICH.

There was some random ostrich farm on the side of the road in rural Oregon. They are really stupid creatures.

What is the strangest animal you have come into contact with?

Where did it happen?
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1) Do you usually use your default icon in tqc or do you vary them?

2) Do you think people know it's still you if you use an icon different from your usual one?

3) And lastly, do you steal people's icons?

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BONUS: What's the best icon you've seen lately?

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What's the most random, spontaneous thing you've done at school/work? Mine is the day me and my friend Ryan decided to pitch a tent int he middle of the hall and basically live in it until school started. It was a good day, let me tell you.

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How many words per minute can you type? (Usually about 90 something, but it depends on how familiar with the material and everything I am.)

(There's a free typing test here.)

Do you type using the "correct" finger positions and everything? (Hell no.)

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What's your resting heart rate?
Can you describe your exercise habits for me?

The reason I ask is because my brother has a resting heart rate of 60, and he's a dance major so gets tons of exercise and is very healthy. My resting heart rate is 52, which apparently is very low for both men and women, and my brother's kind of upset that someone who is in a lot worse shape than him has a better heart rate. (We did decide that his is high because of all the medicine he takes, but that doesn't explain how weirdly low mine is)

Does my lower heart rate mean I have more potential to do well athletically?
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Okay, there must be some gamers in here.

What new games are people enjoying for either the Wii or DS? I finally have free cash again, and it's shopping time. (For the DS, 1-card multiplayer is a bonus.)

Also, where do you get your game reviews from? Most game review sites are crap *coughIGNcough*, so I'm wonder if there are any sources out which are trustworthy.

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I currently drive a 2004 Toyota Corolla S (trade-in value at about $10,000). I have about $18,000 left on the loan. I'm looking to trade my vehicle in for a 2006 or 2007 Mazda 3 (which is about $17,000). I pay $452 a month for my car because of the ridiculous interest rate from the finance company.

What I was thinking about doing was trading my car and then also including a down payment of about $2000. I'm not exactly sure what the best approach is and am looking to find some reasonable suggestions since this is my first time doing this. Will I even be able to trade the car in? I'm okay with being upside down on the loan (but not too much!) and paying $452 if I'm in a newer car.

I made huge mistakes when I bought the car and am now painfully regretting it. Paying $452 for a 2004 Corolla S seems insane to me and I'd like to get out of this as soon as possible. I also plan on refinancing my loan in less than a year.
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Small questions about something which is far more expansive as I see it-


You're standing on acres of flat land fenced into lots and paddocks. The paddocks contain horses. Ten kilometres/miles* in the distance, this land is surrounded by large mountains. At any compass bearing you take, there are mountains in the distance.
You have a large mirror behind you. This mirror is as high as you are tall and is as wide as the the length between your left fingertips to your right fingertips when you fully extend both arms out to your side, at shoulder height.
The mirror stands perpendicular to the ground.

You sit down, one arm's length away from the mirror.

1. When looking straight ahead [the mirror is directly behind and out sight], would one's eyes focus on objects within the field of vision in the same manner one's eyes would focus on those objects if one was turned directly about-face and looked at the mirror-image of what now lies (unchanged) behind [behind ones's own reflection in the mirror image]?

2. Would a regular SLR camera focus objects in the mirror-image as though it was focussing on a flat 2D image displayed by the mirror an arm's length away, or would it focus them as though facing those objects directly?

[I should know this, but I'm having a vacuous moment. Like, I haven't been using SLR cameras, studying photography and processing negs/prints for the last oo, 12 years |: I want to know how YOU understand it...]

3. How is focusing on objects reflected in a mirror a different process from say, focusing on objects displayed or projected onto a screen [of any sort]?

*In this instance Metric/Imperial equivalents are acceptable and any difference(s) between either lack significance to the question.

Please ignore any heavy brain-drain and thought suckage in this question. More conducive to thought than having a bath... LONG TRAIN JOURNEYS, UNACCOMPANIED. I know what I'm trying to ask, but putting it into words? >< EEEEEEEEEE...
Worst part is, there's much more in this question than I can really get down right now. Maybe another time...

