July 6th, 2007


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I used to read this comic called Loserz all the time, but the artist got busy with other things and updated less often, and now I can't find it at all D:

Does anyone know where it went?

edit: On the radio a while ago I heard a 13-14 year old girl telling the DJ that her friend's mother made a myspace that said she was a 14-15 year old guy and friended her daughter. After a week or so she messaged her daughter to hang out at his house/the mall/the movies (I forget which) and when the daughter showed up the mom came out and grounded her.

Do you think this is a good way to teach a lesson?
If you were the mother's friend and they told you this plan, how would you react?

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Just a couple I've been thinking about on the long drive to and from rehearsal every night...

1. If you're driving on a three-lane highway, and a sharp curve comes up, do you have a preference as to which lane you're driving in?
Usually if it's a left turn I prefer to be on the inside, but if it's a right turn I prefer to be on the outside lane - so pretty much always the rightleft lane.

2. How the heck does that little lever on the rearview mirror work? You know, the one that you flip when some jerk is driving behind you with his brights on? WHAT DOES IT DO?!?!

--EDIT: Thank you, Answers.com, for being specific! This manual tilt mirror is made of a piece of glass that is wedge-shaped in cross section- its front side and back (silvered) side are not parallel, unlike normal mirror glass. In the default day view, the front side is tilted and the back side (which has a reflective coating, usually with silver like a mirror) is head-on and will give a strong reflection. When the mirror is tilted, its front side is head-on and the back is tilted. This view is actually a reflection off the clear, front piece of the glass rather than the back silver-coated part. Since the front part allows most of the light to go through, only a small amount of light is now reflected into your eyes.

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Are there any games on the net that totally suck you in when you start to play them and you find that, damnitalltohell, you can't break away from them? Which ones?

...For me it's Yahoo's Zuma and Cubis
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Anyone up for a picspam thread?

1) Post a really flattering picture of yourself.

2) Post the funniest picture of yourself.

3) Post the worst picture of yourself.

4) Post a completely posed picture of yourself.

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Are there certain songs that take you back to a particular place in time? Which songs and what do they remind you of?

Any tips for breaking a habit?

What do you do when you're feeling anxious to calm yourself down?

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why are cats so picky about fresh water?

why do cats go drink from the bathtub faucet even after you just changed their water?

why would they rather dump over a day old glass of water and drink that than drink the fresh water you just put out for them?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

: ]

1 - If you can win a $25,000 shopping spree to any store, where would it be?

2 - What outdoor adventure would you most like to do? (bungee jumping, hot air balloon, swim the English Channel, etc.)
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Love musicians

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I'm making a playlist of music about hot, non-skinny women and the men who love them as a gift for a friend of mine. I've got Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) by Mika, Fat Bottom Girls by Queen, and Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC. I've now run out of ideas. Any recommendations?

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What the deuce is floating around in my cup of juice? I put it down for a bit and when I came back THIS was in it. When I pick up the cup, it wiggles around with jellyfish like motions but I do not think it is alive.

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*betty draper reading

dumbass phone calls

1. Phone rings (caller ID says "unknown caller"), you pick it up and say "hello?" and are greeted with silence. What do you do? Wait? Hang up after a few seconds? Hang up immediately? Not even answer since it's "unknown?"

2. Phone rings (unknown caller again), you pick it up and say "hello?" and this time it's a recording that says: "Please hold for an important message." What do you do? Wait? Hang up? Not answer in the first place? Give the phone to your kid/dog/cat?

3. Phone rings (unknown caller again), you pick it up and say "hello?" and you hear ringing, as if you were calling someone rather than them calling you. What do you do? Wait? Hang up? Not answer?

4. What do you say/do to callers who beg for charity?

5. What do you say/do to callers who ask you to complete a survey?
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They say the scariest thing in this world is not knowing what you're here for. This stems from the whole meaning of life kinda thing...that each of us was born for a specific purpose. There's reason why each and every one of us is here.

Unfortunately, when we pop out of the womb we don't exactly come with an instruction manual.

I've often figured my purpose in life was to make women happy. Although I'm usually pretty good in cheering just about anyone up with a little effort so maybe I shouldn't be so gender specific. There's just certain things I don't do with the male of the species that I'll gladly do with the female.
  • Have you figured out why you're here yet?

  • What is your purpose in life?

  • Why are you here?

