July 11th, 2007


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1. How often do you fret about your weight?

2. Do you have any stains on your walls/ceiling from squishing bugs?

3. Do you prefer to use tissues with lotion, or tissues without lotion?

4. Do you like water chestnuts?
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Youtube link?

A while ago a friend showed me a video on youtube, which featured the puppet Elmo. It was some kind of fake advertisement for a emo Elmo puppet or something like that, which cut itself (I think?), had black hair and such. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I would really like to have the link, as I can't seem to find it anywhere. :/
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Memories . . .

When you were a child, what did being a grown up mean to you?  Really.  What did you think it entailed.

When I was four, I very clearly remembered thinking the only difference between being a child an adult was being big enough to drive a car, and getting to set your own bed time.

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1. do you ever post stupid questions just for the hell of it?
2. are you tired?
3. do you stay up for no good reason even though you are way tired?
4. is it hot or cold where you are?
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Carpal tunnel syndrome

I recently started a job as a transcriptionist, which means that I'm typing constantly for several hours a day, every weekday. I'm not going to have the job forever or anything, but I'm kind of paranoid about getting carpal tunnel syndrome. I might sound silly, but I'd rather be paranoid than oblivious. So:

Am I likely to get CTS from a transcription job?

If so, is there anything I can do (besides quit, I'll get around to that when I find a job I actually want :P) to keep my hands healthy and lower the risk for the time being?

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do you think negatively of someone who has piercings in a professional setting?

how big is "too big" for stretched piercings in a professional setting, iyo?
what about in a non-professional setting?

do you think negatively of people who have visible tattoos in a professional setting?
how many tattoos = too many?

Etiquette question

My father passed away a week ago yesterday. I can’t sleep so I thought I’d start on my Thank You notes. I’m usually really big into making my own cards with photos on them. Do you think it would be inappropriate to make my own thank you cards and include a picture of my Dad on them?

Also, I have received so many cards especially from my coworkers. I’m going to be overwhelmed if I send everyone who sent me a card a thank you note. For my coworkers who sent cards, do you think it is inappropriate to send an individual email to each of them thanking them for the card?


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Who here isn't familiar (on at least a passing basis) with Pedo Bear?

How do you feel about turning this particular violation of human rights into an icon of humor? Does it make you laugh hysterically in spite of yourself? Does it disturb you deeply and make you yearn for an end to mankind? Does it make you feel things you'd rather not discuss here? Does it make you feel some combination of these? Or does it make you feel something completely alien to anything we could possibly imagine?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Should people be forced to spay and/or neuter their pets?

(sparked from CNN news story about California wanting to pass such legislation.)

Do you think animals are property, or should they be regulated under health and welfare in states?
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I'm helping to decorate my church for its summer Vacation Bible School program and was hoping some of you might have some decorative inspiration for me. The theme is "The Great Race" and my ideas so far are as follows: checkered flags, those long strings of triangle pennants like you see at auto dealers' lots, start and finish signs over the entrance and exit doors, and a gallery of notable "racers." These will be matted pictures of rabbits and turtles, as our mascots are a tortoise and a hare.
Unfortunately, I've been unable (so far) to find the pennants and am going to have to make the checkered flags because I couldn't find those, either. If those turn out weird and unusable, I don't know what I'm going to do.

If you were to decorate a building according to the theme of The Tortoise and the Hare, how would you do it?
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Two questions

One of these is a long shot and the other is hypothetical:

1. Does anyone here go to University of Michigan, specifically the Residential College?  Is it possible for a student from another college to be a visiting student at the RC?

2. Would you be upset if your mother or father didn't tell you that you had a twin that died at birth until you were 20 years old?

Boy, do I hate computers.

I recently got an external hard drive. What I was planning on doing was running my ITunes and putting all my music from the external hard drive so I could have free space on my actual C drive.
I uninstalled my Itunes, and then downloaded the latest version to my external harddrive. I then transfered all my music files to the external hard drive.
When I tried to upload my songs onto the ITunes, it said that I didn't have enough room on my C:\ drive. It seems to be that my music files are copying themselves BACK onto the C drive.

So my questions are:
Is it even possible to run ITunes off an external harddrive?
And if so, can someone explain to me how to make this work?

