June 26th, 2007



This is a pet peeve of mine, but you tell me am I wrong or what? When you wanna say, for example... "so and so has deep-seated problems"...

Is it deep-seated?



I always thought it was the former and I can't stand "deep-seeded"... lol... but it just dawned on me... Am I wrong? LOL. I just took it for granted that I Am Right.

Deep-seeded bugs me just like irregardless and supposably... and ZOMG... "rediculous" and other faux pas of the English language... but horror of horrors... have I been stupidly walking around saying deep-seated when that is... incorrect?

What language errors (or quirks or slang even) bug the shit out of you?

Donate plasma, help save a life today!

I donated blood last week and the nurse and I got to talking about plasma donation. She told me that the only reason they can pay you for plasma (around here its $50 for two sessions) is because they don't use it for medical purposes as they let on, but they sell it to cosmetic companies to use (for testing? as an ingredient? I don't know).
Has anyone heard this? Does anyone know what they really use plasma for?

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1. It's 3:48AM. What are you doing right now, aside from answering these questions?
2. Does your SO hate flat sheets? Do you? Why? If they do (and you don't), does it bug you that they do?
3. I'm bored, and can't sleep. Will you tell me a story?

1. Typing these questions. Ha.
2. YES AND IT MAKES ME INSANE because he kicks them all to the end of the bed like I used to when I was FIVE and then I have to move the bigass bed and fix it. And it makes me nuts. RAR.

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I got a bad suburn before the weekend and I'm getting into that wonderful peeling stage of it. I've left it alone until now, but anytime my skin peels after a sunburn it gets really itchy and drives me nuts. It's also on my back in such a spot that touching it is almost impossible. Should I leave it alone until it's all gone, try getting rid of it in the shower (with one of those long-handled scrubbing thingies) or have someone apply lotion on it for me? Or all of the above? Usually I would probably pick at it until it got all scabby, but I got a tattoo on my back over the winter and don't want to somehow ruin it.

UK Holidays?

In the UK there seems to be a lot of holidays.  I work in a US call center that assists UK members.  I need an updated list of all UK holidays for this year.  The list I have from thebigproject.co.uk does not have all the holidays.  In fact, my boss told me there is a UK Holiday this week, is that true?  What holiday is it?

Could you help me with those pesky UK holidays?

And what do your holidays mean?

If your from the US:

Do you know what UK holidays there are this year? (No cheating!)

What are you doing on the Fourth of July?

*Edit* I was able to google a lot of calendars.  I am not completely retarded, just slightly... I was looking for a calendar with *this weeks* holiday, because I assumed my boss was right.  But my boss was wrong, oh well.  Thanks for the help.  But answer those other questions!  I want to know what your holidays mean!
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1. What's the best mascara? I'm 20 years old and I still use my mom's (hey, it's free and I live here, why not?) but I'm gonna go get my own today since hers is getting clumpy.

2. How do we feel about Paris going home today (or did she go home yesterday)?

3. Are fun websites like this blocked from your work computer?

Permanent makeup

I'm thinking about getting some permanent makeup (basically tattoo eyeliner and eyebrows). Anybody have this sort of thing done? Good/bad points? Anything to be really careful of? Does it hurt? Does it look normal pretty quick?

I also have allergy (contact dermatitis) to a lot of jewelry/metals, will that be a problem with the ink(s)?
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(no subject)

So we have a Coldstone Creamery opening any day now in a neighboring town. So what do you recommend from there? I've never been to one, just saw it on the Food Network, so I get the basic premise of the place ; )

And another one... do you think this place will get me starting to like ice cream? I'm not too big on it for some reason : /

eew feet

I've never had a pedicure before, but I'd like to get one. My feet, however, are scary. My toenails grow in funny to begin with, I've trimmed them badly, and I'm fighting off an ingrown nail in two of them. Also, the skin on my feet is dry, cracked, and peeling. I know I wouldn't want to touch my feet. Should I let this stop me from getting a pedicure? Should I find a way to baby my feet a little bit first before I make someone else suffer with them? Or just suck it up and go anyway, because they've seen worse and the whole point of getting a pedicure is to make my feet look nicer anyway?
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Is it possible for Crocs to shrink in extreme heat? Specifically the off-brand kind from Payless. I sometimes have to wear them to work, so I take them off when I get to my car at the end of the day, to put other shoes on. They stay in my car at all times, unless they're on my feet.

