July 3rd, 2007

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how do you wear your longish hair when you want it off your neck? if it's something other than a plain ponytail or a bun will you decribe how to do it? pictures a plus.

i'm hairstyle challenged.
O Shit


I was just looking in another community that was mentioning pheromones and the fact that people smell 'like women' and smell 'like men'.

I can't smell very well at all, unless a scent is very strong. So, weird question, but do people actually have their own scents? Do they smell 'feminine' or 'manly'? What does that smell like?

Do you have your own scent? If so, what do you smell like?

I don't think I smell like anything. I hope not.. no one has ever said anything about it.

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Speaking of injuries, how do you most often end up hurting yourself? (excluding cars for the sake of interestingness)

Me, I fall over in chairs a lot. I've even gotten myself stuck in a folded up folding chair before. Incredibly funny, but painful.

EDIT: And what body parts do you find yourself injuring the most?
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What's something that annoys you even though it really shouldn't?

I get annoyed when people ask what my tattoo means (it's a copy of a Japanese scroll, so it contains kanji). I know there's no reason I should be pissed, but it still bothers me.

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When I was a kid I used to suck on my Mom's cigarettes because I thought they tasted good (they're menthols). I would see her doing it, became curious, and started to go it when she wasn't around. I was like... 4.

1 - What was your reaction to this?

I just remembered that I did that about a week ago. I just told my brother and he had the most horrified look on his face. :-(

concealed weapons

so I was just looking at a newspaper online from where I'm from and noticed something interesting

they have decided to print a list of people *ages and county they are living in) of people who have concealed carry permits (those who have registered and carry a gun).

should they be allowed to print this information? or do you think it is an invasion of privacy?

what if your name was in it?

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I got blogspotted today for my one liner rant about bush.

How did these people find my tiny little corner of the internet?
If you started getting quoted on off LJ sites, would you make your LJ private if it isn't already, or drink up the attention?
Why don't you do what you dream?

What makes you significantly different?

What is the thing about you that makes people see you differently? Are you "The Mexican" or "The Wheelchair Kid" or "That Girl Who Went To The Crazyhouse"?

Do you feel that this thing overshadows who you actually are as a person...meaning people who don't really know you (or even people who DO) only see you for your "abnormal" (very much in quotes) quality?
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Do you snore?
If yes: How did you find out?
If no: How can you be sure? ;)

This question brought to you on account of the fact that I can hear my neighbour snoring through the wall. And his fucking telly is still on.
Fatal Curiosity II

Kinda similar to my last post, but whatever.

1) Has anyone ever been tempted to call 1-800-SUICIDE* just to see what the hell would happen?

2) Has anyone ever ACTUALLY called 1-800-SUICIDE* just to see what the hell would happen?

3) If yes, what was waiting on the other line? Was it as horribly sappy as I think it would be?

My answers are yes, no, and N/A. ^^;

Inspired by a recent post on stupid_free that linked to this bundle of weird:
(It's weird because it apparently just repeats over and over again.)

*Or any suicide hotline.
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I've somehow got the idea in my head that I'll be able to fall asleep easier by concentrating on some simple object--meditation with seed, as it were.

I don't know what to think about though. I tried picturing some simple things like an egg and an apple and a drop of water, but they just made me kind of hungry start thinking about how complex apples are and whatnot. I need to find something more simple and less thought-provoking.

So, yeah, suggestions for meditation subjects?

Disclaimer: I already tried Google but it was hard to wade through all the hippie shit about using meditation to 'activate my ESP' and the healing power of crystals.
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Why is it so hard to boycott Paris Hilton?

Why is it so hard to refrain from reading the latest goss on Paris Hilton?

I don't know but I make myself sick! I find it hard to resist reading the things that come up. In my defense I don't ever plug her name into Google but that isn't saying much since google would probably bring up tons of crap.

What's your guilty celeb gossip pleasure?

How can someone be so retarded? To tell Larry King that she's never done drugs? What next, that she's a virgin? That she graduated at the top of her high school class? That she even finished high school? And then went to college? That she is naturally blonde-haired and blue-eyed?

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1.Do you like nutrigrain/cereal bars? If so, what flavor is your favorite?

2. Do you like Jell-o? Do you like Jell-o shots?

I was doing Project365 but forgot for a few days and lost motivation.

3. What can I do to motivate myself to start taking pictures again?
Give a dog a home

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Do you drink water straight from the spigot/faucet/tap, or do you filter it?

At what age is it no longer appropriate to spank a child?

