June 23rd, 2007

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I live at my grandparents' house right now, and I swear they could survive the apocalypse with all the food that they store. Anyway.

I am currently eating Spaghetti-os that had the date stamped on the top as expiring in 2003. Will eating these things kill me?
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Hey guys,

I bought my laptop in January of this year, so it's pretty new. I don't download music on it, or do anything else to compromise it, as I've learned my lesson from my virus-ridden desktop computer.

All of the sudden, for no reason that I can pinpoint, when I type in www.youtube.com my laptop brings me to a weird search result page. Even when I go to Google first, search for "YouTube" and click on the results, it does the same thing. The URL is: http://www.miaminews365.net/look.php?aff=8131&subaff=1312&qq=games.
It only does this with YouTube. I can go to any other website on my Favourites list without a problem. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this?

I searched my computer for the word "miami" since that's in the URL to see if I could find out where the heck it's coming from, but nothing showed up (except "Miami" by Will Smith :P)

I'm running Norton AntiVirus as we speak (or as I type, anyways) but nothing's shown up as of yet.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Is there anything else I can do?

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Have you ever had turkey fries?
- - If so, how would you describe the taste?
- - If not, would you be willing to try them if given the opportunity?

Do you even know what they are?

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Does anyone here have a Zune?

Do you like it? Does it work well with MP3s you've downloaded yourself? I know you can't use it with songs downloaded off of iTunes, but what about songs you rip from CDs or download from Limewire?

And what about the Zune to Zune music sharing thing? Does it work? What about downloading sample tracks? What's that all about?

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If you could have ANY dragon ball Z ability, what would it be?

Also, my friend wants me to ask, what is the difference between a threaded nail and a screw? He works in a hardware store, and said they were two separate products, and was curious because they seem like they're the same thing.

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1. Those of you with step-parents, do you hug them and/or say "I love you" to them? How about calling them Mom or Dad? How old were you when they married your parent?
My stepdad moved in with us when I was 13/14, and he and my mom married a year or so later. We've hugged three times (once because Mom kind of made me, once because we'd just had a huge fight, and today because I bought him Dave Matthews Band tickets). We've said "I love you" once (after the aforementioned fight). I've never called him "Dad".

2. Have you slept with Keith Olbermann?
No. Would I? ...possibly.

3. Do you think Dramatic Chipmunk is funny?
I think it's hilarious.
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Why is it that people make a big deal out of people "pretending to be punk?" (Or whatever other subculture where people get pissed about this stuff)

Why care so much about what other people call themselves? It doesn't hurt anyone.

I just don't get why people flip out over perfectly harmless things that don't even affect them.
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Has anyone here used sulfacet on their face, for acne/rosacea/seborrheic dermatitis?

If you have--did you wear sunblock or moisturizer with it? When did you put it on--before the sulfacet, or after? The doctor told me to use it twice a day, but I'd like to still wear sunblock, but I just can't figure out when to put it on.


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My husband and I were discussing this yesterday and couldn't agree on answers so I said I would ask you. 

1. Since zombies transmit the virus/whatever when they bite you, would burning them and breathing in the infected particles infect you and eventually turn you into a zombie?

2. Which do you think would be worse for a hooker? Having sex with random men, or giving BJ's to random men? Which would be worse for you?


So it would seem that ABC & NBC have both stepped back from a Paris Hilton interview...

My question is, does anyone care about Paris Hilton and her current situation? I mean really, besides her family?

How about Lindsay Lohan? Anyone care about her? Personally I'm sick to death of being pelted with them every time I turn around... and am glad that they've giving Britney (sp?) Spears a break.

/ranty question
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Sorry if this has been asked before...

With the study dealing with "are first born children smarter" is that only in the case of families where they all come from the same parents?  What about when a step father or mother come in and bring their own child into the equation. Then who would be considered the first born? The oldest from one of the parent's first relationships, or the first child to come out of the newly married couple?    

I had to stop.. I was making things waaaaaaaaaaay to complicated for myself.


Poll #1008744 The Porcelain Throne

How many times a day do you take a shit?

Less than one (don't poop every day)
More than three times a day
I live on the toilet, I'm a pooping machine

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Have you ever been on, and then stopped taking, an SSRI? (if you're unsure whether it was an SSRI, here's a list)

Did it make your libido explode through the roof?

