June 18th, 2007

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Cellphone Questions: Verizon

My parents have offered to give me a line on their cellphone plan, to help me save some money. They have Verizon Wireless. I would pay the $9.99 line service, plus unlimited texting which is $10.00.

 The thing is... I have my own plan, with a friend, and the whole purpose of us having a plan together is to save money, but we don't seem to be doing that very well. Would it be possible to cancel one of the lines on our plan, and add it to my parent's plan? I really don't want to screw her, and the plan is in my name.

What do you recommend?
I would really like to go on my parents plan, and just pay the termination fee, but I don't want to be a bad friend.
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(no subject)

Have you had a pet turtle?

Will you tell me about your turtle? I am thinking about getting turtles. Either one or two. I've been setting up an aquarium. I've done some research about what kind of stuff I need to keep the turtles healthy and all that sort of stuff. I'm just wondering about the kind of things they won't write in a guide to owning turtles.
Do you find it hard to take care of?
Does it smell?
Is it fun?
Do you think it would be lonely if I got just one?
Anything else I should know about having a turtle?

If you've never had a turtle, well... what do you think I should name mine?
I've been thinking about using superhero's real names, like naming it Peter Parker.
If I get two, I'll probably do theme names, like Reed Richards & Sue Storm. Or Matt Damon & Ben Affleck. I look forward to your ideas.

picnic time!!! yay!

hey ya'll

what would be some kick-ass things i could make/buy for my picnic with my SO? think vegetarian. and picnic friendly. and romantic.

[backstory; this is our 4.5 year anniversary and we're bringing a lunch picnic up to the rose garden. i have a flask i'll bring, so that's taken care of]

something sweet?
something savory?
something light?
something substantial?

ahhhh! anniversary is right around the corner and i need to GET STARTED.
i've already decided these things;

-choco covered strawberries
-goat cheese and crackers with fresh basil
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(no subject)

1. If girl A has a graduation party where gifts are expected, and girl B does not have a party but graduates that year from the same school and is invited to girl A's party, is girl A obligated to get girl B a gift, too?

2 Can anyone recommend a good German band to me? (I already have a lot of Rammstein, Wir Sind Helden, Silbermond, Tomte)

3. Does the iphone tempt you? (Disregard price...)

Myspace d'oh!

Ok guys... this is going to sound really stupid! >:D

Long long ago, in a galaxy we call Myspace, HOW IN THE HELL do you create an account with a UNIQUE userid? As in, www.myspace.com/youfarted INSTEAD of: www.myspace.com/11893. Please explain this to an obvious newb. It doesn't give you the option on the "sign up" page.

GEE thanks a billion. Yes caps were necessary.

And... 10 seconds later I figured it out. Sowwy.

(no subject)

1. What's the biggest/worst lie you've ever told, and what happened?

2. What's the biggest/worst lie you've ever been told, and what happened?

3. What do you do when you're bored?

4. How old are you?

5. How many of your family members are still alive? ETA: Immediate family.

6. What is one thing you want to do before you die?

7. Who is the meanest person you know? What did they do to you?

(no subject)

1. You are in a store and try on a cheap (less than $10) ring or bracelet. The item it too small for you and you cannot get it off your finger/wrist. You try twisting it, pulling on it, and slathering it in lotion, but nothing works. What do you do?

2. Did you ever go through a shoplifting phase? Where did you steal from? What did you usually steal? Where you ever caught?

(no subject)

My roommate, boyfriend and I have been invited to attend a huge zombie-themed party with prizes for the best costumes, etc.
I think (if everyone agrees) we have a good costume idea. I am going to be Michone from Robert Kirkland's The Walking Dead series of graphic novels with my boyfriend and roommate being my zombie slaves.
Anyway, the part we're sort of stuck on is zombie-themed food.
We bought baby potatoes that are the size of eyes but after that we're stuck. Do you guys have any ideas for food that is both semi-delicious and looks convincingly like entrails?

Or, do you have any websites handy where we can try to order fake body parts to serve food in? Or any thing?

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(no subject)

I recorded myself saying a name of a popular movie two different ways. I say it one way fast and slow and then the other way fast and slow.

http://www.box.net/shared/1fja2sipqt (You don't have to download, you can just press "play".

Can you hear the difference between the two? If you can, which do you think is correct?

Edit: I ask because I met this random guy on the bus who was from the opposite part of the country from me. He said the name and I had NO idea what he was talking about. Then I finally got it and repeated it in the way I had always known it. He claimed he couldn't tell the difference between the two pronunciations.
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(no subject)

when's the last time you went to the zoo?
what's your favorite animal to see at the zoo?

