July 13th, 2007

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Are there any any websites that you would recommend for buying clothes?
I just started a new job, and am looking for a place online that's relatively cheap (ie.  no more than 20 bucks for a top or 40 bucks for a skirt or pants)  that are nice-ish looking.  You could probably describe it as business-super-casual.  It's at a day camp, and this is the first job where I have any sort of serious responsibility, and I want to look presentable for the parents...especially since I'm pretty young for the position.  My usual band t-shirt and jeans are probably not going to cut it.

Have you ever been in a job where you were not taken seriously because of your age?  What did you do about it?

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Okay. So.
My car broke down on my graduation day. That was a month and half ago. It has been in the shop ever since. They have been fixing/replacing little thing after little thing, things that might not have even needed replacing, in order to get it to run again. This has built up a bill likely matching what I paid for the car in the first place. But only TODAY do they say "oh, looks like the head gasket is blown."


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So I was in Yankee Candle a while ago and I found these Buttercream candles that smell absolutely amazing. In a very short amount of time, I have become obsessed with the scent. The only thing is that now I want to have a fragrance of it. So does anyone know where I can find any product that smells exactly or very similar to Buttercream candles?

Side note; I already have Slice of Heaven from Victoria's Secret.

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If you could divide your life so far into chapters what would they be?
What has happened in each chapter?
How do you think the chapter you're in now will end?

Feel free to answer this question in a broad sense and don't feel confined to answering the questions as they are written.

Bites, and Cars.

1) I was at the beach at night, with my feet in the sand (bad idea). I woke up with big welts on my feet and ankles, like mosquito bites, but I have never swollen up like this before. So I assume it is sand flea bites/stings. 
A)_Has this ever happened to you?? (I think I may be allergic)
B)_Have you ever had a Bug bite that got swollen and really red, like BLOOD RED? did it leave a scar? 
C)_Should I go to the doctors, iam really worried I might scar, and these look real nasty. would the doctors give me a special cream or something..?

2) I got to me car tonight, totally boxed in my parking spot on the side of the road. The truck infront of mine was about 3 inches away from my front end.. and well my front end was completely scratched with a little dent.. 
Is there any way I can claim it? I didnt see it happen, but it is obvious that it was this truck that did it.
Is there any way I can get this Deuche to pay for the damage?? ** sooo PISSED!!!!!! bah.

Pre-relationship survey

Upon meeting someone new:

1. How long would you "talk" before going on a date?

2. If the 1st step is a date, how many dates do you go one before becoming serious?

3. Would you kiss on a first date? (If not, after how many) why/why not?

4. Would have sex after the 1st date? (If not after how many/ how long being together?) why/why not?

5. How old are you?

6. How many relationships have you had?

7. Male/female?

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Poll #1020601 Trannysilvania

Your significant other tells you that they want a sex change. Deep down, they've always been sexually confused and have played this insecurity close to their vest, and they've played the hetero thing for a while, but they can't lie any longer. They'll go under the knife next month, but they love you and hope that this doesn't fracture your relationship. Will it?

No. I love my SO, and gender isn't something that'll stand in between us. It'll be an adjustment, but I'll try
Hell yeah. I'm not turning gay for my SO
I'll try and stick it out, but in all likelihood, this relationship's days are numbered. I don't think I can stay involved with this person
It actually makes the relationship stronger. Finally, I get to act out my fantasies. Our sex life just got so much hotter
I probably wouldn't even notice. I just hope they won't start wearing my clothes
I love them, but this is too much. I'll have to get a sex change so it's normal again.

You're single in this equation. You're at a party and a little intoxicated. You meet a VERY attractive person of the gender you prefer. You guys get to talking and this person says they want to be alone with you. You guys do so, and start making out. It gets frisky and you're very turned on. A little undressing occurs and you find out that this person is of the opposite gender that you thought they were. What happens now?

EWWW. I back the fuck away and leave
*shrug*. I keep going, but make mental adjustments to better accomdate this new information
Hmmm. I've always been a little bi-curious. Nows' my moment to explore this craving
Freak out and start beating this trannie up.
Honestly, it's been a while since I've been intimate with anyone. I might not even notice that it's different
Kill Bill - Elle
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If you have a cold sore and you go down on someone, do you risk giving them any sort of problem in their vaginal/penile area?

