June 29th, 2007

sleepy leila

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back story:
So im dating a guy that works nights. he only gets one night off in a row. he sleeps in and then we end up going out pretty late(9pmish). Im also a single mom and i dont know anyone that can babysit so baby comes with us. which means  we normally end up at my place so Leila can sleep in the other room while we watch a movie+eat take out.
 this has gotten old. What else can we do so im not the most boring date ever?
I try to find babysitters but his night off is tuesday and no one is ever available.
So this is a two pronged question: where do you find babysitters + what are some cheap late night date ideas that are baby friendly?

and. sex question.
men= what do you like best during oral? anything you are afraid to ask for or don't get enough of?

I want to know where everyone met their significant other.
And how did you choose your child's name?

What is a food or dessert that you love but don't have very often?

What happened recently that you are proudest of?

(my answers in the comments)
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The government (ZOMG the government!!) has subjected a huge amount of people to horrible tests designed to find a "cure" for AIDS.

They find the cure for AIDS!

However, during the testing, many human subjects die.  To be exact, the number of human test subjects die as humans die from AIDS in one year.

Does the end justify the means?

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1. My 22nd birthday is on a Monday, should I party all weekend?
2. Should I start the weekend on that Thursday? 
3. Should I party like it's 1999?
4. Is it sad that I'm still counting down to my birthday at 22?
5. Do you like cookies?
6. Tell me a story?


7. Can you tell I'm BORED!?
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Who loves Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf Islam) ? If you don't, you should. :) I can't get enough of his music. What's your favorite song of his?

I don't know if I could choose... but Peace Train never gets old.



I'm trying to think of stuff I want for my birthday. My mum wants a list.
Also trying to think of things to give my Mum for her birthday. She has a tiny list and I need 'surprises'.
So, my questions are:
What would you recommend for a present for someone? Something specific, not just "perfume" or "toiletries" or "books" but actual specific books or whatever. Yeah I know I'm not giving you details about myself here, that's deliberate. Just suggest things. Not things that are really expensive or impossible though.
What did you get last birthday?
What were your favourite presents you've recieved?
What would you like for your birthday. (commodities, not 'a day off' or whatever)
Maybe some of these will get me thinking.

Also, how would I go about finding members for a comm for a really rather obscure book/author? Advertising in advertising comms does nothing because it's not like anyone reads them, and if they do, they wouldn't know the book anyway. And book discussion comms are about books, and I can't exactly just go spam them. And it's not my comm anyway, but I want members to join it so I have people to squee with. So, where? And, do YOU look at advertising comm advertisements?

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I drank maybe half a bottle of luna di luna (chardonannyyy and cahampaaaaaaynee baby) and im slighty drunk but its okbut im a happy drunk

hig yus

wahats up?


Can I have your phone # for drunk call?


I'm seeing Live Free or Die Hard tomorrow. (Or today, I guess - it's after midnight.)

Will it be a problem that I didn't see the previous two Die Hards? Like, is there some important background I'll be missing?

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East Coast or West Coast (unless you live in a landlocked country)?

[Middle of the country doesn't count ;)]

Do you hate any state/province/region of your country? Which one?
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non-traditional pet care

holistic medicine for pets (ex: acupuncture). is it stupid or worth it? do they also do regular vaccinations and stuff too? i just got a kitten and want to get it checked out properly, but am a bit wary. there is a holistic vet literally two minutes away by walking. not even two minutes, maybe like 100 seconds, ha. so any cheers or jeers or anecdotes or whatever about holisitic medicine for my kitty? thanks in advance.

edit: geez, i just wanted to know about holisitic medicine. i have a regular vet too but i moved recently and was wondering about the practice.

edit again, haha: i guess i should've gone more indepth with my question. i've had acupuncture done before so i was wondering does it work on pets too? also, this vet is accredited and seems legit, but still, WEIRD. herbs and stuff for pets? also, i'm not sure if it matters, but i'm in korea. uh, i hope that's all.
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I've recently developed a sore on each corner of my mouth. They feel like horizontal paper cuts and are very small, but somewhat inflamed. I've never had cold sores before. Are they cold sores?

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I was driving home on the parkway just a little while ago and just before my exit, saw a car parked on the side of the road and a man trudging along and waving to anyone who passed by. Since I was alone and it was almost 3 in the morning, I didn't stop, but my exit was pretty much right there and there was some construction going on, so I mentioned to one of the construction workers that I had seen the guy, and he said he would go see what was going on. But now I'm wondering...

Do you think he actually went to check on the guy, or was he just being patronizing?
Would you have stopped in the same situation?

And on an unrelated note, what do you think makes you different?
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Permanent Accounts

If you bought a permanent account and still had some paid time left, what would you do with the paid time?

