June 20th, 2007

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Written Arabic

I am very interested in how different languages are written. I have found Arabic (in its many forms) to be a very beautiful written language. I need some help translating some names. I have looked for a translator, but most show common names. I would like to translate the names "Elijah" and/or "Jackson".

1.) Does anyone know where I can find a reliable translator for any written form of Arabic?

2.) If no translators, then maybe someone knows what the written form of "Elijah" or "Jackson" looks like?

Thanks for the help!!
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(no subject)

1. What do you think semen tastes like?

2. Can I have your favorite salad recipe?

3. What are your plans for tomorrow?

4. Should I use my free movie ticket on the new Michael Moore documentary or the new Harry Potter movie?

5. What should my boyfriend and I do for our one year anniversary, after the 12 hours of mindblowing sex?


So, what should I do for my 22nd birthday? I don't drink, and am geeky, and none of my friends (or I) am into sophistication. And I have costume parties a lot. That doesn't mean I can't do it again,  but I'd have to think of a theme for it, and it's not like 'oh, costume party, you hardly ever get them!'
Also, I live at home. And I'm in Australia, so it'll be winter. I'd have about 15 people to invite I think.

(no subject)

Hello everyone! I actually have a very important question and I was hoping someone here could help me. A while ago I saw a girl with a zip-up hoodie that had horizontal rainbow stiped about 5 inches tall. The entire hoodie was rainbow and had all the colors of the rainbow, which seems like a pretty simple thing to find, but I can't seem to anywhere. Anyone know, perchance, where I could find this particular hoodie, or one very similar to it? I would greatly appreciate any help.
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(no subject)

My father did my laundry and put a bright red shirt of his in with my mostly light-colored clothes. Everything is now pink, and the one thing I had that was rose to begin with (a sweater) is now an uglier shade of pink and blotchy. Also, a beige skirt with green flowers is now pink and green. I purchased Rit color remover which is specifically made for removing dye from white clothes. The box doesn't say anything about colored clothes that have been dyed. What should I do? Is there any product that will safely remove the pink without damaging other colors? Does it matter that the clothes have since dried (hung up, not in a dryer)?
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(no subject)

Hi, newbie and all that, thought I'd get started asking questions right away....

1) Say you're double majoring. If you had done really badly in classes for one of your majors last semester, even though you kind of liked it and if you went to grad school would probably go for something relating to it, would you drop it?

2) Have you ever had someone talk to you a few times and then suddenly act like your best friends? Do you just go with it?

3) Has anyone done a summer internship? And if so, how did you find it? And did you like it?
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science nerds, help!

A 3-year old child is admitted to the hospital for a severe case of measles, but on psychical examination it is found he has bowed legs and enlargement of the ends of his long bones. Diet and social history indicate his mother relies on apple juice for the child's beverage only. Due to the mother's work schedule and fear of violence in the neighborhood, the child on plays indoors.
What vitamin is the child deficient in? What is this deficiency called? What changes should this mother be informed to make?
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(no subject)

girls: would you make the first move on a guy you want to get with? do you think a girl should make the first move or give hints and wait for the guy to make a move?

guys: would you like it if a girl made the first move? what would you do if a girl made a move on you, but you weren't interested?

*"first move" in this sense could mean: kiss, flirt, tell you like them, etc. anything to change the relationship from casual friends to more romantic*

(no subject)

Don't you just hate it when the situation in italics mentioned below happens?

You're impatiently waiting for someone to call, visit or whatever. The phone rings/door bell rings/whatever and it's not the person you were expecting.

When was the last time this happened to you?

I'll answer in the comments.
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1. Do you have your own website?
a. If you do, how much do you pay for it?
b. What is it?

Annnd for fun...
What's your favourite macro?!
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(no subject)

has anyone seen that farmers help point commercial?
The one about wind damage, and the asian woman keeps getting blown away...well anyway i want to know what the music playing in the background is. So if youve heard/seen it and know what it is please share.
Ive searched google, and youtube but nothing came up :-\
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..trees of green..

