June 19th, 2007


Insecurity and fatness

Why are the most attractive girls the most insecure?

As an extension to the above, why are they the most concerned with weight?

Do you have a token ugly friend to make yourself look better?

(Or at least, concerned much more proportionately speaking.)

Conversely, why are so many fat girls disproportionately like "I am totally accepting and won't lose much of any weight?"

P.S. This post is not to be misconstrued as suggesting that moshimishi isn't actually fat.
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I am THE Crime Resident.

More crime related questions from me:
1. Have you ever discovered a murder scene/body? (A simple yes/no will suffice)

Scenario: Your child is on trial for a murder. It's pretty obvious that your child is guilty and going to be convicted:
2. Say your child is under 18 years old. Would you deny your child's guilt despite the evidence against them? Or maybe leave the child to deal with their actions in prison? Or something else you'd do.
3. Same thing but instead your child is over 30 years old.

I just watch too much Law and Order and I need help diffrentiating fact from fiction!

first post here :)

1. what do you think about plastic surgery?

2. what do you think is a "normal" age to lose your virginity? (i know "normal" isn't quite the right word, and i know all the "the right time is when you're ready, blah blah") just from your experiences...

3. do you think there is an abnormal age to still be a virgin? (ex: over 30, should not be a virgin)

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Question for the techies:

I bought a new computer and pretty much immediately decided that Windows Vista sucks ass. It was pre-installed on the computer, so I don't have an installation CD. If I use my Windows XP Pro CD to install Windows XP, how likely is that to work without doing something horrible to the computer? And is there any way to do that and keep Vista on the computer in case I want to use it in the future?

(no subject)

1) What is your opinion on Paris Hilton going to jail....

2)  If you like someone, and they dont realize that you even exist, how do you get their attention?

3)  What is meant by 'NSFW'?
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Do you get up early?

Do you like getting up early?

Do you ever get up really early just to enjoy the morning/watch the sunrise/something cheesy like that?

My Answers:

Depends. This morning I got up at 7:30 and I don't know why. I usually get up at like 10-11 and rarely 9. THIS IS WEIRD FOR ME I FEEL LIKE I AM IN HIGH SCHOOL AGAIN. ):

Kinda. I would like to be able to not be sleepy and feel like going back to bed for a nap until 11, though.

Yessssss. That is why I wish I could get up early every morning. The sun is pretty and my whole house is bright, from natural light! I don't like turning on lights so this is good for me. However, we have these thick red curtains that are always mostly closed... one time when a friend stayed over and she said when she woke up she thought she was in hell because of the red glow that they made the house have. lol.
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(no subject)

In the United States we have gas mileage based on the miles per gallon a car can get.

What is the equivalent word for mileage in Canada or anywhere else that uses kilometers? Kilometerage?


Please pardon my ignorance, but I just want to be sure.

Awhile back I made a post that mentioned a traffic ticket I received. At first I was all ready to pay whatever I had to pay, but later that day when I drove back by where I got pulled over, I noticed that there are absolutely no signs saying I couldn't turn left at that intersection, which is what I got the ticket for. So I took a picture.

My court date was scheduled for 8:30am on the 21st, which is this Thursday. Normally that'd be great, as I have Thursdays off, but I'm a personal assistant and we have a brand new Cardiovascular Center going live this week, and my boss really needs me to be here. But when I called to reschedule my court date (both the officer and I have one chance to reschedule, and must do it at least 48 hours beforehand), I was told it had already been "adjourned to the 28th." I know what "adjourned" means, but does that mean that the officer is the one who did it, using up his one chance to reschedule?

Also, my brother's wedding was this past weekend, for which I was the photographer. A distant cousin of mine (who happens to be closer to my brother than the rest of our cousins) was one of the groomsmen, and won't stop bugging me via Myspace for photos from the wedding. I've already told him politely that he'll have to talk to my brother and SIL about that, as they're their photos, and he replied saying something like, "Well I plan on buying a CD of them from you, I just want ones of me from the reception." How can I get through his thick head that just because I'm not a "professional" that doesn't mean I won't be handling this in a professional manner? My brother and SIL (Nic and Tonya) won't be back from their honeymoon until next week, and I really don't want to have to keep telling him that he can't have any photos until Nic and Tonya see them, decide what ones they want, and who all they want to send them to.
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(no subject)

1. Want to tell me about something silly you've done recently (purposefully silly, not something you've done and felt silly afterward)?

2. What kind of a freak gets a sore throat in June? Why isn't anything making it feel better?!

3. Have you ever slept with a cough drop/throat lozenge in your mouth? Did you die from it?

4. Thursday is the summer solstice (At least for those of us in the top half of the world, pretend that says "winter" if you're in the other half). Are you doing anything to celebrate?

5. Which prince is hotter: Harry or William?
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I just made a new sn on aim for myself on AIM 6.0....