I'm cutting back on some I've been on for a few years now and I'm like humping everything that moves. It's almost painful how high-strung my vagina is right now. No joke :(
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PPV ?'s

1) Inspired by Transformers: Would you order a movie, that just came out in theaters, on cable PPV for $49 with a couple of your friends to avoid the hassle of going to the movies?

2) What's the last thing you ordered or watched on PPV?

EDIT: I didn't know this many people actually enjoyed going out to the movies. I guess a lot has changed in a month. $50 does seem pretty steep though, IMO.

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A party you're going to is BYOB, what would you bring?
(BYOB is bring your own bottle/booze in this case. In case you thought it was some other funkiness)

edit:// I'm bringing Jack Daniel's country cocktails how many do you think I should bring for a party of 10?

Would you be disappointed or excited by there being a beer bong at a party you attended?

Do you play any drinking games?
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1. After shaving my legs, should I use my lotion that smells like pineapple, or my lotion that smells like a strawberry daiquiri?

2. What was the last controversial thing you debated/argued about with someone? (For example; abortion).

3. What was the last thing you were dreading, but then ended up enjoying?

4. I'm hungry and haven't eaten today. Should I eat now, or wait for three or so hours for the BBQ I'm attending?

5. I ordered my SO a shirt online that has text on it that is applicable to him, but not to me (something about having a penis and a shitty car). Should I just give him the shirt, or should I wear it and wait til he figures out that there is no way the shirt could be for me (he knows I bought him a shirt, he just doesn't know what it is). Or should I find some other, more creative way to deliver it to him?

Moooovie, plz

I need a good movie TQC.
My requirements:
• A fun comedy, one that will make me laugh out loud.
• If it can make me cry, as WELL as laughing, lots of bonus points.
• It can be new or old, as long as I can find it at Hollywood Video.
Any suggestions?
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Well this is interesting...

What would you do if someone in a Polyamorus relationship showed interested in you?

To explain I'm a member of a couple dating websites on the net, hey all the losers can't be on just one and I need to expand myself in order to meet them all lol, and I just recieved a message on one of the sites about one member adding me to their saved list. While reading their profile they did seem close to me but then I got to the part about them being married and in a polyamorus relationship. What are your first thoughts on that and what would your first thoughts be if the situation happened to you? I will point out that they checked all the boxes for why their at the site...short term dating, long term dating, pen fals, new friends, etc... so they could just want someone to talk to, but I'm just curious about other's thoughts.
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hi guys! im going on holiday on tuesday and im a wee bit confused about the new regulations on liquids and such.
what are the new precautions?
am i correct in thinking that only hand luggage with liquids in them have to be declared?
do i have to measure out liquids that im going to store in my suitcases?
are you going on holiday this year, if so, where?

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1. So, how's your love life?
2. Do you think feeling jealousy means love, or with love comes jealousy?
3. Can you solve a Rubik's cube?
4. What are your plans for today?
5. What are a few things that seem/are trivial that really bother you?
6. Apparently Sasha Baron Cohen is going to play Freddie Mercury in a biopic... What do you think?
7. What are you doing this summer?
8. How are you?

my answers:
1. I like someone who is completely confusing and can't make up his mind, but I can't complain.
2. I don't think you have to be jealous to be in love, but certainly not indifference.
3. I'm on the last layer and having trouble. :(
4. Later tonight I'm seeing Fall Out Boy, I don't even like Fall Out Boy.
5. It bothers me when people believe Tim Burton directed The Nightmare Before Christmas. I can't stand Halle Berry, specifically because of Catwoman. Also, I can't understand why people constantly compare Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride.
6. Well, I can't see Johnny Depp doing it, Cohen looks more like Freddie... it will be interesting?
7. I want to become fluent in Spanish, and finally learn to solve a rubik's cube.
8. Tired!

tear in contacts

I found a tiny rip on the edge of my left contact this morning before I put it on. This is my last pair before I order new ones, so I hastily put it on anyway before rushing out. Now my question is, should I be doing this? Is it safe, or is there any chance of damage to the eye? These are new contacts, so they are supposed to last me another two weeks. Thanks!
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Does anyone on here pick up the station WWME-TV? Broadcast Channel 23, RCN Cable, WOW Cable, Comcast Digital channel 223, and also on DirectTV. It's broadcast out of Chicago. For their Summer of Me TV , they air The Monkees every Saturday at 4:00 pm (CDT). My baby sister (11) is a huge Monkees fan and we don't have the money to buy the seasons on DVD at $100 a pop and we don't get any of the stations here. If anyone on here gets the station, would you possibly consider taping the Monkees show for my sister? I would pay for the tapes and shipping and handling. She's never gotten to see a full episode of the show, just clips she found on Youtube. Her birthday is coming up and I want to give this to her as a present. Can anyone help me out?

