June 17th, 2007


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Spawned from this post...

Can someone please tell me why on earth Myspace is banned from some schools?
I've never been a big myspace fan myself, but my brother's had some problems with it and school, as have (apparently) many other kids... and I just don't get it.

Back when I was that age, no one checked up on me to make sure my KidsAOL page didn't have any identifying details, or I wasn't complaining about my teachers in chat rooms... *sigh* I'm only 21, I can't possibly be this behind, can I?

EDIT: Okay, I didn't mean using myspace AT school... I mean being at a particular school, and having a myspace being banned.


Do you have any fictional books or movies or tv shows that you have a love/hate relationship with? (with the actual thing, not with its fans) Like, you love to hate it, or you hate to love it, or you love it and hate it equally, or you madly love almost all of it but hate one aspect  with a passion? What is it, and why? Can you claim to be a big fan of something if you hate one aspect  of  it entirely?

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I saw a sticker on someone's car yesterday that said something along the lines of "A god who only blesses America is not a god I want".  I've searched everywhere online and can't find it.  Anyone got a link to it?


I haven't played Pokemon in years. What would I be better off buying [in terms of quality]: a Gameboy Color and Gold/Silver or a Gameboy Advance and Ruby/Sapphire?
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Amish Friendship Bread

I only have 2 bread pans. I have another 2 batches of bread to cook, but my first 2 batches are cooling.

1) How long does it take bread, baked at 325 for an hour and fifteen minutes to cool?
2) Apple Cinnamon Amish Friendship Bread, or Banana?
3) Seriously, how do I persuade my friends to take these starter batches? I have like 12 now.
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1. Tell me TQC:

a) Do I move in with my friend and her boyfriend when it comes time to flee the dorms (alleluia) and find a flat? Rent between the three of us would be split and considerably cheaper than me getting a studio on my own. Keep in mind: he's almost 20, has never lived away from home, and they have almost been dating a year. Oh, and they are slobs who like a messy bathroom and I absolutely loathe a messy bathroom.


b) Do I keep hoping very hard that the jobs I've applied for will come through and pay me enough to support myself in a studio, even if it means paying more?

2. For those who have lived with a couple before, do you have any horror stories? If so, what?
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Windows XP Icons

You know how you make a desktop shortcut to whatever it is you want to access from your desktop? If you right-click and choose Properties, you can eventually change the icon, but it seems the only place I can choose icons for this is in C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll . Does anyone know where else I could choose icons for a shortcut folder in WinXP? I looked at some of the other .dll files, but I really don't know what I'm looking for. Help, please? TIA!
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big ups to stinky.

1. Describe what your hell would consist of. (Think What Dreams May Come, if you've seen it. Our heaven/ hell is composed of eternally unique situations/ objects/ frames of mind...etc etc.)

2. Do you have the right to not tolerate those that are different, "weird" or just plain tick you off?

3. "I don't hate the rich. I don't pity the poor."   ~   evil or not evil?

4. Are tattoos a political statement? (Obviously not ALL tattoos are - no need to point that out, in case you were going to make that the crux of an answer.)
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do you check timestamps (or whatever they're called) on the emails you get? would it be weird if you got one that said 1:46 AM? what if you didn't know the person really well? is that as creepy as I feel like it is?
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How do you sing that one religious song, "Jesus Loves the Little Children?" Specifically:

1. "red brown yellow black and white"
2. "red and yellow black and white"

When I was around eight or so and actually went to church, they would put the words to songs on an overhead projector so that everyone could see them, but no one ever sang the word "brown" like it was written on the slide - they all used "and" instead. It was pretty hurtful since I would be considered "brown," and so I was left out of the song. When I complained to some friends about this in high school (none of which are "brown,") they simply argued with me "but that's not how it GOES!"

3. Was Jesus racist?
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1. Why do some people get offended and whiny over the comments and posts that are made in here?

2. Do you think that TQC is serious business?

3. How long have you been a member in TQC?

4. Why do my nipples always get hard the moment that I step out of the bathroom? :(

5. What is the next biggest event that is taking place in your life?

Hair removal

Is there a hair removal cream that doesn't smell like fried dog barf? I've been using these Nair samples I got and it doesn't smell any better than I remember it, plus my fingers still stink hours later. Is there a product that'll do the job without smelling so awful?

new title name!!