  • Did you luck out and have an instruction manual?
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SUSDAR - shut up, sit down, and read

i'm reading this book:

1. have you read it?
1a. if so - what'd you think of it?
2. what other books have you read by him?
3. what book would you suggest i read next by him?
4. who's one of your favourite authors?
5. what book would you suggest i read by that author?
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Have you ever met someone IRL (after talking to them online) and had them turn out to be completely different than you expected/they portrayed themselves to be?
Do you have any horror stories?
Will you share them with me? :)
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is anyone that you know getting married tomorrow? yes.

if so, what state will they be getting married in? AZ.

do you consider tomorrow a *~lucky~* day?

will you be purchasing a lottery ticket tomorrow?

what time do you usually end up leaving work at the end of the day?


Have you decorated your computer/Laptop?
Show me pictures of it! ( I used to have this (below) on my laptop and a save the bears in alaska one. but i'm redecorating!)

Where do youy get your art/stickers etc for your laptop?
black scarf face!

Selling A Car

I'm trying to brainstorm ideas on how my boss can sell his Jetta—not to a dealer. I've done craigslist, and I'm blanking out on other sites to use. Preferably free-ish sites, but all are welcome to brainstorm outside the box (for example a banner streaming behind a biplane). Thanks for your ideas in advance, QC.

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1)If you have pets, do they get on the furniture? Do they sleep on your bed?
2)Have you ever had a wart? What, if anything, did you do to get rid of it?
3)Did you ever have a lemonade stand (or something similiar) as a kid?

Tv shows and books and movies

What are some  tv shows, books and movies you wish more people had heard of/would talk about?

Have you heard of any of these?
Lano and Woodley (and their tv show The Adventures of Lano and Woodley)
The Brittas Empire
The Obernewtyn Chronicles
Maid Marian and Her Merry Men
the Pagan series by Catherine Jinks
Let Them Eat Cake
Showbands I and Showbands II (movies)
The Chronicle: News From The Edge

What was the last thing you did as a fan of something? (I consider 'fandom' to be as wide as 'someone who likes it' not just fanfiction and fanforums and so on. So, everyone is included here!)

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hyper by sparkybish

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I have a really crappy cell phone that is quickly fading and I've been waiting forever for my contract to be up with Cingular so I could get a new phone for a cheap price.  My contract is up in August.  Do you think if I went into their store now and threatened to leave their services for Verizon in August that they would give me a new phone for the lower price now rather than in August?-(I know I'll have to renew my contract too)

Should I just switch to Verizon anyhow?  Do you know if Verizon does 1 year plans rather than 2 year? (I'm going to check out their website after posting this.)

Which would you prefer Cingular or Verizon? 

BB logo animated


1. How do you manage your eyebrows? (pluck, wax, let them grow wild)

2. Ladies, do you have upper lip hair? How do you take care of it (bleach, wax, etc.)?

3. Men, how do you manage your facial hair?
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1- How do you feel when you see someone fold a paperback book in half along the spine to read it?
2- What is something mundane and pointless that you're all sensitive about? If you are sensitive about #1, then tell me something else. ;P
3- What colour of laptop should I get? I'm looking at mint green or hot pink, and laughing at this piss-yellow one.
3b- For that matter, who the hell would buy a piss-yellow laptop?
4- What are you up to this weekend?

1- I wanna cry... they're ruining the books! :(
2- Entirely too many things.
3- I dunno! D:
3b- Really do not know.
4- We're gonna go on a movie watching spree, go to Toronto, and possibly haul ass to the Humane Society to find a doggie. :>

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Inspired by this question,

Have you ever seen a car chase in person? What happened? How did you see it? Where were you?

I have a few times. I live in Southern California so it's not a super uncommon thing to see the police slow the freeway traffic down and then see 5-10 cop cars fly past you with a helicopter overhead.
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This is slightly gross, but google isn't helping. It's just something I've wondered (and I'm not talking about alli here)

Do people in general poo more often while losing weight?

EDIT: I think I mean, when you lose weight, does it all come pooping out (not liquid, regular poo)? Is that how your body disposes of it? I don't know about these things ;_;

It's Australia time.

1. Have you ever eaten:
a) Tim Tams?
b) Kangaroo?
c) at Hungry Jacks?

2. Have you ever heard these bands:
a) Eskimo Joe?
b) Powderfinger?
c) Silverchair?

3. Have you ever seen these shows:
a) The Chasers War on Everything?
b) Thank God You're Here?
c) Home & Away?

4. Do you know what date Australia Day falls on?
the sign of the tristero

bug bug bug

What kind of insect is this?