If you decide to give it to someone on your F-list, how do you decide which one of your f-listers gets it?

Would you raffle the remaining paid time off somehow? Have a contest? Sell it?

Would you give it away anonymously?
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Beast mode!

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1. Where are you the most ticklish? (HA, see TGO, I remembered!)

2. How many toes do you have? Do you grow mushrooms between them?

3. Do you eat baby food? Why?

4. Who wants to run through sprinklers with me?

5. Did your question make the cut? Does it make you feel special? (It should.)
Crabby Bitch

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My husband and I have had one hell of an effed up week and there's no end in sight to the current fuckery we're experiencing.

So, do you have any quotes/quotations/poems/lyrics/etc. that just cheer you up the moment you read it?

Anything you intentionally look up/read when you need a pick me up?

I always fall back on this snippet from Victor Hugo. My husband read it when he proposed to me:

"When two souls, which have sought each other for however long in the throng, have finally found each other...there is then established for ever between them a union, fiery and pure as they themselves are, a union which begins on earth and continues for ever in heaven...This is the love which you inspire in me," Victor Hugo

Please share your pick-me-ups!


What do you consider a bad tattoo?
What do you consider a good tattoo?

Do you have any tattoos?

If not, do you plan on getting any?

If so, what was behind your decision to get them?
Do you plan on getting any more?
Will you post a picture of them for me?

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My step mum has cancer and is starting chemo today. I want to buy her something but not sure what, the house is over flowing with flowers, Im guessing she isnt going to be wanting to eat or drink for a bit, she has a huge amount of clarins skin care stuff other people have brought her. So any ideas?
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1) When going through your f-list, do you:
- click on posts/comments you want to read as you go along, read/reply, then hit the back button to go back to your f-list
- open each in a new window and read them when you have finished going through your f-list
- no method to your madness?

2) Was "Knocked Up" any good?

3) Married ladies, would you ever trash your wedding dress? (Click the link, don't just assume that i am saying "throw it away".)

4) I've almost gotten into an accident two days in a row, at the same intersection, both times my fault. Should I stop driving, TQC?

5) What is your definition of feminism? Do you think that everyone can and should be a feminist?

6) I really want onstage tickets to a Broadway musical (Spring Awakening). Normally, they go for $31.50, but the prices are as high as $200 per ticket. Is that even legal? Why does Jesus not want me to see the show?

7) And just because it isn't asked enough, who are your favorite TQC-ers?


1.) What's your current ringtone?
 867-5309 - Tommy Tutone

2.) Do you buy your ringtones, steal 'em, download MP3s, or make your own?
I do all four. ;]

3.) What's the most obnoxious ringtone you've ever heard?
Either the mosquito one or Crazy Frog.

4.) And lastly, what kind of mobile device do you have?
Pink Motorola RAZR V3m.
The Dude Abides


1) What's the brokest you've ever been? (for those that don't understand the slanguage brokest = most poor)

2) Have you ever kicked a man/woman betwixt his/her legs? Why?

3) You probably should just read the bolded portion of this question. John Cusack was on talk radio promoting his movie 1408 and he yawned through his interview and the hosts are ragging on him for being so unprofessional. They're 40 year old guys so they were big fans. There is a point to all this...if you're still reading or just reading the bold: Have you ever lost respect for someone you were a fan of after hearing or reading an interview they gave? If so, who?
jim greco


Good morning/afternoon/something else, TQC.

What is a polite way to quit a job?

I am going to quit my job today (pac sun AKA not too important but i've been there almost 1 year/love my managers/nervous to tell them) because I got a better one. I have never quit before (this is my first job) so IDK how to do it. My new job at steve madden has me starting ASAP and I am going in to pick up my schedule in a few hours. After that i'm going into pac sun to tell them the news. I assume I will show pac sun my new schedule and they can let me finish off my two weeks around that but I don't know.

I am feeling very uncertain and nervous.

If you can't offer quitting advice, can you tell me something awesome about your day thus far to make me feel better?
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MS Excel

If there are any Excel geeks out there, I need to enlist your help.

I have a spreadsheet that I was given with customer names, addresses and account numbers. The address column has the entire street address as one cell, and I need to have the house number separate from the address. i.e. instead of 123 Main all in one cell, I'd like to have 123 in one cell and Main in another (I need to be able to group all the addresses on the individual streets together. It makes things easier for my drivers to find specific addresses.)

Is there a way to have Excel do the work for me, or do I have to go in and manually key in the house number and then delete it from the street name cell?