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wasn't there a question recently about internet radio not working anymore? all my internet radio's are still playing music. Was that just some big internet rumor?
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How does one go about working in a jewelery store (as a salesperson or whatever)? It seems like they have to get a lot of training. Do you need experience? Do they train you? What kind of qualifications do you need?

Have you ever worked in a jewelry store? What was it like?

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1: Have you ever danced in the rain?

2: Have you ever been drunk at funeral?

3: Have you ever tried serious drugs(cocaine and the like)?

4: Do you smoke?

5: What's the farthest you've ever gone on a dare?
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You know those visa cards you can buy as like a gift card? Lets say for $20 at..Target or something. Could you use that visa for the internet? Like when they ask for your visa number, can you bought that in? even though its not yor actual visa number...I dont know if I'm making much sense, if you know, please let me know! thanks!

big alligator?

shirts and dreams.

1. Would you be comfortable going about your day wearing a shirt that had your weight on it? What if the back listed everything you'd eaten that day and the nutrition facts?

2. Why do I keep having dreams involving pink cigarettes?
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I got kinda mad the other day and started punching things. Now the swelling's gone down and it doesn't hurt, but the nuckle on my right ring finger rachets every time I move it. It doesn't hurt, and I can still move my finger just fine, it just feels funny.

Should I be worried and go see a doc or wait and see if it goes away?

EDIT: any idea what could be causing the racheting?

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Thanks TQC for introducing me to LibraryThing!

What is the greatest thing that you have stumbled upon due to this community?

Is there a movie site that does the same type of thing as LibraryThing?

"lost" questionaire

hey ya'll..

i've been catching up on my "lost" episodes, thanks to itunes. So..

1. Which Lost character gets your panties in a bunch (i'm talking seriously dislike)?
2. Which Lost character do you have the hots for (if any)?
3. Which Lost character do you think you'd attempt to befriend, if you were on the island?
4. Which Lost character would you NOT trust at all?


5. What Lost interaction or event has surprised you most?
6. What did you see coming?
7. Any thoughts on how the series might finish up? We know it has until 2010, and we've seen the flash-forwards with Jack and Kate.


8. Which twosome will be the next to get it on (couple or otherwise)?
9. which twosome will NEVER get it on?
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My last one got deleted...

Does anyone know of a stand up comedian
Who uses a type of recording machine to record himself multiple times?
I saw him once a long time ago on Comedy Central
He used the machine to make a joke about a sad hooker or something along those lines, he made some sort of music like noise.

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I spent about 4 hours yesterday making a present for my boyfriend.  Last night he hung up on me for saying "I really need to see you tomorrow" because I was bugging him about it?  Anyways, I was going to finish the sentence with "..to give you your present."

I was, obviously, butthurt and cried.  If I had hung up on him like that and not called back all night, he would have broken up with me most likely.  (Yes, he's THAT much of an asshole)

Anyways.  Should I throw away the present?  I know he doesn't deserve it, but I put a lot of skillz to the test on this ): I'm proud of my creation. ):

EDIT: you guys are rallying up the rebel in me to finally dump him!  Thank you for all the replies!
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1. are you listening to music right now? y.
2. what's the first letter of the artist/group? A.
3. will you tell me a lyric from it? everything that glitters ain't gold, and now that you're gone.. i realize that i lost my soul.

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I didn't get as good of grades as I'd like this year, and since I need to get into college and all, I was trying to think of good ways to treat myself for good grades, a reward system. Unfortunately, it's really hard to reward yourself, but I thought if anyone would know how, the honorable QC Gurus would. I was thinking of something based on how many As or Bs I get, or what my GPA is, both at the semester and the end of the year (or perhaps by the quarter). I'm not totally set in that, though, so if you get ideas, let them out.

So, do you have any ideas for a reward system like this?
Have you ever done something like this for yourself? Did it work?

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I heard last night that the reason some religious people dont drink or smoke is because of the commandment " thou shall not kill" because well, smoking and drinking does harm to your body. I dont know if this is the ACTUAL reason why they dont drink or smoke and i'm not talking about EVERYONE that is religous , just some

but if that is why they believe they should not drink or smoke.. then would eating fast food be a sin for them? since it harms your body?

