June 22nd, 2007

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Have you ever been stuck in a roller coaster, elevator, or train?

I went to this really sketchy amusement park, and went on the creepiest ride and it got stuck right on top. Luckily after like ten minutes it started moving again.

I got stuck on the 31st floor of an elevator during a fire alarm, when I was nine.

I get stuck on the train 24/7, anyone else in Boston probably has too.
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moving a cat overseas

so i'm currently living in korea. i want to get a cat, but i also want to be able to bring it back with me. i know that leaving the country i must have a bill of health from a certified vet. coming into the u.s. i also need to have the same thing. the cat does not need to be quarantined beforehand. but there are also state laws. that's where the problem is. i don't know what texas state law says about bringing animals into the state from overseas. can anyone help me? all i find are official state sites about transporting livestock. thanks in advance!

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1] What is your completely honest opinion on internet relationships? Please include if you've ever been in one also.

2] What is your comepletely honest opinion on "goth"/"punk" peoples?

3] I am a 17 year old female, 5'4", 120lbs. I gained about 20 pounds a few months back and lost most of it, but my body is still a little wobbly-ish. So, I've been going to the gym about three times a week and working on mostly just ab-related machines. When can I start seeing results?!

4] Has anyone ever read The Enchanted Forest Chronicles [Dealing with/Searching for/Calling on/Talking to/ Dragons]. If so, can you recommend any books along the same vein?

5] Do you edit your pictures in Photoshop? And if you're brave enough, show me a before and after picture!
garth marenghi


How long is tonsillitis contagious through kissing for?

I've spent the entire time I've had tonsillitis so far researching tonsillitis on the internet and I haven't found the answer yet. I've been on antibiotics for tonsillitis for 5 days but I still have the attractive white spots. One website did say that if you're taking antibiotics you're not contagious but I don't know if that's true

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I remember hearing that 2/3 of pregnancies miscarry before 6 weeks- so, some before the woman's even realised she's knocked up.
And I've also been told that ~2 months, a fetus is roughly the size of a jelly bean.
(These facts might both have been made up by the people I heard them from, i admit.)

So... at what point in time does a fetus become visually distinguishable from a menstruation-y blood clot?
Mitty box

Clothes question

I got this sundress thingie at Walmart tonight to wear to a pool party tomorrow night. It's got a string in front that I don't know what it does. Do I tie it in a bow, or do I tie it around my neck like a halter? It seems to me to be too skinny for a proper halter, but too long for a proper bow. Any ideas?
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I have a tetsubin, which I picked up for about $50 (CAD). Apparently the place I got it from is fricken retarded, which is good for me, because they usually go for about $80 to $140. Something about them not being able to sell them so they had to mark them down a few times (college bookstore). It looks just like this teapot, except there is a faint dragon on it. Cast iron.

What type of teapots do you have?

What do you collect?

Share you story about a specific item you collect.

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Does anyone remember the name of that game on the old school Mac where you were a fish and you had to go around eating and dodging bigger fish?

There was a long list of fish you could choose from, and everyone always picked the shark. I would be more descriptive, but it's been like 5-6 years since I last played it.

SOLVED!!!! It's Odell Down Under!
hell yes!
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I need shoes

Ok, so I want what I call stripper/dancer shoes. You know the clear ones with the monster platform? I want those, minus the platform. The only place nearby that I know of that sold them, Dynamic Shoes in Kitchener...it apparently doesn't exist anymore!

So I need some store recommendations. Southwestern Ontario is cool, I'm going on a shopping trip with my brother Sunday so an hour drive or so doesn't matter, we want a new mall to check out! I live in Cambridge.

http://pinupgirlclothing.com/cllumushwi4h.html <-perfect example of what I want!

I just can't order off the net, my feet are too narrow and I need them in 3 weeks so no time to send back exchanges and whatnot.


