June 30th, 2007


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Based on your family and medical history, what do you think might kill you?

I'm thinking i'll probably get cancer or succumb to some kind of autoimmune issue. Or actually, thankfully i've been regulated for a while, but i've got a history of mental illness, so I might off myself.


So, I'm leaving for Spain on Wednesday morning (supposedly) and my passport has, scarily enough, disappeared. This is an issue. I'm freaking out. I'm planning on tearing apart the house, again, as it hasn't left it and should be here SOMEWHERE, but in case I can't find it, I need a new one. The passport agencies are all booked up for appointments. So...

Anyone ever used a passport expediting service like APE? Did everything work out okay? Is there any chance that I'm not totally screwed?

fine china and robots

For those who have ever been in a position (getting married, etc.) to register for fine china, did you?

If you chose not to, do you regret your decision (like my mother seems to think I will)?

If you chose to, what pattern did you get? Do you still like it? How often have you used it? Have you lived most of your married life in an apartment or house?

And on an unrelated note, can anyone remember the name of an early 80s tv show (probably imported from Japan) where a live-action, giant, gold robot (ie: a guy in a robot suit) went around saving the world?

I guess there are no dumb questions

Hello The Question Club!

First post.

- What is the difference between paintings of neo-classicism, classicism, and romanticism? They all seem to look very similar! How do I tell each from the other?

-Is there any chance of people NOT mentioning Dracula and Transylvania when referring to Romania?! Transilvania is only ONE region!!! (this is pissing me off)

-What are ethics and why am I supposed to have them? How do ethics differ from morals?

-Why are the Falung Gong considered a terrorist organization? They're kind people who like to meditate! What's the deal, Chinese Government?!
Important Announcement

Enlighten me por favor

Can someone explain to me the difference between these four types of sugar and/or sugar substitutes? They are: Splenda, Sugar in the raw, Sweet'N Low, and Equal.

I've tried them all at work in my tea and I noticed a difference in taste, but I've always wondered if there's anything else besides the taste that makes each one unique.
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Me--State Fair

nom nom nom

What's the last thing you ate and probably shouldn't have, for any reason?

There was a Snickers bar in the freezer here at work.  I forgot to bring my snacks, just brought one small frozen pizza and one pop (I shoulda brought two) and I couldn't help but eat the Snickers.  I'll replace it, because I feel guilty.
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pretty ren

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Inspired by the ridiculous line I saw outside of the nyc apple store *YESTERDAY*...

Have you ever waited in line for a release like this?
WOULD you?
Where are those people going to the bathroom? Haha.
mike kinsella

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Has one of your parents ever asked how many people you've been with sexually?
If so, did you lie or were you truthful about it?
Did you get the birds and bees talk when you were younger?

I'm 20 and I've always been pretty honest with my mom about things. However, my mom asked me while we were watching Maury yesterday how many people I've slept with and it was very awkward.

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When making the bed, do you put the pillows under the comforter, the comforter under the pillows, or fold the comforter down below the pillows?

I put the pillows underneath because I think it's silly to put the pillows on top of the bed where you can't use them without moving everything around.
epic shit

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Two unrelated questions.

1) I'm looking at buying a bedroom set off of someone and I'm not sure if the price they're charging is correct. I was wondering if there's some sort of percentage or formula you can use to figure out how much should be taken off per year that it's been owned.

2) I had always thought that the Canadian edition of Harry Potter and the British one were the same, but I had a friend tell me recently that the Canadian publishers change some of the really British words into more Canadian ones. Is this true? Never mind, I answered my own question by going to the publishers website. They say: The original Harry Potter books, with the full British text intact.

ETA: A third question!

I'm looking for the sites that have really, really cheap jewelry on every fifteen minutes, and you only have to pay the shipping (or something like that). If someone knows what I'm talking about, I'd really appreciate a link.

ETA 2: Gah, a forth question.

I saw a t-shirt a long time ago that had a word on it with the Islamic crescent moon, Christian cross and the Star of David. The word was something about "let's all get along together" and I thought the shirt was awesome. Do I remember what that word was? No, of course not. So if anyone knows what I'm talking about, please, do tell.


So after playing nurse to my SO for the past week, I am sick with some GI stomach nastiness motherfugger. I am stuck at my house and bored.

TQC, what do you do when you're sick?
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I know some of you out there have kids. Do you have any favorite parenting sites? I've got an almost 4 year old in my preschool class that I am having trouble with and I need some new ideas on how to deal with her.
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far away

how far

How far would you drive to adopt an animal that you were interested in?