For Memorial Day weekend, my SO and I went to Hocking Hills County in southern Ohio, where my car spent most of the time sitting in the sun (it was very hot that weekend) with the windows up and my rubber clogs in the backseat. Several days later, when I went to put them on for work, I noticed that they were pretty tight around the top of my foot, when before, they were pretty loose, even with socks on. I had to start wearing them with the strap thing around my heel, which I never did before, because I couldn't keep my foot in them all the way.

Since then, they have spent many a hot day in the backseat of my car, which is always parked in the sun. I went to put the shoes on this morning, after not having worn them for well over a week, only to realize that they feel even tighter. And now, when all of my toes are touching the front of the shoe, my heel reaches all the way back to the little lip on the heel of the shoe, which never happened before. It's like I'm wearing shoes 2 sizes too small.

Is it possible that they shrunk from being in my greenhouse of a car? I never did go through a growth spurt, but I don't think I'm going through one now, at 21-years-old, as all of my other shoes fit just fine.

(no subject)

1. I want to adopt a cat. We already have an adult female cat, and I know cats tend to be territorial (when we got the cat we have now we, at the time, had another cat). What age and gender do you think would be most "compatible" with my current cat? I don't want to upset her too bad.

2. Two Tuesdays ago I missed a concert the community band I'm in played because I was out of town. Last week I missed rehearsal because I was sick. Tonight I can either go to rehearsal in preparation for our concert this Thursday, or I can skip rehearsal (and, consequently, the concert) and go see Evan Almighty and feed my Steve Carell addiction. What should I do, TQC?! I need you to make my decisions for me.  D:

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Is there a way to find a map that shows generic trends in rent over a geographic area? I'm trying to find rent trends in the greater Chicago suburbs. Google gets me a lot of results that don't actually help.
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dear tqc members with car smarts

Your opinion is needed!

I have a 95 Honda Accord in great condition--nothing has given me problems except the air conditioning is broken (only because I haven't gotten a part replaced, if it were a part vital to the function of the car I would have gotten it done but I can live without AC) and it has ~95,000miles on it. It has been properly maintained for the duration of its life and I will continue to keep up with this. 

I want to commute my last 3 semesters of college, which pretty much means I'll be driving 30 miles on a highway for the workweek. My mom SWEARS my car will not even make it through one year. I don't need my car to last forever, but if it lasted through college it would be great.

What are the chances my car will get me to graduation TQC?

(no subject)

If you had a chance to be on national TV, would you? I have a speech difficulty, and I was actually notified of an opportunity for MTV to do a documentary on me about the disability. I can get rather sensitive about my speech, but I look at the "True Life documentaries" (the one on Tourette's is especially interesting) and those actually seem legit; there's no negative stigma surrounding it or anything. Plus, I'm thinking it'd be kind of cool to be on TV, because I've never done anything like it; I'm afraid even of public speaking.

Stupid, or should I get more info?
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Internet Radio

Do any of you regularly use an internet radio like Pandora?
(You type in one song or band you like, creating a 'radio station' that plays music similar to what you entered)

Do you support the use of internet radio? Why/Why Not?

Did you know about internet radio before this? How about the day of silence?
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(no subject)

What is your favorite bad movie? Like, it is so awful that you can't help but sit and laugh your ass off and love it for its sheer FAIL?

Van Helsing comes to mind off the top of my head... also, Commando... I'm sure there are more, but my brain doesn't want to work. So I'm making yours work. Aaaand GO!

(no subject)

1) How many times a week (or month) to you go out to eat? Any favorites, splurges or standards?

2) do you pack your lunch, why or why not (optional)?

3) what are you going to have for lunch today?

My answers:
1) Never, i am cheap as hell, except i did go to Mcdonalds for the first time in a year last week.
2) yes, every day. because i am cheap but im also just used to it. Also i have a measly 30 minute lunch break which would make going anywhere near impossible because i dont have a car/bike.
3)a big bag of dora explorer ceral/1/3 less sugar fruit loops and coffee...haha, nutritious..
Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been to the National Aquarium in Baltimore? If yes, what was your favorite part?

2. What is the coolest stuffed animal you own or have ever owned?

3. Is it quiet in TQC-land today or has time slowed down again?
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(no subject)

why the fuck won't my dad talk to my brother about him beating on girls?
why are season finales so evil?
should i buy a maids outfit and run around saying 'housekeeping - pay for services' for a living?
shovel or hammer?
Me--State Fair

hey, wtf?