*edit* The show is on Sunday, not Saturday.
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Does anyone actually bother buying CD singles? I mean in actual disc format.. not some little itunes thing where you purchase one particular song. I've never known anyone who actually spent money on a CD with like two songs on it :/ I've always wondered if anyone really did.

On a similar note, who else is still clinging preciously to their lifetime's compilation of CDs and not giving in to the sick, sad world of mp3s? I'm not ready to admit defeat yet.

When will guys learn that "but you look exactly the same with and without makeup" isn't a complement? >:O

My dad just left for Vegas. He plans on carrying his fanny pack around the strip with him. Will he be mauled?

What should I do for dinner? It will be with my boyfriend and his vegetarian, 9yo nephew.
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Has anyone ever looked into/used Dave Ramsey's debt elimination techniques?

I need a new job. I have a Bachelor's degree in English and have worked in publishing/media for about 3 years. Right now I edit and review copyedited textbooks, mostly medical. Any ideas? I also love animals and am a damn good cook.
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Oh my God, what's that behind you!?

(AN ARMCHAIR!... actually two armchairs, stacked on one another... huh.)

Also, when you were a kid, what did you think was under your bed (or closet or laundry basket or whatever) at night?

(Dude, that b-movie "Critters"? That's what I thought was under my bed. Those things scared the shit out of me.)
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oooh, I need a new job, too!

(inspired by bellasmommy's post)

I posted this in my personal journal, but no one replied, so I'll ask a bunch of people who don't really know me to help.

What would you suggest I do?

I have a BA in Linguistics, speak English, French and German, I taught English as a second language for 8 years professionally, owned my own company for 4 years...now I work as an administrative assistant part time.
I've published a couple of books, had tons of strange jobs and volunteer experiences in my life.

I like organizing and planning, so maybe a travel agent, but I don't really want to go back to school for that.
I like mechanics and driving.
I think I'd like to drive a truck, but don't know if I want to be a truck driver.

I dislike authority usually, but can get along with people.
I dislike routine - I need a challenge or I get bored.
I don't want to be on my feet for long periods.
I don't want to work full time hours if I can help it.
Don't particularly care for working weekends, but it's not a deal breaker.
Won't leave my current job for less pay.
Would be nice if I can get to work using public transit, failing that, parking should be provided and/or free.
I won't do customer service or retail...I just don't have enough patience to deal with annoying people.

EDIT: I won't do sex work, but would be open to the idea of making some sort of website, providing I found the right niche, since the market is already saturated.
I don't want to teach English anymore.
I would like to start another business, but I don't know what.

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What is that test that says something like "you're walking through a forest and you come to a house, are the windows open or closed?" and then you go in the house and it asks you various questions about the state of the house. In the end it is all supposed to mean something about your personality. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Do you know where I could find a copy of it on the web? Or anything similar?


Do those products that say they make your hair grow longer faster do anything at all?

Have you ever ordered anything off of an infomercial? Were you pleased with it or was it absolute crap?

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My mother has a 6x6 woman-made pond in her backyard, filled with tons of over-sized goldfish and one huge Koi that is the size of my calf. Every summer, a Blue Heron, attracted by the swampland near my mom's house, comes to visit and terrorizes the pond. Any fish he doesn't reach in to eat, he spears and leaved to die on the grass next to the pond. She put netting over it, and the Heron just snapped the material. Right now she's using chicken wire, which seems to be working but looks terrible. She's really worried about her fish, particularly Roi the Koi.

Does anyone have any experience scaring off Herons from their ponds? Do you have any suggestions for ways to keep the Heron away, besides running outside and chasing the damn bird every time he appears?

