June 21st, 2007

Psychoanalyze me.

Why is it that when I got what I wanted, I didn't feel as happy as I thought?

In this college class, you need to get a 99-100% in order to get a 4.0. 97-98% = 3.9, 96% = 3.8, 95% = 3.7, 94% = 3.6, and so on.

My goal for the whole year was to get a 4.0. I would often get discouraged if my assignments were not perfect. And I'd stress myself out everyday for the entire year working my ass off in order to get the 4.0. I would often dream about achieving it and my teacher told me to forget about it because no one has ever gotten that grade in her entire teaching career (she's been a teacher for a very long time). I can understand why she would tell me that because most people have a D in that class and only 1 person has an A.

The year has just ended and I aced my exam and essay, each worth 15% of my grade. So I got my 4.0. Why don't I feel as happy? I felt happier being stressed.
Dwight Howard

(no subject)

Do you like Ronnie Day? If so, favorite song?

What's the last thing your ordered online?

What's the best thing you've ever brought home from a concert, whether it be merch or something else?

--my answers in the comments

Body 'corrective fetish'

[Note: I don't mean 'fetish' in a sexual way, just in the sense of being a compulsion that you would really enjoy.]

Do any of you have a 'body corrective fetish'?
Can you give examples of what you'd like to do/how it applies to you?

Let me explain what I mean by that...

When I see a picture of webbed toes, I want to take a scalpel and cut the webbing open so the toes are free. When I see someone who is 'tongue tied' (connective tissue from their tongue's tip to their mouth bottom), I want to cut it so the tongue is free to move about.

When I see someone with a muscular disorder forcing their arm to "curl inward" toward their body, I want to bend it back outward so it can be positioned normally. Clubbed feet? I'll bend them back into normal position. Teeth out of position? I'll bend those too.

Even when I have internal bodily problems, I wish I had these things I saw in some sci-fi show (sliders?) called 'living gloves' that allow you to reach straight through the skin (like it wasn't there) and just use hands to manipulate internal parts.

I guess part of it is like a comfort issue--they'd have more freedom of movement (in how I visualize it anyway) and feel more comfortable overall.
Cats pawing at mommy's face

(no subject)

A. A while ago, I saw an lj icon which was like, a split screen from 2 different seasons of Gilmore Girls. One was an early season, and one was the last (scene of the last) episode, both of which picture them drinking coffee at Luke's. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

B. Do you have a kitchen garden? If so, what's in it?

C. Do you drink your beverages with straws at home? How about at restaurants? Does the type of beverage change the answer?

b. Yes. Cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, cilantro, peppermint, spearmint, dill, and a few other herbs.
c. I drink almost all cold beverages with a straw, but I think I'm unusual in that.

Random Questions since I haven't posted in awhile

For those who watch Scrubs, favorite character?
(Dr. Cox..."He's like House without the limp")

Cream Soda or Root Beer?
(Cream Soda)

For the women: WOuld you expect your SO to have sex with you if you're pregnant?
(Up to a certain point...once I hit the third trimester, I would be a little concerned with my baby's well being)

For the men: WOuld you have sex with your SO if she was pregnant?

Favorite crazy dance move?
(The fax machine from the movie Superstar)

(no subject)

If a strange person starts talking to you, but you just aren't interested, do you lie about your name and things like that, or do you tell them the truth? Or maybe you just excuse yourself from the situation?

An older man was chatting me up at a furniture store yesterday, and apparently I am unable to lie under pressure because now he knows my name, age, where I go to school, and where I work. It makes me nervous.


You have a relative that you know is very against porn and considers all of it to be violence against women and children. If you do not share this viewpoint and they ask you how you feel about porn do you pretend to agree with them as to avoid arguing, or do you tell them how you really feel?
south park

(no subject)

I was babysitting my 7 year old cousin watching The Little Mermaid and she asked me if mermaids have vaginas (*Blank Stare*).

