June 25th, 2007

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Anyone ever tear a rotator cuff/get rotator cuff surgery? Or, perhaps, know anybody who has?

I tore BOTH of my rotator cuffs awhile back and I experience constant pain everyday to the point where I'm starting to consider surgery (even though it's pretty serious and the recovery is grueling...perhaps too grueling for my schedule as an active student). Does anyone have any experiences to share or any knowledge of this in general?
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1. Have you reread the Harry Potter books in preparation for the release of book 7, or are in the process of, or plan to?
2. On the flip side, do you not enjoy the Harry Potter books? Does the chatter about it annoy you?
3. Anything annoying you right now?
4. What's the last cute thing you saw?

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Have you ever felt unappreciated in a relationship that you think you should have been way more appreciated for?

How did you handle it?
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What mistakes have you made while sleep deprived?

Have you ever gone to work/school sleep deprived? If so, how sleep deprived were you?

I've gone to work on no sleep at all a few times. It's torture.


1. Do you read postsecret?

2. If so, are you really mad about the catbleach one this week? Is it the first secret that made you want to punch the owner of the postcard in the face/other sensitive body parts?

My answers:
1. Yes
2. Also yes.
audrey-kawasaki girl w cat

Callin' anyone with Virgina Beach knowledge

Ok TQC you've never let me down...so here goes.

My son and I are goin' to visit my bff in Virgina July 13-16. Her mother and x-step daughter are coming as well.  We want to head to Virgina Beach for the day maybe overnight. 

My friend just moved there and we know NOTHING about Virgina. We have only been to the beach a few times in our lives and it will be my sons first trip. He's I'm so excited cause I love, love LOVE the beach and want to make the most out of a one/two day trip. 

What I want to know is where in VB would be a good place to go that
1. would have nice beaches?  that are not OMFG horribly crowed...we were thinking maybe a wildlife park area but we want to be able to lounge by the water and let me the kids play some.
2.  would have something near by like maybe a zoo or aquarium, carnival or something fun to do (that's not crazy expensive)
3.  What's the best! seafood place to eat at?  We only get to eat out once so again we want to make it good.  (should be toddler friendly but I am not opposed to a bar type place as long as a well mannered *or he'll go to the car kinda thing* toddler can go)

Thanks TQC!
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Two for the price of one.

My friend broke both of his arms and bruised a rib in a biking accident. I'm visiting for a few days and can't think of much more than "go for a walk". He's sick and tired of watching movies, as I would be, too. What should we do?

I've always been a sorta tomboy. I don't think I even own a dress because I've never liked the way my legs looked. I'm trying to become more feminine, including makeup and stupid clothes like Victoria's Secret. What do you do to make yourself feel sexy or feminine?
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Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

I bought this at Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday for $30. I bought it because it has a nosehair trimmer and my husband needs one, but I haven't been able to find a decently priced one that doesn't run on AA batteries in Australia, and since I'm in the states for a few weeks I thought I'd try to find one here.

However my concern is that it was only $30, and I don't know if it will be any good. :-\ I'm not used to good things being cheap anymore because in Australia everything is expensive, and if it's not, then it's generally not worth buying.

Do you or someone you know have one of these? How well does it work?

OR Can you recommend a good nosehair trimmer that doesn't pull and doesn't cost an arm and a leg? My stepdad got one from Sharper Image and it's crap and costed $50!

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Ok, I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question but I just can't figure it out.

I haven't been on my yahoo groups in forever and I want to share a photo and some details about something I made.
I can't figure out how to post a photo there. I do have a photo hosting source.

Am I supposed to upload a picture to the photos section of the yahoo group and include a link to that in my post explaining what I made?

Thank you for your help in advance. I'm usually not here when my questions get answered.
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starting salaries

If you could ballpark it for me...what was your starting salary when you got out of college (bachelor's degree)? (don't have to be specific unless you want to, I'm just looking ballpark here.)

Did you really want to do something with your education that someone close to you didn't seem to support?

