July 5th, 2007

Musical This or That

1. The Pogues or U2?

2. Elvis Costello or Elvis Presley?

3. The Spice Girls or All Saints?

4. Blur or Oasis?

5. Amy Winehouse or Lily Allen?

6. Tori Amos or Kate Bush?

7. Lil' Kim or Queen Latifa?

8. The Cure or Depeche Mode?

9. Rupaul or Divine?

10. Hair metal or Goth?

(no subject)

1. WTF?

2. I have a Cingular phone that I got in October 2005. It's a flip phone, and it's about to break at the hinge. My contract is up in October, when I plan to switch to Verizon. For about the next month, I am living in a small town that does not have a Cingular or AT&T store, and the nearest one is at least 90 miles away. How does buying a phone online work? I'm totally clueless. I really just need something to last me a few months. Or, do you have any other suggestions?
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leave your turntable on

TV trouble, woe.

I own a TV/VCR, and I think it's trying to die on me or something. For about two months, when I turn it on, there are white horizontal lines across the screen and the picture goes from being normal-colored and vibrant to very faded. I don't know what's wrong with it--I've tried unplugging the TV, moving the antenna, and messing with the color settings, but it's not working.

Should I pay for it to get repaired? Or should I just get another TV and a DVD/VCR to go with it?
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Seasonal Map

1. Can you find me a map showing how different countries around the world experience seasons temperature wise(for the entire year--all seasons)? What about related types of maps?

2. 24-hour McDonald's stores change to breakfast at 3AM. Why can't they serve braekfast 24/7? Denny's and Perkin's both do it and make good money.

3. If you could eat, smoke, drink and poop all at the same time and as much as you wanted without health consequences, woudl you do it?


if you wear contacts, can you put them in without using a mirror?
I never thought it was that difficult (I've been using them for about 4 years now), but today my friend who has used them for 3 years couldn't put his contact back in because we were outside with no access to mirrors. Is that common?

This is for the Chicago people...

...And by that, I mean people who can say they've spent a significant chunk of their lives living in Chicago, whether still there or not.


1. Is it "Chi-town" or "Chicagoland"?
The reason I ask is because now that I've been here for a little while, I realize that the only people I've ever heard call it "Chi-town" are people who are from ANYWHERE BUT Chicago.

2. How do you say "Des Plaines" (phonetically)?
Do you apply the same logic as with Des Moines? (i.e. Des Moines = "Deh Moin" so Des Plaines = "Deh Plain") I'm really not trying to sound stupid here, I'm just not from the Midwest.

Thanks! Love you guys! :)
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So Long and Goodnight

(no subject)

For writers...

1.) When you have writer's block, what do you do in an effort to break out of it?

2.) Do you find it more difficult to writer humor that's actually witty and funny, or drama that is heart-wrenching?

3.) Do you plan out every detail and scene, and plot-point of your story before you start writing, or just start at the beginning and wing it?

4.) Do you edit for spelling/grammar/etc yourself, or send your writing to someone else to do it? Or, do you just not care that much about it?

5.) What is your 'writing atmosphere'?

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(no subject)

So, I got hired to this company, they pay 7 dollars an hour (that's pretty bad i think) I haven't even officially started either (I start july 17th) and this job is only for the SUMMER.

There's another job that pays 10 dollars an hour and is YEAR-LONG, and I am still communicating with the woman about this job (it sounds likely), if hired, how do I leave job #1 if i haven't even officially started? (because OBVIOUSLY i want to get paid 10 dollars an hour and not 7 dollars!)
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AT&T Bundles

I have a couple of questions for you all in regards to the AT&T Bundles (i.e., DirecTV, Cingular "the new AT&T" wireless, FastAccess DSL, landline phone all in one).

1. How much did it cost when you ordered it/had it set up?

2.  How long did it take for it to get set up (how long till the phone got to you, how long till the installation guy did his thing)?

3.  Did you switch from cable?  If so, did you get your cash back incentive and how soon/how much?

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fair trade coffee

Where can I find...?

