July 2nd, 2007

mixed nuts!

Hey everyone! I just opened up a can of mixed nuts!

1. Which nuts do you pick out first?
2. Which nuts do you leave behind in the can?

I grab the cashews first.
I always leave the walnuts behind.


What songs do you like to listen to when you're pissed off?

I like "Stigmata" and "Flashback" by Ministry.

Do you have an angry icon for LJ? I use this Diamanda Galas icon for my bitchy posts.


Do you have any tattoos?
How many/how much work have you had done?
Why did you get your tattoo(s)? What is their significance?
Do you regret any of your tattoos? Why?

(no subject)

does it just annoy the everloving hell out of you when the headline to a news story is... well, kinda crap?

(inspiring example)
headline: Harry Potter dead
Story: actually about a computer virus which shows this message and then starts creating user accounts named things like Hermione or Ron, also displays weird message about repenting.

Do you think too much internet time affects your spelling and grammar and such?
I just about wrote "displaced" instead of "displays" in the example. and I misspell simple words. I said someone 'didn't want to shaire' (share) earlier tonight. But, I'm also tired. hrrrm.

CATS musical

What are your favourite numbers in the CATS musical?

- Invitation to the Jellicke Ball
- The Old Gumbie Cat
- The Jellicle Ball
- The Moments of Happiness
- Gus, the Theatre Cat (esp. the DVD version)
- The Ad-dressing of Cats

Plot synopsis, characters and a fuller list of numbers can be found here or here.
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(no subject)

OKAY i'm going to be in Winnipeg, and Dryden this coming week as I travel to Saskatchewan for the summer, I am looking for a place to buy a black, pref used pork pie hat! FELT, if anyone knows of any good places to look, that are almost guranteed to have porkpie hats, please let me know! Ordinarily i'd go on a whim, and check out the salvation army, or some vintage shop, but I haven't got a lot of time, and i'm pretty much in love with the hat. 


(no subject)

I want to know the REAL answer to why we dream, not some freudian bullshit. I wish someone could tell me and what is the point in the living in this world? Like why was the world created and why do we do the things we do ?

Whats something you want to know ?
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(no subject)

I recently got a new horse :) He's a purebred Percheron, and he's rideable! Now here's the thing, he came with a western bridle...and i've yet to see him in person, he lives on our farm out west, anyway....i'm considering getting him an english bridle, because he rides english as well, does anyone know where i can get an english, draft size bridle in ontario? or online?

i'm not looking to buy right away, just to know if its possible lol. my pork pie hat question is more important.

This is him, he's about 17.3hh

Random questions because I cannot sleep.

A few questions:

1. Does anyone work outside for a living? And if so,

2. Do you want a cushy job at a desk, especially in the dead of summer, but find yourself confined to your hellish job by your circumstances? And finally,

3. If you were to get a desk job after enjoying the fresh air (and heat, humidity, rain, snow and/or hail) for so long, do you think it would drive you crazy? Would you go back?
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Musical Wedding Favors.

Hi guys, I need your help.

My friend gave me a great idea for wedding favors. What I'm going to do is make 100 CDs - 20 CDs will be 70's love songs, 20 will be 80's love songs, 20 will be 90's love songs, 20 will be current love songs and the last 20 will be metal "love" songs.

If you can think of any songs that just have to be included, please comment here and make sure you let me know what decade or category the songs belong to.

Must be the weekend

1. So do you hate it when people post the stoopidest questions ever on the weekends?

B. And do you hate it when they do it a bunch of times in a row?

3. Does it have anything to do with a long weekend in Canada?

4. Wait, that's insulting to Canadians, so disregard that last question.

5. So, what are you wearrring and can you show me a picture so that I can beat off to it?

11. Will you let me tell you a dirty secret by posting your email address to me here because I am too lazy to look on your info page?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever been a bridesmaid/groomsman for a friend's wedding? How did that go? Were you local to them or did you have to travel for the festivities?

2. Is the Bright Eyes' song "Four Winds" about the destruction of America? Why do I find it so catchy? I don't want America destructed, I live here! Yes, I know the proper word is "destroyed," I don't care.

3. Do you listen to music while you work? If yes, how do you listen to that music?

4. How was your weekend?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever tried to ruin someone's life via internet? (Like, posting their personal info everywhere, sending things to their boss, etc.)

2. What did they do to you?

3. What do you think of people who do that?

4. I'm having a party on Saturday. Want to come?

5. What would you bring?

6. What things are absolutely necessary to have a successful party?

7. Why does my office smell like pancakes and sausage? I had an English muffin for breakfast, so it isn't me.

(no subject)

I was in a car accident 1 week ago. My airbag deployed and I guess the gas inside the airbag gets so hot that when they bag deflates it can burn your skin.
So I have a pretty nice size burn on my wrist and it looks really grose.

