July 14th, 2007

I need as much advice as possible. How do you babysit a toddler who expresses hatred towards you?

This entire summer, I'm suppose to babysit a 4 y/o boy and a 2 y/o girl. My little 9 y/o sister comes with me and the 2 y/o only likes her. The 2 y/o always tells me to go away and that she hates me. She wouldn't let me tie her shoe, wipe her pee, or change her diaper. She'd scream, "I WANT MOMMY TO DO IT." THe mom always has to yell at her for being mean to me and I feel bad/guilty because it takes up a lot of the babysitting time (which she has to pay me). Also, the mom has to do some of the stuff I'm suppose to do for her because the 2 y/o won't allow me to do it by throwing a fit. The mom is always at home doing work while I babysit.

Please give me any advice you have; I'm so desperate. I usually don't respond when she expresses hatred. I'm still nice to her, but if she's yelling too much, I try to get her mom or my sister to do some stuff for her. I feel like I should teach her or something, but don't know how. Am I suppose to or am I suppose to leave that up to the parents?

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What's something really creative and sweet that I can do for my boyfriend?

He's had lots of family problems lately, and he goes out of town Sunday for a week on a church trip(He's very, very Christian, if that helps for ideas).  He likes video games, mainly fighter PS2 games, such as God of War, etc. although he did like Midnight Club 3.  He likes working out, free food from fast food places, and hates new clothes from name brand stores like Hollister.  I'd say I have a 60-80 dollar budget in getting him something, be a game, card, breast implants, etc...

What I would prefer even more is something that doesn't necessarily cost a lot of money, but is creative and sweet.  He's more into thoughtfulness than just chocolates, cards, and PS2 games.

I'm sorry if it was tl;dr!

Opposite of depression?

A couple of years ago, I read a magazine article with a mention of a mental illness that I can't remember the name of. I don't remember the exact characteristics, except that the author thinks that the illness is like the opposite of depression: instead of suffering from low points in his mood, the person finds himself unable to summon excitement or enthusiasm for anything, and finds life mundane.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I think the illness starts with an 'A', but I can't be sure. My Google-fu fails me.

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what do you do when your friends are being dumb and emotional and unreasonable?

eta: he's not mad at me, he's mad at other people and is complaining to me about it, but i don't think anyone is dealing with it maturely, so it's pissing me off that he's being so unreasonabe and blah. and he's having low self esteem and stuff, and it's just like UGH and wtf do i tell him? he won't listen to like anyone. : (

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What qualifications (degrees, # of years past experience, etc) does one need/should one have if one wants to become a librarian?

I know it varies from library to library and things like that, I'm just looking for a general idea.

(no subject)

1] What is the best dream you ever had?

2] Have you ever fallen in love with someone who kept on reoccurring in your dreams?

3] Recommend some books that are amazing and epic, in your opinion. Short summary please, if you are recommending.

(no subject)

I know there are a million and one active communities for Harry Potter fans. My question is, are there any active communities for people who despise Harry Potter?

EDIT: Have you ever had a really bad high on pot? What was it like? I had one the other day. My body felt like shit, I vomitted twice, and I was having horrible, horrible flashbacks.

Way to go

If you could choose the way you would die, how would it go about?

For me it's either peacefully around age 74 or taken out by a chicken truck.
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Sorry if this is posting too much. I'll delete it if it is.

So, who is, in your opinion, the coolest informercial person ever? Personally, my vote goes with Matthew Lesko. You know, the crazy guy who wears the question mark suit and talks about free government money?

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1. What is the last thing you belly-laughed at?
2. Do you know anyone who was born on leap day? How old do they say they are and do celebrate a birthday every year? If so, on which day?
3. Does it bother you when a question is posted, and a billion people comment the same answer, when obviously the first comment would have sufficed to the poster?
4. Have you noticed the trend that once a term, answer or word has been mentioned in the comments, many of the comments following it will mention the same thing accordingly, as though the reader looked over the comments and subconsciously decided to include the word by memory (or tried to sound like they knew the answer before the previous commenter wrote it)? Anyone know what I mean?

