July 9th, 2007


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i now have access to netflix & i really want to rent some amazing documentaries. does anyone have any suggestions? what are they about? one of my favorites was capturing the friedman's.


So, I just found out that one of my sisters is going to visit our sis out in Arizona and she invited me to go with her (I'm in California-btw). My problem is, she's leaving Tuesday morning and coming back Friday night, which means I would have to miss 2 days of work. I'm sure I can get my shifts covered (I'm a server) but I don't know what excuse to give my managers.

I'll only be gone for those few days and I really wana go.

What would you say to your boss?

Btw- if I tell them the truth, that I just want to visit relatives, there's no way in hades they'll give me a break.


Can you still be attracted to females and not be bisexual or homosexual? i've never been in a relationship with a women or ever felt the need or wanted to be... but every once in awhile i find myself fantasizing about women.

lead me

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Have your hormones ever been so screwed up that you start crying for no reason? Over nothing at all?

On that note, is there anyone here who'd like to keep me company until this is over with?
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The "Cloverfield" project

For those who've seen Transformers, you might remember the trailer for the untitled movie that is set to be released the beginning of next year from J.J. Abrams. What is your speculation on what the movie is? Is it Godzilla? Is it an alien invasion? An end of the world drama? Or something completely different and probably silly that the only way to peak interest is to put out a trailer of this type? For those who don't remember which trailer I'm talking about or who haven't seen Transformers yet, the trailer can be viewed here.
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Random and possibly semi-dumb:

Anyone who's ever flown out of JFK in New York City, I have a question that's been bugging me. Do you think 3-3 1/2 hours would be enough time if you had to get off a flight, collect your luggage, get to another terminal about two away, recheck the luggage and get through security? In late July at about 6 pm?

I'm leaving on a trip in a week and this was the only way I could make it work. It's kind of making me nervous now.
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1) How can you delete a livejournal community that is yours?

2) I've heard a few people say before that they think everyone in the world is naturally bisexual but that society brainwashes most of us to feel otherwise. What do you think of this? True/false and why?

3) One of my friends had a credit card type thingum as a teenager that her parents put money on for her. They gave her about $250 a month. Do you think that's unreasonable? Would you do the same if you had a child and the money to do it? She stopped accepting the money when she was 16 because she didn't want to seem overly privileged, would you do the same thing in her place?

4) Have you ever been completely confident about a part of your body or face (or at least not thought anything negative of it) but then someone comments on it and you become self-conscious about it? Any examples? 

5) When I argue with certain people, they bring up something that has NOTHING to do with the current situation at hand and rant about it or something I did months ago. Why do people do this? Do you know anyone who does this?

O the joys of going off birth control!

It's kinda like going through puberty all over again. Obviously I'm grateful to have my confidence and sex drive back, but the backne... seems to have returned with a vengeance. What to do? I mean, besides going back on BC or taking accutane or something. I found stuff about vitamin E and lemon juice, and that's a good start. Any other suggestions, i.e. along the lines of home remedies?
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Good Morning TQC!!!

What's for breakfast ?
Am I invited?

i'm having Yoplait Mountain Blueberry Yogurt...
If you like, I have some more in the fridge you could eat....

Hope you have a super Monday!

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just last night i put a picture in my LJ profile, before that there was an AIM quote for a couple weeks but for the best part of months and months there's been nothing. i have no idea what to put there.

what do you think i should put in my profile?

BONUS QUSETION: i'm seeing an advanced screening of Order of the Phoenix tonight. is this awesome(y/n)?
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Ch-ch-ch Chaaaaangessss

1. What is one lifestyle change you recently resolved to do?

2. Will you actually go through with it?

3. Why did you decide to do it?

1a. To start my very own specially tailored for me organic lifestyle.
2a. Well.. maybe ONE thing at a time. But since I've already started limiting it. (  Example: Well.. organic everything except for some foods.. or clothes.. or.. and so on and so on. )  
3a. Because I've been evily enabled and have started shopping at places like Lush, and Bpal. 