As in: Can the type of herpes that infects the mouth be spread to the sexual organs, causing an STD?

Totally hypothetical:

They say that tongue rings and other piercings of the mouth increase sensation during the oral act, do you think the texture from a cold sore could accomplish the same?
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I drew a picture earlier that I'm very proud of, and gave it to a friend. I'd rather have someone else enjoy it than just have it sitting in my sketchbook for only me to see, but do you think he'll actually appreciate it (and the fact that I sat working on it for somewhere around twelve hours in a row)?

There's a long dirt road running behind the houses in my boyfriend's neighborhood. We were hanging out on this road earlier tonight and I was catching and releasing lightning bugs. I caught one and turned to show my boyfriend, and his friend smacked it out of my hand and killed it. I have a soft spot for lightning bugs (and I'm on my period D:)and got really upset and started to kind of cry and his friend just brushed it off and told me I was ridiculous and childish for going after the bugs in the first place. Which of us (in your opinion) had a worse reaction to it?
Are you drunk?

Assistance on finding jobs in the US

I'm asking this for a friend;

Those of you in the UK or just Europe in General, have you ever worked in the united states?

What sort of Job?

How did you go about getting said job?

Did you use an agency?
If so, which one and do you have a link to the website?

Any and ALL details would be appreciated. Major Plus if you have any leads on hospitality jobs in the US.

I'm asking this because I have a friend from England who used to work with me here in the US. He had to go back because he couldn't find another job in time after he he left the first job. Now he'd like to return to the US but is having a difficult time weeding through the fake agencies/jobs/et... Yes, we're both aware he needs a visa :) And thanks for any knowledge or assistance you may be able to provide.
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Crappy Landlordpalooza

You set up a walkthrough with your landlord to discuss what you need to do to get your security deposit back. It's at 7:15pm Thursday. You go, he points out what's left to be cleaned, and you part ways. That weekend, you take care of everything. You call him Tuesday at 11:30am and ask to do another walkthrough sometime Thursday evening. He replies, "OK, we'll touch base Wednesday."

Do you think that means he's going to call you before Thursday? Or do you think it's right that he calls your ex-roomate Thursday evening around 8 pissed off that we didn't show up at 7:15?

TQC Oregon Trail

For those familiar with the old game "The Oregon Trail":

If you could fill your Oregon Trail group with 4 TQC members, who would it be and why?

I'd take ____ because they claim to know how to cook
I'd take ____ because of her vast knowledge of wild animals
Beast mode!

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1. Any plans for the weekend?

2. Should I buy the phone that I really want that costs $150, or the one that's alright that costs $50? I bought the expensive one.

3. What's the best sort of makeup for covering up a tattoo? I'm thinking a cream foundation, but I don't have one to test and see.

4. Which is your "good side" when it comes to pictures of you? Is there a particular reason why, or does it just seem to look better?

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For those of you who are parents, what piece of advice do you wish you hadn't been given?

What do you wish you HAD been told that you had to learn on your own?

For those of you without children (whether you want them or not) what do you feel parents should be taught before having children?
The Dude Abides

Taking One for the Team ?s

For the womynz: If you were the last fertile woman on earth and governmental forces dictated that YOU HAD to have a baby, who would you choose to let impregnate you? (it doesn't have to be through sex, you can be artificially inseminated or whatever)

Wingmen: Have you ever had a night out for the sole purpose of running interference for a friend? Were you successful?

What's the biggest personal sacrifice you've ever had to make?

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Please select which you feel to be the most fucked up?

Woman kills her baby by putting it in clothes dryer and turning it on.
Children torture puppy by taping its nose, stabbing it with a screw driver and crushing it with a cinder block
Kids torture manta ray, film it and put it on youtube
Teens break into apartment, sodomize woman, and force her 12 year old son to rape her at gunpoint
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1. chicken tonight?
2. weekend plans?
3. someone posted a picture of their new orange car and was wondering about names, the result? for some reason i keep thinking of that car...