1. What is something you are jealous of in your entire world?

2. What is your staple drink?

3. What is something that inspires nostalgia in you?

4. Is it a wonderful world?

5. I'm totally terrified of labor & delivery and I know I shouldn't be. Any advice?

(no subject)

Random Questions!

1)Who is the most beautiful woman you know personally?
2)What is the last thing you said to a stranger?
3)What is one food that you would love to try?
4)What is your favourite gadget?
5)What did you learn today?

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The wasps are winning, halp!

Wasps keep flying into my garage, espescially when I have just pulled my car in there and they fly between me and where I'm trying to exit. I am EXTREMELY scared of wasps, as in I shrieked and took a flying leap over the hood of my car holding my coffee and my 10 month old daughter. I have no idea where their nest is, and I feel a tad guilty about killing stuff for my convenience anyway. Is there anything that repels or scares wasps?

Alternately, is there a way to get myself over my phobia of them? I don't want to be comfortable with them crawling on me or anything, I just want my reaction to not be screaming and running.
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(no subject)

What's your favorite culture outside of your own?
For example, I'm Greek Irish German American and I like all those cultures but I would consider myself, at least somewhat, a part of them (at least in this context). My favorite culture outside of those is Indian (from India).
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(no subject)

Yesterday during a thunderstorm, a tree fell on my girlfriend's 1 year old deck! We have put a lot of work into the deck including painting it less than a month ago. She lost all the of her flowers, patio furniture, newly planted gardens (surrounding the deck), and various chairs/decorations/bird feeders. How would you cheer up your SO after their pride and joy has been destroyed?

**disclaimer - she does have homeowners insurance so most of the stuff will be replaced but it's still discouraging.

Can you jump rope?
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(no subject)

1. Essential Violent Femmes songs to hear? (I've already heard Blister in the Sun and Waiting for a Bus.) Especially ones that they will likely play in an upcoming concert.

2. If you heard the nickname "Melky" what name would you think it was short for? Let's see if you're smarter than a 2nd grader (me... I had no clue until now that it was actually short for something.)

(no subject)

Do you dump coffee grounds down the sink? Does it matter if you have a garbage disposal? Do you dump them in the trash?

My husband and I are disagreeing. I say not to, because it can clog the plumbing up. He says it doesnt matter because he uses the disposal. I am not sure what that means, since I doubt it would chop up coffee grounds any smaller.

My morning questions

What is the answer that interviewers want when they ask, "Where do you see your self in 5 years?
Where do you live? City and state!

Would-You-Rather Wednesday

Would You Rather Dance naked...

at a strip club in front of your co-workers


at your family reunion in front of your relatives
MLP - pinkie chicken


There have to be some places where you have walked in and thought to yourself, "Wow, this place is freakin' amazing."

A) Most amazing bathroom you've ever been in
B) Most amazing elevator you've ever been in
C) Most amazing hotel room you've ever been in

What was so amazing about it?

On the same note, what was the most disgusting bathroom or hotel room you've been in? What was so gnarly about it?

Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. When was the last time you lost your voice? What caused you to lose it? Any funny no-voice stories?

2. Do you like seafood? Specifically, crabs (of the eating variety, not the so_mikey variety)?

3. Which is more annoying? A.) People who post a question, then edit it to say "Just answer the question, I'm not interested in your opinion!" when quite clearly they asked for your opinion; or B.) People who edit their question constantly to "update" or "clarify" the story until it is a completely different situation from what they originally posted?

4. Do you want to clean my house for me tonight? I'll give you monies and foods.


My sister is coming over tonight (She's bringing a pendant and I'm making her a necklace for it with some pearls and onyx). We're having dinner, etc.

While I work on the necklace, I figured we'd watch one of our DVD's because there are some great series we have that she hasn't seen.

Should I introduce her to Farscape or Firefly?
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I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys 'r' us kid...

1- What did/do you want to be when you grow up?
2- What childhood dreams have you put on hold, but not given up on?
3- If you could tell your... half your age self (if you're 24, then 12 years old. If you're 30, then 15, etc etc.) what would you tell them and why?
4- What's the most age-inappropriate thing you've done recently?