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I found it with a friend while walking on the prom by the beach in Seaside, Oregon very late last night. When you blow on it/poke it too much, it makes a sneezing sound. Those are MAN HANDS holding it in the last photo, so you can see how big it is.

Xbox 360 Warranty Extension

If your xbox took a poo because of the "red ring of death", you can now send it in free to get fixed. They extended the one year warranty to three years.

So my question is, how many of you have had this happen to you?
If so, did you send it in to get fixed?
Did you have to pay anything?
If you did, they're also reimbursing that.

Source: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/support/systemuse/xbox360/resources/warrantyupdate.htm
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Dear TQC!

I have negative feelings towards the state of Arizona due to a personal event that involved it last year. I want to stop cringing every time someone mentions it. What are some cool/good things about Arizona? Any great stories that take place there? Please avoid anything that involves drugs or the kind-of-gothy genre.

Say I'm a 19 year old girl going to a liberal arts university. I picked a "live in a box" major.  I shop at IKEA and I wear clothes from American Apparel. I'm kind of pale, but I get light tans when I go hang out in the park with my friends and discuss obscure bands. I work at coffee shops, book stores or "live off my art." I like all the things your typical "I think I am an intellectual" college girls like. In your opinion, what books do you think girls like me allllllways have in our "favorite books" section?

ETA: I'm not actually describing myself IRL, here. I would have thought the cockosaur icon gave that away. :( I work as a botany research intern and I read stuff like this.

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Do have a funny story from this week?

I could use the cheering up.  Just found out something... not cool to find out right before a person leaves the country >.<

my "story": My dog def. just tried to pack herself my in suitcases!  She buried herself in my clothes and tried to look super cute, heh.
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how has the work/school week been for you? good?bad?ugly? productive? or were you struggling to stay alert and awake during large portions of the day, only to find yourself jolting from sleep (on tha toilet) cause someone was knocking on the bathroom door? not that i'd know about that or anything.. lol
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1. Is Livejournal being a dick today for you too?

2. What is something you and your best friend strongly disagree about?

2a. Do you ever discuss the issue, or do you avoid talking about it because it might raise tempers?

3. If you could anonymously say anything you wanted to your best friend, what would you say?

(for those of you like me who don't really HAVE a best friend, just pick a friend you hang out with a lot. Or your SO. Or a family member. Or the homeless guy who lives on the bench outside your apartment and talks to birds.)


i need to fax something, but i don't have a fax machine, nor do i work this summer.

what can i do? do any places offer a "faxing" service where i can borrow a machine for 5 minutes?
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My best friend and I have a long running love of Friday the 13th. We always make sure that we go out and have a girl's-night-out that night, and just have fun. Usually there's a movie involved because studios like to release good creepy flicks around then.

Only this year, they totally aren't. So we're going to rent something. But we can't decide on what!

So I decided to turn to you, TQC, to help us out so we can make a decision.

Poll #1016445 What movie should I rent?

What should we go for?

28 Days Later (good, modern horror)
Vampire Wars (specifically to make fun of)
April Fool's Day (old school 80's horror!)
Nightmares and Dreamscapes disc 1 (For several creepy stories, less with the gore)
Something else (suggest in comments)

To make it more fun:

Do you have special plans for Friday the 13th?
Do you consider it unlucky?


What type of horror or thriller movies scare you most?

I usually get more freaked out by psychological stuff than gore, I'm kind "eh, they chopped off her arm...huh." But really iconic creepy bad guys get stuck in my head and crop up when I'm walking through the house in the dark and I get scared. Samara/Sadako is my nemisis.
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1. Is this a good class schedule for Fall?
I am an education major (minor in history):
10:00am - 11:15am     TR     Solms Hall 108     Aug 16, 2007 - Dec 07, 2007     Lecture

11:30am - 2:20pm     R     Science Center 1206     Aug 16, 2007 - Dec 07, 2007     Supervised Laboratory

6:00pm - 8:45pm     W     University Hall 101     Aug 16, 2007 - Dec 07, 2007     Lecture

4:30pm - 5:45pm     MW     Science Center 1107     Aug 16, 2007 - Dec 07, 2007     Lecture

9:00am - 9:50am     MW     University Hall 129     Aug 16, 2007 - Dec 07, 2007     Lecture

11:00am - 11:50am     MW     University Hall 129     Aug 16, 2007 - Dec 07, 2007 Lecture

2. Have you come to grips with a difficult event or time in your life? Care to share?

3. Do you participate in class warfare (do you hate/envy the rich)?

4. Which color do you like more: Red, White or Blue?

5. Did you watch fireworks on the 4th?

6. If you live in a city, which holiday do you think the city spends more on for fireworks? 4th or New years?



Do you usually trust what doctors say, or do you research it for yourself or get a second opinion? Would that change if it were something like a major surgery, etc?

