July 4th, 2007

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If you could do any stunt from Jackass, Wildboyz, or any other show of that nature, which stunt would you do?
Mind you, you would not be arrested or hurt- just have fun.

I would definitely do urban kayaking.
I'm thinking of doing it one day at the Frog Pond in Boston, but I have to do my research... and get a kayak for the day.

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My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 3 months, and I've only known him for about 4 months.

He's already told me that he loves me (I haven't said it to him yet), and he said he'd be thrilled to spend the rest of his life with me.
We've already talked about having 4 kids (I want 2 boys, he wants 2 girls) if we get married... haha.

1. Is it weird that he gave me a key to his apartment today?
2. If you were in a similar situation, would you be freaking out?

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1. Do you use butter?
I've never had butter in my house, but all you internet people seem to go on about it. Does no one use margarine?

2. Do you find Letterman funny?
I think "Letterman" would be a funny comic book character, but as a tv host, he sucks, as does his show.

3. My mum turned 50. Should I get her some big significant present, if so, what? (I am a poor uni student, have mercy).

4. I almost forgot three (again) when numbering the questions. Why am I against 3? What has it done? My birthday is on the 3rd of the 3rd, does that have any relevance?

5. What small thing excites you?
Getting free staples from the uni library makes me so happy. I mean, I only get as many as I need to staple my work together (they're in an electric stapler, which is also cool), but they're FREE,FREE!!! & I could take as many as I wanted... but I don't... but I COULD.
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Across the Universe

I've been seeing a trailer for the movie Across the Universe that I really like, but the only trailer I can find online is a completely different one. The one I'm looking for is of the main guy and he's just singing the whole time. It starts off with him drawing a picture of the girl, and then he starts singing and it shows clips of him in a bowling alley and out in a field and various other scenes. The only one I can find online starts off with him on the beach and then on a boat and then I quit watching because it's not the one I want.

So my question is does anyone have the singing one? Thanks.

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How much does your bank charge you if you overdraw on your account?
Optional: What bank is it?

What is your dream job?

What was your favorite cartoon from when you were little?

Heading anywhere interesting this summer?


Do you believe in waiting (not having sex) before marriage?

If you don´t, could you please share your reasons?

EDIT: And if you do, could you please also participate?

Thanks, all, for your opinions, so far!

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1. How would you react if a close friend whom you believe to be very intelligent and level-headed revealed that she had attempted suicide?

2. Has a good friend of yours ever admitted to doing something extremely out of character? If so, what?
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Why does it seem like being an atheist is the new trendy thing these days? I mean, out of all the belief systems in the world... Why that?

I don't have a problem with atheism, just with those people who act like you can't be a smart, cool, or worthwhile human being if you believe in God. Judgmental much?
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1) What do you want to achieve before you die?
2) Why don't you start doing those things today?
3) Who would feature most prominently in your autobiography?
4) What event in your life would feature most prominently in your autobiography?
5) Have you ever been fired? Is so, what for?
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Hell - Picasso Devil

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So if for aerobic/cardio workouts, the goal is achieved by getting the heartrate up and keeping it up, if I chat to someone while running or otherwise, and it causes my heart to beat faster to supply the extra oxygen, am I getting a better workout?
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One of my friends boyfriends has decided to open a clothing store...
His plan is to basically go to the states, buy clothes, bring em back here and sell them in a store... can you actually legally do this?

edit: thanks guys, majority says legal, got my answer :)
rufus, muppy

MSN messenger probs.

2 Days ago, I cleared my history, cache and temporary internet files on Windows Explorer, and right after that, my messenger stopped working. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing but it will not work. Different versions will not work either. I get error code 80048820 and 80048412.

help please :(

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The European Union has released several "commercials" to increase the visability of the EU in Europe. One of them (the one below) consists out of nothing but sex scenes from European movies.
Do you think an official institution should use this kind of movies to promote itself?
ETA: The movie is used to promote European Cinema... And what better way to do that than to show off all the sex in those movies.
(obviously the movie is not safe for work)
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So this Saturday is a fireworks show at a local park. My parents can't make it this year so it's going to be me, my brother, my sister, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, and possibly a friend of my brother's. Every year we always make a picnic dinner, and we always have fried chicken as the main dish. What other dishes could we make?