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remember that thing that i let you borrow the last time you were at my house? can i have it back? what was it anyways.. it's been so long that you've had it.

i'm wearing a blue shirt and the color of my car is blue, what color top are you wearing and what color is your car?

if your parents are still married, do they both wear their weddings bands? (i noticed my boss sometimes doesn't, and i've seen his wife go days without hers.. so i was just curious)

Family size

Do you like your family size? Do you wish it were bigger or smaller?

Do you consider your family to be big or small? How many people are in your family?

I'm talking about immediate family but if you have very close extended family you can count them, too.
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What is the equivalent to something like USAMRIID or USAMRICD in Germany?  I know that they're part of the NPT, but so is America, and we still have the research facilities.  I'm not trying to start a discussion about war, just career opportunities in Germany.  Thanks in advance.
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Cell phone

I am moving to southern California and need to get on a cellular Family plan.  I will need early nights as most of my family is back in the Midwest.  So...

Sprint vs Verizon vs AT&T/Cingular and why???
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Do you ever wish your actual body structure (not just fat content) was different? How so?

I always wished I was one of those really small girls- kinda skinny, but with long arms and legs, just that lean, slender look. Instead of my big bone structure & stocky build, even when I'm thin I'm kinda muscular...I look like an old farming girl.
Iowa represent!


1. Do you live in a state where annual vehicle inspections are required to renew your car's plates?
I live in Iowa, and no. Though I often see cars that wouldn't pass inspection in Missouri (or so my BF says) and wonder if we shouldn't have a similar law.

2. When's the last time you bought milk? What kind?
Just a bit ago, whole.

3. Do you care about this Harry Potter hoopla?
I couldn't give two shits about it.
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During the Summer

What do you set your Air conditioning temperature to?

Mine is set on 76 right now to see if it is working. (It's not). It is now 80 degrees in the house, and climbing. Depending on how hot it gets outside (usually 110-118) it will climb to about 85-90 inside.

So TQC what do you set your a/c to, and am I being too demanding wanting the a/c to be cooler than 80 degrees in my house?

Suggestions please

I usually go by two rules in my life

1. Don't date anyone at work (This one is as unbreakable as it gets for me)
2. Don't hint on someone while they are working, especially a bartender

However, there is a lady I find very attractive that works at a local coffee shop and unless I become a stalker (which is in fact illegal in California) I don't know where I would see her except while she is working.

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how one might express interest without being just another asshole customer?
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Okay, so there was an episode of The Daily Show around when Hurricane Katrina hit, and one of the segments in Jon Stewart talking about how there was a reporter in the Convention Center and he tried emailing Michael Brown at FEMA and got a response from an assistant saying Brown was busy eating dinner and would respond later. The reporter said that he just had dinner with a thousand of his closest friends and then took a shit in the hall, and then Jon Stewart said he got a response from Brown along the lines of "ROFLTYSINTH" (rolling on floor laughing that you shit in the hall).

My best friend and I saw that video on V-Cast back in October of 05, and loved it (we're Katrina victims, that should explains why we liked it so much) and I'd love to find a copy online to email to her, and to have for myself. I've searched on YouTube and Google and I can't find it anywhere. :(

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
If you do, do you know where I can find a copy of that clip?
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1. How do you feel about instant mashed potatoes?
2. Are you a food snob about anything in particular?

1. I think they taste like dust and have a nasty texture.
2. I have to cook with fresh mozzarella and I won't eat the above-mentioned mashed potatoes. I'm also a vegetarian but that's not out of snobbiness.


1) Do you have a Nintendo DS? If not, do you have another game console?

2) What is your favorite game for the DS? What about for other consoles?

3) Any cool accessories?

I just bought a DS lite, obv. I'm kind of obsessed lately. If you have one, tell me about it.

Edit*: Oh & my favorite game is Mario Kart DS...I've also been playing a lot of Zelda for GBA - The Minish Cap & Link to the Past. Love both. I'm obsessed with Zelda lately, it's been my favorite videogame since I started as a kid.

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To help settle an argument, how do you pronounce the -ch in conch?

I have a set of shelves I bought to help me get organized. They're plain wood, so I plan on painting them, but can't decide on a color. My walls are painted with a color called Brilliant Sea (second column, second from bottom), and I want a color to go with that, but I don't want to paint the shelves the same color as my walls. Any suggestions?
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So I have a cat, and she likes to get right up in my face and cuddle with me when I go to sleep. I wouldn't mind otherwise, but my God, she has hideous breath. Is there something I can feed her to make her breath less noxious, or some other way to improve the situation?