You guys have helped me out in the past with choosing the title for my ninth chapter, now I need a new title for the whole story.

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Right now it's called "Dearly Beloved" because when I first thought of the story line I was listening to Green Day.  The second track has 5 or 6 "mini" songs rolling into each other.  I was on the "mini" song called Dearly Beloved when the idea popped into my head, and that's why I called it "Dearly Beloved."  But it only makes sense to me and I want it to make sense to everyone else.

So, what should my story be called?

A question... along with my story.

I feel like I'm the type of person that hates to admit that something is wrong with me or my life. Not that I don't like to fix things or acknowledge them in the long run, but I seem to always have this temporary (but very difficult) internal struggle to even admit that something is wrong.

And here is me finally asking what I've been thinking about A LOT lately... and today, in particular:

When it comes to your significant other, how do you know the difference between just being irritated/annoyed (everyday bickering and problems that can be easily solved) and feeling like enough is enough?

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I'm a very bad googler. I honestly just can never seem to work it to find what I want.

So, TQC, lovers of google, if I were looking for community agencies or programs in Jacksonville, FL that offer services to children and their parents, what phrase would I google?

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I'm searching for a new phone and I've only managed to narrow down to three or four brands so far, embarrassingly enough.

Of the following, which would you say is the best?

a) Nokia
b) Samsung
d) LG

I'm tossing up between LG and Samsung at the moment - the Shine and the D900, respectively. If I get a Nokia, it'll be the 6300, and if I hold out for the Motorola, it'll be the RAZR2 which hasn't even been released yet.

What do you guys think?

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Tomorrow is my TQC birthday!... and my question has nothing to do with that =P

Did the user fka ladybug4789 ever pick an LJ name and stick with it, and is she still part of TQC with said username? Because I remember she kept making new ones and then deleting them and making some other new one. Something about goldfish I think, and something that was named after a store or something and it started with a P and I forget the name of it. Oh well :)

Haha, does anyone else feel like there should be a TQC "Where Are They Now"?

Edit, because I have more questions and am not a rule-breaking n00b:

Is there a way to transfer ringtones that I downloaded from my old phone to my new phone?

Also, why do I rock so hard?
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I'm looking to buy a folding bicycle, preferably under $300.

Which bikes are the most durable, give the best rides (obviously with smaller wheels, much more effort is going to be needed), and are comfortable enough to ride around the city for up to ten miles one way?

Any bikes I should definitely stay away from? What should I look for in choosing a folding bike?
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are there any songs that YOU like or know of involving a clarinet?
do you think i could find it online without having to go out and buy the sheet music?

what's your nickname?
can i call you by this name from now on? or am i not worthy?
is there a story behind your nickname?

do you play any instruments?
do you have any pictures with that instrument?
care to show me?
do you have any band geek type of stories?
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1. When you go to the movies, do you leave your trash on the floor/in the cupholder, or take it to the trashcan? If you throw it away yourself, are you annoyed by those who don't?

2. For those who have seen it, what did you think of Ocean's Thirteen?

3. Do you watch lonelygirl15 videos on YouTube? Do you watch regularly or have you only seen a few? Thoughts, opinions?
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If someone is interested in you (you're fairly sure of this) but you are currently in a relationship and the interested person does not know it, do you continue talking to this person until they outright ask you out before mentioning your relationship or do you ignore them/say OMG I HAVE A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND right away? Do you think talking to them would be leading them on? Pls note: if an appropriate time to mention your SO came up did you would, but the situation is not presenting itself unless you obnoxiously mention it out of context.

If you have an SO, do you think you love your SO more or he/she loves you more? Or if you aren't at the love point yet, "like" or whatever.

Are you taking anyone out today for Father's Day who is not your father? I went out with my mom.
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My stepmom and her friends are trying to make a list of GBLT-friendly service providers, like clergy, doctors, therapists, etc, from around the country.  Care to help out?

The LJ entry explaining it is here.

Thanks.  =)

Edit:  If you don't want to comment with the info, please feel free to e-mail it to me (e-mail's in my user info).

One serious, one semi-fun.

