July 10th, 2007


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Has anybody here ever attended a taping of Late Night with Conan O'Brien?
I'm taking a trip to Manhattan the first week of August, and I'll have some free time in which I hope to see the show. As far as I know, they tape in the afternoon, in a tiny studio in Rockefeller Center, and most people who get tickets do so by standing in line at 6:00ish am the morning of the show.
Anything to add?

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so i'm leaving my home for the first time in about a month to live at college. at first i was excited but now i'm just nervous. so, tell me, how was it for you the first time you lived away from home? good experience? bad experience?

also, i saw a kind of cracked out music video where this chick was walking down the street in a nice red dress but she was wearing dirty sneakers, and as she walked the neighborhood changed from pleasant to run down. at the end she was talking on the phone to somebody and she had a British accent. anyone know what i'm talking about?
Dead Like Me: Mason

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Greetings, Question Club! Three queries for you:

1. I'm planning a trip to New York City next week, and I was wondering about doing the NBC studio tour. The only NBC show I care about at all is Heroes, but I am really quite obsessed enthusiastic about it. Is the tour any good? Like, good enough to be worth the money if I only watch one NBC show?

2. On the plane, I'll want to listen to my discman (yes, I still use a discman, on account of the fact that I'm too broke cool for an iPod), but I don't want to a) disturb other passengers or b) fight the rumbling engines for use of my eardrums. What type/style of headphones are the best for blocking out external noise and keeping my music audible only to myself?

3. Has anyone tried those crystal deodorants? What do you think of them?
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1. Do you plan on going to any concerts in the near future?
I'm going to Ozzfest on August 30th. So excited. =D

2. Is your cell phone on a pre-paid plan or a recurring contract?

3. What's a problem you need fixing?
I need to find a way to make 1200 dollars on minimum wage before the end of September for my car insurance, while paying for textbooks for college. I am thinking about becoming a Mistress of the Night to cover the cost of my insurance.

4. I have three books I want to read by the end of July. Give me the order I should read them in? I have Dare, Truth, or Promise, Lolita, and Ender's Game. I am borrowing Ender's Game from my boyfriend and I own the other two books, so deadlines and time constraints aren't an issue.

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Do you make faces like a smiley? Is there one you use regularly?
Yes, :D or D:

If something freaked out your SO to the point where they were almost dry heaving, would you continue talking about it? Blaaargh.
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Permit test.

I'm taking the test to get a driver's permit tomorrow, and I was wondering..

Did you find the permit test to be difficult at all?

Everyone I've talked has told me it's terribly easy, but I'm paranoid so I've been studying like crazy anyway.
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What's the best way to pop your ear?

My right ear has needed popping for months but I can't for the life of me do it. My left one pops almost every single time I blow my nose, so it's annoying as hell that my right hasn't popped.

Good horror movies?

I'm about to cash in my 2 free weekly movie ticket and would really like to get movies that are worth watching.
So. Can anyone recommend a good horror movie like the 'Saw', Final Destination' or Hostel series. (I don't mean movies exactly like them, just something slightly more realistic). Nothing supernatural, no monsters, nothing cliched and boring. Suggestions welcome!
cancer of the ear - peoples

I'm a righty!

2:08 PM 6/30/07 · It kinda came to me Saturday, chatting with Mom, that I tend to always use the same ear for the phone; was lying on that side so had to use my other one. Which got me to wondering.

Do you primarily only use one ear whenever you're on the phone (not switching back & forth)?
Are you right·handed or left·handed?
Is the ear you tend to use the most on the same side?
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-For those of you who have ever owned chinchillas, do you know if bananas are compatible with their digestive tracts? I was feeding them this morning while eating a banana and one of mine kept trying to nibble on it.
-Do any of your pets like to eat certain human food?
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1- Have you ever had bubble tea? If so, what's your favourite flavour? With or without tapioca?

2- What is your best (non-medicinal) way of clearing out a stuffy nose/face?

3- Have you ever bought anything from SilverJewelryClub.com? If so, how was the shipping time like, and the quality of what you got? Worth the whole $9 + S&H? XP

It's almost lunch...

I am trying to decide, do I eat the sandwich I brought or get Taco Bell?  It is a sundried tomtato turkey sandwich on wheat and a nectarine.
-I am leaning towards the Taco Bell cause I am just not in the mood for wheat...

What did you do for your birthdays as a kid?
-A variation of things... my parents always had big parties for my sister and I both.  Once my dad and I went bowling together when I was getting a little older.