I'm just trying to point out that  religion makes less and less sence everyday.

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If everyone agreed to the legalization of public nudity, and (hypothetically speaking) let's say society was still a little reluctant to everyone being naked, thus two great groups of people were created--those nude and those not-- which side would you be on? Answer truthfully!

Bad stuff

You're approached one day by a man carrying a briefcase. He opens his case, and in it is $10,000. It's all yours, and all you have to do is give him your soul. There's paperwork to validate this transaction. Do you sell your soul?


There's been a disturbing trend of disappearing cats in your SO's neighborhood (or your neighborhood, if you live together). One day, while in the garage, you see a cage with the biggest snake you've ever seen. S/he comes clean when confronted, and says that s/he's been feeding the cats in the neighborhood to the snake because mice and rats are too small. This has been going on for 3 months. How do you react?

It's so horrible. I break up with my SO on the spot
It's horrible, but I'm willing to forgive them if they get rid of the snake
"Wow. Can I watch you feed it next time?"
Start looking for the biggest mongoose in the world on ebay
"Let's check Craig's list for anybody giving away their cats"

You visit a psychic, who's startlingly accurate on everything, including the color underwear you wore that morning and the toothpaste used last night. Then she drops a bombshell. "It is fated that you will be hit by a Wal-Mart truck tomorrow. You will suffer a traumatic head injury that will make you lose all memories of everything before 3 years ago. Everything from your birth to 2004 is wiped clean. Permanently. However, the Wal-Mart company, when sued, will give you a settlement so large you will never have to work again. This is set to happen tomorrow at noon where you normally park your car. You can avoid your fate by simply staying in all day". What do you do?

Go to work/school as normal, get hit by the truck, lose my memories, get a fat settlement suit, and live happily ever after
Stay in and keep my memories

Ladies, for $2,500....Paris Hilton has just spent the last hour on the treadmill and doing lunges. Lots of lunges (google if you don't know what that is). After she's done, you have to put on and wear over your naked bottom the thong she was wearing the full hour. Then, you go about your business and must wear her underwear for the next 2 hours. Would you do it?

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TQC, did you know there are scans out of the last chapter of the Harry Potter book?

I've seen them, and they're real. HOORAY FOR MY IDEAS BEING RIGHT.

ETA, since that one has been sort of asked already:
If you've seen them, what kind of name is Scorpius, I mean seriously?
ETA again, since I'm more awake now: if you trust the scans, do you think this is all JK Rowling's plot to have a story she can fall back on if she runs out of money? She said no more Harry Potter.. but she didn't say no books about later generations.

What's your favorite kind of flower?
Me--State Fair

pew pew

TQC, should I sell/trade in my Gamecube for a Wii, y/n?

It's backwards compatable, right? My memory cards and games would work with a Wii, y/n?

Or, should I sell/trade in my Gamecube for a PS2?
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If you currently do not eat meat, but you once did, what is the last meat item you ate? How long ago?

I had a meatball sandwich between 8.5 and 9 years ago. I had never had one before but wanted to try one before I made the transition. It wasn't very good.

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how many people would someone have to sleep with for you to consider them a slut or promiscuous ?
Do you judge people on the amount of people they've slept with?
Do you judge people on the way they dress?


I have a question about sexuality for those who are knowledgeable about that kind of thing.

Suppose that someone is sexually attracted to and has sex with men, women, trans women and genderqueer bio. males, but is NOT sexually attracted to and does not have sex with trans men or genderqueer bio. females. How would you define that person's sexuality? Bisexual doesn't quite cover it, but presumably pansexual is out, too, since that implies possible sexual attraction to all genders and sexes and the above person excludes a couple. Is there some term between bisexual and pansexual that would apply? And yes, I realise that labelling someone's sexuality isn't necessary, but if you had to label the above person's sexuality, what label would you apply?