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1. Have you ever set down a soda can and it did that weird thing where it spins around for a moment? WTF is that? Demons? Don't even try to tell me it's air trapped under the can or some shit. *scoffs*

2. Why do some companies not take online job applications as seriously as 'real' ones?

(ETA: I've been job searching and I've noticed I can fill out online apps and never hear a thing from the company, but I can write down the exact same info on a paper app, in person, and they call back.)

3. How did The Sopranos end? What happened in the last few episodes? Collapse )
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Friday Five (for some!!) TQC style

1. Is there a food for which you prefer the 'diet' version to the original? (Diet meaning lo/no fat, low sugar, sugar free, lo-carb, 'lite', etc etc)

2. Is there a food for which you detest the 'diet' version to the original?

3. What is something you could eat/drink every day and not get sick of?

4. What's your favourite ethnic food?

5. Are you hungry now?

Collapse )

2 Questions

1.) What are the best running shoes at a decent price? I run 2 miles 5-6 days a week.

2.) As a 22 year old female who is pretty active, what vitamins should i be taking? Are there any vitamins/multivitamin that wont hurt my sensitive stomach?

thank you, thank you kindly.

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how long have your folks been married?
and if you know it, when is their anniversary?

my answers:
my folks have been married for 60 yrs.
their anniversary is this coming sunday
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Beast mode!

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1. What are you wearing today?

2. Does your local airport have cell phone parking lot (where you can sit and wait without paying anything) or do they make you keep driving around and around the airport until the person you are picking up arrives?

3. How much sleep did you get last night? How much do you get on an average night?

4. I'm so tired I'm having trouble getting my eyes to focus. When you are really tired, what do you have trouble doing?

5. When you make a post to a community, do you look at it after posting to make sure you didn't screw up anything (HTML, wrong word, whatever) or do you not look at it, turn off your comments, and walk away from the computer?
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Anybody want me to forward them a coupon for a free month of Netflix? All my friends and family either already have it or can't afford it.

Does anybody else think Ben Kingsley and Tea Leoni playing a romantic couple is kinda weird?

Do you get any benefits from being knighted anymore?
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Bailey and I


Inspired by This Post ::

When you pee on a public toilet seat, do you wipe it off?
Does it make you mad when other people don't wipe it off?
Have you ever sat in pee on a public seat?
    What did you do?
What is the nastiest thing you have ever seen in a public bathroom?
What is the nastiest thing you have ever done in a public bathroom?

<lj-cut text=My Answers>
I do wipe it off.
YES! I don't want to have to touch other peoples pee to use a toilet, just as I don't expect them to have to clean mine!!
No. I always look.

Someone pooped ON the toilet seat. Not in the toilet, not a smudge in the bowl.. ON THE FUCKING TOILET SEAT.
That list is short... Not washed my hands???</lj-cut>
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And I know we're really not supposed to double post like this...

BUT WHAT AM I DOING WRONG TO MY LJ CUTS?! I just don't get it. I can't get it to work. I've tried it with the quotes, without them.. I've been doing the whole LJ thing for three, four years now.. I can html just fine.. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THE LJ CUT!

(And yes I can laugh at myself... But please no smart-a$$ answers please!!)

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Do you know anyone who has managed to get out of a military draft in their country? Who are they and how did they do it?

I don't mean people who left the country or hid or just didn't have their number called. I'm talking medical conditions, having a documented religious objection, or are openly homosexual (I have no idea how other countries feel about gays in the military, but the US is all "don't ask, don't tell" and will kick your Arabic/Farsi-speaking ass out in a heartbeat if you come out).

I will actually answer my own question. My father and his brother got out of the Vietnam War draft in the US because they have colitis. Now, tell me your own stories, please.

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How much and in what ways have you changed since you were in highschool?

Have you become more liberal or more conservative?

Does it embarass you to look at old pictures?

Do you have pictures of yourself from 2-3 years ago OR your highschool days? Will you share them pleeeease?