What is your favorite kind of juice?

How do you feel about people breeding their dogs and selling them for money? For the sake of argument, let's say that they are not showdogs.
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I had a friend in high school who was obsessed with lying about her age. And not by much either, she would just lie and tell people she was my age (I was a year older than her). It bothered/annoyed me then, and figured she just couldn't stand that I was older than her and lied to maybe have more in common with me or whatnot (she was insistant that we were "twins")

We had a falling out about four years ago (and for good reason) and just recently touched bases again through MySpace, and are on a 'just barely friends' status now. I'm 22 and she's 21.

Today I read a bulletin she posted and whaddya know, she's claiming to be 22 (which is weird seeing as her PROFILE says 21, but maybe she's counting on ppl not actually looking at that)

WHY IS SHE STILL DOING THIS? I am seriously baffled by this! It makes no sense! She's 21, which means she has no issue doing anything legally anymore so she doesn't have to lie about anything. I could understand if she lied closer to her birthday, but that's in December. She and I are no longer friends really, so I don't think it's my fault anymore (or is it?)

So tell me TQC, WHY is she still saying she's a year older than she really is?
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Me = mod?

1. Is there a community out there you wish existed? Is there a need you see among LJ users that is going unfulfilled?

2. If it's compatible with my personality, would you like me to start one for your suggested topic?

3. Do you moderate any communities? Which ones?

4. If there were a Dr Keith Ablow community would you join?

5. Are you on GaiaOnline? Will you share pix of your avatar? (my icon is an old picture of my avi, but I need to make a new one!).

I enjoy moderating and am very involved and whatnot, but it seems like most of the good communities I could start are already taken. LOL.
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Have you ever had a friend who more or less psychologically abuses you, then suckers you back in with sweet talk until the next round of abuse? How would you get out of that? I have a friend who's got a track record of shit he's done to me, including lying to me about one thing for a year and another thing for three years straight, generally using me and making me feel really guilty for being hurt, then goes off acting like a hurt puppy when I threaten to leave and is suddenly too busy to talk about our problems after I've cooled down. I really need to end this emotional attachtment, but it's so hard. Suggestions?

Um, and now for something less emo.
I have four paintings hanging in a show at a gallery. Someone wants to buy one of them, do I pay the gallery owner something out of the money I'll get?

What is a really scary and good zombie movie?
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1) How does one go about cutting down portion sizes in a way that will last, while still keeping you feeling as full as you do now? (Without eating meat?)

2) Do you have any advice for a vegetarian looking to go full vegan? Any good tips or recipes?

3) How can you do vegan on a limited budget? We're not wealthy people, lol.

4) How would you keep someone who loves meat happy on a vegan diet? (He's agreed to go vegan and he doesn't mind the fake meat, I'm just wondering how you'd make it extra tasty and satisfying, that sort of thing)

5) Why in the world do the 18-22 year old jocko boys at my workplace obsess over weight and appearance so much? Everyone else here, older men, women, don't seem to care as much as they do. (For example, they walk around going "oh, donuts are SO BAD for you!" and "Oh god, I ate a huge bowl of pasta last night, I've gotta work this off.").
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Inspired by God himself an earlier post...

1) If you are not vegan, would it be a dealbreaker for you? If you are vegan, would an omni be a deal breaker? Why or why not?

2) Veggieburgers ( I am stupid and discovered I actually mean gardenburgers) or boca burgers?

3) Do some vegetarians/vegans eat fish? Are they still real vegan/vegetarians?  Is there a name for this?

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lulu guinness clutch

mystery man

I woke up and let my dog out in my backyard. 2 minutes later he started to bark. I looked out and he was standing on the deck, the way he would if he were barking at some people walking by or biking by or whatever. Then I heard someone talking so I looked out and there is an older man out there saying something like "Your mommy and daddy aren't here." He finally walked back to his car, that was parked halfway down my driveway, and left. I went out and he hadn't left a note or anything.

What do you think he wanted? Why wouldn't he knock or ring the doorbell? Do you think he'll come back?

He really creeped me out.

EDIT: I do not just stick my dog in my backyard alone all day. This is how it goes: I wake up, let him out, I pee, go to the kitchen to get something to drink, then I let him back in. I do not feel the need to go out there with him and watch him every second. My backyard is completely fenced in, and I don't exactly live on a busy road.
Young TGO

3 ?s

1) What's the craziest thing you've ever seen on live television? My answer: Probably the WTC collapse. Honorable mention goes to Mike Tyson biting Holyfield's ear off.