Where can I find closeup pictures of A/C adaptors, or better yet, find out whether i can acquire a certain AC adaptor in a different country?

The one i have is ADS-24S-12 1224GPCU. However a search of google brings up nothing useful. I bought an external hard drive but it has to be plugged into power, and we aren't interested in having yet another American-plugged device in our house.

a job/HR question

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1. Should I follow-up by e-mail?
2.  Should I follow-up by phone?
3.  What would you say and how would you say it?
4.  What do you think of HR who hasn't been able to schedule an interview in one week even though he's given three different deadlines?
Young TGO

Movie ?s

1) To those of you who have seen Transformers: What did you think of the trailer for that untitled JJ Abrams movie? (Looks like it's on youtube already). I kind of hope it's a genius promotion for Voltron.

2) Do you like movies that are shot mostly/entirely with hand held cameras, like The Blair Witch Project?

3) Have you ever gone to the movie theater on Christmas Day?

SPF Question

Im going camping. Im pretty pale but still get sun rathe reasily. What would be the ideal SPF on sunscreen to not burn, but still allow some sun to tan my skin?
thank you :)

(I like being pale, but some color every now and then is nice)
[dance] pink side to side

(no subject)

Just one: What are some names/brands of small-ish handheld laptops? The cheaper the better! I was going to turn my DS into a laptop of sorts with the browser, but the realization of the fact that it'll never truly be like a laptop has made me look to another direction.

Please to be helping, TQC!

PS, I've already looked at one by Sony, but $2,500 for any computer? K, no thanks!

I lied, here's a second question: Am I going to hell for reading Harry Potter spoilers to my super HP-fan sister? She keeps shaking her fist at me. :)
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(no subject)

People who post spoilers, whether they are fake or not: funny or stupid?

I have to mail money to a guy to in NY for a ticket to a Broadway show. How can I best protect myself and make sure I do this right? I was going to mail it with delivery confirmation. Should I get insurance or something? Halp.

Americans: Big Brother premiere is tonight! Are you going to watch?
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(no subject)

1) I applied at Walmart for a second job(just for extra spending cash), and I got called for an interview tomorrow. I'm kinda regretting putting the application in now. Is working there really as bad as everyone says?

2) Why do all organic/health food/fancy supermarkets smell the same? What IS that smell? (think Wild Oats or Wild Harvest....even the little health section in Stop & Shop has that smell.) It bugs me.

3) a. What is the name of the closest non-chain amusement park near you? Is it good, or is it crap?
b. What is the name of your favorite ride there?

3) a. Canobie Lake Park. I think it's great.
b. Pirata, a swinging pirate ship ride. Also, the Starblaster (It's one of those towers that goes up and down fast)

Salt lake city, utah .. anyone know of

A good restaurant where I can get veg food!

I'm going to a conference at the Salt Palace Convention Center (not sure where I'll be staying, probably around there somewhere) and don't want to have to eat pasta primavera for a week. I love any sort of ethnic eats.

Also, any good local yarn stores in the city? And a place to get a decent pedicure (to keep my sanity, it's the one luxury I indulge in while on vacation.. not in a hotel please. That will just remind me I'm there for work. )

Xposted to slclj but figured I'd post here too

To move or not to move.

Consider this question keeping in mind that it’s within your country.

1. Would you move to a different city without a job? Considering you know a few people. Why (if you feel like going in depth).

2. Would you move to a different city without a job? Considering you know nobody. Why (if you feel like going in depth).

Nervous Doggie

My husband and I adopted a second dog, Athena, a few months ago. She's a 7 year old shepherd mix and she's fairly high-strung, but not unreasonably so most of the time. Our other dog, a 3 year old pitbull mix named Lucy, is pretty chill most of the time.

One evening, about a week ago, I couldn't find Athena... I looked all over the house and in the fenced back yard. Finally, we found her in the bathtub, looking scared. She didn't want to come out, so I didn't force the issue and she came out eventually. This happened a few more times and we realized that she was reacting to random fireworks going off leading up to the Fourth of July. Last night, when it sounded like freakin' WW III in our neighborhood, she camped out in the bathtub all night long. I felt bad for her, but didn't really know what to do other than go in there from time to time and give her some loves and try to reassure her. Lucy kept checking on her, too, which I thought was adorable.