I've had a nasty chest cold for about three weeks now. I have asthma, so when my chest starts to feel tight I use my inhaler, but my inhaler is running low and I'm having some issues with my insurance at the moment so I can't replace it. What are some ways to make breathing easier?

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Have any of your pets ever had fleas??

Is it the end of the world?! (I have a dog, 3 cats, and a chinchilla)

Aparently, this isn't an emergency according to the vet--would you clasify this as an emergency?

Any tips/tricks?

Can you try to cheer me up?

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I have no plans whatsoever for today, the 4th of July, since it is raining.

I've decided to go rent some movies.

What are some of your favorite "must see before you die" films? The ones you think everybody should see at least once?

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Is it completely unreasonable of me to want a day off after working seven? The daughter of the HR department head wanted the day off to watch Naruto (no, seriously), and I told them I couldn't take her shift, but they told me I'd better show up anyway.

What kind of keyboard and mouse do you use? Links and pics plz?

What'd you have for breakfast?

Did you got to college? Did you win any scholarships? For how much?

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Do they make good money? How would I go about getting a degree to become one? Do I have to go to medical school or what?

I've been pretty set on becoming a nurse for the past couple years but lately I've been really big on health and stuff since I'm in the process of losing weight. [I've lost almost 30 since January.] And I just want to get some more information on nutritionists because I really enjoy everything about living healthy and eating right.

Anyyy other information on this job would be very much appreciated. :]
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FTP clients and weather

For those of you who use one...

What is your favorite FTP client?

I've been using smartFTP but I'm trying to explore other options since it gives me the nag screen over and over before it will open even though I'm NOT a business user so they say you don't have to pay to register. I don't need anything wildly complex, but I hate using my hosts built in one since it's craptacular. Freeware is good.

And for those who don't:

How's the weather where you are?

It hasn't stopped raining here for days!
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Are you watching the 2007 Hot Dog Eating Championship?

How does one become a Rock, Paper, Scissors champion? Isn't it pure luck?

Americans: what are you doing today? Do you have off of work?

If you were to enter an all-you-can-eat contest, what food would you want to eat?
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Do you enjoy jury duty?

I hate hate hate the first day when you don't know if you are going or not. Aside from the selection process, I just got done with my first time being picked to be on the jury. It was SO interesting and I met some awesome people. It was only a 2 day criminal case.. but I actually learned a lot. Plus, aside from being in court from 9am-4pm for Monday and Tuesday, I got 4 days off from work this week.

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1. Have you ever called a chatline (LiveLinks, etc)?
1b. Did date someone you met off there?

2. Are you any good at Sudoku?

3. Shoppers Drug Mart or London Drugs?
3b. Walgreens or Rite-Aid?

4. Clear sauce, red sauce, or white sauce?

5. Shiraz or Merlot?

6. Why do you like lululemon more than Whistler?

I need to know...

about your PB&J sammiches. What exact ingredients do you use? Hmmm? I must know!

I use creamy peanut butter (usually Jiff) (what a weird name for a brand) and always always strawberry jelly (though I've done preserves because they were leftover from Passover) (typically of the Smucker's persuasion). I've recently switched to using a really soft wheat bread (instead of white) and I LOVE to dunk it in a glass of 2% milk.

so, TQC, what's yer PB&J?
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I really doubt I'll do this but my father wants me to not only move out of the house, but out of the state. He would actually pay for an apartment and car for me, as long as I get some kind of job. But I guess it's still sort of a possibility, if I can find a place that matches my criteria.