So what's the most out there thing you've heard lately?

I found out yesterday that my dad got married over a year ago and hasn't bothered to tell me. I LOL'd, because what else can I do?
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(no subject)

if you're watching tv right now, what are you watching?

i'm watching Batman Begins. it reminds me i should go down to Chicago before they finish filming The Dark Knight. i probebly won't, though.

(no subject)

How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What size do you wear!?

How do you feel about the way you look?

I'm 5'8'', 165 lbs, and I wear a size 12 or 14. I am learning to be okay with my body but it's hard.

(no subject)

I know I should google this, however i'm not on my computer and I don't want to scare my boyfriend's parents if anything ends up in their history.

I flew from England to Australia 8 days ago... 23 hour flight. I'm not the healthiest of people as it is and my body has pretty much shut down on itself. I've hardly eaten a thing, just want to sleep the entire time.. guess it's just a serious case of jetlag.
The weird thing is though.. i've come out in a rash/infection down below. It's extremely painful when I pee so could be a urinary tract infection, however there are sore bumps inside and my entire vaginal area just feels raw. It's the most annoying frustrating thing ever, i've never had it before. STD's can't erupt in the space of a few days can they? my boyfriend doesn't have any symptoms.

Any thoughts? I'm baffled and miserable. I came to Australia to have an awesome time with my boy and I just feel HORRIBLE. :-(

Sorry for the gross content.. eh.. i've read worse here.
Isobel Mahariel

(no subject)

1) Have you ever volunteered at your local animal shelter? If you did, what kind of jobs did you have to do aside from socializing the animals?

2) Would you rather adopt or buy from a breeder? Why?

3) Cats or dogs! Which is your personal favorite? If neither, what animal is your favorite to have as a pet?


To answer my own questions:

1) No, but I'm planning to volunteer sometime soon. My local shelter really needs some help.

2) Adopt, because there's plenty of animals out there that already need homes. There's plenty of kittens and puppies at shelters as well, if you insist on having a kitten or puppy.

3) Cats. I don't know why. Maybe it's the fact that they're mostly independent animals, but they'll still gladly cuddle with you and play with you for hours.

(no subject)

1) what is something that you are proud of that maybe you shouldnt be?

2) do you steal things from work? Do you take pleasure in this?

3) Do you have a daily routine?

my answers:
1) That my art history teacher kept accusing me of plagiarism in all of my essays throughout the semester, and that even though i slept through half the class (when i was conscious i made an effort to participate as much as possible in order to compensate) i still got one of the best grades.

2) yes, envelopes, post-it notes, pens, high lighters,non dairy creamer tubs, staples and random office supplies. I take far too much pleasure in this.

3) Sort of. I get to work at 9, by 9:30 i make 6-8 cups of coffee. Between 12:30 and 1:15 i take a half hour lunch break where i either sit in the quad or sit against the Main building and read a book. Thats as much of a routine as i have.

(no subject)

In about a month, I'm moving from San Antonio, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma (an eleven hour drive that will be cut in half with one overnight).

The issue I'm having is with my cat. Our vet is located three blocks away and he can barely make it there. It's traumatic for him. I'm wondering if perhaps the best thing I could do for him would be to find him a new home here in San Antonio. I love him to pieces, but I hate the idea of putting him through something like that. It's a lose/lose situation for me.

What would you do in this situation? If any of you have some ideas on how I can make this work, I'd appreciate it.

(no subject)

LMFAO. Okay. This is all too wonderful.

The other night (Sunday, his bday) I was on my boy's laptop, and he HATES the IM sounds AIM makes so he has them all shut off. I turned them all back on and he's going batshit about it.

What was the last mean/funny thing you did to someone that made you hysterical with laughter?

He doesn't know I did it (yet), apparently. Or hasn't figured it out.

(no subject)

Every time I see that cupcake community in the spotlight, I want to eat/bake cupcakes.

How about you?

Also, I'm hungry. What should I eat for lunch? Take out or make something fresh? I'm running out of ideas here.

(no subject)

Who was President/Prime Minister of your country on the day you were born?

(Alas, it was Margaret Thatcher for me, and Ronald Reagan across the pond.)

Did anything memorable happen in the news on the day you were born? (Check Wikipedia if you're not sure.)