Random off topic: How can I make my Icon have text? I only have paint. I'd like it to say "Sissy Fight"

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1. How did you find your current job? (Classified ad, walk-in, blindly sending out resumes, family or friend referral, job fair, etc?)

2. Do you like your job? Are the pay and benefits acceptable?

3. If you could do any type of work and live comfortably off it for the rest of your life, what would you do?

I would learn to do something really intricate and craftsmanship-y, like watchmaking or making cheese.
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1. What was the best thing that happened this past weekend?
2. The worst thing?
3. Any big things on the horizon for this week (or next weekend)?
4. What was the last text message you received?
5. I keep burping and tasting my dinner from last night. This is nasty. How do I make it stop?
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Who is thejazzhands, and why are they adding random people with no intention of defriending them?

Non-serious answers welcome.

What is the high temperature where you live today?

When was the last time you played hooky? From what? (school, work, an appointment, etc.?)

I have a nice big thing of strawberries... what should I do with them?
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you'll probably need to stand up and take your shows & socks off for this

The other day I accidentally spilled a ton of change all over the floor. Thought I'd gotten it all up but when I got out of the shower I noticed a dollar coin still on the floor. Tried picking it up with my feet, because I'm usually good at that sorta thing, but just couldn't get a grip on it.

What's the smallest thing you can pick up with your feet?
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How old is too old? (Probably a girls only post, sorry boys!)

So, girls, we all know that bad boys are too sexy.  Actually, even though I know it's been asked in the past, in the interest of creating a fully comprehensive post... 

1) Are you attracted to "bad boys"?
2) Is there a limit to how bad?  Tattoos? Motorcycle? Jail time? So bad he doesn't even GET jail time? (please note: I am not necessarily saying any of these things are deciseively "bad", just looking for other peoples' opinions on what THEY consider "bad".  I'm aware some of these are stereotypes, and that many of them are outdated.  But not everyone considers tattoos "mainstream", and I want to have that point of reference in the responses)
3) Do you act on this attraction, or just admire them from afar?
4) IS there an age when going after the "bad boys" should stop?  I mean, is it OK for a teenager? A girl in her early 20s?  Her 30s?  
5) What if he's really pretty?  Can you ignore the badness if he's hot enough?

Why am I asking?  Completely hypothetical, my friends.  No real life inspiration at all for htis post.  (I'll let you know if that changes ;) )

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Do you ever forget what you look like?

Not 'forget' in the sense that you have no idea, but more in the sense that you see yourself in a mirror and go "Oh, yeah, ok...that's right"

I know this is poorly worded/explained, sorry!
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1- In a breakup, who gets the things that were paid for by one but given to the other as a gift (not on purpose, it just ended up that way, as the 'other' uses said objects more often)? Does it make a difference if said objects were over $500?

2- What's love got to do with it, anyway?

3- Could you guys give suggestions for a 36hour non-stop train ride? Past reading, writing, and playing with a DS, since I've already got those planned out. ;)

4- What do you do to a co-worker who badtalks everyone and is rude to customers, but only when the boss isn't looking? My troublemaker is my own sister, I'm thinking of kicking her through a window.
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Partner ?s

1) What is harder for you to adjust to sleeping with someone and then sleeping alone OR sleeping alone and then sleeping with someone? sorry for the poor wording

2) What qualities do you have that make you a good/bad travel companion?

3) What is your favorite on screen duo? (Ex. Starsky & Hutch, Cates & Hammond, Bill & Ted, etc.)
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Someone told me not to keep my laptop plugged in all the time or the battery will die sooner.

Question: I also have a USB port, external hard drive, and wire to the router connected to my laptop. Will these devices also drain battery power (faster) if I leave them connected into my notebook with it's main power plug disconnected?

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What's the longest you have ever gone without bathing?

Have you ever abandoned a pet? If so, why?

Have you ever gained or lost a large amount of weight?