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Why do people think that disliking mainstream music makes them superior? There's just as much, if not more, crappy indie/underground music out there.

Say your favorite, relatively unknown band is signed to a record label and gains a huge following, would you still be a fan or would you dismiss the band for "selling out"?
O Shit

She kicked my dog.

1. Is there a certain amount of time a post has before it becomes awkward to comment on it? Does who the poster is make a difference (lj friend vs. random person in some community, for instance)? If you get a comment on a post you made, say, a month ago, how do you feel about it?

2. I want to move from California to Michigan. Has anyone ever moved a similar distance? How much did the move cost? Did you use a mover? Do you have any good moving tips?

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thx kevin

Can anyone diagnose me?

I have a virus or something and I'm really curious of what it is before I go to the doctor. I just have a really dry cough, it started a few days ago only during the night, but now it's pretty frequent, and now I have a constant mild nausea. I've had some pretty bad headaches between these days, but that could be too much sleep.

Anyone have an idea of what it could be?

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I am covered in bug bites (presumably chigger), and nothing I do has helped stop the itch. I've tried Cortizone, baking soda paste, all that stuff. I have them all over my sides, back, and stomach, as well as a fair few on my legs. In the future, I'll be using a full can of bug spray because when I get bites, they're all over and numerous, but until then, what can I do to stop the itch/make these go away faster? I'm miserable. Thanks in advance.

Pretty much working. Gotta take the pills, too.

the ultimate question

Mac or PC?

Wait a minute though, before you launch into the silly commercials and media software and such, there is a wee bit of background to go along with this serious question (though I expect there to be a significant quantity of non-serious answers mixed in). I start college this fall and I need a computer. I want a laptop, for the obvious reasons, but I'm stuck on whether to get a Mac or PC. My mom has had both and although I'm thoroughly used to using a PC (grew up with 'em) I've grown a certain fondness for her apple notebook. My school allows either, but I worry that an apple will be less compatible with the school printers, network, etc. and that it could cause me problems. I know Macs contract less viruses, which is a big selling point, so I'm pretty lost as to what I should get. If I did get a Mac I'd get all the compatible Microsoft software on it, and in the end, getting either type of computer would cost me the same money (I checked). So TQCers, what should I get?

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i'm trying to open this .rar video file with WinRAR, obviously, but it keeps coming out as a Power Point application, then says it can't be opened because it isn't a Power Point application. i tried changing it to .avi but nothing.

what the hell am i doing wrong?


there is a dollar randomly missing from my checking account that i didn't spend, nor is it listed as a fee.

my available balance is one dollar different than my "balance" balance.

has this ever happened to you?

where did my dollar go?!
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What is the best kiss you've received recently? (Recently meaning within the past, say, six months.)

I work at a day care, and the son of one of my co-workers adores me. He'll take me by the face - or grab a couple of handfuls of hair - and haul me in for a big, wet kiss on the chin.
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great... just great

Sooo i definetly burnt my face just now- think just to the left of the corner of my mouth- with hot molten cheese that sprayed out of a cheese filled smokey
so my question is
1) is ther anything i can do to prevent a giant burn wound to appear on the side of my face and..
2) make it stop stinging like ever loving hell?
3) am i doomed to have some horrendous red mark on my face?
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(no subject)

1. how old is your SO? (or your best friend if you aren't in a relationship)
2. i'm still in my pj's, what are you wearing?
3. have you brushed your teeth yet?
4. do you know someone whose name starts with a Y?

(no subject)

My SO hurt his back yesterday and it's really killing him. He can't miss work without possibly being terminated. He's at work right now but he's coming home for lunch. The only pain medicine I have here is aspirin and some Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen pills that expired 2 years ago.

Should he go with the aspirin or try the H&A? Would they still work after their expiration date or could they become dangerous after expiration?