Does anyone know how I can transfer my buddylist from my old aim sn to my new one? I know on older versions of aim there was an option to save it, but I just cannot find it for the life of me on 6.0.
kiv dancin.
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hay, tqc. for people in the northern hemisphere, it's gettin to be about summertime. which broaches the topic of SWIMMIN.

do you know how to swim?

so when you were a kid (or now, for that matter), did/do you go swimming often?
where'd you go (public outdoor pool, public indoor, private outdoor, lake, etc)?

if not, what were the circumstances?

if you never learned, what were those circumstances? did you ever want to learn how to swim?

tell me a funny/interesting story about you and swimmin!
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I don't know how to wear clothes

Okay, I have a lot of skirts that are this sort of style, where they are sort of poofy or flowy or basically just have a lot of fabric going on.

I really enjoy them and I want to wear them, but I have this problem where when I walk, the front of the skirt always goes between my legs, creating a sort of culottes look that I'm not really going for. It also falls like what when I'm just standing.

Is there some way to combat this or am I just not meant to wear these skirts?
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What is your favorite way of preparing roasted potatoes?

I have some small potatoes that I was planning on putting into a tin foil pouch and roasting in the oven, but I'm not sure what to stick in the pouch with them for optimal yumminess.

(no subject)

Where do you shop online for clothes?

What is your favorite non-internet place to get clothes?

Do you get a weird feeling when a word is repeated over and over again that the word doesn't exist anymore and it just looks like a selection of letters?

(no subject)

This is a long shot:

Does anyone from the Sacramento area remember the murder of a 11-12 year old boy by his father that he had never met before? And the boy was tortured before being killed? This was probably around 2002-2003, and sentencing was this past December for the wife of the guy. 

(the boy had been sent to stay with his father for a month or a few weeks, but had never met him before that for whatever reason.)

edit: I want to know the guy's name. I was friends with the wife, and don't remember her married name and no searches under her maiden name bring up the story. And I would love links to the news reports.

Router setup

Anyone know how to change the settings in a linksys d-link DI-704P router?

I remember you need to go to to access the setup and the login/password is always "admin" unless it's been changed. Does doing a factory reset (ie press the button on the back) reset this password and any other settings?

There's been a time restriction programmed into the router so that computers can only connect to the network between certain hours of the day. I wanted to try to remove this restriction.
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TV Stuff

1. Do you watch Entourage? If you do, who is your favorite character?

2. What's the best show on TV that was taken off the air way too soon?

3. Do you own any shows on DVD?

4. Best looking girl/guy currently on TV?

My answers in the comments.

you can't watch that

When you were a kid, were there any shows (especially cartoons) that your parents wouldn't let you watch even though other kids your age were usually allowed to watch them?

I couldn't watch Tom & Jerry or The Simpsons. T&J was because of the violence. Simpsons was less specific but it was just felt it was a bad influence on kids.
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(no subject)

1. did you work whie you were going to college/university? how many hours a week?
A. I did my budget and I'm gonna have to work almost full time during college, however the job I have is not tiring,  but I dont know how thats gonna work out.

2. if you give birth in a country that you are not a citizen of, does your baby become a citizen to that country? and if so does that then make you a citizen by default?
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She said: "I love my kids! and I'm a good mother"

The time of year is mid June, it's about 75-80 degrees outside with a slight breeze blowing every now and again.
You need to run into the grocery store, which is part of a large shopping center, to pick up diapers and toilet paper. You're alone with your two children ages 3 and 1.
The kids are strapped safely into their car seats so they wouldn't be able to play around with any of the instrumentation of the car, and you'll take the keys with you.
The car is not running, and the rear windows are down about 1.5 inches.
Do you think it's reasonable to leave a 3 year old, and a 1 year old, alone in a car while you run into the grocery store to grab diapers and toilet paper?
What could possibly go wrong?

EDIT Just to clarify, this isn't about me. My children are 19 and 13. I discovered two children alone in a car on Sunday. I called the police. The childrens mother took off before they arrived...leaving a trail of bullshit behind her. "I love my kids" "I'm a good mother", "I haven't done anything wrong", "I have nothing to be ashamed of", "who made you my judge and jury?". When I saw them, I immediately saw dozens of things that could go wrong, and have this situation end in tragedy. But, mommy dearest seemed to think it was okay to do this. I just wondered if anyone, anywhere, agreed with her.
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(no subject)

1) I downloaded the Trillian update and now my sounds don't work! I went through all the options and they are all enabled. So how do I fix it?? Did anyone else have this problem?
2) Do you play WoW? If so, what's your info?
3) Should I make muffins or cookies?
4) Do you have an xbox 360? Will you be my xbox friend?

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(no subject)

Have you ever encountered a random dead body? If so, did you call the police?
Yes. It was rolled up in a carpet, on the side of the Saw Mill River Parkway. No, but on the way back there were a ton of cops there.
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(no subject)

what crazy american holiday does your birthday fall on?

mine is "don't cried over spilled milk day"
find yours here and tell me.

also, going to my first job friday to check out exactally what i'm doing. it's a space endeavor camp, i'm going to be working with kids 8-10 and any idea's what i should wear?