So here are my questions:
1. have you or anyone you know ever been burned by an airbag?
2. Did it leave a scar?
3. Do you have any cool scars?

Bonus Question!:
4. What is the saddest movie you have ever seen?

(edit: numbering was off)
potato heads

sup, questions.

1. Let's say that you found a book at a thrift store about weapon making and organization when enemies attack, thought it was interesting, and bought it. You take it home, look it up, and it turns out it's worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars. However, it also turns out that it is popular and highly sought after among neo-Nazis, and was even utilized by Timothy McVeigh to carry out the Oklahoma City bombing. So frankly, anyone who would be interested in buying this book for hundreds of dollars probably wouldn't be reading it for shits and giggles. Would you sell the book anyway?

2. If you were given something as a gift that was TOTALLY HIDEOUS but cost hundreds of dollars and was by a fancy, high-end designer, would you wear it anyway?
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(no subject)

I was playing kickball with some of my boyfriend's cousins on Friday. We were all wearing sandals. While guarding 1st base, this kid (who was far more solid than he looked) ran into my foot, drawing blood. When I made my "sucking in lots of air" noise from the pain, he looked at me and says "You shouldn't have been in the way."

I don't play sports, so my questions:

1) Am I within my rights to kill him?
2) If so, what is the best method?
3) If not, can I at least throw things at him? How heavy can they be?

ETA: What's the stupidest injury YOU'VE ever gotten?
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(no subject)

Is there a name for coloring the underside of one's hair? I usually see girls with blonde hair and black underneath, which I personally think is kind of ugly. I recently saw a girl with reddish brown and very dark brown underneath, thought it looked really nice and subtle, and am going to the stylist today to have it colored like that. Is there a name for it?

Also, do you know where I can find photos of this?
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vacation with dad

What should my dad and I do in Hawaii?
We're spending 3 days in Oahu and 3 days in Kauai starting next Saturday. My dad is 73 and tires relatively easily--we can go on short hikes, but snorkeling, surfing, and rock climbing are out.
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(no subject)

People are still calling my new phone number looking for 'Tiffany'. It's beginning to irritate me (especially just now when the woman told me they would "wait 24 hours before calling back"... because apparently in that time I'll magically turn into Tiffany? WTF!)

What should I do for revenge if I ever run into this 'Tiffany' chick?

EDIT: If it isn't Tiffany's fault, what should I do/say to these idiots who keep calling me and not GETTING IT?
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(no subject)

I've a friend whos about to move in with her BF of 1+ years. She's never lived with a boy before, and needless to say she is pretty nervous.

Since I'm married and obviously live with my Husband, she was pressing me for advice. Other than the typical, obvious advice, I didn't know what to tell her as the dynamics of every couple is so different.

So out of sheer curiosity, I pose the following:

1) When you moved in with your boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives what was the number 1 thing that changed?

2) What was completely and totally unexpected?

3) What do you wish was different?


(no subject)

1. Were you hungover anytime this weekend? Or today?
Because Saturday I woke up not knowing half of what happened the night before and I had this horrible headache that I just couldn't shake...plus, my tummy was little...ill.

2. Do you think today will be the busiest day for you this week? If not, what day?
Today for sure.

3. Does anyone have plans or special plans for the 4th or the weekend after or maybe this past weekend??
The 4th..I hope to be pool side, if the weather permits and fireworks at night. I can't miss the fireworks, they are much too important to me! Also I have family coming down the weekend after and we're going to the springs sunday.

4. About how many text messages a day do you get a day? And from how many different people?
Between 10-30. Mainly from my boyfriend, but also my mom and dad and best friends boyfriend.
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HAPPY CANADA DAY to all the TQC Canucks!

1. Did you do anything special for Canada Day?

For everyone else...

2. Did you know that July 1st is also Hong Kong's 'birthday' and that this is the 10th anniversary of the handover back to China?

3. Will you do anything special on July 4th?

4. Do you have any other special days or holidays this July?

5. How is your winter/summer going so far?

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(no subject)

So this is my dilemma.
At work I sit right next to a security guard. We work together, we are on a "team". Well, our boss quit and his boss took over and she has been a little...annoying lately. She's been somewhat "micro-managing" us. I still do my work, I just complain about it. Well, Randy hasn't been doing some of his work lately, which causes me to have to do it. I don't have a lot of work to do, but if I'm doing something and he gets in his mood, I have to stop what I'm doing, to do it. He just sits there. He's not answering the phones when I'm on the phone and that is part of his job too. I mean the other day I had someone on hold and was talking to another person and there were 2 more calls coming in and he just sat there looking up body builders. I had to say something to him for him to help me. Hold on. Just like right now I had to stop what I was doing (granted I'm not really working right now) and call HR for someone. When he should have done it. Also...we have different phones with different lines, and I generally answer my line and let him answer his, but it seems that he doesn't want to answer his. He wants me to take messages for him, like I'm his secretary or something. So...anyway, I think you get the idea. 
I just don't know what to do. If I say anything to him he gets upset and he complains. So should I just go to our boss and tell her what's going on? Or should I just deal with it. I hate confrontation.