Me: I don't trust doctors...after working with doctors I can say that a lot of times their main concern is not getting sued and taking the easy option, not what is best for the patient. I research everything for myself...I'm the daughter of a hippie, what can I say.

I'm just curious. A friend of mine is having a baby & her doctor is pushing for an (unnecessary) c-section...I've been sending her statistics and articles and stuff to read up on (written by obgyns, midwives, etc) basically showing that there is no reason to push for a c-section -- but she's inclined to believe her doctors word and not investigate for herself. She's upset because she really doesn't want to have the c-section, but I guess she'd rather do that than question her doctor. It upsets me to see her upset, but in the end all that matters is that she has a healthy baby...
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I have a cat who just gave birth, she chose to do so in the kitchen, of all places and now i'm wondering if there's something i'm not allowed to do around the kittens?
Like, maybe use the vacuum cleaner, because it might damage their ears or something?
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So I have a gift card for Best Buy. I'm a Sims 2 addict and I know they have two stuff packs there that I want and don't have yet: Celebrations and Holiday. Which one is better?

My boyfriend's best friend moved to Arizona and visits maybe once or twice a year. He leaves tonight, and last night I broke off plans with my boyfriend so he could spend more time with his friend before he leaves. My sister said I shouldn't have because I should be paid attention to as well and shouldn't be cast aside for someone else. What do you think?

edit: Do you ever get annoyed when an author's name is bigger than the book title? Why?
Yes. It seems as though they're depending heavily on the popularity of the author to sell the book, rather than the quality of the book itself.
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Why is something in my torso gurgling/rumbling audibly? It has been all day and it's very uncomfortable :( It's right below my left ribs. There's no pain or nausea involved...

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Do your feet point in, out, or straight when you walk? When you stand? Is there a reason for them doing this?

As a high school senior, how much of my paychecks should go into my savings account? I was thinking 50%, but my friend only does 20%. If it matters I'll probably getting like $300 per 2 week period.

And speaking of work, the place I was hired at took 2 weeks after my interview to call me. When they did call me, they told me that now I have to wait for some sort of package in the mail and as soon as I get it I need to call them back so I can get started on the job. At what point should I worry about receiving the package? It's been 6 days since they said they sent it, and it's only from the city next door. I'm thinking of calling today since I already got the mail. Should I wait a little longer? It seems 3 weeks is already really long to wait to start working a summer job.

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I'm that personal assistant with the boss who asks ridiculous tasks, thank you all again for all the help you've been offering this summer. I haven't gotten fired yet!

Anywho, today's question is just general: did you ever have a boss who asked you to do insane stuff? I mean, things that you don't know how to do without getting an explination, or stuff he/she expects you to know how to do, but you don't? How'd you handle it? Share stories.... just... entertain me? (Ha.)

And, doesn't it suck?!
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Pointless or no

Last year I applied for an internship that I really, really wanted. The internship has start dates in January and August, and there are several different positions available. You can apply to be considered for up to two positions. I applied for the January start date because I am graduating in December and the internship requires a college degree. I was contacted in March and asked if I would be available in August to start the internship because the start date for my first choice had been moved to then. They wanted to do a phone interview with me. I responded that I was interested but I wasn't graduating until December, and to please move my second choice up to my first choice place and still consider me for the January start date. I was notified a few weeks ago that I didn't get the internship.

I knew I was pretty grossly underqualified when I applied but I had to try. Would it be stupid for me to apply again for the internship starting next August? People generally do these internships immediately after they graduate so it's not like I can apply every single year until I get one of them. I won't have really added anything to my resume between now and then so I'm thinking it would be dumb to re-apply just months after getting rejected for an internship, but at the same time they were about to interview me for my first choice.

I hate putting myself in awkward situations and I feel like I wouldn't be a very good candidate for the internship. Should I re-apply? Should I contact them and ask them if it would be okay for me to re-apply? Should I just forget the whole thing?
Quinn Twin

that's ENOUGH, 80's remakes!