Collapse )
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Losing Weight

Are free weights an effective way to lose weight? If so, what's the best way to utilize them (both hand and ankle weights) to drop pounds?

What are the best times of day to work out for losing weight?

Also, one of my weight gain problems is that I forget to eat a lot (so my metabolism slows down). Is there a good way to remind myself to eat? What sort of things are good to munch on and still give you the intake you need for the day (I want to do the "eat smaller meals more often" thing)?
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How do you prefer your toilet paper roll positioned? With the paper coming up over the roll or hanging down from the back?

Lately when I've been out for a short run, I've been getting a weird pain in the back of my shoulder (left or right, but never both at once), right where some people have a dimple. It feels like a really bad toothache, but in my shoulder (that's the best way I can explain), and sometimes, when it's really bad, I feel it a little in the corner of my jaw. I'm not terribly out of shape - 5'6" ish, 125-130 lbs, most of it around hips and thighs. Any idea what this is all about?

What's your wake-up routine?

Do you find this New York Times article to be true about your family?
Sissy Fight
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1. What was the last book you cried during / at the end of?

2. What was the last movie you cried during / at the end of?

3. What was the most, non cry worthy movie you've ever shed tears during?

4.  Did you ever have a mass kid crying session during school? What book / movie was it for.

And now for my dull boring answers.

1. The Lovely Bones.  
2. I don't remember.. So we'll just say .. Fox and the Hound, since I always cry during that one.
3. Star Wars Episode 1. I bawled at the end when Qui Gon died. ( In the theatre )
4. Where the Red Fern Grows in late elementary school? Or early Middle school? But all of the girls were crying. And then they made us watch the movie. 

(no subject)

1) Do you go to semi-pro or rookie team games? Or pro, for that matter, I was just thinking cheap entertainment.

2) Which sports?

3) How much are the tickets in your neck of the woods?

4) When did you go last, and when are you going next?

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For those of you who shave their legs...

1--How to you get the smoothest legs?

2--What is your shaving technique to get touchable legs?

3--What kind of razor do you use?

4--Do you use shave gel?

5--What scent?

6--Have you ever tried the Veet stuff?

7--If so how well does it work?

My answers:

I use a venus razor with peach shave gel. I am looking to try the Veet stuff, but not sure how well it works


If you had to pick a career in which you worked with dead people (body) which would you pick?
a.) homicide detective
b.) medical examiner
c.) mortician

If you had to pick a career in which you worked with dead people (spiritually) which would you pick?
a.) psychic 
b.) sham psychic
c.) ghost hunter
d.) ghost exorcist
death by cigarette


When you first add someone to your friendslist, do you take them at face value or do you read their profile and skim back to checkout their past entries?

When someone adds you, do you add them back automatically or ignore them?
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(no subject)

I am allergic to animals. Sneezing, itching, puffiness when I come in contact with them. Well, their dried saliva. Cats are less severe than dogs, and the boy has cats and wants more and so do I, so.... I need a remedy for this. The breast-kneading cat post reminded me of this. LOL. So...

What's a good breed of cat that is non/hypoallergenic? Fur color/length?

What kind of medicine helps lessen the allergies (without making you sleepy)?

Do you think going to a doctor to ask is worth it?
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My boyfriend sent me these today at work for my birthday.

How should I properly thank him when I spend this weekend with him?
Aunt Flo invited herself along for the trip, so I can't thank him the way I'd like without her nosy ass being there; although I DO plan on giving him plenty of BJ's. :-D

What else do you suggest, TQC? :-D

Serious and non-serious answers welcomed.
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After I cut my hair short a few years ago, my ex-boyfriend told me that he thought short hair made girls' faces look fat.

See why he's my ex?

Anyway, after that, I never cut my hair short again.  I'm considering cutting it short again, though.  So I'm asking you, TQC:

Was that just my ex being an ass, or does short hair really make faces appear fat?  I ask because my face is already not extremely thin, and I don't want to do anything to make me appear to have even more of a double chin.