Poll #1014702 Genitalia

Are your reproductive organs external or internal?


3) Do you bite your finger nails?
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do you remember..

1) grace under fire?
2) forgive or forget (with mother love)?
3) american gladiators?
4) lamb chop's play-along?
5) living single?
6) love connection?
7) GUTS?
8) ghostwriter?
9) aaahh! real monsters?

what's for lunch? i'm having this.

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Okay so I really want to play The Sims 2, but I lost my CD to play it =[. Is there anyway I could play it without having the first CD? I tried using the other 400 discs that came with the game, but they seem pretty useless after installation.

Also, what can I buy to make my computer play games faster?

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I'm an office assistant at an accounting firm and our office is on the 2nd floor of the building. This morning i got on the elevator at the same time as 2 men who started a conversation with me, asking me where i worked, and what i did and i told them. They asked if i was looking to advance my career, and only being 19 i obviously said yes, and they said they wanted to recruit me and place with with a job starting at $45,000 a year. they wouldnt let me get out at the 2nd floor, and had me travel up to the 4th with them so they could keep talking. They said they expected an e-mail from me today and they want me to send them an updated resume. but i dont even HAVE a resume!!

so my questions are...

1. does this sound legit?

2. should i look into it, or just forget about it and stick with my current job?

3. any tips for making a resume for the first time? i think i should make one any way, even if i don't go for that offer.

griffin only spelled right

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For those who have had extended hospital stays, what did you do/bring to keep yourself entertained? If you were recovering from surgery, did you really have much free time, or were you passing most of the time sleeping?

I'll be recovering from jaw surgery, so chatting with the nurses or patient I'm sharing a room with won't be an option, unfortunately.

Is there anything else about the hospital stay that could raise concern? (E.g. my dad once mentioned that when he had to stay a weekish post-op a couple decades ago, the nurses would wake him up every four hours to ask if he was sleeping. Stuff like that.)
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1. What are some good reads that are currently being made into movies? I tend to read the book before seeing the movie, and need some good recommendations.

2. What is a good sci-fi/fantasy series that you recommend that I read? What is the name of the first book?

3. Who are some LJers that you recommend that I look at for some humorous icons?
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1)How would you deal with your boss's obnoxious teenage son working with you all summer? You don't have to treat him any differently than anyone else, correct?

My boss has him working because the kid feels entitled to everything, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he expects everyone to do things for him. He was fine at first, but he's started hanging around with the other boss's kid and he's telling him "dude, you can rule this place, your dad is the boss!" basically, and it's driving us all batshit here. He just told me I HAD to fax something for him, and I said no, I'll show you how to do it and YOU fax it. etc etc.

2) If you're in the US, how are you going to spend your July 4th?
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I was just told by my chiropractor that the way I sleep at night (on my stomach) is Bad and Wrong and I shouldn't do it. It's bad for my back and neck, apparently.

So, how do you sleep at night? Stomach, back, side, upside-down from the ceiling, some weird position you need a whole paragraph to describe, other?

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TQC! We're trying to make the ULTIMATE TQCer out of all the body parts posts we did a while back. So it's your chance to become part of the experience and judge which parts will move forward to become part of the ~hottest~ body!

a. Who has the best hands?
b. The best wrists?
c. Knees?
d. Feet?
e. Boobs?
f. Tongue?
g. Ears?
h. Butt?
i. Toes?
j. Collarbones?
k. Bellybutton?
l. Tummy?

Yes, it's a lot, but trust me, by voting on each you will make a lasting contribution to the well-being of this uh community.

Pretty white kids with problems.

What should I do this weekend:

a) Go to Whistler with my cousin, two friends of hers, and a crazy girl from high school. I may or may not have fun -- it's hit or miss (with an slight emphasis on miss) -- but the weather will be beautiful and I kind of need a break. If all else fails, I can drink my face off.


b) Buy the lululemon outfit I want and go visit some friends from school who I haven't seen in a couple months, which includes shopping downtown and the beach. The friends are kind of flakey.

They'll be about the same price, and I can't do both.
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Sorry this post is all over the place.

1. What is the name of the bakery Ana works at in the movie stranger than fiction?

2. What are you supposed to tip:
-shuttle drivers?
-hair dressers?
-taxi drivers?
-full service gas station attendants?

3. For anyone who lives in North Carolina, how easy is it to obtain your drivers license?

4. Is marijuana actually legal or just accepted in Amsterdam?

5. Was the original recipe for Dr. Pepper carbonated prune juice?

6. Was the original concept for X-Men based on Martin Luther King and Malcolm X?
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Is the new Transformers movie going to totally bomb or what?