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While high on Marijuana, I experienced a sort of feeling that came from my stomach and rose up through my chest and in to my throat and it felt sort of like a flat cold snake tingling up my throat in to the roof of my mouth. The feeling came in sort of waves, as in repeatedly and in concession. Does this feeling have a name? As in is it like a physical hallucination, or soemthing?

Summer Assignment

Have you ever read any of the following books?
If so, which ones did you enjoy and would recommend?

Jasmine - Bharati Mukherjee
Snow Falling on Cedars - David Guterson
Typical American - Gish Jen
The Joy Luck Club - Amy Tan
The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Kidd
The Namesake - Jhumpa Lahiri

I need to choose one for my summer assignment.
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"Find me somebody to...."

(For purposes of this question, please exclude Paris, Britney, Lindsay, Nichole, and all their ilk, for fairly obvious reasons, and also *said with optimism* to perhaps limit repetition.)

So your Magic Death Wand needs to be exercised so it doesn’t wither and crumble away from disuse – what famous person/celebrity do you use it on, and care to share why?

Contrast this with pointing it at another celebrity and proclaiming, “Banish yourself to Never-Work-or-Be-Seen-in-Public-Again Island, or face the Wand!”  Who would you do this to, and again, why?

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Something I've been curious about for a while

There are a lot of people with mental disorders on the internet. I'm sure this will come as no surprise to any of you.
The thing is, I know a lot more mentally ill people on the internet that I know offline. This is probably true for lots of other people too.

Are there more mentally ill people on the internet because it's easier to open up and to find people who understand you?
Is it because being on the internet a lot actually has a hand in making some of these disorders worse? Or in a worst case scenario, actually making someone mentally ill when they had no problems before? These two have no basis in any fact, by the way. Just pure speculation on my part.
Or is it a mixture of both?
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My 13 month old had Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries this morning and broke out in a rash. We're pretty sure it's an allergic reaction to one of the dyes in the cereal. From researching, I've found that food dye reactions aren't all that uncommon, so I decided to come to TQC and ask you about your experiences with them.

Are you allergic to any food dyes (or do you know anyone who is?) Which dyes? Can you tell me anything about your symptoms, reactions, how you found out, etc?

EDIT: Thank you all for your concern, but YES I KNOW that sugary cereals aren't good for kids. She typically has plain old Cheerios. However, I was not the one picking the cereal this morning. This was the first time she's had the sugary cereals, hence the allergic reaction being a surprise. Obviously, it won't be happening again.

Battle Wounds

I like to refer to scars as battle wounds.  Dear TQC's, in my time of misery, will you tell me about your battle wounds? Pictures are even better!

My recent battle wound was acquired through learning to ride a motorcycle, it suddenly started to sprinkle light rain and boom my bike slipped from underneath me and I landed in the middle of the street screaming in agony. I have a really bright pretty bloody knee to show for it (camera is dead, will edit with picture later) and fucked my bike up in the process...its still ridable but has some scratches.  No more riding in the rain for me :(

Some other ones:  scar on lower right arm from cutting it on a sharp cut zip tie at a retail store while trying to enter their bathroom (key was attached via zip tie to bathroom door).

Scar on my OTHER knee from falling off my OTHER bike (banana bike, when I was 5). They're nice and even now.

Huge scar on my belly button from a belly button piercing gone wrong.

So, lets hear your stories!


So while watching Blood Diamond I wondered - if you aren't supposed to buy your diamonds from Africa because of the corrupt diamond industry, where are you supposed to get them from? Are the only diamonds you should be buying come from Kimberley Process Certification System?