What did you do for your birthday this year?
-I am thinking I just want to have a small party.

What do you do for a living?
-I am administrative manager for a marketing company.


dog woes


We have a dog. His name is Titus, and we rescued him when he was 4 months old. He's now about a year old. We've been crating him at night because he was still chewing and we didn't have a dog door yet.

We have another dog, Hannah, who's about 3 years old now, also a rescue, who was horribly abused before we got her and won't leave her crate unless she feels like it. So, she sleeps in her crate, too.

Titus WOULD NOT NOT sleep through the night in his crate, as of the past couple of months. He wakes up every morning at 5 or 6 a.m. and starts whining or barking so that my husband (who hears him as soon as he starts) wakes up and goes downstairs and has to let him out and then falls asleep on the couch to shut him up if he starts again. Which he always does, even when he doesn't have to go to the bathroom.

We now have a dog door, and Titus knows how to use it. So, since my husband and I have not slept an entirely full night in two months (much less a full night TOGETHER since Brian ends up on the couch every night), we decided to let him have free roam of the house at night. We tested it, and sure enough, hes great -- can use the dog door, etc.

BUT NOW, he still wakes up at 5 or 6, goes outside, and starts happily BARKING AT THE ENTIRE WORLD. our neighbors HATE US now, because their bedroom is in the back of their house (we have a townhouse). This morning we woke up at 4 a.m. to our neighbor banging on the wall because Titus was out back barking. 

What can we do, TQC? We can't get him to stop barking, no matter what we do, and we miss having full nights of sleep. We're also on Zyban to quit smoking, which makes it harder to fall asleep, so once we're up, we end up beign awake for at least an hour.

We just can't do it anymore or our neighbors are going to call the cops and/or we're going to go crazy.

Oh, and for good measure, a picture of Titus is
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The professor for my math course is named Youngjun Choi. It's an online course, with no required in-class participation of any kind, so I will never meet him/her in person. I don't want to ask, because it may come off as rude. So, I will ask you folks, instead.

Is Youngjun a male or female name? How is it pronounced?

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I know this was just asked, but I have the ingredients like ready to go, so PLZ HLP TQC.

I 'm making cup cakes, it calls for 3 eggs, I only have 2 : ( What do I do?

What kind/how many pets do you have?

Do you like it better when people answer their own questions:
In the comments
In the post
Not at all

The wording of this post may or may not be made of fail

Do you think that there are certain types of people who could never date each other? Like a government engineer and an anarchist, or a fundamental Christian and a devout Buddhist?

In other words, do you see people in relationships with vastly conflicting backgrounds and think, "Gee, that'll never work?"

People tell me all the time that they don't understand how a soon-to-be-lawyer [me] could marry a musician [fiance] because obv we must be so different. Or the fact that I'm a recovering Roman Catholic marrying a Jew because that would cause so much controversy.*

* OK, it does sometimes. I won't deny that. ;)
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Haruhi disappearance
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What is the absolute strangest compliment you have ever recieved?

My fiance told me that I weigh less than a ten-foot-six-inch cast iron pipe. It was oddly flattering.
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Has anybody played Chulip on the PS2?
Im almost finished with the game, but Im having the hardest time getting a kiss from Jamtrack 415.
I read the guide on Gamefaq.com, but its not helping me.
Is there something obvious that I might be missing?
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fill in the blank?

i can't possibly be the only one that ________________.

my answer: repeats the letters back to myself whenever someone is spelling something out to me over the phone, especially if they say it really fast.

I need some help!!

I am taking a class on nonverbal communication, and one of our assignments is to do an abstract on an article selected by our professor.  I am having a heck of a time trying to find mine.  This is the information I was given:

Jones, Human Communication Research, 2007, 567

Jones, I'm guessing is the author, Human Communication Research is the title of the journal, 2007 is the year, and 567 is the page it starts on.  For some reason, I'm not able to find this on the university's library database.  I'm not finding a page 567 on any of the journals published this year, and Jones is a very, very generic name that's hard to search for.

Any help?  Thanks!!

Spice Girls

How do you feel about the Spice Girls reuniting to do an 8 country tour this winter?

Did you like them when they first came out in 1996?
-Which one was your favorite?
-What was your favorite song?

Is it a bad sign that they are taking a therapist with them on tour?

Do you think this will work out?


I've got horrible dust allergies and my one eye is bloodshot and red right now, plus my nose keeps running like crazy. I have a date in five hours. I took an antihistamine and put in eye drops, but alas, my eye is still sore and red.

What should I do, TQC?


