June 24th, 2007

Security Item & SO's

Do any of you still sleep with a security item (blanket, bear, etc)?
If so, do you SO's make fun of you or have a problem with it?

I still sleep with my blanket. I've had it since birth. I'm 19, engaged and I have a kid. My fiance thinks it is kind of weird and hides it occasionally just to see me freak out. (I seriously feel like I've lost something HUGE whenever he does this)

The Bridge.

1. Has anyone here seen The Bridge?

If so, more questions behind the cut.

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Say you go to a fast food restaurant. Taco Bell, to be precise. You're with a friend or your SO who orders "a number three without tomato." You order "a chili cheese burrito, a hard taco without lettuce, and a medium drink." It takes at least 7 minutes for the cashier to type that into the register. Your food comes out and you find that you were charged for (and given) an extra taco that neither of you want/will eat. You go to fill your drink cup only to find that of the beverages they provide, the few that you like taste like crap (too much syrup, watered down lemonade, etc). Finally, you sit down with your extra taco and empty cup and take a bite of your chili cheese burrito, which tastes exactly like a giant pack of hot sauce. Does asking for your money back for the chili cheese burrito and drink make you a huge bitch? Would you consider it bad management to just say "ok" to someone who wants their money back, rather than ask if there is any way to fix the problem?

Eek tl;dr. Ongoing argument with my SO.

(no subject)

1. do you read ohnotheydidnt?

2. is there a celebrity that it seems like only you and a few other people get excited about when there's a post about them?

1. yes.
2. yeah, Pulp. everytime there's a Jarvis Cocker post it's like me and 5 other people going "JARV JARV JARV!!!11"
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Decide the course of my life, TQC!

I recently received a shiny new computer as a gift, and today my friend and I hooked it up to the Interwebz. It's 12:30 AM where I am and I have to be to work at 6:00 AM in the morning for work tomorrow.

Should I:
a. Stay awake and jam out to music, while answering questions here, and go to work completely buzzed on adrenaline and McDonalds iced coffee tomorrow?
b. Go to bed.
c. Stay here for (specified amount of time) before going to sleep?
d. Take nudey pictures and send them to my boyfriend?


Extra question. Why don't I ever remember to disable e-mail alerts on my posts here?

(no subject)

1. What is your preferred image hosting site?


2. For those you've legally changed your first name...did anyone in your family disapprove of your name change?

I haven't changed my name legally yet, but a few in my family don't agree with my wanting to legally change my name.

3. What was the last youtube video you watched?

Fred Phelps Jr.'s Comeuppance

Uproar.com - Password Game

I used to really enjoy the Password Game on Uproar.com. I stopped playing it for a while because my schedule got busy, and randomly checked it out today and realized they had shut down! Why did this happen? And is there anywhere else that anybody knows of that has a game similar to Password?

Internship Experience

For those who have had internships before, how has your experience been? Any advice?

I'm going into my 4th year of college and am desperately seeking for a good internship to occupy my time this summer. I'm having trouble finding a good one that is appropriate to my future career aspirations (management/marketing) that I find interesting... but am excited for the potential experience, but nervous about entering territory I am unfamiliar with.

(no subject)

What is something you know that no one else does (until now, at least)?

I absolutely will not brush my teeth if I can't use my preferred toothpaste. Even if that means going a few days without. I'm also more exceited about the release of the new batman movie than my nerdy boyfriend is.

(no subject)

Is there a way to temporarily disable the shortcuts on a laptop's keyboard? In particular the mute button for an Acer Travelmate laptop.

Why: My friend has an immense dislike for Backstreet Boys, which gave another friend and I an idea for a prank. We are going to change his laptop's startup music to Larger Than Life, and set it on full blast. The problem being that pesky mute button, of course. Hehehe.
pushing off

(no subject)

Do you ever think of witty comebacks and responses ahead of time in case you have a confrontation with someone you don't like?

I am the master of making up these kind of responses. However, I've never been able to use one. I'm waiting for the day that I will though, because when I do it will be marvelous.

Waiting for Xanax to kick in

So I have crazy insomnia and I can't sleep. It's 5:39 in the morning and I'm starving. Do I eat and make my tummy feel happy or say eff it and wait til the daytime? What would you do?

For the girls: Have you ever beaten up your boyfriend? Why? Did you feel bad afterward?


The other day my boyfriend was at work and asked a woman if she had a credit card.
She replied with, "Of course I do! I'm not asian!!" and laughed hysterically.

Nobody I've asked yet has ever heard of an asian-credit stereotype. So is this woman just insane or is there another racist gem out there I have yet to discover?

it's QUEER o'clock up in San Francisco

hey ya'll

over here in the bay area, we're celebrating gay (LGBT) pride this weekend.