I mean, they get the vocalist for Optimus Prime but not Megatron?

Who wants to hear Hugo Weaving play Megatron? Not me.
So's Toes

Fosters & Rescues

Do you or have you ever fostered an animal until s/he found their forever home?

Do you have any rescued or re-homed pets in your family?

Why is it so hard to find a GOOD home for our little Benny?

Benny is a shih tsu-lhasa apso mixed breed. He's potty-trained, lovable. So he hates men...big deal. He warms up to them quickly with a gentle hand and patience. He bonded strongly with my husband after only 2 days and now they are BFF. We want Benny to find his forever home because he deserves to be loved and secure and part of a family. I should clarify, we foster him for a rescue in New England. We do a phone interview and a home visit as part of our fostering because the lady who runs the rescue just got diagnosed with cancer (they removed her kidney last Monday).

We've had people apply and say "Well, he better learn to speak cat if he's going to be a part of this family!"
We've had one home visit for him in which the entire family LOVED him except the wife because he wasn't ALL OVER HER like he "should" have been. We've even had a former PUPPY MILL apply for him!

Do you think we'll ever find him a home? Pics below the cut:
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We get plenty of applications for him but the ones applying just seem to be lacking in character. We have 4 more applications to go through this week and I am still hoping one of them is "it" for him. :)
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

Just two.

1. Guys (or Girls, too): What do you think of camel toes? (I feel bad when I see someone with it. It's disgusting and embarrassing.)

2. A week ago, I broke out in hives on the back of my hands, knees and ankles. First, I thought it was cause of dry skin...but when I applied lotion on those areas...they itched like MADDDDD.

(My friend thinks they're bug/flea bites. I did spend time with 3 dogs for a weekend.)

The back of my palms seriously feel like a cat's tongue/sandpaper...and I'm not even exaggerating. This is what it looks like. Basically dried out looking cracks.

What should I put on them or take to stop the itching? Benadryl doesn't work...neither does anti-itching creams.
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has myspace ruined it for potential new musicians to make it big? has digital music recording ruined the chance for good artists out there to get recognition? in the long run what's better: analog or digital? you can re-record over mistakes with digital but with analog you're forced to concentrate and get it right the first time for fear of wasting money?
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How long after eating a certain food would you have a reaction to it if you were allergic? 

I ask because, for the last 3 weeks I have ended up with extreme cramping and bad stomach ache EVERY.SINGLE. NIGHT. but always quite a while after I have eaten? I eat healthy and am obsessively hygienic so it can't be my diet or environment. I've done the whole elimination diet but with no change. It's not a mental thing either thank you. Any other random things that could be causing this? I've never had a problem with these foods before so what the hell gives? I have an appointment with a specialist next Wednesday but until then.. HELP?

boom de yada

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How do I get the lid off of this two quart pickle jar? I can't even get it to budge!

ETA: After a few tries at other things, hitting it all the way around the top with the handle of a butter knife got it to pop right off :O!!

Thanks folks!

PS: I tried the sidewalk thing :
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I work at a hospital and they completely banned smoking from all hospital-owned buildings a couple of years ago. Employees aren't even allowed to punch out for a break, drive to an undisclosed location, and have a cigarette in a cave becuase if we come back smelling like smoke we can get written up. The policy states that we are to tell our supervisor if we see anyone smoking.

Now. I have two coworkers who I really could do without. They annoy me on a personal level but since it's work I keep the furious rants to myself; however, they go out to smoke at least 3-4 times a day. I know they're both on thin ice because of their low productivity (partly, I'm sure, due to spending a good amount of time driving around smoking while punched in) and this would be another strike against them. I feel like I'm being a self-serving, nosy tattle tale, but I'm really tempted to tell my manager. Trouble is, I know for a fact that I wouldn't tell my manager if I liked these people. We work at an off-site location where there are no patients, if that makes a difference.

So tell me, internets, what would you do?
house oh noes


What do you do when you've got to fart really badly but you're in a place where doing so would be inappropriate?

When was the last time you were in such a situation?
What did you do?
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when you hang up the phone do you say bye or buh-bye?

how do you answer the phone? (hi, what's up, this is ____, hello, etc)

my bra strap has been digging into my side for the last 2 hrs... what's something that has been or is bothering you today?


What's the most annoying commercial on television today?

