June 16th, 2007

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I'm having a party tomorrow and I need to put together a playlist of popular music. I don't listen to the radio or watch TV so I'm entirely clueless. So my question is...
What songs are popular/on the radio these days? What current songs are out there that people like to dance to?
It would be really lovely of you to upload a track or two but just listing them would be extremely helpful! Thanks you, guys.
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Any Joss Stone fans here? What are her best tracks, in your opinion?

Let's say you have an 18 year old voice student who sounds just like Joss Stone -- what other songs/artists would you consider to include in her curriculum? I'm throwing in Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Melissa Manchester, Aretha... that's all I've got.

Alternately -- favorite songs from a musical?

What are you currently digging musically, TQC?

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Can you think of any of the more well-known celebrities who probably wouldn't be recognised in public because they're really unremarkable and plain looking?

I think Michael Buble may be one of them.

i don't deal with death well at all.

if you're in high school or have graduated(preferablly in the last few years), how many of kids who went to your school have died since around the time you started?

i've been out of high school for 3 years. in the almost 7 years since i started i have lost count of how many kids have died who went to my school around the time i did. i know it's at least 8. just this week 2 kids who were both juniors, i think, died in the span of 2 days. neither were related. one's brother was in my class.
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vision loss?

    Lately, every time I stand up I suddenly can't see -- I feel as though my eyes are open and not closed, but everything is black, and I feel as though I have trouble holding myself up unless I hold onto something. I don't feel particularly dizzy or weak or sick or anything, I just temporarily lose my vision -- everything goes black for a few seconds and then slowly reappears as normal. At first I thought that this was just a case of standing up too fast, but my boyfriend thinks it might be something else because it keeps happening lately. Oh -- yes, I do eat, ~ 2000-2500 kcal a day, which is much more than adequate for my size, (eh 5'8" 160lbs female so no one feels the need to ask) and drink 60-80oz of bottled water daily.

    1. Any ideas on what could be causing this, or is really just a case of standing up too fast?

    2. I started drinking diet soda again last week after going without all sodas for roughly three months. Could aspartame have something to do with this?

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Does anyone remember a computer game from waaaaay back in the day... it had a single mouse that was running from a various number of cats... but there were blocks you had to move around to trap the cats in, and when you trapped them they turned into cheese?

Anyone? I really, REALLY want to find a copy. I think it may have been called Mouse Hunt or Mouse Trap or something... help!
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1. Do you like prunes? Are people really more likely to buy them when they are called "dried plums"?

2. I planned on going to my local library tomorrow, but upon checking their website I discovered that MTV will be having an open casting call there tomorrow. Does this mean there will be so many people there it won't even be worth going?

3. Is Hoboken, NJ shifty? Would a 19 year old girl be reasonably safe walking around Hoboken alone fairly late at night?
so i'm back to the velvet underground

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1. What are some of your favorite Roseanne moments?

2. What are some of your favorite Golden Girls moments?

3. What are some of your favorite Designing Women moments?

4. What are some of your favorite Mama's Family moments?

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There's a car insurance place that I want to apply to, and on the online application, one of the questions asked "Do you hold or can you obtain a general recording agent's license?" What exactly does this mean? I put no the first time that I applied because I was stupid, and since I didn't know what it meant and I couldnt find any information when I looked it up, I just put no. I didnt receive any email or callback for an interveiw. The second time that I applied I put yes, because I figured that if I graduated college, that I was sure that I could obtain a "general recording agent's license" if I tried. I receieved an email after the second application giving me a number to call to have a "brief phone interview" with one of their people. Anyone have any idea to what a "general recording agent's license" is? I would ask the lady when I call Monday, but I don't want to sound like a moron, which I'm pretty sure that I will.
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I don't have a father...and I want to go bowling with my friends on Sunday.

Would it be out of line to invite people to go bowling on Fathers Day? It wouldnt be until 8pm.

What do you do on these types of days if you don't have a father or mother?

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Do cops in the U.S. have a monthly quota as to a minimum number of arrests they have to make? Me and my girlfriend were arguing over this. She says they do, me and my dad say they don't. Is it a state-by-state thing, a federally mandated thing, or just flat out illegal (not that that would prevent it from really happening, but still).
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Is it true that eating eggs during your period will make it smell a lot worse and a lot stronger? I know it's silly, but someone told me this and I've been afraid to eat eggs during my period ever since.

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1. Has anyone here had any experience taking Omega-3 supplements like flax seed or fish oil/capsules?

2. I really want to lose weight, but I have NO idea where to begin when it comes to exercise. Any tips for someone with no stamina? Even when I was skinny, I just was NOT a runner/jogger and always got tired very quickly. I do have a treadmill but don't know how long/often to use it or whats the best time of day to walk or when to gradually increase the workout for longer periods...