*for those at work..

was there traffic on your drive into work today?

*for those NOT at work..

what do you have planned for today?

(no subject)

You know those people that you meet, spend a little time with, and you wonder what the hell their parents did to them to make them so fucked up?
Are you one of those people?
What did your parents do to you that made you so fucked up?

Regarding the nature vs. nurture debate, I'm more interested in the nurture part for this question.
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survival of the species

8:02 PM 6/17/07 · There are some movies that come out that I see as entertaining and fun but don't seem to quite measure up. However, it is rare I see them being anywhere near as bad as some other people. In fact, it often seems that most people hate certain films that I can't find as deserving of such hatred.

Case in point:

Did you hate the movies AvP: Alien vs. Predator & Van Helsing?

What specifically, be as detailed as you like, did you hate about them?
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Bitchiness ahead...

What the heck? Why is World of Warcraft -- aka -- Blizzard closed still? Why are they even closed on the weekend, sheesh, they make so much money that they should be open on the weekend, they brag about the millions of customers that they have, that they should have 24-7 service! So, i gotta wait another hour before Blizzard opens, because for some fucked up reason, their website won't accept my credit card... is it because they're closed on the weekend? Argh.

yes, i am addicted to WoW.

I sent my laptop in to get it repaired, since it's under warranty. I figured it was the USB connector port and I was right, it was making my computer shut down, but heres the odd part... they also replaced my LCD screen- due to drop damage!! What? My screen looked fine to me when i mailed it... Can someone explain this?
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Too much stuff

I have irrational anxiety about having too much stuff, and a serious mental block about getting rid of stuff (probably two sides of the same neurosis). One thing is for sure, I have way too many t-shirts. I feel like I can't get rid of most of them because they are either souvenirs of once-in-a-lifetime trips, or gifts from friends.

What should I do with my overabundance of t-shirts?

EDITED TO ADD: Is there a person or service that I can send my t-shirts to and have them make them into a quilt? I read the instructions for doing it ("fusible interfacing?" what the fuck is that??) and they made me want to hide under the covers and cry. I don't have a sewing machine, and I just learned how to sew a button on last month (thanks cottonmanifesto!).
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(no subject)

1. What sort of things would make a trucker honk to catch a driver's attention and then give said driver a thumbs up? Obviously he approves, but of what?

2. Does your car have cruise control? If not, what sort of things do you do on long drives when your foot/leg starts to hurt?

3. I'm trying to help my brother impress a girl. If you had to ship a bunch of fireflies from DC to San Francisco, how would you store/pack them? (I'll be sending them overnight, so long-term survival not really necessary, but they do need to be alive when they get there.)

4. What was the best part of your weekend?

5. The worst part?
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Hygene, Ho!

1. I need a whitening toothpaste. One that actually works. Recommend away.

2. I was considering using Mane n' Tail. Does it actually work or it that all crap that they've pumped us with? If it's crap, recommend a good, clean-smelling shampoo that can keep someone with fair blonde hair not looking dirty/greasy.

3. What deodorant do you use? I got some Ban, but it makes me smell like a melon and I don't particularly want to smell like a melon, if you get my drift. I'd rather smell like powder or freshness.

(no subject)

1.) Coffee drinkers:
What brand do you drink, and what do you put in your coffee?

2.) For Christians/anyone who knows the bible (I'm Lutheran, if it matters):

a.) Bible quotes/passsges that will help me in forgiving someone? (my dad)
b.) Bible quotes that will help me in dealing with anxiety? (I suffer from GAD and panic attacks)

a buhhhhhhhhhh

(no subject)

lets say you're fourteen
you go to a park on a trip (lame, but whatever)
and someone gives you a "brownie laced with pot"
and the jackass didnt tell you.

on a scale of one to 10, how pissed would you be?

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i smoke weed, but started when i was seventeen, at fourteen i'da been pissed.
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(no subject)

If you're underage (seventeen) can you go to a walk in clinic without parental knowledge/consent? I'm relatively sure you can't, what with bills and insurance, but what if I just wanted to have someone look at something and give their opinion? Say, if I wanted a doctor to look at a gash in my leg and tell me if they think it needs stitches? And if I did manage to see someone (which I most likely won't), even though I'm underage, they still can't tell anyone about it, right? Doctor-patient confidentiality and all that.

(no subject)

1. I just ate three pieces of cold pizza. Should I pay a drop-in fee and go to the gym, or should I just go watch one of my many unwatched collections of TV shows on DVD? What would you do?