-my answers-
1. nope
2. i'm going in Auntie-mode in like 2 hours, off to spoil my nephew.

have a great weekend everyone!
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I just found out someone I went to school with is in the World Series of Poker.

Does that make them cool?

(Considering this person really does nothing (no job/school etc), lives in their parents' basement and just plays poker all the time...)

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Does anyone know where I could get a ring similar to this one? I really like it but I would never spend that much on something I'd only wear a handful of times, plus they don't make it in a size big enough for my giant man fingers.

How tacky is it?
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There is a Swedish company called Läkerol and they make sweets.
One of the flavours is Yuzo Fruits. They are my favourite flavour so far, but what are these yuzo fruits?

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What is the most convenient fruit?
I'm torn between bananas and oranges, because though they both peel so easily, the orange even comes in slices! But it gets your fingers sticky, and bananas do not.

What are other convenient things found in nature?

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What sorts of things are you surprised people are just now finding out about that you feel like everyone should know/you've known "forever"?

(eg, my coworker is sitting at his desk going "This guy has a gmail.com account, what is gmail? Has anyone ever heard of that? GEE MAIL? How weird!")
Bailey and I

Questions Regarding Problems To My Life...

Serious Answers Only Please....

Hormonal Birth Control makes me totally apeshit bananas. Im a mean, irritable, cry baby wreck, and it actually makes me physically sick and dizzy. Condoms give me yeast infections. Currently the BF and I are using the "counting" method.. But that's not really effective.  What other methods of BC would you reccomend (preferrably from personal experience) that are effective?

Everyone in my house (my bf and our two roomates {they're a couple}) Thinks Im a money nazi. They don't pay for ANY of the groceries, ever.. They don't pay all their bills.. And instead of my share of the rent last month (175) I ended up having to pay 300, not counting groceries. I have tried talking to all of them, but nobody listens. They gang up and tell me what a bitch I am.. I can't really get them evicted, as they are my boyfriends' friends, and his mother is the landlord (shitty, I know) and he doesn't want them to leave, and just keeps saying he'll pay the difference. We share funds, so we're both stil lpaying for it. I admit to being somewhat anal and abitch, but I'm broke, and I can't take it. What approach would you reccomend to finding a happy medium?

How do you keep yourself from crying when someone you love is being a jerk to you.. Or telling you all the things you do wrong and making you feel like shit??
Haruhi disappearance
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Do you believe that, regarding home decor, you have to think and plan your ideas to come out with a house that coordinates and looks good?
Or, do you believe that, if you buy what appeals to you without thinking about how it integrates with the rest of the house, you will still come out with a uniquely designed and coordinated home because what appeals to you will create an appealing style all its own?

Does this make sense?


So - why did my soup burn to the bottom of the pan? it can't be the 40 minutes it was on the stove, while I forgot about it - must be some conspiracy theory at work - enlighten me please!
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Labor Pains

I'm watching I Love Lucy and it's the episode where Lucy goes into labor. Ricky's rehearsing the trip to the hospital. In his rehearsal when it's time he's imagining Lucy coming out of the bedroom and saying "The time has come." When it really happens Lucy says "Ricky, this is it." But it's still calm. Which leads to my question.

Those of you who have delivered babies, how did you know it was time? What did it feel like? Was it your water breaking, contractions, etc.?
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1- Are you on birth control?
2- What form? The pill (which one), The patch, NuvaRing and so on?
3- How do you like it?
4- Is there a reason you are on birth control other than controlling birth?
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1. Do you have a pleasant phone voice?

2. If one of your friends or family members asked you if they had a pleasant phone voice and they didn't, would you lie to them?

I was going to apply for a job but one of the requirements is having a pleasant phone voice. I don't think I do.

EDIT: What exactly are "good phone call ethics"?