When people go on about how bored they are, don't you ever just want to say "maybe it's you that's boring" ?
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Random Questioning

1. A woman last night told me, "Women me included want a man to kiss there ass and want them to want to do it,and they do the same back. When a woman feels like she has to beg for shit to be done or feels guilty asking for something, they are not very willing to recipricate."

Is this statement true in a friendship, in a relationship or both?

2. My deli manager says I should make sure I don't get overtime, but the store managers keep giving me the overtime. I am at a situation which is at a stand-still.

How do I solve this situation? Is there a way to avoid it again?

3. People at work and outside of work make fun of me because I am quiet and observant.
Is it wrong to be quiet and obvservant? How can this problem be fixed? Do you believe the people are being mean because I am not like them?
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I am dyeing white socks with food coloring. I've had them soaking overnight in water and food coloring , so the color is nice and dark. I'm worried about firstly, washing the color out when I rinse the socks, and secondly, having the color bleed onto my skin when I wear them.

Any suggestions for what to rinse them with that will both keep the color during the rinse process and keep the dry socks from dyeing my skin? My mom suggested salt water, but she wasn't sure how effective that would be.
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1. when you buy bread.. do you:

A) put it in the freezer?
B) put it in the fridge?
C) don't put it in the fridge at all?

2. where do you get your hair cut at?
3. do you only let a certain hairstylist cut it or just whoever is available?

4. since joining TQC, i've learned that i am __________? (fill in the blank)
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No guy deserves a second chance after messing up, true or false?

*EDIT* Messing up as making me feel more like an obligation than a girlfriend on various occasions.
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OH NOES, posting too much!

1- What is there to do in San Antonio, TX? Alone. No car. During the daytime. :(
1b- Do any buildings in Texas have basements?

2- Who/what should I blame for having a sore throat? Not myself, I'm never at fault for these things.
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pick ones

1) What hurts more: emotional pain or physical pain?

2) Which is better: Mandy Moore the singer or Mandy Moore the actress?

3) Would you rather eat McDonald's for lunch or not eat at all? (Edited: needed a rephrase.)
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I asked this over in a Mac community but have gotten no responses, so now I'm asking you guys.

Mac users: Okay, so like I said in a previous post, my track pad mouse is messing up (sticking, etc.) and some of you suggested having it looked at since it may be a hardware problem (no, I don't have an external mouse).

Is this something they can look at at the Genius Bar in a Mac store? (Sorry, never been there for help so I dunno what all they do there.)

If my computer needs to be sent in for repairs, how long do you think this may take? A couple weeks? A month? 42 years? I ask because this is the only comp I have at home. I have the summer off since I teach, and I don't have a second job where I can use a computer to access the internet. Plus I need this comp to get some stuff done before school starts.


1. Can stress make your period come late or irregular?
2. Have you ever been so stressed that your period was late, and then got even more stressed about being pregnant?
3. Is this all just a vicious circle that will someday end??
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1) What's something you think everyone should know about you?

2) Have you ever had a perpetual state of arousal for longer than 36 hours? Did you seek medical attention?

3) What do you think Arsenio Hall is doing right now? I bet he's at a wine and cheese tasting party.
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1) If you make your own meals, do you cook at home every night?

2) When you do cook, do you tend to prepare meals from scratch, or from a box?

3) What is the last thing you made to eat?

4) Are you a good cook?
a. What's the hardest dish you've ever prepared?

5) Do you like to plate your meals in an appealing way, or just plop it on the dish?

1) Yes, I do

2) From scratch 90% of the time

3) A garden salad

4) Yes
a. Either pecan pie, sauces, or a fresh spanish rice. (I'm still new to cooking and have not ventured out into really exotic things yet)

5) I like to arrange them.

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Which death in an animated film is the saddest?