So I recently moved . . . AGAIN. I got to thinking about how many of my friends have also been my roommate/housemate at one time or another.

So, TQC, How many roommates have you had? How many places have you lived since you left home? How old are you?

(don't count the people you grew up living with)


I've lived in 2 dorms and this is my 5th apartment. In all, I've had 9 roommates. I'm 23.
Me--State Fair


As far as I know from back when my mom used to can pickles, as long as they are sealed in the jar, they will keep for quite a while, right?

I just found a jar in my cupboard and there's no date on it, and I'd quite like to eat it.
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First of all: Please excuse all previous moronic behaviour under this account. I have a roommate. You know how it is when two bored, 18 year old guys get together.

Background to questions: I am switching from a mac to a PC. My mac broke and the insurance will cover the PC purchase. I'm eyeing an IBM thinkpad. R series or X series.

(A) When purchasing an IBM laptop, what comes with it? Eg, word proccessor, OS, etc?
(B) What are the best ways to back up your data from the PC?
(C) I've seen the thinkpad in action and I'm a fan of it. But: do you like your IBM thinkpad?
(D) R series or X series?


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TQC, I'm really worried about the drug test I'll be taking for my job in a few hours. Not because I'm scared I won't pass cause I totally will, but just because I'm scared I won't be able to pee on command. I'm not even joking guys.

I kinda need to go right now, should I drink a lot of water here at home or there? Do they like stand outside the stall to be sure you're not cheating and exchanging urine with the person next to you? If I act nervous will they think it's because I've taken drugs or will they understand that I've never exactly peed in a cup and handed it to anyone before?

don't make fun, it's my first real job. :( how do I know the person accepting my cup is not one of those people with a weird pee fetish??
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TQC, please help me with my cat! She's driving my husband and I NUTS!

-She's about 4 years old (the anti-cruelty society wasn't sure of her age when we adopted her).
-We've had her for 3 years now
-She fixed
-She's an only-indoor cat
-She still has her claws

In the past week, she's been *insane* at night. She's doing these pathetic yowling at night. On top of that, we'll wake up to her scratching on the woodwork of the doorways (something she's never done before). omg, why is she freaking out? A coworker said that it sounds like she's in heat, but uh, she's not.

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Disney's run out of decent folklore and fairy tales to transform into cartoons. Now, originality is in short supply in Hollywood, so I think that Disney should start turning hit movies into cartoons instead. Nothing Pixar. I'm talking old-school animation. Which movie would you most like to see Disney-lized?

Pretty Woman
Schindler's List
Less than Zero
Blaire Witch Project
Clockwork Orange
Boyz in the Hood
Requiem for a Dream
Rocky Horror Picture Show
oh noes.

Our dogs

My fiance and I have two dogs. One is a pit and the other is a boxer/beagle mix.

Do you have a dog that is a pit, boxer, or mix of both? Do you have a pit or a boxer that is mixed with another breed of dog?

Post pictures if you can! :)
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So, for a lot of highschoolers and etc. on TQC, it's summer vacation
I don't know about you, but when it's summer vacation, my room turns into a disaster sight.

1. Does your room get messy during the summer vacation?

2. If yes, how bad?


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1. hai ^_^ what are you up to?


2. and what do you think of a 40 year old guy who's a bartender? (like a posh kinda bar)
my coworker just asked me that. i don't see anything wrong with it, once he's good at it, and likes what he does. there's no law that says u have to be young to bar tend. *sigh* we have this ideology that we must all climb tha corporate ladder. honestly i want to get off it!

Nap time

I'm working a 10 hour work day, and I just came down with the worst case of cramps in the world. So I went upstairs in the waterfront manager's office and slept on his futon (sp?) for about an hour, on the clock.

Has anyone else ever had a job where they were able to sleep for a while on the clock and no one cared? Where was it? What were your responsibilities?

I work at a yacht club as a receptionist. I answer phones, help members, make reservations, and various other things during the day.

This happened last year as well, but I slept for about 3 hours.
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1) Would anyone like a Moola invitation? I have 16. Get 'em while they're hot.

2) I have steak marinating right now. What should I make to accompany it?

3) Have you ever been to a party where the cops were called? My party on Saturday was a total success because the cops were called.

4) Are you any good at Beer Pong?
The Party Dream

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Any good job interview tips?

I have my first "real" job interview this week, and I am freaking out. I'm extremely nervous and it doesn't help that I feel really underqualified for this job.
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Impossible Technologies

Congratulations. You have the opportunity to invent one device using impossible or vastly futuristic technology, either something that breaks the known laws of science or which would be impossible for us to make even if theoretically possible.

