July 1st, 2007


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so, my boyfriend and i go to school about 1,200 miles away from each other. and i am trying to think of an "i'll miss you" type gift. he leaves in august so i figured i would get a head start on ideas

so far i have come up with...

a stuffed animal for when he misses me and needs someone to hug while away at school he can hug the stuffed animal and think of me

so, what do you think of this idea?

or, a picture of the two of us framed

what do you all think?

do you have any other ideas? what are they?

thanks for all your help,

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1. Have you ever wondered why the 3-digit emergency telephone numbers around the world aren't the same?

2. You ever been in a different country, needed the emergency line, but dialed the wrong number?
My aunt did that once... she grew up in Hong Kong, but she was in Canada when there was a fire in the house. She dialed 999, then realized she should have done 911 instead.

For reference:
911 in North America
999 or 112 in the United Kingdom
112 in Europe
000 in Australia
111 in New Zealand
119 in parts of Asia

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I'm reading a book that talks about how our diet affects our health and it says that "Boys are more severely affected by acne than girls." I'm looking in the mirror and that is DEFINITELY not the case for me.

Do you think that statement is true, that boys have worse acne than girls?

Edit: My question was phrased wrong. What I meant for it to ask was if that statement was true for you, do you seem to have worse acne than boys

movie question

There's a song in a trailer for a movie that came out awhile back and I can't remember the title of the film (it was that forgettable but I liked the song!).

The movie is about a ballet dancer who starts dancing hip hop or something with a janitor. Famous quote in the commercial is "think you can dance? Catch me!" and he does and says "now what?"

I don't want to see it, I just want to figure out the title so I can figure out the song in the trailer. Any ideas? Came out last year I believe.

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Lets say you work somewhere that you have to approach customers and ask if they need help. The customer responds, but has such a thick accent that you can barely understand what they're saying. What do you do?

What if the customer doesn't speak the same language as you and nobody you work with speaks the language they do?

Is there any sort of work that allows you to basically tell customers when they're being stupid?


ugh i was on a walk tonight and decided to stroll around my block and as i turned the corner on a road by my house, i heard a couple arguing. Of course i'm a very nosy person and decided to keep listening so i stood a in front of their neighbors house and went from screaming to hitting and threating. I honestly got really nervous when i was standing out there listening to them fight and realized that it was getting serious so i called the cops. IDK i can't get over it. I'm kinda glad i was there because i had been standing there a while while i was trying to figure out the road name and wait for the cops to come and the neighbors came out and said "do you hear that, they're beating each other up" and they asked me if i had called the cops because they were too scared to and didn't want them to think of them as "bad neighbors"

If you saw someone getting hurt, would you stop to intervene or call the cops?
Have you ever had an incident similiar to this?


1. How does your poo normally come out (as in shape/color/etc)?

2. When you sit down to do it, are your genitals normally covered up (as in not visible if someone were standing in front of you)? Has it EVER happened that way for you? I ask because in the movies they somehow have their boxers and shirt lay down to cover them and that never happens for me.

3. In the movies (esp. manly man type ones and police ones), why are those old foagies (like 40+ or even more ancient) taking like 45 minutes to take a dump? I know they have constipation, but I don't quite understand the physical logistics of it. Can'tt they wait until it finally gets to the end of the tunnel and is quicker to get out, even if it is painful?

4. Are you proud of a big, long poo?

5. Why are GI (digestive tract) functions and bad eating habits so common in the cop movie genre?
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excuse me wtf r u doin

My computer installed the newest version of Firefox. Now pictures and videos aren't displaying on my f-list. How do I fixed internets? Explaining it in caveman terms, please, I don't computer any more than is necessary to play WoW or surf LJ.

Fixed! :D thank you Dr. Internets!
Fatal Curiosity II

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This is mostly just a silly question for the sake of being silly.

...Why is LJ so full of people who are either suicidal or ex-suicidal? O_o Did Happycat fail to bring LJ the happy?
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Dark Days documentary

If you have seen Dark Days on DVD, can you give me a summary of "Life After The Tunnel", please? I really want to know what happened to the people featured in the doc.