My vote goes to that commercial for Yogos candy. Closely followed by any Axe commercial, ever.

EDIT: Oops, posted recently-ish, apparently. Scroll on by if you like?
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1- What's the last thing you celebrated, and when?
2- What's the last thing you were sad over, and when?
3- What's the next thing you think will be a big letdown in your life?
4- What's the next thing you think will turn out fabulous in your life?
5- How do you keep going on, and making it to the next day?
let's go see Raul!

to ice cream, or not to ice cream

i want to get ice cream with my friend but she had to move back in with her parents and work three 8 hours shifts this weekend so she's all "i just moved, i worked, blah blah blah i hate everything i'm so serious rararar"

so she doesn't want to go get ice cream.

(HERE IS THE QUESTION) but don't you think this would be the BEST time to just go and get ice cream? all the stress and sadness of moving back in with her folks, ice cream would make it better, right? RIGHT!

BONUS QUESTION: would you go get ice cream with me? we'd probebly go to Cold Stone or the local ice cream shop that is made of win and awesome and yum.

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Has anyone ever used rent-direct.com?
What was your experiance? Did you find an apartment that fit your needs? Is it a scam-type thing?

I'm looking for an apartment with one or two (most likely two) friends and we'd really rather not pay the 15% broker's fee, since we're slightly poor college students. My mom found this and I told her I'd ask around to see if anyone knows of anything like this/has an experiances (good bad or othewise).

The Receptionist Classic

Hypothetical (no, really, it is)

You and your SO of a number of years break up (lived together, but s/he never wanted to get married which is part of why you split). You remain good friends (s/he stays on your emergency contact list kind of good friend, not just send a Christmas card to friend). You both start dating other people and you become friends with his/her new SO. Couple of years go by and they're going to get married!

Do you go to the wedding of your friend? Or do you get too squicked out about going to your ex's wedding?

Now what if their spouse-to-be asks you to be in the wedding? Too weird?

cigarettes will kill you

hello! first time poster :)

I am was a smoker. I got my wisdom teeth out a week ago thus didn't smoke until today. I bought a packet, lit one up and stubbed it out before I got even halfway. The taste was disgusting, it felt weird blowing smoke out from inside me, and my hands and clothes smelt sooo bad.

I know that after 5 days of not smoking your taste and smell go back to normal so I'd say that's what happened - I got so used to the taste/smell, and now after 7 days of not having that... I can taste just how awful they are!!!

So my point is, I really don't want to have another one. EVER.

I know my physical cravings can be numbed with gum/patches, but what about the habit of it? Going out for a puff after dinner, after a coffee, with a glass of wine, while driving home from work...... Any quitters out there? What did you do? :)
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(no subject)

1) What emotion are you feeling right now?

2) What senses are you using actively and consciously at this very moment?

3) When is your next day off? What is it a day off from? Are you going to do anything?
me and reagan 24th

oh so random

1) Is it messed up that I have been craving weed for the past like, 6 months? Considering I've only smoked it once in my life and that was the night my now 14-month-old daughter was conceived, why would I be craving it? I WANT TO GET HIGH, DAMN IT.

2) Does this make me a bad mother? Validate me, internet!!11! ;D

3) Who else loves Adam Ferrara? Dana Carvey? Kevin James (OMG I LOVE HIM!)? Jerry Seinfield?

4) Any good comedians with non-angry/negative jokes? I despise Sam Kennison(sp) because he makes me all stressed out with the yelling. I need a more laid-back comedian. Yeesh.

5) Guys - what made the best blowjob you ever received THE BEST?

6) Girls - what's your favorite thing to do while giving head to spice it up a bit?
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Starbucks cup

kind of vain question but...

Have you grown into your face yet?

I notice some people don't until they are in their 30s or 40s. Like Julianne Moore, who got better looking as she aged. But some people, like Mischa Barton (imo) who are stunning in their 20s. And some people sadly just looked better as a kid/teen.
nancy drew

(no subject)

1)If you were in an emergency situation and needed a tampon and your best bud just happened to have a couple of boxes of them, one with applicators and one without, which type would you pick?
2)Have you or would you ever let your SO put your tampon in?
3)Have you ever worn a wig? What for?

(no subject)

1) Would you rather eat an entire box of Root Beer float bars or fudge bars?

2) If your significant other could not have children naturally and they suggested using their brother's sperm in place of their own or their sister's eggs in place of their own (this depends on the gender of you and your parenter) to conceive a child, would you do that? Why or why not?

3) If you could have a guest starring role on any TV show, which would you choose?