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1: What is the nicest thing someone has said to you?
2: What is the meanest thing someone has said to you?
3: Do you believe is the supernatural(angels,demons,vampires,fairies,ect)
4: Do you believe in an after-life?
5: Do you prayer?

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bicycle question:

you get your bike today and realise the back tire is dragging a little thus making it harder more strenuous to ride and it feels heavier. my friend says it's a symptom of a low pressure tire and goes away on its own. but i was riding on a flat surface so i don't think that's it. and my tire isn't flat either cos the air isn't coming out. any ideas as to the problem? i'm going to try filling my tire up and hope it really isn't flat. any other ideas who know what they're talking about let me know.
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so I'm snoopin around the net and come across this rule posted in a community:

4. All posts concerning free iPods should NOT be posted here. </a></b></a>free_ipods_help was shut down for a reason and I will not allow this community to be suspended. This also includes the plethora of 'free' offers advertised on the internet that require the participant to complete specific offers in order to obtain the product.

What is she talking about, for what reason would that community have been shut down? Was this a scandal or something?
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Is there any area/region in your country that you absolutely could never stand to live in? Why?

What region/state/province do you live in? Do you like it?

I would absolutely loathe living in the US midlands or south(not including the southwest). The miles of nothing, the backwoods hicks, the republicans. (I realize that not everyone in these regions is like this. However, there ARE quite a few to make it horribly unpleasant for me. No offense meant to anyone. ).

I live in the US northeast- Massachusetts. I LOVE it here.

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If you have a bad ear ache/ infection (fluid build up behind the ear drum) - not anything serious, but one of those that is quite the painful - and you plug your nose, close your eyes and you one good ear and blow out - like popping the pressure from your ears after a plane ride - what happens?

Harry Potter 5 -- Movie

Love it or hate it?

What has your favorite been out of the movies?

I actually really liked it...despite the giant leap from the book (I look at them as two seperate things really, its no use trying to compare, them, I think). It was entertaining and fast paced annnnd Alan Rickman is so flubbing sexy, and Gary Oldman. Mmm mm! xD

This is definitely my favorite thus far, well, right under the third (that Gary Oldman love again).
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I think it's annoying when people bless me when I sneeze because I sneeze a lot, and then I feel obligated to say thank you. What am I saying thank you for? Their archaic politeness? I don't know. And if I don't say thank you, then I feel like they think I'm rude for not thanking them for the nothing they did for me.

Anyone with me on this one?
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I remember someone somewhere posting a link to a Web site that serves as a wishlist (the way sites like amazon and tiffany have a wishlist you can add things to that you like) but actually isn't for a specific site, rather, accommodates wishlist items from all over the place. So for example, I could add a Tiffany pendant and also some books from Amazon and/or some furniture from Target, to a wishlist that is all in one place.

Anybody know what I'm talking about here? Can you point me in the right direction?

Sorry I didn't do the best job at explaning this

EDIT: Yay yourexsilly! Thanks for pointing me to The Things I Want
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Professional help please...

Are you/have you been in counseling?

A "professional counselor" or a psychiatrist? Or Psychologist?

Feel like sharing why?

How long have you gone/did you go?

If you aren't going anymore, why did you stop? How did you tell the person you were done? Did they tell you that you were done?

(I ask because I'm in counseling right now, and I don't think it's helping enough to be worth the money I'm sinking into it. And financially, we really need that money. But I'm not sure how to tell her that I think it's not really going to solve the problem, since I think the problem is some other kind of medical, not mental. I originally went because I have problems with fatigue, which my doctor blames on depresion. But my counselor says I'm not depressed...)
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1. Are you comfortable with/willing to get naked in front of your doctor?

2. If no, could you imagine a doctor you would be comfortable with, or would it always be horrible?

3. If yes, do you worry that this could be injurious to your health one day?
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moving issues...

TQC, I'm moving and I need some advice...

Under the cut you will find a handy map to reference during my explanation:
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The orangy striped area is construction, they are replacing the bridge that flows over the creek, as indicated in red.

My lease for the current apartment ends July 31st. As far as my new landlord said, he thought that the tenants that are currently in my new apartment wouldn't be out a few days early as previously thought, but he wasn't sure.

The question is...should I rent a regular pickup truck or a U-Haul to move? Part of me thinks if I just loaded it up, kit and caboodle, and then stayed at my boyfriend's or something that night, I'd be okay.