2. Do you like camping? Would you still go camping even if was raining?

3. In my dream last night, my doggie died. I woke up crying. What was the last sad dream you had?

(no subject)

I was just on an airline website and it said they didn't allow certain animals to travel on their planes, and the list included 'snub nosed dogs' like boxers or pugs... does anyone know why?
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

How come when I try to take a screenshot with the Print Screen button of something playing in Windows Media Player, when I paste it into Paint it goes, for lack of a better technical term, kablooey?

(no subject)

1)What if you had photosensitive epilepsy and your favorite band that you went to see live had strobe lights at their show? I don't really know what I'm asking here. What would you do, I guess? Y'know, besides have a seizure.

2)Who is the most recent addition to your friends list? Where'd you find 'em?

3)What city or local venue do you usually go to for concerts (assuming you've been more than once)?

Salt and Pepper shakers.

When filling shakers with pepper and salt, if the shakers have a different number of holes on the top, which one do you fill the shaker with more holes with?

And why?

Is there a rule of etiquette that you are supposed to follow, or is it just personal preference?
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(no subject)

Is there a name for the sound effect used for something taking an exaggerated bite out of something? (think cartoon dog biting someone and the recipient of the bite leaping straight up in the air) The "chomp!" sound effect.... is there a name?

Also... is there a name (not a fallacy), similar to how Godwin's Law has a name, for how a religious person can dismiss anyone they disagree with as either being "the Devil", "a devil", "doing the Devil's work", etc.?
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What are the most effective diet(s) you have tried?

What are diets that you find ineffective?

Have you heard of the FDA-approved Alli? Do you know anyone using it?

Any other opinions/suggestions on dieting?

(no subject)

1.  Someone calls your phone accidentally intending to call some other number (i.e. it's a wrong number).  Somehow, they manage to listen to your voicemail message and still proceed to leave a message for the other person who is not you.  The message is them trying to set up an appointment (I think to get nails done) with the other person, and leaves their full number.  You don't know either person.  Do you call back the number to let them know that the appointment-making voicemail didn't get to the intended person, or just delete it and move on?

2.  I am having a stupid day, I think.  The color: is it Grey or Gray? or Both?  Which do you like?

3.  Can you explain to me how the stock market works?  I understand that people buy and sell shares of a company, but what do the points mean (i.e. when the news announcer says the Dow Jones is up 50 points and the Nasdaq is up 15 or whatever)?  What does a broker do, really?  Am I dumb or naive for not comprehending these things?  Maybe I didn't listen well enough in economics classes...

concert Q

I could, in theory, go to see Tool in concert for free tomorrow night, but I'm not.

Am I silly not to, or smart to stay home?

I'm indifferent to them--I like them but don't love them--and I could go for free because my boyfriend is the operations manager of two radio stations and always gets free tickets to area rock shows.

ETA: I'd be going with my boyfriend and his son, and I don't actually HAVE the tickets. I'm pretty okay with not going and letting them do a father/son thing because they both really love Tool, whereas I just like them. Plus it's an hour away, so I wouldn't be able to leave if I wasn't liking it. Ah, well. Just wanted to know if I was totally crazy or not. :-p
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(no subject)

I'm reading Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman, and I found this question really interesting. So, TQC:

You have two potential options for a hypothetical blind date. Which do you choose?

A: He/she is attractive and successful.
B: He/she is attractive, successful, and "extremely patriotic".

(no subject)

What is the worst academic oh-shit moment you've ever had?

How do you politely kick a friend out of your house who is showing all intentions of wanting to live there/offering to pay rent?

Website mania!

1.    Is there a specific website that every time you log on you just have to visit? And, is it a website that you'd let your grandma look at? Mine is Sydlexia.com or Maddox's site, but he so rarely updates it is not worth checking daily.

2.   Ever joined a porn site?

3. If you could, would you look at said porn website at work or around friends?

(no subject)

What kind of jobs are good for people who have severe depression and anxiety?

I am already in therapy and taking medication to work on this, but jobs still seem like an impossibility, but definitely a necessity. I need money.
I have very little to no experience and am extremely anxious with jobs that require a lot, involves a lot of interaction with people, and are fast-paced or stressful.

Where can people with depression find help if they have difficulty earning money or holding a job?

Any tips?

(no subject)

Do you believe if atheism were more prevalent that lawlessness would follow?

Would you agree agnosticism is a bit "wishy-washy"? Can't you commit to not believing in God?

What are you good for?

