July 12th, 2007


Smoking questions.

If you smoke, why do you? I've really been wondering this lately.

Also, everyday on my way to work I see all of these high schoolers in summer school, sitting outside of the high school building smoking. Where the hell do this kids get their cigarettes?? Do they buy them from gas stations? I thought most places really toughened up.
petit prince

well it's allllllll right

1. who's your favorite supergroup?

2. what's the last concert you went to? what's the next?

3. do you have an address book? do you actually use it?

4. do you have a day planner-type thing? do you actually use it?
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buddy christ

(no subject)

I met up with an old friend who I have not seen in a while.

Apparently since we parted ways he found Jesus.

He spent the entire conversation talking about Christianity.

How does one go about politely telling someone to keep their religious beliefs to him/herself?
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Tom shaming you

(no subject)

Who lives in California?
Who wants to hang out with me while i'm here(lol that sounds a wee bit desperate)?
What are some amazing little known sites to see?
Whose stoked on the final Harry Potter book?
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Financial Management Software

I am trying to find some software to help me manage my finances.

I have a Mac, so Microsoft Money isn't an option. Quicken seemed like the best idea and my uncle, who is a financial planner, recommended it, but I read the reviews on the Apple Web site and it freaks me out a bit to spend $70 on something that so many people do not find user-friendly.  Because if it isn't easy to use, intuitive, and doesn't have enough user support, I don't know that it will get used and I will have wasted money and not have gotten any closer to managing my finances.

I'm interested in something that does sync up to online accounts. Does anybody know of any or use any particular programs, on a Mac, that you find easy to use, helpful for budgeting and also sync to your accounts? Or are you a huge fan of Qucken and can reassure me?

I am not interested in using Excel, tried that and I get too distracted playing with it and also prefer something that will bring up reports and show me patterns etc without requiring intensive training and programming in the program itself.
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(no subject)

I recieved a coupon in the mail from American Eagle for two free pairs of underwear from their aerie line - one pair for me, and another pair for my "best friend". It's two different barcodes for them to scan.

I really like their underwear, so I was wondering - do you think that the AE staff would be okay with it if my fiance picked up the second pair and just gave them to me?
hannibal skull


What colour is(are) your suitcase(s)?

Do you own a passport? How many stamps do you have in it?

Do you prefer window or aisle seats?

Do you get a special meal on the plane?

Can you sleep on planes? How do you get to sleep?

Ever flown business or first class?

(no subject)

do you have social anxiety?

is it mild, moderate, or extreme?

If so how do you deal with it
or do you not deal with it at all?

How do you feel when you get into social situations?
or do you avoid them ?
tiger on your couch

Annoyance Barometer

If you had a coworker (in cubicles or open top office) that whistled constantly under their breath, would that bother you?  Or would you not care at all. 

Which sound would annoy you more - whistling under ones breath, or cracking ones knuckles?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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Anyone a bottle red head?

1. Is a lighter shade of red dye easier to keep from fading than a darker shade? Right now my colour of choice is Feria Power Reds "Spicy Red" and it seems to fade within a couple of weeks which is really really anoying.

2. A few people have told me that Feria fades more quickly than other brands they have tried...having not actually tried a differnt brand for a while I cannot recall if this is true. Does anyone else feel this is accurate?

3. Has anyone tried those shampoos/conditioners that are supposed to keep dyed hair brighter and keep it from fading? Do they actually work? Got any brand recommendations?


Which car should I get (all of them 07's):

Honda Civic
Mazda 3
Toyota Camry (i know this is a different size)
Nissan Sentra

Would you still get a Honda Civic even though it's the number 1 stolen car?

Do you know anyone who's Honda was stolen?
If so, what year was it?

(no subject)

Is your journal more like a traditional diary, with lengthier accounts of your daily life and innermost thoughts & feelings, or is it more of a collection of musings on the wider world, the internet, fandom, etc?

Do you write your journal purely to please yourself, or with an eye to what might interest/entertain your f-list?

(no subject)

One more funeral etiquette question.