-I streamed it on netflix and for that reason I couldn't access that part of the DVD. Google did not help either.

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Which is more believable?

A) An eclipse occurs when Bruce Campbell stares down the sun. Worried for its life, the sun hides behind the moon.

B) Eclipses are caused when the sun gets blocked by Bruce's chin.


Sorry about the Harry Potter question, but..

Why is it that, in The Goblet of Fire, no one uses a pensive to find out if Harry's telling the truth about Voldemort coming back?
Or confirm speculation on the identities of certain death eaters?
Are they incapable of extracting his memories?
It's been gnawing at me for a couple of years. >_<
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Why do some people get enter key happy
when typing so their lines are far shorter
than they're meant to be? Do they not
understand the concept of word wrap or
is there an actual logical reason? There's
never even any sort of logic, like starting
a new line every new sentence or whatever.

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1. Have you ever had stage fright? If so, what happened?

2. What was one of your most embarrassing moments?

I was severly sleep deprived at the time. My boss drove me home after work and I wanted to thank him for the drive home. Instead, I accidentally said, "Thanks for the blowjob." I was mortified beyond hell.

3. What do you do when you just want to escape from the rest of humanity?

4. What's the most ridiculous claim you've heard?

It's a toss between "dinosaurs and humans co-existing" and "the Earth being 6000 years old."

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What do you think about girls asking guys out?

Last week I was at a music in the park event with some friends that they hold weekly here every summer. I saw this really cute guy I've seen around campus for the past three years but never really talked to, or even though about asking out. I saw him again and thought what the heck, it's summer, he's cute, why not talk to him and find out who he is. So I talked to him and he was extremely friendly and most likely a little tipsy. I told him about how my friends and I go swing dancing every week and that he should join us, and I told him about a myspace business I have. I gave him only that information, so that leaves it up to him.

So my question is what should I do from here? Should I find him again and ask him out? Should I wait for him to contact me? What is your opinion?


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[1] Do you suffer from insomnia? Ugh...yes.

[2] How severe is it? I can go up to four days without sleep and then my body just suddenly shuts down and I lose consciousness for sixteen hours.

[3] What do you do to pass the time? I clean. A lot. This morning I scrubbed down the entire kitchen and oven with a Brillo pad. Then I dusted the living room. Then I mopped all the floors. I really want to vacuum now but everyone's still sleeping.
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My Bodyguard, Chris Makepeace
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The Club

Hey, anyone--

I just bought The Club
TM to place on my vehicle's steering wheel. Figuring I wanna try to prevent theft of my brand-new auto here in auto theft--laden Prince George's County. The instructions say to turn the steering wheel at least one full turn before placing The ClubTM on it. Why do you suppose that is? Just curious.

p.s. Guess I shouldn't say where I live, because I wanna encourage more people to come and live here in wonderful Prince George's County (DON'T say "PG" County)! Still-affordable homes, access to nature, all very near Washington, DC!

Because I'm bored, I'm going to ask questions

1. What is the story behind your biggest or worst bruise?
1b. Do you have pictures to show?

2. For those of you who live in or near LA, have you ever seen a celebrity walking down the street?
2b. Did you ask them for an autograph or take a picture of them?

3. Has anyone ever gone to St. Peter's Fiesta in Gloucester, MA?
3b. Did you see the Greasy Pole too? Ever seen it in Sicily?
3c. Were you on a boat or on the beach?
3d. What did you think of the whole event?

4. What is your favorite book and why?
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So apparently my skin thinks I'm 13 again. In the winter, it was really dry and I had to use moisturizer for the first time ever in my life. Now it's really oily and I can't handle it.

However, since I am notorious for breaking out with some cleansers (like nutrogena or clean and clear), I don't really want to try something new right now.

Would it make sense for me to buy a cleanser that I know dries my skin out and just use the moisturizer again? I really really do not want oily skin because it looks REALLY bad in pictures. I'd be okay with dry skin because it looks fine in pictures.