ANYWAY, does anyone have tips on other things I could do to keep Athena calm when there are fireworks? We weren't shooting anything off ourselves, but anything within hearing range is enough to freak her out. I'd hate to see her go through this again every 7/4.

(no subject)

1.) Growing up, were you a Sega kid or a Nintendo kid?
2.) Resident Evil or Silent Hill (the games, not the piece of shit movies)? Porque?
3.) If you don't lower yourself to such childish plebeian wastes of time as video games, Who's you're favorite American novelist of the 20th century?

Tea Time!

I'm pretty new to drinking tea. First off, does the water need to be nearly boiling to make a decent cup, or will something a bit less hot (as in something you could stick your hand in for a second or so) be okay?

What's the proper length of time to keep the bag in? (I have regular Lipton bags, if that makes a difference.)

Do I need to swirl the bag around, or is it best to just leave it alone?

And what are your thoughts on using the same bag twice? Does anything different need to be done the second time you use a bag?
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First question

Is there a way to send a postcard from one country to another without the receiver knowing which country it came from?

Specifically I'm thinking of Canada to the US, I know all of our stamps have "Canada" on them and will also be 89 cents instead of 39 (for within the US). Then there's the issue of postmarks.

Just any ideas would be great. Basically I'm trying to play an elaborate prank on a friend, but they'll know who it is if he knows it came from Canada, and I'd like to avoid that for the time being.


EDIT: The idea of mailing it to an accomplice in the states is good, but not possible for this use because I will be mailing one postcard a week for 28 weeks, so it's a little complicated.
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(no subject)

Have you ever purchased precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum?

Did you you know that through a process called arbitrage, you can increase your total number of ounces of a metal by 100% or more just by trading one for the other?

Did you know that metals go up in value not because of their intrinsic value, but because the purchasing currency's value subjectively weakens?


How do you get yellow pit stains out of shirts?
Whats your favorite type of Fireworks?(or is it firework? hmm not sure)??
What should be my new default icon(of the ones on there right now.. or another one you have/know of.. (post that one too)?

(no subject)

Okay so I was talking with my mom about the procedures for posting bond (which I know nothing about), and she said something about if the defendant shows for the court date, the poster is refunded the money assuming it's a cash bond. I google and lo and behold, she's right. Is this true in every state?

In that case, where is my boyfriend's mom hiding his $25k? Non-serious answers welcome!
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(no subject)


1) What type of shoes do you wear (most of the time)?
2) Where do you normally buy your shoes?
3) I like wearing open toe-ed shoes, (warm-weather shoes, if you will) and I can't find anything that doesn't tear my feet apart, even if I try and get used to them.  Any suggestions on types of shoes (besides flip flops) or where I can get shoes that don't kill my feet?

BB logo animated

(no subject)

Have you ever sued anyone?

What did you sue them for?

Was the ruling in your favor?

I'm asking b/c my parents are suing a bar in my hometown. A bouncer there got fist happy and broke my step-dad's jaw in two places. He had to have surgery, has his jaw wired shut and is out of work for 6 weeks. The shitty thing is that he didn't do anything to deserve it and they have witnesses to back him up.

(no subject)

You are friends with a mad scientist and he tells you he made a time machine that allows you to travel forward 100 years. However, once you arrive, you can't ever come back (unless you meet a mad scientist there who makes a time machine allowing you to travel back through time, of course).

So. Do you hop in the machine and go forward 100 years, knowing you'll never be able to return? Why?

Edit: What do you think the world will be like then?

(no subject)

If you are what you eat, then how do you taste?
Probably very salty

What is your ideal breakfast?
Scrambled eggs hard, turkey bacon, toast with jam, and juice.

What is your favorite fruit?
Apples :)

Someone offers you a fruit you've never seen or heard of before. What would it have to look like in order  to be appealing to you?

Oh Dr. El-Jay!