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What was the last song you had stuck in your head?
Do you have friends who are scared of driving downtown b/c they dont know it well?
Whats your favorite craigslist ad?
Have you ever posted on craigslist? What kinda post? etc?

hate pimentos

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Say you were out having a few beers with your friends.  You have been friends with these people since high school, you are now all in your mid-twenties.  The discussion turns to politics (in the US, mostly).  A mutual friend of all of you has passed away in Iraq a few years ago.  Most of your friends are very conservative Republican (pro-war, pro-life, anti-welfare, anit-immigration, anti-gun control) and you are quite liberal (anti-war, pro-choice, pro-gun control, and very supportive to those people who are actually in need, and immigrants).  The discussion gets pretty heated, and it's obvious that neither side is convincing each other of their opposing views, and instead everyone's just getting upset.  You storm out after accusing everyone of not listening to you and spouting off their bill oreily-inspired rhetoric at you instead of actually looking at the facts and what a mess the state of the world is in and forming their own opinions.

It's the next day now.  You're still not sorry for everything you said, and in fact you're a little pissed that you didn't say more to stand up for your opinions.  What do you do?  Do you call your friends to say you're sorry that you had a fight, but you really feel very strongly about your opinions and you think they're full of shit and you're pissed that they acted in a very disrespectful way to you?  Do you just avoid them for a while and hope it all blows over?  Or do you do something else i haven't thought of?

ETA:  this situation becomes more complicated because said conservative friends are male, i am female.  i was told i don't understand what i'm talking about because i'm a chick, and they pretty much ignored me and the other girl who was there who has the same sympathies i do after that.  i honestly don't even think they heard the "bill o'reily rhetoric" comment.  i said that more to the girl that was there than them, because at that point anything i tried to say was just bulldozed because i just "don't understand" because "women don't have the balls to understand when to be tough".

these friends and i have had political discussions before, and though some of us have different opinions, it's never wound up like this.  thanks, though, to everyone who puts their two cents in.  i appreciate it.
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I have a personalized desktop picture on my computer here at work. I want to delete it from the computer... today is my last day (Yay!). I know how to change desktop pictures, but how do I delete one?



1. Did you parents teach you how to handle your money? If so, what did they teach you and when did they begin?

2. Did you learn anything about personal finance in high school? Do you you think it should be taught there?

3. What financial goals do you have for yourself? IE. Retirement funds, a house, college savings, debt management...

4. How are you reaching those goals?

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What two band/artists do you have the most music by in your music collection? How many songs?

Do you love little girls?

Do you think Danny Elfman is a ephebophile?
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Have you ever worked as a telemarketer, or known anyone who has?
How was it? Did you "burn out" easily?
I know that telemarketers are some of the most hated human beings on earth, but I'm being offered a job as one. It pays pretty well, there are great incentives (to prevent employees from leaving, as it is considered a "high stress" job), and I have been unemployed for almost two months. And rent is due soon.

Also, I just moved to the city I'm in on June 1st. I cannot find a job (aside from this telemarketing position). I have a lot of experience, and I don't have any black marks on my resume. Its a big college town, so perhaps that has a lot of effect on the job market, but this is getting ridiculous. The temp agencies don't even have work for me! The factories are full!
Aside from taking the telemarketing job, what do you suggest I do?
Oh, and I don't do well with plasma donation. And I'm somewhat above prostitution.
Give a dog a home

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Which is correct: posting anonymous OR posting anonymously?

Do you like going to baseball games?

Americans (or anyone else): do you think that Scooter Libby should have been pardoned?

Do you think that the soldiers in Iraq should be pulled out? If so, when?

(no subject)

Did anyone watch or go to a live earth concert?
Do you think that it did anything to raise environmental awareness?
Or change anyone's behavior?
Worth environmental impact of simultaineous concerts?
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do you listen to country music?
do you listen to rap?
is there a street near you that starts with a W? what is it?
is there a store near you that starts with an A? what is it?
do you know someone whose name is Vanessa?
do you know anyone whose last name starts with a G?
fuck that

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what's with people that say "that's funny." in response to something that is, at least seemingly, funny.

is the laugh passe? are they just lying?

is there a point between not funny and truly hilarious that can only be described via acknowledgement, but not actual laughter?

alternately, same question, but the opposite phrase that drives me up a wall. "Oh sad!" Yes, i know it's sad, i just told you my dog got ran over. i didn't impart this tale to you to with the intention of hearing you laugh. ...or having you tell me it's funny.