Which city in the US would you recommend that has fairly good weather year-round AND is either extremely easy to drive in or has exceptional public transportation that any idiot can figure out, and has a population of around half a million people (but anywhere between 100,000 and a million would be okay)?

I was thinking maybe Austin or somewhere in Arizona.
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Why is it that people with rodents always seem to have lots of them? Sometimes of the same kind, like seven rats, or sometimes just this huge mixture of rats and ferrets and whatever else. It's like with cats, but with things you have to keep in cages all the time.

Bang Marry Kill

Out of these three people, who would you bang, who would you marry, and who would you kill?

If women are your preference:

Queen Latifah
Meryl Streep

If men are your preference:

Ron Jeremy
Larry King
Sylvester Stallone

Oh, and why?
Me outside 2004 happy


1. When you usually have sex, do you give your partner an orgasm first ? Why ?

2. Ever had a condom break during sex ?

3. Do you usually shave before sex ?

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In today's newspaper there was an ad for a sale at Dillard's. However, there is nothing on their website saying they are having a sale. I don't want to drive out of my way to find out that the sale isn't happening. Does anyone know for sure if there is a sale?

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do you ever have days where EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING your significant other does irritates the hell out of you?

if so, what do you do on those days? just ignore them?
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Follow-up spider questions

1. You're about to climb into bed when you see those clockspider leg peeking out from under your pillow. You scream, cry and wet yourself like you said you would, when your bestest friend comes walking out of the closet with a camera, laughing their ass off, and pulls the pillow aside, revealing some expertly-arranged pipe cleaners. You've been punked! How do you react? Laugh along or plot some excessively horrendous payback?

2. Back to the previous clockspider post, the one behind the clock...You get the person to remove the beastie, and they do so. Spider is outta your place. However, the person who did the varmint-vamoosing says "It's strange, but by all indication, that spider should have been carrying an egg sac, but I didn't see one anywhere. Oh well". What do you do?

3. If you hate spiders and cockroaches with a passion, do you like eating lobster and crabs? Do you easily get past the multi-leg thing?
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You're in the shower and you've just noticed that you're out of shower gel/soap/whatever you use.
Do you shrug and just rinse yourself under water saying you'll double wash yourself when you get more soap/etc.?
Or do you use an alternative e.g. shampoo, dish washing liquid, etc.?
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Nikon Lenses

I've just managed to score a nice deal on a (new!) Nikon D80, which would have otherwise been entirely out of my price range. (It retails for $900 or a little less, I got it for $299.) So now I'm looking for a lens.

[Edit: This post is really... not relevant anymore. Avoid www.expresscamera.com ,k?]

Anyone have any recommendations?

I'm looking for something that's good all-around, has a decent amount of zoom (maybe more than 3x, but I can live without 12x, preferably some wide angle capabilities--starting out at less than 50mm equiv), reasonably "fast" (low apertures, although I know I'm not going to be getting f/1.8 here), and (of course) not too expensive.

I'd like to spend $300 or less, if possible. I'd prefer a good all-in-one solution, but I'd also consider getting a couple good-quality lenses to cover the range of one cheap super-zoom.

Halp meh TQC!

Summer Time!!!

Ok seeing as how some of us are starting the summer season..

What is the worst sunburn you've ever had?
Do you have any really weird tan lines? or burn lines?
Would you show us with a picture if you do?
What are your summer plans?


What is the name of this TV program?

Back in 2004 (it was on sometime between May - November at the latest), a TV program came on the Discover Channel or National Geographic. This program was about a middle-class family who went to stay in a remote part of another country with another family (or families).

The families went to Mongolia, Indonesia or Malaysia, somewhere in Africa and a few other places.

Before leaving, they would usually ask the family things like "What would you like to see least?" and one kid answered "man eating ants" and of course, there were man eating ants where he went.

I remember one family had some sort of obsession with moon pies or something and gave them to a family in Africa and they thought the pies were too sweet.