Ok, so new question.

Have you ever been emotionally/verbally abused by your SO?  If so, stemming from this abuse, was there anything strange that affected you in the long-term, such as my fear of cutting my hair short?

What was the best classic cartoon ever?

(no subject)

1. So, someone stole my license plate. Tell me, have you ever stole a license plate? What else have you vandalised?

2. Did you like your last hair cut?

3. Do British people regularly say, "Cheers!" ?????
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Do you ever feel jealousy/suspicion/any ill feeling when your significant other hangs out with their friends of their opposite sex?

We all know its a little unfair to stop them seeing their other friends, but given that we cant help feeling the way we do, do you still try and do things to keep them away from them as much as possible?

Are you happy to let them hang out while you arent around?

Be honest.


(no subject)

1)Have you ever participated in a circle jerk?

2)What would you say to an anorexic person if they asked you if they should eat today?

3)Do you usually make dinner at home for yourself or does someone make it for you? Do you call your evening meal supper or dinner?

Hair help!

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow (not MY wedding), and need to do something with my hair.

I was thinking maybe lowlights as opposed to highlights... or something that isn't as obviously noticable when the color starts fading away (this is why coloring and highlights don't seem like a good option). Any ideas?

My hair is a dull, dishwater blonde/brown color. Length is to my shoulders.

Pink Panther--lazy/happy

shades of Carmen Miranda!

I bought a pineapple at the grocery store today, TQC. Mmmm, pineapple. However, I haven't the foggiest idea how to go about cutting or storing it after I cut it.

Can I cut the ends off, cut it in slices, and eat it from the rind? Should I go to the hassle of cutting all the rind off? (I'm not relishing this if this is a better option.) Should I store it in the fridge once cut? How do you eat your pineapple?

For that matter, do you like pineapple?

I actually used to hate pineapple, my brother would eat it when we were kids and then purposely blow in my face so I'd smell his pineapple breath, and I hated it. Then I had it on a pizza, and grew to love it.

(no subject)

At certain restaurants, I notice signs that say, like, "Free appetizer on us if we forget to tell you about our drink specials!" or, "Free dessert if receipt is not given."

I've always wondered what their incentive is for doing that. Is it some sly way to punish the servers who forget to tell you about the specials?

Also, I always feel like the oldest person in some of the communities I watch. (I'm 22.) Here, a lot of people seem to be my age or older. Why? It's awesome. I can feel my wrinkles disappearing already.
elise (judgemental)

Help me choose a car, please. [picture heavy]

Okay, I am buying my first car (I'm a late bloomer at well over 19, I know, but before this I've just been walking). I am getting a loan of $10,000 to pay for the car and the insurance. Whatever is left, I will just put back. But please, the loan is not what I am asking about, I am already seeing consultants for it. I need advice on buying a car.

This is what I need:

+ Something very reliable. For 7 months out of the year I'm in school, and that means driving about 70 miles a day, round trip. My work is only about a mile away, so I'll probably still walk for the exercise.
+ Something great on gas. See above.
+ Something that can last me all through college, and maybe beyond. When I've graduated, I'm going to grad school, and I want to be chipping away at debt all the time, so I am aiming to get 10 years out of this car. At the very least, 6 or 7.

So I did a search on autotrader, and these are my top three, in no particular order:

Collapse )

So anyway, I really need advice. I don't know much about cars. In fact, I don't know anything at all. Not even how to change a tire. I don't know about mileage either. Mom said that 1,000miles a month is a good marker, so I guess all these cars are good, but I need something that will last. ADVICE PLEASE?

EDIT: People keep on saying Honda...I found a 2004 Honda Civic, 50k miles, for $8,900...is that good, or am I just being fooled by nice pictures?
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Health/doctor kind of question

Is it wrong or right to keep hounding a doctor's office about answers you need from a test you've had done?