I had surgery on my pilonidal cyst in February. The wound will still not heal, keeps getting infected, and is making my life effing miserable. I have to have surgery on it AGAIN in August.

So, tell me TQC, why the hell won't my butt-wound heal? I expect non-serious answers, as I've exhausted all the serious ones my surgeon has given me.

And for a second question, do you have/had you had a medical condition that you find embarassing yet humorous? I am the queen of butt-wound jokes now. My friends/family/classmates love chiming in about my ass problems. *sigh* Luckily I have a good sense of humor about these things...

(no subject)

What time is it where you are?

Should you be out doing something else, rather than hanging out here?
Getting ready for work, and eating.

Do you read any advice columns, like Dear Prudence or Dear Abby?
Dear Prudence.

Have you ever written to one? If so, about what?

Girls: Do you have names for your boobs? What are they? Have you ever named you boob after someone?
Sarah and Luke. Sarah was named after this girl in my yearbook class that I really didn't like.

Tell me about someone from high school you're really, really glad you never (or will never) have to see again.
hannibal skull

Sexy sexy

1. Are you very open about sex with people you know only on the internet?

2. Is it odd to offer to buy a sex toy for someone and mail it to them?

3. When was your last mind-blowing orgasm?

4. Do you like giving head?
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(no subject)

Are you participating in the Blogathon this year? Will you share your link(s)?

Are you participating in JulNoWrimo? What is your novel about?

If you bring your lunch to school or work, what do you carry it in?

What type of candy do you keep in your office candy dish (if you have one)?


1. Do you cook a certain dish better than anyone else? What is it?

2. What do you think of buying/getting for free used furniture from some place like Craigslist/Freecycle/yard sales, or good old-fashioned trash-picking? If you've done these things, what were your best finds?

3. What is your favorite beer?
- Can you buy beer in grocery stores where you live?
- Do you have to buy it in certain amounts?

4. What do you miss most from your childhood home, if you've moved out?

5. If I go swimming today, will my hair turn green?

6. What's been your biggest accomplishment to date?

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(no subject)

I need guidance.
My boyfriend of about a year and I recently broke up. He'd been living with me up until Friday in Seattle. On Saturday, I left for Florida for a week (I'm still here) and he left for Oregon to stay with family. When he left we were not on speaking terms and I was not intending on speaking to him for quite some time.
Last night, I talked to my mom who told me that Zach (the ex-bf) had called and was back in Seattle. He needed help moving some stuff because his brother was arrested. My mom asked if I was going to call him and said he sounded like he needed a friend and I do still care about him, I want to help him, I'm just nervous about trying to patch things up.

My question though, is should I call him and see how he's doing? Part of me really thinks I should and part of me thinks I shouldn't. I just need some outside perspective.

(no subject)

1. When you are sick, what causes you to decide to get antibiotics? (i.e. you always go for them, you wait 2 weeks out before going, or you never take them, etc.)

2. How many times a year do you take a full prescription of antibiotics?

3. What is your take on antibiotic resistance? (Alternatively, what would you do if you were a healthcare professional about prescribing antibiotics? It's been said that some people aren't too happy when you send them away from an appointment without them. How would you handle this?)

4. What was the last sickness that you "waited out" and got better from without prescription medicines?

5. What reminds you of being sick? For me, it's the smell of Vicks Vapo-Rub & the taste of Nyquil.
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Inspired by the concert ticket post: Stupid concert stories

What are some of the stupidest things you've ever seen someone do at a concert/for a concert/involving a concert?

Last year I went to a concert for which I experienced people doing all of the following things:

1. One guy had come in all the way from San Diego (the concert was in Reykjavik) just to see the concert and without having bought a ticket, obviously not realizing that the concert was 100% sold-out, so he stood on the sidewalk trying to buy extra tickets from people but was unsuccessful.

2. One guy had come in from the East Coast of the US specifically for the concert knowing that his favorite artist was only going to play three songs, and willingly spent a few thousand dollars for this.

3. One girl came in from Australia specifically for the concerts but got the dates mixed up and arrived a month early, and didn't find out that she had gotten the dates wrong until she arrived. She went home before the concert even took place.