Since my stepmother and I don't get along very well and she has the book from the funeral home (for my father), I don't have a lot of the addresses that I need for the thank you cards. I'm going to try to get the book but it will probably be a while from now and I want to get the thank you notes. I will be seeing some of the people in person (coworkers) would it be tacky to hand them their thank you notes? Thanks

p.s. Thanks for all the responses on my earlier question re: the thank you card. I got a new printer and decided to go ahead and make the card. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. It actually made me feel a little better. I think my Dad would like it.
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(no subject)

1) Is there any smells that bring you straight back to a memory in your past? Stories plz.

2) How would you feel if you find out an ex you never really had closure with works at the place you just got a job at? What would you do, make friends, try to shake off the obvious sexual tension, etc? (ETA: There's no bad blood between us, it was a friendly break)

1) Soft & Dri peach gel deodorant reminds me of summer 2004, and my ex boyfriend...it's what I wore back then, and every time I smell it, I get these weird butterflies feelings in my stomach, and it kinda weirds me out.

eta: Oh also, AXE Phoenix reminds me of my ex as well. Bleh

2) I'm asking because that has just happened, hah!
The Dude Abides

Craigslist/eBay ?s

1) Have you ever gotten a job through Craigslist, what kind of job was it?

2) Have you ever posted a personal ad on Craigslist before? Would you ever do it again if you have?

3) What's the most money you've ever made selling something on eBay, what was the item?

(no subject)

Say you have three choices for where to live. You can choose to:

a. Live next door to a pedophile (assuming you have no children or they're not of pedophile-interest age)
b. Live next door to someone who engages in bestiality (assuming you have no pets)
c. Live next door to a necrophiliac (assuming you do not hoard dead bodies in your house)

Which would you choose and why?
What if you had to choose which to room with?

Nashville Weekend

I will be in Nashville this weekend for a wedding. I get in around noon tomorrow and have all of Friday free. I also have Saturday and Sunday mornings open.

What do I do with my Friday? Are there any great bands playing Friday night? What bars do you suggest for music/food/beers that I might not get in Minnesota?

Do you have a favorite breakfast spot in Nashville?

Looking forward to enriching my trip!


I am aware that this gets asked alot, but I am at work and desparately need this fixed.

My goddaughter is visiting me at work right now, and was banding on the keyboard. Now the entire screen is sideways...and I have to fix it before I leave.  How did she do this? and how do I fix it??


(no subject)

Do your "IRL" friends know about your journal?
What do your entries normally look like? (Like... are they long and detailed? Short and fragmented? Random youtube videos you found amusing?)

Only my boyfriend knows about mine.
My entries are generally really short... most of the time a single fragmented paragraph. Rarely over 3 paragraphs. I never really post surveys and posted my first youtube vid in it the other day (Robot Chicken FTW)

(no subject)

1. bwhere's the strangest place you've had sex?
2. would you do it again?
3. where's the strangest place you WANT to have sex?
4. if you could hold the title for "first person to have sex ____", what would finish that title? it could be something you've already done or something you aspire to do. (e.g. "first person to have sex on a plane" or "first person to have sex in a park")

Collapse )
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) What is the farthest sexually you would go with an attractive member of your same sex(or if you're gay, the opposite) when you are sober?

2) When you are drunk?

3) For $1000?


4) On a scale of 1-10, how horny are you right now?

1) Kissing, groping/fondling boobs. (That sounds childish for some reason, lol)

2) Kissing, groping, and fingering

3) All of the above, and oral
LMS- Dwayne is a book worm

Book questions!

1. What are some books that were required reading in school that you absolutely loved?

2. What required reading(s) did you hate?

3. What is the scariest book that you have ever read?

4. What books have you read that have made you cry?

(no subject)

Poll #1020312 Rosie and you

Rosie O'Donnel approaches you, and asks if you'd like to make some money. She assures you it's not sexual. What she has here is a device that'll transfer the fat from her body into yours. This is how all the celebrities stay so thin. She'll pay you of course. $300 per pound siphoned from her ass to yours. If you agree to take 30lbs, she'll double the amount. If you take 50, she'll triple it. What do you do?

Tell her you're not interested
5lbs for $1,500
10lbs for $3,000
15lbs for $4,500
20lbs for $12,000
30lbs for $18,000
40lbs for $24,000
50lbs for $45,000

Ladies, she also would like to increase her boob size. She has another device that siphons boob fat. If you allow her, she'll take some of yours, lowering your cup size by 1 size, permanently, which would then augment hers by 1 size. She'll pay you $8,000 for your donation. You can get a boob job afterwards, but you know it'll never feel the same way again. What do you do?