Edit: I'm pretty sure I had a comment deleted here for saying "Stop eating so much, fatty". Ain't that Commandment #3 here?

South Park FTW?

1.    What is your favorite character on SP?
2.   Has there ever been a SP episode that you thought to yourself "This has gone wayyyy too far overboard"? I watched the episode where Mr. Garrison put a gerbil up Mr. Slave's behind last night and I had that thought at that moment.

Bloated or?

If you wear pants that make indentations (of the pants) on your tummy, does it mean you're bloated or the pants are too tight or you're just fat?

My pants always make indentations on my stomach, and I'm not really what you'd call big. I weigh 113 or so.


1. What are the next 2 movies in your netflix/blockbuster queueueueue?

2. What are the last 2 movies you watched? any good?

1. netflix is sending me The Prestige and Casino Royale.
2. last two i watched were "The Dead Girl" and "Volver" which were both VERY good.

Medical Oddity Stuff

My grandpa had to go to the ER on Saturday because he was retaining so much water that his leg swelled up and he was dripping water through his skin.


So, what's the strangest medical occurrence to happen to you/someone you know?
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(no subject)

1. A prisoner is on death row, to be executed fairly soon (within the next month) when he suddenly becomes fatally ill. Should all lengths be gone to to save him from this fatal illness? Or should they just let him die since he is going to die anyway? (ps- just using "him" to make the wording easier)

2. A woman in need of money stars in a porn film under a different name. Ten years later she enters the teaching profession; shortly after that her video is discovered by students. Should she be fired?
that's what she said!

(no subject)

how many hours a day do you spend doing exactly what you want to do?

Edited to add my answer: not nearly as much as I'd like. Maybe 8? That's if I include sleeping, which is sometimes an I-want-to and other times an I-need-to.

(no subject)

I have an iPod question. Please don't think any less of me.

And just because I'm not in the mood for shit, I'm putting the question behind a cut so none of you stand-up comedians have any reason to complain.

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college diploma

Do you actually need your college diploma for anything? I didn't go to graduation, and I haven't recieved mine yet. So do I really need that sheet of paper, or does it not really matter?

(And as a note, I have officially graduated).

Mmmm, 1/4" thick nails!

Fake (long!) french manicure nails: Okay for a professional environment? PTA meeting?

Or do I just have some odd correlation between long fake french manicure nails and dirty whores? All the greasy girls in highschool got the long fake french manicures so maybe that's it. Am I alone?
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Movie Flubs

Are there any movie flubs or inconsistencies that you have witnessed and just wondered how the studio could have been that stupid or oblivious?


-Legally Blonde 2 where she is at a dog park in DC. The District can't afford to keep its public schools from falling down. There is no way any public dog park would be that nice and well kept.
-Legally Blonde 2 again. Elle is given the address for the Salon Bontempo. If one pays careful attention to the street address, you'll find that the only way it could exist is if it was in the basement of the IRS building.
-Sparticus, one of the Soliders is seen wearing a watch.

-Less Than Zero: when the car does a U-turn, the overhead camera angle reveals the tire marks from previous takes.
-Less Than Zero: during a conversation, the picture switches from the guy to the girl and one shot of the girl has different lighting and her hair is different. In the next shot, it's back to the way it was.
-Less Than Zero: In a club scene the camera pans too far to the right and reveals a guy holding one of those fuzzy mics.
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(no subject)

Why do people feel the need to tell us where they crossposed their entries to? I mean, if you yanked an entry straight-up from another community/another journal, then I can understand why you'd want to tell us where you found it: because it's not your material and you want to credit whoever did it. But if you typed out some rant, and said "X-posted to community1 and community2, etc.", why do we care? Does it really matter?

Yeah, this is trivial and not important, but I just don't understand why people do it.
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(no subject)

Why are the people who work at my local post office such morons?

I had a package shipped to me last Thursday. I check the tracking and it tells me this:
-Delivered, June 18, 2007, 9:46 am, CHICAGO, IL 60613
-Arrival at Unit, June 16, 2007, 6:55 am, CHICAGO, IL 60613
-Electronic Shipping Info Received, June 14, 2007

There is no package at my apartment. I call the post office, and they tell me that the carrier left a notice for me. I'm standing on my porch, lady, there is no notice tag here! Last time it took me a week of calling them until they found my "lost" package. Any guesses at how long it's going to take this time?

Any bad post office stories you care with me?

Becoming a Professional Writer

To those of you who may be professional writers, what sort of background, education, and experience did you have before venturing into the field? How did you "break in"? Did you lack any particular pertinent experience, seek it out and then apply for relevant positions? Where did you look for such positions?