(no subject)

I am using one of my last free passes to get into Disney today, I still have some from when I worked for Disney if you can believe it. I have to use them up by the end of this month because they all expire on my birthday (7.31). I am going to EPCOT today around 5 ish and have some drinks around the world.
If you were me what countries and rides would you be sure to hit?
What is your favorite ride at any of the Disney Parks anywhere?
If I win the lotto want to go to Tokyo Disney with me?
Do you think I will go to hell for all the times I have drank my way around the world at EPCOT and been drunk on Disney property?
I am going to bring my suit so after we can go to the Animal kingdom lodge and use their pool, it is open 24hrs, do you think I am bad for sneaking and pool hopping? It will be at like 11pm and most families will be gone by then anyhow.

(no subject)

Hey folks,

We're planning a trip to London, Dublin and Edinburgh -- about 4 days in each city. Got any must-sees for any of those cities? Both touristy and non-touristy answers appreciated.
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Help me find horse-fuckers

A while ago (months), right here in TQC, someone left replies to a post. I don't remember what the actual post was about, but these replies were all YouTube videos. The videos were sections of what seemed to be a British documentary about people who have sex with animals. The first clip was a married couple talking about how they take turns fucking their pet horse.
I thought i had bookmarked the videos but i didn't! Did you post these videos? Do you know where i can find them?

EDIT- oh mercy, i found it. It's called "Animal Passions" and here's a snippet.
You're welcome ;)

(no subject)

So, we all know TQC is notorious for pic posts and most everyone lots of people participate, but there are some people who never do.

That said, is there someone in TQC whose picture you have not seen that you wish would post a picture? Who?

(no subject)

So I'm going to be cleaning out my wardrobe before my big move so I need opinions.

Do you think I should restock a bit by buying some new clothes off of eBay or keep the money I'd use to help towards moving out?

No, these are not questions I can figure out for myself.
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(no subject)

Our second bedroom is tiny. Like, really small. Since we don't need it for an office, or another bedroom we're trying to think of something to use it for. Do you have any ideas?

The only idea that I could come up with is to turn it into a reading room. That way, when one of us wants to watch TV and the other wants to read, they have somewhere to go. If I were to do that, what type of chair do you think would be the most comfortable? I was thinking either a recliner or a papasan chair.

Expanding on an earlier post...

What types of tattoos do you really like? Not "Something that really means something to the person", but on a purely unbiased look, you just like.

I really like text tattoos. In English, I should specify. But words, quotes, etc. I really enjoy the look and idea behind those. I was looking at a community on LJ that has those, and it solidified my love of them.

(no subject)

A question from my husband about the XBOX 360...

How can you appear offline when first signing on without ever having to be shown as online for even a second..?

He knows about the option to appear offline when you sign on, but hates having to be seen for a small amt of time before "going offline."

If he were to choose that option, sign out, and sign back in the next day, it will appear he's online again..  Can't you be 'offline' somehow without having to constantly choose the option?

Acceptable discrimination

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of responses to this recent TQC post: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/23791667.html

Fat hatred is still socially accepted: Y/N?

I am morbidly obese.  I am actively trying to fix that.  Yet, when I am out on my bike, why do people yell rude comments and throw stuff at me? Yes, this does actually happen! 
recent example in my personal journal: http://dragonjaze.livejournal.com/64262.html

Why is it ok for people to yell comments at me about my weight, and no one castigates them, but if someone says a rude comment based on skin color, people are all over that?

Yeah, I really WANT to be this fat, people.  Get a brain.

EDIT TO ADD: Ok, so I am getting a lot of comments saying how awful people who jeer at me are, but honestly, how many of you would say something if that had been your friend or family member who was yelling rude things at me?  Or if it was a stranger? Would you say something to them?
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(no subject)

What did you do while LJ was down?

What do you think happened to LJ?

(I don't care about the answers to these, but I figure someone has to ask them and get it over with.)
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(no subject)

I bought the ice cream maker. :( Now I have to use it. What flavor should I make first?

What animals did you catch or try to catch when you were young? Did you keep any of them for an extended period of time?

Name change!

Hey tqc! I'm filling out my application to become a US citizen (I want to vote in the next general election!) and if I want to change my name I can do it for free!