Here's the story: I had a lyme disease test done a few weeks ago. They just came back in the beginning of the week. Both nurses tell me it looks like I have lyme disease, but that the doctor needs to look at the test to confirm it. The week's about over and he STILL hasn't looked at the test, so I still don't know if I have it or not. I'd really like to know. It's driving me crazy and kind of scary to be sitting in limbo like this not knowing.

I've been calling almost every day asking if he has looked at my tests yet. Is it right or wrong to continue hounding them about it? I feel like I may be annoying calling them so often, but since it's my health, I feel I have the right to know.

So... is it right or wrong to hound them?

(no subject)

so today's my birthday, and i haven't had a birthday party in a few years
and i'm not much of a partier anyways, but i have a few friends coming over tonight and i have no idea what i'm going to do to keep everybody entertained.

any suggestions?
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You've recently moved into a new house/apartment. The first thing you do is call all of the utility companies and have them set up accounts for you, and you receive your first bills a month later.

However, you only get charged for gas instead of gas+electric. Thinking that they're on separate billing cycles, you send off the gas bill and ignore it.

Four months go by. You're only paying for gas, but you're obviously getting electric service as well. Do you:

1) Call the company and point out the error?
2) Let it slide: electric is freakin' expensive.
3) Throw lightswitch raves and set your air conditioner on 59.

(no subject)

How often do you weigh yourself?

How often do you take pictures of yourself?

How often do you eat?

I'm hungry and I want to eat something, but am too lazy to leave my office to get food. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Nevermind, I found a nutrigrain bar in my desk. :)
Got Rat

(no subject)

I have a lecture near Monument station next week. I then have two hours to kill before my train home at Liverpool Street Station.

Where would you reccommend I eat for dinner?
Directions/maps would be a great help! Never been to London on my own before!


(no subject)

1)What are some pet names/nicknames you and your SO or you and your friends use with each other?

2)With as much rejection as they face, don't you think people that beg for change would have to be pretty optimistic?

3)If a panhandler asked you for some money to eat and you offered your lunch, what would you expect him/her to say? Have you ever done this?
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1. What movies are you excited about that's coming out this summer?

2. How do I remove watermarks from pictures in Photoshop? (They are my pictures that I watermarked...and I have no idea how to remove them.) GAHHH! I GIVE UP!
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The poll about horses

A horse is a horse

Of course!
You are what you eat
And Captain Obvious is riding it
Unless it's a zebra
Where are you going with this assumption?

I led my horse to water. What's the best way to make him drink?

Keep giving him his salt lick. He'll get thirsty
Waterboarding will make him surrender to your hydrating wishes
Your horsie may be an alkie. Put the water in a whiskey bottle.
Catapult him into the lake
Horses prefer to use crazy straws. They're pretty whimsical.

They say you should never look a gift horse in the mouth. Why is that?

It's rude to be critical of a free gift
Gift horses have a nasty habit of sucking eyeballs out of unsuspecting people
Horses never brush. Their mouth smells like horse ass
The horse may think you're trying to jack his grill and pimp slap you
If you poke too close to the horse's mouth, he may think you want to make out. That could be awkward

What does 'horsing around' mean?

Sexual grabass
Inappropriate touching at the stable
Sex with someone in a furry horse suit
To fool people with a Trojan horse. You know. Offer them a big wooden horse that's filled with soldiers, who will burn down their house during the night

(no subject)

Is it gloomy where you live today?

Does it feel like there is an influx of omgfatttttttyD: attitudes on the interwebs lately?

Also unrelated:
Does it feel like there is an influx of crankiness all over the place lately?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

1. Is Sarah Jessica Parker attractive?
2. do you feel "Sex and the City" is a show you can relate to?
3. And is NYC really that preoccupied with sex? (I know, it's a fictional show, but still)
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(no subject)

What is a name you hate just because you hate a person with that name?