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What do you think they had to do to get Jason Lee to sign on to this shit? Do you think he saw the pics of the chipmunks before or after it was too late? Will they ever stop trying to resell me my childhood, or is My Little Ponies about to go CGI only to be followed by every crappy thing since then (I'm looking at you, Silver Hawks - wannabe Thundercats ripoffs [ps - they're making a live action Thundercats movie, too])?

Sorry about the pic guys, didn't realize it was so big in all my sheer horror. Glad I caught it before work! And by caught it, I mean checked my email. :)

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I can't figure out how to lower my office chair. The little lever underneath just tilts the seat up and down. How do I get it to go down?

Would you like to know a strange law from the state you live in? Leave your state in the comments and I'll go find a weird one. (it's a slow day at work.)

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1)If your celebrity crush wanted to pee on you, would you let them? Would you want some money in exchange for that or would just the fact that it was your celbrity crush make a difference?
2)What was the last thing you apologized for? Or do you owe anyone an apology?
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I, being the lazy bitch that I am, let some hard water spots dry and bake onto my car. They will not come off now. I already tried just washing it.. they are nice and stuck. I also went ahead and used a diluted vinegar solution like some websites suggested. They are about 50% less noticeable now. Plus it was a pain in the ass, because I had to then wash and wax the areas again and it is hotter then hell around here this week.

How do I get the spots off the rest of the way? Should I wait a week and try the vinegar again, hoping that it will take the other 50% off? Is there an easier way?
need head

Job search

After sending out a resume, how long do you typically wait to follow up? Is it ok to call and ask whether the company received your resume and has any questions, or are you only supposed to do that if they've given you an interview? 
Is it a pretty comon occurence for job seekers to not even aknowledge that they received your resume?


(no subject)

Have you ever studied abroad? Where did you go? Would you prefer to have gone somewhere instead?

Did/does your university have a large greek population? what are your thoughts about this?

How long do you usually date someone before making things official?

Dear TQC

1. Do you like shopping online?

2. When you order something, do you stalk the tracking page or let it be? Why?

3. Why is FedEx telling me my new computer will arrive today (1 day after it shipped with Standard shipping) however it hasn't scanned anywhere or shown any movement from its original location? WHY?

4. Do you have any weird names for a sad face or a pout?

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Romantic Dinnar


So, on a whim, I've decided to cook up a romantic dinner for myself and the boyfriend tonight. What I'd like are some ideas from all you wonderful people as to what I can make which does not require day-before preparations and isn't too heavy. I'd also like it to be a full meal with maybe a light appetizer and a dessert. Now, I'm not full-out asking for recipes, but if you want to share, sure! Any help would be great! Thanks guyz!
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(no subject)

Have you learned anything new today? If so, what?

Do you know any interesting trivia? Please share.

This morning I learned that the first telephone numbers were used in Lowell, Massachusetts.
Daria procrastination

scented laziness

What's your favorite scent from Bath & Body Works?

OMG, I'm in love with Fresh Pineapple...so good.

TQC, why can't I get off my lazy butt and start packing to move? I just don't have any motivation. How can I get some?

I do know that getting off the computer is the first step...but I gotta eat something first.

ZOMG, I have gnats AGAIN. (a reason I'm moving...) I've set out the bowls of cider vinegar with dish soap and I'm gonna get the vaccum cleaner out to suck 'em up. Any other suggestions?

God, I hate bugs...
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Cake Mania has Gerschtolen my life

1. Have you ever played cake mania?  If so, any strategic advice for the last few levels of the game?  (I'm playing on my phone, so the game is a bit compressed)  Everything is upgraded.  I'm making *almost* enough money, but its just not happening.  Is there a strategy to serving the higher-tipping customers first?  (Oh my GOD, I love to hate this game)

2. If you watched Sealab 2021, who was your favorite character?
2a. If you watch Venture Brothers, who is your favorite character?
2b. Aqua Teen Hunger Force?
2c. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

3. Do you like seafood?

(no subject)

Which of the following would you rather do?

Enter the running of the bulls while wearing heels
Hoist Dakota Fanning from a tree, and beat her like a pinata until candy comes out
Watch nothing but the Wiggles on a 22-hour flight, then getting on the 22-hour return flight, and watch nothing but the Wiggles
Become a scientologist, and stay an active member for at least 3 years
Crowd surf at an ICP show held in a prison while wearing a mini skirt

Which of the following would make you more likely to donate money, if possessed by a homeless man?