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Is it possible to change the style & size of font in an LJ layout if it doesn't give you that specific option in the custom options?  I have no clue what you can or can't do in the CSS section as I don't know anything about it.

I picked a new layout which I really like except the font is much smaller than my old one and I really dislike times new roman. Just wondering if I can change it or should just go back to my old one which was easier to read

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I am watching the Concert for Diana, and it sparked this question:
Where were you when you heard the news that Princess Diana had died?

EDIT: (I did my math way wrong. I was thinking of how long ago it was, not how old I actually was. )

I was eight, standing in my kitchen.
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What's your favorite way to cook/eat eggs?

In an omelet with onions, mushrooms, cheese and fried potatoes

I made breakfast burritos this morning and they rocked. Do you make breakfast burritos? What do you put in them?

I put sausage, eggs, potatoes, cheese, hot sauce in mine. *slurp*

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My computer got hacked. I managed to save it. Anyways, my question is what is the best thing out there to protect your computer from all the dangers that are out there? I need something REALLY safe.

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Hello TQC!
Here's another fun question for you folks to answer!

If you designed your LJ layout by yourself, what was it based on?


If you picked your LJ layout from the things that LJ provides, why did you choose that layout?

Collapse )
pretty lady

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Have you ever left anything in a rental car? What was it? Did you get it back?
Once I left a giant stuffed seal from Sea World in the rental car, my parents paid to have it shipped to our house. Recently I left my GPS in the car but realized while I was still at the airport, after 30 minutes of searching the man working there found it for me.

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In light of a recent post, where were you first heard the news on September 11th? How old were you?

I was in my gym class in school when they announced it over the intercom. I was 13.

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1. What do you think of those movie trailers that consist of a montage of 2-second images, usually of action scenes that zip by too fast to make sense of, and the only way you know what the plot of this particular movie is through the voiceover narrative?

2. Do they work on you? Are you compelled to see the movie after watching the A.D.D.-edited trailer?

As you can tell, I don't care for them too much

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Do you peel off the pickles when you buy a burger from McDonalds?

I don't know anyone who actually leaves them on the burger and eats them.

Edit: Okay, you guys are all freaks for eating the pickles.

Should I drive to Minnesota by myself?

I have a decent ticket to see Prince in Minneapolis. The trip would take 10 hours, I'd be driving it alone unless I could get someone to go with me. The ticket was 150.00 something with fees. I could possibly sell it since its a 'print it yourself ticket' -- I have the .pdf for it.

The main reason I would be going is for the chance to see the aftershow at Paisley Park (his recording studio/concert venue).

I flew to Las Vegas in Feb. to see him at a smaller venue. I got picked to be onstage in Chicago last year to dance next to him at a very small venue (Congress for Chicago peeps).

I have had lots of fun.

Seeing Prince
Going to Paisley Park
Alone time
Solo adventure

Being too tired to enjoy the concert, perhaps
Driving by myself for a long time
The long trip home
Missing my kids

The thought of not going bums me out, the prospect of going seems daunting. I'd leave this Friday morning and come back Sunday morning.

10 hours each way!
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Which do you feel more comfortable with, your best friend ever, or your SO (if you have one)?

A good best friend is like an SO without the physical portion, Y/N?

I think I may have cracked a bone in my forearm yesterday.  The walk in clinic doesn't have xray and would send me to the hospital (I called and asked).  Since it is not a "break" exactly, would they cast it?  I went and got a wrist splint thingy so I wouldn't rotate it, which causes massive waves of pain.  Do you think that is enough?
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The Swing

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You've been captured by aliens, and to torture you they've decided to give you a choice: you can be in a jail cell with a bunch of chauvinistic, neo-conservative Evangelicals or a bunch of liberal, PETA member fem-nazis. Which do you choose?

dear tqc

my 14 year old step brother gave me a list of a bunch of country songs he heard on the radio and wants me to look them up for him.

i know nothing about country music. based on this list, what songs is he talking about?