[1] Has anyone here ever scryed with a black mirror? What happened (see, hear, feel something, etc.)? Do you think it's dangerous?
ETA: This is black mirror scrying. :)

[2] Considering how many different theories there are of the world ending around the same time - do you think the world is going to end? How will it happen (fun answers expected and welcomed)?
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While skimming through this article, it led me to wonder a few things.

If you were one of the most powerful people in the world, would you use your influence positively or negatively? How? Why?

And for those who looked at the lists - are there any celebrity rankings that you agree or disagree with?
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Property values...

If house values are dropping in an area, would vacant land property prices drop also? Or is there always a run on limited-number acreage lots?

Where I live (South Florida) the developers have way over-developed. The property values of houses are dropping thousands of dollars/mth, and they say that in the next few years they expect them to drop 20+% overall. (Thank God, too--it's so expensive!) But if I want to buy an acre of land, will those prices drop for the vacant land as well, or just the houses?

I know I should go ask a professional, just getting a feel for things...
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You buy a close family member tickets for a concert, play, or similar event. They decide to sell them and give you the money because they think you paid too much for them, and the venue is too far away for their liking. How would you feel about it?

What if you thought that it was the best present you had ever bought this person?
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So I want a bigger fish take- 60 gallons. I want to divide it into two sections (a 20 gallon and a 40 gallon). On one side of the divider I will have fish, and the other will have a few lizards.

Is this possible? Has anyone seen someone do this before? Do companies sell fish tanks with dividers installed, or would I have to buy one?
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Fish oil dudes!

Who here has taken omega-3/omega-6 fish oils?

A few weeks ago I started taking a children's omega-3 supplement of 400 mg three times a day. Today I bought an adult supplement of 800 mg, which directions state to take 6 capsules a day for 12 weeks before reducing to two.

Does that not seem like a bit excessive? For those who have taken this sort of supplement, did you take a similar amount and experience any side effects? Normally adult vitamins result in severe nausea for me, so I'm a bit apprehensive to take that amount. I think I may just stick with two or three times a day.
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1. Do you like any of V.C. Andrews' books? If so, which ones?

2. Can you recommend any trashy novels?

3. Who is the scariest character from a movie that you can think of?

4. When you were a kid, was there a television show or movie that you weren't allowed to watch that you watched in secret anyway? For me it was Married with Children.

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1. Bad idea, y/n?

2. I want to buy some cute ballet flats, but every pair I try on looks like dumpy housewife shoes, not cute Audrey Hepburn shoes. Am I doing something wrong? (My feet and I are perfectly cute, kthnx.) Do you own ballet flats and look okay in them? Pics plz.

3. Is TQC nicer lately? I think it's all the chatting and iSketching.
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I'm a rising college freshman, and my roommate is completely and totally my opposite. (she has told me that she only reads christian fiction, she was a cheerleader, she's quiet and loves to tan. I read all sorts of books, I don't like cheerleading, I'm loud and I'm pale). We were quite obviously computer-assigned.

How do I talk to her without making myself seem like an ass? It's hard to speak to someone when you have nothing in common.

What's the worst experience you've ever had in college/university housing? A roommate, a suitemate, someone on your hall, crappy RA .. anything.

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someone told me today that the North Koreans nuke the moon!! and he was completely serious..

i laughed really hard because well I havent herd anything about that, it just seems sooo made up. I googled it and nothing came up, this guy said that he found this info on the internet and watched a video on Bush's responce to the event..
Is he on crack? or have you herd about anything like this too.
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So I'm going to be listening to my ipod a lot over the summer and my favorite bands are:
-the academy is...
-death cab for cutie
-jimmy eat world
-smashing pumpkins

Does anyone have any suggestions to other bands that may kind of relate to those bands? Thank you!
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Does anyone else identify people on here by their userpic?

I generally don't read a person's username off the bat, but I always look at their image. If I recognize their picture frequently or if something they say is interesting, then I look at the name. Is that unusual?

How many userpics/avatars do you think is too many for one person to have on their account?
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Would you rather be a big fish in a little pond (gaining some influence, but only lateral mobility), or a little fish in a big pond (starting out low but a good chance at upward mobility)?

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Do you prefer to have a dog or a cat as a pet? Why?