(Oh I've got a LIST... Jacob, Hannah, Morganna, Tonya, Gabriel, Autumn, Ryan... and probably much much more.)

And hell, if you feel like sharing with the class, go ahead and tell us what the (son of a) bitch did to make you hate their name!


I'm making plantains for the first time ever tonight.

I can cook and I can bake and I can slice and dice and even make the perfect pie crust but for the life of me I can't fry a damn thing without screwing it up severely. All the recipes I've found essentially say to put 1/4 c butter in a skillet, put plantains in for 5-10 minutes, drain and season.

Any tips or tricks?
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(no subject)

Nail polish question:

What's a really good base/top coat? I use very expensive polish yet it's been chipping and I bet it's because my base/top coat sucks (Revlon vs. Chanel) - help!
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Okay, so I'm watching a game on ESPN Classic right now (Iowa at Michigan in 1997--back when Hayden Fry was still at Iowa!) and it reminded me of something I always wondered about.

Why do football players tape their shoes on? Is it to keep them from coming off, or to gain traction? Stabilize the ankle? I'm a chick, so I didn't play to know, but I'm curious. And how long must it take to get that all off after the game!

PS--I know that Iowa & Michigan are in the Big Ten, but I'm not really a big fan of the Big Ten, so my Gateway icon is gonna have to do.
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(no subject)

do you think a bruise and some swelling behind the ear can be anything to worry about?
is it worth contacting my doctor?
have you ever been to osama's homo-commie abortion pot'n'jizzporium?
should i buy beer or whiskey tonight?
how would you escape the monsters from the movie Tremors?
and finally, who's biography should i read?
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I was looking at new corsets in an vintage clothing store today and I noticed that the boning wasn't very rigid- in fact, it was pretty bendy. Are real corsets bendy like that, or is the boning very stiff? I thought old ones used to be metal or bone, which to me means very hard, but what do I know. (And by "real" I mean a corset that you could really use to cinch your waist, not just one that looks pretty as lingerie.)

(no subject)

So this one site I'm a free member of tells you when someone else searches for you by name.  My name is pretty rare (the first name is spelled differently than the "normal" spelling, and my last name is an obscure French name), so it's pretty likely that anyone looking for someone with the exact same first/last name combo is looking for me.  

I just got a notification that someone is searching for me.  All I can see about them is their age & location, and both of those are close enough to my own stats to make me think that it IS someone I know.  Should I spend the $30 for a membership to find out who the hell it is, or should I just worry & wonder forever?  (BTW, to those who would think it's a scam or ploy to get me to buy a membership- I joined the site a while ago (6+ months?) and have never gotten a notification like that before, so it's pretty likely that there really is someone looking for me.)  I've got the money, it won't hurt me to spend it... and as a member, I can use the people search function a little more in depth myself.

Have you ever used a site to search for "lost" friends/loved ones?  How'd that turn out for you?
regina [lupinskitty]

(no subject)

1. Does your school (college/high school/whatever) have a motto? What is it?

2. What does it mean (if it's not in English)?

3. What is your favorite motto?

My Answers:

1. Yes. Pietate et Doctrina Tuta Libertas (College). Hinc lucem et pocula sacra (Grad school).

2. "Piety and Learning are the Bulwark of Liberty" and "From here, light and sacred draughts" or "From this place, we gain enlightenment and precious knowledge"

3. I like Oxford's (Dominus illuminatio mea - The Lord is my Light) and Hogwarts' (Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus - Never tickle a sleeping dragon)

Captain Obvious

Has Captain Obvious visted you in your life today?  (in other people, in the media, in yourself)

(I just came across an article about that flight that had sewage flowing down the aisle of the plane.  "The smell was awful" someone said.  . . . REALLY?!?)
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(no subject)

Can anyone give me the name of that website which lets you listen to accents of different regions? It let you pick a region, and then you could listen to someone speak a sentence to hear their accent.