I'm also going to be down one helper as my mom's having cataract surgery (the other eye) on that Monday, the 30th, and I'm not gonna have her do anything, except maybe supervise.

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I'm just bored and posting to pass the time hoping she'll wake up. Ha.

My sister is going through a rough time so I wanted to get her out of the house today to take her mind off of it.

But she and my daughter are napping on the couch right now and they look SO cute.

It's already a quarter to 3:00.

Should I wake them to go out? Or let them finish their nap and then it'll probably feel too late to go anywhere?

Should I take a picture.....even though she'll probably be mortified to see a sleeping picture of herself?
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Three completely unrelated questions

1. Has your doctor ever given you diet restrictions for reasons OTHER than weight? If so, what?

2. If you notice a married person with their wedding ring on the wrong hand, does it make you wonder why? What do you assume is the reason?

3. Don't you hate it when you put something on the top shelf of the fridge and it freezes?
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Does this sound like it will taste yummy, or at least ok?

Beef tips, stir fried with some frozen veggies and mixed in cream of mushroom soup (all done in a nonstick skillet).


Leave out the cream of mushroom?

It's a little experiment of mine, but it may be a common dish. I have no idea.
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UK newspapers

This may be a long shot, but is anyone familiar with the UK newspaper the Daily Mail?

And if so, do you remember a spread run (probably around 2-3 weeks ago) around a certain fashion designer? There were pictures of several dresses, captioned with different styles and art movements that they had been inspired by. I can't for the life of me remember the date or the designer.
Can anyone help?

What newspaper do you read? What do you think of it?

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How can I make my computer chair more comfortable?

I'm pretty broke so I bought a $30 cheapie from Target, but after having it two months, it kinda hurts my butt. I tried sitting on a pillow, but the pillow went flat.
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Are you good with directions?

I can find my way out of just about anywhere, my fiance absolutely sucks at any sort of navigation- I spent 15 minutes on the phone with him trying to get him somewhere and he STILL can't find it. x_x
Mr. Misto

Zomg personal question

Personal question of "Am I a bad person" under cut

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And now for something completely different;

Have you ever dyed your hair with Henna?

if you have

How did it look? What was your original hair color, what did it end up as?
How long did it last?
Beast mode!

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1. Why is my dad trying to fly my sister to me at the airport three hours away instead of the one 20 minutes away? The closer one is cheaper too.

2. When you stay up all night do you feel the need to eat a lot?

3. Did you watch the All-Star game last night? Is so, wasn't A-Rod missing the easiest catch ever and Jose Reyes laughing his ass off at him the best moment ever? :)

4. Isn't "Zebulon" the coolest name ever?


i love plants but i forget to take care of them.

what are plants that either do well being in direct sunlight all day and not a lot of watering, or that don't need much sun at all? i am not a big fan of cactus, but if there are other succulents that are prettier, let me know.

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Have you ever faked a conversation when a person was walking by to see their reaction? What did you say? For example, I was sitting in traffic in a car full of rowdy teenage boys (ugh) and every time someone walked by they'd say something like "and that was the second time I got crabs" or "and then I slapped her with my dick, it was awesome".

Have you ever overheard a conversation that sounded like it could be fake? What was it?

Does that slapping sound that flip-flops make drive you crazy?

the shaky leg

I live in a city filled with people who do not know what a blind spot is. This has aggravated my driving anxiety levels to the point that when someone does something that causes me to honk my horn (almost always someone trying to merge into me or change lanes as they're riding alongside me, and it happens at least every other day), I'll totally lose it and my driving foot will start to shake uncontrollably to the point that I have to either put on my cruise control or pull over.

My doctor's appointment isn't for two more weeks. What can I do in the meantime to keep myself from having to pull over in these idiotic situations?
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Are there any websites that have some sort of chart on how loud various bullets and loads are? I've tried googling it, but without luck.

Also, I sometimes hear a tone in my ear, like those tests of the emergency system or when someone flatlines on a hospital show. What's up with that?
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The United States(and sometimes its affiliates) is compared to the ancient Roman Empire constantly, and the theories all hold true.

1) That being said, when do you think the US will fall?

2) How will it fall?

3) Will English die like Latin did after the fall of Rome?

4) What do you think the next human empire will be after the fall of the US? What will the world's next "Language of trade" be?