4) I was watching a show about genetic illnesses yesterday and I saw one that causes severe facial disfiguration. I don't remember what it was called but it causes tumor growth all over the face. Some of the people featured had biological children and expressed concerns that they may have passed the condition to their children because there is a 50% of that. 

a) Do you think it's selfish of these people to have children biologically when there's such a big chance that they will pass with condition to them? 

b) If you had a condition like this, would you produce biological children?

c) If you were pregnant and found out your child had an extremely life impacting condition such as harlequin-type ichthyosis, would you have an abortion? Why/why not? Are you pro-choice or pro-life? (I really hate those titles but I'm not sure what else to call them.)

(no subject)

Are you messy in the kitchen?
I am. No matter how hard I try, I make a huge mess. Good thing I'm good at cleaning. Today, I decided to make a custard pie because my dad loves it, and no one ever makes it. It was going great, then I pulled out the oven rack, put the pie crust down, poured the custard part in the crust. No mess there, right? Oh wait, I had to push it in. I did it a softly as I could, and it splashed all over. Now my house is full of smoke. Yay me.

What is your favorite thing to make?

What do you make the most?

What dessert do you make most?

(no subject)

1. Do you listen to Maroon 5? If so, what the hell is wrong with you?

2. Does it annoy you when people refer to their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife as their "SO"?

3. What about when they drop the "my" before husband/wife etc.?

4. "Hubby" and "wifey"? Gaggy waggy?
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I am serious

Is there somewhere I can volunteer as a camel ranch hand or something?

I've become obsessed with camels, and I would love to be able to work with them in some way for a short period of time.

(no subject)

Does anyone here think some of the responses here are a little frightening?

Yeah. The only sort of physical fighting that EVER happened in my house growing up was between us kids, and even then we grew out of it pretty quick. I can't imagine seeing violence between my parents or between my parents and my siblings...

(no subject)

1. Who are the Gothacoustic Ensemble? I can't find any information about them online, only their recordings.

2. In most true/"true" ghost stories I've read, there is no mention of what music or normal sounds like TV is going on at the same time. There are quite a few people here who claim to have had ghostly encounters. If you had music or TV or something like that on, what was it and do you associate it with the ghost/s since?

Fights with the SO

If you and your SO are in a disagreement (however small or large it may be), do you confront the problem right away or procrastinate dealing with it.

My answer is deal with it right away. Then obviously there won't be a problem anymore...prolonging it isn't going to make it any better either way. My boyfriend on the other hand feels differently which completely baffles me.
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I consult TQC for my big decisions.

Help me decide, TQC!

Tomorrow my family is celebrating the holiday by going to a local amusement park for rides and fireworks and such. Sounds like a blast. But I have an infected owie on my foot. And I was also invited to hang out with my crush instead. So I'm undecided.

Should I:

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Jumpin' Jack WTF

In this scenario, you have a friend who's the same gender as you, who works as a highly-paid escort. One day, you're passing by his or her 'office', when your friend comes out and offers you a proposition. S/he was scheduled to be a part of a big multi-person orgy with a bunch of out-of-town CEO types, set to work with 4 other girls/guys, but one of them called in sick, and the deal calls for 5 people, so unless another person is found, they'll find another group of 5 instead. Your friend asks you if you'd be willing to be that 5th person. The gig is, it's just for one night and you have to be willing to have sex with whoever asks you. You will probably have to engage in a few threesomes. They will use protection and you'll never see them again. If you do this, then everybody gets paid, and each girl/guy will earn $7,500 apiece. The gig is that same night. It's not known yet what the CEOs look like or their ages. If you're male and straight, assume that the CEOs are businesswomen. Viagra and lube will be in large supply and you will probably be asked to go for it until you can't go for it no more.

Do you agree to this deal?

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my bro and dad just got into a fight and my dad broke my brothers mac, and he punched a whole in the wall and in the door and my dad punched him and he threw the chair lol.

whats the worst fight your family has ever been in?
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Which of the following applies to you

I had a common name growing up and it bothered me a lot.
I had a common name growing up and it didn't bother me at all.
I had an uncommon name growing up and it bothered me.
I had an uncommon name growing up and it didn't bother me.
My parents didn't name me. :(



I want one real bad, but they are pretty frickin expensive and I have no musical talent since 6th grade where I played the flute for about a year. :[

Should I:

A. Buy a cheaper one and try to teach myself.
B. Buy a more expensive one and get lessons.
C. Buy a cheaper one and get lessons.