Crazy as it sounds, I want to do public radio full time, but my boyfriend, who's in commercial radio, keeps making comments that sound to me like I wouldn't get paid crap. I came home and looked up what most of my coworkers make--they are state jobs, so therefore open records so don't OMG flame me--and it's not as awful as he's probably imagining, which makes me think he's resentful? I don't know. But it's getting annoying.
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A BIG Flash Drive or other alternative

I moved overseas and can't remember the major electronics stores in the US. I'm going to give away my computer, though, and need to take all my data off it and put it somewhere that is portable so I can take it back to Australia.

1) Is a Flash drive my best option?
1-b) Does anyone know what the biggest ones are? Like how many gigs?

2) Do you know of a better, perhaps more cost effective option?

3) Apart from Best Buy, where else can I buy a Flash Drive or other option? Even better, where can I get one (flash drive or other) for a really low price?
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I have a job interview today

1. If I pretend to have confidence, will that help me have real confidence? Will it help with the interview regardless?

2. It's supposed to be 86 degrees today. Can I get away with wearing a short sleeve shirt to the interview? I have a tattoo on my forearm that I like to cover up for interviews.

(it's an animal care position that I'm interviewing for btw)
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You'd think murder would rate more...

How is it that murder got listed as 187? What exactly are 186 and 189? Is there a listing of police codes out there somewhere that's readily available? What's code 1?
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Red Lights

1. You come to a red light wanting to make a right turn onto a one way road where the speed limit is 50mph.

Do you:

a) STOP at the red light before making the right like you are supposed to.
b) Break the law and RUN the red light since no one is coming.
c) YIELD but still break the law (by not coming to a complete stop*) and run the red light since no one is coming.

*A complete stop means your tires actually stop moving.

2. Do you get mad when people in front of you actually stop if you are the type of person who doesn't?

3. Does it matter if it's early in the morning (e.g still dark), at night, or the middle of the day? If so, why?

It contributes to my road rage to think that people are running so late and are in such a hurry that they can't stop at a red light. This also goes for stop signs. But, that's just me.
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If you had to relocate and "start over" (no kids/SO/friends/family), where would you go?

Would you reinvent yourself at all? In what ways?

Edit - by relocate I mean move somewhere OTHER than where you live now.
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1) Have you ever called a creditor and asked them to lower your interest rate? Did it work? What should I say?

2) What movie should I watch today?
- The Virgin Suicides
- Knocked Up
- The Blue Lagoon

3) Do you like corn-on-the-cob?

4) Do you watch Degrassi: The Next Generation? I just started watching it this weekend, and I'm obsessed.

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I have this sound system that the previous owner left in this house and i looked up the instruction manual on it and it said :

you can play data cds (cd-roms/cdr/cd-rw) recorded in mp3 (mpeg1 audio layer 3) and jpeg format. however the discs must be recorded according to ISO 9660 level 1, level 2 or joliet format for the system to recognize the tracks. You can also play discs recorded in mutli sessions.

But I'm looking at my sound files and it says MPEG Layer 3 Audio -- that means I can't play it on this sound system  (sony Dav-DX170) right? Is there a way to convert it?

---EDIT--- Wait a sec..." mp3 (mpeg1 audio layer 3) " that means I can burn it and be able to play it!! Right?? But how do you record it in ISO 9660 level 1/2?

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1) how do you take your coffee?

2) do you listen to NPR, if so what are your favorite shows?

3) what did you have/what are you going to have for breakfast this morning?

my answers in a comment :>

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Can you use a ethernet switch to set up a LAN? How would you do so?
I am trying to take a internet connection that is coming in over CAT 5 and spread it out to at least two computers right now. I have cat 5 and a ethernet switch. Is it possible?
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I went grocery shopping yesterday and it took us 30-45 minutes to get home, in 75 degree weather. We had yogurts in the car, and when I went to put them in the fridge, I noticed the foil tops were expanded up...not severely, but it was noticeable.