I have a close friend who is a great writer with a Bachelor's in English. She doesn't know really how to start to get into writing as a profession because she feels that if you haven't worked in it, how would she convince people to take her seriously? She doesn't equate being able to write well with being able to sell herself well (two completely different skills, I agree.). She's written technically for a small software company, but because it wasn't part of the job description, she feels no one would take that experience as valid and applicable.

What advice would you give someone in this scenario?

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

One of my roommates has become incredibly disgruntled lately. He slams doors alot. He locks the laundry room up when he leaves so we can't get in there. He blows up at my guests, all of which either hang out at our tiki bar outside or in my room or office, all of which he has to go out of his way to get to.

Yesterday, he blew up at his brother who is staying with us for the week while his place is renovated. I've spent the last several years watching him have episodes like this and he's getting worse. He's actually going from just being loud and verbally abuse to being physically angry.. hence the slamming doors and whatnot.

So.. my question.. he doesn't have his name on any bills here, he has not signed any lease and he's not tied to us in any way other than his paying rent here every month. I'm thinking of asking him to leave, despite being his friend for a decade and his roommate for most of that time.

How would you handle this? I'm not worried about him physically overpowering me, but I am concerned that his fragile mental state could make him hurt one of the other roommates or himself. Any ideas?

Am I overreacting by asking him to leave knowing that this behavior is only going to get worse?
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Shikigami/ Japanese Mythology

I'm dying to know a list of the NAMES of the 12 freaking Shikigami.
(for a comic I'm writing)

They're a Japanese-mythology thing...beings that Onmyoji can summon. In the TVs/Movies and dramas, they're often not given names, but simply summoned. Abe no Seimei was said ot have great control over shikigami.

So far I've got:



...and whats worse, thats a composite list from four or five ANIMES. (Not the greatest mythological reference in the world...)

Can anyone out there in internet land help? I've molested Google in every direction I can think of in order to find a list...in English...to no avail.
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When I click on the pictures on my computer, it opens up with Nero Photosnap Viewer...how the hell can I change it back to my original default one where it opens up with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer?

I don't even know why it changed...

Please help someone.

EDIT: Thanks to the people who answered! I uninstalled Nero and now it's back to normal!
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(no subject)

1. If one of the more active/well known members of TQC was banned (let's say because a rule is decided on after they post a question or two and their posts break that new rule), how do you think people would react, if at all?

2. Would you prefer the LJ communities on your f-list to be less clique-y?

3. Would you care if you got banned from the LJ community you spent the most time on?

4. Who came up with the idea for TQC aimchat?

5. So how awesome is the new Queens of the Stone Age album?

Starbucks and Dieticians.

So I got laid off about 3 weeks ago and the job hunting is not going very well. I'm seriously considering working for starbucks but I don't know...

1. Has anyone ever worked/currently working for Starbucks?
2. How do you like it?
3. Are the benefits free? (As in, do you have to pay for the medical, dental, or do they)
4. What's the pay like?
5. Do you think I should apply there?
(I'm in Miami, if that makes any difference.)

Also.. This is unrelated, but would anyone happen to know anything about Dieticians? Like are they usually covered by insurance?
And if not how much would it cost to go see one?
Have you every been to one?
What was your experiance like?

Thanks for your help guys!
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Dear drivers

I'm a little sick of people trying to run me over so let me please explain something to you. When you're making a right turn at an intersection, especially a busy one, even if you have a green light, please look before you go racing around the corner and almost run that cute pedestrian over every single day.

And if the street in front of you is totally full of cars maybe you shouldn't pull into the intersection behind them thus blocking all the cars to your right when the light changes.

hahaha...oops. seattle and thequestionclub are right next to each other in my communities list. SORRY!

Across the pond

If you've moved from your native country/country of residence to a country in which you did not have citizenship (let's say moving from one Schengen state to another does NOT count),

1. why did you move?
2. how difficult was it (paperwork, processing, getting residency, etc.)?
3. uh....anything else you might want to add about your experience?
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(no subject)

Dear TQC,

1. Should I watch Fight Club or read Harry Potter?

2. What was the last thing that generally would not upset/disappoint you, but did?

3. What was the last thing that generally would not make you feel happy/joyous/content, but did?

4. What are you looking forward to?

5. Has someone you pined for/had a crush on or been after for a very extended period of time become your SO? Did it make you feel more pressured to not fuck up the relationship?
Kasumi of the DOA games

Dead or Alive: Extreme Questions!