Another family went to Mongolia and had squirrel on a stick which they DID NOT want to eat.

Does anyone know what TV show I'm talking about? I looked at lists of both current and past TV shows on Discover and National Geographic but none of them seem familiar.


if you were ever married who asked for the divorce?
how do tell someone your marriage is dunnzo?
how long did it take you to bounce back?
if you did the asking did you feel guilty?
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For those that do this - why do you use such tiny font on your posts here, especially when answering your own questions? It's a damn pain in the arse to try to read.

For everyone else, does it annoy you when someone does that?

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I am bored OUT OF MY MIND it's raining so no fireworks!

Any Ideas of anything I could be doing? a cutesy craft? any websites or communities I could spend hours surfing?

What came first the fruit orange, or the color orange?

are you addicted to any reality tv shows?

is there still a tqc chatroom?

what is your favorite fragrance?
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I sprayed a beetle on my bathroom floor with bug spray. While it was still dying, it was folding itself in half and leaping off of the floor, maybe a couple feet into the air, and making a loud popping noise when it jumped (and a decent noise when it fell back to the floor.) I didn't look at it close enough, but I mistook it for a roach when I left to get the bug spray. Anyone know what kind of bug this was?

Never say never

1.) What's something you feel pretty safe saying you'd NEVER do? (never have sex before marriage, never become a Christian, etc.)

2.) What's something you used to think you'd never do, but since have done it for one reason or another?

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For the next 30 days, you have to watch one of these movies every single day, or...or....aliens come and blow up this planet (they're pop culture-obsessed aliens). Yeah, that's it. You can watch nothing else. Which of these movies do you watch 30 days in a row?

Lake House
Breakfast Club
Rocky Horror Motion Picture
Producers (original)
Kill Bill
Clockwork Orange
Alice in Wonderland
American Beauty

For the next 30 days, you can only eat one food and one food only. What do you pick?

Pepperoni pizza
Mixed fruit (diced)
Spaghetti, no meatballs, tomato sauce
Caesar salad
McDonalds' cheeseburger
KFC original (bucket)
Subway veggie sandwich (same ingredients every time)
Burritos (you state up front what meat you want on it, and for the next month, it's how they'll make it)
Pancakes (maple syrup)
Salmon (steak)
Lasagna (with meat)
White Castle sliders
Cold cereal (for this option, there's 3 types of cereal to choose from: Cheerios, Mini Wheats and Frosted Flakes. You can have all 3 for the month)

You can only wear one color for the next month. Extra clothes will be given to you just for these 30 days, but the only items you can wear have to be this color. Including shoes, socks, underwear, etc. Pick a color

Light blue
Navy blue
Light green
Dark green
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If you had a Star of David hanging in your home and a guest turned it upside down would you be angry?

Would you rather go around town in full KKK get-up or get Martin Luther King's face tattooed on your forehead with the words "Malcolm X" beneath it?

Is the way you picture yourself in your mind different from your actual physical appearance?
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WHY is clear wrapping paper made/sold?

We had to buy wrapping paper for a wedding and were looking for silver. I brought it home and unrolled it and it was CLEAR wrapping paper, but layer on top of layer made it look silver. It had never even crossed my mind that it might be clear (the label doesn't say clear) because I can't think of a single use for clear wrapping paper. Can you?
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Transformers Movie

So I'm about to go see the Transformers movie with my boyfriend in a half-hour, but I'm reluctant about going. I don't really want to watch the movie in the first place, but I'm incredibly bored and there's nothing else to do at home. Anyway, I seem to be easily disturbed, and I mean, incredibly easily disturbed. I had to walk out of the movie theater for X-Men 3 because I was so upset by it.

 So, my question is this: Does the Transformers movie have anything in it that might upset someone who is easily disturbed? Specifically, large amounts of blood, anything related to rape or torture, other physical or mental abuse, etc. I would think that there wouldn't be since I know it's based off of a cartoon, but with Hollywood getting a hold of it and all...

name that tune

One part...

you just might
find your ass
in our sights

Another part...