Are they unsafe to eat? Should I just taste it and see if it tastes gross, or is there general rules for this sort of thing? (if for some reason it matters, they are yoplait "whips")

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i would like to get into the business of realty, do you think it would be inappropriate if i went to a real estate office and asked them questions about licensing and things of that nature? Is there any sort of apprenticeship out there?

if any of you are realtors or brokers or anything in that field, do you have any information (general) to give me that would be helpful?

I'm making wings tonight. What are your favorite wing sauce recipies or hot sauces that you like to add to it?

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1) for those coast transplants (east to west/ west to east) Which do you prefer?
Or really anyone, favorite region of the country? (west coast/east coast/midwest/south/south west)

2)What kind of cell phone do you have/are you happy with it?

3) Where did you go/are you going to school and what for?
(this means college, high school, etc.)

my answers in the post

(hah, im a new member, this is fun!)

times have changed, and its cool to look bummy, and be a dumb dummy, and disrespect your mummy.

Poll #1009730 the ruler

on a scale of 1 (not awesome) to 10 (way awesome) how cool is slick rick?

Mean: 7.30 Median: 9 Std. Dev 3.26

what was his best alias?

slick rick
mc ricky d
the ruler

and, what have you been listening to a lot lately?

edited to add: IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO SLICK RICK IS GO DOWNLOAD SOME RIGHT NOW. you people seriously suck at having good taste.
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1)Does anyone have the LG Prade cell phone/mobile phone? If you do, am I the only one who is completely devoid of the motor skills to make the touch screen work while text messaging or do you find it challenging as well? Does it come with practice?

2)If you had to lose one of your 5 senses, which would you lose and which would you most want to keep?

3)What should I have for breakfast?
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important data collection

I work on a:


It is a:

Something else I will indicate in comments

Are you happy with your computer?

Sometimes, for reasoning I will specify in comments

I left the first 2 questions check boxes in case you have more than one computer.

Removing Paint From Plants

I was painting on my deck yesterday with acrylic. When I was finished, I threw out the water that I was dipping my paint brush in over the railing on the deck. Now, all the plants below the railing have little white specks on them from my paint. Needless to say, my mom is REALLY mad. I just wasn't thinking.

Does anyone know how to remove paint from plants?
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Any bikers here?

What kind of bike do you ride? 
Some cheap mountain bike that is about at it's end, I'm in the process of buying a new road bike which I can't wait for!

Why do you ride? (recreation, commuting, etc?) 
Both commuting and for fun

And to any road bikers here: how do you decide on a new route?
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Inspired by This Post

Is 420 really the police code for possesion with marijuana?
(I could not find it anywhere in those code lists)

Why is 4/20 the "national pot smoking holiday" if it has nothing to do with the "police code"
(And it does not have anything to do with Hitler. He did not give the soldiers joints as far as I can tell that is a myth)

Please, offer some insight.
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1. Do you bite your nails?

2. Do you bite/pull/pick at the skin around your nails and fingers? (It's more common than I used to think!)

3. If yes to either, why?

4. Have you ever tried to stop? How did you go about doing that?

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Liar Liar

I just told my husband that if someone donates their liver it will grow back. He thought I was trying to trick him.

When was the last time someone thought YOU were lying (when you weren't)?

I've had my appendix and gall bladder removed.

Do you have all your original organs?
kiv dancin.
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i'm sure there will be naps today as well

when you don't feel well, what do you do on those days off from work/school?

i got my wisdom teeth out friday (two of them had to be cut out) and so i am not speaking so well. it's my job to talk, so i have to stay home til i can speak more distinctly. i'm spending the day so far on vicodin, eating cold soup, and watching documentaries about nazis. i somehow think that others must be spending their days off differently.

Naps :)

1. do/did your children take naps ?
1a. if so, how did you get them to nap?
1b. what age did they outgrow the need for naps?

2. do you nap?
2a. would you like to nap right now?

3. do you think companies should offer nap time for the employees?
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Middle East

I'm interested in learning more about the conflict in the Middle East.  I've done a tiny bit of "research" on Wikipedia, but I'm interested in reading a book on the subject.  Where's a good place to start?

EDIT: I'm looking for recommendations of specific books or sources that others have read/used, and I'm particularly interested in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and not so interested in the conflict in Iraq.
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TQC, should I call into work sick?