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when I was younger I never washed my hair, well like once a week, and I never brushed it, so I kept it in a bun to hide the tangles. and a lot of guys had crushes on me when I was younger and maybe I should start doing that again because it must have been hot. so enter middle school, I started brushing my hair but my mom would spend hours untangling it because I couldn't do it myself. and I passed out from a blood drawing and so I pass out a lot so it's an excuse not to get shots. anyway so back to my hair: so middle school I really want to dye it black because I wanna be cool, but I don't cause I'm not. so then I wanna dye it blue, then pink, then purple, then green, then red. Then RAINBOW. so I didn't dye it anything but one day I died a strand blue but washed it out cause it didn't stay in my head ok. so my hair falls out a lot and I shed a lot and I'm allergic to cats and crap like that and I complain about their shedding but I shed a lot so I shouldn't. people always pick my hairs off my jackets and clothes, so anyways, back to my hair on my head. so in 8th grade I decide I really like my hair and it's down to my waist and I think how pretty it is, and my grandma bought me this life size barbie doll when I was like 6 and I always thought how much prettier my hair was than it. and in 8th grade is when I started brushing my own hair I think, so I wore it in real ponytails because it wasn't tangled anymore, but it was probably still greasy, because I didn't do anything after PE besides shake around all the sweat off. I also always had my mom cut my bangs, and she always cut them too short and crooked, but I didn't care because I had this thing where I didn't want to go get it cut professionally, and I told people I've NEVER EVER cut my hair and it was my pride and my mommy's pride and my grandma's pride. so I frolicked around loving my hair and people would compliment it and crap, and I remember in 7th grade when I had my first boyfriend he'd touch it a lot, and I hope it wasn't greasy but he was probably attracted to that because he was greasy (and he still is greasy). and once I asked him why his hair was like WHITE blonde and if his parents were like that, and he was like I'm adopted and I felt terrible and he said it's ok it's ok I don't care. and it was really awkward, then he broke up with me for a now lesbian who has no hair, so maybe he really wasn't attracted to my hair at all or it turned him off from hair. so anyway enter high school, and high school is srs bsns and all my friends are pretty and I don't wear makeup so I have to rely on my hair to make me pretty, but it's hecka ugly and I have these bald spots because I have like a receding hairline and crap, and my bangs look hecka ugly and my hairline is ugly. so I used to part my bangs in the middle and I looked like a douche, but I didn't really look like a douche I just like saying that word, I looked like an ugly chick with ugly hair, yet somehow the hottest guy in 8th grade talked to me even though I had his class after PE and I was hecka smelly. my bangs went down to my chin too, so I looked really dumb, but it was like that because I wanted to be emo or something and I liked them long, but they didn't go in front of my eyes are were crooked cause my mom cut them. so then come high school and I live pretty normally and I wear this big sweatshirt because I don't like people seeing sweatspots in my shirt and I'm always hot all the time and my hair is gross. then in 10th grade I part my bangs on the side and I look better but I leave a little on the side and it looks ugly and somehow people are still friends with me. I also have horrible split ends and instead of doing work I always picked at them and it was a contest to see which hairs would split the closest to my scalp and sometimes they'd split in like 5 places on one hair and I'd have SO much fun splitting them and people always told me to trim my hair but it was my pride to never have it cut. and I remember in 4th grade I think it was on the same day I spewed milk out of my nose all over people's lunches or maybe the day when I kept drinking chunky milk, and some lady was like hey your hair is beautiful are you going to trim the split ends? and I smiled at her and was like no, I love my hair how it is. and we were in a chinese restaurant in high school and one of the workers said to me your hair is beautiful and I was SO happy that some random person said that to me even if she wasn't a hot guy. but anyway so in 11th grade this year for my birthday I get my first haircut ever. it's beautiful, it covers my awkward hairline, and my hair is SHORT now, but not really short but I cut off 12" and it's still halfway down my back. and at first I don't know what to think about it, and I walk around with my BFF and my gay friend who is now gay and has a lip ring which makes him look more gay but that's ok because he was one of my first friends in 6th grade and he was in 8th grade, so they're like complimenting it and the lady who did it is super nice and excited to be there on my first haircut ever. and so we walk around and he shows us his dorm and there's a hot guy there and I feel pretty because of my new hair, and it's all shiny and I bought new shampoo and stuff, and she slightly curled my bangs so they were super cute. and I get home and my mom said she was going to cry but she didn't she just smiled and said it was really pretty and my grandma did the same thing even though she was angry when she heard I was going to cut it. so my whole family likes it so that's like the final step of me accepting it, and I finally wash my hair every day and have brand new expensive shampoo & crap, and now that my hair is long I learn to brush my own hair. so I'm really scared to sleep that night in case I ruin it, but I do and I wake up early and eager the next morning and stuff and take a shower, blowdry my hair cause I NEVER do, make my bangs all puffy/curly, and I go to school and soooo many people are like "your hair is so long" even though I cut it because they're used to seeing me in a ponytail, and I laugh at them because it's really ironic that they're saying it's long when it's really short, and I cut off 12" and everyone is surprised. and I still have the 12" and haven't decided if I'm going to donate it to locks of love or sell it on ebay or keep it or what. so anyway ever since then my friend daniel always tells me he likes my hair when he's high, and he's high a lot but it's still a nice compliment because he stopped being high and he says it still, and for a few months after the cut people still told me thast my hair was really long, and I laughed at them, but then it got annoying because my hair was 12" longer before right? and so then now my bangs are really long and I need to get them cut but I don't trust any place else besides the place I got my haircut which cost like $150 for the cut so I can't go back there, plus it's in san francisco and I don't drive and I'm broke but I need to buy that shampoo again because it's sooo good for my hair. so I was in my friend's hot tub and my hair is getting darker as I get older I think, it happened to my mom, but I go in her hot tub and I get out and don't wash my hair till the next day and it's LIGHTER, and I'm so excited because I hope my hair never gets darker because I love the color it is now how many people have me ignored by now hahaha so anyway yeah I hope to keep getting it lighter. so I don't know if I should get it cut a lot shorter again or anything but maybe I'll sort that out soon I gotta cause of senior pics coming up soon and I want a hot BF next year and my hair needs to be HOT for him so yeah. so if you were a country, what would your flag look like?


