July 7th, 2007



  • Can you please recommend a good movie to rent? (In terms of genres, I prefer drama, independent, and foreign movies... but any suggestions are welcome)
  • What is your #1 all-time favorite movie?
  • What movies do you think are very a) underrated and b) overrated?

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Ladies, (men if it applies...)

do you wear panty-liners everyday when you're not having your period? If so, how come? Is it so your underwear doesn't stain or because it makes you feel fresh or what?

Why does it seem like only old ladies use panty-liners? They're the only people I ever see buying them.
Bug-eyed Earl


So I just watched Michael Moore's SiCKO. He raves about all these benefits other countries get from their universal health care and trashes America. In France they have government paid nannies and free college and like 6 weeks of paid sick / vacation time a year, etc.

My question is for people who do / have lived in the UK, France, Canada, etc:

Is the universal health care system all he cracks it up to be?
Is it as easy and wonderful as he claims?
Michael Moore isn't known for telling all the facts, what if any are the downsides to all these benefits?
Does the American system have any advantages comparatively?
narrator - f1_roxie

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I'm taking my driver's test next week and I'd really like to pass. I'm a pretty good driver but I'm nervous.

What was your driving test experience like?
Do you have any tips for me?

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1. What do you consider someone when they use a source to bolster their point, then says that the source isn't reliable once it's shown that the same section of that source actually proves them wrong?

2. How is it any more or less silly to believe little or nothing is wrong with being a hypocrite than it is to believe that little or nothing is wrong with being a liar or idiot? I want to know the reasoning for believing how being a hypocritical isn't a big deal, while being an idiot or liar is a big deal.

3. Why are people so afraid of being proven wrong?

I know the answers to the above, but I'm just interested in what others think. Edited for clarity and less tl;dr. Is it still confusing?

(no subject)

1. Does this ad offend you?

2. Do you like tootsie pops? What is your favorite flavor?

3. I will have to eat at a Cracker Barrel this weekend. Looking at their sample menu I think I will have the best luck with the kid's section. It says it's for "Kids Of All Ages." I'm 19, do I count? Most places have a set age for their kid's menu so I'm unsure.
sad girl

Save the Earth!

There are ten things that are recommended to help reduce global warming.

So, do you...

1. Reduce, reuse, and recycle? (Using less paper products, using reusable products instead of disposable, and recycling your paper and plastics)

2. Use less heat and air conditioning? (Keeping your temperatures moderate and making sure your house is insulated correctly)

3. Use CFL bulbs? (CFLs last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, use two-thirds less energy, and give off 70 percent less heat)

4. Drive less and drive smart? (Walking, riding a bike, or using mass transit when possible and make sure your car is running efficiently)

5. Buy energy efficient products?

6. Use less hot water? (Setting your water heater to 120 degrees and use an insulating blanket around it)

7. Use the off switch? (Turning off lights when out of the room and unplugging appliances when not in use)

8. Plant trees/plants?

9. Monitor your energy usage? (Asking the companies for a usage report and identifying inefficient areas)

10. Encourage others to conserve?

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1. Do you enjoy watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Are you watching it right now?

2. Do you know of a tasty diet ginger ale?

3. Should I stop at 7-11 tomorrow morning to get a slurpee for breakfast or should I make oatmeal before leaving the house?
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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If you were my birth certificate, where would you be?

I set it on my TV stand a little over a month ago, after getting back from Canada. About a month ago, I went away for the weekend, and my mom cleaned my room while I was gone (which annoys me to no end). Now I need it, because I'm supposed to go to Canada tomorrow, and I can't find it.

Can you use other documents to get you across the border (other than a passport, because I don't have one)?
Or am I screwed?

EDIT: I FOUND IT! My mom stuck it in my jewelry box. @@
Fatal Curiosity II

Long diagnosis is looooooooong.