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health insurance

first off: i KNOW insurance plans vary a lot, but i'm just looking for answers from different people. i don't know that much about health insurance. what i do know is that if you're lucky enough to have it, they'll pay for your medical bills and pharmacy stuff either in full or in part.

say you get a prescription written by your doctor, and you haven't yet gone to the pharmacy. is that medication info sent to your insurance yet? (question 1)

once you go to the pharmacy and retrieve your medication (using your health insurance to pay full or part) does the pharmacy send your health insurance all the medication info? (question 2)

does your health insurance (or any plan that you know of) send home a LIST of what medications you got from the pharmacy? (question 3)

however, the real pressing question is: will my parents know what medication my doctor just prescribed me, if i don't tell them? will my insurance tell them? (it's my parents plan through which i'm covered)

edit: i'm 20, and in the US.
Bless this fucking nub
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time apart

So, I have a kind of 2-part question.

First, a short background. My fiancé and I have been together for almost two years. We've lived together for about a year and a half. I'm 23 and he is 31. He was married for almost 10 years before we met.

1. He is at the point where he wants to start doing some things by himself, focusing some time on his hobbies. I'm not at that point yet. I'd rather be doing anything with him than anything by myself. I miss him all day and when he gets home, I want to spend the rest of my evening with him. I know it's not that he doesn't want to spend time with me, but just that he misses some of the things he used to do before we got together. I just don't understand why he has reached that point, and I haven't yet. But, for him, I'm willing to acknowledge that we should be able to do things alone and not feel obligated to entertain each other.

But I'm wondering how long it took you and your SO to get to that point. Was it a mutual thing, or like me, where one of you wanted the time apart and the other agreed to it in the interest of the relationship? And when I say time apart, we're talking a 1-3 hours a couple times a week. It's not like he's aching to get away.

2. Now I have to decide what my hobbies are. I generally spend this time reading and/or napping. I'm tired of most video games and movies and tv. But I really don't know what I could do to occupy my time. I want something I can just dive into and completely immerse myself in, so that I look forward to these hours when I'm not hanging out with him. Before we got together, I mostly just hung out with my friends and played WoW and got high. I'm not interested in those things anymore, and I'd spend that time with my best friends, but we recently moved to a different state. I honestly cant think of anything to do.

What are your hobbies? Something you could pick up for a couple hours a couple times a week. Something fun, maybe artistic, but hopefully not messy or too expensive. Something I could do at home. Any suggestions?



If someone takes a picture of your child, and then submits it to a contest, do they first need to get your written consent??

*Note: This was not a paid photographer.

ETA: Just talked to a friend of mine (who happens to be an attorney) and he said that yes, the photographer would indeed need to have written consent from the parent in order to enter it into a contest.

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1. How much work have you done today?

I've been at work for almost 3 hours. I have only done maybe 10 minutes of actual work. This does not include answering the phone...and if I include that it might go up to 25 minutes.

2. TGIF!!  Agree??

3. Do you think tattoos on girls arms are manly? Like sleeves or 1/2 sleeves?
3a. What about on girls legs? The whole leg?

4. Why is it that when it is rainy outside people are tired because of it?

5.  Do you ALWAYS wash your hands after using the potty?
If no, why not? If yes, why?

6. Why have there been so many questions on TQC lately about cellphones?

7. Do you keep up with TQC on the weekends or do your own thing and check back in on monday?

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1:What is your favorite kind of condiment to put on a sandwich?
2: Are you left or right handed?
3:Who would you date/shag?Ginger or Mary-Ann?
4: Is this evolution at it's best or was God smoking something on the day he came up with it?  
5: Do you carry cash or do you use your card(credit or debit) to pay for everything?
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1) What were you like as a kid? Personality and looks.

2) What was your biggest insecurity growing up?

3) What is your biggest insecurity now?

4) What were you like in highschool? Personality and looks.

5) If you could change anything about your life right now, what would you change? Big or small.

6) If you could change anything about your past, what would you change?
Big or small.

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Have you ever had your identity stolen?

What happened? Did the find the person? Did the person at least stop using your information eventually? How long did it go on for? 

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Looking for some reassurance that I'm not screwed for life now..

Mashed Potato Rock Formations, Or...

Playing with your food!

--Around Easter, we found out that quite a few people like to blow up their Marshmallow Peeps in the microwave.

--Many of us have been in a cake fight at a party or a food fight in the cafeteria.

--I like to throw single popcorn kernels in a campfire and watch them pop out every which way (maybe that's just me?)

--A lot of people have an odd way of eating things, whether you eat your pizza crust-first, have a certain order for animal crackers, oreos, reese's peanut butter cups, or string cheese.

--Some people just make really creative, wacky jello molds or birthday cakes. I knew one guy who made loaves of bread in odd shapes--an alligator, a mermaid, and erotic body parts...

What are some strange ways you play with your food? Whether it was as a child, or, uh, two weeks ago?
rufus, muppy

Inside photography

I need some help.I have a Kodak Z650. It takes GREAT pictures, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to take pictures in large buildings. In homes, it is fine, but if i'm at a school graduation or at a large building where lighting is wonky and flourescent, it takes crappy pics.