3. I'm on zoloft and while I'm not the most active person, I know it's made me gain quite a few pounds in very short period of time. Anyone know if it will affect how fast I lose weight?
Big Lebowski--Opinion

relationship questions

I was on the phone last night with my boyfriend, and it was brought up that when I am discussing my relationship with other people, once they find out we've been together for a long while (over two years) they automatically follow up with "oh, when are you moving in together?" or "oh, when are you getting married?" All the time I get these questions! He never has.

So this question is for those of you in a long term relationship--if you are living together and/or married, please answer from before that. Men...uh, sorry, there's just more women in TQC. But I guess you can answer if you know your woman has gotten these questions.

Poll #1004299 thoughtless questions

As a woman in a relationship, I have been asked the following:

When I'm going to live with my partner.
When I'm going to marry my partner.
When we are going to have children.
I haven't been asked these questions.
These questions do not apply.

And finally, why do people feel the need to ask these questions? It just bothers me. I can give a half hearted response, but I wouldn't really go into great detail as to why I'm not doing any of those things. MYOB, people!
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kate and I.

photo processing online-- which company is the best?

For my friend's bridal shower, I wanted to buy her a gift certificate for an online photo processing company like Snapfish or something, so she can take all the digital pics from her wedding, upload them and blow them up or whatever, and get them sent to her as actual prints that she can put in a photo album. My question is, What photo sites are the best, in your opinion? I mean best quality, most for the money, etc. I used Snapfish in the past and was very happy with it, but I'd like to hear of more.

Bathroom Habits

Just wondering.... How many people stand up to wipe their butt after taking a crap? I do it and my fiance thinks it weird. I just wanted to know if I am the exception.
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Me--State Fair


Anyone ever taken a little doze at work?

I just had a catnap and it was quite lovely, except for the woman who called, then I couldn't get comfy again. Don't worry, I didn't fall asleep too deeply!
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So, I just dyed my hair red today--my hair was medium brown before--and now it's a fairly bright auburn.

If I get another box of red and layer it on top of that, will I end up with some nasty color, or a brighter red?

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I have an interview in 2 hours. I need something to make my face look a little better, possibly to make acne a little less red, eyes a little less dark, and skin a little more smooth? Any recommendations? Does putting ice on pimples really make them less red? How about steaming the face?

Also how about not just in 2 hours? Any natural things (ie no makeup) or good products to use over time/daily to help me have pretty skin? Also good lotions for other places besides the face.

Also: Would you rather have a parasite growing in your genitals or venus fly traps growing out of your eyes and nose?

ETA: I think I have HIV acne. what are some products to clear this up?

ETA: did you ever think I was a guy?

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1. Is there someone who gets gifts for you that are totally not your style? What's the craziest thing they've ever given you?
My grandma always gets me weird things. For Christmas a year ago she bought me a tennis racket and some tennis balls... I do not play tennis nor have I ever showed any interest in playing.

2. When you find people interesting online are you curious about what they look like? (I cant figure out how to ask this question without it sounding weird.)

Waterproofing vases

So at work we use lots of pretty creamic vases and bowls. When any arrive broken, we get reimbursed without having to send them back or anything. A shipment of my favorite ones showed up yesterday with four of them broken. I glued them back together since they broke into nice big easy chunks.

What can I use now to I guess coat the seams on the inside to make it able to hold water? I mean the glue itself holds it fairly well but I just 1: want to be doubley sure, and 2: want to fill in the chunks the glue didn't seal perfectly.

Any (cheap, plz) suggestions?


Say you're dating someone. They're really good for you and you really love them. After 6 months, you guys are talking about kinks and unusual things that turn you on, when your SO hesitantly admits that they've had a lifelong fetish of infantilism and weren't sure how to tell you, but it's the only sexual thing they really get into.

What's your reaction?

1. Do you indulge your SO in their particular fetish?
2. Is this matter strong enough to break up the relationship, or is it just sex?
Feet Pyramid

global warming

I just spent my last month traveling all over Europe, and now, as an American, I'm curious.

What are the biggest differences regarding global warming in America and Europe?

Which do you feel has taken more action? (this one should be pretty obvious!)

Please be as detailed as possible, even down to the smallest things like light bulbs and recycling. Thanks!
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Has someone else ever lost something valuable to you? What was it? How much was it worth (in cash, time, or sentimental value; whatever is applicable)? What did you do to the person who lost it?

Was the item ever found?