1) So... DO mermaids have vaginas? If they did, would that mean male mermaids (or mer-men, whatever they're called) have penises? How would they have sex?

2) Ever have a kid ask you something that catches you completely off guard?  What was it?

(no subject)

So I'm a member of mock_the_stupid and the mod just made this post;

"MTS is not PC. If you can't live with that, please don't let the door hit ya. The overkill PC whinging is really fucking tiring. We get it already. Get over it or leave. Honestly."

Bear with me.

At the risk of being all mockworthy there myself - what is the significance of PC here?

Answered - thank you! :D
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Dwight Howard

(no subject)

What song will just not leave your brain no matter how hard you try?
Do you even like that song?


"American Dream" Casting Crowns
Yes, but not so much when it's repeating over and over again in my head

(no subject)

is anyone awake at the moment that can keep me company?

aim:samanthaa amor

idk its 3am here. i cant sleep.:(

btw it will go to my phone. i usually reply. unless i just passed out.haha
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pretty ren

(no subject)

A bunch of my friends are going to Montreal this summer, and they invited me to come with them. However, they're all 18-23 and I'm still 17. HOW strict exactly is the drinking age law there? Will it totally suck for me if I go? I don't even necessarily want to drink, I just want to be able to go to clubs/bars with them.
Rainbow woman
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(no subject)

Smokey, a 6 year old cat I just adopted on Sunday, keeps pooping on the carpet, did it once in a spare bedroom day before yesterday and once in the living room on a rug today. How the hell do I get him to stop and use his litter box all the time? What is the best way to get rid of the smell completely so that he doesn't poop there again? I've never had to deal with this type of thing before!! PLEASE help me!!

Incest and you!

If you were actually a product of incestuous rape, would you ever want to know? Like, say, your mother was also your sister. You grew up either thinking your father was dead or your mother didn't know who it was or something similar.

Don't just automatically say yes because yes is the "right" answer, plz ty. Actually think about it.

I honestly think I would not want to know. That would just be so goddamn hard for me to come to accept, I believe. Plus I'd pretty much have to murder my father/grandfather.


Where do you think the line should be drawn regarding "illegal" things that are an intregal part of a religion?

IE, should be people arrested for sacrificing animals if they do it for religious reasons? Polygamy? Children consuming alcohol as part of a religious service?

I expect you to answer each and every one of the questions in this post

How low can you go?
Death row, what a brother knows
Once again back is the incredible
The rhyme animal
The incredible D, Public Enemy, number one
"Five-O" said, "Freeze!" and I got numb
Can I tell 'em that I really never had a gun
But it's the wax that the terminator x spun
Now they got me in a cell 'cause my records, they sell
Cause a brother like me said, "Well...
...Farrakhan's a prophet and I think you ought to listen to
what he can say to you, what you ought to do"
Follow for now, power of the people, say,
"Make a miracle, D, pump the lyrical"
Black is back, all in, we're gonna win
Check it out, yeah y'all c'mon, here we go again

Turn it up! Bring the noise

Never badder than bad 'cause the brother is madder than mad
At the fact that's corrupt as a senator
Soul on a roll, but you treat it like soap on a rope
'Cause the beats in the lines are so dope
Listen for lessons I'm saying inside music
That the critics are blasting me for
They'll never care for the brothers and sisters now across
The country has us up for the war
We got to demonstrate, come on now, they're gonna have to wait,
'till we get it right
Radio stations I question their blackness
They call themselves black, but we'll see if they'll play this

Turn it up! Bring the noise

Get from in front of me, the crowd runs to me
My deejay is warm, he's x, I call him Norm ya know
He can cut a record from side to side
So what, the ride, the glide should be much safer than a suicide
Soul control, beat is the father of your rock 'n' roll
Music for whatcha, for whichin', you call a band man
Makin' a music, abuse it, but you can't do it, ya know
You call'em demos, but we ride limos too
Whatcha gonna do? Rap is not afraid of you
Beat is for Sonny Bono, beat is for Yoko Ono
Run-DMC first said a deejay could be a band
Stand on it's own feet, get you out your seat
Beat is for Eric B and L L as well, hell
Wax is for Anthrax, still I can rock bells ever forever,
Universal it will sell
Time for me to exit, terminator x-it