1. are you queer? (vaguely defined as; someone who is sexually attracted to someone of their own gender.. better defined as; anyone LGBTQ and anything who isn't explicitly mentioned, like androgynous people)
2. do you know anyone queer?
3. how do you feel about the term "queer" over "gay" or the other alternatives?

follow ups,
4. do the queers you know have anything in common? physically speaking.
5. if you were trying to appear queer (and you're not) what would you change about yourself?
6. despite your own sexuality, would you go to a "pride" celebration? if only for entertainment.

(my answers in comment.. for your own entertainment)
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(no subject)

1. if you listen to any foreign music, do you sing along even though you don't know the words/language?

2. these guys keep stealing shopping carts and leaving them in our parking spot. my husband even caught them last week and yelled at them, but they did it again anyway. any ideas about ways to stop them?

3. what's your favorite thing to do when it's really nice out?
watching planes

(no subject)

Inspired by this article: Doctors' Beliefs Hinder Care

1. How do you feel about a doctor's right to refuse treatment based upon his/her values? For example, a doctor refusing to give the pill because he/she is pro-life and believes the pill is wrong.

2. How do you feel about this statement, "In an emergency, doctors need to put aside personal beliefs to do what's best for the patient."?

3. Should doctors be forced to put their personal beliefs aside in all instances and do whatever the patient requests?
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Dum da da dum...

My fiance and I are thinking about actually having a full-on wedding instead of hoofing it to City Hall (it's a second marriage for both of us; our first ones were quite short-lived). I have a daughter (almost seven years old) that would love to be part of an actual ceremony-type union. (She sees my fiance as her father; indeed, he's the only one she's truly known. But that's another story.)

The things we are looking for: non-denominational, fun, unusual, and interesting enough that the family members that I like will hang out longer at the reception (and the ones I don't like as much will leave soon after the ceremony).

There's three possibilities, but since we're still saving up to pay for it all, there's still room for suggestions.

Poll #1009162 Headin' for a weddin'

Which location looks like the most fun for a wedding?

Elsewhere, and I'll tell you in the comments
Oooo, a ticky!
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A work related question

Have you ever sucked so bad at a job that out of mercy to your boss (who puts up with it because he is barely paying you above minimum wage and you only work 2 hours a day) you are seriously thinking about quitting? I work at a Blimpies and I suck so bad at making sandwiches that I am in this situation. Should I quit or should I carry on?

If you say quit, and live in the Savannah area, find me a new job plz!
me and reagan 24th

there is probably a better place to post this.

I want to make a basic fettucini thingie tonight.
I have fettucini noodles, cream cheese, butter, and some frozen veggies. I'm talking real basic.

Is this all I need? How do I go about making the sauce? I think you just melt the butter and cream cheese together, but something seems off there.

What are your favorite basic (few ingredients/instructions) recipes?

ETA: also, how much cream cheese should I use, if I'm even right about that? I have one 8oz block.
blue dress - miss p

(no subject)

1. Why would someone go in the fitting room to try on shoes?

2. I have a pink Nintendo DS Lite, which I received in November for my birthday. I have only tried 4 games, 1 that the gift giver bought and 3 that I bought, and I have not liked any of them. I'm thinking about getting rid of it. What game would convince me not to get rid of it?
Iowa represent!

wiki it!

Where is your hometown?

Can you post the Wikipedia link?


Is there anything terribly wrong or biased in the article?

Someone's been sipping on the "I love band" kool-aid with the section on the jazz band! Other than that, it seems pretty accurate.

What YouTube video can you watch over and over?
http://youtube.com/watch?v=C7Duuh7vLZE OR

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(no subject)

My friend and I are starting to plan our backpacking-through-Europe trip. We want to do it for as cheap as possible, but we also want it to be spontaneous and ridiculously fun. We plan on going to the usuals [Paris, Venice, London, etc] but we don't plan on staying those places for very long, because again, money is an issue, and we have the feeling they'll turn out to be overrated.

What are some underrated, amazing countries/cities to go to? Any particular spots?



my skin had been breaking out like crazy, so i went to the dermatologist a couple of weeks ago and he prescribed me differin gel. i was told to apply it once a day at night. for the past couple of days, my skin has been really dry and hasn't been flaking, but sort of..peeling off..almost like i have a bad sunburn. i've been moisturizing a lot to try to prevent it, but it keeps coming back. i'm assuming this is because of the differin gel. anyone else experience this? besides stopping the use of the gel, is there any way to get rid of this peeling?
loving pat

AIM question

Okay, so I finally found a new AIM screen name that I like and that isn't taken...now I need to figure out how to get my buddy list transferred to the new account. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I looked for a long time and the only thing I found is this, but I think that might be out of date (I have AIM 6.1) because it says to click "My AIM" on the menu bar, but I don't even see where "My AIM" is.