Are you or anyone you know Polyamorus?

(I'm not counting people who just sleep around and claim to be Polyamorus, I mean Poly in the sense that they are trying to maintain real legit meaningful relationships with multiple people who all know that multiple relationships are going on.)
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(no subject)

1- What's on your mind?
2- Aside from lazing about TQC, what are you up to?
3- Any interesting plans for the near future? What are they?
4- What's something that offends many people, but not you for whatever reason?
5- How dumb does a band-aid look on one's face if it's there for an actual purpose and not just to look like a Nelly wannabe?

1- Miss Papaya's "Teddy Bear" is in my head, and I'm wondering why, since I haven't heard it in a while...
2- Updating my work's website. Whoo hoo. I'm doing the newsletter, what should I say?! :P
3- Arcade time. Whoo hoo. (again)
4- Most things in life. I don't get why people get bothered by so many things.
5- I dunno, but I have one (it's small) on now so that blood from a cut doesn't drip on my shirt. Mmmmmm.

(no subject)

Do you have a mirror in your office so you can see who comes in behind you if your back faces the door? Where'd you get it?
I need something to stick on to my cabinat so I don't have to constantly turn around
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(no subject)

What's a food that you've tried and you really expected to be disguisting, but it turned out to be really good?

Do you tend to forget about Mountain Standard Time? (I guess this is only applicable for people in North America, I always feel like I hear about Eastern/Central/Pacific but not Mountain).

Where is cherrybaby?

Edit: Do you know if your Subway has hot sauce? My boyfriend always gets hot sauce at Subway (in New Jersey), but recently moved to Florida and discovered they don't have hot sauce at Subway there, or apparently at the one he stopped at in Georgia. WHY? Edit again: It would be stupid if I didn't ask where you are from. So where are you from?
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(no subject)

What are your feelings on using the word "retarded" as in "That's so retarded".

Do you use it? If you don't, why? If you do, have you ever felt that you shouldn't or do you just not really care?
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(no subject)

If you have a job that requires some sort of degree or other training, when did you begin to call yourself a (whatever your job title is)? For example, if you have a degree in nursing, did you consider yourself a nurse once you graduated, once you passed the boards, or once you got a nursing job? This also applies to tons of other specializations.

So let's do it this way-
1) What's your degree/certificate/whatever in?
2) When did you start considering yourself to be a (whatever it is that you are)?
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(no subject)

I got audited for my taxes and the end result of the audit was that the Revenue Agency found that I had in fact over paid and got a return.

I spent part of it buying 2 suits.

Should I spend the remainder on a Fredrick Chopin Mont Blanc Fountain Pen Or should I get a Mont Blanc Kafka Fountain pen which is $300 more?
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Sensitive much??

1. My SO's friend (who is also kind of my friend..) IMPLIED that I was stupid yesterday and I called him ugly for it...afterwards nothing was said about it, it didn't feel like a big deal.  Except yesterday night, he left w/o saying bye and we were all wondering why he was giving us the cold shoulder.  My SO (thinking HE had done something wrong) wrote an email to him and asked what was up, he wrote back today and lo and behold he's pissed at ME for calling him ugly....AFTER HE IMPLIED I WAS STUPID. PERSONALLY, I think this is the stupidest disagreement EVER because both shots were pretty petty and immature (I mean, come on "ugly" and "stupid" stfu) So I was like "wtf" and b/c I reacted like "dude what's HIS problem" now my b/f thinks I'M the one w/the problem and now WE'RE fighting....so seriously, wtf? Was I wrong in calling him ugly for that?

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2.  Do you think your a good driver? Do your friends think your a good driver? How do you feel if someone says that your a bad driver?

3. When you buy your SO food do you want/expect them to say thank you?

4. I bought my car in 2005 and my SO and I got together last year, he JUST RECENTLY (maybe...3 AT THE MOST months ago) got a car--BUT it sucks and it doesn't have A/C so we still just use my car (he only uses his to go to work which is like...less than 5 miles away from the house) my tire popped about 3 months back and I paid for it on my own (even though HE drove it into a pot hole causing it to pop) NOW another tire has popped (due to wear and tear)---Do you think he should pay for this one? We go EVERYWHERE in my car (including driving it to San Antonio 3x and Dallas 1x to see his family)

5. How do you feel when your SO puts down/disrespects one of your friends?


(no subject)

i'm not much of a soda drinker, but today i tried pepsi's new summer mix.  i am not a fan.  i couldn't even tell what flavors were added. 

have you tried it?  what did you think?  what exactly are the tropical fruit flavors in it? 

(no subject)

I have a job interview for a camp counselor position today. I have to leave in about ten minutes. I had an outfit picked out for it -- very standard interview attire. I just woke up & it's about 90 something degrees out so what I was planning on wearing isn't going to happen. Would a sundress be completely inappropriate for this interview? I have either a green sundress with bright pink splatches or a brown skirt with a blue tank top. I'm not sure if sandals would be okay to wear to an interview. Usually, I would say no but it's so hot and the only other dressy shoes I have are black heels.