I'm a piano/voice teacher and I've felt really crappy over the weekend, so I'm not really prepared for my lessons at all. I did have a stomach virus last night, and my voice isn't in the best of shape. Plus the weather's about to get nasty.

I think yes, but I thought I'd take a vote first.

edit: i called in, and now i feel better. i think part of my upset tummy was nerves over not being prepared. either way, i totally needed this. yaay.
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Do you think that there will be another Pirates of the Caribbean movie made?

Do you want to see another one made?

Which of the movies was your favorite? Least favorite?

What movie(s) have you see recently, on DVD or in the theater?

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I'm in high school, but I'm taking some classes during the summer at the JC in my city. My classes are going to start in 2 weeks and I realized that I haven't received anything telling me what books I need for my class.

1) I'm going on campus today to get my ID picture taken and if I see the person teaching the class, how do I address her? Like do I call her "Professor" "Doctor" or "Ms."? The paper telling me where my classes are doesn't specify if she's a doctor or not and I've checked on line too. I don't want to offend her by addressing her wrong

2) Should I just go to the campus bookstore and ask them if they know what books I need?

3) Should I wait until the first day of class to find out what books I need, but run the risk that the teacher will use the book that day? I don't want to look like that idiot kid that doesn't know what she's doing (although I really don't know what I'm doing) and have the teacher thinking that I'm not good enough to take her class because I'm in high school.
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1.) If you were offered the chance to magically "re-do" an entire year in your life, what year would you pick?

2.) How old were you that year?

3.) What would you do differently?
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(no subject)

Here at The __rialness Institute we offer a variety of different programs for whatever kind of situation/problem it is that you're dealing with.

For a small fee of $39.99* we will tell you what exactly your problem is and how to go about fixing it and making your life the best that it can be.

How can we help you?

*insertabunchoflegaltermsandjargonherekthanxbi, 2007.
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I haven't used my PS2 in awhile - it's just been sitting around and hasn't been dropped or anything. I just now hooked it all up and plugged it in. When I turn it on, the little red light turns on for about 1-3 seconds, then fades off. During that time if I hit the reset or eject button, it'll turn green, but it'll still fade off, and it won't work. It doesn't make that telltale "Whiirrr" noise it makes when it's working/reading a disc. I made sure everything is plugged in correctly and I tried a different outlet. Is it broken for good? What's wrong with it? D:

Last time I used it was back in January, I think. And everything worked fine then.
Bailey and I

Urban Legends

What are your favorite urban legends or myths?

What are your favorite movies/books/websites/tv shows that have to do with urban legends/myths?

Which ones scares you most?
Which one makes you laugh the most?
Which one makes you think omg what moron thought that up?

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Why do you drink alcohol?

a. Because reality is for people who cannot handle drugs.
b. It's the only thing I can do well.
c. I'm good at it.
d. I'm boosting the market.
e. Because I can!
f. I have to defend my drinker-status.
g. all of the above
h. other (what?)

i. I don't, it's illegal! (Age? Location?)
j. I don't. (why?)
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Hey TQC, what are you guys up to today?
Today I'm sick with whatever it was my boyfriend had two weeks ago. I'm really happy it didn't hit me while we were all at bonnaroo, but oh man. My brainz, they hurt and are leaking out my nose. :( 

Inspired by Tessibean: If you were to break a world record, what would your record involve?

Mine would be marshmallows. I'd make a suit out of them or something.

Regardless of gender: what are your feelings on thong underwear?
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So, I submitted a resume to the Animal Hospital Friday night via fax (as requested through the listing) and at Noon they called my house when I was out. So, I called them back, they want me to come in and fill out an application. The person I spoke with made it sound like she reads hundreds of applications per week. Can I go in wearing a green casual shirt (with artistic designs on it) and black shorts? It's the animal hospital...Or should I go completely formal? (black pants, and some kind of long sleeve shirt- even though it's really hot!)
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I need some gift ideas!