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More stolen lunch questions

You bring a lunch to work: a sandwich, apple and a canned beverage of some sort. Lunch hour arrives, and you go to retrieve your meal. Upon retrieval, you find that someone had taken a bite out of your sandwich, taken a bite out of your apple, and your beverage has been opened and a couple swigs worth has been removed. That means someone probably got their hands on your food and their mouth on the lip of the can

1. Do you finish what remains of your lunch, or throw the whole thing away?

Upon closer inspection of the apple, there's a smudge of lipstick next to it of a really specific color. The only one in the office who wears that color is the boss' secretary.

2. Do you say anything to her? What do you do?

You happen to notice that in the fridge, there's a lunch bag with the boss' secretary's name on it. In it is a green salad and a yogurt

3. Do you do anything to her lunch?

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I've been trying to eat healthier (since for me exercising just isn't going to happen), but I'm on an extremely tight budget.  As in, preferably less than $20 per week.  The problem is, after drinking nothing but water (including flavored water) for just over a week, I'm going out of my mind.  I've never liked water much, because it has no flavor, and I'm used to drinking soda and coffee.  So my questions are:

1.  Any ideas for cheap, tasty (preferably non-alcoholic, since I'm underage until March) drinks?  Or stuff that I can add to water to make it tastier (I've been using the Crystal Light flavor thingies, and I'm getting kind of sick of them)?
2.  Any other ideas concerning how to eat healthy on a budget?  It has to be able to be prepared in a microwave or prepared cold, since I'm in a dorm (Therein lies the complication.)

Thanks.  =)

Webcam Question

A friend has asked me to help her figure out how to work the inbuilt webcam on her laptop, she has the HP Pavilion Webcam already installed but I have no clue how to actually use it. Could you tell me how to do it?
Walmart, LOTR

Two questions!

1. I like the fantasy genre of fiction, but I'm not very into the heavy stuff. For instance, I liked Eragon because it was easy to read (and because I hadn't seen A New Hope at that point). I like LOTR because Tolkien's writing is beautiful, but the books are sooo long. I've been reading The Sword of Shannara on and off lately.

What are some good books/series that you recommend for a n00b to fantasy fiction?

2. I've completely screwed up my sleep pattern in the past week. It's rare if I fall asleep before 5am now and the other night I actually stayed awake until 9am. How do I reset my sleep clock TQC?

Online Predators

What are your thoughts on bizarre old women on the internet pushing 30 that ask young teens to meet up with them?

What if said person kept insisting for months after you saying no?

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Does anyone know what a fair, average price for an average-quality moped (or powered bike, or scooter, or whatever) would be?

And furthermore... Do you need a license and/or insurance to drive one? I have a license, but I'd like to avoid insurance if at all possible... at least it wouldn't be as much as car insurance, though...
bc by jackicons

two today

I live in an apartment complex and I have wireless internet. There's this guy that keeps stealing it, he'll sit on my stairwell and he must be streaming video or audio because he uses up a fuckload of my bandwidth. Both my boyfriend and I have told him multiple times to please stop using our connection, but he won't. What can I do to prevent him from accessing my connection?

ETA- okay, I can disable SSID broadcasting or password protect it. I have XP, I've looked around in the My Network Connections and tried to google how to disable SSID for a Netgear wireless router, but this must be more difficult than it sounds or I'm just retarded. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give more details?

ETA again- some of you guys have attitude problems. haha, every time I visit this place you guys get more and more bitchy. it never ceases to amaze me!

On an unrelated note- can you drive a standard transmission? If you can, do you prefer standard or automatic? I just learned how to do it yesterday and man, it's FUN. I've always loved driving, and I love driving standard more now because it's a more interactive experience. I definitely prefer it.

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Would you rather (until you orgasm which will take 3 hours):

Rape a living fetus while still in the dead mother's womb through an opening in her belly (assume your genitals will be able to fit). Also her intestines and other organs are all up in the way.
Make sweet love to your dead grandpa's week old (but recognizable) rotting corpse, maggots crawling all over his body and skin flaking off

Discuss. :)

ETA: in case you guys are wondering, you don't REALLY have to do the option you choose. So vote away!
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TQC chat

TQC CHAT: How do I get there?


1. Get AOL Instant Messenger if you don't already have it.
2. At the bottom of your Buddy List, click the "Chat" button.
3. Change the chat room name to: thequestionclub
4. Invite your own screen name.

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1)Do you cock cock?

2)What's your favorite kind of homemade cookie?

3)While I was waiting for the train on Friday, some guy was reading the Bible out loud at the train station. And by out loud I mean just short of yelling. Do you think he was preaching or maybe that he was one of those people who can't read quietly to themselves? If you were at a train station reading a book aloud like that, which book would you read?

The most idiotic LJ mistakes.

Has anyone ever make a mistake and not realized it for a long time?

moshimishi named herself after her mom's cat which was named after the cat in Anne Frank's diary 'mushi,' but it's actually spelled 'mouschi.' She's had that username for 6 years.