1) Why don't people just get regular depression anymore? Meaning that, a few years ago, everyone just said "I have depression," but now they say they have "clinical depression," "major depression," or (lord help us), "major clinical depression." Why use two or three words when one would suffice, and has sufficed in the past?

2) Why do people like making things more complicated than they would need to be?

My theories:

1) I think a lot of them just want to use it as a way to say "I HAZ WORSER DISEESE!!1!" And a lot of them are just... Wordy. ^^;

2) No freaking idea. -_-
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Inspired by an earlier post...

Have you been diagnosed with a mental disorder/condition?

If yes, are you on medication for it? How's that working out for you?

If no, do you think you might have something that has yet to be diagnosed? What makes you think you have what you think you might have?

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Okay, so I need unbiased opinions from people who won't lie to me and admit I wasted money.

So, I got my lip pierced yesterday, and I am pretty sure it is too high. I want to put a hoop piercing in it, and people tell me it will look better when I do that, but I don't know.

First I need to know if it does look as bad as I think.

So do I go get my money back or get them to do it again? And if I get them to do it again, do I have to wait til this heals over? And if I take it out, do I continue cleaning it with peroxide/neosporin until it's completly healed over? Or can I got back today, get this taken out and get it pierced again on the same day? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Modem shopping

If you own your own modem for your computer...

1. What kind do you have?
2. How much did it cost?
3. Where did you get it from?
4. Is it limited in what internet service it works with?
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Ever have a moment/day/week/etc where you really don't want to hear someone's often over analytical thoughts/opinions?
How do you kindly tell them to shut their trap?
Do you tell people your thoughts/opinions even if the person you're telling them to wouldn't care/want to hear them?
Does it offend you when someone shrugs off what you think is a valid opinion?

Men can pee while sitting down can't they?
If you're a guy have you ever peed sitting down? Do you prefer standing or sitting?

When I'm sick I drink black tea with honey, what are some things you do when you're sick?
Do your ears pop and you end up half deaf when you're sick?
Don't you hate it when half your nose is blocked?

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What's something I can do to make mashed potato more interesting, without making it more lumpy?

I had all four of my wisdom teeth out yesterday, and at the moment I'm restricted to icecream, jelly, and mashed potato. I'm seriously craving savoury foods, what are other savoury things that come in mush form?
nana smoking

Music Question

Have you heard of Amy Winehouse?
Do you like her music?
Do you find her attractive?
Do you think she made up her name for appeal over her birth name or do you think it's her real name?
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Do any of you do pilates?
Do you use a tape? Do you take a class at a gym or a small studio?

I do pilates at this cute little studio in the center of my town. It's pretty much changed my life. I love it.
me and reagan 24th

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Any good tips on how to not waste tons of money on a Disney World/Universal Studios trip?

I'm budgeting for my husband, me, and his mother (others are coming, but they are paying for themselves).
I have been there many many times, but never on my own money so I'm trying to be smart about this. I want us to enjoy it without feeling the restrictions of a budget (too much), but also not to be stupid with our money either.

We aren't going to be eating PB&J sandwhiches the whole week, so I'm factoring in eating out and having some decent spending money and such.
Good restaurants? Any other general tips?
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1. do you prefer your brownies more like cake in texture or more like fudge?
2. if you have both cats and dogs, does your cat/s eat your dogs food (not on purpose or anything, just because the cat likes dog food)?
3. do you ever buy clothes just because they feel good? is texture a priority for you when selecting clothes?
4. why do people shit in the park across the street? have you ever taken a shit in a random public place and, if you did, why on earth did you do that?!
5. if you gave someone a gift and they didn't thank you, how would that make you feel?
death from above!

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1.  What's the weirdest name anyone's ever given you?  Why do they call you that?
2.  What's your favorite nickname?  What's the story behind it?
3.  What's the stupidest thing you've ever bought as an impulse buy?
4.  What's something you let somebody talk you into buying that you wish you hadn't bought?