I'm having a hard time finding as detailed an answer as I'd like on Google, so here goes.

What is the process for mole removal like these days? Moles as in skin moles, not little animals. My mom used to have them removed pretty often, but that was 10-15 years ago and I suspect its probably changed a bit.
I think I need to have one removed and I'd just like a little heads up on what to expect.

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My mom and I are semi-close. She was pretty abusive in the past (physically and other ways), but both of us have talked about it and we're both trying to put it in the past.

We talk daily on account of the fact that we live together (duh). I don't mind this at all.

What I mind is that she talks to me ad nauseum about the daily minutia of my brother's life.

Ex 1: My brother's friends are over and they're in the garage, playing music. They come in to eat and raid the place.

She would not only like to comment on how hungry they are, but have a 15-30 minute chat about how endearingly boyish all of them are. Every. Single. Time. Mind you, my brother is in high school. High school students have a lot of free time, so this happens quite a bit.

Ex 2: My dad temporarily (and unfairly) barred my brother from drumming lessons because he wanted my brother to run track or no deal. The entire family came down on him pretty hard and he backed off. My brother is now getting drum lessons. All is well.

Or is it? Because if it was, I wouldn't have to fend off overtures to in-depth conversations with my mom about what a bad-guy my dad is and how my brother deserves drum lessons.

Ex 3, etc: She will, at least once daily, try to engage me in conversations about his schoolwork, his friends, his new haircut (sure to be a topic of conversation for about 1 more week), his clothing, the way he acts, his "attitude," how smart he is, and blah-f*cking-blah.

I asked my brother if she talks about me to him and his reply was, "no, not at all."

It's very one-sided most of the time. I've recently taken to completely facing away from her when she starts talking about my brother or abruptly changing the subject, yet I am still engaged daily in these chats about my brother.

I simply could care less about her take on his behavior or life. He and I are great friends and I know enough about him already. Do any of you guys have advice on how to stop these chats?

Two for you!

1. I am now officially a livejournal nerd. I have made a rule in my email to direct livejournal emails to their own folder. Do you do anything special with your LJ notifications? Do you save them, or delete once read?

2. I am a superfatty. I went for an 8 mile bike ride today, for no reason other than exercise and enjoyment of the day. On the way home, I stopped and got a small, single scoop of ice cream. Did I just completely undo the benefits of the bike ride Y/N? Should I be proud of myself for showing restraint and not getting a triple scoop like normal?
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Sista, Brotha.

What is the worst thing you and your siblings did when you were younger that made your parents madder than you'd ever seen them? (this is before you hit puberty and they get mad at you about other, more universal things).

What was the biggest thing you broke to your knowledge, with a sibling or not? A vase, a door, a car ..

Do you regret how you treated your siblings when you were younger?

Do you wish you had a younger sister instead of an older brother, etc.? Do you wish you were an only child?