Turn it up! Bring the noise

From coast to coast, so you stop being like a comatose
Stand my man? The beat's the same with a boost-toast
Rock with some pizzazz, it will last, why you ask?
Roll with the rock stats, you'll never get accepted as
We got to plead the fifth, we can investigate
Don't need to wait, get the record straight
Hey, posse's in effect, got flavor, terminator
X to sign checks, play to get paid
We got to check it out down on the avenue
A magazine or tow is dissing me and dissing you
Yeah, I'm telling you...

Follow up question: have you ever been accused of being too black?
careful what you ask for

Today's topic: standup urinals

11:13 PM 5/29/07 · Asking the questions no one else would think to ask since I could form cohesive sentences.

Mostly for the men but women are welcome to answer too...

...what's the best method of usage?

Some feel the need to hold & aim while others are of the mindset they're self guiding. Like many, I don't pay much attention to how my fellow males do what they do in the bathroom. Although, I did notice one guy at a standup with his hands in his pockets.

Along with the other question: what technique do you use?
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Skin care

1. I bought a microderm abrasion brush last night. However, I didn't want to spend $50 on the special face soap that goes with it.  Do you think it would be okay if I used a regular exfoliating face scrub with it?  Or will I OMG DIE AND GET ZITS?

2. I have really, really dry skin.  I notice that on my arms and legs I get "fake zits".  They aren't really zits because there is no oil or blockage.  It's just a little white bump.  If you scratch it, you can pick a little dead skin off of it, but that is it. (so, again...not a zit).   Does anyone else get these?  Do you have any tricks for getting rid of this fake body acne?  (Oh, and I exfoliate like a champ, so that isn't the solution)

3. Does your skin tend to be more oily or dry?  Are your skin conditions worse in the heat or the cold?

4. What SPF do you use?

5.  What product do you use to shave?  (Like, soap, shaving cream, etc.)

(no subject)

Do you usually remember the things you do when you're drunk? Do you purposely get drunk so that you can forget what you've done?

How long does it take for you to get over the guilt you feel after doing something horrible? Or does it just come back in waves, creeping on you during the most random times?

Do you think truths rise to the surface? Or do you think a person can carry a secret or secrets forever?

If you're in a relationship and plan on one day getting married: Do you think the person you're with now is the person you'll marry? What makes you think that?
rose, blood, drop, drip


First of all, Hi, I'm a new member and I decided to go ahead and ask a question...  (let's see if it can get answered..) Why is life so difficult to live? It's so challenging and stressful...
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Beast mode!

Happy Summer!

1. What is the most important item on your to-do list for the day? (Invisible to-do list if you don't actually make lists.) Why is it so important?

2. What is causing suffering in your life right now?

3. What do you live for?

4. What is one thing you could change to make your life easier? Why haven't you changed that yet?

5. Any plans for the weekend?

put on your hightops.

1. Why ARE there so many songs about rainbows?
2. Do you have a special place in your heart for rainbows?

3. Do you save your emailed comments/ replies/ etc?
4. Do you organize them for easy access? Do you just put them all in a folder?

ballet photo

(no subject)

Alright so im goin to the cabin this weekend for 4 glorious days. My friends out there all work days so im on my own during the day. So ill probably hit the beach...so can anyone recommend any really awesome chick-lit books for me to read this weekend?

Ive read all the Shopaholics and rest of the Sofia Kinsella books... but id like to read something similar that is girly and also quite witty..

any recommendations would be great


(no subject)

For some reason today I thought of the punchline of a joke, and couldn't think of the introduction.