A) Optimus Prime

B) Bambi's mother

C) Mufasa

D) Littlefoot's mother

E) Charlie B. Barkin (I mean the second time he died)

F) Hazel (Watership Down)

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Can you be fired on the spot from your job, or do they have to give you notice? I posted before about how my boss told me to come in Saturday or I'd get fired, and I'm scheduled to work tonight from 6-10, and I barely slept last night because as much as I hate this job, I don't have anything else lined up and I could be out of a job for months. So, back to the question. If I show up tonight, can my boss just tell me I'm fired and to go home? What do I do about my paychecks? I've never been fired before D:
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How can you tell when someone is internet flirting? Do you think TQC has any internet flirts? Who?

What's your favorite American era? I like the progressive era and the depression/war.

Do you like it when the booty go dun uh dun uh?
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Weird ?s

1) Is the point in faking an orgasm to make the other person feel better about their self? If not, what is the point?

2) Would you leave your girlfriend around R. Kelly?

3) Have you ever been on a hidden camera show?

NES game

I'm trying to remember the name of a certain NES game. I don't remember a lot about it. This is what I know:
*You played a little yellow chick
*The earliest boss was a whale. You were inside its belly and things would drip down from the top.
*Whenever you went through water, you'd have a snorkel and an air meter.
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Could you guys be lovely and tell me some movies/shows/books that include the concept of rifts? Of worlds, universes, time lines, blah blah blah. I have a few already that I'm eyeballing, but more couldn't hurt.
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1) If you went to a vocational/trade high school:
a. What was your focus?
b. If graduated, are you doing anything with the trade/vocation you learned, or something completely different?

2) If you graduated college:
a. (Since we had a major question already) Are you doing a job related to your major/minor, or something completely different?

I have done neither, but all of my friends went to the local vocational high school. All the nursing kids are either unemployed or working retail. My friend in carpentry is now a vet. My plumbing friend is an electrician. My fiance was in electronics robotics, and is now a plumber. All the other EL-ROB kids are working retail or random other jobs. Weird! None have plans to go back to their original trade (unless you count my fiance fixing electronics as a side job)

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I know this question gets asked every so often but in light of a recent post and because I'm moving into my new apartment tomorrow:

What are the basic essentials you should have when you're moving into a new place, assuming you're starting with nothing except for furniture and the clothes on your back?
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Can anybody recommend a true-to-the-novel film adaptation of "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"? There are, apparently, billions of adaptations, and most of them look really terrible.

creamy and moist

Are there any common words that, for some unknown reason, squick you out? I had a friend years ago who cringed at the word "cupcake" and I've recently found myself rather repulsed by the word "savory". I've also shuddered at the word "creamy" ever since I can remember.

Are there any common words that you really really like? I think my favorite word has been "cozy" for about 10 years. It just sounds so nice and... cozy. "Pocket" is a nice word, too.

If your response to this is WUT, you're mirroring most people I've asked about this before.
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1. Should I go to my company crab feast? It's the day the Harry Potter book comes out, so I'll be there on no sleep. And I don't eat seafood.

2. I'm ridiculously excited because today I got my official company notepad with my name pre-printed on it. Scale of 1-10, how lame am I?

3. What's the deal with Facebook? Should I sign up for one?

4. National League or American League?

5. Have you ever gotten a wedding favor that you liked? What was it?

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there's this stuff growing on my grass in patches. it's a dard gray and looks like it's just spray paint but when you knock the grass it flies off like powder. any ideas on what it is and if it's harmful at all?
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Be honest:

When you take a political stance, or get into a political argument, do you tend to be understanding of the opposing view, or do you tend to automatically feel that the other side is ridiculous or ignorant? 

If you've gotten into a heated political argument with someone IRL, does their political view tend to affect/change your opinion of that person?

Voodoo movie?

Okay, help me out here, questionclub.

When I was little I overheard my parents watching a creepy movie about voodoo. I came out of my room at night when they thought I was asleep and hid behind the couch listening to it. I only heard bits and pieces and didn't actually see the screen so I don't know what it's called. My mom denies the entire thing and says I must have had some kind of weird dream but I know this happened! So here's where you come in. I'm going to tell you everything you I know about it and if you have any clue what film I could be talking about, please tell me. I think if I can give her a name she might remember it and stop telling me I'm nuts.