People do some crazy things for concerts. I have traveled a few hundred miles for concerts before but I'm not sure I would go so far as to go across the ocean to see one artist play a few songs.
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This post about having children got me thinking of family. It really bothers me when people say "start a family" when they talk about having kids, as if there are no kids, it doesn't count as a family. That would mean I don't have my own family, even though my husband and I are devoted to one another and our growing herd of dogs -- not to mention the close friends I consider family. That's my family. I think family is what you make it, who you chose to love, not who you are genetically related to.

Who or what do you consider YOUR family?

(no subject)

I'm trying to figure out Outlook Express.

Does anyone know if you can use a Yahoo! email on OE? If not, what other emails can I use? If yes, how do I get it to work on there?

I'm so confused.

(no subject)

my husband told me that he heard something about harry potter the book coming out next week tuesday (or something tuesday) If it's a tuesday... that'd be July 9th, July 16th, July 23rd... when excalty is it coming out? I thought July 21st? (which makes it a saturday)

(no subject)

How do I get my MIL to actually listen to me and respect my wishes when it comes to my son??

How do I tell my in-laws "I really don't care to hang out with you guys this weekend, making it three times this week, because I need some space from you" without hurting their feelings??

How do I tell them, "I'm glad that you made plans for everyone, but please ask me rather than telling me what I will be doing" without coming off like a bitch??

Note: My husband is deployed and MIL claims that if she doesn't get to see her grandson (our son) when she wants to, that I'm "taking away her only connection to her son". My hubby knows MIL is insane, which is why I'm the only one in the family with his address and the only one he calls...but like I said, he really can't deal with her right now.

And on a random note:

I saw a car on my lunch break...it was a grand prix, and the sticker in the back said, "The only thing faster than my car is my zipper."

Why would anyone put that on their car???


I've got to go to traffic court on Monday. Fun, fun.

Some idiot in a minivan backed out of a Burger King drive-thru (without looking) and into the passenger side of my friend's tiny sedan. Luckily this was all witnessed by a police officer.

Now this woman is trying to fight her tickets in court. She received three: one for careless driving, one for driving without proof of insurance, and one for having an expired registration. My friend and I were summoned as witnesses for the state. Now thanks to this asshat, I'm going to miss work.

When was the last time you were in court? What happened?
Me--State Fair

summery question!

Hay lovely ladies of TQC! Quick question for you...

What method of hair removal do you use for your bikini area? I shaved and now REALLY regret it with all the regrowth and red bumps and yeesh!
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Okay kids, picture time.

Out of those of you who have seen both Queen of the Damned and Interview with a Vampire:

1) Favorite Lestat? Not the quality of movie itself, but the Lestat. Why?

2) Those of you who have read the books, which looks more like the Lestat you pictured?

3) Did Louis annoy the piss out of anyone else?

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(no subject)

1)Are any of your friends camera shy/try to get out of pictures? Do you take their picture anyway?
2)If you had a friend such as this would you post a bunch of your friend's pictures on the internet (like in your journal or whatever) just to irritate them?

(no subject)

how do i add an image to an mp3 file or vice versa?

i want to make a video-ish type thing but the image doesnt neccesarily have to be animated or anything...

i need this to be free also and i (preferably) don't want to have to install anything...

Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

Along the lines of the other celeb crush post...

1) Is there any movie character that you absolutely fell in love with, but you really don't think the actor/actress is attractive in real life, or in other roles?

pics plz!


Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy(Matthew MacFadyen) from the newest Pride and Prejudice. I really don't think he's anything special in other roles, but I swoon like hell over his Mr. Darcy:


2) Have you ever been watching a favorite movie, one you watch constantly, and not until someone points it out, did you notice that you've seen them in other movies you love and watch all the time, and it becomes BLATANTLY OBVIOUS afterwards? I did that with 2 people:

- Didn't realize Commodore Norrington from POTC was the dude from Coupling
- Didn't realize the guy who plays Mr. Collins in Pride & Prejudice was that dude in POTC2 and 3, the east india trading co. guy. Derr.