(no subject)

So yesterday I tried to wax my armpits and ended up ripping off more skin than hair and it was bleeding and now it hurts. So would I be a complete idiot to try and wax my legs or something else?

On a somewhat related note... is Collapse ) an ugly nail polish color?
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(no subject)

For those of you in or graduated from college, what was your first night like with your roommate?
What did you do to get to know each other?
What were they like?
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(no subject)

Poll #1008321 Problems, bitches, etc

Are you familiar with the song "99 Problems" by Jay-Z?

I feel the need to be different

Are you familiar with its remix on the Grey album with "Helter Skelter" samples beneath it?

Yes, and I like that version better
Yes, and I like the original better
I feel special

There's one time that the repeated line is different. What is Jay-Z saying?

"I got 99 problems, bein' a bitch ain't one"
"I got 99 problems, B, and a bitch ain't one"
I feel pretty

If I said to you, "I got 99 problems and bein' a bitch ain't one", that means

I'm not a bitch
I am a bitch, but it's not a problem
Your mom

How many problems do you have, and is a bitch at least one of them?

1-50, no
1-50, yes
51-98, no
51-98, yes
99, no
99, yes
>=100, no
>=100, yes

(no subject)

1. Do you know what "safe" means when used as slang?

2. Why am I so bored?

3. What can I do with my 11 weeks of summer?

4. What band do you REALLY want to see?

5. Going to any festivals/gigs this summer? What ones?
custard baby

please help ):

So I was absentmindedly chewing on a fork, and it kind of stabbed my gum in the back. My mouth has been bleeding for about fifteen minutes - kind of gushing, not just drizzling - and there's something that looks like a small chunk of tissue embedded in the fork tines. I'm sucking on ice but it doesn't seem to be helping. Should I call the doctor? What should I do??

OK so I went to the doctor and he said that I actually stabbed through my gums into my esophagus. He told me not to eat solid food for a few weeks and I should be fine. So I have a new question for you guys: What are some foods that make good smoothies? I don't like corn or mushrooms.

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1)I usually don't do this but I suppose 50 or so heads are better than one. What would be a good name to have on AIM? Preferably one that is not the same as my retarded username.

2)There was this kid on the train rapping all the way to my stop while wearing his headphones. Would this have annoyed you or would you have enjoyed his performance? I don't know who the artist was...from what I heard it was something about Jesus and then "fuck a nigga I'm not a nigga." Not sure. I may have heard that all wrong. If you know the artist please let me know too.

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You're hungry.
You made a box of regular Kraft Dinner.
You eat four tablespoons of it.
Your phone rings.
It's your brother.
He wants to go to sushi.
Do you discard/put away the KD and go for sushi?
Or do you say, "No, thanks, I've already made KD and I plan on watching Dave Chappelle after I'm finished"?

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My hair is a straggly mess, and the water is off (and will be for a few days) so I can't wash it. I'm going out tomorrow and would like to look less like a rats nest - is there anything I can do? I have a cool hat I could wear, but other than that.

If you like Rufus Wainwright, what album is your favourite?

On which arm do you wear your watch?

Are you happy?


So I posted earlier that I may have lyme disease. My one doctor hasn't told me yet what he believes the test means, so I went to another doctor and showed him the test results and he thinks I may, but he's not for sure. He put me on Doxycycline for three weeks.

My question:

I've been on the antibiotics for only two days. I noticed my lymph nodes were kind of sore this morning (and prior to treatment, they were not). What does this mean? Do antibiotics make your lymph nodes sore? Does this mean it's stirring up the infection and working? What does it mean? Has anyone noticed this while taking antibiotics?

Just curious.
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cute sweater!

Did anyone just see What Not To Wear? Did you see that cute purple cardigan with the clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades on it?

I just tried Googling for it, but I can't find it. Any ideas??
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I am so bored. What are some entertaining websites?