-I'm pretty certain there were 2 little girls in it.

-One of the girls was named Cecily or Siciliy or something similar to that.

-I believe there was an old woman who was teaching one of the little girls voodoo.

-There was a man in the movie and I think he was abusing one of the little girls, that's why she wanted to learn voodoo (so she could use it against him)

-The little girl used a doll to kill the man abusing her and then felt guilty about it and wanted the old woman to help her undo it.

Do you have any idea what this movie was? Keep in mind that this happened when I was about 7 or so, the year would have been about 1997 but the movie probably wasn't a super new release.

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Have you ever been the subject of a snark entry in a community? How about someone you know?

How do you feel about any variations of the term "popping one's cherry" to anything other than losing one's virginity?

When you catch yourself doing hypocritical things, how do you react? Fix it, laugh, ignore it, etc.?

Have you ever vomited on another person or been vomited on?

When one of your limbs falls asleep, do you prefer to shake it to wake it back up or just gently move it around?
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What's something about technology that annoys the living hell out of you?

I was just trying to add CDs in iTunes and it takes forever to 'determine gapless playing information' or whatever it does and it makes it almost impossible to do anything else on the computer while it's loading. D:
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You've got a friend (maybe)

Sometimes friendships end with a bang, sometimes with a whimper, and sometimes with an ultimatum of "it's either her or me" from your ex (when you make no such demands of your friends).  So regarding those friends who chose the ex over you and are now trying to open that door back up (several years later)...

Are you more of a "screw me once - shame on you, screw me twice - shame on me" type person who won't let anything develop?  Do you believe in second chances but not thirds?  Or something else?
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1. At what age would you expect someone to be able to tell time with an analog watch?

2. At what age would you expect someone to know how to use a lighter?

3. Why can't my cousins who are 18 and 22(maybe 23) do either?

Moving out!

What can all of you tell me about moving out and renting an apartment for the first time? 

What kind of utilities are included in the rent? Is electricity always or never included?

What sort of expenses are forgotten about? (Rent, utilities, groceries, entertainment, transportation)?

ALSO: If anyone has specific info about the Gainesville, FL area-- I'll love you forever.


2 years.

1. Where were you two years ago today?
2. Where do you think you'll be in two years?

1. In Tenkasi, India.
2. In San Francisco, probably on some hospital rotation somewhere.

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It's boiling hot where i live and will be for a good while yet. My poor cat is a long haired kitty (balinese) and has been crying about the heat, so I'm going to get her a lion cut (all shaved except her head).
My boyfriend thinks this is a totally bizarre idea.
Do you agree with him?

work-related advice

Background: I work at a pretty well-paying call center, with very nice people and excellent benefits, in which we set up dependant care as an employee benefit for people, so they do not have to miss work. It's a very nice service, and I'm happy with the direct positive impact what I do has on people's lives. So, I kinda like it there. But as lovely as it is, it's still a call center, make no mistake.

My husband just got accepted into the state patrol academy a while ago. About a week ago, we were given our options of stations, and not a single one of them is local to us. So, we're going to be moving (because it's stupid for him to turn that down for the sake of MY job) to Grand Junction, which is about five hours away from where we are now.

The nice people at my job have said that it may be possible for me to continue working for them, remotely. If so, they will still want me to come to the office once a month or so. In general, this is great. It means I won't have to quit and look for another job that may not pay as well or be as good for me.

But today I started to wonder... Could I reasonably ask for travel reimbursement for my monthly ten hour round trips to the office? I'm afraid to ask them. On one hand, it seems somewhat reasonable. On the other, what if they decide, in that case, not to let me continue to work there?

(no subject)

What are the main tourist spots in your town? Are you over them? Do natives and residents typically frequent these spots as well?

Does your "post to" button have your username on it instead of the community you are posting to?

(no subject)

my cousin (by marriage) will be playing in the All Star Game this week. Everyone in the family is super excited about it, I on the other hand am not as excited as them. Does this make me a killjoy?