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1. do you think that it's worth it to try and influence the answers you get when posting to thequestionclub like with "srs answers only" or "if you don't care, don't answer" or whatever? if you think it is worth it, how effective do you think it is?

2. when's the last time you painted a room? what color did you paint it?

3. are you a list maker? do you take a shopping list with you when you go shopping (grocery or otherwise)?

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Have you ever had bubble/boba tea??

Where? The name of the place?

I really, really want some, but I'm in NJ, and my google-fu stinks.

What are your plans for this weekend?
What did you eat for lunch?
What do you read/do when you are eating lunch?

The Replacements

1. I think I read that they wanted Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones and Han Solo before Harrison Ford got the job. I never thought of those 2 actors as being that similar, but I could be wrong. Think of every Harrison Ford movie you've ever seen. Would the movie have been better or worse if Magnum P.I. was cast instead?

2. Back to the Future had originally started filming with Eric Stoltz as the lead, until they replaced him with Michael J. Fox later. How would the movie have been like without Fox?

3. Will Smith was the first choice the Wachowski bros. had for the Matrix, not Keanu. How would this movie have been with the Fresh Prince instead?

4. Christopher Lee had wanted badly to be in Lord of the Rings, but his first choice was to play Gandalf. How do you picture Gandalf if he got the part?
adults make it stop

ING accounts

I'm looking into getting an online savings account, such as this one here.

Do you have any experience with these? Right now I have a savings account at BankPlus, but it's only maybe 1% interest (if that), and I get charged $5 if it goes below $300...which it is right now. Lame.

If you have one, is the money easy enough to access if needed? Is the interest really that good? Any other thoughts on it?

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I feel Photo-graphy today(as in, in the mood to take pics!)! I am going to take a bunch of pics this weekend!
Want to send me on a Scavenger Hunt?
Where should I go?
What should i take pics of?

I'll post the pics in a post on my journal on sunday! ;D!

white dress

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So I've posted a couple times about my Mac's mousepad sticking (and I don't have an external mouse).

I took my comp to the Apple store yesterday to have it looked at at the Genius Bar. I couldn't get the mouse to stick even though it usually does it after 5-10 minutes. The guy that helped me ran a software and hardware diagnostic and he said everything was running just fine.

As soon as I got it home, the mouse sticks again.

If the diagnostic has said that my hardware and software is fine, could it be something else? Like something in my house that's making my computer act wonky? I'm going to buy an external mouse to see if that helps (b/c a friend suggested it could still be the trackpad), but would it be possible that it's my internet? Could there be an object nearby messing it up? Could it be a ghost trying to contact me via my computer?

question for eBay sellers: seller hasn't collected their money?

the jist: i won an eBay item, got it in the mail but my money is still in the bank. what?

i won and paid for a shirt on ebay 3 weeks ago this Sunday. it came in the mail two weeks ago today. i put $25 into my checking account to pay the $22 through PayPal. on Wednesday i put some money in my savings account and transfered $20 to my checking. when the teller gave me the recepit, instead of having about $23 in my checking, i had $45.

i noticed this this weekend but i figured their bank takes 2 weeks to show a transaction so it wasn't showing up in mine, either, and the money wouldn't be there Monday. so Wednesday at the bank i asked but the teller said it would have showed up on my account immediately.

what is going on? has this person just not collected their money? was there a glitch somewhere? am i just getting this shirt for free? i'm so confused.

also, my sister wants to know if there is a time frame in which they can't collect anymore(i would think no). i looked on the eBay FAQ, too, and they don't really have an answer.
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Internet, I Need You!

Even though I am still using my parents cable internet for free, I'm always thinking of how I will connect in the future when I am: 1. Not on a college campus for the summer. and 2. My parents have moved across the country and I cannot readily come home and use their likely to be slow internet connection.