(no subject)

Last night I was walking in a parking lot and noticed a parked car with its lights left on.

I then noticed that its doors were unlocked.

Do you consider it a good deed to open up a stranger's car to turn off its headlights? Is it something you would risk doing?

(no subject)

How do you bake your potatoes?

I've been scouring my fave foodie site and keep finding conflicting temps, times, etc.
I just wanna bake a couple medium sized potatoes. And really bake them, not just microwave them because OH G-D HE CAN TELL WHEN THEY'VE BEEN NUKED. :)

The only straight-up recipe I've found says 450 degrees, 1.5 hours. Sound about right?

(no subject)

to ANYONE who has a digital camera:

what brand/model is it? what do you use your camera for, mainly (landscapes, portraits, etc)? what do you like about it? how much did it cost you? is it fairly easy to accessorize? just tell me about your freaking camera -- i'm looking to do a major upgrade sometime in the next few months (price is not an issue) & i need some feedback!
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(no subject)

Is today one of those days? You know, where everything just seems to go wrong?

It sure as hell seems like it. UGH. What should I do to make it better? I was thinking of going to the pet store... But then I get all sad because I want the baby ferrets they have there. OH DILEMMAS.
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Sarcasm or sincere?

the sort of thing that makes you scratch your head and go... "what?"
I was driving by a neighboring town today and I saw this on an overpass...

I'm confused.

its obviously a reference to the speech and banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln as President George W. Bush addressed the United States on May 1, 2003.

What does this say about the feelings towards Brookfield Highs graduating class of 2007? Do people wish them failure for the next five.. ten.. twenty years? Or is this some sort of delusional symbol of good wishes?

Sarcasm or sincerity?

if you were in this graduating class.. how would you feel about this sign?

PS I've never seen real 'grafitti' on this overpass. There's spray painted signage for the charity Relay for Life, and a few months ago there was some sort of spray painted message of support for the state governor who lives in this town (obviously written by some crack fiend IMHO). This is located right down the street from the local police headquarters.

PPS Its not even grafitti... it's one of those signs you get at a professional sign place.


(no subject)

My dishwasher was recalled because it could catch on fire. I've had 3 appointments with GE to have them come repair it. No one has showed up to any of the appointments. After my second appointment, I wrote the BBB but all that got me was my third appointment (that no one showed up to.)

TQC, why won't GE come fix my dishwasher?

What would you do if you were in this situation?

(no subject)

I was told by a friend that using these two products would help with my acne:

"In the morning:
Neutrogena Foaming Acne Face Cleanser

At Night
Clean and Clear Acne Control Scrub with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide"

Have you ever used either of these products?
Were you satisfied with the results?

EDIT: Anybody have any idea of what I should get? I'm going to Target in a few minutes...

story + poll

you have purchased 2 tickets to a concert, but only need one. in the company of your flatmate, you say "i should probably sell my other ticket soon." she says "oh, how much was it?" you tell her, she offers to buy the ticket from you. several months later (one month before the concert), she tells you that she can't afford the ticket because she's going on too many trips this summer. you say ok and begin trying to sell the other ticket. times passes and it is now 3 days before the concert and, despite taking £26 (~$50) off the price of the ticket, you still have not sold it. your impoverished flatmate, seeing that you and another flatmate are going to a different concert this weekend, decides she wants to go, too, and shells out £60 for a ticket (same price as the ticket she was going to have bought off of you).
Poll #1015920 pissed off?

on a scale from one (not bothered at all) to ten (fucking livid), how pissed off are you?

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I went to the dentist today...

So what do you think about while you're sitting back in the dentist's chair and getting your teeth cleaned?

I close my eyes because I hate the light they have above you and basically just concentrate on my tongue. I don't know why but whenever I'm at the dentist, the one thing I'm constantly worrying about is my tongue and where it is. I don't want it in the way or anything LOL.
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Traveling to Canada

I'm going to Niagara Falls next month for a few days. The boyfriend and I are staying on the American side, but want to be able to travel to the Canadian side as well. Do you need a passport to travel to and from Canada now, or just your birth certificate?