Donate my boobage
Tell her I'm not interested
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(no subject)

I just failed my road test miserably. The guy said that I was so reckless that he felt like he was in danger and that I was going so fast that he had to hang on to the car for dear life. (I was going about 25 mph)

So, TQC, how should I drown my sorrows?
Mr. Misto
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Fluffy wuffy one

1.  What does it mean when a Boss says that they have full and absolute confidence in you and the work you do, but want you to take more of a leadership position within the group?

EDIT: Elaboration. There are five of us in my team. One of them is already a 'lead'. But when they're gone everyone comes to me with questions, or keeps to themselves. ( The slightly higher ups come to me when the main lead person is gone )

2. What is your favorite fair food?

3. Fluffy vs smooth. What kind of pets do you like?

(no subject)

Whats your type of guy/girl?

What is the movie about that killer tiger that eats everyone. It is based on a true story?

[edit: sorry I had pasted something and forgotten about it and it was in my default font LOL]
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(no subject)

Is it pointless to get a degree in Computer Science since everything is constantly changing anyway? I'm thinking about majoring in it when I start college in the fall, but this is what I've heard.

If this applies, which college did you attend and what did you major in? Are you using your degree now?

(no subject)

I had to take a touchy feely quiz for work that describes your personality or whatever. Think Myers-Briggs. Anyway I don't really like what came up but it pretty much fits how I act. Do you think a person can essentially change his or her personality? Or would trying to change mean you were always faking and not being yourself?
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(no subject)

I need a new mp3 player. My Cowon A2's screen has broken, it still plays music fine, and I'm using this as an excuse to shell out cash for a new one. I want a Zen Vision M in green, but I hear that Creative is coming out with a new version at the end of this summer.

Should I wait and see if a newer one comes, or buy one now?

(no subject)

1. I'm getting ready to move out of home soon for a trial period with a mate. I'll only be taking the essentials & a few things to make my room comfy. For the folks who've been through it, what do you recommend taking?
Apart from clothes, toiletries, TV, Xbox, pillow & blanket, photos, movies etc.

2. What's your current project?
Is anyone downloading the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs list like me?

3. Why will only 4 out of 5 of my OC disks burn? Why does disk 3 hate me?

4. I got my previous journal unsuspended today. I already have an icon community so what should I do with my old journal hannibal_murder?

5. What should I have asked here?

(no subject)

Poll #1020246 TQC Poll

Would you rather have dinner at the White House, reach your ideal weight, see Osama bin Laden get caught, or get an iPhone?

I am female and would rather have dinner at the White House.
I am female and would rather reach my ideal weight.
I am female and would rather see Osama bin Laden get caught.
I am female and would rather get an iPhone.
I am male and would rather have dinner at the White House.
I am male and would rather reach my ideal weight.
I am male and would rather see Osama bin Laden get caught.
I am male and would rather get an iPhone.

Please select the gender you identify with the most. Sorry!

Reason I ask.

ETA: Quick eBay question: why would a single person bid on an auction three times in a row, bidding the same amount of money each time? All three bids were done within 30 seconds (11:58:32 / 11:58:40 / 11:58:54), and each one is $10. I'm new to eBay so I'm unfamiliar with all the ins and outs/tricks. =\
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zoot suit

My boyfriend and I are going to a formal dinner/dance for my friends birthday. He wants to wear a zoot suit. Usually he just coordinates with whatever I wear, but now I'm trying to coordinate with what he is wearing.

HELP! I have NO idea what would look good with a zoot suit and we're not really going to have too much time to shop. I've only got ~150 dollars to spend, and I'm pretty curvy. Does anyone have any suggestions?? He will most likely be either all in black, or in black with white stripes.

Thanks for any help you guys have!!!!!!

(no subject)

Of the original trilogy, which is your favorite Star Wars movie?

(mine is "A New Hope")

Do you think Darth Vader should have been unmasked at the end of "Return of the Jedi?"

(I think so, because it proved Luke's point that there was good in his father.)
krazie kermit
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Foods to Eat

So, I go food shopping once a month.
Trying to eat healthy, but the only thing I know to eat that's good are frozen vegetables and meats, and nuts.