It was a pun, and the punchline is something like, "Don't worry, it's just a paradox/pair o' docks"

Can anyone tell me with the introduction to this joke is?
I get the feeling Robin Williams told it once. Maybe in one of his movies; I have a strong feeling it was in Aladdin.
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(no subject)

1. What are some long words that you always seem to make a mistake spelling? 
every time i spell 'appropriate', i feel like i'm writing way too many p's.

2. What are long names that you like?
i like alexandra.

3, What is one article of clothing you seem to wear more often than any other?


What did/do your parents/guardians do for a livin'?

What do you/did you/will you do for a living?

My dad is a parts specialist for a car dealership and my mom is a legal secretary for a legal malpractice atty. I'm a law clerk for a labor union / law student.

(no subject)

1.) Who was your favorite Muppet?
2.) Who was your favorite Fraggle?
3.) Who was your favorite resident of Sesame Street?
4.) Which Jim Henson character do you think you're most like?
5.) Is there really anybody out there who doesn't like the Muppets?
Peter knee

LJ Accounts...

Are you going to buy a permanent account?

What kind of LJ account do you have?

Would you buy a permanent account if the price was lowered? If so, what would be the max you'd pay for a permanent account?

Should I get one?
i say, old bean

(no subject)

Did your family ever take family photos?
were they professional or did a friend take them?
can i see your family photo?
are there any songs you find to be epic? like, it's a masterpiece from start to finish?
who's your favorite person in your family?
what's your bestfriend like?
how do you usually spend your birthdays?

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Good and Evil

Baby got back... problems.

My husband hurt his lower back at work Tuesday and has a physical therapy appointment today. He's never had PT and is kind of nervous that he'll come out of there in more pain than he's in now. So now I turn to you, TCQ-

1) Have you ever had physical therapy?
2) What injury was it for?
3) What was the first session like?
4) Aside from "stop hurting yourself", what advice could you give to a first-time PT patient?

(no subject)

If you were given a drug test on the spot, would you be screwed? Would you deal with it or try to resort to stealing someone else's urine in hopes of passing? Has anything like this ever happened to you?

My friend just had a semi-surprise drug test so he went out and paid $60 for one of those miracle detox drinks, which happens to taste like hobo semen. Opinions?

I'd be fine.


My natural hair is straightstraightstraight. It's thick and long and healthy and straight. I want to get some loose beachy-type curls in it sometimes but whenever I use any products it makes it really frizzy and nasty (albeit curled). I tried a curling iron but my hair just does not hold a curling-iron curl.


(no subject)

1)What do you look like when you pee? Would you show me a picture?

2)I have super dry, very white skin. What's the best way to tan it so I look really dark? I can't decide on sunless tanner, tanning bed, or the booth where they spray paint you. I don't want to look like an Oompa Loompa. :(

3)My eyes are blue. Can I wear green eyeshadow with an orange sundress or would that be totally wrong? What eyeshadow do you think would go best with an orange sundress?

4)What kind of music do you like to listen to while chewing gum?

(no subject)

My natural hair is straightstraightstraight. It's thick and long and healthy and straight. I want to get some loose beachy-type curls in it sometimes but whenever I use any products it makes it really frizzy and nasty (albeit curled). I tried a curling iron but my hair just does not hold a curling-iron curl.

lulu guinness clutch

(no subject)

1. Why do the people in the fitting room at Old Navy always spell "Joan" the "Jone" way? If it was someone's first name, how would you spell it?

2. If you have ever worked at Borders did you like it? How much experience did you have before you started working there?

3. A Borders will be opening in November at a mall that is just a few miles from my house. About when would they start hiring? I've checked the mall's website and Border's website but they don't say.
lioness; bw stalk

(no subject)

I ordered something from this company as a gift for someone. They never got the package. So I emailed the company, I gave them MY address to send it to, and they just got it sent back to them and they are telling me that there is a stamp on the package that says "no such address."

What should I do?

How could it be that my address doesn't exist?
lulu guinness clutch


I'm flying to Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday. I'll be staying in Sandusky for 3 nights. 2 days will be spent at Cedar Point, which leaves 2 other days. What should I be sure to see? Where should I go?