(no subject)

not to overpost or anything, but tqc is really slow this morning..

1) where do you like to read?

2)where can you absolutely not read?

3) do you have a favorite "genre"?

1)my favorite place to read on the lightrail or the subway, i also like to read during my lunch breaks against a building or in the courtyard.

2)my apartment, which is really unfortunate.

3)im really into william burroughs, chuck palahniuk, and DeQuincy. I guess, fiction and the Beat authors? I also really like reading comic anthologies like Bloom County (opus), calvin and hobbes and foxtrot.
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Tats Rule And Other Stuff

I'm a little away from my birthday and from getting my tattoos. I know pretty much what I want but I have a few I want to get. What should I do first:
Shoulder blade (left)?
Also, can anyone tell me the amount of pain from these if you've gotten them?
My boyfriend is turning 15 on the 25th. Suggestions on what to get him?

(Before anyone grills me on the tattoo thing, yes I know they are permanent, yes I have thought about it for years and yes I'm going to get something that means something to me. And yes, you can ask what they are ^-^)

EDIT: OK, since this is causing a huge ruckus, if you didn't get the hint from the icon, I'm only female in body. I IDENTIFY as a femme trans boy.
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1.) What are you doing right now?
Eating chicken-flavored ramen noodles (mouthgasm!) and drinking instant berry energy drink.

2.) What should you be doing right now?
Well, I'm at work, so there's lots of things. ;]
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(no subject)

LADIES: what type of underwear do you wear whenever you're on your period? (specifically for those that wear pads)

what brands of clothing do you have on? i have a nike shirt, bella terra jeans, and nike shoes on.

do you like either mayo or mustard (or are you one of the few that likes 'em both) on your sandwiches? both.

quoting thegreatone0381, "Seriously, blue balls at 19 could probably lead to murder." t/f?

Some unfortunately boring questions

1. Thanks to the iPhone for making the AT&T/Cingular website asplode, I cannot figure out if my phone's email address changed. Is it still *number*@cingular.mms.com (or mms.cingular.com, whatever it was) or is it something new? I have no idea how to figure that out.

ETA: I'm stupid.

2. I want to get a really good kitchen knife. A french blade would be best, I think. What are some good knife brands? What's a good website to get one on? Suggest, svp. :]

(no subject)

1. Do you do crosswords?
b. Are you any good at them or do you always have to ask other people to help you?

2. Do you do Sudoku?
b. Do you pronounce Sudoku correctly?

3. Can you tell me some random long words I can use next time I have a syllable fight? Intergalactic is a good example.

(no subject)

1)Last random nice thing someone did for you?
2)Last random nice thing you did for someone else?
3)Do androids dream of electric sheep?
4)Do you have any picture of you yawning? (implied picture post question)


Who here is from sauk city, wi?

NVMD!! the person who texted me had one digit off. too bad it wasn't my true love!!!!


Have you ever been to Noah's Ark?  (the waterpark?)
Whats your favorite Ride?
Have you ever gotten random text from people you don't know accidently?  If so what'd they say?

My most recent one said, ""I love you beautiful and miss you so much hope your day is going great i love you" 

gyno stuff, scary cells

so i recently had my annual exam at planned parenthood and then i got a letter in the mail saying that some unusual cells showed up in my pap. now i have to go back, but i can't afford to back until nov, so i have to sit here waiting.

my questions:
should i be worried?
would you be worried?
have any of you have unusual cells, and then you turned out to be fine?
when you are already in a bad spot in life, does it seem like every little thing consumes your mind?

WoW mounts

I'm ~100 ogres away from getting exalted with the Mag'Har. I'm torn over what color to get though. There are pictures of them here.

Poll #1014134 Mounts!

What Color Talbuk should I get?


(no subject)

x-posted to whatwasthatone

There was a car made by BMW/MINI back in the 70s or 80s. I'm pretty sure it was by MINI at least. It was sort of like a MINI version of the standard jeep. It was only sold in the UK and only for a short amount of time. I remember it being pretty awkward looking.

For the life of me I can't remember the name of this short-lived line of cars. Any help?

It was a moke! Thanks nora.
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1. What is your job?
2. If you are in school, how does it affect your job?
3. What is your hourly wage? If you're salaried, how does it break down to hourly?
4. How do your raises work? Do you think it's fair?

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(no subject)

if someone told you they'd give you a million dollars for every inch of a broom you shoved up your ass, how far are you shoving it?

also, is there anything about space i should know about?
working at a space camp and i've realized i'm the only idiot there. whoops.
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(no subject)

IMAGINE you're a parent, if you aren't already.. 1. would you ever make a website like this one for your child? 2. do you think it's safe to do such a thing?

i came across that website searching for something that has NOTHING to do with jonah or brewer.. i had put in 'paper shreds' lol and that came up in the image search on google.