Basically, I'm getting married and so I'm sort of "stepping down" as the official oldest cousin and cousin wrangler. That wonderful title is going to go to my oldest cousin, who is 13. She'll be the official "person too old to sit at the kid's table, but gets stuck there anyway to babysit" person.

My mother and I have decided that at the rehearsal dinner or after it, we're going to give her a giftbag of things she will need as the official cousin babysitter. Clearly some sort of magic sparkly wand, but what else would you put in such a gift bag? "Congratulations: Everyone else's children are now your burdens."
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(no subject)

1) If you invented an imaginary friend right now, what would it look like and what qualities would it have?

2) Have you ever seen Drop Dead Fred or Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends? What do you think of it/them?

3) Let's pretend every username on LJ was up for grabs. Would you pick a new name for yourself? If so, what would it be?

4) Let's order in for dinner. What do you want? (Order anything that delivers to the place you live)

1) I'm not going to be terribly creative here, but my friend would basically be Coco from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends (see icon).

2) Yes to both. Hooray to both.

3) houseofbone from an Edna St. Vincent Millay work that goes something like this Collapse )

4) Szechuan Shrimp, extra spicy, no bamboo. Maybe a crab rangoon or egg roll or egg drop soup.
credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

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Has your family ever had a crime committed against them and the person who did it was put to death? (example-a family member murdered so the death pentaly was the punishment)

Has a family member of yours ever been put to death for murdering someone? (or other crimes)

(no subject)

What would you do if one of your 'best' friends constantly ditched you to hang out with their S.O.? And after you've confronted them and they're still doing it?

Does it bother you when people refer to their parents as "mom/dad" when talking to other people?
ex. (when talking to acquaintances/co-workers) "mom told me not to go to the store"

can i see your myspace? (if you have one)

heres mine.

(no subject)

1. If a co-worker asked you "How many sexual partners have you had?" or "Are you a virgin?," how would you react?

2. Pretend that you work in a hospital in an area that doesn't deal with patients directly or their blood/other specimens/etc. By mistake a ziplock type bag with a vial of blood inside is sent to your area and you have to bring it to the proper area. Would you pick up the bag with your bare hands or would you put gloves on first?

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does anyone know of any websites where I can download ringtones to my computer ? my phone is all screwed up and I cant get any ringtones on it by sending them to my phone, so the only way I can do it is with my usb and i dont want full songs.


EDIT: I tried to search on google but the only websites that came up where for different providers and some that you need to put in your cell# to have them sent your phone... grr!

(no subject)

BAH. I tried to yahoo search but it kept redirecting me to sites where I could buy USB related things.

So, does anyone know what percentage of drivers in the US drive a manual?

Do you want a nap as badly as I do?

What shoes did you wear today?

I wore fake chucks, in black, with pockets on the side, and random things looped in the black laces.
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(no subject)

I've tried and tried, but can't figure it out.

Does anyone know how to tell how long you've had your MySpace account (other than memory)? I know I've had mine a long time, and was asked just how long, and I can't figure it out.

(I apologize for posting about MySpace, but Google was absolutely no help.)

(no subject)

So my boyfriend recently threw the Wiimote (by accident) into our 32" LCD screen television (he just COULDN'T wear the strap, I know). My question is...we are pretty much out of a tv, right? They aren't really fixable are they? D:

Debt Question

Say that you have loan debt. You've paid some of it off but not all of it. You decide you want to move to another country. Would the debt pose as an obstacle? Could you just pay it from your new location?

Random Weirdness

I went to my (very recent) former job today. While I was there a woman asked if she could borrow me. I said  yes and she asked what size shirt I wore and then laid a t-shirt on me to see if it would fit her. And then another. The second time she did this she also asked what size bra I wore. She was very polite about the whole thing and even said "If you don't mind my asking what size are you?" It was just the oddest thing. Which leads me to....

What's the oddest/strangest thing strangers have said/done to you?

And secondly...I spent the day with my fiance's son. My fiance and his son are both White, I am Black. Standing outside of Wal-Mart, a (Black) woman asked if I was a nanny.  I didn't get upset, I did tell her no and asked why she asked. To that all she said was that I was with the kid.