(no subject)

If I'm travelling at the speed of light and turn on my headlights, what will I see?

If teflon is non-stick, how do they get it to stick to the pan?

Three guys pay $30 for a pizza. The pizza dude realises the pizza only costs $25, but he decides to give only $3 back to each of the guys and pocket the remaining $2. After receiving their $1 back, each of the guys has paid $9. Three times $9 is $27, plus the pizza dude has $2, which equals $29. What happened to the final dollar?

What is the speed of Dark?

Could NASA have faked the Moon landings?

Why do we drive on a parkway but park on a driveway?


What is your opinion of Myspace?
Do you have a Myspace?
Do most of your friends have Myspace or not?
Have you ever "stalked" someones page? i.e., viewed it many times in a day, kept up to date with their life because of it, etc.
Did you know them or not?

& a completely unrelated question.

What is one of your favorite jokes? Will you share it with me, please?

1) I like it, I'm bad at keeping in touch with people, Myspace makes it easier and less intruding than a phonecall with someone I don't care to talk to for long.
2) yeah
3) probably 98% have it.
4) yeah hahaha but not horribly. I'm online most of the day at work (i'm allowed) so I get bored... my friends are nosy too so i have to be careful with what i have on my myspace.
5) both.
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(no subject)

Even though I gave up soda, this question still makes me wonder.

Why does Coca-Cola make my kidneys hurt if I drink more than about 6 ounces? No other soda does this, not even Pepsi. I don't know about any of their "special" kinds or diet varieties because I never drank enough for it to affect me.

(no subject)

I have three shirts, all contain rayon. One is a blend and the washing instructions say to handwash cold and hang dry. The other two are 100%. One says to handwash cold and hang dry, the other says dry clean only. I really need to wash these shirts, TQC.

Which instructions do I believe?

question for those in the UK

i'm thinking about bidding on a shirt on eBay. i first thought the shirt was a men's medium by the measurements the seller gave but he lists it as a L, so now i don't know.

by these measurement descriptions, what size would you say the shirt is:

"Shirt in nice condition. Its measurements are 19" pit to pit. Would say its a Large shirt 38-40."

when i've bought shirts from the UK before, 36-38 has always been a small and 39-41 a medium.

(no subject)

I bought this dress this afternoon.

Am I stuck wearing a strapless bra with it? I have a convertible bra that is off-white. Would it look tacky if the strap is showing a little? Wearing a shrug or cardigan is not an option because it is seriously hot down here.
Grammar love!


1. Has a person ever come up to you and try to get you to join their religion/church/etc? You know, just randomly on the street/work/etc, not necessarily knocking on your door like the Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons sometimes do. (eta) If so, care to share the story?

2. Has it happened often?
3. What religion(s) were they?
4. Did you know the person(s)? If so, who were they?
5. Out of curiousity, what religion(s) do you follow or identify with?

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For girls on BC...

I've just started birth control 4 or so days ago to regulate my period and I've been taking it at around 10 am every day, but around 2 or 3 pm I start getting nauseous and faintly dizzy. This goes away after a couple of hours, but do other people have this side effect? Should I talk to my doctor about this?
Gaga: Elegant

(no subject)

What store or stores do most of your clothes come from?
I just got back from shopping and realized a good majority of mine come from Old Navy and Target.
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(no subject)

1. my throat hurts. i'm probably developing a cold. what should i do to soothe the savage beast that is my throat?
2. i'm having trouble sleeping. not particularly worried about anything, my brain just doesn't turn off. it's a pain. other than getting drunk (no, really.) how can i fall asleep easier? or at least calm down?
hello lion-o

(no subject)

Who is your celebrity crush that your friends don't find attractive at all?

(can be any celebrity... actors, musicians, athletes, etc..)

ETA: 15 bonus points for pictures! I don't know what the bonus points can be redeemed for, but you'll get them.