What else is there, and what should i avoid when i look at nutrition contents?

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(no subject)

How do you get over being shy? Especially in front of crowds.

Pale or Tan? (skin)

Does anyone ever say your name wrong? How do they say it? My name is Desirée (pronounced Deziray) and I've been called Desireeeeee more times that I can remember
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mac email attachments problems

At my job, we have a client who uses Mac Email (the default email program that comes with Mac OS) and sends us email attachments.

We recently switched our company email from Prodigy (checking it via Yahoo) to Bellsouth (checking it via their Webmail).

We can recieve his emails at Bellsouth and they list a size corresponding with having an attachment, but there's no way to access the attachment and none is actually listed in the email. We can recieve attachments from other non-Mac clients fine though and we can still recieve his attachments fine at the Prodigy/Yahoo address.

The client says they have checked off the box in their options for "Windows-friendly attachments" (or something to that effect).

Anyone ever experianced a problem like this and have any ideas how to fix it?
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Quinn Twin

Simple Things

SO. Monday I had to go get my girly bits looked at for the year, yesterday I had to have a gum graft with only local anasthecia and I am sure to start my period this weekend. So far, I dare say, this week is winning at making my life suck. However, on Tuesday I found Collapse ) at Ross' for $13. They are currently the only thing making my life any sweeter. I can not express to you how stupidly giddy I get from my new cheapo kicks (and no, they didn't give me pain meds for after my surgery, so I know it's the shoes). So tell me, Questioneers, what simple thing is making your life rock right now, if even only a little?

Bonus Question! Aside from the arsenal of soup, yogurt and sorbet I bought yesterday, what soft and super easy to eat foods would you recommend to me? I'm saving mashed potatoes for later in the week since I'm afraid they'll stick to the sutures in my mouf and want to be better healed before attempting it. Also, I'm trying to ward off applesauce altogether since I've never really liked it much.

Help me graduate?

Will you send me a dollar?

Edit: Alright, I'll add another question... Do you have any other ways of getting money fast that I could try? A few people here have given some great suggestions (thanks!) but the more the better. Thanks again!

I really hate the idea of flat-out asking for money on the internet, but... dire situations call for dire moves.

Collapse )

So... yeah, if you'd be willing to help, that'd be awesome. Even a dollar or two here or there would be awesome. If you want my email address to paypal it to me, just ask. Or my regular address to send it snail mail... just ask.

I'm smart enough to know I'll get a lot of "no" answers, but thanks a ton to anyone who is willing!
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(no subject)

-Did your parents make/fill a hope chest for you? What sorts of things did they put into it?

-Do you plan on making/filling a hope check for your kids? What will you put in it?

(no subject)

1) What was your 1st credit card?

2) What would you recommend to an 18 year old with no credit who needs to begin building credit (ie what kind of credit card)? I have no intent of abusing it, I'm really good at handling my money.

Just curious. I got denied by Capital One because of lack of credit information, which IMO is stupid because it was a card specifically geared towards people with a lack of credit. But that's kind of beside the point now. I just want to get started building credit.

Thanks <3

(no subject)

After my girlfriend left my house last night, one of my roommates came into my room, sniffed, and said, "It smells like sex in here."

TQC, what does sex smell like?

Edit: Please to be welcoming serious and non-serious answers.

(no subject)

what's a celebrity crush you're ashamed or embarrassed to have? why?

it can be anyone. an actor, actress, musician, athlete, historian, scientist- anyone who is or has at some point been in the public eye.

i may reveal mine later depending on how embarrassing your guys' are.

lol it's Daniel Radcliffe! oh no, now i'm creepy pedophile lady ;_____;
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What if?

What if they were to put together and 'I Love the 2000s' series?

What things to you think they would mark as important things do you think they would have for


and what things do you think will happen in 2008 and 2009 that will be worthy of the show?

I was thinking about that yesterday after watching I love the 90s....

  • sterek

(no subject)

Doctor El-Jay!

Please tell me how I managed to strain the tendon in my left wrist?
(note: My girlfriend has already covered the obligatory 'too much masturbation' comment regardless of the fact that this is not my dominant hand)


(no subject)

Is it icky that I'm letting a pretty big spider live in my bathroom?

He's doing a really good job at controlling the bugs in my house and only stays in his little corner.