Any suggestions?

(no subject)

I had a dream last night where my boyfriend and I decided to go to Prague. However, once we got to the airport we found that we had only purchased one plane ticket. I tore mine in half and gave him the other piece. For some reason the airport personnel did not notice and allowed us to go on the plane. Plane took off and everything went swimmingly.

If this occurred IRL, how much trouble would the airline get in?
How much trouble would we get in?
Would this make CNN?
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(no subject)

1. How do I go about getting a work permit? (I'm not yet 18 so several of the jobs I want to apply for require one. I heard something about going to my town's public high school?)

2. What was your first job?

I like chicken, i like liver

So thanks, TQC, for your previous help with cat information. I checked out the cat communities but they're full of furries people less fun than you and they won't let me ask other questions that are not related, so here goes:

1. What should I feed my new cat? I think its about a year old.
2. What should I name the cat?

- end cat related questions -

3. What's the tastiest thing you've eaten lately?
(Well I guess this COULD be cat related.)
4. How much can you bench?

(no subject)

1. do you pronounce vase
a: vayz
b: vahz.

2. so, i have no work experience. my mother wouldn't let me get a job throughout high school. i've done some babysitting and i type up medical dictations for my father, but that's it. i kind of want to work a bit in retail or waitressing, but, again, no work experience equals no hiring for me. suggestions, folks?

(no subject)

1. For those of you who are visual artists, what is/are your favorite medium(s) to work with? Why?

2. What is the most interesting/unique medium or combination of mediums you have used?

3. What's the weirdest thing you've ever used in a piece?

4. What's one medium or type of art that you think everyone should try at least once?

5. What something you want to try but haven't yet?

6. Do you have any examples of your work?

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Mops and violence

When mopping, which will produce the result of a cleaner floor:

Having your mop sopping wet and dripping all over the place,
Having your mop well wrung out after putting it in the water?


You walk in on your young child watching a very violent movie or playing a very violent videogame. Would you rather the violence be:

Strictly hand-to-hand, kicking, punching, biting, throwing, etc,
Involve weapons, knives, guns, etc.

And no, "well I'd never let my kid watch that omg" is not an option. Play along.

(no subject)

Do you have it set up so people from LiveJournal can text message you?

If so, do they? Does it creep you out when they do?

Someone from some community I'm in texted me today and was like "I know you from..." it really creeped me out. I deleted the message accidentally and I don't think there is anyway to find out who it was.
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(no subject)

i don't understand people.
okay, say you've got a fellow named jim, a fruit named bob and a slut named courtney. alright, so the fruit and the slut get in a fight and are no longer talking. however, whenever the fruit see's the fellow and the slut talking, the fruit starts going off about 'oh, you can't talk to that slut, she's not my friend!'

now would anyone like to explain to me why people say things like that? i've never understood it. like, if i have a friend, and she hates her ex-boyfriend, automatically this friend assumes i must hate her ex. alas, i don't because it wasn't my problem. but why is the friend hellbent on me hating this person?

anyone want to give it a shot? i'm sure the answer is as simple as "that person is a moron" but i'd like to see you explain it.

also, would you finish this sentence? the virgin mule ate cheese from _______________.
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Poll #1006073 threat

Which group represents in your opinion the gravest threat to the continuation of the US as it is now?

Far left ideology
Far right ideology
Unchecked illegal immigration
The further eroding of our civil liberties
Something else (I will explain by commenting)

How would you identify yourself politically - party wise

Natural Law
Other (I will explain in comment)
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(no subject)

anything you need to vent about?
want to talk about it?
why does it seem that every day you set out to have a GREAT day there's always SOMETHING (as little of a something that it might be) that causes it to go down the holeeeeeee? /baby looney toon's character

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Names, etc

What are your favorite names for a boy?
What are your favorite names for a girl?
What are some of the most horrible names you've heard? Boy or girl.
What was the name of your first pet?
Would you ever use a family surname for a child, if you want children?

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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

1. How do you pronounce Internet? (inner-net or inter-net)

2. Who are your favorite celebrity babies/kids? (and by favorites meaning, whose the cutest of them all...in your opinion?)
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(no subject)

I have an annual summer family reunion picnic coming up Sunday and about to go on a recipe search for something different but really yummy to make and take.

Any suggestions? Do you have any "signature" recipes that are really good?

Can you share the recipes, or send me a link so I can see it?

(no subject)

I was in lady footlocker today and I saw these awesome shoes. They were $54.99 and they were brown and turquoise, super shiny. I think they would be considered casual. There was a signature on them, I thought it started with a J but I'm not sure. I checked ladyfootlocker.com and finishline.com.... no luck

Does anyone know what the hell kind of shoe I'm looking for?


1. once upon a time i knew of a website where you could type in an ingredient and it would give you a bunch of recipes that had that ingredient in them.

does anyone know what i'm talking about, or a similar website?