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i say, old bean

(no subject)

what was the last thing that just made you completely sick to your stomach?
i don't mean food poisoning or the flu, i mean something that happened/something someone had said?
what do you do in moments of sickness such as these?
anyone want to sing a song? you can start the song :D
cat mask


Is there anything that could be wrong with my brain that might affect my amazing ability to spell?
I feel like all of a sudden I can't spell difficult words anymore... I spent five minutes trying to figure out how to spell caffiene. caffeine, and maintenance. Am I losing my mind?!

I've also noticed I can't see as well as I used to be able to, and I (had) 15/20 (better than 20/20 I believe) in my left eye, and 20/20 in my right eye., and I get bad headaches trying to focus. I know I need to schedule an appointment for that, but could the two things be related?

(not trolling, I really am worried about being able to spell)

(no subject)

1) someone who's seen Shrek 3 tell me, is it too scary for young kids (4 and 6 years old)?

2) what's your favorite city on another continent? if you've been there, what were the best things you did? if not, what connects you to the city? in either case, have you ever considered moving there?

3) who are your favorite tv series parents?

4) what was the worst concert you've ever been too, and what made it suck so much?


How many siblings do you have? Are you close with them?

Do you think your siblings/family size has shaped your personality? In what ways?

Did you ever want less/more siblings? Why?

Do you want or currently have kids? How many do you have/want to have?

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For those of you who like musicals...

Do you like early musicals (like My Fair Lady) or the ones that came out recently (like Avenue Q)

I lean towards the later musicals, because, to me, there is a more fluid transition between story and number, where in the older ones, action happens and they sing about it.

What are some of your favorites?

Little Shop of Horrors
Avenue Q
Phantom of the Opera (One of the two that I like by Andrew Lloyd Weber)
Jesus Christ, Superstar (This is the other)

What are some musicals you just plain don't like?

Grease (this combines two things I hate: High School and the 1950s)
Cats (It was nice to look at, but that's about it)
original colors

(no subject)

You are out to lunch with your friend. Your server is cleaning the table in front of you; when she/he gets up from the booth, their foot gets caught in their pants, and she/he falls flat on her/his face.  Do you leave a bigger tip out of sympathy?

You get to erase one year of your life from your memory (it's kind of like winning the lottery, minus the millions of dollars). What year do you choose? Why?

(no subject)

You see a guy on a motorcycle without a helmet and puffing on a cigarette. Your first thought is

sup moron
isn't that illegal?
whatever/don't care

If you were getting married, how worried would you be about what guests wore to your wedding? 1=That would be the absolute furthest thing from my mind; 10=I would be concerned enough that I would probably put my expectations of appropriate attire in the invitations, and anyone who didn't dress appropriately would not be allowed to attend.

Mean: 3.00 Median: 2 Std. Dev 2.21
Garfield - Coffee
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(no subject)

I've been playing on the wiki today and on my adventures I stumbled upon Warner Bros. and character information on Loony Tunes. Sparking the question(s):

What was/is your favourite Loony Tunes/Merrie Melodies short?
I love the Marc Antony and Pussyfoot shorts.

Who was/is your favourite Loony Tunes/Merrie Melodies character?
Pussyfoot and Michigan J. Frog

Did/do you like Animaniacs?
I used to, I haven' t seen it in ages.

Do you remember Tiny Toon Adventures?
Man I used to love that show.

Lying for no reason

I asked my classmate what she got on the test and she said a 51%. I accidently glanced at it later and saw that she got a 98%. Why would she lie? 

From my experience here, I know some of you will say "Mind your own business" or "it was none of your business," but I'm asking for an analysis of why someone would do that. I mean, why lie about THAT?

gift dilemma...

So a year ago, my grandma gave me a very nice King James Bible with my name in gold on the cover. I really appreciate the gift and everything but... I'm not Christian.