Using the flash makes the pics dark.. not using the flash makes pics blurry.

This camera has LOTS of options to mess with. Can anyone help me?
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1. Why must people get so upset when others don't see the significance of a doggie? I mean, I love my pups, but I don't expect others to automatically 'get it.'

2. Why does 'flaming' mean gay? I mean... being gay seems to have very little to do with fire!
The Dude Abides

Morbid ?

If you could bring any person back from the dead by running over an old man in wheelchair at a busy intersection in front of his family (both sides, including any and all grandchildren he has), would you do it?

What person would you bring back?


Who's doing JulNoWriMo? Anyone? I need support. Come on guys, help me out here...

JulNoWriMo, for those of you who don't know, is an organization where you sign up to write 50,000 words (a short novel) in the month of July. We're all crazy, crazy people. If you aren't actually doing it, as of July 1st, feel free to IM me and yell at me to write. Threaten me with pies thrown in my face and a free trip ot the seventh circle of hell if I don't. I'm serious, people. Whatever you have to do. AIM's Jedira00. Have fun.
Haruhi disappearance
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I don't know what to eat for lunch today. I'm vegetarian, and I'm trying to lose weight. I have a green salad every lunch, but I eat something else in addition. I've only got an hour lunch break, but I'm able to go home, or stop at a supermarket. I don't care for tofu or eggs.

What should I have for lunch?

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What's your earliest childhood memory?

I have a very vivid memory of being at my great-grandparent's house and eating shells off of M&Ms and then leaving the chocolate parts on the coffee table. I recently worked out that it must have been when I was about three.

Acerbic, Acrid, Acrimonious

I'm learning 11 new vocabularies each day over the summer from the book Word Smart  because I would like to have a better vocabulary. I'm confused on these words and I was hoping you guys could help me out.

What's the difference between: acerbic, acrid, and acrimonious? I know the definitions, but the 3 seem really similar. Are they used in different contexts? 

Thanks a lot for your time!
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fuck that

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among the myriad of jokes or tricks claiming to be 'the oldest in the book'

which do you think is the oldest/ most well known?

who wrote 'the book'?

fall for any of them recently?

i recently fell for douchebagsayswhat, and it has been a source of angst and turmoil for days now. i mean seriously.

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how do I go about finding information about a school in new york state that is now closed?
It was a christain school located in or around marcy ny back in the 80's
nope, I don't know the actual name of it.

Another BT question.

Does anyone know if jewellery is considered contraband for sending to someone in basic training in the US Army? I've googled, and nothing so far, other than food.

The reason I ask, is my girl's birthday is July 18th (18! :D Her Mom signed papers so she could get in) and I've got a necklace I'd like to give her, but if not, I'll just wait til Christmas.

Second question- ideas for what I could get her, for the big eighteen? It would have to be basic training safe, obviously.
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Every time I spray deodorant, my dog comes running over and jumps up at me, then spends about 20 minutes sneezing because he ran into a big cloud of deodorant mist. He does it EVERY TIME.

Why are dogs so stupid?
[van gogh] green vase


What is a good cocktail to make for the summer?

I was thinking of making mojitos but what flavor is it best with?
Mango, Pineapple, Pomegranate?

Also does anyone have a good recipie for a Jolly Rancher or Wet Pussy Shot?
I have a bartending book but it just doesn't seem to be the right recipe.

Give me any links you've got.
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Evil Grin


Okay, starting next week the SciFi channel will be kicking off the new (is it right to call it new since it's already been shown in another country?) season of Doctor Who as part of its SciFriday lineup. Despite at least one dissenting voice, who shall remain *cough*Wonder WomanDebicka*cough* nameless, I know I'm really looking forward to this. Before we get there, though, let's review a bit.

  • Which of the various rengerations of the Doctor is your favorite?

  • Who's your favorite villain from the show?

  • Who's your favorite (separate from last question) alien race?

  • Of all the Doctor's companions, which ones have you liked the most?

  • Do you hope the rumors that Rose Tyler will pop back in this coming season are true?

  • Do you really believe all the other Time Lords are dead? Whatever happened to the Rani?

  • What kind of things would you like to see happen with the series?

  • The last season kept harping on the Doctor being immortal but don't his people only get 12 regenerations and then they just kick the bucket?

  • Of the last 2 Doctors, which one did you like the most and why?

  • From the entire series, what was your favorite episode?
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i expected both a fedreal tax return and a state tax return this year. i got my federal tax return back in April but i still haven't received my tax return from the state. is it normal for the state return to take so long or should i call someone?
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1. When does admiring a person (famous or otherwise) technically become an obsession?