(no subject)

1)What animal do you most frequently see as roadkill where you live?
2)When was the last time you were very lost and where were you trying to get to? How long did it take you to find the place?
3)What was the last museum you went to?

(no subject)

How many times a day would you say you make a mistake on your job?

I seem to fuck up quite a bit. It's never anything really bad, it's always some minor detail, like I fat-fingered a number somewhere, or forgot to check a tiny detail. 

What class are you? Wearing gloves? Oldest person?

How do you determine if you are middle or upper class? What class are you?

Are the people who put together food required to wear gloves? I watched a girl make strawberry shortcake without gloves on the other day and got grossed out.

Edit: No handwashing occured and she had chippy blue nailpolish on.

Im 35, are you older then me?

Answers in comments


Edit: The all knowing wikipedia has a informative article. I guess I am upper middle class.
the kiddos

xbox 360

What would I need to buy to get a pretty good xbox 360 system together for my husband's birthday? (not including games)

like wireless controller?

memory card?

do I need to buy something separate for it to be "live"?

and does anyone know if madden '08 will have special features available only on 360 like '07 did?

or will they be on the ps3?

(no subject)

1) What's the most random/funny thing that's happened to you or around you recently?
2) Tell me about your first love, please?
3) Tell me about your first kiss. What led up to it? etc...
4) Have you ever had a one night stand? Tell me about your most promiscuous experience.
5) What is your favorite sappy romantic movie?
6) Have you read any Nicholas Sparks books? If so, did you like them?

I'm in the mood for sap & I'm being nosy. So, detailed answers are very good :)
yummy beer!, yummy

So, tell me -

Who are your three favorite TV detectives/lawyers?

Mine are:
3 - Jim Rockford, of the Rockford Files
2- Ben Matlock
1 - Columbo, most of all - he was sooo much fun!

What's your favorite jelly to put on your PB&J sammiches??

mine is raspberry - yummy!
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(no subject)

1. what kind of things do you collect?

2. will you draw yourself and post it here? it must be a self portrait drawn by you. using paint, no photoshop. (you can paint online here)

3. Do you alternate between using proper capitalization and not?

4. What do you associate with the different colors of the rainbow? As in, what do you think of when you think of blue, of red, of yellow, etc.

(no subject)

1) what is the trashiest food you eat or the trashiest thing you make with food?

2) what is that grocery item that you love but can never find? (and when you do find it you buy in bulk!)

3) what is your most expensive grocery item that is sort of pointless but you love so you buy it anyway?

1) i buy those sugar free cinnamon rolls and microwave them one at a time because my oven is broken. I leave the rest in tupperware in the fridge. :>

2)berry berry kix!!! So good! Or unsweetened almond breeze, but this is supposed to be at my local whole foods its just always sold out.. :<

3)Apple blintzes! 3.76 for 6 frozen ones but they are like miniature apple pies so i buy them anyway! soo soo good.

(no subject)

Who is the strangest person you've added or come across on livejournal?

There is a chick on my list whose posts are always centered around Bruce Willis. She often clogs my friends page with pictures of him and apparently dreams about him every single night. It's too bizarre.

Hypothetical questions with animals in them

1. Say you've lost your job and your savings (if you had any) has about run out. You're going to lose your apartment/house due to inability to afford it. To top it off, your favorite pet needs an operation. There's a lack of job openings in your field, or even job openings for minimum-wage jobs, and you can't borrow any more money from friends and family because you owe them too much as it is. You're depressed and desperate when one day, you find an ad in the paper looking for workers at a local slaughterhouse. The pay is very good (50k). You call in, and find out that the job opening is that for the person who's responsible to killing the cows. You'd have to shoot a bolt (through a gun) into the animal's head, but it'll kill them instantly. Sort of humane, compared to other methods. The manager senses your hesitance and says that he'll raise the salary to 75k, because he needs someone on the line ASAP and you're the only one who's inquired so far. You are desperate. Do you take the job?

2. You're a truck driver in this scenario. You're tooling along through the city when suddenly a scooter pulls out in front of you. You're going too fast to stop in time, but you can swerve. However

-on the right, there's a man walking 3 collies
-on the left, there's 4 gangsters/cholos with their back to you, shoulder to shoulder
-the scooter itself in front of you is carrying two teenage girls

Whichever direction you steer the truck, everyone in each option is getting fatally injured. Where do you steer the truck?