Can you help?

(no subject)

I'm looking to try a new game on the SNES system. I am a fan of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (and the other FFs on SNES), Earthbound, Illusion of Gaia, Lufia, Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana (1 and 2) the Zelda series, things like that.

Can you suggest anything in a similar style, in English, I might like to try? (I never could get used to newer systems, I just love my SNES).
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(no subject)

1. How would one get smoke smell out of their clothes? Or at least minimize the smell? My mother smokes little cigars and even though I don't, I live in the same house and therefore my clothes most likely have a bit of that smell on them. My boyfriend is really sensitive to smoke and if I could, I'd like to make my clothes smell a little better. (He says they aren't that bad, but I'd still like to do something about it.) I'd prefer to not move into a new house lol

2. What is the last song you listened to?

3. Ever play any of the Paper Mario games? Which one did you like the best?
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that's mine!


someone just posted an eBay question so i thought i'd ask mine.

i won an item today for $17.41 plus $4 shipping. my question is: what steps would i take after paying if i never got my item?

the guy has 99.7% positive feedback and everyone says they got their item(except like 3 people, but 3 out of almost 1,000 and it sounded like they were kind of unreasonable). but i'm still nervous about paying 'cause even though $21 isn't a lot, i don't have a lot of money right now either.

i've bought on eBay before and i've gotten all my stuff except for one little thing like 5 years ago. i'm just a little nervous 'cause it's going to be about $21 and i don't have a lot of cash at the moment :\

BONUS QUESTION: why does everyone think i'm flipping out when all i asked was what to do IF it didn't come? i'm pretty sure it's going to. it would just be nice to know what to do if it didn't.
poor leno

The stuff of myths

Other than the HIV virus, are any other STIs passed on from mother to baby?
That is, if both members of a couple had only ever slept with each other (and their parents were all free from HIV), what are the chances that either could have an STI?


are there any mormons here? i have lots of questions.

1. are they racists? i've only seen one black mormon and that was recently
2. why don't i ever see women riding the bikes and handing out "bibles"? what do the women do?
3. why do they ride bikes? can't they drive?
4. how often and how long do they have to do this for and for what reason? (handing out "bibles")
5. why can't they drink coffee or coke?
6. someone told me that it says in their "bible" that black people are inferior. is this true?
7. i remember reading an article that was about this lady who tried to leave their church and she was talking about how they harassed her for leaving. has anyone heard of this?
8. what do they stand for/believe basically?

any other input anyone wants to volunteer would be helpful :)
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(no subject)

there's a kind-of zoo here in my town (i live in Vegas) that keeps animals and even endangered ones in small crappy cages. my boss went there a couple years ago so it's been there for a while and no one has said anything. a customer of mine went to that zoo today and said it was so sad-looking that he was going to write an angry letter to our mayor. what organization could i write to or call to help these animals?
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(no subject)

What are some well-written novels with an anti-hero protagonist?  I've already read some of Patricia Highsmith's Ripley books, but I'm up for anything except those.

Thanks in advance!
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caturday search

hello. i'm looking for a caturday pic that was DnD related. It was of a cat sitting at a table, and the caption was something like "I know the new guy is a little weird, but he's quieter and he brings better snacks". I cant remember exactly. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks!!

(no subject)

1. A friend told me today that I need discipline. Why do I need discipline?

Non-serious answers for this one are very much welcome.

2. What mistakes have you almost made recently but were able to avoid?

I almost spilled my drink on my keyboard a few minutes ago but was able to catch my glass preventing it from spilling the liquid inside.
i say, old bean

(no subject)

what was the last thing you said/did/created that made you proud?

what's the ugliest part of your body?

hey you, out there in the cold, getting lonely, getting old, can you feel me?
Gummy Bears Murdered

(no subject)

idk- i'll probably never find it again: but:

a while i ago i saw an icon that said "Livejournal, because homework isn't that important anyways" (or very similar to that).
anybody know where i can find it? i've search a thousand times over for it.
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

My friend is seeing this guy...and sometimes she gets a vibe that he just wants to hang out with her cause he's bored. And she's wondering how to ask him without insulting him...like "Why are you hanging out with me?". She asked me for some input...but I am at a loss...so I come here to ask you guys.

What would be a non-insulting way to ask him?
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jim greco


I have difficulty smelling things if I am in a loud environment
ex-I thought I smelled rain but my music was loud. I had to turn it down to smell better.

Does this happen to anyone else?
Not necessarily just with smell/noise but maybe with vision/something else etc etc?
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(no subject)

If you were mad at a store for some reason, would you ever pee on a bunch of dresses in the fitting room to get back at them?