Dogs seem to be better companions, more playful, and more intelligent. (I've always had a dog, so I'm more orientated that way.)

My dog passed away in March (it was my mom's, she passed away in 2005, so he became mine). I've never had a cat but I'm considering getting one.

If you have a cat is it an outdoor or indoor cat? If it's outdoor how long was the longest time that he had been away without coming back to say check in on you?

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1. Why would someone pay $7.50 + $9.10 shipping for a Jello product on ebay that they could buy at the grocery store for less than $5?

2. Would you ever buy food on ebay?

3. Do you know of any veggie burgers (or recipes) that are similar to the ones at Ruby Tuesday? Or, do you know of any veggie burgers that are actually tasty and grillable?
I used to be able to force down Boca burgers and similar products but I haven't been able to do that in 4 or 5 years. I don't even like thinking about them.

4. Should I get broccoli from a Chinese restaurant or grill a pizza for dinner?

How our tastes change throughout the years

What things did you think were SO COOL in high school that you now think "What was I thinking?"

I don't know how I ever thought those hair metal dudes were sexy with the spazzy hair and spandex. My good friend and I were looking at videos and pictures on the internet and laughing our asses off.

Add pictures if you'd like.
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lived in hawaii?

we live in the seattle, wa area now and are thinking about moving to hawaii for work. moving cost and shipping cost is zero, more worried about cost of living over there? like groceries and shit. rent is paid for.

also, island fever? does it get boring/shitty after a bit? we'd only be there for a few years.



1 Burbon, 1 Scotch, 1 Beer

I'm as nerdy as they come with this question, because I genuinely Do Not Get It, even if I try, but;

What is it - somebody please explain - about getting totally drunk that is this huge great fun thing to do?? It seems to be an obsession of the rest of the world and as much as I've tried to drink with them, I just don't get it. Why is it all "Yeah let's go get Smashed! Let's get drunk every other weekend and have a blast! Party? Well, that means GET DRUNK!!" ?

I don't mean to put it down at all...but I genuinely don't get the allure to it - to me, it's just as lame as I probably am asking this question.
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okay, so what's a good way to get back at someone, without doing something illegal, and without being found out?

all i can think of is signing the person up for some embarassing subscription to arrive at their workplace.
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Pizza, contacts.

How much do you tip a pizza delivery person on a bill that's between $15 and $20?

I usually tip $4-$5, but I don't know if that's low or not

I just got contacts on Thursday... they're the kind you're supposed to leave in for two weeks straight, but my eyes always hurt really bad when I wake up in the morning. Is there a product I can put in my eyes at night that will keep them from drying out overnight?
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Production company theme.

This is driving me crazy. I know there's a film production company whose little theme is a clear takeoff of the melody of "As Time Goes By". I found a youtube clip of somebody playing the song on piano, and the bit that's used for the production company theme is in the first 5-6 seconds of the piece (from 0 to 6 seconds or so). Here's the clip. (You can ignore the rest of the song - it's just the first 5 or 6 seconds that I'm asking about.)

Can somebody tell me which production company uses that little bar of music as their theme? It's been driving me crazy trying to remember.

Got it!!

representing the 313 here

1. Have you ever gone on a volunteer trip to another country? Tell me about it -- where was it, how long, & what did you do?

2. Do you know of any good websites that set up medical volunteering trips that AREN'T ministry-based?

3. What happened on the worst day of your life so far this year?

4. What area code do you live in?
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Anyone here driven a Ford Five Hundred?

How's it compare to a Taurus (or a Mustang)?

I loved driving the Taurus, even though it looks like a boat, but I may end up in a Five Hundred as a rental for the next few days. Just curious.

Random assortment

1) I've recently been getting into the homebrew gaming scene, so what are some good homebrew games that aren't Cave Story (amazing), La-mulana (amazing), Lyle in Cube Sector (meh), or Within a Deep Forest (wow)? Sorry if this is a bit too off-the-wall.

2) What's a good Windows-compatible program like GarageBand for Macs? I.e., not FL Studio.
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Does anyone do song dedications on the radio anymore?
Do you think it's cute or annoying?
Have you ever dedicated a song to anyone? Who? What Song?
Did anyone ever dedicate a song to you? Who? What song?
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for those with contacts:
when you go swimming, do you leave your contacts in?
if so, can you open your eyes while under the water??