2. have you ever been to aldi? is the food really THAT bad?
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(no subject)

I've been trying to mix in brown rice into my diet instead of the typical white rice/pinto beans mix but the one time I tried it I had to spit it out. I am usually not that picky either. So does anyone have a secret to making brown rice not taste so blah?

Also does anyone have a good recipe for green tea cake?

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good books

I'm going overseas on a trip for about 7 and a half weeks. During that time, I'd really like to have four or five books that I can read in English so I can entertain myself when I'm alone or on the plane. I'd like some suggestions - I'm trying to find some that will be cheap at the bookstore. I would go to the library, but I can only check things out for 3 weeks at a time.

So...read any good books lately?
Feet Pyramid

dogs and such

1) Is rawhide bad for dogs? If so, why do they even sell it?

2) Should dogs be given "people food" as part of their main diet?

3) What would you do if someone you knew neglected their dog by not brushing or bathing it, allowing it to become matted and get skin infections?

4) Generally speaking, how early is too early to be having the marriage talk with your SO? Obviously it depends on each couple, but what would shock you?
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OS madness!

What operating system do you use on your computer

Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows ME, 98 or 95
Windows 3.1
OSX (Panther, Tiger, Leopard and any other cat they use as a product name)
OS 9
OS 8 or below
*nix (Unix & BSD flavors)
Sun Solaris
Linix distro (too many to count)
Something else (perhaps an abacus?)
I hate polls!


Should I call maintenance or housekeeping to get rid of the giant spider crawling across the wall across from my desk?
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(no subject)

1. Do you think Shippo will concede to me being a meercat too, considering the similarities between 'meercat' and my name?
well, I always considered myself a meercat... I've had friends call me as such anyway

2. Will you describe the procedure for eating gummy bears, including potential preferential treatment based on color or other characteristics? If so, please do.
first, bite the head off. While consuming it, have the bear run around in the air as if in a panic. Then chomp on the body with glee. I only eat the red and orange ones.

3. Are you wearing panties? If so, what color are they? How do you feel about the pluralization of the word 'panties'?
yes, they are purple stripey ones. My grandma says 'penty' instead of panties and that makes me laugh. Its just too darn cute.
Me--State Fair


For anyone else that uses BookMooch, is the site being ACHINGLY slow for you today? I can't even get pages to load.

How am I going to come up with $1400+ in the next few weeks? I'm thinking eBay, but I don't have THAT much valuable stuff.

Do you have a friends filter just for TQC and the offshoots? I do.
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(no subject)

1. If you went to college, what did you major in?
2. Did you get a job in the same field?

3. What blogs do you read religiously?
4. Have you ever heard of a bank only allowing you to withdraw $230 at a time?
Hotch - GQMF

(no subject)

1. Are you gutsy enough to tell a guy you like him early on, or do you usually be quiet about it and build stuff up in your mind for a really long time? (I do the latter).

2. When you're listening to music on iTunes/some other similar music program/your MP3 player, do you shuffle all your songs (if so, do you skip songs till you find the right one for the moment, or do you just let it play?) or only listen to one artist/album/genre? I shuffle all the time, and I skip like crazy on my MP3 player, but not on iTunes. I just let it play.

(no subject)

A coworker said he'd get me a free ticket to a show tonight if I came. I said okay. I haven't talked to him since, he's not in today, and I haven't been able to contact him. So I don't physically have a ticket and the theater is an hour away. If you were in this situation would you drive out and hope you spotted your coworker outside or flake out and not go?

(no subject)

So the dumb-head who built my apartment decided a wooden windowsill would look most excellent in the shower. The only way we have to keep the wood from rotting is a shower curtain around the window. This isn't a very good situation because between that curtain and the regular shower curtain sucking in with air pressure changes, you're likely to suffocate in our shower.

Any ideas how to fix the window sill so we can get rid of the damn shower curtain? And we'd prefer to be able to set stuff on the windowsill.
Quinn Twin

SNL BEP skit

For the love of GOD, can someone please help me find the skit from SNL where it's the Black Eyed Peas for hire?! They're singing in front of a Wendy's and stuff... I have googled and asked and yahooed for over an hour. PLEASE! Help me!
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(no subject)

Would you ever name your child (if you ever intend to have one doesn't matter, just play along) an old-fashioned 'old lady' kind of name? Like Gladys, or Pearl, or Olive? Are these names slated to vanish off the planet with the death of 80+ year old womens? :(

On that note, what's your favourite 'old fashioned' name anyway? Any language, I guess.

(no subject)

If you had been saving for about a year to pay off fines and eventually get a car again and you finally had the money ($3000) when your friend invited you to his wedding in Mexico that coincidentally costs the same as the amount saved, which would you do?..

Pay off fines and work on getting a car
Go to the Mayan Riviera for 3 days for a semi good friends wedding

its my boyfriend thats in this situation however i would benefit either way since i would finally have the car all to myself but on the other hand he would be paying most of the Mexico trip..