If this happened to you would you be offended? I obviously get the curiosity aspect of it, but it seems a really rude thing to ask about. Am I wrong in thinking that it's no one's business why this child is with me?
Eddie McDowd

(no subject)

Have you ever replaced the battery for your iPod through Apple? (mailing it to Apple more specifically).

If so, how much did it cost with parts, labor, and shipping?

Was it worth it?

My (first generation) Nano died on me and I don't know whether to mail it in for a new battery or to just buy a new Nano.
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How much are you in debt right now (credit card bills, car loans etc.)

How much debt are you comfortable with?

Are you dangerously over your head with revolving debt?

  • cdaae

Dream a little dream

1. Why do fucking bastards always phone me and wake me up just at the moment when I'm reaching a really, really good exciting bit in a dream?

2. It's said that eating cheese before you go to bed gives you nightmares. Why? Does eating cheese give you nightmares?

3. Have you noticed that eating any particular food, or taking any particular supplement or medication, or doing anything in particular, gives you more intense/trippy/strange dreams?

4. Do you write up your dreams on your LJ or in a dream journal?

Collapse )

riddle me this, TQCers.

Poll #1010023 because i am nosy.

how far do you live from the nearest state line?

less than 5 miles
5-25 miles
50-100 miles
100-200 miles
more than 200 miles
I live in Canada and am within 50 miles of the US border
I live in Mexico and am within 50 miles of the US border
I live in one of the US territories
I don't live near North America
I live in a van, down by the river.

How long does it take you to get to your main bank?

10 minutes or less
11-20 minutes
21-30 minutes
31 -60 minutes
The Man is keeping me down...and won't let me have a bank account.
I prefer to keep my dinero in my mattress.
I am too young to have a bank account.
I am too dim to figure out how to open a bank account.

Would you rather have a $200 giftcard to...?

my local grocery store
office supply store
Home Depot
gas station
i would like my $200 in lottery tickets, plz
my local junkie dealer
discount book store
used CD store
my campus bookstore
post office
art gallery
craft store

Of the following selection of office supplies...which have you stolen from work/school and "repurposed" for use at home without permission?

can of air
staple remover
post its
legal pad
trash can
computer software
computer hardware
mechanical pencils
binder clips
Xacto knife
blank CDs
file folders
something else that costs more than $200

AWWWW crap, i screwed up on the last question and used radio buttons.

"What is the coolest thing you ever took from your office or school?"
Sean and Julie

(no subject)

How does one go about setting up a donation site for natural disasters?

Would I just call the local red cross, or do they just handle cash donations? I'd like to set up a drive for food, clothing, blankets, etc.

NIN's Closer

The lyrics to Trent Reznor's famous song

Collapse )

Questions about the song

1. Has anyone ever fucked you like an animal?
2. What kind of animal did they pretend you were at the time?
3. Is this song an anthem to beastiality?
4. Fucking someone like an animal (maybe like a squirrel) brings Trent closer to God. They say cleanliness is next to Godliness. Apparently, animal roleplaying is also next to Godliness. Or is it implying only banging like clean animals is adjacent to one's deity? How would you define this interesting God-proximity thing?
5. If you were going to fuck me, fourcorners, like an animal, what kind of animal would you liken me to for this mammal-friendly good time?


What is the weirdest thing you've put in a sandwich and eaten?

Mine's not too odd, I used to put potato chips in my sandwiches. But you'd have to eat it right away or else they'd get soggy.
i say, old bean

(no subject)

how should i set my friend up so i can run into him?
he's done an awesome job avoiding me. however, i'm his son, his mom, he's my loose lola with long legs and i need him to come back so we can discuss the flabs of fat under some girls' boobs in a commercial..and i need him to paint my nails because i fail at doing so.

is this even possible?
should i just give up on this best ol' pal i've ever had or do i keep pushing to get him to speak to me?

what's your favorite event in history?
kate and I.

Financial Aid Question

Anyone work in a financial aid office? (Specifically at a SUNY school?) If so, this question is for you...