My first and middle names are Barbara Caroline. I'm 23. What should I change my name to? Serious and hilarious answers are completely welcomed!

helpy helpy

Can anyone recommend a really nice program (Windows) for organizing and viewing fonts? I don't feel like trying out 15 programs to find the best one.

Also, does anyone have Photoshop CS3, and is it worth the upgrade from CS2?
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(no subject)

1. What is the biggest chance you've taken in your life, and did it work out for you?

I transferred from a small, "highly-ranked" liberal arts college to move across the country and go to Arizona State. I ended up only staying in Arizona for a semester, but it made me realize how much I hated it at the first school, so when I moved back to New York I went to a big state school and life was a thousand times better.

Now I'm about to quit my job and go back to grad school full time. I'm pretty nervous about not having a paycheck anymore and living on student loans. Hopefully that works out ok...

Oops, that was already asked a few pages ago. Alternatively-

1. I'm going on a 21-day road trip in two weeks. Here is the map: click here. Do you think we are insane for attempting all this, or is 3 weeks reasonable? (Some of the cities like Hartford and Athens are just a quick stop to check out a law school) Any suggestions for fun things to do on the road?

2. Do you buy this story? Do you think the parent is more to blame than the dog? (From our local news)

I think there is something very fishy about it. Who leaves a 2-year-old alone (and naked) with a dog?!  If the dog really did that (and I'm not entirely convinced), then it is still the parent's fault for being so irresponsible.
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Hi you guys!

so I need to tone up my midsection in 4 weeks. I do cardio whenever I get the time and then pilates every time I don't do cardio. I also do ab work - 300-400 crunches and medicine ball crunches.

But what have YOU found that works the best for you? I'm not obese, But I do want to fit into a few pairs of jeans that I haven't been able to in a long time.



I was watching a VH1 gameshow and there was a team with the name "Fragile" pronounced "Fra-ge-lee". Where the hell is that from? I know in a movie, someone pronounces "fragile" like "fra-gee-lee" when they see it written on a box or something. What movie? Am I way off? I can't figure this out and it's bugging me!
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(no subject)

I recently found out that a former close friend of mine is now a stripper and a go-go dancer.

Have you found out anything recently about a friend that really surprised you?  What was it?

music Q's

Does anyone know what the movie is that features in Metallica's music video, One..?

What is your favourite metallica song, or if you dont like metallica, why?

Five For Friday

1: When was the last time you cried?

2: Have you ever faked sick?

3: What was the last lie you said?

4: Have you ever cried during a movie?

5: Who was the last person you couldn't take your eyes off of?

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Starbucks cup

am I on a roll or what?

What is the most random name you've been mistakenly called?

My 8th grade teacher was a bit loopy because she taught there for so long, my then 30something year old neighbor was a student of hers! She'd call me Michelle or Noelle a lot. I don't know how that sounds like Nicole...
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(no subject)

will you please show me a picture of something that you have an abundance of in your house? (ie. a drawer full of make-up, a bathroom cabinet full of medicine, a sink with a ton of hair products on it, etc)

i have an abundance of shoes, more shoes [and i still have 5 more pairs underneath my bed] and jeans.

(no subject)

What's the cutest thing you've seen today?

My nephews (3 & 5) trying to teach my dogs "Right, Left, Safety First!" so they wouldn't get hit by a car when we crossed the road. And also the oldest telling me he had an idea that was better than a hot sausage.
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fillings and dogs, oh my!

1. Yesterday I got my first two fillings ever, both on the left side of my mouth. One is on top and small, and the other is on the bottom and twice as big as the other one. I know I shouldn't be, but I'm so paranoid that I will accidentally pull the bottom one out or something. Anyone else ever feel that way about fillings? How can I get over that odd fear?

2. What's the weirdest thing that your pet does? My dog likes curling up on the body pillow on our couch and licking it. Sometimes she even curls up in dirty laundry and licks it. She also likes snatching socks from the hamper and hiding under our living room couch with them.
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(no subject)

1.) If there's one thing you HAD to say you are on a high-horse about, what would it be? What have you been accused of being on a high-horse for?