I believe
that the truth
sets you free

Looking for artist and title. It's alternative rock, probably within the last 5 years. Possibly the band One but I'm not sure. Any ideas?
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Isn't it weird to think that one single, miniscule, seemingly unimportant event can change everything that happens after that event?

Has this ever happened to you? What happened?

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Inspired by this post...

I'm white. My boyfriend's black. He's fine when I say the word "black" except if there's another black person in the room. Then he gets offended and asks me to say "African American."


Do you say "black" or "African American?"
Do you use the N word?
Do you think it's okay if someone who is not black says the N word?

I used to have a Mexican friend that thought she could say it whenever, as she wasn't white. When trying to prove a point to my boyfriend one time, she repeated the word several times. Boyfriend became so offended that he never talked to said friend again.
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If I have a multi-region DVD player, do I have to worry about whether the tv itself will show PAL DVDs? Or does it not matter, so long as the DVD player is multi-region?

My icon rocks these questions.

Fans know that Bret Easton Ellis' book Lunar Park will be made in to a movie, so:

Who wants to see Jon Favreau play Ellis? If he loses some weight I think he would physically resemble the man. Could Favreau pull it off? Second follow-up question:

Did Favreau gain so much weight because he had a vasectomy (his last child was born in 2006-conceived in 2005)? Did he, or didn't he?

Final question. Will Less Than Zero ever be remade to something more faithful than the original?
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Cow Cream

Has anyone tried "Cow's" ice cream. It's based out of P.E.I (Prince Edward Island) but there is a few other locations, maybe a lot, but I've only seen a few, has anyone else had the pleasure of smelling the waffley scent of this beautiful store?
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Expatty Cake

1. Are you an expat?

2. If yes to 1, where did you live before and where do you live now?
3. Why did you leave?
4. What are the pros of your new home?
5. What are the cons?

6. If no to 1, have you considered it?
7. If so, what country would you like to move to?

8. What country do you currently reside in? Do you like your country?
9. Why?
10. What do you think outsiders think of your country?
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1) a. If you've seen Transformers already, What did you think? Are you a fanboy/girl of this franchise?

b. If you haven't seen Transformers, do you plan to see this movie in theatres? How do you think it'll be? are you a fanboy/girl of this franchise?

2) What cartoon/anime fandom-based show/comic would you LOVE to see made into a live action movie?

1) I LOVED it, and that's saying something, because I always hated the shows.

2) Gundam Wing!
Splatter! XD

Squicky questions!

1) From a genetic, biological standpoint... What the living hell is wrong with this kid's head? (Only click this if you're ok with massive amounts of distorted face-related wrongness. -_-)

2) Do you think it would be a good idea to just archive all pictures and videos of these kinds of birth defects and stuff in some database where only doctors, students with sadistic instructors, and people who WANT to see them can get to them? As in, keep creepy stuff like this out of the general public.

3) Does anyone else have a phobia about major birth defects and deformities? Not disfigurement, like from an accident (because that doesn't bother me), but really freaky inborn things.

My answers are:

1) No freaking idea.

2) Yes, then I wouldn't have to see it.

3) Definitely. Every time I see something like that, my heart skips a beat and I get a little lightheaded. I've even had nightmares.
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Um, my ceiling's leaking. My parents are sleeping, and the leak is directly over my computer. I've put a cup to catch the drips and the waterspots small (2 inches wide and a few inches long with a watermark around it).

Is my ceiling going to fall through on my computer? I will die.
Should I wake my parents up?
I mean, is this necessary to tell them right away? Or will I just end up with grumpy parents?

What do I doo?

**The leaking stopped, I'm glad I didn't wake them, yet. They'd flip as they have to be up around 4 to leave for work and it's 12:41am. If it starts up again/gets worse I'm waking them up but otherwise, i guess i'm just gonna let them know in the morning.