1) Did you know there's a DOA movie?
1A) Did you know it debuted in theaters last Friday?
1B) Did you know it's been floating around the filesharing networks for months?
2) Were or are you planning on seeing it?
3) Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?

1) Yes.
1A) Yes, but after the fact. I thought it was still in production until I saw a promo for it in the local weekly movie section.
1B) No, not until I started seeing stories on how hard DOA bombed.
2) I'll probably catch the DVD (The way it was supposed to be released)
3) I hope so!


Does anyone know of this anime about mermaids? If the people in it happen to get their legs wet, their legs turn into mermaid tails, though some characters turn into sea creatures... supposedly there's a newscaster who turns into a shark when wet. Thanks.
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I work in a daycare, and I caught one of our boys, six or seven, coming out of the restroom obviously not washed. He said that no, he hadn't washed his hands.

I asked why, and he said "My mom never does! Only when she poops!"

Good grief. Are we really this lazy now?

Be honest. When/how long/how often do you wash your hands.


Dog Query

Does anyone have dogs that seem to randomly hate people for no reason? My husband's dogs generally like everybody (and we have A LOT of people over), but there are two people that they go bonkers (barking ferociously and continuously) when they come over. One is the roomate of my best friend and the other is a 9 year old girl. Neither has ever done anything to the dogs, but if either one of them comes close our dogs go bananas. The girl even has dogs at her house that apparently like her.

Sooo....is this normal? What does it mean? Are these people secretly evil (they both seem pretty nice)? How do I get the dogs to stop freaking out over these people? The roommate will let the dogs sniff his hands and they will eventually settle down, but they'll go nuts again the next time they see him.
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sticky situation..


This question is posted for entirely non serious answers!

So - here's the situation,

The husband is going on a 2 week holiday with a coachload of mates, and the wife has a chance to go - but can't because noone will be looking after the kids, there's no room on the coach for the kids...

Oh what can she do to get on the trip?

(no subject)

1a) What show(s) have you seen all the episodes of?
b) What artist(s) do you have all the cds (or songs.. if you are illegal like me) of?
c) What movie(s) do you have a lot of merchandise of?

2) What has been the most memorable experience you've had with someone you never met before?

3) When was the last time you cried? Do you still want a tissue? Why did you cry? :(

4) Why all the questions related to TQC?

5) How many hours do you reckon you browse TQC each day?

My entire future lies with one question....42

I want to be an antique dealer and/or learn how to do appraisals in Australia. For the life of me I can't figure out what degree or license I would need to do this. I've contacted the schools nearby (UQ, Griffith) with little luck.

Basically I want to be able to view antiques (ranging from clothes to furniture to clocks to watches and jewellery) and instantly be able to, through my studies, have an accurate guess as to the value in my head and be able to appraise and sell them through my own venues.

Other than watching Antique Roadshow for a year straight, what can I do within Australia to get the proper knowledge and licensing for such a career? What kind of school would I go to? Would I need an apprenticeship somewhere?

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1. I'm bored and on Google Maps. I want to find out the distance between different locations. What locations should I search?

2. What do you think of Young Earth Creationism?

I think it's ridiculous.

3. What's the weirdest thing that has happened to you at work/school?

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what books are you reading right now? tell me about them?

i'm reading Roy Keane's autobiography and am re-reading Order of the Pheoix before the movie comes out. i'm not far into the first one so i can't say much for it, but so far i really like it. and i haven't even gotten to anything juicy. i just hope he didn't leave stuff out. and Order of the Phoenix is, of course, hilarious and awesome. i hope he movie is good..

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What are some good games for two players? I just discovered Ticket to Ride, which was really fun. But almost any other two player game I can think of, one of us is pretty good and always beats the other (ie chess, boggle, scrabble, etc). Any suggestions?

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Does your SO or best friend do something that you would ordinarily find annoying, but in this case think it's endearing?

My boyfriend is clueless about doing dishes. I'll hear "Honey...why won't the butter come off this plate?" and come in to find the water running stone cold.

What, precisely, is preventing me from having a social life?

Presonally, I think G-d is punishing me for something.

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1. If you lived with your parents and found their weed stash, would you call them out on it? Would your answer change if they were smoking behind your back, often unable to make bills on time, asking for roughly 25% of your paycheck for rent each month, and your refrigerator/cabinets regularly went bare about a week before anyone in the household could afford groceries (and you knew they were buying, not growing, the marijuana)?