(no subject)

Do you think extreme population density makes people go crazy?

If not, why are so many people in New Jersey fuckin insane?

alt. tmi question:

ladies, how long do your periods last?
is there anything we outsiders can do to make it less terrible for you?
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What is the dumbest thing you've ever kept for sentimental reasons?

When I was 16, I met my online boyfriend in person for the first time. At some point during the day he gave me a tic-tac. Instead of using it the way it was intended, I just stuck it in my pocket and I kept that thing for like, six months. I look back and LOL at myself.
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I have a TON of manga, anime DVDs, how to draw books, books on graphic design, books on color theory, some video games, misc. art books of other types, to sell. Before I hit up eBay, I wanna try seeing if LiveJournal is kind to me.

Where do you suggest I sell my stuff? If not on LJ, is there another website to go to besides eBay?

Cleaning and a Job (this is long)

1. You need to earn money. You need a second job by the end of June because your hours at your current job have been reduced. Your options are:

A.) Work at a discount store that pays very well but the customers are awful.
B.) Try to find work at a restaurant even though it may not be possible by the end of June. You'd be able to make more money, even if it is in a shorter amount of time.
C.) Quit your current job and get one of the above jobs, even though it may pay less. The goal is to make more money by working more, even if it means you get paid less (per hour).
D.) Other (please explain)

Prostitution, drug selling, and exotic dancing are not options.

2. You are going to live with someone who does not have a house that meets and/or exceeds your cleaning expectations. Their pets have fleas (badly), the dishes aren't completely clean, no one cleans the bathroom, and you've never seen anyone mop the floors. You're sure by cleaning the house, you'll offend the people that live there.

What do you do? Clean up and risk embarrassment? Try to get out quickly? Clean up when you think no one is looking? Other?

Edited for a spelling error.
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1. Do you tell your friend(s)/SO(s) to have fun at work even when you know they dislike their job and won't?

2. Will you come get drunk with me?

3. Does your SO have a hairy butt? Would you make them wax it if they did? If you don't have a SO pretend you do.

4. Have you ever told someone you had just met that you loved them? (Having known them on the internet before meeting them in real life does not count).

The end is near...

Yahoo! photos is closing and I've had it since I was in the 9th grade. I have over 2000 pictures there, that I no longer actually physically have. And now I'm being forced to choose another service that will host my pictures.

Flickr will only hold 200 pictures, but besides that, I hate the layout.
Photobucket ate my friends pictures and is not organized enough for me.
Kodak... well I haven't actually looked too into it, but its not too appealing.

I'm on the fence with Shutterfly and Snapfish.

Both will hold unlimited amounts of pictures, with unlimited amounts of albums.

Shutterfly is offering a Picturebook if I move to them and while they have the albums, I can't say I love the layout.

Snapfish offers me 50 free prints but I haven't seen the layout so I can't say much about that... ( I do like that they have a customer service chat though..very helpful.)

Help me TQC!!
Does anyone have any of these services? Do you like them? Any problems or issues you've had with either?
Help me get off the fence!


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A friend of my boyfriend had a nasty nasty cold. He passed said cold to most of his friends, who passed it on to their friends, etc. MY boyfriend refuses to take any kind of medication, he prefers to use good thoughts and meditation to get rid of anything. I don't buy into that at all. When i got sick, I went to the doctor and was put on medicine. My boyfriend is already feeling better. I've spent the weekend hacking up a lung and I'm still miserable.

Why did I stay sick longer?
Does this ever happen to you??

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What does LJ protect it's users from by not not allowing the use of < iframe >, etc?

I wanted to embed my googcal in my user profile, but according to the FAQs, LJ won't allow it because it's "protecting" the users.  WTF?

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Question for you guys, and i am looking for remotely serious answers....

So.. my bff and i don't feel as close as we were say.. in january.
Due to recent events(that were my own fault)
i feel as if she is mad at me, but when i ask.. she denies it.
I don't really know what to do, but if we aren't friends anymore, it is DEFINATLEY my fault.
I feel so terrible and i dont know what to do to get things back to the way they were..

So TQC..
Should i just wait this out and hope things work themselves out?
What can i do to fix things.. i've already apologized.
And lastly..
Am i just being stupid? Is it all in my head?
when is this all going to be over.. i just want my bff back.

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So, I'm 21 and home for the summer...and while I'm here, my parents generally try to insert themselves in all of my financial matters (which I take care of myself fairly skillfully). Not only do they demand to see statements of mine, when they come in my room to use my computer when I'm not home (which they shouldn't be doing to begin with), they look for papers and receipts around my room and keep them for when they interrogate me about them.

This is incredibly fucked up. Short of moving out (as I'm only here for 2 months), what can I do to stop this? I've password-protected my computer but, other than that, I don't know what to do. Like I said, I'm well-accustomed to taking care of myself at this point and so I just want to be able to live comfortably without the fear of people coming in my room and snooping until they REALLY find something unsettling (vibrator, condoms, morning-after pills, etc.)!
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I have a question from my Step-Dad...
He is trying to remember the name of some cartoon show that he THINKS was on Comedy Central....all he can remember of it though is that, and I quote, "Yeah..the captain had 3 eyes and his first mate was some girl with big boobs."