(no subject)

What was the last thing that made you feel old?

I feel like I'm getting old all of the time lately, even though I'm only 20.
I'm writing a paper and just overheard my dad talking to someone who asked " How long have you been living here?" And he said "I'd say about 11 years." It's weird to think about how some things happen so long ago, but they seem so fresh in your memory.

(no subject)

Can you wash a pair of sneakers in the washing machine and put them in the dryer without damaging them? If it matters any, the sneakers in question are a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor low tops. If this is a stupid idea, what is the proper way to clean a pair of sneakers?

(no subject)

i hope this makes sense....

put yourself in either your SO's/best friend's/sister's/brother's/dad's/mom's ETC. shoes and tell me about yourself from their perspective?

[tell me from which person's perspective it's from]
hello lion-o

(no subject)

I have some spare cash right now, and am having a horrible time getting myself to stick to any sort of healthy eating plan. I am thinking about using the Nutrisystem plan for a few months.. despite the fact that it is kind of expensive. I know it isn't that difficult to just eat healthy, but I wouldn't mind paying a little more for the convenience of not having to make my own food for a few months.

Have you used Nutrisystem?
Did you lose weight?
How was the food? (taste wise)
Did it keep you satisfied, or were you still hungry?
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(no subject)

1- What's the last thing you lied about?
2- Have your lies ever caught up to you and really bit you in the ass?
3- Are there any mental conditions that one can have and they can't help but lie?
4- What's the most depressing mental problem you have ever heard of and/or encountered in a human being?
Fatal Curiosity II

(no subject)

I have a question about something that I have taken to Google front, back, and sideways with no relevant answers.

What the heck is "Second Summer?" All I know is that it's something from the olden days that involved kids getting the shits.
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(no subject)

theres a song i keep hearing and i cant really make out the words..
the only way i can describe it is theres a saxophone or something similar to the saxophone in the "tequila" song.. and its a guy singing and it sounds like hes saying something like
"get her in the ___ ___"
i know thats a terrible description but thats all i know! its definitely a new ish, not that popular song.. i heard it on muzak or something when i was at a salon on like an indie-ish station... if that helps...

if anyone can come up with anything from this description i'll have to say you're the most amazing person ever!

what is this song?!


1. When was the last time you saw a dentist? Why?
2. How good are you about brushing?
3. Hi! I'm your dentist. What flavor of fluoride do you want?
4. How are you about dental work? (As in, do you hate going to the dentist, etc.)
5. I'm in a Harry Potter mood (still). So, what's your favorite Harry Potter book, and why?

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me and reagan 24th

human touch

Do you make sure not to make physical contact with strangers (if you can help it)?

Taking change from a cashier, you (subconsciously or not) grab the money so that your hand doesn't touch theirs.

I do it a lot, I don't really mean to but I just do. Grabbing money, I'll barely grab it just to be sure our hands don't touch. I got some money today, and wasn't as "careful" so we did brush hands, and I realized then how rare that really is.
I also consider myself a fairly affectionate person, and I am so not a germ-phobe.

Why do you think we do this? If you don't, why do you think other people do this?

Is this a problem, do you think?
DMB wash me

(no subject)

what color are the numbers on your alarm clock?

what time is it set to?

so, is there a point in every relationship you're in that you realize that this person you're in love with really *is* just as human as you are and will make mistakes even though you see them as superhuman?

does that make any sense at all?
Me-skateboard wedding

Sentimental Value

While cleaning out their garage awhile ago, my Stepfather found all of my beloved Cabbage Patch Kids from when I was a child. I took them all and gave them to my daughter.My mother and I collected them, and she passed away 2 years ago so they are kinda sentimental to me.

Just this past weekend, I found a collection of animal figurines called Hummels, that my Father would collect for me whenever he went out of the country. My Father and I are close, and I can't imagine ever parting with the collection, even 25 years later.

I feel like a pack rat keeping the stuff, and I hope I'm not the only one out there who does this.

-Do you own anything that means the world to you, but may not mean anything to anyone else?
-What is it?

BONUS QUESTION: Can you microwave a bag of popcorn without burning it or having lots of kernels? Does that 'popcorn' button on microwaves really work?
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(no subject)


We moved into our apartment almost two months ago. When we were looking at the place, we asked if the basement flooded and the landlord told us that it's a possibility, "like all basements do"

It's been raining pretty hard here the past hour and I just had to run downstairs for something. THERE IS ALMOST A FOOT OF WATER IN MY BASEMENT. WTF. We had put our things up off the floor, in case it flooded, but it's at the point now were the raising water is almost up to the stuff. The things we had on the floor in giant rubermaid tubs are pushed over, almost like there was a tidal wave coming through our basement.