2. Are you obsessed with anyone?

3. How awesome a psychiatrist is Dr Keith Ablow? (www.drkeithtv.com, if you don't know who I'm talking about).
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Give a dog a home

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What do you think of this? (found in another community)

I have a friend whose son has been sleeping with her off and on since he was born. He is now 13 1/2 years old. His mom and dad have been separated/divorced since he was born. I am concerned that there is a psychological issue here and the mother of the boy, my best friend, doesn't think there's anything wrong with him sleeping with her every now and again. Admittedly, he doesn't do it as often as he used to, but at his age, I wouldn't think that it would ever be appropriate. I'm afraid that he may have some psychological issues that the mother may be ignoring thinking this is normal behavior. Is this normal at this age?

Do you think this is normal? Abnormal?


What healthy snacks can I take to the movies tonight?

(no subject)

1) If you could have dinner with any dead person (ignore the possibly morbid outcome. they're alive for the hour or two you're with them), who would you choose?
2) Are you for or against stricter immigration laws (in the US)?
3) Do you like your job?
petit prince

ree-oo ree-oo

1. have you ever gone from largely public to mostly/all friends-only (or vice versa) on your lj?
- why?
- was it an easy decision?
- did you switch back?
- did you cut down your flist?

2. anyone watching skynews's coverage of the bomb scare? did you think it was sensationalized bullshit too?

3. what is the lie you tell most frequently?

4. would you like to take a nap right now?
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oh yeah, one other little thing

Was anyone else as disappointed with the last episode of Stargate SG·1 like me? Trying to avoid any spoilers; it was a great episode in and of itself but hardly the right note to end a series on. They didn't really finish it up, close things down, and just left it with an ongoing adventures feeling...

Can you tell me I'm not the only one that finds this extremely frustrating?

Since it's been in all the commercials, what do you think of this idea of Sam's character being transferred to Stargate Atlantis? You just know that's gonna cause issues with McKay!
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Here we go with the job questions again...

I'm 18, and I don't know what it is, but it seems impossible for me to get hired, while my peers are getting hired left and right by stores similar to what I'm applying to. So far, I've applied to Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Baskin Robbins, and Hollywood Video. Each one has pretty much LIED to me when I've called them for a follow-up...they say they will call me in the next few days to set up an interview but they never do. Any advice on how to make my calls stand out more, so they don't keep shrugging me off? Should I go down there in person and demand an interview or something?

I don't know if it's the speech impediment I have that's really off-putting, but if they put me in a less high-profile spot, I don't see why that should be a problem. Isn't there some American with Disabilities Act that can allow me to go an agency, and MAKE employers hire me, since I can't seem to get any jobs the "normal" way? Is it right for me to feel so bad about this? I'm not wasting my summer...I mean, I'm taking summer classes and all, but it just makes me feel so crummy. Also, for any college goers or graduates, did you find having these odd jobs during the summer really help further your career or post grad life at all? I'm about to be a sophomore, and what I'm planning to do is get a really good internship next summer, and just screw this whole job thing.

Any insight into this matter is greatly appreciated.
knight's heart


Here's a nice hypothetical question for you - a real one, not a "give me advice" question disguised as a hypothetical.


You know two people, Jack and Jane. They're in a relationship and have been for a while, although Jane has Borderline Personality Disorder, so their relationship is rocky at best. They've broken up and got back together several times, but it was always Jane that did the dumping.

Enter Bob. Bob is single and good friends with Jane. They also used to go out, however Bob is no longer interested in Jane because of the high levels of drama in the short time they were together.

In secret, Jane propositions Bob for sex. He declines. Bob then tells you about this. You know Jane has done this kind of thing before in past relationships and actually ended up cheating on her past lovers this way. The only way her past lovers have found out is by someone else telling them.

Do you tell Jack knowing that Jane has a history of cheating on her partners and not being honest about it?
EDIT: If you answered the last question as a no, would you tell Jack if there was a way to do it anonymously so that nobody knew it was you?
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I'm pretty sure I've got mastitis, and have managed to get an appointment at the doctors in about 45 minutes (all the symptoms fit and my breast is trying to kill me, I swear). This really, really sucks. What crappy thing has happened to you lately?

(no subject)

Do you think that anyone who runs from the cops chasing them should be shot by the cops as a way to stop them?

Are grants really free money?

Any good dinner ideas? Anything welcome.

Do you have a grill? How often do you use it?

Do you think that they should have a show called Dangerous Jobs, kinda like dirty jobs.

Any suggestions for movies or tv shows?

(no subject)

So gonepishing just punched down all obstacles and tackled a huge confession successfully. Now that he's invincible and empowered, what something you need/want to say to someone/thing but for whatever reason haven't? He'll say it for you.

I really want him to tell my mom that I want to cut my hair short. She's gonna cry, so I'll let him do the work.