-lost in the moment
-i told you so

i'm pretty sure they are all fairly new songs.
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1. Should I call my SO and ask him when he plans on stopping by before work because I wanna know if I have time to give my dog a bath and take a shower before he gets here? Or should I just assume I don't/won't have enough time and wait for him to call me/come over?

2. Do you love food?

3. Have you and your SO told eachother "I love you" yet?

4. Are you in any pain?

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How could I genetically engineer my child and strike the gay gene from their genetic makeup?

Has anyone here excised the homosexuality gene from their children in the privacy of their own home?
love exists

Full House: Part II

Since 99% of people answered Full House to my question yesterday, I present to you - The Full House challenge.

The correct answers to each of these questions are either: Danny, Jesse or Joey. (I use the term "men" loosely)

1. If you had to have sex with one of the above, which would it be. Why?

2. Heaven forbid, you are on a long flight to Antarctica with the three rad men mentioned above and the plane crashes! Which one do you eat first to survive? Why?

3. Which one of these men would you not be the least bit surprised to find out was gay?

4. If these men were to have a deathmatch (using the Olsen twins as their weapons, obviously), who would win? Who would lose?

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So my rent check will be cashed tomorrow morning, and as of right now, it will overdraw my checking account.
I wasn't worried because I was counting on depositing a check today at my bank's grocery store branch.
Well, due to the holiday it wasn't open today, and my check cannot be deposited. I can't deposit it tomorrow morning because the bank opens at 8, and I am leaving town at 7 with my family. There won't be a branch where we are going or on the way. No, I cannot ask my family to leave later (we're on a "time budget").
What can I do to prevent it from overdrawing? Anything? Sigh.

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What kind of toothbrush do you use?

I don't mean the brand-- no one cares. I mean, for example, do you use one of those fancy ones with all the sticking up bits and rubber things, or the cheapo flathead kind, or some kind of electric toothbrush, or do you brush your teeth with twigs?

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Where can I rip the Police LIVE cd online? The one thats all jazzy and stuff.

What makes you feel inferior?

What made you feel like you were actually GOING somewhere in life?
[9R] stop the world and melt

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So during the last segment of Empire Records, what's the song that plays? If it helps at all, the same song is now in an M&M commercial.

Thanks, and I'd really appreciate your help.

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So I goto the Post Office web site to figure postage to send some Garfield dolls to Japan. They ask you if it is a package or a large package. They have you measure the box. That part was easy, it is 68" but then there toss in this line about it being over a cubic foot and that part makes no sense to me. Here is the text from the web site:

"Use “Package” when the length plus girth (the distance around the thickest part) of a package equals 84 inches or less and it is less than 1 cubic foot."

Does anyone know what they mean "about less than 1 cubic foot"???
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i want a cool phone? it doesn't matter which provider [as long as its good]

should i get an iphone? the only cool phone i have ever had was a sidekick 2 way back when. there are so many "smartphones" out there... i don't know how to tell them apart. i am a college student, i don't need a phone for business or anything like that.

pretty much what i'm looking for:

very good internet
good camera
prefer a qwerty keyboard
smaller the better

help a girl out? how do i choose? any advice?

2 Corinthians 12:7-10

"7 To keep me from becoming conceited because of these surpassingly great revelations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. 8 Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 9 But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

What do you make of this thought? 

For those of you who would take the time, I'd be interested to know your first reaction as opposed to the thoughts upon a deep ponderance. 

I would say it is encouraged to leave your bias aside - this is not about Christianity and arguing its validity. That totally beside the point.
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Weird question.

This is so weird so bare with me.

Is it weird or wrong to date someone who is connected by marriage?
Like, say...your aunt or uncle's fiancee's son or daughter?

These people dated a long time ago, before the family members got serious.

I mean, haven't sisters dated and married brothers before?

I don't know.

Could you explain why or why not it's weird/wrong?
Do you know of any families like this?

Note: I know it's not incest.