Anyone know where I could find a cheaper cello but have it not be complete shit? I looked on E-bay but (paranoid?) I'm nervous about (paranoid?) the internets sometimes.

(paranoid?)Sorry, it was really fun to read for me.

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1. This question may be teh st00pid, so forgive me. I know that in weddings you can have a matron of honor (a woman who is already married), but can you have bridesmaids that are already married? Would they be called bridesmatrons? That sounds really stupid, lol. I'm asking because I know that I am not getting married any time soon, and one of the girls I want to be in my hypothetical far-off wedding is getting married next year.

2. What does Joe Average need to know to start a business? Not that I he plans on doing this any time soon, but... he's definitely got a plethora of ideas!

3. Fast forward 1000 years. A team of archaeologists has decided on their next dig site: Ye Olde Ancient Ruins of TQC. Aside from the obvious Bacos, syringes, and a lifetime supply of broken iPods, what sorts of artifacts will these archaeologists find?

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when talking about exes, do you label them with their current status, or do you tell the story using the status they were in at the time of the incident?

For example: I am divorced.  If I wanted to tell a friend about something my ex-husband did while we were married, do I say "My ex-husband did such-and-so."  Or do I say "my husband did so-and-such."

The first one sounds like he was my ex at the time, which makes no sense to the topic.  The second one sounds like I am still married (oh, please, NO!).

How do YOU talk about exes in conversation?

Home Remedies?

So, I suffer from psoriasis. And I recently got a huge outbreak of it. I mean, it's all across my stomach and chest, and along my back (I don't get the full skin coverage, like some, but litle oval areas that look like scabs).

I have some leftover hydrocortisone creme, but I think it's somewhat expired and less effective, so I was wondering if anyone knew of some home remedies that might help?
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Your SO calls and says "I have a surprise for you" after work, and state they are heading over right now. When they arrive at your place of residence (or wherever you happen to be), SURPRISE! They just got your name tattooed onto their body!

How do you react?

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I'm broke until Friday and have nothing to eat but chicken-flavored Top Ramen.

Any suggestions of creative things I can do to Top Ramen to make it taste more interesting?
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Next week, I have four days off in a row by some freak accident of nature (by nature I mean 'my boss's stupidity') and it's unbelievably rare that I even get one day off in a month without requesting it, so I don't want to sit around all week doing nothing. I get paid on Friday and I'll have maybe $200 to spend of that paycheck.

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Can anybody identify this quote?

"Giddy up, lady luck, we've got a lot of work ahead of us."

I have a little notebook full of poems and doodles and random thoughts from whenever I get bored, and that has been written on the edge of one of the pages for a long time. I always thought it was from some song that I had been listening to at the time and I just jotted it down. I had in mind that it was a Wilco song, but I just tried to figure out which one and when I googled it I found nothing. So now I'm wondering if maybe I wrote it somehow, but it is SO not like stuff I usually write. It's way better. Haha.


Apparently I missed the memo that said how evil gold fantail goldfish are and I need some help..

The gold fantail I bought last week is attacking our other fish. He's already killed the calico fantail and the plecostomus. I didn't know it was him doing it until a couple of hours ago when he started going after my other 2 fish.

I'd really like him to not kill my other fish in the middle of the night while I'm asleep. I've got another fish tank at my mother-in-law's house, but it is too late to go get it and get it set up tonight.

Would it be safe to put him in a really big glass mixing bowl with water from the tank until the morning? Flushing him isn't an option.

Any help is much appreciated.

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For the last couple of days I've had this insane urge to draw.  The problem is, I'm no good at it and I always get discouraged quickly.  So here are my questions:

1.  Should I actually attempt to learn to draw, or just give up?
2.  Any suggestions for learning how to draw (preferably ones that don't require me to spend money).
3.  What should I draw?

And on a completely unrelated note, if you were showing someone around and they took notice of a girl and said, "And that exceptional beauty there?  No relation, I trust," would you be insulted?  (It's from Phantom of the Opera, and I honestly just noticed it tonight.)
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My finger just started to hurt really bad, the top is really red, except for a white spot (like a mosquito bite) but it doesn't itch, it hurts/burns... My hubby isn't home from work yet... what do I do (besides freak the fuck out)?!

Am I going to die?

Watch, these are going to be my 'famous' last words. D:

The pain went away, and so did the white spot... so I guess I'll live. :D

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Is homevisions.com a reliable website to order things from? What has your personal experience been with that site? There's a desk I really want from kmart.com but shipping costs my ass on a silver platter, and while shipping isn't much better on the other site the overall price is lower.