As always, both snarky and serious answers are welcome.
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1. Is there any way or any place to get temporary tattoos custom designed? As in, I send in a design and get it printed on one of those temporary tattoo paper thingies?

2. Is "ones" an official word, or is it SLANG? ex: "I like the red ones better than the blues ones"

3. Is there a website where you can type in the name of a song and just listen to it? Not with video, not to download, just listen to the music?

4. Do you ever take your lunch to work? If so, what do you take?

5. (awkwardly worded question:) If you like a guy and he gets you interested in something that you never liked before, and you sort of bond over your newfound interest.... would it make you feel bad to bond with a new guy over that same interest?

6. Do you have a flip phone or a candy bar phone?

7. Electric toothbrush or manual?

8. Favorite kind of juice?

9. Favorite condiment?

10. Ever had a cartoon crush? On whom?
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Today is my boyfriend's full day off work (he works two jobs so it's rare he has an entire day off of work). It's already 4:30pm and I haven't heard from him - he told me he was going to go fishing with his father, and yesterday asked if I wanted to go, I told him "sure, if you want".

I called him about an hour ago but it seems his phone is dead... I don't know where he's at or if he actually went fishing with his dad. A friend just called me and left a voicemail asking if I wanted to hang out today.

Should I go hang with my friend if I can (dunno if I can get there, I have no transportation and it doesn't sound like she does either)? If I do that may mean I won't be able to hang with my boyfriend and that would make me very sad. :( But at the same time I'm sorta bored sitting here doing nothing.

TQC, what should I do!?


My dad has so much yellow squash he doesn't know what to do with it. I don't eat it, but I've been looking around for a fairly quick and easy recipe. I said I'd cook some to have with dinner. What is your favorite way to prepare squash, or your favorite squash recipe?

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Is there an appearance requirement for working at different stores? Most places, you see average people working there, but in stores like Forever 21 for example, people are not necessarily hot, but they look and dress a certain way like they went through hair and makeup before being allowed to appear, or like they only hire people that dress and look a certain way. In other places you see b-boys working at tennis shoe stores and kids with pink hair at Hot Topic. How do they judge you that way when hiring you?

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When should you get your wisdom teeth *out*? I have one of them coming in (meaning, it broke through my gum and can see it). I don't have health insurance so I've been really tentative about dishing out the money if I don't need to (also, I don't have a dentist since I don't have the insurance). None of my teeth hurt, I'm just worried about the damage of not having them out.

*edited the first sentence, sorry about that*
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i've been holding off on getting an ipod (or anything like it) for a while now...but after carting my little cd walkman with headphones, extra batteries, and a disc (or 2) to listen to while i'm on the bus downtown, i've decided that it'd be much easier to have something like an ipod. i don't really need the really big one that plays tv shows and what not, although, that much room for music would be rad...but...i was looking at the little 4gig nanos. if you own one, have you ever had any problems with it? where did you get yours? do you absolutely love it?

if you own something else, what do you have? why did you make that choice? do you absolutely love it?

if you don't own any of these, would you? and what would you buy if you did get one?

is that enough questions for you? :)
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Whats everybody's favourite scent. I am personally looking for incense sticks that dont smell like they belong in a church. I also hate lavender. But just in general.Perfume and deodrant what kinda fragrances do you people enjoy.
Or even flowers. 

On another note I would just like to share these lyrics with you 


Anyone ever feel that way about past lovers/bf/partners?

Anyway thats it. Reply!

P.S. It's a Cure song my favourite band.


(no subject)

1.What's your BMI?

2.Do you enjoy silent films?
My friend finally gave me back my Charlie Chapiln DVD (that she wouldn't watch)!  I love it.

3.Kayaking: ftw or ftl?

4.Ever choose to take a class because the teacher was a total hottie?
AP Art History <3 That Mr.Bowles is a gorgeous man...

5.Worst thing that's happened this week?
Fish died, D in math, lost my purse on the train (inside: iPod, camera, and wallet with $200), best friend of 10 years has another tumor--in her skull.

6.Best thing?
4's on my AP tests!
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In an hour and a half I'm going to meet my boyfriends father for the first time. Hes a hardcore Portuguese fisherman and im kinda nervous to make a good impression. I know to just be myself but is there anything I can say that will impress him?