Short version: TQC, what do you think of this? I know other companies, such as Sprint,  have something similar, but I'm not sure if this is worth it.

More: What is the best way to connect to the internet now, in your opinion? As in, best ISP, best browser, etc? Why?

(no subject)

What are some communities you post in frequently besides thequestionclub?

How often do you post in your personal journal?

How many communities do you maintain and/or mod for?

How many personal journals do you have?
hate pimentos

(no subject)

What do you guys think about shows like "monique's fat chance"?  do you think it's refreshing and empowering encouraging women to love themselves for who they are, or do you think it's unhealthy and they're just promoting obesity? 

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Okay, I'm sick and tired of looking at this thing. It's about 36" high, 24" wide, and 1.5" thick canvas. Oil paints. I want to sell it and get rid of it.

Collapse )


Where should I sell it, and how much should I sell it for?

Stupid teenage antics

What kind of stupid shit did you do as a teen?
What would you do if your teenager did those things?

1. I did many.
Shoot off bottle rockets in a mall
Set off cherry bombs in the stairwells at school
Flush tennis balls down the toilet
Flush shuttlecocks down the toilet
Start many food fights
Drop stink bombs in the library.

And I can list tons of things...

2. I'd probably freak out!
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Haruhi disappearance
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I have a BJ's membership

For those who visit Wholesale Clubs (Sams, BJ's, Costco...)

1) Which Wholesale Club(s) do you have memberships to?

2) What is the best deal you've ever scored?

3) What's something you think is overpriced/not worth it?

4) Do you buy anything on a regular basis? What is it?

5) Do you take advantage of garage/gas/pharmacy/etc services?

6) How is wholesale club gas in terms of competitive pricing with normal gas stations?
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When you go to get your eyebrows waxed/shaped/whatever it is you call it, what exactly does it entail? I know how it's done, but do you have to tell them what kind of style you want? Do they just do what they think looks best for your face? How does that work?

I've never really understood this, and it's making me fear going to get mine done. I don't like not knowing what to expect.
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questionable lyrics

1. Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love?

2. Have you ever seen the rain?

3. Are you gonna be my girl?

4. Why was the bench still warm?

5. Girl, why'd you run away?

6. You okay, honey?

7. Is this the way it's really going down?

8. Where do you go when you're gone?

(no subject)

So I bought some sunglasses today, bring them home, and not ten minutes later do my dogs totally trample them. The lens popped out and I can't get it back in. :-(

Is there a way to fix this, or am I just completely screwed?

(no subject)

What is currently your favorite commercial? Does anyone know what shampoo is being advertised in the commercial where a woman sprains her neck from a hair flipping contest?
What made your day today?

That shampoo one is my favorite because it's so funny but I can never recall what shampoo is being advertised.
When I was on the subway on my way home from work I was feeling really tired and must have looked it because I made eye contact with a guy outside the train and didn't think anything of it until I looked up a few minutes later to see him still standing there and looking at me. He mouthed "smile" at me which made me laugh and then he gave me a thumbs up and walked away as the train moved out of the station.
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okay before i ask this question i know its kind of rude, but its not that i don't like this friend, its just that he lives far away and i am not in the mood to drive 45minutes to hang out with him, because he's not willing to drive that far to come closer to me.

so, what is the best lie you can think of to tell someone, to get out of hanging out with them, that is believeable, and won't leave them upset?

thanks for help.

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To those of you with special needs siblings who live at home...

1. does it ever get to a point where you really just don't know how to handle their temper tantrums/outbursts anymore?

2. Do they ever get violent when super-upset? If yes, how bad?

3. How do you calm them down?

4. Do you have CPI training?

(no subject)

If you died today, would your blog be a good representative of who you were as a person? If you have children, would it be something you wanted them to read and remember you by?

Would it be a good representative of your life, and how you viewed events?

If your LJ was to be made into a play or movie, who would want to star as you? as other popular names in your LJ?

Does print make things more, or less, true?
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I don't feel so well so I am going to run to the video store, pick myself up a good movie, and then buy myself some frozen yo.