So, since I don't smoke pot & thus will not be using the pages to roll joints, what should I do with this bible? I'd feel bad giving it to Goodwill and even then- It's personalized so that's double weird to me.
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I just got a new battery for my laptop. My old one would no longer charge so I have been running only off of the power chord for the past month or so. When I bought it, I was told to let it fully charge then let it completely drain out. My only problem is that I can't get it to fully charge. It didn't take long for it to get to 83%...but hasn't increased in the past 20 minutes.

Do I need to turn the computer off or something to allow it to fully charge?
Feet Pyramid

wedding gown :|

I'm trying to choose a wedding gown. I have it down to two. Here is a picture of me and links to the gowns. Which do you like better? If it matters, I'm 5'4" and I weight 115 lbs.

PS - They will be ivory, not white, with red daisies as my flowers.

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Book recommendations for this summer?

Any book recommendations?

What I usually like:
Entertaining, funny, dramatic, romantic, adventurous, young adult, humourous sci-fi, clever, inspirational but not cheesy, female empowerment, female protagonists.
Think Jane Austen, Wicked, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Diane Wright, Wayside School series, Catherine Called Birdy, Kite Runner, Rob Thomas (Rats Saw God), Poisonwood Bible, Harry Potter, The Count of Monte Cristo, Judy Blume, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Nick Hornby, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, etc.

Not big on:
History, politics, corny fantasy (Daughters of the Moon), trivial high school experiences (Sweet Valley High/University), thrillers.
Me--State Fair

books, books, books, books

I'm moving later this summer, and I have five bookshelves of books. (four smaller and one large one) It's been a while since I moved; what's the best way to pack books so no one (including myself) who helps me move gets a hernia or something?

Any other expert moving tips you'd like to share?
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(no subject)

1. How does a person get on a sports team at a university?

2. What does it mean when someone asks you what colleges you are "writing to"?

3. Did/do you play college sports?

4. Do you watch college sports? If yes, what ones?

5. How many/what piercings do you have?
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So, me and my sister decided to do a list of small but awesome things. Examples we came up with: driving around aimlessly in summer,seeing wild rabbits, seaguls screaming, chocolate ice cream with actual chunks of chocolate etc.

What would you like to add to the list? 
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Hood Houndz

multi tasking while driving

Do you think it's possible to drive safely while smoking a cigarette and talking on a cell phone?

How many things can you do at the same time, while driving?

My answers:
I think it's impossible to drive safely while talking on a cell phone and smoking a cigarette. There has to be a time when the person doesn't have either of their hands on the steering wheel.

I can drive, eat and change radio stations all at the same time...that's about it.
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happy kitty

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Okay, so I'll be wearing this dress for my cousin's wedding later this year. I have no idea what to wear with it.

I already know the shoes I'm wearing, but I get the feeling I should wear something else with it like a jacket or something. Any suggestions?
Also I have no idea what kind of makeup to have. I have a pale complexion, light blue eyes and my hair is auburn. Would purple with little hints of black look okay?
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Ice and Clothes

What country are you from?
Does your fridge have an automatic ice maker/machine thingy?
Do you hang your laundry out on clothes lines?
Do you have a clothes dryer? When do you use it?
Do you have a clothes horse and use it?
Are you creeped out by clothes hanging outside/in a public room of the house?

I ask because I've just had a conversation with someone who was saying that the kids she teaches laughs at  her because she 'makes ice cubes  the old fashioned way' and I was  like '...  what way do THEY make them?' and she informed me that almost all fridges have automatic ice makers. I don't know anyone with an ice maker in their fridge. And then she was saying something about how the kids were shocked when they found out that people hang their clothes out to dry rather than using a dryer.  All the people I know hang it outside, and in winter/rain, use a  clothes horse inside. Most people I know don't have a clothes dryer, or if they do they only seem to use it in emergencies. I'm in Australia. I'm also often shocked by lack of dual flush toilets, but we've been over that one before.

edit: So are the kids she's teaching just in a rich area or something, or... (They don't sound very rich.  Except for apparently being horrified by  clothes hanging outside/in a public room of the house, and apparently thinking icecube trays are hilarious)
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Would it be likely for too much red wine vinegar to make me nauseous? Should I just throw up and get it over with?