3. do you have your... license plate/driver's license # memorized?

(no subject)

I'm a little slow on the computer spectrum.

I'm getting some sort of laptop for college. From looking around, I see that most of the laptops I've been looking at (Macbooks, Dells, etc.) have 1 GB of memory.

For a person who tends to have a lot of music and picture on their computer, should I look for a notebook that has more memory than that?
(I know on the Macbooks you can upgrade to 2 GB, but it's also extra.)

If you have a laptop, do you have a lot of pictures/music on there?
How much memory do you have?
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(no subject)

How do you handle a neighbor who plays really loud music to where you can hear the bass in your apartment and it vibrates the floor/ceiling? I live in an apartment where the walls are pretty thick.

I apparently have a new neighbor. They play loud music a lot. Sometimes they play loud music after 10pm on a weekday. Now, I'm a teacher, so I have the summer off. I don't like the daytime music blaring because I am still working on stuff and it's hard to concentrate (I cannot concentrate with music of any kind). I don't mind the music at night as much, but will when school starts back up and I go to bed around 9pm so I can get up at 5am for work. They also have a very squeaky bed and so I've heard their sexcapades the last few nights (which I find more amusing than anything, really). My lease isn't up until January so I can't just put up with it until I move out.

Should I leave an anonymous note on their door asking them politely to keep the music down because I'm too scared to actually go knocking on their door? Or do I go to management and see if they handle it? Or should set my cats' litterbox contents aflame right outside their door?

Spoiled Brat?

Read this:
Caroline graduated from college (B.A.) this past spring. After the ceremony, her parents flanked by various other relatives (a few cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles) all decided to take her to lunch. Caroline wanted to eat at a casual dining place like Cheddar's or Chili's, but her grandmother and Caroline's mother would prefer say, Mexican food. So everyone meets up at a Mexican casual dining place (same price range as Chili's), but Caroline quietly walks to her car to leave. When approached by her father, she just calmly states that she would much rather have had Chili's and since its her graduation day, she's going to go get herself a burger to celebrate. Caroline also dislikes Mexican food. Caroline doesn't whine, cry, or plead for anyone to go with her. She leaves the Mexican place and her family behind.

Does this make Caroline a spoiled brat?

Was it presumptuous for Caroline's mother and grandmother to decide where to eat for Caroline?
Or did Caroline have the right to choose the lunch spot since it was her graduation day?

Pot Luck Lunch!!

my office is doing a potluck lunch tomorrow. because it's only a 3 day work week (we have the 4th and 5th off), a lot of people took vacations this week and there will only be about 16-17 of us here tomorrow. I volunteered to make a dessert. 

any dessert suggestions/recipes that are fairly easy and tasty?

if you were participating in a pot luck lunch, what would you bring?
The Dude Abides

Text ?s

1) Have you ever text messaged someone just to avoid having a conversation with them?

2) Besides breaking up with someone, what's something that you shouldn't do over a text message?

3) If you're out at a dinner with your SO, he/she receives a text and immediately starts texting back, is it rude to ask your SO who he/she's texting?
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Alright, TQC... I've got a few questions about my newest 'addiction'... I went to a Starbucks yesterday and had my first french pressed coffee. I'd only had drip brew two or three times before that. I'm now hooked, and want to purchase everything I need to make my own coffee at home. I am also strapped for cash at the moment. So...

1. Grinders. Electric or manual?
2. What french press do you use?
3. smaller capacity presses, or larger?
4. What coffee do you like best, and why?
5. Does Sulawesi taste like Guinness?
6. was the last question extremely strange?
7. What do you think is the minimum funds needed to get set up with everything I'll need?

Thanks TQC!
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1. Do you have an enemies list ala Nixon?

2. If you do, any public official on that list?

3. Would you consider running for public office?

4. Would you vote for me if I did?

My platform:

  • term limits for Senators & Representatives
    • 2 consecutive terms for senators
    • 3 consecutive terms for representatives
  • Service draft for all people over 18
    • to engage in community building jobs (think of the peace corp)
    • 2 years paid work
    • after successful 2 years, first two years of higher ed. paid for by gvmnt
  • End occupation of Iraq
    • create confederation carving up three separate states
      • Shia, Sunni, Kurd
        • encourage strong governments
        • multi-national Arab peacekeeping force
        • split oil revenues three ways
        • create in international waters a US presence - no US troops in the ME except in Afghanistan
  • End foreign aid
    • replace with targeted aid to democratic governments
      • 2 year review of governments who request aid
  • Propose constitutional amendment to help break the stranglehold the two parties have on US politics by creating a system where third parties have it easier to get into state and national primaries and to gain seats in the National government.
  • Propose a Constitutional amendment to balance the national budget within seven years
    • 3/4 of the house has to approve of lifting debt limit
    • budget debt growth capped at 2.5% + GDP growth
    • all currently promised outlays have to be funded
  • Support alternative energy by funding nuclear and alternative fuel sources
    • goal to have 50% of all energy sources in US to be "green" by 2025
    • mandatory car fuel standards raised by 25% within 7 years
  • Create an alien worker & family division in INS to help catalogue and facilitate the amount of illegals in US with the goal of deporting the "hard" criminals and fining the non-criminals.
    • illegal aliens would only be able to stay in the US for 5 years until they'd be asked to leave and to return to their homeland to apply for visas to return
    • "anchor babies" would not be guaranteed citizenship
  • Create a universal health insurance system
    • funded from taxes & premiums
      • run like traditional health insurance
        • citizen given "X" amount of health insurance money yearly (depending on age & health)
        • Can be used for all non-emergency health sectors except for those deemed discretionary (like boob jobs etc.)
        • Emergency health care provided freely

(no subject)

There are 3 bombs set to go off in 3 rooms. You have a special device that will stop one of them. Who do you save?

President Bush, VP Cheney, Supreme Court Judge Scalia and Ann Coulter
A 12-yr old boy with severe brain damage
A puppy
I sell the special device on ebay

An extinction-level event is about to occur, and for some reason, you're in charge of deciding who is allowed into the safety bunker. You can only allow 3 of the following people into the shelter, with the understanding that whoever you save will be necessary or helpful in the future. Who do you save?

Stephen Hawking
Bill Gates
Nelson Mandela
Oprah Winfrey
Bill Clinton
Rudy Guiliani
Paris Hilton
Stephen Colbert
George W. Bush
J. K. Rowling
Comedian you feel is the funniest person in the world
Scarlett Johansson
Steven Spielberg
World's most renown doctor

You and a friend are driving somewhere, when you accidentally run over somebody. Let's say you panic and are freaking out, and your friend urges that you both drive away, and you're talked into doing so. So, fatal hit-and-run. You're waiting for the police to catch you, when you hear on the news that they've arrested this ex-con for the crime instead. He's been in and out of prison before for various things, but this manslaughter charge will put him away for life. He's only 20. What do you do?

I let him take the blame for the accidental death
I step up and own up to the crime, letting the guy off the hook
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(no subject)

What's with immature kids getting computer access and posting nasty gross things online? [and in this community?]

Isn't that just a complete waste of your time?

Doesn't it make you realize that you should probably be doing something better?

(no subject)

I have a feeling this was asked fairly recently, but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack, so:

For those of you who've contacted the LJ Abuse team in the past, how long did it take them to get back to you? Did they respond to your complaint in a satisfactory way? Feel free to share the story behind your complaint as well :)

Relationship Concerns

Why are guys/men affraid of a commitment/exclusive relationship?

If the relationship is not commitment/exclusive, what makes the male and female believe cheating on each other is a good idea? Actually, cheating on each other will ensure the end of their relationship.

What would be the right thing for them to do about it?

Why are people in a relationship so stupid to let things like this happen?

Note: My friends Chris and Morgan have been in a relationship for 3 to 4 years now. Chris proposed to her May this year during Memorial Day weekend in Flagstaff. There's a couple who have patience to make their relationship work out well and last a life time.
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(no subject)

Were you taught to respect your elders?

Do you respect your elders?

Do you think the newer generations respect the older ones as much as they should?

Do you think livejournal and myspace make it worse now that dumb bitchy teenagers have other dumb bitchy teenagers to complain to immediately after that fight with their parents about how they cant go vandalize shit after curfew omg what bitches they should die >:( >:( ?

I was taught to respect them or get my ass handed to me, so I do. When I got into fights with my parents, I went up to my room and sulked til I got over it. I feel the internet makes kids more likely to hold grudges, and less likely to actually take the time to consider why their parents are punishing them or telling them no.

(no subject)

i need help. re: baby clothes.

so my friend is pregnant and i'm trying to order baby clothes online. from what i know, baby clothes come in the standard three month, six month, nine month, twelve month, eighteen month, etc. range. a couple girlfriends i know that gave birth recently said that they had all this three month clothing from the baby shower that they never used because the kid popped out and went straight into six month old clothing.

how normal is this? if my girlfriend is due this fall, should i just get her six month old clothing to start with? or do i just happen to know some big ol' babies?
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(no subject)

When do you feel your life really started?

I'm 18, soon to be college sophomore, and I'm still waiting for it to start...mostly because I can't get a job or a boyfriend. Not that I'm not proud of other things I've accomplished, but you know.

(no subject)

When it comes to somebody you might date, what is the first thing you notice about them? Not like, 'green eyes are so pretty!' but as in, what makes you initially notice that person? Is it what they're wearing, a perfume, the way they carry themselves?
shia l.