It has to have a specific purpose, not be a "grant me any wish I want" kind of machine.

What are you going to invent?

Will you share your invention with the world, or keep it to yourself?

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Possibly tl;dr

So I've known this guy for a couple of years now. About a year ago, he tried to make a move on me and I denied it. I honestly have no idea why I didn't go for it. Hes basically perfect in my eyes. Anyway. Cut to last night. I see him at the bar and we dance together for the rest of the night. He buys me drinks, blah blah blah. We kiss a couple of times. My friends separate us and I go home. Now today, I feel really happy and giddy and all that crap, except for I now realize he has a girlfriend (who happens to be in Paris right now).

TQC, am I an asshole? If not, who is? Him? No one? I'm confused!

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TQC, I'm sure this might have been asked before, but....

Why is it increasing popular amongst high-schoolers to pretend that they have a mental problem, cut themselves for attention, and to lie about having gone to mental institutions?

I'm a senior in high school myself, and it's a major fad with the freshman and sophomores. They display cuts, say they have depression or multiple personalities when they CLEARLY DON'T (and just say it for attention). Some also even make up stories about how 'in a past life they lived through the holocaust'. No shit, I'm not even kidding about that.

TQC, when will this get old? Why is it popular? Why do retards think pretending to have problems makes them cool?
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1. Can someone please explain to me in layman's terms how to connect 2 phones with Bluetooth?
My mate connected mine to his, but I can't connect mine to my fathers phone & I followed the instructions he gave me.

2. I have an urge to re-watch one of the TV series I have on DVD. What one should I start?
-Prison Break
-Even Stevens
-Jackass/Wildboyz/Viva la Bam
-The OC One Tree Hill

3. Has anybody played 'Prey'? What did you think of it?

4. Why do some people refuse to answer a call with no caller ID on their cell phone but not on their house phone?

5. What's the last movie you watched? Did you enjoy it?
This is so ridiculous.

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1. I have this really awesome black dress that I want to take to Panama with me, except for it has one of those nylon-y liner things on the inside, like a built in slip. Seeing as Panama is hot and nylon is not breathable, would I ruin the dress if I took it out? It's sewn in at the collar and just sort of hangs loose down to the skirt.

2. Where you live, do you have giant billboards advertising Windorphins?

3. If so, can you figure out what exactly they are, or rather, what their purpose is? The website is not helpful.
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Have you been to Niagara Falls lately?

Was it the Canadian or American side?

If you have been to the Canadian side lately, what would you tell a friend they must see/do on a weekend trip there? (restaurants, hotels, shopping (great places for thrift finds, unique boutiques, or malls with a good variety of stores), entertainment, etc)
I am heading there for a weekend this summer and I want some tips for when I plan what I will do that weekend. :)

If you were on the American side, feel free to share what to did as well!

If you haven't been there, would you like to? What would you like to do there?
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Mitty box

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1) What was the latest thing to irritate you?
2) What's the weather like where you are?
3) What do you like/dislike the most about thunderstorms?
4) Ever been in a natural disaster?
5) Do you know your neighbors?
6) Are you going to see the new Harry Potter movie this week?

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So tonight before eight of my friends and I go see the midnight showing of Harry Potter, I am going to make everyone dinner. What should I make? I want it to be something most people won't have an objection to.

The new plan is to have a mac and cheese bar. This is like a salad bar, but with delicious cheesy pasta instead of healthy lettuce (though maybe I'll pick up a salad too). The (new) question is, WHAT ARE GOOD MAC'N'CHEESE MIX-INS? So far I'm thinking chicken, broccoli, peas, beef, and bacon.

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Anyone else going to the first playing of Harry Potter in your area??

Did you buys tickets way ahead of time? How far ahead??

I'm bored at work so I am asking a lot of questions, sorry guys!!

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Well, TQC, I want to thank you for all your support in my time of need (that is, my drug test). Aside from giggling in the bathroom, not being able to find the toilet paper, and splattering my urine out of the cup and onto the back of the toilet, it went rather well.

When I walked into the first aid office, the first thing I heard was a medic asking a worker, "What happened with the kid who got hit in the face with the giraffe?" I had to stifle a giggle. (The kid is fine.)

So what's the weirdest/funniest conversation you've walked into? Or the weirdest/funniest unexpected remark you've heard?
misc - cemetery

sleepy-time, it sucks to be gary coleman, collections, and DTOM

1. I need to take a nap so I can wake up in 2.5 hours and get dinner and then go stand in line for my 11:59 showing of Harry Potter. Will you tell me your favorite bedtime story?