1- A writer, or a vet.
2- The whole writing thing. I have so little time to do it now, but I get a lot of research in. That's fine. :)
3- I'd tell my 12 year old self that the boy she... I'm chasing will like boys more than girls soon enough, so give him up for a lost cause. Also to ask that all savings bonds be put into stock for Yahoo, Google and Microsoft in the next couple of years. ;P
4- Gone to an arcade. Supposedly childish, whaaaaaaatever. :)

(no subject)

1.  I used to absolutely love orange juice, especially Naked OJ.  Now it tastes funny to me.  In fact, everything I east/drink tastes funny to me.  I'm not sice or anything, and it's been a month.  I told my aunt about it and she said to stop eating.  Bitch.  What's wrong with me?  Has this happened to you?

2.  After watching this Indian Thriller video on Youtube I realised I really like Indian (from India...) music!  Any reccomendations?

3.  Choose!  California or Florida.
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random BSG question

Does anywhere know where I could find some good BSG fic/slash that involves Helo tying up Apollo?

Why am I obsessed with reading a story about someone tying another person up?

And, of course, you know I'm talking about consensual stuff, right?
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(no subject)

Are PCs in Australia just like U.S. ones, with USB ports specifically? Do public computers tend to have USB ports?

Do they sell any of the following in Australia (specifically Sydney)?
- Aussie (THE BRAND, DURR) line of hair products (if not, what is available?)
- American brands of sunscreen (And by American I mean that they're sold here, not necessarily made here)
- Cheap SD MMC memory cards

P.S. I appreciate the real answers for those of you who gave them to me in a nice way. To those of you who use this community just to mess with people and insult them, bring your snarky conversations with each other somewhere else.

(no subject)

1. Is there a song that you have been singing nonstop lately?
2.When, if ever, was the last time you had a cathartic experience?

1. I've been thinking/singing/playing Aqualung's Brighter than Sunshine for the past 3 days.
2. Yesterday; I sat next to Boston Harbor and watched the boats and the airplanes around sunset by myself. It was beautiful, I let everything go, and it was just what I needed.

(no subject)

Is there a reason you would ever hand a bank teller a note of some sort? Not a check or anything, just a note. The reason I ask is because I was watching CNN and they were talking about the "pony-tailed bandit" who robbed banks by handing the teller a note, and it got me thinking "What possible use could a normal person have to write the teller a bank note?"

Only thing I can think of is in case that person is deaf/cannot speak, and the teller doesn't understand sign language.
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personal vocabulary words

What special personal/household vocabulary words do you use? You know, the words that only you, your family, or your close friends understand. What's the story behind them?

My brother started calling the remote control a "communa" when he was about 4, and we still do it (he's 25 now). Also, we call green onions "grunions" at my house.


1. Are you one of those chicks who looks at another chick's dude?
2. Are you one of those chick's who looks at other chick's and sizes them up?
3. How does it make you feel when you see a chick trying to catch your guy's eye?
4. If you're being sized up, do you ever size back?

I'm hoping that this whole phenomenon with chicks ceases with age - it's perety lame.
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a bit of an update

I just reserved my tickets to see The New Pornographers on the 4th of July at Battery Park. After I reserved them I discovered the dates you can pick them up are June 26 to June 29. I'm leaving for vacation on June 26 and returning on June 29th. What luck. On the 29th you can pick them up until 8 PM and my plane lands at 8:30.

Can you think of anyway I could get these tickets? Do you think if I called the number they have listed I could pay to have them shipped to me? I want to go so bad.

Also, how stupid is it that I cried about this?

EDIT: I don't really have anyone who can pick them up for me, and you need to bring a photo ID with you.
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(no subject)

1) Three perfectly wonderful customers tipped me with 9 crisp, sequential $1 bills. Do you think they're inept kidnappers/bank robbers? Everyone knows you only accept non-sequential bills in situations like that
2) When you go to a restaurant, do you tend to pay in cash or with a credit/debit card?
3) What do you think is in Collapse )
4) Have you taken a semester off of college with the intention to go back?
4a) What prompted you to take the semester off?
4b) Did you end up returning to college?
4c) Would you recommend it to someone who's feeing incredibly burnt out towards college, but has a genuine desire to return and finish his/her degree?