(no subject)

Personality wise, do you take most things seriously or are you  the more easygoing type?  I'm more serious,, but I'm realizng that I need to relax more and chill out. If you're like me, how do you help yourself to relax? (besides getting intoxicated/high :P.. thanks)

theme party

I am going to an 80s/early 90s themed party at a club tomorrow night. What should I wear?

The goal is to not look TOO tacky.. I'd still like to look cute-ish since some of that shit is back in style (leggings etc).. i.e. I will not be crimping or teasing my hair. But, i'd still like to be obviously 80s.

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(no subject)

for those with SO's: how tall is your SO? how tall are YOU?
he's 6'2, i'm 5'6.

do you think your parents are proud of you? yes.

ETA: do you think the kind of car a person drives (that they chose themselves) says something about their personality/kind of person that they are?
penguin - dare to be different

(no subject)

all of my boyfriend's hats are dirty and i'm interested in cleaning them. i googled it and was told that if it was cotton and/or polyester and the brim was plastic, that i could put it in the washer. it's definitely 100% cotton but how can i tell if the brim is plastic or cardboard?!?!?!

Overplayed music.

1. What songs did you originally like but now dislike because of how often you hear them?

2. What songs did you originally hate that you hate still more because you hear them all the time?

3. Are there any overplayed songs you still like?
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) What is your shoe size?

2) If you had gotten a tattoo 5 years ago (regardless of what your age was), what would it have been? Would you have regretted it? (ETA: If you DID get one, do you now regret it?)

3) What is your current relationship/love life/marital status? Are you happy with it?

4) What is your favorite candy bar?

5) What color of pen do you use daily? Would you choose another color if you could? What would it be?

6) What song are you listening to at the moment?

1) 9 or 10 US womens

2) I would be chock full of pentacles and fairies. ew.

3) I'm engaged and pretty happy.

4) Wonka Bars or Kit Kats

5) Purple or blue. I'd love to use like, neon green.

6) The Decemberists - The Perfect Crime #2


1.) What is the best way to apologize to someone you have wronged? (Letter, phone call, flower delivery, etc.)

2.) Under what circumstances would you accept an apology from someone who has wronged you?
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Old people, Booze, and the Baghdad Blogger

1. What is it with old people and Buicks?

2. Which saying is correct is it...?
Beer before liquor, you've never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you're in the clear.
or is it...?
Beer after liquor, you've never been sicker. Liquor after beer, you're in the clear.
Why is that?

What ever happened to Salam Pax, the Baghdad Blogger who posted exciting updates before and after the invasion in 2003?
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You dye now ?s

1) How often to you dye your hair?

2) Do you regret starting?

3) Do you have any before/after pictures of your dyed hair? Will you share them w/ TQC?

4) If I were to dye my hair, what color would you suggest?
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Vote for me biotches!

If I ran for president on this platform, would you vote for me?

My platform:

  • term limits for Senators & Representatives
    • 2 consecutive terms for senators
    • 3 consecutive terms for representatives
  • Service draft for all people over 18
    • to engage in community building jobs (think of the peace corp)
    • 2 years paid work
    • after successful 2 years, first two years of higher ed. paid for by gvmnt
  • End occupation of Iraq
    • create confederation carving up three separate states
      • Shia, Sunni, Kurd
        • encourage strong governments
        • multi-national Arab peacekeeping force
        • split oil revenues three ways
        • create in international waters a US presence - no US troops in the ME except in Afghanistan
  • End foreign aid
    • replace with targeted aid to democratic governments
      • 2 year review of governments who request aid
  • Propose constitutional amendment to help break the stranglehold the two parties have on US politics by creating a system where third parties have it easier to get into state and national primaries and to gain seats in the National government.
  • Propose a Constitutional amendment to balance the national budget within seven years
    • 3/4 of the house has to approve of lifting debt limit
    • budget debt growth capped at 2.5% + GDP growth
    • all currently promised outlays have to be funded
  • Support alternative energy by funding nuclear and alternative fuel sources
    • goal to have 50% of all energy sources in US to be "green" by 2025
    • mandatory car fuel standards raised by 25% within 7 years
  • Create an alien worker & family division in INS to help catalogue and facilitate the amount of illegals in US with the goal of deporting the "hard" criminals and fining the non-criminals.
    • illegal aliens would only be able to stay in the US for 5 years until they'd be asked to leave and to return to their homeland to apply for visas to return
    • "anchor babies" would not be guaranteed citizenship
  • Create a universal health insurance system
    • funded from taxes & premiums
      • run like traditional health insurance
        • citizen given "X" amount of health insurance money yearly (depending on age & health)
        • Can be used for all non-emergency health sectors except for those deemed discretionary (like boob jobs etc.)
        • Emergency health care provided freely
EDIT: if you disagree with my platform, explain why. That makes an exchange of ideas possible.