2. If you have a friends only LJ, do you have a "friends only banner"? If so, will you post it? :)

3. What's your ringtone?

4. What was the last bizarre dream you had?

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I have this (probably not irrational) fear of dropping my baby (when I have one, that is). I told my mom this an she said that everyone drops their babies at one point or other, but they just don't ever tell anyone.

So, TQC, if you have a baby, or if you happen to have a mom/dad around, have you ever dropped yours or have you or your siblings been dropped? Is my mom right in saying that just about all parents have dropped their small children?
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beans, old creepers, library card, community college

1. Do you like black beans? How do you like them prepared?

2. Why did a super creepy old man wave his middle finger around at me while I was riding my bike? He was walking the opposite direction, so I smiled at him because I figured that was the polite thing to do. At first I thought he was just waving but soon realized that was not the case.

3. Does your library card have your name on it?

4. Making friends at community college has proven to be impossible for me. I would like to join a club in hopes of meeting some new people. However I cannot seem to find a club that really interests me. Here is a tl;dr list of the clubs my school has. Are there any that seem general enough that I could join even though I don't find them super interesting? I hope this question makes sense.

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Do you know of any cheap novelty t-shirt sites? I've already exhausted Threadless and T-Shirt Hell, and I'd like to buy a t-shirt that doesn't cost 18 dollars. Something more in the 10-15 dollar price range would be nice.

Thanks! =D

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At a BYOB party, is it customary to just bring what you plan on drinking, or extra for others to drink too?

I don't usually drink so this is odd for me. If it makes any difference, it's not likely to be the type of party where everyone just gets smashed. Just hanging out and singing karaoke w/a bit of drinking.

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For those of you with a younger sibling (with a significant enough age gap), has anyone ever thought you were their parent? What's the age gap between you?

Last week, someone thought my eight-year-old sister was my daughter. I'm twenty... I could, I suppose, be up to twenty-five, but my sister could easily be ten or eleven. It was just some randommer on the street, but I nearly went up and corrected them.
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im in ur drink, rooinin it

1. If you're drinking a glass of water and a small bug falls in (like a gnat), what do you do? Fish it out? Drink it down? Dump it out and get a new glass?
Usually I dump it out and get fresh water.

2. What about if you're drinking an alcoholic beverage?
Fish it out and keep drinking.

3. Or a shake/smoothie?
Fish it out and keep drinking.


1. How did your parents teach you about sex?
2. Did your parents give you access to condoms?
3. What age did you 1st have sex?
4. Do you have a toy? What kind? Which one? Pics please? (and name and prices)
5. Do you like to play with balls?

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Have you ever served community service for a minor violation? What was it like? (How many hours, what did you do, how AWFUL was it?, etc) I'm going to tomorrow for complications around a speeding ticket. I only have to serve one day, and I'm just curious about what it's going to be like. I'm in CT, as I'm sure it varies greatly from place to place.
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Bag O Fun!

1. Do you like mentos?
2. A picture of something pink in the room, please.
3. Parma Violets - do they not sound like a terrible idea to you?
4. Am I regular enough now to where anyone knows my name or am I still random?
5. I bought Vive Pro shampoo today, and Ban deodorant. Rate this on a scale of 1 to 10.
6. What did you wear to the last day of class you attended? (curious to see if anyone remembers back this far ...)
7. How do you feel about EZ-cheez?

You reply the anus to peel, in order to see as me it will wait

Looking through the window of the neighboring apartments full of Koreans I see a lot of them watching a television drama on the Korean channel that appears to be a historical drama.... and while researching this question I answered it myself. The question was "why aren't there shows about Korean people being lawyers or doctors or something else besides warriors in period costumes?"

Instead I'll ask this: have you ever seen the show "Happy Together" on Korean television? Please tell me some one else saw it. These people would sit on the floor side by side in a row and be given a song to sing. Each person would be assigned to sing a part of the song where from one person to the next the song would be sung in sequence except after they hear the song they draw numbered spoons to see how they will reorder themselves in the line so they wouldn't know which part of the song they had to memorize. When it came time to sing the song they would go until one person screws up their part then a pie pan would fall from above them and hit them in the head.

Did anyone else see this?
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interior painting, color schemes, etc...

So mom's taking a week off soon and wants to get a few rooms painted in the house.

First off, is there any particular brand paint you would recommend? Paint is paint is paint to me.

I really want to try something new besides the standard white walls with blue/gray trim this time around, and we're going to experiment with it in my room. What's your thoughts on doing the walls in a kind of warm off-white/creme color (with more yellow/gold in it, not a dark off-white with more brown/gray in it) with mocha trim? She wants to do creme colored walls and bright white trim, and if I did that, I would have the option of doing white crown moulding (sp?). My closet doors are pure white, so I'm not sure what color they'd end up with either way. Thoughts? Somebody here has to be more artistically inclined than I am...