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(no subject)

It's me, that personal assistant student with the carefree boss. Thanks to everyone who helped with that medical insurance stuff, I have it all taken care of...


Are people's legal background open for anyone to check? How could I get court filings or documents under a specific name, plus, with the permission of that person? Another job, from yes, bossman.
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(no subject)

is there a way to get youtube videos saved to the hard drive on your computer? I heard there was a way, but I have no idea how to go about finding out what it is (except for asking you fine people).
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Lets get sexual!

Ladies: How much money would it take to have sex with a person that you do not know (clarity, I was thinking like in that movie, that does not really clarify it. The idea is that you'd have sex with a person that you would not normally think of having sexual relations with).

Men: What is the most you would pay for a night with a drop-dead gorgeous woman?
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Terrorism 101

What would have to happen in your country (political upheaval/invasion from a foreign nation) for you to seriously consider becoming a terrorist. If you are a terrorist already, why did you become one?

Terrorism: Terrorism is defined by the U.S. Department of Defense as "the unlawful use of -- or threatened use of -- force or violence against individuals or property to coerce or intimidate governments or societies, often to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives."
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Word feature

You know in a word document, how there’s a setting that allows you to see all of the stuff you’re doing to your file? Like, a space shows up as a dot, and every time you press enter, there’s a little symbol that represents a new paragraph?

How do you turn that feature on?

(no subject)

Poll #1006930 Romance is in the air. Have you been inoculated yet?

Which you believe in more?

Love at first sight
Hate at first sight

What's the maximum number of children a person could have before you wouldn't want to date them?

1 child
2 children
3 children
There is no limit. If I like the person, it wouldn't matter how much offspring they have
I couldn't date someone who had a kid

Which person would you sooner go out with?

Someone who's very attractive but clearly an idiot and has only a working grasp of how humor works
Someone who seems highly intelligent and is engagingly funny, but is very overweight and fugly
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(no subject)

What do you get for free or an awesome price just for being friends and knowing certain people in your life? (known by some as homie hookups)

Awesome house of blues seats (I know some bouncers)
50% off 4th of July fireworks every year (A coworker runs the boy scout booth for his son's troop)
I have never paid to go to Disneyland
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(no subject)

i'm thinking of getting a tattoo on my ribs on the left hand side about 3 inches by 3 inches, and another on my hip.

but, i'm worried about the pain.

what did it feel like when you got your tattoo? and, well, how long did it take to heal?
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(no subject)

in your opinion, what's one of the best music videos EVARRRR made? i'm going to go w/ Maxwell - This Woman's Work.

when hanging up the phone do you wait until the other person hangs up or just hang up?

in ~celebrity land~ aka Hollywood, who has the best smile?

(no subject)

1) Do you remember "Cool Points" when you were in grade school?

2) Did your class, group of friends, etc have system worked out for how many Cool Points people had earned/lost?

3) Did Cool Points actually made a differnce in your popularity?

4) How would you feel if the teacher of your child/younger sibling/etc used Cool Points as a reward system?
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Office Language

The coworker who sits right next to me (in open-top offices) curses repeatedly and profusely all day long.  Not like single expletives when something goes wrong, but a few choice words repeated about 10 times each in rapid succession, 20 or so times a day, in addition to other profanity not usually found in the professional office (such as "Jesus F*cking Christ!!").   This woman has the same job title as me but is about 30 years my senior.

If you sat next to this person, would it bother you?
Would you say anything to her?
If so, what?
Do you think excessive or repeated profanity is appropriate in the workplace where others can hear you? 
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Computers are eating dog ribs? ....Or something like that....

First, for those of you that have Windows Vista, does yours ever get really slow when loading webpages? Seriously, my brand new laptop takes so long to load stuff... It's a Toshiba Satellite A205 with an Intel Core 2 processor at 1.73 GHz, 2gigs ram, 200gig hard drive, and Vista Home Premium... I hate it! Sometimes webpages don't even load! 