(no subject)

Why does my eye keep twitching? It's like there's something in the under part of my eye and it keeps twitching and it's been doing that all day.

ps - I took this community's advice last night about the burn, and I woke up and it was healed!
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I'm looking for an LJ entry. It was a person's final project or something in their class, but they had asked for and then updated to a community when they were finished.

The project had to do with women having a positive outlook on their bodies, and the final project was for the person to print out positive messages to post on bus stop shelters on the Special K ads.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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Poll #1018374 Vegas, baby!

TQC takes a field trip to Vegas! What will you be doing primarily?

Gambling at the tables!
I'll watch some shows
Strip clubs :D
Getting drunk and walking the strip, peoplewatching
Staying sober and walking the strip, peoplewatching
Slot machines. One-armed bandits,here I come
Hooker. I'm not saying anything more
Getting into some hotel nightclubs and bars, enjoying the scene
The buffet
Staying in my room, playing WoW, checking email or chatting
Hanging out by the pool
I'll be in the arcade
Betting on the games
None of the above

Jim approaches Dave and says, "You're my best friend. I know I can count on you, Dave. Can I ask you for a favor?" "Sure", Dave says. "Dave, I lost my shirt on that Yankees game. My wife will kill me. I need money fast. Can I have one of your kidneys? I told the bookie you'd give it to me" "Hell no!" "I thought you were my friend! Bastard!". Who's at fault in this friendship?

Jim. He asks too much of Dave
Dave. He clearly doesn't value the friendship.
The system. Don't hate the playa, hate the game
Jim's wife. Why's she so concerned if he blows their savings gambling? Half that money's his, after all
I blame Canada

You get a free room at a new Vegas hotel. Unfortunately, it's a furry-themed hotel. You won't even believe what your room looks like. Let's say it's not carpet. Do you stay for free?

Yes. A hotel's a hotel, and free is free
No. I can only imagine what they did to that bearskin rug. Wait, that's not a bearskin. That's a bear costume!
Yes. Furries are hot
No. I refuse to support their lifestyle, nor this haven to their fetish
Throw in a free buffet and free tickets to the Gnu Man Group and I'm in

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Say if you bring a package in to the post office, weigh it, and get exact postage printed onto it, can you take the package home with you to be sent on another day so you don't have to make a trip, or do they have to take it right away and send it?

Also, if you get pay for exact postage printed onto your package and you decide that you don't want to send the package, can you get a refund within a certain period of time?

(no subject)

1.) What's something you always seem to forget at home when you travel?
2.) A friend of mine recently received a package in the mail, no return address. Inside was a pair of women's underwear. He has no idea who sent it, and he's a little concerned that this is some kind of threatening gesture from one of the many people he may have wronged in the past. What would you think if some anonymous individual mailed you a thong?
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

technical difficulties

I have a Creative Zen Vision M and I love it to death. Sadly, it's not loving me back right now. It charges through the wall just fine so I don't think there's anything wrong with the converter attachment thingie, but when I plug it into the computer to add music, it doesn't work. The computer gets that something is plugged in, but says there are no drivers so it doesn't recognize it as an mp3 player. My desperate googling attempts have led me to see that other people have had similar problems of the computer ceasing to recognize the player, but I couldn't find any solution for it! Also, I'm an idiot who seems to have misplaced the installation disk, but I'm moving so it may turn up in the next day or so.

So, basically, has this happened to anyone? Did you fix it?

And speaking of moving, what are good places to look for classifieds other than Craigslist? I'm moving to the Bloomington-Normal area and I really need furniture.

Oh and another thing, technical issue: I'm having issues with my ZoneAlarm, it keeps saying it can't connect to the VectorService or something and so I don't think I have an updated functional version, and it's freaking me out. Anyone know whats up with that?

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I have $25 sitting in my PayPal account. What should I buy off eBay?