You pay close to $400 for a pair of tickets to see your favorite band at a festival in August (along with other bands, so it's not bad). Then you find out they're playing a small venue in your city in October. The ticket price could be anywhere from $25-50 and it goes on sale tomorrow. You should really be saving money for studying abroad/some other really expensive endeavor, but you love this band like crazy and have been waiting almost a decade to see them. Do you go to the October show?

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My boyfriend just broke up with me. I want to know why but he doesnt want to say. Should I try and find out so I can get closure or just drop it? He says there is nothing to talk about but I need to know some things. I want to try and fix what went wrong. Or atleast find out what went wrong. Should I?

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Formulating any plans for the weekend?

What brand and scent of deodorant do you use?

I'm around a 7 in size, most of the time. I just got home from the thrift store, 2 wonderful skirts in tow. Sizes: 9 and 4. They both fit me perfectly. How insane is this, on a scale of 1 to 10?

The English have many interesting potato chip flavors. Which would you like to try most? Least? 

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Inspired by an earlier post...

I am moving to California from Massachusetts in August for school, and I am bringing my car with me. My car's inspection expires in January. Registration doesn't expire until 2009, and my license expires in May 2008. Should I just get my car inspected in August before I move, or should I re-register my car and license in California and get it inspected out there?

I'm sorry if this is confusing, but I really don't know how to put into words what I am thinking at the moment.

I may have a steady job out in California, and I will probably be taking summer classes at my college. Does that mean that I should just move there permanently and establish residency?

If your milk isn't cold enough for you, do you just not drink it or put ice in it?
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How do you respond when someone tries to "preach" to you, or attempt to convert you to their religious beliefs?

My relatives are very religious and about once every family reunion they try to tell me that Jesus is love, I'll go to hell if I don't believe in Jesus, etc etc. My favorite retort is "That's your belief, not mine. Please respect that." Then I go strike up a conversation with someone else.

(no subject)

I'm planning on going to NYC in September. I need to do research at the Met and the Cloister Galleries. I'm trying to figure out if it would be best to stay in the city, or somewhere else and travel in? and I'm usually fine traveling on my own, but I'm a little nervous about this trip. Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

Does the phrase "wakey wakey" make you want to strangle someone?

What is the most money you've ever been manipulated out of by a solicitor?

Do all the hippies seem to get the jump on you?

(no subject)

1. Do you have spamguard on your e-mail?
2. Does it work well?

I don't have spamguard on any of my e-mails and whenever I get junk I just highlight it and click "Spam". Not sure if that works or not.


1) Anyone had any positive or negative experiances with match.com?

2a) A friend told me they had put up a profile on there. Shortly thereafter, I had nothing better to do one night, so I signed up for a free account and created a profile. Now today I get a notice that someone on the site has messaged me. Of course, to access the message, I have to fork over money. Should I?

2b) If yes, should I do 1 month ($35), 3 months ($60 total, $20/month), or 6 months ($102 total, $17/month, their "if you dont find someone in 6 months we'll give you 6 months free" gurantee)?

FWIW, I've never paid for a personals site before. I still worry I'm wasting my time just by signing up in the first place...
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Soup! It hates me. I've got this really sweet soup recipe (it's more of a stew, but work with me here) but when I try to make it, the ingredients burn to the bottom of the pot. It ruined the last soup pot, so I ordered a Wolfgang Puck one and hoped it would fare better. The food is still burning! How can I keep it from burning? I am stirring- that doesn't seem to help.

I fail at teh kitchen.

(no subject)

Recently all these commercials for Cici's pizza buffet keep popping up around me. Well tonight I have my first chance to check it out.
But it seems too good to be true.. have you ever tried it?
Is their food any good at all?
Should I just go to steak n shake or one of the many well-loved chains within blocks of my hotel?

(no subject)

1. Who else thought the new Harry Potter movie was very dull and very rushed?
I feel so empty and bored right now. :( So dissapointed.

2. I have a 30GB creative zen player but I only own 1.78GB worth of songs. What songs or videos should I have? I need to fill those GBs.
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1. I know that there are lots, but what do you think is the MOST annoying song ever made?

2. What is one piece of classical music that you love?

3. Do you sing in the shower? What do you sing?

4. Are you a good singer?

5. Do you do karaoke often?

Peanut Butter, Beer & Waffles

I bought Filter today because Rilo Kiley is on the cover. There is an ad for nikevintage.com that includes an iron on transfer that says "Peanut Butter, Beer & Waffles" What should I do with this? Throw it out? Actually iron it on to something? What would you do with it?