Any advice on some things we should do while we're there?
Things we should avoid?
hannibal skull

Kingston, Ontario

Anyone here from Kingston, Ontario?

I'm meeting a friend there this summer for a dinner one night and was wondering if anyone had some recommendations of a nice place to have a nice dinner. Any food is ok, except maybe Japanese, as my partner is not a sushi fan, despite me and my friend loving it.

Any good casual/nice places for a nice dinner that are also easy to find? Maybe even something close to the city entrance/exit?

Yes, I did Google Kingston, but personal recommendations are often better more reliable.

Thanks in advance!!
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(no subject)

I want to connect my laptop (xp) and my desktop (xp pro) so I can share files. I don't want to use a router. I know that you can use a crossover cable. I have that.

1. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for this? What I've googled myself has not reaped any success.

2. Do both computers need to be able to connect to the internet for this? My laptop is wireless but if I plug the crossover cable into my desktop, I can't plug the internet cord in (which is connected to a wireless router for internet access).
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I'm in Madrid. What should I do?

(Points for anything free; extra points for anything that doesn't involve sex, as the sex is in Pennsylvania and will be unengaged in until September.)

Edit: Super extra bonus points for recommendations of places with any good vegetarian dishes (I've heard the eggplant dishes tend to be amazing). That's a lot of points.

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My boss called me today and asked me to work this Saturday. I said yes without really thinking about it, since I really only have to worry about work. After I got off the phone I realized that I had a whole bunch of stuff scheduled for that day, so I called back and told him I couldn't do it. He told me if I said no I'd be fired and he was giving me a day to think about it, then hung up.

If I work Saturday, I have to reschedule several appointments and miss out on a once a year event in my town. The appointments could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to reschedule. In the meantime, I've been looking for another job because my hours were cut so drastically and I don't like the way I'm treated by my boss.

Would it be worth it to not go Saturday and take the consequences that go with that?

(I'm a sales clerk in a department store, if that helps clear up anything)

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Are relationships difficult? Do they take work?

After you and your significant other established that you loved each other, how often did you two say it to each other?

When do you usually tell your partner that you love them?

Laptop Stickers!

Hey. I want stickers for my laptop but I can never seem to find good ones. I searched Ebay for stickers and it's mostly kiddish cartoon ones. I also ebay-searched "Laptop Stickers" and most of them are stickers for the keys to translate into different languages. 

This FLICKR group has good ones --> Click Here

I want stickers like those!

Anyone have any tips on what stores to go to? Or websites?

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To those of you who work or have worked in a dog kennel or something similar:

1. What sort of experience did you have before, and what did you emphasize? Do you think something like volunteering for several years at an animal shelter doing something similar (walking dogs, cleaning kennels) would make you a desirable potential employee to a dog kennel? I'd like to get a job at a kennel or something similar, but have never had a job before - just several years of volunteer experience at a local animal shelter.

2. What were/are their restrictions on piercings, tattoos, and unnatural hair colors?

3. Was getting the job difficult?
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I think my parents are on the verge of divorce. My mom keeps hinting that she's going to move out and that I might have to choose between my parents. How am I supposed to do that? I have a relatively close relationship with both of my parents. My dad makes a lot more money than she does so if she moved out I would probably have to stay with my dad because if I went with her I don't think there would be enough food on the table.

Have your parents divorced? How did it change your relationship with your parents? Did you have to choose between them and if so, how did you? How am I supposed to deal with this? Sorry for the emo whining.

Edit: Sorry guys. I'm 15.
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Since my fiance and I can't decide whose name to take (I hate hyphens. DAMN YOU HYPENS!), we're thinking about taking a completely new name.

Any last name suggestions? Anything welcome (We've already had names run through our head like "Prime", so anything is game. haha.)
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I'm going to New York City this weekend with my mom. I've been there a zillion times before, but always with groups and itineraries...never on my own.
Does anybody have any suggestions on fun (mom-friendly) stuff to do? My mom's pretty cool, btw.

what are your favorite places to go in NYC?