A DVD that I can't find at my local video stores?
A new t-shirt?
A couple of original ECW DVDs?
Some kind of jewlery?
A couple of cheap CDs?
Your momma?
Or should I leave it, keep putting a few bucks in it every once in a while until I have enough to buy a TV show on DVD?

ps. Should I watch Dogma or Constantine after dinner tonight?

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So I've recently begun to care about how I look (no more hoodies for me), and I'm getting into clothes. Big time. But I have no idea where to find...

A bubble dress! Do you know of any stores that sell them?

The price really doesn't matter (unless, ya know, it's over 500 dollars)

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The beautiful Princess Jasmin is taken from the palace by an evil genie. Because the evil genie enjoys tormenting his victims, he says to her: "Make a single statement. If it's true, I'll eat you; if it's false, I'll feed you to the snakes." Now Princess Jasmin is a clever girl, and so she thinks about this for a bit. Finally she gives her statement, and it is enough to completely bewilder the genie, thus filling him with so much rage that he simply explodes, allowing the princess to return safely to her palace, unharmed.

What did Princess Jasmin say? ;-P

Football (soccer) and Formula One in the USA.

Okay so I'm a huge football (soccer) and Formula One fan. The Formula One season is currently in full swing and doesn't end until October and the football season starts again in August.

My family and myself might be going to Florida in September/October and I was just wondering, do the sports channels in Florida show Formula One and football - or rather, Manchester United? I really don't want to have to miss any of the matches/races and it'd put my mind at rest to know.
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grad school questions

Is there some sort of website with a list of the average GPAs/GRE scores of people accepted to graduate schools? I know acceptance is more than GPAs, but I'd like to know if I'm in the range.

If there isn't a website like this, WHY THE HELL NOT? It would help me not panic.

What grad schools were you accepted at, and with what accomplishments under your belt? What schools didn't you get into? What was your undergraduate major, and what were you planning to study at the grad school?

Wow, I nearly posted this to tqc_boobs. That would've been weird.

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So, me and my co-worker we talking today, and something he said led me to respond, "You know, I don't think you're a very nice person at heart." I said this jestingly, but it led to a serious one minute discussion on sincerity vs. acts of sincerity. Something along the lines of challenging the phrase, 'It's the thought that counts.'

Now, it made me think about who I am as a person. I often times portray empathy and sympathy, because that always seems proper, but I never sincerely care much about what is being said.

1] So, the question is; In your opinion is it the thought that counts? Actually being sincere and meaning it? Or it just the action, portraying sincerity, even if it's not real. Feel free to use your own experience as an example.

2] Do you think people who don't put milk in their cereal are weird?

3] Does it bother you when people watch movies with subtitles, or is it essential that you have them on?
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Question about cable service

My roomate and I purchase cable internet and basic family cable through Mediacom. Every 1-2 weeks the cable will go out completely (no internet or TV) starting from the afternoon going until sometime that evening (generally 6 hours).

Then today the cable went out at 1P, it is still not back on. And damnit I like the internet (I'm at work, for those curious).

My question, at what point can I start requesting compensation for the lack of services provided? If the cable is out for more than a day can I get a refund for 1/30th of my bill? Does it have to be longer? Am I screwed no matter what?

Anyone else have problems like this with Mediacom or others?

My roommate is pretty pissed about it, but I'm under the impression we have no recourse unless we want to cancel our service entirely, which really isn't a good option.

I've searched their website and could not find the service agreement, so I can't check. I'll have to see if I can't find something when I get home.

Stupid Mediacom having crappy service and being the only option for me. :(

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ARG! My elbow is really, really dry. Just one, the other is completely normal. I've tried everything to fix it- lotions, petroleum jelly, Neosporin, anything I can think of.

How, oh how, can I get my elbow back to normal? It's so dry it hurts and the skin catches on my shirts and blankets.

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When was the last time you rearranged the furniture in your room (if that's even an option for you)?
I'm rearranging right now!  The last time I did was about two years ago.

What is the catchiest song you can think of?
Currently, I can't get "Mountain Trip to Japan,1959" out of my head. 