Something in portuguese?
Some kind of story? ANYTHING?!~

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How do you fast forward with zshare? It seems like that option might or might not appear out of nowhere like 15 minutes into watching something. Also, it keeps interrupting what I watch to direct me to an advertisement, which I have to skip past, then it re-starts the show and I have to wait for it to go back to where I was.
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So what happened to that reeeeeeeally long post by othrsideofworld? who deleted it? did it turn out to be an accidental post or just an idiot?

also, what's this i hear about a post about racism being deleted? screen caps anyone?

whatcha all up to today/night?

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Whenever I try to mess around with layers on Paint Shop Pro 7 and open up the layer palette, it won't show they layer names like "Background, Layer 1, Layer 2" etc. It just shows the opacity bars and whatnot. Also, sometimes I can't create a new raster layer.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

(no subject)

You all know what page protectors do, right?  You put in a sheet of paper, and it's protected from the elements, but you can also remove the paper from time to time.

Is there any such thing as a magazine protector?  I have a magazine with autographs on the front, and I want to preserve it.  Anything with adhesives IS NOT an option.  Tearing the cover off is also not an option.  It's not a thick magazine like Cosmo - my magazine only has about 100 pages, if that.  I want something that I can put my magazine into to keep it protected, but I also want to take it out so I can look through it from time to time.

I'd rather not get anything along the lines of a picture frame, but if I did, about how big of one might I need to get?


(no subject)

If you buy a gift for someones wedding, would you expect they return it if they divorce within a certain time fame? 
How many days/weeks/months would be your time frame?
What if within said time frame the spouse dies, would you still expect it returned?

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Moving to Austin, Tx.

should I specifically look for yaygay! apartment complexes or should I assume that all apartment complexes are fag friendly?

I ask because my current complex has extremely homophobic and rude staff, but I live in a suburb of Dallas.

(no subject)

1. What's your favorite candle fragrance?

2. Have you ever worked with any of your relatives or SOs at your job? Would you say that made the job more pleasurable or did it strain your relationship?

3. When's the last time you cleaned?

4. Has anyone seen Licensed to Wed, or the new Die Hard movie? What was your opinion on them?

5. My skin is fairly clear, should I risk wearing concealer and foundation, or just stick with concealer?

Lame-zor Grammar Question

Is it "Most Importantly" or "Most Important"? The sentence is: Most important, however, it would provide me with the skills I need to succeed.

Thanks, guys. You're awesome at this.

BONUS: Weirdest place you ever had a mosquito bite?

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Whats one thing you would of liked to do before graduating school?

I really feel the urge to get into the schools speaker system and broadcast NIN 'I want to fuck you like an animal'.

What's one thing that happens in movies you think would be awesome to happen in real life?

Real life needs more bollywood dance sequences.

What is a song I should download?

Which is the best not-over-the-head noise-cancelling ear phone thats /less/ then $100?


Ive just found out Thursday that I can skateboard, so I want to buy a skateboard. Im buying all CCS brand, except I dont have a clue what sizes to get on the deck, truck or wheels. Im a beginner but of course I want a board that I could eventually do cool things with if I actually got good enough. Could anyone here maybe give me some advice on sizes?
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So my dad and I went in on some real estate thing last year, and it flopped. Its a long story, but I ended up with a huge electric bill (about $2000) due to a communication error. My dad said, in so many words, that he "took care of it".
Now, my father is a very rich man. He is very good with money, but not so good at communicating. Actually, a few months ago, we stopped speaking. I have no desire to have a relationship with him, or he with me.
I just got a bill from a collection agency for the amount. I just moved to a new city and I can't find a job. I don't know where next month's rent is coming from, let alone where $2000 is coming from. I really don't want this to affect my credit.
I'm super pissed and freaked out right now. I can't go to him about it, and I don't really want my mom to know about this (plus, she probably can't help me).
What are my options? Can I make a payment plan? Will that hurt my credit? Can I call the electric company and work out a payment plan through them instead? I don't have a credit card (I just haven't ever gotten one) and I have basically no credit history, so I can't get one with a high enough limit to pay it off.
I've never dealt with this before. Is it really as bad as I think it is?
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Did anybody else watch Rock of Love?
(VH1's Flavor of Love spin off with Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison, trying to find the love of his life)