I went to college. I dropped out. Since I dropped out and still owe them money, they won't release my transcripts.

I got financial aid to cover one semester of school at a different college, but they revoked it and basically told me "hand over the money, or we can't cover you since we still don't have your transcripts." needless to say, I couldn't pay it and had to drop out of that school too.

Now that you have that background knowledge... my question is, if I get a loan that is NOT from the state or federal government (such as a personal loan through a bank, or a Sallie Mae loan, etc).. will this same crap happen to me, or will the transcript thing not matter since it's not so strict?

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Do any of you ladies use foundation/concealer on your lips to get that "natural" look, so that your lips are basically the same color as your skin?

My lips are naturally very red, and I need to make them very pale for a costume. Basically, I need to look dead all day, and my lips are way too lively.

So, what's the best way to achieve this look? Best products? I want something that I won't have to reapply all the time, and won't feel and/or taste gross on my mouth.

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Favorite SIMS

I know SIMS stuff has been brought up before, sorry.

I'm bored so often. I am going to go out tonight and get a SIMS game. Which one is your favorite? Which one can you do more things in, etc.?


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1. Do you wash your ass crack every time you take a shower?
2. Even if you're in the shower with another person?
3. Do you use a washcloth, your bare hands, or a bar of soap?
4. When you shower with someone else, do you have a tendency to wash certain parts of them? If so, which parts?
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Calling all Macintosh users!

Hi all! This question is mainly for Apple computer users. For reference, I use an iBook G4. :)
So I've been trying to zip some photos into a file to send to my friend, but Stuffit doesn't seem to be a compressor. It seems to only be an expander. Is there any other program that you guys know of that is for Apples that is similar to Winzip or Winrar?

I thought maybe Stuffit wasn't showing how to compress a file because I had an outdated version, so I completely deleted it from my hard drive, and went to the website to download one of those free versions, but it looked like a LOT of hassle to download it. :/

I guess Apple computers and Windows PCs both have their pros and cons!

Thank you so much, and I hope you can help me! :)

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1. What are the chances this place treats their animals humanely? Should I go there tomorrow?

2. Do you think there is anything unusual about wearing shorts on a plane? If you do, how old are you?

And I don't remember which TQC member recommended it but I'm definitely going to this place tomorrow.

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Anyone know where I can find funny NES/Super Mario images? I did a google search but it wasn't helpful.

I came across this one last night and as a fan of classic NES and Super Mario, I would love to find more of these.

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A long time ago I remember seeing a community devoted to pictures of scrabble boards taken at the end of a game. I think it was in the spotlight. Does anyone know what community I'm talking about?


So, I'm not the best grocery shopper, but I did pretty well this time.  I've got some really good produce, some salsa, dried fruit, etc. and what I already have in my kitchen.  What I'm looking to do is spruce up the Hot Pockets that I got.  I love these things, but I've always felt like they could be just like homemade with a little bit of coaxing from an experienced chef.  But experience I have not.  What do you guys do with your hot pockets?

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Random questions!

Because I'm interested : )

1. What have you learnt today?

2. Are you religious? If yes, what's your religion? If not, are you spiritual in some other way or a strict atheist / agnostic?

3. Do you like it where you live? Why / why not?

4. What's the time where you live anyway? What's the weather like?

5. Also: Should I make a new account with an English username if I'm gonna keep a journal in English? Because I don't want to rename this, but I realize it must look stupid to those who don't speak Finnish ._. But I wouldn't want to abandon this one, because I like the username myself.

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I consistently don't have enough protein in my diet. How will this effect me? (non-serious answers probably more welcome than real ones, though I'd like at least one real answer)

I have the option of buying either the "standard" or "deluxe" version of a CD on iTunes. Does anyone know what the difference is? The content, songs and "digital booklet" looks to be the same.

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Let's say a friend of yours asks to use your computer. Would you let them use it?

There was a time that I did let friends use my computer but not anymore. The last time I let a friend use my computer she deleted some files, installed & uninstalled some programs.