Can you recommend a long novel for me to read (ie The Tender Bar by JR Moehringer and The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory)? I want something that I can really sink my teeth into.

How much do you hate mosquitoes?

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do you think people who post pictures of themselves on myspace (or whatever) in bathing suits are full of themselves?

would it matter if it was a one piece versus a bikini?

would your answer change if in your opinion they looked good?
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My friend is a MTF crossdresser. He knows I'm a fairly open-minded individual so he always wants to discuss it with me.

The problem is, it just kind of weirds me out. I normally love crossdressers. I guess it weirds me out because he really gets off on dressing like a girl and wants me to command him to wear female clothing, which is too close to cheating for me (we both have s.o.s and his is more than willing to dress him up).

How do I politely tell him I'd rather not buy his fishnets for him (tell him to wear them/discuss it with him, etc)?

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1] I'm bored and want to watch movies. Any recommendations to movies you think are absolutely amazing?

2] Someone give me a site where I can buy cute cheap things. Any kind of things. Just not ebay.

3] What is the most hurtful thing anyone has ever said to you?

4] What is the meanest thing you have ever done to anyone?

5] What is your opinion on people who dislike people that only start liking a band after they become mainstream?

6] Someone buy me this? I will love you forever.

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I live in Northern California, if it makes any difference, but is there much chance of my being employed this far into summer vacation? I've never had a job, but I applied to both Starbucks and Jamba Juice. The first said that they were not hiring at that particular location even though they had applications out and the second seems to have lost my application, even after I did two interviews. Is it worth it to keep applying at random places, or should I just focus on my summer classes? Did any of you have a difficult time getting your first job?

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Sorry lads, technical question coming up.

I've downloaded some episodes of a TV show which also have the audio commentary, but I can't work out for the life of me how to access the commentary tracks, given that there's no menu. Any ideas as to how I can get to them, using either Windows Media Player or DivX player? It's a bit of convoluted problem for Google to help much with.

Ha ha, got it!

Just so this isn't a complete waste of a post, here's a new question:

Which fictional characters do you identify with?

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Got any weird rituals/undiagnosed OCDs while doing things?

Whenever I have to go to the bathroom, I MUST have something to read. I will even hold it so I can find something. If I get desperate, I even read soap bottles or the back of the toilet paper package.
And, whenever I get in my car, I must rub Purell on my steering wheel. It makes it easier to grip and CLEAN!
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1. I bought a new summery dress today that looks totally fab on me. Tomorrow I'm either going to a BBQ or my SO's work party - the weather is supposed to be overcast and off and on showers... should I wear my new dress even though it won't be summery weather? Or should I wait to debut it sometime more appropriate?

2. Has anyone ever used Verizon's phone insurance thing? I have insurance on my cell and it's not working very well - I want it replaced. Do you know if it's possible to get a different phone of equal value, or must it be the same make and model?

3. Should I play MarioKart or Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo DS?


So my car (1993 Ford Crown Vic) decided to start randomly turning the driver's side mirror. This when on for several hours, and didn't stop when I played around with the controls for the mirror (which had previously never worked). I was worried about killing my battery, so I took some pliers and cut through the wiring behind the mirror. While the mirror stopped, all my auxiliary power (interior lights, radio, clock) is currently off.

Can I pull out the mirror fuse or something to fix this? Or am I going to have to reattach the mirror wires (and if so, how)?

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hi tqc

a week or so ago i noticed like a weird lump thing on my vag. is this worth bothering the doctor about? sorry for the ~tmi~ but let's be mature here.

i live in the UK. can i just go to myGP & tell them and have them refer me to a gyno or something?

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To the mothers (and fathers for the questions that apply):
What did you think when your baby first popped out? Can you explain the emotions you felt? How was the first night after birth emotionally? Did you and your baby bond well, were visitors bothering you, were you pissy or calm? How was the baby that night and the first couple days with you? Did you miss being pregnant?