Do you still watch any t.v. show re-runs almost 7 times a week of a show that was canceled over a year ago?

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I feel sort of dumb asking this, but I'm sort of lost. I posted an ad on Craigslist and got a response at my email. Now how do I reply to this response? The email it was sent from was a general Craigslist email. I sent a reply to that, but I feel like I was supposed to do it different. I tried looking in the help section of Craigslist, to no avail. I feel rather clueless, I've never posted on Craiglist before... help?


A few months back this counselor had recommended to me some kind of over-the-counter menopausal sleep aid but I can't recall what it was? Something like Melatonin or something along those lines? (Some kind of natural bodily something-or-other, I think.)

Nevermind. :D
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1. Have you ever found that you had more chemistry with someone who wasn't your boyfriend/girlfriend?

2. Best on screen chemistry in a tv show/movie?
I was always a buffy/angel fan.

3. How good/bad were/are you in chemistry in school?
i sucked. the only reason i passed was because my genius best friend sat in front of me haha
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1. When you see people with unique haircuts or unnatural hair colors, do you think nothing of it, think its cool, or think what in the world are they doing?!
-I think it looks unique and hey, its their hair and they can color it any color they want. [wish my parents thought that way]

2. What is your all-time favorite movie?

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Which of the following usernames are familiar to you?

moshimishi (before seeing this post)

continue checking usernames you recognize.


Thanks :)

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Do you think the government should lower the drinking age? Why or why not? If so, what age should it be?

I have mixed feelings on this subject...I'm not sure how to answer this one.

EDIT: I'm talking about the American goverment where you have to be 21 to drink.
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First day!

What should I wear tomorrow for my first day of work?

Dress code is "business casual", and I'm in the NW (since different regions apparently have different definitions of this?)

I have long slacks (tan or black), 3/4 length slacks (dark brown), business-type skirts (tan or black), and a ton of different buttoned shirts (short sleeve: black, white, black with white dots, green with brown dots; 3/4 sleeve: shades of blue/green striped, shades of magenta/purple striped, white, pastels striped). It's going to be in the low 80s tomorrow as well.
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Okay. This is probably the longest of all longshot questions I've ever asked on this community, but I hope someone can help me.

Last night I went to a Darren Hayes (used to sing for Savage Garden) concert in Chicago. He was talking about how he hadn't been to the states in seven years, and he said "You know that thing that's happening to Kelly Clarkson? Well, they tried doing it to me and it worked."

What the hell was he talking about? I tried googling but I didn't really get anywhere.
Alright, so it wasn't as much of a longshot as I thought. I should never have doubted you all!

Additionally (and this is probably a longshot too) was anyone else there? Is anyone else going to a different show of this tour?
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A little bit of everything

1. So yesterday I visited the Statue of Liberty for the first time on a field trip. Now I, as well as many of my classmates, were under the impression that the tablet Lady Liberty holds was engraved with a poem. However, it said July 4, 1776. So if that isn't the case, is there not a poem that has to do with the Statue of Liberty? I swear I've read books and heard in movies people say that something wasn't promised in Lady Liberty's poem for nothing. Or am I completely making that up?

2. I know the only way to truly lose weight is with a good diet and exercise, but they also recommend keeping a food journal, etc etc. But I'm a recovering bulimic and can't do the food journal and other tips because it's how I indulged in the disorder etc etc so I was wondering, is there a healthy way to lose weight without it ending up in a disorder again? I am overweight and my doctor says I need to lose about 10lbs to be in a healthy range and I would really like to achieve that. But I'm afraid it will become an obsession again. Any suggestions?

3. At the age of 17, I was laid off from one of my jobs yesterday. I was working two jobs, one at a daycare center and one at a call center. The daycare center is miserable so I was going to quit tomorrow since I finalized the summer hours at the call center. But the call center laid me off yesterday so now I'm unsure of what to do. I would like to look for another job, but I need three weeks in July off. Will I not be hired because I need all this time off? Should I wait to start a new job until August?