I've NO idea -_-;;;
Do any of you have ANY idea wtf he is talking about?

Edit: It;s not Futurama, it's something else xD

EDIT!: Got the answer, thanks to: fiercerose

who is cuter? (for those who like guys)

(this was posted earlier under retarded HTML. now... it is slightly better. and with fewer spaces in the HTML. sorry mods.. )

who is your pick of guy?;

EDIT: added, a face-pic of matthew
DOUBLE EDIT: i've tallied up the votes from TQC vote - thanks ya'll!

Arthur - 12
Jonah - 24
Matthew - 35
Mike - 5
Justin - 12
Greg - 6
Perry - 6
Jeremy - 2
Peter - 1

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another shot of matthew due to request
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There's a ton of ants crawling around the backdoor. They seem to be regular ones and flying ones and they're all coming through a crack in the door. Most of them are outside but a lot came inside when I opened the door.

How should I get rid of them? All I can think of is those poison ant boxes but I have a dog and I don't know if it can cause any harm to dogs.

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1. I quit my job and my last day of work is on Friday. I work at a privately owned daycare. Before I leave I want to ask my boss and one of the women I work with if I could use them as references, and I know they'll say yes, but I would also like to get them a little gift to give to them on my last day, just to show my appreciation. I've worked there for almost a year. What should I get them? They're both age 50+. No food.

2. Can I mail taffy? Is there any way to do it and be absolutely 100% sure that it will NOT melt? I live in California and want to mail it to the east coast. Should I just forget about it?
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Peace Corps, etc.

I want to take some time to go volunteer my life. I'm looking for something more along the lines of 6 months, give or take a few. I'd like to go volunteer, either overseas or in another state. And I was thinking about how interesting the Peace Corps are, and looked them up, but I found that you have to be in the program for 27 months, and that's a little longer than I want. And Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization, which I am not Christian, and you have to pay for all your housing and costs to get to wherever you're volunteering and I'd prefer a program that was cost-free like the Peace Corps, so I wouldnt have to worry about money.

So my question is, has anyone volunteered for, or heard of another organization that I could check out? If you've done so, what was your experience like? Would you reccommend it? What would you do again, and what would you change?
for 65redroses :)

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I learned a long while ago that news outlets aren't unbiased in how they deliver their news. But as for which is which, I have no idea.

So tell me- what news channels, newspapers, etc, lean which way?

Where do you get your news from?

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If you had to equate the art of the middle ages with a modern art period/artist/work what comes to mind? I'm trying to draw a connection between the religious art of the 14th century to the spirituality of Mark Rothko, and I was wondering what other people might think about.
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I'm working on my semester project for Microbiology. My partner & I swabbed cell phones for the prevalence & identification of bacteria. We need a catchy title for our project -- can you think of anything clever?

The only thing I can think of is something lame like how bacteria know the sound of your voice better than anybody. Err. Yeah. Help. Please.

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could anyone provide me with the lyrics for the song "Straight Lines" by Dawn Landes please? I've looked everywhere and can't find them. thanks in advance to anyone who could help me out! :)

Race in the US vs. Intro to White Culture in the US

Should I take "Race in the United States" or "Introduction to White Culture in the United States?"

Here are the descriptions:

Race in the US: Survey of the history of African Americans, Asian Americans, Chicanos, American Indians, and other indigenous peoples as they become part of the United States, or in the whole Americas depending on focus.

Intro to White Culture: Studies the history, culture, religion, institutions, politics, economics, arts, and psychology of peoples of white culture as developed from experience in both the old and new worlds. Multidisciplinary analysis of social life looking at white culture in America as a social construct and the consequences of this construct.
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black donnelleys episode

ive been watching episodes of "the black donnelleys" on the web recently, but $^*@^ing nbc.com keeps showing me an error message on this one episode entitled "when the door opens." I would skip it and just move on, but it seemed like it would be so good judging from the description. can anyone describe episode number 10 to me? what happens that is so monumental?

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I'm under 18. I bank at Washington Mutual and I have a savings account. Is there a way to change my account to a checkings account and get a debit/ATM card without having to go through a ton of hoops//get parental permission? If I have to, it isn't a HUGE deal, but it would be lovely if I didn't have to. I checked the website, but it wasn't a ton of help.

If it matters, everyone at the bank knows me. REALLY WELL.
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I have a cold, and when I speak, I sound like a whiny, nasally 11 year-old.

What do you usually do to make yourself feel better when you have a cold?
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1. i recently started spin classes. and i'm absolutely famished for hours afterwards and eat back all the calories i've burned. it's only been a couple of days. can i expect my metabolism to stop freaking out soon? and if not, what can i do to calm it down?