Aside from iPod help & anything that can be answered in LJ's FAQ, what's your least favorite type of question on TQC?

(no subject)

1. If you were in an interview for grad school and they asked you what your weaknesses were, what would you say?

2. What's the best thing you've accomplished today?

3. What's your take on thunderstorms? Love 'em, afraid of 'em?
  • iluq


1. Have you ever gone ziplining? Was it fun?

I'm very strongly considering doing this in a few days. It looks awesome!

2. Have you ever gone hot air ballooning?
2a. Hang gliding?
2b. Skydiving?
2c. Parasailing?
2d. Rappelling?

3. If you had to try an "extreme sport" which would you pick?
hello lion-o

(no subject)

What restaurant did you go to last time you ate out?
What did you have and how was it?

We went to Carino's Italian Grill in Orange, Ca... and I had chicken penne gorgonzola pasta.. chicken and mushrooms with penne pasta in a gorgonzola cheese sauce. It was divine.

(no subject)

If there were to be a public execution of a convicted criminal held near you, would you attend?

Why or why not?

Would it matter what the method of execution was? What would be acceptable and what would be unacceptable for you?

If you were to attend, would you bring signs, banners, wear a t-shirt about executions?

If you would not attend, would you be involved in a protest against it?
third watch: bosco yelling

(no subject)

Do you think that when a child is molested, (lets say from a relative) do you think a bond is formed? what about if they got along before it happened? serious replies, please.

(i wouldve put this with my other question, but i totally forgot about it)

Moral dilemma

Is it wrong to buddy-block your cousin on AIM?

He keeps on IM-ing me, pretty much every single time I get online or come back from away, and it's basically the same thing: "Hey. How're you?"
Um.... about the same as the last time you IMed, about 2 hours ago.

What should I do?
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How should you feel after a good workout? Should you be so exhausted you can barely breathe, or should you just be mildly sweaty and tired? Should your muscles hurt the next day?

I ask because I've recently started exercising again and I can't tell if I'm pushing myself hard enough. While I'm doing something it'll feel like I just can't continue, but when it's over I'll recover in a really short time, and my muscles aren't sore later.

Do you exercise? What do you do and how often? Has it worked for you (in whatever way you wanted it to)?


Is it wrong for a male to be friends with girls, even if that male is dating someone ? I know the question sound basic but what if those friends were close female friends? Is it wrong then? Is it wrong to make new close friends if your dating someone, even new close friends of the opposite sex?

Heck let's just be honest, AM I wrong for making a new friend and then asking for that friends phone number because as anyone who knows me, I'm not one to connect through small talk? Am I wrong for not being honest about this to my significant other because I know she doesn't agree with me that guys and gals can just be friends without anyone liking each other, and it will thus start a pointless opinion filled fight.

I will answer my own question and say I'm wrong for lying about anything but I didn't feel like I had much of a choice. I just wanted to move past what I considered a juvenile and stupid disagreement of opinion and just be happy.

I am not showing I care if I'm not one to get jealous any more because I trust that my significant other won't do anything behind my back and I don't care what things look like to someone else. Am I wrong for telling her she can hang out with any guy she wants as long as she doesn't do anything to miss use my trust ? Knowing that I TRUST she's not gonna whore it up and that things will only go as far as she let's them..... is it wrong that it bothers me that I'm not awarded the same opportunity, when I've done nothing to not deserve it.

Am I wrong in even wanting to be with such a person, whom to me displays several levels of unjustified relationship insecurity. Am I wrong for almost being willing to go against something I've stood against since I conquered my jealousy issues and since I've felt the sting of harmed friendships by people who lower your place in their lives when they get a boyfriend/girlfriend....Am I wrong for doing that because despite major differences, I fear I may very well have been in love.

In love in enough to lie (something I hate) in order to smooth things over so I can experience happiness with this person.. Nothing can justify not being honest to someone .. but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't trying to.

So very sorry I am.. But the question remains, had I said yes..I've been talking to my FRIEND on the phone, would things have ended any differently? I don't think so... but I still want to apologize for not being honest and on that small scale not deserving of your low level of trust.