2. Why do tv stations put ads across the screen while a show is on? I'm watching VH1's I Love 85 and Gary Coleman was talking; his face was in the lower right corner of the screen and almost the entire time he was speaking, there was an ad for an upcoming show over his face. Poor Gary Coleman.

3. I know this gets asked all the time, but what do you collect? Will you show me a picture of your collection?

4. I just saw this pic on my friend's facebook and I thought of you all. What's something that you've seen/heard/smelled/whatever in real life that reminded you of TQC (or specific members, if you'd like)?
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1. For tea drinkers, do you add milk/cream to your tea? How much? I always want to try it, but being teh stoopid American I am, I don't know what would be a proper amount (I know it depends upon the individual, but how much do you put in?).

2. Has anyone been on an Alaskan cruise? What was it like? Did you have fun? Was it worth your money? I've been on a Carribbean cruise, but would like to try an Alaskan one. If you've been on a cruise to both places, how did the cruises differe?

3. Is Norwegian cruise line a good one to go on? Care to share experiences? It's more in our price range since we'd have to fly out to the west coast as well. I've only been on Carnival before.

4. What is your favorite mythological creature? I like unicorns.

5. Think back to when you were in high school. Did you have desks in rows or did your teacher do tables in groups with the desks (or something different)? What about classroom decorations (if you paid attention to those)...what kinds of decorations did you like? What did you not like? What did you consider too childish for high school that was in your teacher's classroom?

10 Things I Like About Me

OK, so this is a totally cheesy thing I did today, but it really is putting me in a better mood.  I find that I sort of "forget" about my good qualities, and find that I feel inferior to the educated, "polished" people I work with/for, as well as with attractive men I'm interested in.  I'm not saying that I have really horrid self-esteem, but as I said before, I sometimes don't appreciate the positive things about me. I posted it in my journal, and invited my friends to add to my list.  IRL, I also asked friends & family members for their additions.
My List:
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So, yeah- I TOLD you it was corny, but next time I feel like I don't have anything to offer to a conversation, or when I get down on myself for being "just a secretary", I'll just think of my list.

You don't have to post your whole list (you can if you want, but this might become a very long page if everyone lists all 10), but what are some things you'd put on your list?

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Any painters here?

Does anyone know if I can make pencil lines on top of dried acrylic?  I want to do a horse head shot, but I'm going to do the background first.  It will be an ocean scene, so light blues and whites.  Will I be able to draw my horse on the dried background?

Any acrylic painting tips?

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I got served a fish with head the other day and all I knew was that you could eat the eyeballs because some people do (and hey, it was a Chinese restaurant). So I ate that (it's good!), but..

What parts of a fish head served to you can you eat? What's the proper way to eat it?

Edit: I should probably mention I'm not adverse to trying new things like pretty much anything that's in the head - I just don't want a snapper spine in my jaw.

TQC q & a habits

1. If you ask a question, do you get disappointed if you don't get a comment within 3 minutes of your post?
2. If you post a reply, do you expect a comment from the person who asked the question?
3. If you post a reply, do you expect a comment from other users?
4. Do you use TQC as a way to socialize cuz you have no life or you are trapped somewhere evil (like work)?

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Stretch marks: how do you feel about them?

I personally love mine. I don't have the curviest body, but I have stretch marks on my hips and thighs and they make me feel curvier and like a woman.
I also love my boyfriend's. The feel good when I'm scratching him.

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I promise after this no more angst from me, but.

My friend's boyfriend was horribly mean to me and she always sided with him and all this other angst so I stopped talking to her.  (Yes, we are in high school.)  Then summer happened and I was planning to email her a Happy Birthday little message.  Especially since I was kind of her only friend.  She's one of these girls who needs and thrives on a boyfriend, so all her other friends got sick of it and left.  I was the last one to leave.  So her boyfriend (a huge jerk) breaks up with her.  I hear about it from another friend of mine.  Should I email her?  I don't want to be stupid and get into a bad relationship with her again where I get trampled over, but should I?
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1. Have you ever sold something you made on ebay? What was it?

2. Do you enjoy blueberries?

3. Do you know who is often given the title "Leader of The Free World" ? (I know this is worded awkwardly)

I think so but I'm not sure.