Is this what you would consider 'normal basement flooding'?

Would it be appropriate for me to ask the landlord to take some steps so that it doesn't flood like this again?

Edit: The washer and dryer are plugged in down there, too. If I get into the water am I going to be electrocuted?

Physical Injury vs. Illness

Growing up, my sister was the one who came down with all the illnesses. She had the chicken pox (I never got them), she had tonsilitis at least 3 times a year, got the really bad flus that landed her in the hospital, etc.

I was the one that got physically injured. I fell out of trees, got attacked by a dog, etc., because I was way more dare-devilish.

Did you have a propensity for one or the other growing up?

Has that changed as you've gotten older?

What's the worst physical damage you did to yourself growing up?

(no subject)

I'm bored, nosy & curious.

1) How old were you when you first went to the gynecologist?
2) What went on in that first visit? Did you feel awkward about it?

3) Have you ever had an STD? If so, what did you have and were you still with the person who gave it to you?
4) How did your parents find out that you were having sex? How old were you?
5) What level of openness do you have with your parents about your sex life? What about with your best friend?
6) What's your favorite Disney movie?

Details people - details.
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

PC Nation

1) What types of non-politically correct opinions do you have? Do you feel guilty about it? Do you tell people your true opinion, or make something up to look better?

2) So, I got myself a new car and have been informed that I simply must give it a name. It's a 2005 Dodge Neon, and it's a very pretty metallic blue. I'm totally at a loss, lol.

3) I'd like to make cookies today! What kind should I make, recipes plz.

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Mr Prozac

Posted on behalf of those who have no typing digits

I am rice.

I wish to be fulfilled and dignified on my own merits.

Please advise me which would be more demeaning to my quest to have my identity liberated:

  • My arranged marriage to curry powder, with whom I will have to simmer and stew and soak its brutish powers into my being, or
  • My shotgun wedding to soy sauce, who will be splashed over me against my will before I get a chance to know what's going on?

Will it be hypocritical of me to despise any such unions when I know deep down I can not be truly appreciated as me without the aid of water boiling?

(no subject)

How do I tell my 20 year old college friend that she has really bad Body Odour(BO) without creating being awkward?
I think she wears deodorant but I could smell the deodorant and its just...weird.

Do you wear deodorant?
When did you start wearing them?

for the women

Do any of you have Endometriosis?

If so, what are/were your symptoms like?
How long did you have problems before you were diagnosed?
How did the doctor(s) diagnose you with the disease?

(no subject)

For those of you who are observant Jews - what are the prayer services like at the synagogue you attend? While following a thread on another community I was privately embarrassed to realize how little I knew.

(no subject)

Help settle an argument between my boyfriend and myself.

What exactly is the heaviest part of the body?

All I've found through Google is that the liver is 3.5 pounds. Then, on Yahoo answers the answers were a bit too varied, and the both of us are too bull-headed to admit defeat.

edit: didn't mean to be so vague. What we're bitching about is general area. He says the head, I say the torso.

(no subject)

1. I went to Darien Lake (formerly Six Flags) this past weekend and went on a roller coaster called the Mind Eraser. And ever since I got off the ride i've had this excruciating pain in my back. And since I have no health insurance, i cant go and get it checked out :/

I dont know the policy as far as getting injured on a ride, especially if it wasn't brought to their attention immediately. Does anyone know how I would go about finding out information pertaining to this?

2. Have you ever thrown up on a ride?

3. What should I have for dinner? (perferably something easy and not fast food)


Ladies, What is your suggestion for where you can get a simple, inexpensive but pretty black and white dress? I am a teen so keep that in mind. :D (I am going to wear it this summer for a party.) Thank you!
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(no subject)

When writing a formal paper and referencing an image, how would you cite that?

I'm writing a paper on icons and need to reference specific images and I'm not quite sure how to insert that into the paper. I'm using Chicago/Turabian format if that makes a difference.

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Today I was shocked to find out that some girls actually do want Barbie's unattainable figure. I used to think it was just a myth started by paranoid soccer moms.