A dog
A cat
Fresh bandages on his head
Crack pipe
Cute ass
Knife in his belt
A child
A wheelchair
Was attired in a clown costume

Best way to stop a virgin sacrifice

Quickly convert the high priest to the organized religion of your choice
Push the high priest into the volcano
Devirginze the sacrifice
Throw a whore on top of the virgin as the dagger descends. Your god's gonna be pissed!
Shoot the virgin. Can't sacrifice the dead
two hearts

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Poll #1016642 Continuing in the vein of TQC drama.

Let's say someone you know and like (for the sake of argument let's say they're not a very close or IRL friend) is, in TQC, being ridiculed what would you do?

Steer clear. If it was a close friend, I may have to say something, but really it's not worth getting macro'd myself.
Jump to their aid. No one makes fun of my friends without consequence!
Join in. What can I say? It's fun. And they did do something snark-worthy; they deserve it.
Still make fun of them, but perhaps not to the same extent as if
Answer their question seriously, no matter how ridiculous it is. Simply pretend there is no drama going on.

edit: mah. I fail at polls. It's supposed to say "Still make fun of them, but perhaps not to the same extent as if they were a close friend."
gasp zooey

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This summer, you must read one book, or the whole world blows up.  Book = novel-length.  Book ≠ manga or graphic novel.  The aliens who will blow up the earth would prefer that you read an old classic, but new books are acceptable to them.

What book do you read?

ETA: (≠ means "does not equal", for those of you who haven't taken 6th grade math.)
  • z_o_e

sun tea

what is the best brand of tea to make sun tea with? i couldn't find any that are specifically a sun tea brew. I tried Lipton Cold Water Brew and it was horrendous. I just don't feel like boiling a gallon of water every couple days.

I used to like plain old Red Rose tea for sun tea, but my finace hates it, so I wanted to find one that we both like.

Any suggestions?


hi this is my first post here :)

my question is this:
if you were to get any car 1998 + what would you get and why?

my aunt's helping me out getting a new car and i don't know what to get and if i should get a new car because i plan on going away to college next fall.

thanks guys!

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What happened to the mods? Is shippo et al taunting us? What's with the recent asshatery?

What should I do while my fiance is at work this weekend and I'm home all alone?

ETA: Not that we don't love the mods, of course. But srsly u guyz. Srsly.

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Ok, I totally nearly set my stove on fire making popcorn. 1/4 of it popped and was delicious, but what can I do with the leftover kernels?

I don't want to eat them cause it hurts my teef.

Non serious answers encouraged, but I would like a couple of good ideas. I hate to waste all these kernels.
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How many times a day do you use a toilet/urinal (for any purpose)?

Which of the following would you NOT be willing to appear in a commercial for (as the main "pitchman" of the commercial, where you are the person complaining about how you are suffering from that condition):
  • Hemorrhoid relief product
  • Vaginal itch relief product
  • Herpes (or other STD) relief product
  • Cold sore relief product
  • Male enhancement relief product
  • Weight loss product
  • Constipation relief product
  • Diarrhea relief product
  • Athlete's foot relief product
  • Severe body oder relief product
  • Chronic toxic flatulence relief product

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what are some really fucking stupid things a member of your family has said over the years?

here are a couple gems from my second cousin over the last few years:

-"I don't get what the big deal is about the war in Iraq. War isn't that bad." to my aunt, whose ex-husband lost his arm in Vietnam and his mental state after being in the war was what led to their divorce.

-"Making generalizations about other cultures is fun!" and proceeded to name some. at the dinner table. on Christmas day.

-"You didn't go to a real high school." after i told him and his mom about my high school and how the student body tends to value arts and theater over sports(all our sports teams sucked and the cheerleaders were all trashy skanks).

i know there are more but i can't remember them. LOLZ, yes?

(no subject)

My kid was screwing with my computer and now the address bar on my browswer (firefox) is gone. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it back.

Any ideas on what he did and how I can fix it?!


(no subject)

In light of recent events,

Do you like waffles?
What's your favorite kind of waffle or topping to put on your waffles?
Would you vote for Candidate Bisquick in the 2008 US Presidential election? He takes a delicious stance on the issues.

(no subject)

less than a month to my Birthday....

when's your birthday??
Do you still receive Birthday presents?

my birthday is August 1st

sometimes my mom sends me something but mostly I just get some cash from my dad.
me srs

(no subject)

I found this dead insect outside my house, and I have never seen anything like it before.

He's about 3 1/2 inches long, from top of pincers to bottom of wings. He's also missing an antenna.

What is it?!