I really want to see The Good Shepherd, but maybe I will want to watch another movie after that. What else should I rent? I don't care if it's a new or old movie, just that it's good. I don't really do the whole horror movie thing either. So?

Cd Making

I need some help!!

Okay, my son's bday party is tomorrow. And for the music rather then listening to my music. I figured I would make a few cds for the kids. 

I got some kidz bop songs so far

Im at a dead end now.

Any suggestions?
songs? that I can download that will be appropriate for kids ranging from 2 - 10

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I freak myself out.

TQC, this was my Wikipedia trail for the last...oh, several hours:

I'm all edgy beyond belief after that. Suggestions on calming myself down? (I feel really stupid...)

ETA: What's your Wiki trail?

And PS--the Flight 232 thing didn't freak me out too much as I remember it happening and find it rather fascinating, but it went downhill after that.
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Okay, everyone. I want to get physically active again (and no, sex does not count as a sport). I rode horses for ten years, and was pretty talented at that according to my trainers. I want to get back into that, because I miss it, but I also kind of want to try something new. I'm agile, small-framed, quick on my feet and not very flexible, so although I'd love to do vault in gymnastics, that's not going to happen. I prefer non-team sports (I also did cross-country track in high school). Any ideas or suggestions?
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Selling on E-bay

So I've had an account on E-bay for a while, but have never sold anything myself. Now I wanna try, but first wanted to get some advice.
 What does E-bay charge in fees for selling? Do you just guess what the shipping and handling would be? When someone buys your item, it goes into your paypal account, and then what? that money  goes into your credit card or can you cash out your paypal account somehow? Is there a better place to sell something online?
 sorry to sound dumb, but have no idea what i'm doing.
have you had any good/bad expereinces selling on E-bay? 
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Okay I was just watching Mean Girls and at the end during the confession/apology part, there is a girl who talks about making a cake full of smiles and whatever. Anyway, she looks a LOT like Drew Barrymore, but I don't think it is, unless she was pregnant that week or something. Anyone else think she looked like Barrymore?

Potterwank, the most sacred of all Potter holidays, is imminent

1. will you not be partaking in das intarwebs for a couple days in a week's time?

2. what's the strangest song you've gotten stuck in your head lately?

3. do you see the humor in this(not Daniel Radcliffe having the ending spoiled, just someone going around spoiling it for people like that)?

1. i am going to be a nerd and limit my internets to a few peoples' journals, Sky Sports.. and yeah, that's it. i won't be on Facebook or ONTD or TQC or YTMND or anything 'cause i don't trust you crazy buggers, or my friends.

2. the Angry Beavers theme a minute ago. wtf was that about.

3. i honestly don't see the humor in it. i get why someone would find it funny but i'm not amused by it.
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I have: Super curly/wavy, thick, coarse hair... also very oily and frizzy.

I want: More defined curls, clean, sleek hair.

Any advice on product (shampoo/conditioner, leave in stuff)???

Also, I live in Louisiana where the heat index is consistently over 100 every day in the summer and the humidity is ALWAYS 100%.
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What would your name be if you took the first three letters of your first name, the second letter of your middle name and the last three letters of your last name?

I be Nicagan. (That actually sounds kinda cute).
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just curious but...

When you see an overweight [obese] person on the street, what do you first think, if anything?

If you are obese, are you constantly worrying about what others are thinking when you're out?

I'm just curious because my friend is pretty large and she said she worries what others are thinking which surprised me because I thought she was so used to it that it didn't bother her.

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My father is always leaving me places. For example; Once he hopped on one of those little trains that goes around in big circles with my half sister, and I waited for him to return, only he hopped off on another stop instead of doing a circle, and went shopping, then proceeded to blame /me/ for walking home when I realised he wasn't coming back instead of walking to the car to wait for him.

What choice words would you use for said man the next time he walked off on you? I'm 17, but my swearing range is relatively small, and I feel I need something more adequate then 'you bastard!11111'

Also, when did you start having sexual experiences?

Cause. I'm 17. I haven't even kissed a boy. And the only girl who's groped me is sadly straight. And listening to my friends sexual exploits, I feel like the lone virgin.