I am interested in a dog that's 2 1/2 hrs away (one-way) and my bf thinks that's too far (especially because I would have to drive 3 hours in the other direction to get to work after we get back.)

asking about asking.. oh and saturday morning cartoons.

hey ya'll..

my so asked me to let her sleep in, so now i have to putter about the apartment quietly.. thus, the questions:

1. what's the last thing someone asked of you, that you obliged?
2. what's the last thing someone asked of you, that you said "hell-no"?

3. what's the last thing you asked of someone, that they obliged?
4. what's the last thing you asked of someone, that they said "hell-no"?

and, randomly,

5. what saturday morning cartoon (on TV) did you used to love is now rather disturbing and/or full of fail?
6. what saturday morning cartoon did you used to loathe and now you tolerate?
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yummy beer!, yummy

HALP, make it (me) stop!

How do I get rid of this damn addiction to emoticons????
Do I go cold turkey, or is there a way to wean myself off them?

If I don't have to, I really don't want to give them up entirely - I just want to restrict myself to using them more judiciously.

On a lighter note, do you have a favorite word?  If so, does it have a personal meaning to you that you'd care to share?

one of mine is 'judicious' - hence the use up above.  I just think it's one of those great words that is sadly under-utilized.
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[J-rock]ギルガメッシュ(girugamesh) -左迅(Satoshi)
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Driving age for luxury cars

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan drove luxury cars from the day they got their license. As we all may have heard, younger teenagers tend to get into more accidents than adults. Luxury cars are very expensive to fix, and of course, to buy.

What age do you think kids should be allowed to start driving luxury cars? Ok, let me reword my question, because as I read the responses, I realized I hadn't worded it the way I intended. What age do you think kids can be responsible enough to start driving luxury cars?

alice hat

Cars and Songs

What are your favourite songs to sing along to in the car? I'm currently trying to make a fantastic mix CD, and am wondering what other people would put on it.

Me: I like singing to The Dresden Dolls and any sappy 80s ballad that I can find on the radio.

Do you have any funny / awkward / fantastic stories about singing in the car?
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1.What do you think of the Spice Girls upcoming world tour?
2.Would you and/or will you travel to see their show?

1. I have mixed emotions.
2. depending on how far away, and how much money the ticket would be, yes. I never saw them as a child and they were the first group I really truly loved.
lioness; bw stalk

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Do you like sushi/sashimi/etc.?

Why or why not? (I suppose this question mostly applies to those who don't eat it because I bet the reason for yes is because it's good!)

If yes, what's your favorite kind?

My Answers:

IT'S YUMMY, that, and it's got some really interesting flavors/textures I can't find in any other food.

I like any kind that involves eel, tuna, crab, shrimp, squid, or octopus, and maybe some kinda tempura. I don't like it when they have some kind of cream cheese on it, though, and I hate avocados or cucumbers in it, too. Other than that.... YUM.
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Hey guys,

You know how someone will indicate that they were not reachable technologically by saying "I was en communicado for the whole week"?

Is that the right way to spell it? I tried to look it up on Google and Wikipedia, but got nothing. I just need to verify that I'm spelling it correctly.

Answered! Thanks!

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Do you know of any sites, besides Craigslist and eBay, where I can advertise items for sale?

What's the last really good movie you saw?

If you order water at a restaurant, do you drink it through a straw?

Capuchino = my high school

A Capuchino High School band teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having an unlawful sexual relationship with an underage girl who was one of his students...

So I've been out of high school for about a year. I never had this teacher. But for some reason it really, really bothers me. He was really popular- tons of students spent their lunch in his classroom. I saw him around every day. I always thought he was kinda weird, but never thought anything outside of that...

Is it weird that this upsets me?
Has this happened at any of your schools?

I feel invaded. I always thought it was stupid when people said "School is supposed to be safe!"... but now I kind of understand. :-\
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Hey guys,

Which mission statement do you like the best?


1. To provide the most preferred online experience for poker enthusiasts with friendly, intuitive and prompt 24-hour support resulting in first-response complete customer satisfaction.

2. To provide the #1 online experience for poker enthusiasts with friendly, intuitive and prompt 24-hour support resulting in first-response complete customer satisfaction.

3. To provide the leading online experience for poker enthusiasts with friendly, intuitive and prompt 24-hour support resulting in first-response complete customer satisfaction.

4. To provide the gold standard in online experiences for poker enthusiasts with friendly, intuitive and prompt 24-hour support resulting in first-response complete customer satisfaction.

5. To provide the gold standard for online poker enthusiasts with friendly, intuitive and prompt 24-hour support, and by delivering first-response complete customer satisfaction.

My company (an online poker website) is holding a contest wherein whoever comes up with the winning new mission statement for the company wins a bunch of schwag.