2.) What are you judgmental about, even if you try not to judge?
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What's the name of the type of necktie that is much shorter than a standard tie? It's short, fat and (as far as I've seen) is worn with a large knot that looks like a windsor knot.

Never mind - Perhaps this tie doesn't even exist, and it's just a very poorly tied regular tie that I'm thinking of.
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(no subject)

Is Rosetta Stone software worth the price? If not, what's a good alternative?

I'm taking an elementary swedish coures in the fall, and I want to start getting a feel for the language...so please, only things available in swedish. Don't recommend me shit that only does spanish and french. kthnx.

Inspired by that Guys and Dolls Real Sex doll video

1. You're dating someone new, and you find out 6 months in the relationship that they have a Real Sex doll, and they've kept it hidden from you. He or she says that it's just used for masturbation only. You want to meet this doll. It looks a little like you, except more voluptuous or muscular (if you're a guy). Your SO has several outfits they routinely dress them up in. They're all racy outfits. Do you keep on dating this person? Do you demand that they choose between you and the doll? Or do you let him or her keep the doll?

2. Same scenario as above, except the doll is of the opposite gender that you are. What do you do?
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Hullo QCers...I know there's this long standing tradition in the theatre where if you say the name of That Scottish Play you must do weird stuff, like go outside and turn around three times, or do a crazy dance, or eat cheese on pumpernickel...whatever weird form of anti-jinx you prefer.

Here's the question: Where the heck did this come from originally and why? I'm too lazy to google it when there are so many brains here at my command. serious and not-so-serious answers are entirely welcome.
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look guys i'm back!

1. i went shopping today! did you? what did you get?
i went to the outlet and got a bra ($5! score!) and 2 camis

2. is there a drink thats helllla good but makes your tummy hurt afterwards? what is it? do you still drink it?

3. whats a really comfortable (as in you can stand in them all day and walk miles and miles in them) all black, non canvas, non high heel shoe that i should get? ps, links plz if you can!

edit: i didn't see the shoe question thats right under this ): i failed.

(no subject)

What are you avoiding right now?

When was the last time you pleasured yourself? (and no one else, just you.)

What was the last thing you copied and pasted? (Control + V)

(I know I've asked this before, but it's fun to see different things every time)

Is there a community for icons that's good?

My Face Wash Brings All TQCers to The Yard...

1) Have you or has someone you know used Proactive? Does it actually work? I don't have serious acne problems or anything but I get pimples like any other teenager and I'd like to, you know, not. I've tried a million other face washes with acne preventing stuff and then really gentle cleansers without any active ingredients and nothing has really made a difference.

2) Any general skin care tips you'd be so kind to offer me?
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(no subject)

Two totally random questions:

1. Brought on by my dinner: What's your favorite pasta dish?

2. Asked many times before, I'm sure, but hey: What pets do you have and what are their names? I have three dogs (Tino, Samantha and Peaches), 2 cats (Reesh and Ozzy), a rabbit (Spike) and a betta (Rosenrot).

New Music For Me?

Hello. I am a painter and at work I listen to music but as of late i have been getting tired of what I have been listening to lately. So could someone take the time to make me a playlist of 30-35 songs that really kick ass? Any rock, hard rock, metal, hip-hop, or rap. If someone decides to be extremely nice, please make it fairly well known music. Thank you all.
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(no subject)

This coming August I will be entering into my senior year of high school. I am pretty excited, to say the least. I am starting to realize that this is the last summer I'll be spending at home, under these type of circumstances. It's really making me think about the past 3 years.

Answer any or all of the following questions. I apologize in advance if they've been asked before;

1.) What is your best or worst memory of high school?
2.) Would you want to do it all over again if you had the chance? What would you do differently, if anything?
3.) What was your school mascot?
4.) Did your school ever catch fire, receive a bomb threat, have a student pass away, Etc.?
5.) Discuss your senior trip, or any trip. Heck, Just tell me a story about something crazy that happened.
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(no subject)

1.whats the last thing that happened to you that was embarrassing? if you cant think of anything recent name your most embarrassing moment

2. do I need a paid account to upload pictures to my comments?  I don't know how to do it!