(no subject)

Where can I find some cute one of a kind or low production run handmade earrings (gauges plz)?

What is your moving/packing technique?

What does your luggage look like?

Do you know someone who owns an autoclave?

What was the last album you put in repeat?

What is the newest album you love?

(no subject)

Do you ever have this problem where maybe your deodorant or your perspiration or just the right combination of both makes the armpits on some of your shirts turn kinda hard and crunchy like brand new sheets that you just took out of the package? How do you get rid of the crunchy?

(no subject)

Solved. Thank you muchly sunday_silence

Ok little help please.

All of a sudden I have this little pop up message thingy informing me when I have turned my caps lock on or off. See the pic?

Yeah well it's fucking annoying! Does anyone know what program runs this? I was just installing a Motorola phone tool program & Bluetooth on my comp, before that this little message thing didn't show up, but I doubt it came from that seeing as I've had both installed on the comp before & it didn't show up.

So yes, what the hell?
  • ice489

Germ Spreading

I have this co-worker who doesn't seem to understand that when she's coughing non-stop, drippy, pleghmy coughs, it would be considerate to cover her mouth and not spray me with whatever she's coughing up. I don't know how to tactfully tell her to stop trying to infect me with her plague.

What would you tell someone who sits across from you and always coughs without covering her mouth?  Would you even care?

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For those of you who have ever taken steroids (particularly Prednisone and Dexamethasone), did they cause you to gain weight? If so, was it due to an increased appetite?

I may have to go on one of them (low dose) for quite a long time. Is an increase in weight pretty much unavoidable?
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Medical procedures costs

1. This question was inspired by a discussion in another community that got me curious.

Scenario: Two people go to a hospital to have the same type of testing done. Let's just say it's an MRI/CAT scan/something similar where the total bill would be around $5,000. Denise, our first person, who just happens to be uninsured, receives a bill from the hospital for the full $5,000. Angie, our second and insured person, gets a statement from her insurance company that the allowed amount for the procedure was $1,300 and they've paid it. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume Angie has paid her deductible previously and has awesome insurance that pays 100% after the deductible. Assuming Denise is able to pay her bill, the hospital gets $5,000 from her and $1,300 from Angie's insurance company for the same procedure.

Question: Let's also assume that someone, somewhere has worked out the exact, *actual* cost of the procedure with all the various factors involved: cost of using the facility, cost of using the equipment, cost of the technician's time and expertise, etc. In general, would the actual cost of the procedure be closer to the insurance company's contracted amount ($1,300) or to the hospital's normal billing amount ($5,000)?

More generally:

2. If you were designing a country from the ground up, would you make it offer universal health coverage? Why/why not?

3. Do you live in a place with universal health coverage? Where (country-wise) do you live?
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What's the most exciting part of your day?
I'm putting down a deposit on an apartment and going to a party tonight where I get to see a bunch of my friends I haven't seen in awhile!
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Have you ever hated someone a friend was dating? How did you handle it?

I really can't stand my friend's girlfriend, maybe one or two people I know actually can. I don't want to get my friend mad, so I'm polite to her when I have to be around her, but I don't get into conversations with her because they always lead to an argument.
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1) I have an ice cream maker my sister gave me for my birthday. I decided I should use it today. What flavor should I make?
2) I was promoted today! After a month of having my job! :D I live in a small town, where there's little to splurge on (pretty much nothing that is not sold at Walmart.) Whatever I choose must be sold online. What should I splurge on?
3) Do you have something silly you find adorable about your parent?
For example, my father didn't allow me to download ringtones (he pays for my cell phone) until I told him I could download "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" as his ringtone. It delighted him so much that I now download pretty much everything else I please without him questioning. I just think it's the cutest thing ever.

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"It's just one of those days when you don't wanna wake up everything is fucked
everybody sucks,you don't really know why but you want justify rippin' someone's head off"

thats how i feel today, how do you feel?

Really gross but kind of thinky questions

1. Let's say, that somehow, from this moment on, you were able to save every poop you make for an entire year. You won't have to actually do it (that would make it a grosser question). The poop magically teleports from your arse to some enormous container.

The first question is, after 365 days and given your normal pooping habits, how large a container would you fill? Like, the trunk of your car? A dump truck (quite appropriate)? 3 kegs?

2. Your poop has magically teleported into this large container, specified above. You're given a crapload (again, appropriate) of bricks. You're asked to build a house, using your poop as mortar.

The second question is, how large a building could you make?

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What should my cousin name her new baby girl?

She's got four children already, (I keep explaining what's causing it, I guess she doesn't listen) and she wants a name that doesn't start with the same letter, or end in the same sound, as the other names.

The two oldest are girls named Zali and Tia, and the next two are boys, named Eli and Jed.