I talked to my parents and I talked to my friends, two of them married and they don't think I'm wrong except for the fact that I lied...my dad said I shouldn't of had to lie, because that shouldn't be something she should get mad about if she trusts me, my motives and knows i would never cheat, as she stated. Me feeling forced to lie about talking to someone on the phone who is a girl, and a friend but not my girlfriend, no matter when I met her speaks volumes about the person I lied to. My father asked me, would she ever feel like she had to lie to me..and I said only if she did something physical with the person and he asked has she ever...and I said yes but we weren't together... and that was her excuse... but i think after that, we aren't together now or then... and yet my excuse being the same wouldn't hold up.

I'm rambling now.. But What do you think?
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(no subject)

1. When did you last need a bandaid? Why?
1 hour ago. I sliced the end of my finger with a double edged razor =[

2. I bought this this to make into a tote bag. At first I loved it but now I think it might be too ugly and too old womanly. Is it particularly old woman-ish or ugly, or would it make an ok tote bag?


1) Do you think Facebook will ever be uncool or unpopular?
2) What made you join it? 
3) How long do you see yourself using it for? How old are you now?
3) Who here HASN'T joined it? (me)

  • vast


Is this week going by reeeeeally slow to you?

What was the last video game you played?

Do you have ferrets? (if so omg post pix plz)

When was the last time you colored something?

Collapse )
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(no subject)

How well do you handle your emotions?

Do you ever get physically sick from them?

When you find a new song that you like, do you play it over and over obsessively or do you try not to because you don't want to ruin it for yourself?

What's that song for you right now?
geo in a box

(no subject)

Have you ever been to the Mall of America? Were you aware that there is a secret tunnel lined with human skulls that leads from Camp Snoopy to the Pottery Barn?

What's your favorite fried dessert?

Edit: Could someone with mad skillz in photoshop put the words "made in mexico" on the lid of the box in my icon? If not that's cool.
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Video game music

Does anyone know where I can get all of the music from Super Mario Brothers 2? I've found a few sites where I can get MIDI versions, and I'll use that if I have to, but I'd rather have recordings of the actual music from the game. Thanks!
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sex & meta, what could be better

1. This is a weird question but I heard someone admit it and now I am unbelievably curious.

Straight men: have you ever pretended to be a women during sex (only in your own mind) to "spice" up your sexlife? Even just one time?

If you are not a straight man and are feeling left out of the question, feel free to switch around the genders as necessary for your sexuality and answer from there.

I doubt I will get any YESes but this is hilariously interesting to me.

2. In your own personal experience and/or ideal, do you think TQC is more about asking questions or answering them?
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misc - not a weapon

plz advise

Which of these two classes should I take? Unfortunately, none is not an option since I would really like to graduate on time.

The history of television
The development of television as an industry, technology, and cultural commodity from its roots in other forms of popular culture to the present, paying particular attention to the social and aesthetic contexts within which programs have been viewed.

Perspectives on Health, Disease and Healing
Utilizes the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences to provide students with a broader understanding of the many facets of health and disease, suffering and dying, and the art and science of healing.

ETA: I'm a political science major with (print) journalism/labor studies minors, if that matters.
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(no subject)

I'm currently hiding information from a local university from my parents (only one knows I'm dropping out of the university I'm currently attending.) What are you hiding at the moment? From whom?

Where should I get a tattoo? I'm planning to get a Claddagh, and I have a small (1 inch wide, maybe 2 inches tall shamrock with surrounding words) tattoo on my right hip right now. I have no idea where to get the Claddagh symbol tattooed.

Does adding "I'd be ruining the investments I made in body art" to my list of reasons I don't want children (number one being I'm far too selfish at this point in my life) make me a bad person? (Someone told me that it's not at all a valid reason to not have children)

How will my father react when I tell him I'm dropping out of college for a semester?
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Name That Song!

I asked this in another community with no luck so far.

On my way to the store today I heard a song I liked on on 103.3 which is Princeton University's station. I checked their website but they don't seem to have a list of recently played stuff. I wrote down some of the lyrics when I stopped driving. I wrote "I've heard the arguments both for and against love" I don't remember anything else about the song. Google is not helping. Do any of you know what song this could be?

Someone recommended YES.COM which lists the song they played after it (Computer Camp Love by Datarock at 7:25 PM) but not the one I'm looking for.

EDIT: It was For And Against by Rabbit Ears!