I had a lettuce, mozzarella, and red wine vinegar sandwich for dinner and now I'm ridiculously nauseous. I think I used a little more vinegar than usual, I washed the lettuce, and the cheese is fine as far as I can tell.
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The Receptionist Classic

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Fans of 'The Office' (US version), I have a question for you!
Do they say "That's what she said" a lot on the show?

Everyone else:
I had to go into the city (downtown San Francisco) tonight to do a job. Job paid $75 and lasted two hours. But there isn't street parking near the building, so you have to park in a parking lot if you're driving in. Most places will validate your parking, but this company doesn't. So I ended up having to pay $17 for two hours of parking (!!) out of pocket.
a) Do you think the company should validate parking?
b) Do you think the company should let people know that they're going to have to pay for parking and that it will run them about $20?

**Edit** The 'job' = me sitting around talking about coffee for two hours. Woo.

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If you found out you had some sort of severe allergy or illness that was going to prevent you from ever eating your favorite food(s) again, would you go out and eat that food until you puked one last time?

For example, if you had celiac disease would you go out and eat bread/cake/etc once more before giving it up forever?

grab bag ?s

1.  What do you do to make life significant?

2. How much do you feel when friends drop plans w/friends to be w/their significant other?

3.  Dinner for four w/ three historical people - who do you invite (I think I asked this before - I'm over it)

My answers in comments.
i say, old bean

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girls, where's the most awkward place you've ever gotten your period?
DETAILS, i'm bored and would like to know and laugh at you all.

guys, what's the oddest place you've gotten a boner?

and would anyone like to come eat chocolate fudge flavored ice cream with me?

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Poll #1007822 the simpsons movie

how do you feel about the simpsons movie FINALLY coming out?

i'm SO stoked
incredibly lame
i don't watch the simpsons
used to love it but it jumped the shark years ago.
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Do you take an anti-depressant? If so, what kind?

I keep getting prescribed new ones, and I've been through three now.
Lexapro, Zoloft, and now Cymbalta.
Zoloft made me die a little every time I swallowed that death pill.
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1. Am I just posting this to brag about being in Israel?

2. How old were you when people stopped treating you like a little kid when you went on any structured event or tour (because I'm on a tour of Israel right now and we have to do some things that I thought even five-year-olds were too old for)?

3. Are there any tour companies that are catered to people who don't just want to stay out drinking until 3 in the morning every single day of the tour?

4. Have you ever gotten water poisoning (I haven't)?

The end.

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What do you think is the best thing to do with your computer (laptop preferably) when you are not using it?

-Shut it off (even if you turn it back on an hour later)
-use the windows configuration (to turn off monitor after 15 min, and turn off hard disks after 30 min of no use)
-leave it on until you go to bed then turn it off


Whats your favorite shampoo/Conditioner?

What the heck?
dr. facilier

Hair advice!

Help me TQC!

I haven't cut my hair in about 3 years. It is now down to my ass. I have a 3 month old and she has taken to pulling at it. I'm also just plain tired of it.

My hair is very fine and does not hold styles well. So, what should I do with my hair? How short should I cut it? I need something easy to maintain, does not require a lot of styling, and somewhat cute/sexy.

Do you have any ideas? Pictures would be nice!

Edit: I have included a picture of my face, as I figure my face shape would help you all out. Collapse )
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mean girls duh

pls 2 be in hypothetical situation

Your best friend's birthday is coming up, so you request off from work to spend the day with him/her (part time job yo) but they schedule you anyway. You need the money. Do you try and get the shift covered by someone else, talk to the managers, work the shift anyway, or call out?

If you are the friend whose birthday it is in this situation, do you get mad at your friend if they work their shift? You have a day trip and dinner planned with a bunch of people.