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given that they're BANKS, do you think bank hours are ridiculous?

i hate bank hours. closing at 5, closing the drive through at 6:30, opening late and closing early on weekends, no Sunday hours for some banks. it seems ridiculous. they're open during the day while people are at work and closed on the weekends when people need money and are free to go get it. yes, i know there are ATMS but sometimes it's hard to find one that doesn't charge a fee. and like this person below, she needs to deposit a check but they aren't going to be open in time. and what if you lose your debit card on a Friday night?

is there like some tight ass motherfucker who is the Bank Hours Overlord who makes their hours fucking stupid? or am i missing something?

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I want to get my second tattoo soon and I was thinking about a small 5 chain link.
One for each person in my family and I'm thinking about getting it on the inside of my wrist or behind my ear/neck area.

My mom likes the idea of the tattoo of course but she doesn't like the idea of it being in a place where I can't hide it when I need to when I get older and need to get a serious job. I plan on becoming a nurse by the way.

My question is do you think that getting a tattoo on one of these two places would pose a problem when I get older and work in a hospital? My mom is convinced that I won't be able to get a job because it will be visible but I really want it on one of these two places. And if you are a nurse and could answer this question that'd be even more fabulous since I'd be getting it firsthand from someone who is in the profession that I want to be in!

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Do you use a desktop or a laptop? Which do you prefer? Pros and cons of both?

Thanks for helping me!

EDIT : For those of you that are laptop users, do you have problems with durability? I'm a bit clumsy sometimes.

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Have you ever had your eyes dilated? How did it affect you? How long did the effects last? Did you get any other side affects (headache, etc).

At first I could barely keep my eyes open inside the building (first time dilated, ever). Now I can walk outside without sunglasses (about 2 1/2 hours later) even though my pupils are still huge (probably not smart). Oh well.

Maybe a nap... mmm, nap.
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Have you ever found a foreign object in a food item that isn't meant to be in there?
e.g. a cockroach in a box of cereal, band aid in an ordered food item, etc.

If so what was it?

I never have.


There is a poem for kids (mostly) that goes, When you open it, close it. If you drop it, pick it up etc.... It is a responsibility list for kids as a reminder.

Does anyone know the poem/writing and have a copy of it? Tried Google and failed.

EDIT: Answered

1. If you open it, close it.
2. If you turn it on, turn it off.
3. If you unlock it, lock it up.
4. If you break it, admit it.
5. If you can't fix it, call someone who can.
6. If you borrow it, return it.
7. If you value it, take care of it.
8. If you make a mess, clean it up.
9. If you move it, put it back.
10. If it's someone else's, ask before using it.
11. If you don't know how to use it, don't touch it.
12. If it's none of your business, don't ask.

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1. Do you sometimes feel you're not into a relationship because you're too picky?

2.  do you like to freeball?

3.is it wrong to want to smack kids that whine without reason?
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How do you solve this equation?


I don't know for sure that there is an answer. I am not trying to have you do my homework for me. I just haven't taken Algebra II for several years and am struggling to remember. No book is available for me at this time. Please help?

Why are they called cookies? (In terms of computer speak. Tracking cookies.)

Don't you hate it when you don't do something for a little while, and you forget some of the key things of how to do it?


So come on guys, what's the latest big LJ drama? I miss out on hearing about it since ljusersecrest got suspended and moved to GJ - I just can't be bothered checking it that often =\

Also why do most of the big LJ dramas involve parents? That one's always bothered me. No matter what the drama is, it involves at least one LJ mommy and that puzzles me for some reason.

No, I really don't have anything better to do than laugh at other people's dramas.
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Party Music por favor?

My friend's little sister is having her Quinces in about 20 days. For those of you who may not know what that is, it's the hispanic version of a girl's Sweet 16/Coming out type party, except at the age of 15 instead of 16.

Anywho she's in need of a list of songs to play during the party, anything you can dance to like reggaeton, salsa, booty, merengue or any other danceable popish song out there.

I tried to help, but although I LOVE to dance to all of that, my knowledge of song names is extremely limited.

1. Will you name your favorite song to dance along to?
2. Just off the top of your head, what are the first few current popular songs out now that you can think off?
3. Any old school dance favorites?

Thanks a bunch!

Friends + SOs

1.) Do you get along with your friends' SOs?