Anyway, on to my question... Has it been proven that Bratz has this effect on girls yet?

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Did anyone famous graduate from your high school or university?

From mine:

Rene Auberjonois (Odo from Star Trek Deep Space Nine)

James Cromwell (The farmer from the pig movie, Babe)

Ted Danson (Sam from Cheers)

Jeff Goldbum (the O-so-yummy one from Jurassic Park)

Micheal McKean (Lenny from Laverne and Shirley)

Sally Jessy Raphael (of the big, red glasses)

George Romero (Director of the Night of the Living Dead)

Kurt Vonnegut  (Author extroidenaire)

Andy Warhol (We all know who he is)

And a slew of Nobel-prize winning scientists.
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This is more of a request then a question. Here's the link. Watch the video and please share it with someone you think might help make a difference. It breaks my heart that any of that had to happen. I did it and actually heard back from my congresspeople.


So I was on my way to the shops to buy chocolate. On the way there I passed a group of kids in the local primary school uniform. For the non-UKers here, this places them at 11 years old at the most.

As I passed them, every boy there asked me to "get your tits out you fuckin' fat goth!". I'd love to know how they came to that conclusion while I'm wearing a football top and jeans, but that's not the point.

What the everloving fuck did I just witness?
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For those of you in Florida... specifically the Tampa/St Pete area...

I found a link about a month ago for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's performed every weekend in St. Pete. It's like, $5 to get in and $1 for a prop bag. I really want to go as I've never seen it, but I can't find the link. Was wondering if anyone knew specifically which one I was talking about. I'm pretty sure it's not the one coming up for the Tampa Theater.

Any help would be wonderful. Thank you :D
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1. I want to call my SO and leave him a message while he's at work. But I don't know what to say. What should I tell him?

2. What was something you were really looking forward to, that ended up being not at all fun?

3. Did you do anything productive today? If so, what?

4. You're given a ton of money. Let's say... a million or more dollars. But you have to give it away. It can then be used on you in a roundabout type way (let's say you give it to your parents, who then decide to buy you a car), but you cannot negotiate/make up a deal with the person/party getting the money (You cannot say "I will give you this money if you promise to spend such-and-such amount on me as I wish"). Who do you give it to?
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OK, so... I need some coding help. I've already googled but I can't find anything that fits.

I want to use some code to have people click thumbnails and the image open in a box on the page, like Ebay's image thing.

It needs to fit the following:

It has to use a thumbnail, not a resized version ofthe full picture.


Help, please?

What song next?

So, I'm looking for a classical  song, and/or a song from a musical, to sing next. I just did an eisteddfod, so now I need new music.  Obviously it won't be one song for the next year, I'll be trying lots of them. I tend to like  musicals best, but I'm also good at classical. (did both for the eisteddfod, I did Domine Deus which is a vivaldi one, and Popular, from Wicked.) Obviously it has to be a solo, or able to be made into a solo. Preferably a female character if it's a musical, or gender neutral. So... what songs should I sing?  Throw suggestions at me! (and tell me where they're from/who they're by. Links appreciated!)

Why did this annoy me?

The lady whom I babysit for always tells me how her 2 year old daughter is speaking more than toddlers her own age. She said that when her daughter and another 2 year old had a playdate, her daughter was like, "MOM! WHY DOESN"T SHE SPEAK? AND SHE IS SOOOO TALL" in front of the other girl. She seemed to enjoy telling me that her daughter was snarky to the other girl, and proud that her daughter is above kids her age. I feel annoyed that she compares her daughter so much and thinks she's better than the other kids.

ive been meaning to ask these.

1.) What are your most interesting favorite places? And why are they you're favorite?

2.) Is there something about you or something that you say or do (that you can't really help) that other people think is weird?

3.) Speaking of...what scents bring you back to a certain place or person?

4.) And lastly, have you ever had a Jessica Simpson moment, where you said something that made sense to you, but made everyone elses jaw drop?

5.) The iPhone. Opinions? Are you getting one?

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Name of comedian

My sister and I are trying to figure out the name of a comedian.

He has a sketch where he talks about a trip to the eye doctor and how stressful it can be.

Doctor: Tell me when A crosses B
Comedian *afraid and in anticipation*:.....They cross NOW! They cross NOW!
*comment to audience* What's this supposed to test anyway- how fast we can watch cars cross each other on the free way? They cross NOW!

Badly paraphrased, but hopefully someone can help?