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Flight plan under this cut (They're pasting weird.  Sorry!)
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Okay, questions:

What else should I put in my carryon?
       I have: three tossaway paperbacks
                   word searches and cross words
                   electronic connect four and solitare
                   change of clothes
                   airport approved shampoo, etc
                   a FEW snacks
                   my laptop
                   my Zen

They're not going to feed me Chi-town to LA, are they?
       Pack a lunch or buy it in the airport?

How the FUCK do I stop being nervous?? This is my first time flying alone!!

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When dealing with someone on LJ and you're convinced they are a troll, what is your favourite tactic?
Do you throw logic and links at them to prove your point?
Do you ridicule them and make them look even more stupid?
Do you not believe in trolls and honeslty believe that these people are just ignorant misinformed people who need help?
Or do you just sit back and laugh whilst others battle against them for you?
Also, what's your fave snark community?

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Ok, These are the reward/frequent flyer programs that I am a part of.

Us Air
Starwood Hotels (Sheraton and others)
Choicehotels (Comfort Inn)
Raddisson Hotels
United Air
Frontier Air

Which others are there?

I am trying to figure this out because I travel for business a lot, without knowing which carrier I am going to be on or where I am going to stay, so I would like to be able to earn as much as possible for the time that I can use them with my wife.

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I have been on birth control for about two weeks now (ortho tri-cyclen lo) and I am 95% sure it's responsible for how HORRIBLY DEPRESSED I am lately. (For, eh, the past two weeks!) I can't get out of bed before noon, I am always tired, and I am too moody and irritable to go anywhere with friends. I am actually skipping a friend's birthday party right now because I just can't bear to be around anyone.
Has anyone else had really bad mood swings/depression on birth control? I don't really NEED it and I am starting to wonder if I should just stop taking it. I suppose I should "give it time", but meanwhile I feel like I'm wasting my life.
If I do stop taking it, I guess I just have to stop cold turkey? (I mean, I can't see any other way.) It sucks, though, because um well I hear it will require about ten pounds of tampons. -_-
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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If you do not have a SO, use your last SO. If you have never had one, feel free to whine.

1. How long have you and your SO been together?
2. Have you ever seen your SO cry? If so, how long had you been together the first time you saw them cry?
3. Have you ever cried in front of your SO? If so, how long had you been together the first time you cried in front of them?
Varitek - Woo!

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Alright, so I'm sure most people are aware of the unwritten rule that the bride is the only person who wears a white dress to the wedding (unless the flower girl does too, of course), but how far does that apply to dresses that are mostly white with a print?

This is one of the first weddings I've been to that I haven't been a bridesmaid for, and I've found a beautiful dress that is white with a black sash and black print near the hem and bustline.

What say ye TQC advisors?

I saw the identical dress that is black with white accents, but the wedding is outdoors, in Texas, in August, so there is no way in hell I'm wearing black.

(no subject)

What are some tips for making a job application stand out? I'm applying to work at a crafts store, just to make money for the summer, and I feel like there's no opportunity on those kind of applications to look interesting at all.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


I'm going under the knife tomorrow...and my friend told me that I'm not supposed to eat before surgery/getting anesthesia...why is that? Does it seriously mess up your system? Or just makes you vomit? The secretary called to tell me to eat breakfast before the surgery. Should I call them back to make sure I heard right?

EDIT II: My aunt who used to work there said that I'm not going to be asleep during the procedure. They're going to give me anesthesia but I'm not going to be feeling it...but I can hear and talk. OMG, CREEPY.

She said I have to eat something cause they're going to give me more medicine to take when I get there. But is that any different though? (Since I won't be sleeping...I will be able to control my bodily functions...right?)
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1) Why are some people rude as f*** on the telephone but nice as pie when you deal with them face to face?

2) Let's say that you were going to attend a viewing at a funeral home, followed by a Mass at a local Church. You arrive at what you THINK is the correct funeral home but do not see anyone there, although it is within the time frame for the the viewing.