I suggested 'Fifthly', or 'Enough', but apparently I'm not funny. Or helpful.
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Do you watch/listen/read scary things even though you know you're going to be miserable (i.e scared shitless for hours) afterwards?

If you do, why?

I do this all this all the time and I don't know why. Supernatural stuff scares the shit out of me, and yet I'm always drawn to read about it and watch the movies. It's not like I'm one of those people who "enjoys being scared" because the second I begin to think about supernatural stuff my imagination goes into overdrive. It sucks, tbh.
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1. Am I the only person who doesn't like and of the Pirates of the Caribbean?

2. What about pronouncing "TQC" as "TCQ" in my head when reading entries?

3. What's the worst assumption or "knowledge" you've heard come out of an overly sheltered person?

My friend was listening to this girl reading a paper in class, and she said that an abortion is when the girl gives birth to a child and then they chop up the baby. She said she knows this is solid fact, too. *sigh*

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It's come to a point where I feel like I'm isolated. Some things are really unfair and it's beyond my control. I know I'm being really general but I feel very horrible inside :( Is there anything that can make me feel better?

Did you take a long time to finally be able to understand poetry? I'm having a really hard time. Or is it something that you are just born with? If you can, you can? If you can't then too bad?

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Dogs and licking


What do you think about people who kiss their dogs on the mouth/let their dogs lick their (the humans') mouths?

What about people who let their dogs lick their (the humans') faces?


It skeeves me the hell out.
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How good are flicker staff at getting back to you when you send them a letter about a problem? They say three days but I find that a little hard to believe. I bet they get thousands of emails a day asking 'WHERE'S THE UPLOAD BUTTON, GUYS?'.

My problem's a little more complicated than that. It's also really long and wordy. Am I doomed to never get a response?
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how often do you update your LJ?
is it friends-only?
how picky are you about your LJ friends?
what different friend filters do you have?

how high are you right now?
if you aren't, pretend you are to fit in with us cool people who are high on the internet.

Being social, and class rings

Hi all, I've had two questions on my mind, so you get a double-whammy:

1) When you're invited by a friend out for a movie or something similar, do you automatically assume your significant other is invited, too? This is mainly in reference to people who are dating, not married, although I'd be interested to see those answers to. Assume that your significant other is acquainted with your friend, but they aren't best buds or anything.

2) When you/if you were to buy a class ring (be it high school, university, whichever), would you buy it so you could wear it throughout your last year at said institution, or only after you've graduated?
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so I'm looking for singer-songwriter style stuff (whoa, alliteration) to write with for JulNoWriMo, I work best with quiet, female voices and a little guitar/piano. I'm talking along the lines of Jewel and Sarah MacLaughlin. Any recs? Thanks in advance.

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If you died tomorrow, what would you be embarrassed for your parents to find in your room/apartment/house/whatever? yeah I know you'd be dead so maybe it wouldn't be possible to feel embarrassed, but just pretend.
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Can you guys post some "Jesus Christ, It's a lion! Get in the car!" macros.

I told my boyfriend about them and he had no idea what they were and I want to show him all of them.
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A couple of moral questions:

1.  Is incest less reprehensible if the two people involved are unaware that they're related?  (If you're of the mind that incest is punished by eternal damnation, is your god any more forgiving if it's an accident?)

2.  If your SO gives you permission to sleep with someone else, is it still cheating/adultery?  If your SO specifically requested that you sleep with someone else, could/would you do it?

For those of you wondering how I came up with these questions, I'm watching Mists of Avalon.
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To anyone who's a Twitter fan...

I'm trying to download Twitteroo onto my computer, but when I click on the download thing it says "Safari can't open the file because no available application can open it".

Does anyone know what application I need?
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Hey, TQCers, how many of you live in Kansas?
I do!

What city/town?
I'm a Topekan.

I can't be the only one.....

New question:

If you don't live in Kansas, what are some preconceived notions you have about Kansas/people who live in Kansas?
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Random varied

Why is that bastard site Photobucket refusing to load images for me? Is it loading images for you?

If you can see this, it is

I think this is a boring question. What's been the most interesting question posted on TQC recently?

Where do you most often go to get new LJ icons? Are there specific icon makers you go to, or do you go to a community?
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Song Lyric Questions: or, another Friday night and I ain't got nobody...

1. Are you lonesome tonight?

2. Who wrote The Book of Love?

3. Who put the bomp in the bomp-sha-bomp-sha-bomp?

4. Do ya think I'm sexy?

5. Where, oh where has my little dog gone?

6. Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

7. Why do fools fall in love?

8. Where have all the flowers gone?

9. You down wit' OPP?

10. Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?