Have you ever done anything like that?

EDIT; I have never done this, and would never do it. In my brief time at Macy's someone did, and my manager told me it was probably because they were mad at the store.
china town

(no subject)

If I was on the phone with you and Jonathan Taylor Thomas got in my car and held me at gun point and revealed where he was taking me while my phone was still on line with you, would you find me and beat him up?


 Has anyone here had any work published by a publishing company? 
Has anyone here self-published their own work?  

 Has anyone used Lulu.com or other similar websites for self-publishing?
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(no subject)

Does your house have a basement or cellar? Where do you live?

If yes, what do you use it for?

If yes, have you ever used it as a form of shelter? What were the circumstances?

(If these questions seem peculiar, bear in mind that basements are uncommon in Britain. I have basement-envy. :)

ETA: Are basements more common in some US states than others? Is this to do with climate/weather issues?
Bailey and I

(no subject)

What would you do with half-cooked chocolate cake in a tinfoil ball?

What is the difference between a cake and a torte?

Why do you put a cookie sheet under a springform pan?

And what is your favorite home-made dessert?

(no subject)

i'm a hypochondriac
i have 2 main fears
one is death
the second are needles [mainly giving blood.]

i'm always having panic attacks about me dieing. like my chest will start hurting and i think i'm having a heart attack. or i'll get a headache and i think there's something wrong with my brain or something

my parents want me to go get a physical. which includes me getting blood work
i'm basically shaking right now
i haven't seen a needle in 5 years
i can't deal with this

does ANYONE have advice for this
anyone who's like me..?
how to make this any more.. durable
i'm a 16 year old girl who needs to be held down for a needle... this is really bad.

and please don't reply with "don't look at it" :/
i've heard that 2389059857 times
i need help :/
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(no subject)


What exercise stuff did you buy that is under 100 dollars that you would recommend to a friend to buy? (ex. yoga ball, jumping ropes..)

What is the best kind of exercise device to use to help you work on your abs?
got milk?

(no subject)

What's the most difficult thing you've ever had to tell someone?

AND You know those steamed pork buns with cabbage? I don't really like cabbage but I've thought of trying them. If you've tried them do you like them?

(no subject)

This is a weird question but if anyone was listening to Q104.3 around nine fifteen tonight they played a song that is stuck in my head... I googled everything I could think of and cannot find the answer to what song it was anywhere!

It was a woman singing and the chorus was just basically her singing "oooh and you" a lot.

I remember some of the lyrics included the phrases, "we can do whatever you'd like" and " girls like attention and boys like girls" 

I thought the DJ said the song was called "Reasons to Love You" but I couldn't find it googling that title or any of the lyrics I remember and I can't find it on the stations site.

Please does ANYONE know this song? I need to listen and get it out of my head!

Sorry for this stupid question...

Fun question for everyone: What song, if any, is stuck in YOUR head right now?
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Bug-eyed Earl

Work at home

Does anybody have a work at home / online job?
How did you get it?
Where can you find jobs like that?
Do you make good money?
Why do you work from home?

Everything seems like a scam or you need stellar references and like a fax machine and a bunch of programs I probably don't have.

(no subject)

Following on from my last question:

Have you ever directly experienced an earthquake/tornado/hurricane/flood/other form of severe weather hazard I'm forgetting? Tell me about it!

Apparently I slept through a "hurricane" in the 80s, although I remain sceptical that this ever actually occured, and I was electrocuted during a storm a few summers ago.

(no subject)

I goddamn know no one will know the answer to this damnit, but I'll ask anyway.

My cousin is 1 and she has this toy that's like a plastic bike and between the handle bars is a button, and she pushes it, and it sings "I'm a wiggly, wiggly, little stah-fish, and I...." and I love that little song. Does anyone know the rest of the words to it? :[
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(no subject)

1. Are you less likely to try stuff on when there are employees working in the fitting room?

2. Are you comfortable trying stuff on in communal fitting rooms?

3. How come some stores don't monitor (through employees not cameras) their fitting rooms at all? Doesn't that make it considerably easier for people to steal?

Sibling rivalry

I just brought home a new kitten. My dog doesn't know what to make of him. She'll chase him and bark at him. The other cats will hiss at him.

I thought about how human babies interact when a new member of the family is brought home.

How did your older children react when their new sibling was brought home from the hospital?

(no subject)

Do you like Luna Bars?

What the best flavor in your oh so humble opinion?

edit:  Ever find something funny while googling your parents?
I just found some girl's xanga : "third block i had spanish 2 - but mrs *****is really old and borrrring and so that class is gonna be gay i can already tell.." lol, sucked to be her!