Would you:

a) Leave the funeral home and head to the Church. Upon arriving at the Church, you discover that no one is there. You then proceed home, wait 6 hours and call the funeral home to complain.

b) Call the funeral home using either your cell phone (it is 2007, after all), the pay phone across the street (clearly visible) OR pick up the phone that is at the front door (outside, where it can be accessed by the public and direct dials the office) of the aforementioned funeral home?

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Honestly now, TQC:

1. If you were involved in a heated debate/argument with someone, and it's lasted a long time, and suddenly you realize that for whatever reason (you misunderstood, made an honest mistake, or just decide that they're right) you actually AGREE with the opposing party, what do you do? Simply end with an "Oh, you're right" or what? What if it was a really really heated argument where you guys were screaming and/or caps locking or otherwise just starting to dislike each other more and more?

2. If the person you were arguing with did that, how would you respond? Rub it in their faces that you're right? Say thank you?

3. Would you consider yourself the "loser" or in any way stupid or weak for agreeing with the other person?

4. If it was the other person agreeing with you, would you consider them the "loser" or in any way stupid or weak and consider yourself the "winner?"

Or does it completely matter what's being debated?

sorry for the tl;dr post.

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On the ninth, it's gonna be my Betta fish, Capt. Jack's, first birthday.
(well, i know it's not the actual day, but it's been a year since I've had him)

I'm getting him a new bowl. (his is pretty small)

1. What color rocks should I get him?
2. Should I get something decorative to put in his bowl?
3a. Have you ever had a Betta fish?
3b. How long did it live?

Personality tests

Does anyone know of any personality tests that require actually doing something, as opposed to answering questions off a page? It doesn't matter whether it's very accurate or not, as long as it's amusing or interesting to do.

Thanks in advance, lol.

(no subject)

I am looking for a mp3 of the Ants go Marching One by One.

Preferably just the music, no singing. Can you help me?

Would you play with explosives?

Do you have a security clearance?

When was the last time that you had sex?

Did you like it?

Rabbits and bunnies and hares, oh my!

I've been considering getting a bunny as a pet. So I was wondering...

1. What's the best thing about having a bunny? The worst?

2. Why did you decide to get a bunny as a pet?

3. How long have you had your bunny? Has it ever bitten you?

Any other bunny info would be welcome! I want to know a lot about bunnies and taking care of them before I make the decision to get one, to know if it's right for me. :)

(If you don't have a bunny, sorry for the irrelevant post!)

Thanks for all the help, folks!
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I'm bored at work:

1) Does death scare you?

2) Were you ever more OR less afraid to die compared to your feelings about it now? (For example: at 10 you were completely afraid of dying, but at 25 you're not so afraid, vice versa, etc.)

3) Are you more afraid to lose a loved one or die yourself? Does it change depending on which loved one(s) it concerns?

Mac Users:
4) Do you plan on upgrading your operating system to leopard when it comes out in October?

5) What web browser do you use on your Mac?

6) What your favorite free application you've downloaded for your Mac?


7) What do you think of of when you think/hear of the Bronx, NY.

8) What about Yonkers, NY?

9) Think fast: Broadcast Journalism or Psychology as an undergraduate major?

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bowie bright

I'm a buck-toothed hillbilly.

My wisdom teeth have pushed my teeth back to a fairly pronounced overbite that I had traditional braces fix back in the day. Since I'll be seeing a dentist in the next few months to see if I need my wisdom teeth removed, I'm planning to ask about invisible braces.

Do you fine folks have any experience with them, and if you're in the NYC area, can you recommend a good orthodontist? How much did it cost you, and how long did you need them?

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

I'm looking for a video, it's a song about George Washington and it's animated and I think "he's coming, he's coming, he's coming" is in the chorus. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite whistleblower film (like All The President's Men, Silkwood, Erin Brokovich, etc.)?