Second, I'm making some ribs right now... a whole rack in the oven in a 9x13in glass pan with water and some BBQ sauce covering them completely. I have them in there at 400 degrees, and I need to eat at 5:30... I put them in at 3:25... Should I cover it with aluminum foil to keep more heat in the water, or does that really matter? You think they'll be cooked all the way through by 5:30? 

Third, my dog is crazy about Cheetos.. But I know I really shouldn't give them to him (I don't like to give him human food at all, and I only give him like one decent sized Cheeto when I have them).. What food is your dog crazy about that you're not crazy about giving him/her?
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Are you part of any fan groups online? (On LJ or otherwise)  For what show/movie/band/author/book/etc? What do you think could be improved about the ones that you are on? Do you actively participate on them? Do you have to be a complete and total lover of the thing, before you'd join a fan group about it?  And, links to any of them?

I am, of quite a lot.  On LJ and individual forums. I think that most of them could be improved by having even a few more active members, they're for quite obscure things, so there aren't many of us. A few could be improved by better management... Yes, I very actively participate  in most of them. No, I don't have to be a total obsessive fan to enjoy talking about it on a  forum or whatever.
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(no subject)

i'm pretty darn depressed today. what could i do to cheer myself up? i'm going to rent a couple movies at the library but what else? i don't have a lot of money, though, so i can't really go out to eat or buy a new dvd or something.

(no subject)

1)What's a sweet you could go for right now? I am salivating over the thought of a goofy cake donut with icing and sprinkles.

2)If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

3)If someone pulled a Rip Van Winkle back in 1987 and woke up today, what would be the first thing you would tell them about?
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Judge Judy Says STFU

Do those "judge shows" make you feel better about your life/situation?

Do you even watch them?

Which one is your favorite?

(My answers: yes, yes because nothing else is on in the afternoon and I work in an office where I have to have the tv on, and probably Judge Hatchett because she's sarcastic and has all those who's the baby daddy shows).
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(no subject)

i recently started nannying for a three month old.  his parents are heavily involved with the local christian church.  today, they said they would love for me to come to his upcoming baptism/dedication ceremony and the dinner that will follow.  if i go, what should i expect?  what is common ettiquette?  what about a gift?

edit: i'd be going as a guest, not a nanny. 

celebrity survey

I heard on the radio a little while back that in a recent survey asking women "Which celebrity would you most like to be" (or something to that effect) the celebrity who got the most votes (13%) was.... Sandra Bullock.

This struck me as an odd popular choice.

So I ask you:  

1.)Which celebrity would YOU want to be - if forced to choose ;-) ?
I'd love to hear the why of course.

2.) Any thoughts why Sandra Bullock would be so popular?

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Oh hay thar

(no subject)

Guy is 33. Girl is 25 with a 7 year old daughter.

Guy and girl meet and have a one night stand one year ago today. They end up dating and become close. Guy still lives at home with his mom, even though he is very successful and makes a lot of money. Every time they want to be alone, guy books a hotel room because a) his mom won't approve of him having a girl over, and b) he doesn't feel comfortable spending the night at her place with the daughter sleeping.

Girl sticks around for an entire year. They only had sex the night they met. Guy refuses all advances, even in the hotel rooms. Guy breaks up with girl today, on their first anniversary with no excuse.

What is wrong with guy?

edit: she's my best friend :(

For anyone experienced with Oink

Is it permissable to share an account with someone on Oink.me.uk?

My mother wants to use it but I don't have any invites. I can't find anything in the rules about it, just about selling or trading accounts. Could I just give her my username and password and let her borrow my account?

water balloons!

30 seniors at a local high school were suspended and are not going to be allowed to walk at graduation. The reason for this is they had a water balloon fight as their senior prank. According to them they only threw the balloons at other seniors, not teachers or anyone else. The mayor, parents, and state senators have contacted the principal to try to convince him to change his decision, but he refused.

1. What do you think the appropriate punishment is in this case?

2. Do you think the principal is being a jerk?

3. For you, was high school graduation more for you or your family?

Article about it.


Has anyone ever gotten all butthurt over something you wrote in your personal journal?