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EDIT: This insect has been identified. It's a female dobsonfly. Thanks TQC!
Isobel Mahariel

(no subject)

So, cat owners and lovers... what are some absolute "must haves" when getting a new kitten or young cat? Aside from the obvious, that is (a bed, scratching post, water and food bowls, etc).

Any resources you would suggest I read to prepare myself a little better for a new cat?

Any tips or advice of your own?

low fat!

I'm a size 8 or 9, and yet somehow I'm the "fat friend" in my group. Pathetic, huh? I'm not fat, but i AM "puffy", and could stand to lose about 10 pounds.

I want to start eating healthy and working out.

What are your favorite tasty low fat meals I can make that don't require me to be a culinary master? Bonus points if I can convince my husband to eat it (who eats like a pig and LOSES weight. ugh.)
*betty draper reading

kid stomping on flag = child abuse?

One of Fred Phelps' clan has been charged with negligent child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, flag mutilation and disturbing the peace for letting her 10-year-old son stomp on a US flag at a Nebraska funeral. Nebraska law forbids mutilating, defacing, defiling, burning, or trampling on a flag.

What do you think?

Charges justified?
Bullshit law?

Oooh! Edit to add:

If this went to the Supreme Court, how do you think the current court would rule?

(no subject)

i'm looking for the name of a movie. the movie is in german, and its about hitler's last few days in the bunker. i think it came out around 2005. i don't remember who was in it.
does anyone know what its called?

anyone got any recommendations for other movies about nazis?
credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

(no subject)

Has anyone here ever had a growing white spot on their tonsil for a reason other than strep throat??

I have a doctor's appointment first thing Monday morning because they think it is strep and were booked solid today, but I was hoping maybe its viral and will go away by then. Doubtful but I can hope... I just can't sit still and wait until Monday without the fine professional opinions of tqc. :)
gasp zooey

(no subject)

If there are communities for asking questions about every serious subject in the world (such as medical questions, pet questions, school questions, and whatnot) and you're being constantly referenced to them when you ask those questions here, then what questions do you think belong in THIS community?

What accent do you find sexy?

What accent do you find most annoying?

This community is for srs bsns.  And for people who don't want to join thousands of communities just to ask one question.

I love British accents.

I hate Wisconsin/Canadian accents and Southern Kansas accents.  Not southern - southern KANSAS.
south park

(no subject)

What time do you normally wake up/go to sleep?

Do you have 3 meals a day every day?


If you're not happy with your weight, are you happy with the way you look?

If you're not happy with the way you look, are you happy with your weight?

Are you happy with both your weight and looks?

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MLP - pinkie chicken

Ew, Summer Reading.

I am a rising college freshman, and my entire class has to read a book together so we can *mystically bond* or something before we move in. It's the subject of a huge term paper later in the semester, and there will be discussion circles, so I can't get out of not reading it. This, if you're really interested.

There are tons of other books I would rather read. I am a book whore, I adore reading, but for some reason, I just can't get into this other book I have to read. I have a crazy-insane lineup of at least five or six books I would rather be reading right now. 

How do I make myself finish this book? I have about a month before I move in and it becomes necessary to have it read.
nana smoking

(no subject)

Why are people who call and try to get you to buy newspaper subscriptions so damn annoying? This guy went off on a tangent when I didn't want it that newspapers are the American symbol of news destribution and are entirely better than computer and tv.
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(no subject)

1. Could you make yourself cry on cue (say, for an acting role)? How would you do it? [ETA: I don't need to make myself cry, just curious about your POV.]

2. My dog would rather eat used paper towels than dog food, apparently. Is this bad?

3. Have you ever listened to Dr. Laura? What do you think of her? I had never listened before today and I would like to punch her.
holding hands

(no subject)

If you "believe" in global warming, what do you tell people who don't, and who want to argue with you about it?

Read: When someone you care about is claiming that global warming doesn't exist and that it's some sort of liberal conspiracy, how do you back up your point if you believe the opposite?  If you don't have, you know, statistical data handy, what kind of research / facts do you cite?

(no subject)

what assumptions (if any) do people tend to make about you based on your screen name and/or your icon?
do they make assumptions about you based on something else?
if so, what?

EDIT: what assumptions do you make/have you made about me?
Dave O&#39;Brien omg DDD:

(no subject)

i was down town at a bar watching a game last night. i wasn't feeling good by this point(i'd been there 3 hours), so i had my head kind of cradled in my hands while i watched. well, there were these two guys from Argentina watching the game, too, who were sitting in front of me. they kept looking back and at one point they started talking in Spanish and giggling and putting their heads in their hands like i was and just being silly.

were they making fun of me? i think they were :(

(no subject)

1. Do you worry about what grocery store cashiers think of your purchases?

2. If you worked in a grocery store and someone bought ramen, sugar free cool whip, and cinnamon raisin bread would you think they were trashy?