We were told we should include the following goals: prompt customer service; first response resolution; quality in email responses; being #1 in the poker industry. Only #3 and #4 meet the "first response resolution" criteria, and I think it makes them way too wordy.. what do you think?

Would you go with "24-hour" or "24/7"?

Thanks so much!

Slipping on banana peels

In almost every comic or cartoon, somebody ALWAYS slips on banana peels that are left on the floor!

Has any of you seen this happen in real life? I personally think it would be so hilarious but... I'm starting to loose hope that something like that will never ever happens in real life. =\

cell phone

i have a light pink razr cell phone, but i want the hot pink one,
so my question is..could i just buy the hot pink one off ebay & then just put my old cell phones simcard into the new one ? would it work ?

Sound and Furry

Collapse )

Best thing about furries?

Rich fantasy life combined with the freedom to pursue what they find fun
Fur costumes make them easily identifiable, to better round them up later for public beatings
Harmless and they enjoy cartoons and cuddling
Suits make them extra flammable
You can shoot a furry in the face, and the suit will still have on a pleasant smile

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What is your favourite Bright Eyes song?

What is your least favourite Bright Eyes song?

What is your favourite Bright Eyes album?

What is your least favourite Bright Eyes album?

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I was watching Amazing Videos the other day and saw a clip of a woman who had somehow gotten her car dead center in a raging river. there was no bridge, and she was facing upstream, as though she had been driving up the river.

How did this woman get in the middle of the river?

if I told my friend today I wanted to be cremated when I died, and was killed in a car crash or something tomorrow, would they have to respect my wishes or would they need it in writing?

Why do i have trouble drawing males? I draw females fine enough, but I can't draw guys without them looking really girly, or like really butch girls.

moths =[

I was away for 4 days and came back to discover gypsy moths have arrived. I am terrified of moths. I was going to grill some fake chicken for dinner but I'm afraid to go outside. I have been parking my car as close to my door as possible and running into my house. This is not enjoyable. Is there any way I can lessen my fear of them? I really don't want to spend my whole sumer inside. We have never had them here before, and there aren't that many. Apparently there are going to be a ton of them next summer.

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How many of you actually regard the warning labels on boxes of cotton swabs?

You know, the ones that tell you to make sure not to stick them directly into your ear canal; and go on to say that you should use them to 'gently clean the exterior ear' or somesuch.

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Is child labor in unsanitary conditions and for practically no pay evil?

What do you think of people who say they believe that literally everything is relative (in the sense of cultural relativism)? What about people who say everything is subjective (i.e. no objectivity nor absolutes)? Do you think these people are really being honest (e.g. they'd truly accept Hitler's views being as subjective as their own)?

moshimishi's brother said "come on guys let's go!" She and the others there go "lull wut." And he's like "let's go." "Go where?" "It's a surprise!" Where does moshi's brother want to go?

Why is iTunes a whore?

How well do you feel you can know someone after speaking regularly with them for 1 year? Use a percentage of knowingness.

Do people fundamentally change their personalities after they pass their 20s?

How do stupid people maintain long term relationships? Same question for superficial people.

Could you admit that you were wrong to me in a strong disagreement?

How many people, percentage wise, do you think are capable of controlling their emotions enough to at least admit error to themselves when encountering an asshole who is right?


If you are a girl:

Do you wear makeup?
If you do:
-how did you learn how to apply it?
-are you satisfied with how it makes you look?
-what brands do you use, and why do you like them?

If you do not:
-why not?

If you are a boy:

Do you wear makeup? 
Do you prefer women to wear makeup? Why or why not?

EDITED: For everyone:
In what circumstances is it acceptable for men to wear makeup?
The Black Lou Ferrigno

Boy Meets World ?s

1) Have you ever seen the show Boy Meets World?

2) Should Corey have beaten the shit out of Shawn when Shawn went out with Topanga?

3) Do you think Rider Strong is really that guy's the guy that played Shawn Hunter on Boy Meets World's government name given to him by his parents?

4) Did you know that there are a few episodes of the show that are banned from airing on the Disney Channel because of the subject matter?
sun don't need a hero

Family History!

1. Yeah, this first question has been asked a lot, but relevant to know in the context of the following questions, so: What is your family ancestry? Name as many heritages as applicable.

2. Are you interested in your family history and genealogy?

3. Have you personally ever done research into your family history? If yes, how did that go?

4. Have any family members that you know of done research into your family history? If yes, how did that go?

5. Have you or any family members that you know of ever paid someone else to research your family history?

6a. If yes, how did it work out/how much did it cost/what was included, etc?
6b. If not, would you consider paying someone (if you had the finances), or would you prefer to do it yourself?
6c. How much would you pay for such a venture, and what sort of work would you expect for it? (That is, would you expect just names, places and dates, or more details such as a historical overview of the given area, details about trades and occupations of your ancestors, etc.?)