Today someone unfriended me and called me a "stupid blonde cunt" because I said Michael Moore was fat.

Silly stuff

I was working with a youth group and remembered some of the things the kids did in the youth group I was in when I was a teenager. It made me think of these questions:

1) Have you ever been in a farting contest?
Nope. After seeing a classmate of mine shit his pants in a farting contest, I'm not about to take my chances

2) Have you ever been in a belching contest?
Yep. Give me some A&W root beer and I can really let 'em rip!

3) Have you farted on a lighter?
Nope. I'm afraid I'd burn myself. A kid in my youth group had some nasty burns on his bum from that

4) What other "stupid human tricks" type of things have you done?

(no subject)

Hey all! Can someone please tell me what the instructions for the care of my luverly new jacket are? I don't know what them little symbols mean! PLEASE EXCUSE THE HAIR ON MY SCANNER OH I AM SO EMBARRASSMENT!!



1. Are there any foods that you just can't stand, but you wish you liked? I hate tomatoes but really wish I liked them because they're so good for you.

2. Have you ever managed to get yourself to like a food that you've hated your entire life? How'd you do it? I'm working on the tomato thing but it isn't going anywhere. I'll only eat tomatoes in Campbell's tomato soup, ketchup, and occasionally as pizza sauce.


Okay, I am 22 yrs old 5'6" and like 140lbs.

I dont feel hungry but well...looking at what I have eaten I am wondering if I need to eat more.

I have had one broiled chicken breast and one package of Beef Ramen.

I typically dont eat unless I am hungry but I am starting to realize that I may not be getting hungry enough and may need to force myself to eat in order to keep up weight.

So TQC, Do I eat something else or am I fine?

(no subject)

Does anyone know if Columbus, Ohio used to have a subway system?

Just down the road from my house, there appears to be closed off stairs leading to an underground, but I've never seen any in any other part of the city. Any idea what they could be for, if not an entrance to public transportation?

Summer concerts..

Would anyone happen to know when tickets go on sale for the Good Charlotte/Justin Timberlake tour this year? Yes they are touring TOGETHER, it was just announced a week or so ago, however no mention at the official website yet of when the tickets will go on sale. In the past I've seen shows be announced and then sold within a week of each other and I don't want to miss out so I'm trying to keep an eye out and any help is appericiated.

...oh and yea before I forget, I live in Northern California so I'm mostly interested in the Sacramento area shows.
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medical question - stitches

I cut the tip of my pinky finger with scissors- not a thin line-type cut, more like I cut the tip of the skin straight off, so now my pinky has one flat side. I cut it about 5 hours ago and it hasn't stopped bleeding. It isn't that bad- I mean, it's just my pinky, I don't feel weak, and the blood loss can't be that much.

My question is, do you think I need stitches, or will it stop on it's own? It seems stupid to get stitches on my pinky, the cut isn't all that large, and I don't even know how they'd sew it up, since I cut the skin clean off. On the other hand. my boyfriend said that since it hadn't stopped bleeding I may need them.

Your opinions?

EDIT: I got in touch with my mom, who's a nurse, and she told me to just put pressure on it and keep it elevated. Thanks for your advice guys!
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Music question

Alright, apparently I haven't really updated my music library since around 2003. So, TQC, what songs would you say I must listen to? I'll listen to just about anything, but prefer more 'upbeat' sounding music (lyrics can be twisted and depressing; I actually really like fucked up lyrics with upbeat music) and not so much on the death metal.

Also, am I lame for not listening to current music? y/y
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selling tickets on ebay troubles

I need to sell 2 Lewis Black tickets on ebay. I know what seats they are, but since I got the tickets from the presale they don't arrive until 10 days before the show (August 10). There are a lot of Lewis Black tickets on ebay now that also appear to be from the presale, so I don't think the seller could have the tickets yet. Would it be a terrible idea to list them before the tickets arrive? It seems like if I wait until they get here there won't be any time. But I'm also afraid that since I have the worst mailman ever I won't even get the tickets or they will come incredibly late and then I would be fucked. If it matters the show is sold out.

TQC, what should I do?