3. Do you ever drive/travel to a store or restaurant and then decide not to go in because you convince yourself the people in there are going to dislike you or think badly of you or something? How can I stop doing this?

(no subject)

Who was the last person in disappoint you?

What did they do?

Did you say anything to them or keep your disappointment to yourself?

My friend was supposed to start working where I work this week. She quit her job when she thought she was moving out of state for the summer, but ended up not moving. I tried helping her out by getting her a job where I work. My boss didn't hire anyone because I told assured her my friend would be working. Now she's not and we're screwed cause we're understaffed

(no subject)

1) I'm getting new glasses tomorrow and new contacts. I have one pair of unopened contacts left. What do I do with them?

2) My mother just told me that my health insurance is going to run out when I'm 19 and I'm 16 now. I'm one of those stupid kids who walk into walls and needs to go to the doctor every other week. Going into college, what do you do about health insurance?

3) Do you have an suggestions about a good college to go to major in journalism? I'm starting my junior year and I have a 3.67 GPA right now if that helps.

4) When you're driving in a residental area and run over an animal, do you stop? Does it matter what kind of animal it is?

5) When you're driving in a residental area and there's an animal that's been recently run over, do you manuver your  car so that you don't hit the body?
birds building

the world of clones

Scenario: you have a clone of the same age as you. This clone was born without arms so cannot masturbate, and is horribly scarred so s/he cannot pick up sexual partners.

Question: would you sexually satisfy him or her in any way? If so, how?

(Post brought to you by my curiosity about my own boyfriend, who, by the way, said yes only because he knows it'll never happen.)
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A long time ago, I heard a quote that goes something like..."The first thing a person has to do is walk alone. The second thing they have to do is learn to walk in stride with someone else".

Although, I think it was more like "The hardest thing you have to do is..."

Anyone know what the correct wording is, and who said it?
gasp zooey

(no subject)

I work at Jo-Ann's fabric store.  Which is a fun place to work.  Just throwin' that out there.

Anyway, today a customer came in with a girl I assume was her daughter.  Her daughter was acting up a bit, so the mother told her to stay still or she'd hit her.  At the time, I only thought it was weird that she said "hit" instead of "spank" or "discipline".  But whatever.

A few minutes later, I turn around in time to see her...well....there's no other word for it...she smacked the little girl upside the head.  It wasn't very hard, and the girl was fine.

The kid was disciplined, and she didn't seem to be injured at all.  I didn't say anything.

Later, when I was talking to my boss about it, my boss got EXTREMELY angry and told me that I should have said something to the lady about "child abuse".  I tried to tell her that it was just a very soft tap at the most, and my boss got very upset and told me that if I failed to stop something like that again, my employment would be terminated.

TQC, as a member of the Jo-Ann's employee team, was I obligated to tell the lady to leave simply for whacking her kid?  I realize whacking a kid in public makes the whacker look like a child abuser, but should an employee be obligated to impress upon the customer family values that are not necessarily the views of the company?  Should employment be held in the balance?

Random Questions

Toaster Oven Users: Do you unplug it when you aren't using it, or do you leave it plugged in all of the time? Do you think there is any risk of it shorting out and catching on fire?

Debaters: Are you able to debate or dialogue with people who have complete opposite beliefs, values, and perspectives to yours (esp. ones that insult your sensibilities) without becoming angry? This is concerning "the big topics", like politics, economics, sexuality, religion, etc. If so, how do you do it?

If you could do or be anything, without life circumstance, money, intellect, and/or talent in the way, what would it be?

Any personally-tested cures for insomnia?

(no subject)

Did you shoplift any of the things you are wearing right now?

someone else did
I don't remember

What characteristics should someone looking into becoming a funeral director have? What characteristics should they not have?

(no subject)

what is the latest time you can get sushi home delivered to you where you live?

What is your favourite type of sushi?

What is your favourite piercing shop in the Dallas, Texas area?

Do you wear socks?
Can&#39;t Brain-Have Dumb

Facebook Notes

I'm trying to import my LJ to my Facebook profile. I got the import thingy to work finally but now I can't figure out how to have them show up! How can I make them do so?

Nevermind...figured it out.
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