Have any of you encountered these advertisements? If so did it have the same iron on or a different one?
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(no subject)

I cannot believe I'm asking this, but how would you find a good psychic?

Have you ever been to a psychic?

If not, would you?

*ETA: I am in New York City, if that makes a difference.

(no subject)

We're going to be taking three dogs to the US from the UK when we move. We've contacted the North Carolina state vet, and he told us that we can get the rabies vaccination within 10 days of landing and we'll be fine. But we're worried that the customs people or whoever will be dealing with the actual travel will want the vaccinations made beforehand.

The rabies vaccine in the UK is crazy expensive, but it's very cheap in the US. Does anyone have any experience with this? Will we be able to do as the state vet suggests?

Edit: We won't be returning to Britain, so British laws don't apply :) We're heading to the US.

(no subject)

1. Since we're talking about food here, what did you eat today? I mean all of it.
2. I'm watching the World Series of Pop Culture. What subject would you kick butt in, trivia-wise?
3. Orange juice: Pulp or no pulp?
4. Milk: Whole, 2%, 1%, or skim? Can you taste the difference between them?

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Springfield Vermont was named the hometown of The Simpsons.
Is there another Springfield that you think should have won?

While I only live about an hour and a half away from Springfield MA, I have always pictured the Simpsons living in Springfield Illinois.

(no subject)

have you ever work in the "food service industry"? (waiter, server, waitress, fast food, etc.)

if you HAVE, do you think everyone should work SOME time in the food industry? (to get an understanding.)

if you currently work in the food industry, what is your biggest gripe?
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The gas tank opening for my car is on the

driver's side
passenger's side
I don't have a car
my car is fully electric

Have you ever parked at the gas station with the tank on the wrong side?

(no subject)

1. Why do people seem to hate New Jersey so much? I'm about to move there and I think it's quite lovely. Of course it has its crappy parts, but so does everywhere else.

2. Are you wearing the right bra size? Are you sure? I recently found out that I am a 36C instead of a 36A. I consider myself to have a fairly small chest and I always thought a C cup was kinda busty, but apparently not as much as I thought. Either way, it's amazing to finally wear a bra that fits properly. :D

3. What color are your underwear? Mine are blue.

UK people

1) Has anyone here studied, or is studying at the University of Wolverhampton?
I'm starting in September and am scared! So any stories?

2) I live down in Sussex, I'm going to uni in Wolverhampton [obviously]. I bought my car in December and I'm very attached, lol. So, take car to uni, yay or nay?

3) Is there something you used to do frequently at home, that you had to give up at uni?
I've done TaeKwonDo for 4 years and I can't bear the thought of not having it in my life at university. =[

4) For those of you who took a gap year, how difficult was is to get back to essay writing/studying/etc?
I've been travelling and haven't done any proper work since March, and that wasn't schoolwork, so I'm a bit worried about it.

5) I am not the most social person, and I don't drink a lot. Not everyone at uni will be into drinking right? Any points for my first week?

6) Is there anything that I should take to university that I'm likely to forget?


ETA: [Because I forgot the rules, ok?] 7) Travelling to Boston, MA from New York City, NY at the end of August. Is it better to go by train or by Greyhound bus?

Letter Of Recommendation Etiquette

1) What are the general rules for asking for a letter of recommendation?

2) How do you approach the subject if you're currently employed with them?

3) How do you approach the subject if you were laid off and were promised a letter but haven't received it?

4) What do you do for a living?

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So, if you can buy salvia at a health food store, what are its healthful benefits? Aside from the obvious.

EDIT 'nother question:

Do your cats have a blast with the sheets when you're making your bed? Mine flip out and have so much fun chasing the sheet, chasing their tails, chasing my fingers, everything. It makes making the bed a chore, but they love it.
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1. Does anyone know of a website/lj comm/whatever that has people planning groups to go to the Harry Potter book release parties?

2. Will you be attending a Harry Potter book release party?

3. Have you attended any before?

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So, my camera says the maximum size memory card it supports is 512MB. I've looked everywhere for one but I can only find 1 or 2GB card. Will my camera really not be able to use the 1GB card? And if so, why????? I'm going out of town friday and I realllllly need it. Thanks, TQC!