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1) From a moral perspective, say you work at a supermarket, part of a big corporate chain of supermarkets (like i do as a summer job) and every day for the past year (to your knowledge at least), a guy comes into your store at around 10am and buys two 4 packs of beer and 4 boxes of cigarettes. He smells, is unshaven and gradually gaining weight, is most likely to be unemployed and suffering from depression. Is there a time when you would cut this guy off and tell him that you cannot/do not want to sell him anymore booze and cigarettes?
I feel for this guy and while I don't think I have the right to stop selling him the alcohol and cigs he wants, plus corporate UK doesn't have a heart, a part of me wishes that I'd have the balls to say 'no' so he could get help. But if he wants those bad enough, I figure he'd only go elsewhere to get them.

2) Anyone know any good cold remedies?

3) I don't live in America but I did for a year and there was this INCREDIBLE invention, Emergen-C,, that stuff is amazing and reeeally made the 2 colds I have go away quickly. Do other people find the effects of that sachet of powdery goodness immensely effective?

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1. I was chewing a pen or something, and heard a crack. There's now a little tiny round hole in one of my teeth. Can I ignore it until it starts to hurt, or do I need to see a dentist?

2. Do you like the taste of rice cakes?

3. If someone casually flirts with you, and you know they're in a relationship, do you flirt back or do you consider it unethical to do so?

4. Do you use the word 'party' as a verb?

5. What's important to you in the music you listen to? (E.g., lyrics, melody, beat etc.)

I always ask my friends and never get any answers.

I have a LOT of really really thick, shoulder length hair.  it's a little bit wavy too.
If I don't straighten it, I look like Alice from Dilbert, and when I do straighten it.. well, it looks nice but it takes 2 hours.

I really want to get a hair cut that WON'T require straightening in order to look nice. I know a lot of you are about to say "how about long layers?" because, that's what everyone says, but that just makes it bigger.  it looks nice when it's straightened, but I don't have time to do that every day.  I'm sick of needing to wear my hair up because it's enourmous.

suggestions? pictures of suggestions?
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Over the past year or so, I've experienced two tragedies (the death of my father and the death of a close friend) that I've yet to fully move pass. I've also had to deal with the stresses of work and school, and as a result, have been experiencing bouts of depression as well as near constant feelings of anxiety and doubt. One of the things I'm doing to try and combat these feelings is begin to learn more about Buddhism and practice meditation. I'm hoping that, with a more serene mind, I'll be able to handle the grief I still feel for my father and friend, as well as the everyday stress of my life. Plus, I've been interested in Buddhism for years anyway, and I figure now is as good a time as any to start looking into it.

My question is, is there anyone here who knows about Buddhism or meditation who can give me a few pointers? I've started reading some books and plan to make a trip to the local Buddhist temple, but I'd love any input you all could give. Thanks. :)

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1. Do phlebotomists have a hard time finding workable veins in your arms?

2. I just rested my chin on my hand and inhaled something from off of my sweatshirt. What the hell was it?

3. Are you excited about BB8 starting on Thursday night? Are you going to purchase the live feeds?

chat room etiquette

When you are leaving a chat room under normal circumstances, as in not in a hurry because you don't want someone to see what you are typing, do you say good bye?

If you say good bye, do you wait a few seconds to see if anyone responds, or do you close the window immediately after saying good bye?

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After this post (where I asked about my mother wanting to take half of my pay) I spoke to my dad & he told me that my mum, even though I'm 22, doesn't see me as an adult.

So I was wondering if anyone else has had/is having this problem? If so, what did you do about it (apart from moving out, which I am currently working on)? What can you do about it? Does anyone have any advice about this kind of problem?
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Fandom Stuff

1. Do you consider yourself active in any given fandom(s)?

2. Do you have a favourite 'ship' (not the flying kind)? Who?

3. Can you explain to me the of allure things like Pong and Tetris as fandoms? There is fanfic of it, I kid you not.

4. If you make icons, what are some of the ones you are most proud of/enjoy the most? Show me!

5. Can someone please find me that picture of the furries in a queue, which says "it's comforting to know that no matter what you do in life, it will never be as lame as this"? It's a take off on the Star Wars one. TA.
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Poll #1014422 TQC Poll of Great Significance

Is Laura Roslin going to die in Season 4?

Frak Roslin, what's up with Starbuck??
Clicky Box!

Who would win in a mudfight?


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I was supposed to hang out with a friend tonight. Yet, it's been an hour since she said she'd swing by and pick me up from my house.
I'm tad upset about it, but seeing as the plans weren't that definite, I'm fine with it. However, my mother keeps going on about how "it's for the best" and just keeps going on and on and on.
I've asked her plenty of times to drop the subject, until I finally just snapped and yelled at her like a stupid little girl. I couldn't help it, though, she wouldn't stop talking about how she's such a "bad friend" and has "no responsibility". Said friend is almost 20, pays for college, pays for her car and car insurance, etc. and is one of the most responsible people I know.