EDIT: I do not want to sell them at the venue. It is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away when there isn't traffic, but on a friday night in the summer there will be a ton of traffic. Plus I feel like I have a better chance of getting what I paid for them on ebay. Most of the tickets are listed for way more than I paid, and I have better seats.
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(no subject)

1. Do you get annoyed when places like LJ, Facebook, or any other place you frequent, change their format drastically, and often too frequently? (Yes)

2. Do you like myspace? (No)

3. Do you tend to spend more time hanging/chatting with your mom or dad?

4a. Do you have a passport? (Yes)
4b. If so, is your picture horrific? (In my opinion, yes)
4c. If you got it recently, how long did you have to wait? (About 2 months)

5a. What is your caffeine of choice - tea, coffee, energy drink, pop, or something else? (Amp)
5b. Do you like coffee at all? (NO)

6. What words do you often misspell on the first try? (Misspell, mischievous, rendezvous, caffeine, receipt, and many other things with i-e or e-i, because I always forget to use the rule)

7. Hooded sweatshirts or non-hooded? (Hooded!)

8. Are you a selective person when it comes to what music you have on your MP3 player/iTunes, or do you download everything you can find and find yourself unable to name most of what plays? (I'm selective and can name 90% of what's in my library except for score, where I could at least tell you the composer and movie most times)

9. Edit: Does anyone here have a silicon medical alert bracelet? I'm looking for one and my googling has proven fruitless. I can only find metal ones. I'd like to have one of both I think.
yellow submarine

(no subject)

1. Did anyone else go to Bonnaroo? I know there has to have been SOMEBODY else there from TQC.

And if you did...

2. What was your favorite show?

3. Did you ever do anything or wear anything to make yourself especially noticeable? If so, what? Cuz I think it would totally awesome if I found out that one of you people was the guy in the Shrek suit or something like that.

4. Any other great stories or experiences to share?

Paolo Nutini was my favorite show, but I really enjoyed Manu Chao and Damien Rice too. I was front row for both Paolo and Manu Chao, too, which was especially awesome. And as far as good stories...one of my friends ended up with the worst sunburn I've ever seen. He had a blister the size of an egg on his back. When he went to the medical tent all the personnel there gathered around to gawk at him and took pictures. Poor guy.

(no subject)

1. are you someone who is interested in things for a long time or someone who gets really obsessed with something for a few months or a couple years then dumps it?

2. if you're the latter, is there anything you've been interested in for a long time?

1. i'm someone who gets intense obsessions(or i used to, i don't get super obsessed with things like i did in middle school or hs) and then i'll be done with it. i was obsessed with my favorite band, The Clash, for almost two years. then one day it stopped. i still listen to them but not like i used to.

2. the only thing i've ever stayed interested in is soccer. i can't think of anything i was interested in when i was in elementry or middle school, and to an extent high school, that i still am now.

BONUS QUESTION: i have a Snickers. i've had it for over an hour. why the hell haven't i eaten it?
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Inu profile

(no subject)

Ok, TQC. My Google-fu has failed, so I turn to you.

A while ago, I found a site with a list of common elements in Japanese names and their meanings. Things like "kawa" meaning river and "cho" meaning butterfly and such. Not complete by any means, but fun to play around with. But like an idiot, I forgot to bookmark the page, and now no matter what I use as the search terms I cannot find it. My searches keep turning up lists of names (like baby name pages) which is not what I want. Has anyone else here ever found a page like this, and can you tell me where it is?

(no subject)

Have you ever been to a camp?
Were you a camper or a staff member?
What was your experience as a camper?
What was your experience as a staff member?

Any suggestions for someone who is about to work at a camp for the first time?

(no subject)

I'm looking to purchase some protein shake mix for the first time ever... I'm doing some research now, but would any of you have any recommendations?

I'm looking to use it to help me lose weight primarily and to build muscle secondary.

Any recommendations or thoughts regarding protein shakes would be nice.
hannibal skull

Interview giggles

I am making the interview rounds. They suck. A lot.

However, the other day, I had a near bust-a-gut-LOL moment in an interview. The panel head was telling me about her deployment plan for the Native English teacher for the upcoming year. She said to me:

"I want you to expose yourself daily to the students to arouse their interest in English."