Movie refund

Do y'all think it's okay* to ask for refunds at movie theatres simply because you didn't enjoy the movie itself? NOT because of anything the theatre had any control of.. not a broken projector, cold cinema, bad popcorn, shitty volume, loud talkers.. only because you didn't like the movie.

If you do or would do this, would you do the same thing for a rented movie (return it asking for a refund after watching it and deciding you didn't like it)?

Idk personally that's always irritated me when people do it. Pet peeve. I don't see why the theatre should lose money because the movie you chose to go see wasn't to your tastes.

*"Okay" simply meaning something you would do without feeling bad about it. Not "is this socially acceptable or will you be shot in the face for it". For all the literal assholes :)


Any tips for making using crutches easier?

I have an aircast and am on crutches for the forseeable future. I'm finding it tiring and find that the undersides of my arms are getting really sore.

Any tips? Am I doing something wrong?
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1. How cool is laser tag!?

2. Does anyone else have a problem finding cute dresses? They're either too short, look like their made for preggo people, or are ugly patterns/colors.

3. Is it lame I enjoy playing Dance Dance Revolution?

4. What's something about you (maybe something you've done, or a large phase in your life) that most people don't know about, simply because it's never brought up, not because you try to hide it?

5. When was the last time you played with a puppy/multiple puppies?
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store credit cards, breaking glass, Sarah Jessica Parker

1. As long as you pay them every month is there any harm in getting store credit cards? There are a lot of stores where it seems like people who have the credit card get all sorts of super special discounts. There is one store where it seems like everyone else in line is using their store credit card, and they all have some kind of 25% off coupon to go with it. I feel like I'm missing out.EDIT I have a regular credit card. The benefits I would get from using it at a certain store would not be nearly as good as the benefit I would get from using the store's credit card at that store.

2. What are the chances this will actually break glass? If you have this or a similar item, have you ever had to use it?

3. Have you purchased anything from Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line?

Phone Phobia

Does anyone else hate calling people on the phone?

I can call my mom, my grandparents, my boyfriend, and one good friend- but it sometimes just hurts to call to order pizza, to talk to school people, to get info about store hours, etc.

Does this have a name, other than me calling it a phone phobia? It's rather stressful for me sometimes. :( 
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Inspired by a recent post which I somehow can't find now, about blood diamonds...

If you opted to not get a diamond on an engagement ring, what stone did you choose? Any special reason behind the stone choice? Did people think you were weird for not getting a diamond?

I'm torn about the whole thing--I'll openly admit society has successfully brainwashed me into wanting a shiny diamond, and the clear stone does go with everything! I love tanzanite, but it's blue/purple color isn't universal and the stone is really too soft for everyday use. Sigh.
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If you were a parent...

What would you do in this situation?

My youngest brother (16) failed American History and his FCAT in reading this year. He barely passed most of his other classes. My parents are divorced (my dad left mom) and Mom has full custody of the brother. Dad has visitation 1 night/week and alternating weekends. Brother is aware of mom's hate for dad, and as a consequence, dislikes him too.

Younger brother HATES HATES reading, and HATES all attempts by anyone to make him read. Dad and I, and to lesser extent, Mom, remind him that it wasn't *us* who failed the reading FCAT or American History, but that a dutiful parent would make him read to catch up over the summer.

Dad tries to keep on Brother about his homework, and this weekend, having visitation, planned to have little brother read his American History textbook from summer school, and then teach him about the era via a war game on the Civil War.

This morning, after Dad announced the plans for the day, Brother left while dad wasn't looking, walked to a gas station, and called another family member to pick him up and take him to Mom's, essentially "running away."

Note: Dad has not hit, yelled, or thrown anything at brother. The *only* reason he left was because *he was going to have to read on a Saturday in the summer OMG.

If you were Mom, what would you do?

If you were Dad, what would you do?

(no subject)

1. What would be the pros and cons of being immortal?

2. a) Anyone else have trouble swallowing pills?

b) For those who can swallow most pills with ease, what type of pills do you find the easiest to swallow?

3. a) Is there a different spelling version of your first name that you don't like?

Karry or Carey. I mean no disrespect to anyone whose name is Karry or Carey.

b)Do people often misspell your name?

Yes. My name is spelled Carrie but people sometimes spell it Karrie or Carie. Someone wrote me an e-mail once spelling my name Carry.

c) Does it bother you when people misspell your name?

Yes, it does.