4. What makes you happier, polka dots or stripes?

5. Would you rather be hot or cold and why?

Lesbians and OJ

1. Why do lesbians get their own special word? Gay men are simply gay or homosexual while gay females are not only gay aaaand homosexual but also lessssbians. Pourquoi, mes amis?

2. Does anyone out there still think OJ is innocent?

3. The boyfriend and I are thinking about visiting family of his in the frozen northern tundra for a summer roadtrip. It is positively necessary to him that we stop by Harper's Ferry WV, the Baltimore MD aquarium, and the Lancaster PA area at some point during this trip (Lancaster being our northernmost destination -- where his family mostly is). Does this sound like way too much shit to squeeze in a trip that is less than a week? Do you have any suggestions of places to stop along the way? Any not-killing-your-SO-while-on-a-road-trip suggestions, too?
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car stuff

1- Do you have XM, Sirius, or any other kind of satellite radio (in your car)? Do you like it? Is it worth all the money.

2- I think I'm going to trade in my vehicle. I currently have a '98 Jeep Cherokee and want something similar. What should I get?

Hair Color!

I want to dye my hair as my roots are growing out so...

Refrasing question. Okay I like them all and I can't decide between them but which hair color do you like more in general?
Poll #1005034 Hair Color

What hair color is better on girls?

Light Brown

(no subject)

1. What do you think about this? Have you ever done anything like that?

2. Do you like raisin bran? What about raisin bran muffins?

3. Should I make the switch from vegetarian to vegan?

4. Where did you purchase the sheets you have on your bed right now?

(no subject)

1. If I wanted to go about dyeing my pubic hair electric blue, how would I do that?

2. Would I have to buy special pubic-hair-dye?

3. Would I be able to find everything I need in major stores like Wal*Mart or Target?


(no subject)

I recently graduated from private school, and I have an over-abundance of uniform parts, (polo shirts and kilts).
They aren't really all in prime "give away to underclassmen" condition, considering I wore then for 4 years.  
has anyone done anything creative with such items? Like in a diy t-shirt transformation, except with polos kind of way?

I have a lot, so I'd like to use them to experiment with making some new clothes with them, but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what to make?
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1. Are you married?
2. If no, do you want to get married?
3. What do you think of marriage?
4. What's the worst pain you've ever been in?
5. How do you handle pain (pills, creams, breathing exercises, etc.)?

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Bob the Builder

Questions not having to do with each other.

1. Does Prince Charles have a last name? Wiki says his full name is Charles Philip Arthur George but I think those are just all middle names.

2. My Norton randomly turned off the virus protection. I have 144 days left in my subscription and everything else is turned on (fire wall, email filter, etc) just not my virus protection. I can't for the life of me get it to turn back on no matter how many times I tell it to. What's wrong with my Norton? Is it sick? Does it need chicken noodle soup?

3. Have you ever seen Sunset Tan on E!?
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Hi I am planning on starting an online store. It is going to be an online thrift store. I already have plenty of stuff to sell. I was wondering if anyone can give me tips or advice as to the best place to do this and if they think that something like this would be a success or a flop. Would those of you who shop at thrift stores be willing to shop at an online thrift store? Do you think it could work? Thanks
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Dom Lost

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...but what was the name of that one Tommy Page song from the early 90's? I remember the one "I'll Be Your Everything" but there was another one and when trying to think of the name I keep thinking of a phone or something so phone or call might be in the title but I can't remember. So yea anyone remember the song, or hell even the guy? Lol.
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(no subject)

1. What are you doing right now?
2. Are you aware that #1 is my favorite question to ask?
3. Do you consider me a regular member of TQC yet?
4. Do you consider yourself a regular member?

(no subject)

did anyone watch the Docu. "Shot in the Dark" that Adrian Grenier made on HBO?

if you did, was it any good?

2) Do you believe in aliens? And I do/dont mean, green guys with big heads.. but just something else living else whereother than on our planet earth.
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What do you do if your mother hasn't shown up after her work has been closed since 9 (It's 12 am here, btw), and you can't get ahold of any of the people she works with or is friends with? Do you panic and call the cops? Just wait it out?

I honestly have no idea what to do.

EDIT: We found her. She had a small accident and didn't have a chance to call, but she's fine. Great way to get the heart beating, though.