Where do you hear about new music?
I would say it's about half and half with mp3 blogs and the radio station where I DJ.


rename tokens

have you used a rename token? how did you find a deleted/expunged username that you wanted?

for some reason, the only way i can browse newly available usernames is by searching only the first page of each alphabetical letter.

is there anyway for me to look up if any usernames starting with "be" are available, withough having to search for each individual username separately??? it only shows "b0"-"ba".
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My husband and I just booked our flights to Europe! 

We are going for 6 weeks and are likely to visit the following countries/cities: London, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia or whatever it's called now, Prague and Italy. 

What are some recommended "must sees"?

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1. Does your SO play WoW?

2. For one year, you have to live in one of the following countries: The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia. Where would you choose to live and why?

3. Will you tell me three random facts about you?
WKRP--Johnny asleep at the board.

whoa man, I don't know what's goin' on here.

What's the most "out of it" moment you've had lately?

I laid down a little after 5 "just for a few minutes" and when my boyfriend called at 8:30, I got really confused and thought it was 8:30 THE NEXT MORNING. Which would have been bad, since I have to be at work at 5:45. Egads! In my defense, I was having a pretty intense dream, so that might have had something to do with it...and I'm going back to bed!
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My 9 year old brother is fascinated with this question. Every few months he cries because he doesn't know the answer. So it got me wondering what everyone else thinks.

What is your personal opinion on what happens after we die?

Edit: sorry, I guess this was asked recently. My bad. So. uh. Here's a new question.

I might be getting a job at the Adult Outlet, AKA porn store. Has anyone else here ever worked at any type of "adult" store? My friend works there, but I'm kind of curious to hear about other peoples experiences.
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flight attendant TV show

Maybe 2-3 years ago, there was a show on TV about flight attendants. I can't think of the name of the show and I've been putting in random keywords on IMDB and Netflix and I can't come up with what I'm looking for. Does anyone know what show I'm talking about? What's the name? Is it still on?
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What do you do when you start to volunteer at a place and want it to be recognized that you have x amount of hours at say, an elders'place? Do you just write down the hours or do you have to have it signed by someone? How is it official?

I want this for college transfer. 

Help me plz.

I live with my second cousins, and they're really good people and they don't charge me much rent at all. But they do some really obnoxious shit. For example, they eat my food/beer that I pay for without asking, and they don't listen to me when I ask them to not do certain things regarding my pets. They also come in my room when I'm not home and fuck with my air conditioner temp.

How do I ask them politely to change this? I feel really guilty saying anything to them because they took me in no questions asked and they're really accommodating. They even offered to let me off the hook on my rent when I was unemployed. I feel indebted to them.

ETA: They also constantly give me shit I don't want/need. Like, old textbooks, videos of their son at space camp, old manuals for software that's obsolete...they just put it in my room. I feel really rude saying anything about that. Why do you think they do this?
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What's it like being white?

Do you feel that you are priveleged?

Do you consider non-white Americans as true Americans?

Do you feel that you are better than those who are not white? If so, in what ways?

Please answer honestly, I'm not setting you up to judge you. I'm just very curious...

tour de france, fuzzy

I was watching the Tour de France just now with my dad, and he pointed out that one of the team's jerseys has the logo/sponsor fuzzed out in every shot. He noticed it yesterday, and it's the same today.
The team colour is light blue/green teal-ish, we're pretty sure it's team Astana but of course we can't tell since the name is...gone.
What the hell is up with this?
Which channel is doing it?:
We're watching it on OLN (canada), which is broadcasting the Versus (usa) version of the French TV feed.

I've googled the hell out of it and searched all manner of webpages and fan message boards and have come up with nothing so far.

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One of my friends said that girls always like one of their breasts over the other.

Do you have one breast that you think looks better than the other? I realize we can be asymmetrical that way, but I never thought it was that big of a deal.



What's the best way to fix the 90ms A/V lag on my TV? It's seriously cramping my ability to game.

(I know about the $1700 guaranteed fix. If I were able to do that, I'd just be buying a new TV.)