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3 men went to a motel. The man behind the desk said the room is $30, so each man put up $10 each and went to the room. A little while later he realized the room was only $25, so he sent the bellhop back to the 3 guys room with $5. On the way to the room the bellhop couldn't figure how to split the $5 between the 3 guys so he just gave each one of them $1 and he kept the other $2. That left the 3 guys paying $9 each for the room. 3x9=27+ the 2 that the bellhop kept =$29. WHERES THE OTHER DOLLAR??????
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There's a brand of jeans where the back right pocket has a brown quotation mark-like logo in the corner. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's hard to google "quotation mark logo jeans" and get any serious results. :)

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Where do you buy your lingerie? I'm especially interested in lingerie that fits more of a...pear shape. I'm a 34A with 28-30 inch waist and 38 inch hips and anything that fits the butt or ribcage is too big in the cup. Inexpensive would be great. I've already tried Frederick's. The cups are too big D:
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I don't have cable right now, so I download my tv off bittorrent. I went to get this week's two days of So you think you can dance and there's nothing past episode 11, which was last week's results show! What's going on?

Speaking of the show, who are your favorite dancers? Was anyone else as pissed off as I was when Jessi got booted last week? I thought she kicked ass both at the dance with Pasha (a day late but still) and on her solo--or at least her solo was better than some of the others were. And they didn't even say why, they were like "you're out, see ya." Rrr.

Ok, since my first question was answered and I now feel silly for not thinking of the obvious, here is another question for yous guys:

I embroider shirts with an image (so far all of them have been of a webcomic kitty from one comic or another) and a little phrase. I've decided it's time to do another one, and I've been toying with the idea of using the toothy image from my icon here, and using the phrase "In Soviet Russia, pussy eats YOU!" (YOU either being all caps or another font). That many words would be a pain in the ass to do, but I think it's hilarious. However, if it'll offend everyone in sight, then there isn't much point in making it.

So what do you folks think? Over the top, or just the right amount of sass? Other phrase suggestions welcome!
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1. Are you the sort of person that does things impulsively and doesn't really sort things out before acting or are you the sort of person who thinks things through so much and you really wish your brain would just shut off for a while?

2. Do you try and live your life without regret or are there loads of things you really wish you had a second chance at?

3. What is your biggest regret? If you could go back in time what would need to happen (what sort of circumstances would there need to be?) for you to make a different choice and thusly not have said regret?

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The new Smashing Pumpkins album leaked.
Have you heard it?
If yes, what do you think? If no, do you care?

Yes, I have it. I'm on the fence, since I have really crappy headphones with me right now. If this is really how it sounds, Corgan's vocals have totally taken a nosedive from where they once were and ruined some potentially great songs.

ETA: Question #2

Back in high school, some kids in my english class were fascinated with mouchette.org. It was kind of an enigma like hell.com back in the day. To this day I don't think the site has changed. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it net art? Just some weird shit? Who is really responsible for it?

Boy vs. Girl.

Ok, so lets say theres a boy.. Jim and a girl.. Mary.
Mary has super low self-esteem/self confidence.
Mary really really likes Jim.. and for a while, she thought Jim liked her.
Recently, Mary found out that Jim doesn't want to go out with Mary because of the fact that she has low self-esteem.

In your opinion...

Is it mary's fault for having the self-esteem issues in the first place? Should she get over herself so she can go out with Jim?


Is it Jim's fault, because he doesn't like her enough to just put the character flaw behind him and get to know her and maybe help her resolve some issues?
If you were Mary what would you do?
If you were Mary's friend, what advice would you give her?

(also, do you know anyone with low self-esteem? are you friends with them? why/why not? Would you ever date someone with low self-esteem? why or why not.)

Consider yourselves asked.
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So…. I just got out of the shower and I shaved my legs with hair conditioner because I didn’t have anything else and it worked!! My legs are smooth!

What do you shave your legs with?(if you shave)

Do you think I should wake my boyfriend up so he can touch my smooth legs?

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