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1) I've been reading reviews for 1408. Most seem fairly good, but one review compared it to the ring. I didn't find the ring scary at all. So, for anyone who has seen it, would you say it's like the ring? Worth seeing, scary, ect?

2) I'm also considering seeing Transformer since it's gotten good reviews, but I'm not that into sci-fi. Do you guys think I'd enjoy it?

No spoilers please. TIA =)
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What do you think about people who pierce their nipples?

Would you do it?

If your nipples are pierced how bad did it hurt and what’s so great about having them pierced?

Cats pawing at mommy's face

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1) Someone told me that no good cat owner would give their kitty catnip. Is that true? Does it harm the cat in any way? (I won't deny that my cat is a mean drunk, but he loves the stuff, and today was his 7th birthday)

2) I accidentally closed my hand in a door today at work. It's Collapse ) but I didn't think to file I report on it or anything because we were so busy. I'm insured, so if I need to have it looked at (not that I could tomorrow,) it wouldn't be a big deal... right? I'm not required to file a report if I don't want my company to do anything, right?

3) I had dental work done twice over the course of a month... both times, I got a massive canker sore right near where the work was being done. Is there any way to blame this on my dentist, who I dislike anyway? (I don't want to do anything about it, I just dislike it and want to blame someone)

4) I breathed in several lungfuls of carbon dioxide, via dry ice. (It was in a closed cooler that I went in to get more beer for work) I breathed so much it made me dizzy. Is this going to harm me at all? Other than a few dead brain cells from lack of oxygen?

5) How big is the average skunk? The ones I saw in Arizona were usually the size of a large cat... but the ones I've seen in Colorado are all so tiny! They're closer to the size of a 6 month old kitten. Does it really vary that much geographically, or are the skunks tiny here because they're poorly fed compared to ones living on college campuses?
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1. If someone informed you that they shave their arms, which part of their arms would you think they meant?

2. Should I get up super early tomorrow so I can stand in line at Battery Park for the chance of possibly getting tickets to see The New Pornographers?

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My dad is very conservative and very narrow minded. For example, I was telling my mother about a girl I work with named Bibi and my dad went off about how she must be a smelly Indian and eat curry. After I said that she was actually from Guyana, wasn't smelly, and as far as I know hated spicy food, he called me a dirty liberal. "Dirty Liberal" is his comeback to anything he disagrees with, so he uses it pretty often.

Next time he says it, what would be a good comeback to shut him up?

I went to buy some pet supplies a while ago and while I was there, looked at the kitties up for adoption. Another woman was in the area and saw that I had a couple of cat collars and asked if I had outdoor cats. I said that they keep trying to get out, so I wanted them to have some sort of identification on them, and she started lecturing me on how I was a bad pet owner and obviously didn't care about my cats because they get outside, and that i should never own another cat again.

Why do people think it's okay to lecture total strangers like this?
She mentioned that if I try to adopt a cat and say I have an outdoor cat, that I can be turned down because of diseases that can be picked up from going outside. Is this true? If a cat is up to date for vaccinations and goes to the vet for regular checkups (about once a year), then why would it still be a problem?

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If a 4'11" & 100 lbs young lady and a 6'2" & 300 lbs man were to purchase a vehicle that they are both comfortable driving, what vehicle would you recommend?

I'm the small one, and I drive a BMW 320i. Seeing my boyfriend try to fit into the car is quite hilarious.

My boyfriend drives a Dodge Intreped, and it's hard for me to drive his car because it's so damn big.
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Based on your personal experiences, how often are restaurants willing to give someone the recipe for one of their dishes? My favorite Cuban restaurant has this creamed spinach to die for and no recipe I have tried even comes close.
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Today at work orientation we had to write down our biggest fear at our job, and then the fears were pulled from a jar and we had discussions about how these fears could be overcome. I wrote "Zombie Attack" as my fear. My supervisor was slightly annoyed, but mostly amused.

Wouldn't you say that a zombie attack is a legitimate concern?

Should I splurge and buy these cute little pastry critters? I've never had them before, but they look so yummy!
If yes, should I get 1 dozen or two?
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Is there anything really that special about visiting the Ghirardelli store in San Francisco, if you've already visited one (and had a sundae) in another city?

What else should I do in my upcoming six days in San Francisco? Planning on going to visit Napa one day, already been to Alcatraz. I think a trip to Chinatown is in order - any Dim Sum recommendations?
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