11. They come to the bar and put bread in my jar and say 'man, what are you doing here?'

12. My God, what have I done?

Okay, that's enough... I promise I'll get out of the house tomorrow night. ^_^
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Well at least the weather should be nice

Because I need input on everything that I do. 

1. Should I respond to one of the 'singles' adds on craigslist, I've never done it before? ( I'm 20 )

2. Have you ever done something potentially stupid like that? ( only on Hot or Not )

Edit: 3. Have you ever posted on Craigslist?

4.  Is the circus really the Greatest Show on Earth?


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Let's pretend I become a pastry chef and open my own business which fails miserably, what other career options do I have with the experience and education I have in culinary arts besides working for someone else's business?
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cell phones, Stephen King, parents, Macs, and houses

1. I know I need to re-read my contract, but I'm asking here anyway since this is my first cell phone and I can't find my contract at the moment. I have Cingular/AT&T. My two year contract is up in August. Does it automatically renew or do I need to go into the store to set up a new contract? Or does it work in a different way?

2. Stephen King fans: I've never really cared for his books that I've tried reading (Cujo, It, etc). But I like some of the movies based on his books (Carrie, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption). Do the book versions of these movies read differently from the likes of most of his novels?

3. I got an email from my parents this morning saying that since the Hill Country flooded, they're going to Cancun for the weekend instead. Only, I didn't even know they were planning on going to the Hill Country for the weekend. And they didn't leave me a contact number for Cancun. Can I just call their cell while they're in Cancun in case of emergency? And semi-related, do you ever feel that your parents act more childish the older they get (like you have to act more the parent for them)?

4. Mac users: Lately my mouse touch pad sticks. It happens with Safari even if a page is loaded. I was playing chess (the one that comes on Macs) and it was sticking. What's going on?

5. I'm beginning to consider buying a house when my apartment lease is up in January. It would be my first house. What sorts of things do I need to know? What things should I consider? What is something you wish you knew when you bought your house? Anything you want to tell me, please do.

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Is it common for younger people to think they will die young, just because they can't envision themselves when they get old or at least middle aged?

I'm almost 19, and ever since I first thought about it (around 12-ish, maybe? Younger?), I haven't been able to conceptualize myself past my 30s or 40s. Because of that, I always had a vague hunch that something would happen to me before I got a chance to die of old age.

So yeah, I was wondering how common this is. I imagine that it's probably pretty normal.
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Why doesn't the sound on my computer work? Everything is turned on, turned up, plugged in, connected, not muted, etc. Any ideas?


So here's another question. What is your favorite Chinese takeout food? Mine is Lobster Lo Mein.

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I have to go to Chicago to visit family on Sunday.
My dad, who I haven't spoken to in 5 years, wants to take us to a water park.
Bad thing is, I pretty much hate water.
How do I get out of going?

What was some of your favorite toys when you were a kid?
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So I'm sitting here alone on a Friday night sober, out of cigarettes & brooding over my seemingly non-existent relationship with my girlfriend.

Can you point me in the direction of something on teh intarwebz that's cool or amusing? Perhaps you could tell me a funny joke? Give me the name of a neat community? Anything?

Music Video

This is kind of a weird question, as most of my questions are...

But I want to make a video for an art project at University, there will be a lot of pink and demented girly cuteness in it... I want to do it in the style of a weird music video but here's the problem...

...I don't have any MUSIC to use! I'm thinking I'd perhaps like to use something Dresdon Dolls-esque... so, like, rock mixed with a honky tonk music box sort of vibe. I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of any bands with that sort of music who'd perhaps let me use their music in my video? I'm not entirely sure what exactly I want, I'm just hoping I'll hear something and go "That's it!"

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Why does installing video game patches take so long?

What's your favorite young adult book?

Should organizations like the MPAA and the RIAA monitor bit torrent use? Why or why not?

Do you think people should have to pay thousands of dollars in fines and penalties for downloads, even if what they have downloaded only totals a hundred dollars or less?

What did you buy today?

Collapse )
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Social advice needed, please! :D

I have a social advice question!

What should I do when approached by a creepy guy at a party, who insists (both physically and verbally) on dancing with me? What would be the path of least awkwardness when interacting with this guy? Is there any other way than having to kinda slip away from him every 5 minutes? I'd really like to just enjoy my time and not have the burden of worrying about being constantly followed by said creepy guy on my mind. Part of the problem is that on AIM he has said he's going to dance with me, pretty firmly. I would rather prefer just saying hi to him once, then not having to talk to him again for the rest of the night. :-/ What should I do?

Thank you so much for your help! Any input is appreciated. :)
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1. If you were traveling with someone and they were sniffling on the flight would you say anything? Would you wait until the plane landed to tell them how annoying it was?

2. If any of you have been on Maverick at Cedar Point, did you enjoy it? Did it hurt your neck or shoulders?