2. Do you think Joan Crawford really did all those things to her children (tied her son to his bed at night, beat her daughter with a hanger and a can of comet) or do you think her daughter made up most of what she wrote in order to sell more copies of her book?

3. If you had a famous parent, would you write a tell-all about them? Would you wait until after they were dead?

4. What's the last thing you argued with someone about? If you had a hanger or a can of comet handy, would you have beaten them with it? Which would you prefer to beat them with? I'm a hanger girl, myself.

(no subject)

1)Do you ever just walk around and take pictures or do you only take pictures at specific events?
2)Have you ever been hassled for taking pictures of something or someone?
3)What subjects do you most enjoy photographing?

(no subject)

My brother's friend stole my iPod on the 26th of June. My mother and I filed a police report and we've talked with a detective about how happened, when, etc. My brother talked to him and said he confessed to stealing it, and that he would have to wait until he got paid so that he could buy it back. So far, I obviously haven't gotten it back. The guys has a previous record, although I'm not sure what of. He's 19. If I don't get it back, am I at least going to get some sort of compensation if he goes to court?

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I was just at a Goodwill and found this mirror thing from Vidal Sassoon. It caught my eye because my mom had one when I was really little and she LOVED that thing (so did my sister and I- we were always in trouble for playing with it!) Anyway, I think hers got lost in the divorce so I bought it for her. But the mauve (mmm, mauve) paint is scuffed up on the edges. It's like a plastic box that opens up and has a mirror inside, surrounded by lights that can change color to show different lighting situations.

How would I go about covering it up or painting it?
MLP - pinkie chicken

Grab Bag, ish.

1. Is there an age limit on buying condoms? That is, if little Timmy's mommy gave him a fiver and told him to go buy her a packet of condoms, would there be a problem? I know there's a limit on cigarettes and alcohol and adult products, but what about condoms?

2. For those who work food service: when I pay for my check with a debit card and write in my tip on the receipt, how do you all get the tip? How does that pan out? It just sort of intrigues me, haha.


(no subject)

I am having my first ever tag sale!! It's very exciting, but I don't really know how to. I'd like some advice on anything. What to sell, how to display things, what sells well, things of the like. Also, I'd like to hear tag sale stories, if anyone's got something interesting.

Also, I'd really like to know how best to advertise.
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

1. What do you think of a person who sleeps fully clothed? And by fully clothed, I mean changes into a new shirt and JEANS before bed? What can I do to stop this madness?

2. Do you have an eBay store? What things do you sell? Link plz.

3. Do you think it's worth painting my house if I know we will be moving next year?
(My current house doesn't really reflect our tastes but we're buying our first home in April so I don't know if it's worth it.)

4. Do you have a career that is different than what you majored in? What are the fields?
(I'm struggling with this because I am entering my last year in something I really enjoy but I don't want to do it for a living.)

(no subject)

My, er, some sort of relative on my Dad's side has just signed over £82,000 to the Church of Scientology after re-mortgaging her house. Some of the family want power of attorney to be taken to stop her doing further crazy things, some think that as batshit as Scientology is, it's not enough reason to do this. What do you think?

Where do you get your icons?


Do you find yourself feeling guilty very often?

Do you think you feel more or less guilt now than when you were a kid?

If you had a friend that was heavily burdened by guilt which you felt was unneccesary and/or excessive, would you do anything about it? If yes, what?
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(no subject)

My family has to declare bankruptcy. We're going to move out of this house and rent another one.

My main question is if we're going to be able to get money off this house and use it for renting a new house. Or does the bank get all the money from this one?
lady tree tree

I need HELP TQC!

A few minutes ago I found out that I get to go to the premiere of The Order of the Phoenix tomorrow morning!

I haven't read OotP in about 2 years, but I'm worried that if I read the book then go straight into the movie that I'll be constantly comparing the two and will be miserable about what's been left out.

It's 8:30pm now, I have to leave in 12 hours (and some of that time should involve sleep): should I spend my night reading the 5th book or watching the 3rd and 4th films?