4. Do you consider that common knowledge?

TQC and you

1. What proportion of your friends list did you meet through TQC?
2. What proportion of your friends list do you know read TQC?
3. How important is TQC to you? (How butthurt would you be if everyone except you suddenly lost interest in TQC?)
4. How much time do you spend reading/posting/commenting in TQC on an average week?
5. A. Do you ever get tqcsick? Do you ever miss TQC if you're away too long?
B. If so how long does it take?
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What's the actual water content of an average watermelon? How much would you have to eat to equal a glass or water...and subsequently, can you substitute some watermelon for actual water in your diet?

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Whats the freakiest/most inappropriate song that has shown up on your mp3 player in a highly ironic/freaky/awesome manner?

I was walking down a dark corridor of the hospital, having worked late, when I passed a door that was chained up. I blinked, looked at it for a second, and the silent hill music- Complete with Radio static monster warning- started up on my ipod.

Air Conditioning

I've heard again and again but have never talked to anyone in the field. Can anyone confirm rather than speculate:

1 14x13 bedroom with a 6,500 BTU window air conditioner
Living room dining room area 35x17 with a 12,000 BTU window air conditioner

I get worried when BF turns it off and then turns it on the next day. I have always heard it's better to leave it on as it doesn't take as much power to keep it cool as it does to make it cool in the first place. As I'm the one that pays the electric bill, it's important to me.

I do understand how the air conditioner works. Big motor, little motor. I don't understand how it consumes electricity past big motor, little motor (more less but time on, turn it on when, etc). Can anyone guide me?


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What is the best bargain you've gotten recently?
I got a pair of hot black patent wedges for only $15, down from $60!

What big thing have you done lately?
I joined a gym today, and I'm wondering if I'll actually have the motivation to keep going...

Not hypothetical

Your cousin is transgendered and has recently decided to legally change her female name to a male name. You have not been informed directly by your cousin of this name change, have only heard about it through fleeting family gossip. 

You ask your cousin's sister for your cousin's address using the girl name. Your cousin's sister responds using the boy's name. 

How do you address your cousin's birhtday card- boy name or girl name?

EDIT: and in the past your cousin has requested that the name not be shared with family members, including yourself.

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I just spent two hours trying to switch my dryer door so it would open from the other side. It didn't work. I was really pissed. What have you tried to do lately that didn't work out?
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 1. What are your thoughts on sexual situations with someone with mommy/daddy issues?
1b. On a similar vein, what did your parents call one another? If they called each other mommy/daddy, do you now look back and think that it was sexual?

2. What do you think lil_bear33's future husband will look like? Pictures, drawings and/or descriptions welcome.
Friends: Unagi.
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I'm applying online for a job and they're asking what my motivation is for this job. My motivation is that I want to earn money so I can pay my bills and buy stuff I want. I'm guessing this type of motivation isn't going to get me the job. Can you think of a better motivation?
It's an adminstrative position at a gas and electricity company. "I just love that smell gas has." is probably not a good idea. Or is it?
jubilee would like you to help me now

I feel really stupid.

I bet the answer to this is really simple, but it's driving me crazy.

My ipod is plugged in to the computer. It's charging.

But the ipod icon refuses to show up in my iTunes. This means I can't put more music on or change anything.

It is driving me nuts.

What am I doing wrong here? How do I fix this?

eBay and DC Public Transit

1) Ever sold just plain anything on eBay? I have a few broken rare electronics that will probably fetch $15-$20, but, hell, I can't use them and I need the money. I've bought on eBay before and I lurk a lot, so I know how it works but I'm curious to hear what others' experiences have been.

2) If you are from DC, has a Metro train ever gone through your station, ready to let passengers off, and not opened half the doors? I couldn't get on the train this morning and couldn't figure out why (am planning to send them an e-mail). If you're not from DC, a similar situation? I was annoyed, but also thought it was just plain weird.
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1. Does anybody actually LIKE receiving comments that say **hugs**? Seriously. I've always heard people say that they hate that, so why do people do it?

2. "Carl" -- one syllable or two?

3. "Charles" -- one syllable or two?

4. Which is harder -- When someone you care about hurts you, or when you hurt somebody you care about?

5. Do you like EGGPLANT? If so, how do you like it?

6. Did you have any "psychic moments" today? A couple of my friends and I were tripping that we keep having "psychic moments" all day (for example, thinking about someone you haven't spoken to in five years just moments before they call?) Obviously I know that's not psychic, I'm just saying that for lack of a better word.

7. Do you ever call people "snotty" in conversation? What about the word "snooty"? If no to both, what word do you use in its place when somebody is being, um, snotty?