It took ALL my willpower not to laugh in her face.

How do you keep from laughing when you REALLY want to and know you can not?
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(no subject)

1. Who else apart from McFly and Television Personalities have covered the song "Mr Brightside"?

2. A friend of mine has mentioned that a young, attractive teacher of hers at college keeps flirting with her. He gives her flowers and calls her pet names in front of the class and touches her at every opportunity. She is disregarding my suggestion that she tell him to stop and/or tell someone higher up about his behaviour. She has told me she fancies him but hasn't tried to come onto him at all. I'm afraid if she lets it continue it will turn into a situation where she may not be taken seriously if she complains. What can I tell her to make her realise his behaviour is wrong?
I don't care if you think it's ethical or not. I am not interested in debating that any further, I am asking something quite specific.

But.... no.

This new girl at work got the notion that I am somehow mentally ... below ... or something.

I don't know how she came to this conclusion. Honest to god. And she's not kidding, either. Like she's saying these things with sincerity. I told her I finished highschool at home and now she's convinced that it's because I was slow or unstable or something. I'm pretty smart and I've never done anything outright stupid in front of her. I can't imagine that any of the other oh two employees would have told her I was retarded. I mean shit I don't know how to convince people online but I'm like a really damn stable and sane person IRL. So this is totally out of left field. For some reason this girl just equates homeschooling/distance education with handicaps.

So my question is:
Should I just cut her,
not bring it up because it's hilarious to hear her quip about how surprised she is that I can do basic math,
or just flip out and bring her my ~*superb*~ SAT scores and make her eat them along with my highschool honor society pin?
Joan Crawford

a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

On my Target receipt tonite there was one of those "surveys" that you have to fill out online (http://www.target.com/survey). I can possibly win a vacation package to Cancun!

I have filled these out before, and haven't gotten zilch. You think anyone ever wins these things, or is it just a big scam?

Have you seen people standing by freeway ramps holding up signs for money, like "help out a homeless veteran"? What do you think of these people? You think they are frauds? Have you ever given them money?

What kind of new car should I get? I'm hoping to get one next month.

Who is your favorite politician?

If you had 10 million dollars what would you spend it on?

You glad this is my last question?
W: Whispering

(no subject)

Is there a movie that you know so well that you can recite the whole thing word for word?

- Cruel Intentions. I was watching it today with my best friend and her sisters and I think I was annoying them because I would recite it. Haha.


What are your measurements (B-W-H)?

And also, I got me some diet coke with vitamins in it and it tastes like vitamins. Do y'all have any suggestions about how to make it not taste like vitamins? Or make it taste more like diet coke?
  • mona27

career question

Are there any respiratory therapists or obstetricians out there?

What are the pros and cons of respiratory therapy and obstetrics?

What courses did you have to take? And how was long was school?


dr sloan

Student-professor relationships

I was just re-watching A Beautiful Mind, and it got me wondering:

What are generally the policies on romantic relationships between university students and professors? It struck me as odd that Jennifer Connelly's character would ask her professor out to dinner. I know that at university both parties would usually be of consensual age, but just as in secondary school, the integrity of the education would seem compromised... Since the characters are based on real people, though, I'm inclined to believe there are probably no restrictions.

If so, what is your opinion on professor/student relationships? Do you think the professor would still be able to grade the student's work without being biased?

3 year olds and food

I have a three yr old that despite my best efforts will not eat any vegetables. I have mixed feelings about what i should do... Do I force him to sit at the table until he finishes all of his food and not just his meat, or do I send him to bed with nothing? Im kinda torn both ways because I dont want him to starve but I also feel like i shouldnt force him to eat food that he doesnt want. I want him to be the healthiest possible.
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no brother

(no subject)

1. I like to dip garlic croutons into sugar free chocolate pudding. What is your favorite gross food combo?

2. I had the misfortune of watching Emeril on the Food Network today. He made blue cheese ice cream, topped with caramel rosemary sauce, which was served on top of some variety of bread. Would you try this? If so, do you think you would like it?