7. What sort of interesting family stories have you discovered, either through research or through word-of-mouth?

8. Is there anything else you want to say about family history or genealogy?
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found on google images so idk who to cre

Calling Dr. LJ!

I think i have a blood blister on my hand. Well correction my 11 yr old says its a blood blister. Ive never had one and im curious if you guys can confirm if this is a blood blister? If it is how do i get rid of it?

took it with my camera phone so sorry for shitty quality
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Do any of you dye your hair red (like faux-redhead red)?
If so, what dying product do you use?
Can you post pics plz? ♥
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Ok question.

Do you think it's right that my mum is demanding I give her half of my pay cheque because I'm not saving my money to her standards?

The facts;
I'm 22
Currently living at home, will possibly (hopefully) be moving out with my girlfriend soon
Am on the dole (welfare because I'm unemployed, am starting a work trial next week)
I get paid $400 a fortnight, $60 of which goes into a savings account, plus however much I randomly put in when I have some extra money
I currently give her $100 a fortnight, the amount of money that she decided on
I'm never broke, I always have money on hand
I haven't asked to borrow money in years apart from 'Can I borrow $20 until I get to the bank/atm?'

Pretty much I just say yes to whatever she wants to avoid a drama which my dad always gets caught in the middle of. Although this time I think it's a bit much seeing as I'm 22. Should I fight this one or just agree & let it go?

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1. How old were you when you first connected to the internet?
2. What was your first screenname? Why did you choose it?
3. What was your favorite site/chat room/message board? Does it still exist?
4. If you could tell your fledgling internet-user self one thing, what would it be?
candy corn

sugar free dessert

What are some delicious sugar-free, and nut-free dessert type items that would hold up on a 1.5 to 3 hour trip involving cars, trains, and subways, that are relatively easy to make?

I'm going to visit my grandpa next weekend and I wanted to make him something. The only thing I can think of is cookies, and I am a terrible cookie maker. Should I just get the sugar free place and bake type cookies and say that I made them?

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So my bestie desperately wants a Pete Wentz poster for her birthday but after searching high and low I cannot find one featuring just Pete. It's actually driving me a little insane. I would be granted top spot on her 'bestest best friends' list for life if I can find a damn poster! Help? It would help if it were in Aus... cuz that's where I live and stuff.

Money Matters.

Where can I put my savings where it could make me some more money?  I have >10K saved up and I feel silly having it sit in my savings account with only 1% interest.  I'm asking for your opinions on where the best place to put it would be.  I've looked into CDs but some of the best rates I've seen for the time I want to keep it in there, (12 month- 18 months) are only for 5.15%.  What are your opinions? 

potential relationship Q's

How do and/or how have your past relationship experiances influenced later/current relationship attempts?

If you met a girl who reminded you (in good ways) of past relationships you've had, do you consider that a positive (ex: "they're my type") or a negative (ex: "I'm just attracted to the familiar")?

When you know multiple people at the same time who you consider potential relationships but none stands out clearly over the others nor do you feel your chances are clearly better/worse with any of them, how do you go about handling it? Do you just pick one and go for it until its a clear yes/no and go back to the drawing board? Do you try to juggle both and just go with whichever gets you the option for a relationship first? Something else?
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Cats pawing at mommy's face

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1) What movie are/were you most excited about this summer? If it's come out, did it live up to your expectations? (Spoil away in your answers, there's not much I want to see that is already out)

2) Would you show me your favorite macro?
Something About that Name

Road Conditions on the Way?

I'll be starting out traveling from Oklahoma to Ohio tomorrow. Does anyone know of a website that reports road conditions along a specific route? I want to know if I need to make any detours along the way. Thanks for helping if you can! :)

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So I've been steadily growing closer to this guy over the past school year... I've liked him for about as long. Anyway, things finally moved forward and we now act like a couple in public, make out, etc. all the time... but we're not... "official". Tonight I asked him about it, and here's what he said:
"Well... I don't really like being 'official' because when you become 'unofficial' things get pretty weird."
So I told him that I wanted to try and come out of this as friends, no matter what happened, and then the subject kind of dropped... I know I should have said that something like "things are gonna be weird when we end the relationship, regardless of whether or not we're official" but my brain wasn't exactly functioning at the time...

What should I do about this, TQC? Is he afraid of commitment or something?
For the record, that's the only thing I have to complain about in the relationship... (it's been over a month now).

Are your boobs different sizes too, or am I just a freak of nature?
If they are, is it noticeable?
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