2. what do you eat for breakfast, normally? what time? what time do you eat lunch?
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1. I use Almay's 16-hour eyeliner and I love it. It doesn't smudge on its own and I love the way it looks. Only problem is whenever I wear my contacts I manage to rub my eyes just enough to smudge it into my contacts, and then they burn and itch until I take them out. Eyedrops don't help, as they just kind of wet the eyeliner and make it worse. Any recommendations on an eyeliner that works just as well but won't give me such problems?

2. Have you had a Swamp sludge McFlurry at McDonald's? They're yummy.

3. In your opinion, who makes better digital cameras for the size - Sony (Cybershot series) or Canon (Powershot series)?

4. How many prescription medications are you on and how much do they run you a month?
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I'm bored at work and I need something to read before I lose my mind.

So... any good websites that have well written fictional stories? Can be original work or fan based stuff... and at this present moment I am not picky about the genre so long as its work friendly and keeps me entertained.

Boiled semen.

Describe for us in your own words what you believe boiled semen would smell like? Describe the scent of your semen boiled, if you could.

At what temperature do you think semen boils?

Would you want scarification performed on yourself using scalding-hot semen ejected from an mechanically ejaculating dildo?

Where do you want it? Face? Chest? Ass? Hair?


How does one get into the video gaming industry (I'm interested in character design and coming up with ideas for games)? Is knowledge of computers absolutely necessary (I assume yes). Do you have to work your way up the ladder(from video game tester to whatever else)?

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No matter how hard you try, sometimes you just take photos that don't turn out how you want them to. From bad posing or timing, the lighting is wrong, camera setting didn't do what you thought it would, you sneezed onto the lens...anyway, the picture isn't all you'd hoped it would be, and the photo ends up in your reject/not for display pile.

What's the best/your favourite of your recent reject pile photos?

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1. Does anyone ever read books that have amazing stories on the inside, but the covers are a bit .. um. I don't know. Not talking bodice-rippers, but people frenching it, or pentagrams and vampires, or what have you. I read at work a lot during our quiet time hour (they read, I read, there is reading going on - I work in a daycare) and I don't want to have to pull out a book with things on it that the little darlings (lawl) wouldn't deem appropriate. How do I get around this? (these are library books, I should mention, so I can't cut off the covers or anything like that).

2. How long should I wait between applications of base coat, nail color, and top coat?

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Hello! I'm new!
So, let's get right to the point with some questions!

1) What is the closest book to you?
2) What is the closest CD to you?
3) What is the closest ( NOT COMPUTER ) electronic to you?

Looking for an icon

1. Has anyone any idea who made, or where I can at least find, that icon with Kiera Knightley's Elizabeth Bennet saying something like "LOL I'm Elizabeth Bennet!" and Jennifer Ehle's Lizzy saying "Bitch, please" in response?
A friend of mine watched the 2005 movie before finishing the book, and now I'm trying to convince her to watch the BBC miniseries as well.

2. Also, has anyone ever confessed their long-hidden feelings of affection to someone, been kindly rejected, and then felt way better afterwards?
Has anyone at least confessed their long-hidden feelings of affection? What was the result?


[1] Have you ever lived in/visited a haunted place or experienced any paranormal phenomena in general? Will you tell me about it? Yes, my room is a little haunted. It's a tl;dr story. ETA: Alright. I've been a Solitary Wiccan for about nine years. When I cast my first spell I followed all the steps perfectly. However, I didn't close the casting circle as well as I should. Ever since then my room just...changed. Sometimes I feel like I'm being watched and I generally don't quite feel alone. When I got a pendulum as a gift a few years ago and hung it up on a little statue I have, it immediately started swinging - and hasn't stopped since. Even other people who come into my room often remark that it feels different than the rest of the house. They can't explain why but they say they get goosebumps and feel uncomfortable. I've learned to live with whatever it is, and other that the aforementioned feelings nothing else ever happens, so I'm assuming it's non-threatening. I'm too scared to try to contact it, though, just in case it does end up suddenly turning evil. My neighbourhood in general (Gravesend) is pretty haunted so for all I know this spirit has been in my room all along and was only coincidental with the spell-casting.

[2] Is it common for a woman to be excessively horny/pine to have a baby when she ovulates? Is it a hormonal thing or what? You tell me, it keeps happening so I thought I'd ask.

[3] How was your day? Anything interesting/fun happen? I bought a lot of wine for my mini-party and planned it a bit.
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have you ever been pooped on, sexually? how was it?

what's the most "out there" thing you've done in the bedroom? "out there" can be whatever you want it to be.

why is my brother such a jerk?
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Have you ever stolen anything from a store? I don't mean a candy bar or something when you were 8, something of significant worth that would hurt the retailer (for argument's sake, let's say $30).

Why did you do it?
Did you gain anything out of it?
Do you regret it?

Our store got ripped off really bad over the past few days, and it's got me to wondering about people's motives.
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Hey everyone,
I want to know if any of you can tell me how to send pictures from my phone to my MySpace account?