3. what should I mix SKYY vodka with?, I bought a 375ml bottle today  and I plan on drinking it all lol but I usualy just drink vodka with cranberry Juice and I only have like 1 or 2 glasses, I dont think i could drink that much cranberry if I mix the whole bottle.. any suggestions?

(no subject)

Hi TQC... You see this shirt I'm wearing beneath the cut?
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In case it's not entirely obvious, beneath the chest is a blue sash that ties in the back. Tonight I decided to handwash it and upon rinsing I realized that the blue dye from the tie leaked all over the top and would not come out with rinsing and more soap.

My question:

Should I go back to TJMaxx and replace it for the glorious price of 10 pounds I originally purchased it for? Or, is there a way to get the spots off? I do have a Tide Pen...

What is the last article of clothing you ruined?
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(no subject)

A question for:

Those of you who have a SO that is NOT a husband/wife,

those of you who are younger (16-18,19)  ...

Do you allow your boyfriend/girlfriend to drive your car?  Even though they aren't on your insurance and it would be BAD BAD BAD if they wrecked it/killed someone?

(no subject)

Dear TQC,
which pair of shoes should i buy?
should i buy any of these at all, or just wear the one pair i have until they fall off?
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all i wear right now are my two-toned green vans, but i really like those flats.
thanks kids!

EDIT: oh wow i didnt check TQC before i posted, how ironic (note the content of the post below/before mine)!
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(no subject)

I'm getting married in October. We spent most of today trying to figure out what song to use when we walk down the aisle.

We have it narrowed down to the following:

Hell's Kitchen by Dream Theater.
Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 by J.S. Bach.
Icarus's Dream Suite by Yngwie Malmsteen.
Vivaldi - Four Seasons - Autumn (Allegro).
Erotomania by Dream Theater.
Jesu of Men's Desiring by J.S. Bach.

Out of those six, which do you like the most?

Any other suggestions?

I wanted to use a remixed version of The Imperial March from Star Wars but was outvoted. :(

If you want to hear any of these songs, let me know and I'll upload them for you.
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(no subject)

Okay, so, I'm using Windows Media Recorder Pro to rip streaming video (in this case, MSN Video). Problem is, it's only recording the five second bumper at the beginning of the video, not the actual video. I haven't had this problem before. Any way I can get around it?

(no subject)

Do you have any family members who make you want to cry? Like you love them and you know they're great people but they keep getting themselves into shit and can't seem to stop doing it? plz to be mentioning your relationship with this family member.

Address Labels

Hey Guys!

How would I go about taking a spreadsheet, and turning it into address labels? In other words, could I take a .xls file down to kinkos and have them take every row in my spreadsheet and turn it into individual labels? Each row has a name and address.

Any advice is welcome.


(no subject)

I was just watching Bizarre Eats (or something) and was just wondering, what foods does America have that could be considered disgusting or weird to someone from another country?

Probably because I live here, I can't think of anything. We don't commonly eat internal organs or eyeballs or boiled fertilized duck eggs or anything...Though, I guess our unhealthy fast food would be gross to some other people? Plus some people might be bothered that we eat so much beef...

What do you think?

(no subject)

Seeing as Adam Sandler is all over the television right now-
What is your favorite Adam Sandler Movie?

Seeing as Chris Farley is all over the television tonight as well-
What is your favorite Chris Farley Movie?

1. Spanglish
2. Tommy Boy

(no subject)

I know this is a lyric, but I want to know what you guys think it means because my friend thinks it describes his life right now but won't tell me.

"it's a luscious mix of words and tricks
that let us bet when you know we should fold"

What does this mean?
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Got Rat

(no subject)

I was making a movie in Windows Movie Player and stupidly didn't save it at all. The second I JUST finished after doing it for three hours, it seems to have crashed. My modem cable came out and when I plugged it back in again everything else is fine, but Windows Movie Maker seems to be frozen.

Is there ANYTHING I can do so I don't lose my movie? I really don't want to lose it!
Would it have saved automatically at all if I restart? Microsoft Word has done that before...(thankfully).
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