It's almost over and I'm pretty sure I just wasted an hour of my life.


seeewper *puke*

Does anyone else HATE the word "super"? Am I the only one that cringes everytime I hear it? Do you say super? Why does it seem like everyone is saying super these days, when once upon a time, it seemed to be only a certain flambouyant male friend of mine who said it?

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Everybody knows that skunk smell, right?

I think my neighbour's little dog just got sprayed. I went over to see if he was okay, and the smell was so horrible I thought I was going to be sick. It was almost chemical and very, very acrid. Would the smell of freshly sprayed skunk musk be that much more sickening up close - not just a bit stronger, but like punch-you-in-the-face-want-to-barf foul?


Are you Christian or Catholic and look down on Atheists or Agnostics? If so why?
Are you Agnostic or Atheist and look down on people who believe in God? Why?
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me and reagan 24th

because I'm obsessed with this movie/book right now

Have you ever seen The Peaceful Warrior?

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What did you think, if so? Have you read the book? If so, was it before or after the movie? Any other thoughts?

I loved it, and I am totally obsessing about it. We bought the DVD last night and the book came with it, so I watched the movie and now I am reading the book. I really feel my whole perception of life shifting, in a good way. I love movies like this, though.
(watchitwatchitwatchitwatchit and/or read it if you enjoy reading)
girl reading by ourescape

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What imaginary world from a book/videogame/TV show/movie would you most like to live in?

I'd live in Morrowind from the Elder Scrolls game. Specifically, I'd like in the city of Balmora.

what is this movie.

I dont know if all trailers for a certain movie are the same everywhere. but.. anyways,
It was in TRANSFORMERS in the previews before the movie.

the trailer started out with all these people at some guys birthday party all haveing a good time.. then a sort of earth quake happens and everyone rushes outside. Next thing you see, is explosions and cars being thrown, and someone is like "It sounds like a Lion!!!" because there is roaring in the back ground.

1) does anyone know the name of this movie they are advertising? For some reason I cant remember it for my life, and its driving me crazy.
minnie and zeus

saying "I love you"

Who wants to share the story of when you or your (previous or current!) partner first said "I love you"? 

Did one say it and the other say it back?  Did one say it and the other not return the feeling and eventually said it later (or never at all)?  How far into the relationship was it?  Was it during a special event or just blurted out during sex?  :P  details! 
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mathematics or natural sciences(techincally math is a science, but I'm thinking more along the lines of chemistry, physics, etc). Which is cooler?

My vote is with math all the way.

How would you describe yourself politically? Don't tell me "republican, democrat" or that. I'd rather use words like "conservative, populist, liberal". They're more precise.
I'm personally a libertarian.

Have you ever played Risk? Do you like it? What's your favorite continent to conquer? I always go after South America.
so i&#39;m back to the velvet underground

Kelly Clarkson questionnaire (sp?)

1. Do you like Kelly Clarkson?

2. Did you like her Thankful album? Favorite songs, if any?

3. Did you like her Breakaway album? Favorite songs, if any?

4. Do you like her My December album? Favorite songs, if any?

5. Did the recent drama with her label, manager, etc. make you love her more, hate her more, or did it even have any effect on your opinion?

6. If you're a fan, do you admit to people in real life that you love Kelly?

7. Do you admire her for standing up for her latest CD, or do you think she should have just "shut up and sing" and done what she was told?

8. Do you think her career is over because of all this drama?

9. Will you stop liking Kelly if this CD doesn't even sell half as much as her last one, or will it not effect your opinion?

10. Do you think she's fat?

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*if you drive* is your car an automatic or a 5-speed?
what's the last thing you got out of the fridge?
what time do you have to wake up tomorrow?
*if you have one* what does your mousepad look like? (a picture is appreciated but a description will work)