Do you think she will ever change her mind and actually drop it? Or will she keep on going and going like the Energizer bunny?
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For those of you who have had post-secondary education:
Where did you go to college and what did you study?

If you have any graduate degrees, where did you get them and what are they in?

kri kri

Why does my coworker start picking on me the day I get PMS? Does he have some sort of radar or am I just being extremely sensitive? (though he doesn't make comments like this any other time of the month)

What kind of PMS symptoms do you get? How do you handle them?

If you don't get your period/pms, how do you handle being in a grumpy mood?

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How do you guys feel about public breastfeeding?

Is it okay for a boyfriend to send 'Love you' via text message to an ex-girlfriend?  I confronted him about it and he said "She just found out her mother has cancer, she needs someone" ... Do I have the right to be hurt?  He thought it was "ridiculous" for me to be upset.  Earlier that same day he got angry at me, as in no speaking to me what so ever, because I supposedly looked at another guy's penis.  (I told him about my best friend's boyfriend--he can move his penis, even flacid, so much you can see it through his pants.  I thought this was funny and told him.  I didn't look at his actual penis!  He was wearing pants!)

Edit;  The text went something like this:  "Just thought I'd tell you I'm working.. I'll call you later.  Love you."
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Do you find yourself driving as if you own the road and only you?

Today as I'm driving home, a guy pulls the front of his car out into the far right turn only lane. People do this frequently and usually if there isn't anyone in the lane to the left I'll swerve into that lane to avoid hitting the person with 1/4 of their car in my lane and the other 3/4 still in the parking lot. Instead of swerving, I stopped in the middle of the road maybe 10 feet from his car. He was paying attention and pulled his car back, so I proceeded forward.
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El inspired quetions

         1)  Say you are at a big chain store (Walgreens, Target, Walmart - etc.) and you are walking up and down the Aisles, minding your own business when you spot an obviously homeless person shoplift a can of nuts.  This homeless person stuffs it into his or her coat and walks out toward the doors.  Now, it is obvious that this person is not planning on paying and is not going to get caught if someone doesn't say something.

You guess it, you are the only other customer in the store.

Do you call the homeless person out?  Why?

2)  Take the same scenario except instead of a homeless person, it's a well dress business person.

Do you tell one of the store employees that the person has stolen something?  Why?

3)  For those of you in the states, what are you doing this fourth of July?

4) For those of you who have netflix what netflix dvd is waiting for you at home?  Which one in your queue are you most excited about seeing?

5)  Is anyone in this community apart of theatrical_muse?  If so, which muse do you play?

Eta:  6) would you rather be rich and hated or be dirt poor and loved by all?
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1) Are you a straight girl who likes yaoi and/or do you know any straight girls who do?

2) Do you think there is any significance/meaning to being a girl and liking yaoi? i.e. Is it just a random interest that should be taken at face value or do you think in suggests some unspoken/unconcious something more (maybe unconcious sexual confusion)?

3) Are you confused by guys who want to see hot lesbian action but can't understand why girls would want to see hot bishonen action?
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I'm thinking of cutting my hair short (probably around chin level) but I have no clue to what style to cut my hair. Any suggestions? If you could post pics of the suggested hair, that would be super. Thanks!
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Why do the Mexican men (yes, just the men) in my apartment complex leave their shoes sitting outside the door to their apartment? Does someone come and leave presents in them?
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A friend of mine woke up Friday feeling sick. She felt clammy and was sweating cold sweat. She keeps having to go to the bathroom and is vomiting. She has no appetite and can't keep anything down. She also has dark circles under her eyes.

I know she should go to the doctor but regardless, what could be causing this?
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In a depressing and rather gross move, one of my baby teeth (yes, I'm in my 30's; yes, I still have baby teeth. 2 1/2 at the moment) has decided it's time to give up the ghost. It's been breaking off in bits over the past few months. I suspect the whole tooth has gone bad in spite of my dedication to brushing it on a regular basis, the traitor. Is there anything at all the dentist can do besides pull it? It's in a fairly visible place, right behind my canine--I think, the pointy one is the canine, right?--and I'd rather not be missing a tooth where people can see.

Do you have any baby teeth? Are you past the age where it's reasonable to have them? Are they in your head or a container?

Do you have your wisdom teeth? Are they still in your head?

What flavor of toothpaste do you use, assuming you use any?

If you don't ever clean your teeth, for heaven's sake, why?
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How flexible are you? Do you use your flexibility to your advantage while having sexual relations?

When people laugh at something you say, is it usually something you intended to be funny or something you said in complete seriousness?

edit: When people comment on your icons, does it surprise you? I find most of mine pretty unobtrusive so it surprises me when people even notice them.