2.) Are your friends comfortable with you talking to their SOs without them? (for things such as what to get your friend for their bday or just casual conversation)

3.) When you highly dislike one of your friend's SOs do you tell them?

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A few years ago, on a TV programme that shows weird foreign TV adverts, they once showed an anti-child abuse ad with a creepy doll.

It looks like a little girl and starts saying the standard talking doll things (eg. I like hugs), but then she starts saying really WTF things (eg. I like oral sex).

Does anyone know where I can find this WTF advert?
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Inspired by a previous question about getting along with your friend's SO.

Your best friend dates someone who openly hates you - he continually insults you behind your back and says very negative things about you (for no real reason) and starts rumors about you. Do you get angry that your friend is dating someone who, very openly, hates you and is rude to you?

If you were dating someone who was very negative, rude, and insulting to your best friend without reason, what would you do?
petit prince

i'll try to keep this short-ish

my friend (steph) lives with her sister (ellie) and two other girls. steph and ellie technically own the house (paid for partially by them, partially by their parents). now, one of the other girls is moving out in september, so they were planing on turning her room into a living room. steph lives in a room that just has enough space for a single bed and a grammar school-sized desk* (all three other rooms are spacious enough for double beds, wardrobes, desks, etc). steph has recently decided that she'd rather take the big room than turn it into a living room.

do you think this is fair? do you think it's reasonable?

*the size of a desk you use in grammar school, not a desk the size of a grammar school :)
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1) I'm gonna be in Boston at the end of August/early Sept, on my own, where I've never been before, what would you reccommend I did? I will be looking up tourist stuff, but wondering about any personal reccommendations?

2) When did you last scream? Mine was doing my skydive in May.

3) What's a good, recent novel to take on a 12hr flight?
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good ones=gay

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1. Do you think having a Ouija board in your house is just asking for something terrible to happen? What do you think about people who believe that even having one in your home is like inviting the devil in?

2. What kind of bugs are these? They were all over everything on Middle Bass island. There were houses that were completely covered in them. It was gross.

Question Galore

EDIT::1a. DO you like to use catnip on your kitties? (yes, but he comes up and begs for it..the catnip, I mean)
1b. If you do, what do your cats do when they're on it? (very cuddly and relaxed, they love being petted and pampered)

2. Favorite American Idol judge? Why? (Simon cause he's sexy)

3. Favorite pizza toppings? (Pepperoni, pineapple, and onions)

4. Does anyone remember the Beetleborgs?

5. What is your explanation to the dilemma that God is all knowing yet we maintain free will? (I don't have one, thats why I'm an agnostic)

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what do you do on the internet when you're bored?
i already read ohnotheydidnt, gawker, overheardinnewyork, and played around on myspace..
none of my msn/aim contacts are on/interesting
im not into neopets and i can't find the sims disc..

or even..what do you do off the internet when you're bored? today i watched a whole season of futurama (season 3, which i personally think is the best) and baked muffins.

will you entertain me?
what is your city like?
what are you five favourite bands, tv shows, books, movies (it's what you like, not what you are like that counts)? and whyyyy
pink trees
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I haven't gone running since last spring. How far can I run tomorrow without hurting myself?

But my main question:
I went to the red sox game last night. When ever a red sox came up to bat, a short song clip was played.
question is: What would your "at bat song" be?


Vacation in Orlando in early August trying to gather information from people who know a little about the area...

What's the weather usually like around that time?

What are some cool things to do there? Besides Disney World, Universal, KSC and SeaWorld.

Have you ever swam with dolphins? If so, how was it?

What's the nightlife like in Orlando?

When you travel, how do you keep yourself comfortable?
O Shit


1. What kind of a friend are you (irl)? Do you think you're a good friend?

2. Is it easy for you to make friends? Are there any guidelines you have before someone can be your friend (you have to know them x amount of time, for instance)?

3. Do you have a 'best' friend? More than one? What do you think of that term, 'best friend'?

4. Do you have any friends that annoy you? If so, why are you still friends with this person?
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