Care packages?

Hey, just a really quick question- my girlfriend leaves for basic training for nine weeks tomorrow, and I'd like to make her relatively inexpensive care package, but I'm not too sure what to put in it. Obviously, she's in the army, so, sharp objects are out, but... yeah. ._.


Anyhow, long story short; ideas?

...students in low income housing?

I currently live in low-income housing. When I first signed my lease here back in 2004, they told me that I wasn't allowed to live here and be a student as well, which wasn't a problem because at the time I wasn't. However, about a year after I moved into this apartment, I started school for cosmetology full time for about 7 months and no one ever found out I guess because I'm still here and have not been evicted, haha. I'm moving to Tampa to go to school, and I've found a couple apartments that I believe are owned by the same company. (Everything but the comlpex name is exactly the same.)

So my question is, how would they know I was a student and going to school?
And have you ever been in that situation, and what happened?
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Many young people try to look and act older, while older people try to look and act younger. So what do you think that perfect age is that everyone is striving for?

I think it's somewhere between 27 and 34.

(no subject)

The other night a small shard of glass made it's way mildly deeply into my hand... Right below my pinky. It was a thin piece of glass and maybe went in about a quarter of an inch. It hurt and it bled a lot, but all was fine. Except for the part where my pinky went numb and is still numb. Not like a limb falling asleep, but like when you get novacaine at the dentist. And it hurts a lot if I accidentally bump it off things... Like your funny bone, only worse.

Has something similar happened to you? Things going numb?

Is this most likely some nerve damage?

Should I talk to a doctor?

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So I have this problem with a friend. Let this friend's name be Z. Ok, Z approaches me when help is needed. I gladly oblige and help Z, often sacrificing precious time that I need. However, Z only talks to me when Z needs help, and it's kind of getting on my nerves. Whenever I try to strike up conversations with Z, Z either
(i) switches it back on self
(ii)goes offline
(iii)doesn't reply
Z also laughs it off or brushes it off when I try to talk about things that are of concern to me. I don't want to speak to Z. It's kind of a..special situation.

So my questions are,
1. Is it inevitable for friendship to be like this?
2. Should I stop helping when help is needed? (But I feel so obliged to help Z-I can't help myself! Weakling, I know.)
3. Is Z being insensitive, or am I being too sensitive?

Any good methods that you use for studying in general? (I.e studying for 20 and resting for 5, etc)

Thank you TQC

(no subject)

1. What's the last thing that restored your faith in humanity?
2. What's your favorite color?

edit: removed question 2, because if you're descriptive with number one, it should serve the same purpose.
qt: animal cookies

(no subject)

1. Do you think there are there people who really have no sense of humour at all? Who don't really laugh at anything? If you know anyone like that, please tell me.

2. Who do you find funny?

3. Do you think you are funny?

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1.  Why do my legs stay white no matter what?  Are they albino?  (they are unable to tan, burn, or do anything except stay pasty white).
2.  Even with sunblock every other area on my body will burn even after only a few hours.   What do you use?  How often do you reapply?
3.  On a scale of 1 to 10 could you please rate your skin-sun effect?  1 being I burn in instant I step outside, 5 being the sun has no effect on my skin, 10 being I am perfectly tanned with little effort and without mystic tanning or tanning beds.  (2-4 would mean you burn but it takes longer, and 6-9 would mean you tan but it takes longer)
4.  Does anyone else think the sun has become more intense?  I know when I was younger I could be outside and would maybe become a little pink after hours and hours with no sun block or I could stay pasty cancer free white with sunblock reapplied maybe once throughout the day.

I'm midly confused because I am massively burned after being outside WITH sunblock for four hours except on my legs that are super white.


If you had one day to spend in Chicago alone, where would you go and what would you do?

I'll be going to Chicago this Saturday by myself, and am looking for suggestions on what to do. I've been there three times before, so I've been to the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum, and Navy Pier. Been to the tops of the Sears Tower & the Hancock Building as well.
So far I am thinking I'll go to the Art Institute first, then over to see Millennium Park, which wasn't built the last time I was there. Other than that, I really don't know. Suggestions please!

Any cool shopping you'd recommend?

I am also looking for any good, cheapish suggestions on where to eat. Places that are veggie friendly and where it wouldn't be terribly awkward to eat alone.