1. how old were you when you chose your current SN?
2. how long ago was that?
3. does it still "fit" you? still embody you as a person/character online?
4. have you ever considered changing it? if so, to what?

Edit to clarify: SN as in LJ, AIM, etc. whichever you prefer.

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pretendy fun time games?

Okay TQC,

Let's say you have a best friend of the opposite sex who really wants a child. They're financially and emotionally capable of caring for a child. You're not against having your own children (even if you don't want kids for the sake of the scenario, pretend for me) and they want you to impregnate them. You'd have no responsibility or obligation to this child unless you chose to have one. Basically they want to use you as a 'sperm donor'. Your SO (if you have one) says it's totally your call and refuses to help you with your decision.

What do you do? Do you say yes? Do you say no? What do you consider while making this decision?

Also, I know that most of TQC is female and that men can't carry children, but for the sake of argument/my question let's pretend that doesn't matter. :P

(no subject)

Have you ever felt so insanely sick and depressed that nothing in the entire world could make you feel better? If so, how did you cope?

Im about to go insane right now.
A friend of mine died this week, he was only 17. and the nicest person i knew.
(google 'Travis DeSimone' if you're curious)
And ive been a complete mess,
and nothing is making me feel better
i wouldnt even care if my house was set on fire
i'd prolly just sit here
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(no subject)

Dear TQC,
                    I have been struck down with a cold and thus was bedridden for most of the day.
In my boredom I painted my toe nails pink. My question is
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(no subject)

do you hate it when strangers tell you to smile? or worse yet when they say, "it can't be that bad." i mean, how could they possibly know that? how presumptuous.

what are some of your favorite responses to this? i often say that my dog or best friend just died to put them in their place. or, "i promise i'll smile if you go away".
Rita Licker

Thank You Very Much

Say Ricky and Bobby are recent college grads in their early 20s. They both graduated this year but on different dates and from different schools, though a single grad party was held in both their honors.

When it comes down to sending thank you notes for presents, which is better etiquette?

--->Ricky and Bobby send one thank you note per guest signed from both graduates (i.e., "Thank you for the giftcards, Auntie Mame, love Ricky & Bobby").

---> Ricky and Bobby each send out their own thank you notes individually (So auntie Mame will get 2 cards not 1).
Give Peace A Chance

So everyone's sick of LiveEarth...

(Maybe Live Earth is a day late and a dollar short because teens and 20somethings have been raised to be greenies?)

1. What do you do, personally, that's "green"?
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2. Do you think it's important to try to make less of an impact on the planet?

3. What do you think of certain members of the US Congress trying to stop the concert in Washington DC because they thought it would create momentum behind environmental issues and screw up their fat-cat budget? (ETA: google search for topic live earth DC block)

4. Would you be more interested if the bands were better, or at least more accessible? (Personally I'm missing U2 and Peter Gabriel - where are they????)

5. Does it matter that most (I actually think all) of the stages have been created out of recyclables and they're making a concerted effort to do it "green"?

6. How old are you? (I'm 43.)
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(no subject)

Anyone knows about this artwork that rotates in spirals, and is shown under lights that go on and off at fixed intervals? The work goes from a pair of hands to a paper bag, which goes to an egg, then a head!

(no subject)

Is it legal to send pills in the mail?

I'm talking about sending them to yourself pretty much. My friend is going to visit me from NYC and she's on a lot of medication but doesn't feel safe carrying it all in in her carry on, which is the only bag she's bringing.

What would be the proper way for her to mail her prescriptions?

Could she take them to a pharmacy and just have them let her pick them up at a pharmacy here?


1. What is your name?
2. Have you ever felt as if your name does not suit you? & why?
3. What do you wish your name was?
4. And do you have any thoughts or comments on your name or any name?

(no subject)

i got three burritos at taco bell that no one ended up eating. should i throw them out or stick them in the fridge?

reheating and eating fast food in general. yay or nay?
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