It was only after I, the master of research, pointed out this error, that she knew.

Am I awesome or what?

anyone have a CRACKBERRY?

If so, I need your help ASAP.

I was trying to be a sneaky bitch and find info on a relative's blackberry, but it is password locked. I started using combinations of passwords they have given me for other stuff like their computer. Then I notice that there is a counter noting how many time's I've put in the wrong password. I'm up to 9/10, so I decided to google what happens when I do it wrong a 10th time.

--apparently this deletes EVERYTHING off the phone!--

so what I'm asking for help on is if there is a way to clear these attempts, so that when this person comes home they don't see that someone else tried to get into their phone. Is there???




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My Dads freind got two extra tickets for "Cirque Du Soleil" tonight (forgive me if my spelling is fucked up).

What sort of thing does a young, hip teenage guy of today like myself wear for such a thing? =P

(Quick answers would be appreciated seeing as we have to be there in about 2 hours).
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1) Do you watch sports?

2) Do you find it ridiculous how the announcers have stats on everything?

I've just been informed by the announcers that the Boston/San Fran game is 1/0 right now. The San Diego/Chicago game ended at 1/0. The last time these two teams had matching 1/0 games was 44 years ago.

Who keeps track of this bullshit?

(no subject)

1. Have you heard of the band Eisbrecher? What do you think of them?

2. Someone told me a long time ago that, though well meant, charities building wells in poverty-stricken areas actually caused long-term problems. What sort of consequences could that person have been referring to? I am googling on the topic with no success.


1. when did you realize that the members of TQC are a bunch of assholes?
2. if you haven't realized it, are you surprised to find about it in this post?
3. if you have realized it has this fact, at any point, ever bothered/disturbed/distressed you?
4. if you have found that TQC members are overly snarky, rude, and just generally unhelpful, what have you done about it?

edited because i fail at numbering.
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What is your favorite fast food (and EW I DONT EAT FAST FOOD is not an acceptable answer). What do you usually eat there?

I like Wendy's, and I usually get a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and small french fries, and small coke. I love how HUGE their small cups are!

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My internet only works when my phone is on (as in, I can hear a dial tone or I'm on the phone with someone.) Why the hell is this happening? Is there anything I can do to fix it, without calling my ISP? I'll call if I need to, but it's such a hassle. Plus, if I'm on the phone I won't be able to tell whether any of their suggestions are working. D:

Edit: I'm pretty sure I found the problem. My mom had a phone cable running from a splitter to her cable box without a filter on it. I fixed it and the internet is working fine now. So I'm going to play iSketch.

Rapid Eye Movement

Why do some people move their eyes rapidly back and forth when looking at someone? I've seen it sometimes on TV. I tried doing it myself and its very uncomfortable.

Do people do this in real life? Is this just bad acting? Why would anyone think it's good acting?
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Oh no! I was about to make cookies for my party tonight when I realized that the apartment I'm subletting doesn't have a cookie sheet! Quick TQC-- anything I can do quickly to make some kind of cookie-sheet-substitute? We have a few pots and pans, wax paper, tin foil, ziploc bags, paper plates... Well some of those things might be more useful than others.

(no subject)

How long would you let Chinese leftovers sit in your fridge before deciding to throw them out?

Why is there a person whom I've only just met sleeping on my couch?

What makes caffeine free Pepsi taste gross-ish?
Sad boy!

(no subject)

1] I'm building a website for a club at school, and I have nobody to bounce ideas off of so I come to you. I'm currently adding links to my nagivation bar, and I can't decide which wording to use:

"prospective members" or "membership".

So, silly as it is, things like this matter to me. What's your opinion -- which is more clear? Is there a different word or phrase I should use?

2] Does anybody know when the NHL schedule for next season comes out?

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So my little sister's best friend has a Myspace. She's 12, mind you. On it, she wrote a blog cursing out one of her teachers. Their principal went Myspace searching, found it, suspended her from school, and told her mother.

Do you think it is fair the principal did this?
excuse me wtf r u doin

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What's a good way to get decals off of car windows? What about bumper stickers off the car itself? My mom gave me her car but it's covered in fairy decals and such.

Also, how do you feel about cars that are covered in decals/bumper stickers?

2 xp or not 2xp?

So - I splashed out on a new laptop today!


got it mainly for internet surfing, and the occasional older game and

But I'm finding windows vista sucks big time, and has less than 10%
compatibility with the older games and demos I've tried (nothing too
taxing, mainly 5 and 6 year old stuff, which run fine on a 500 mhz
p3..), So I was thinking of installing XP on it (have the full version
of xp home)

Just wondering if I'm likely to have any problems with the wireless
networking, trackpad etc there do appear to be XP drivers on the
samsung website...


warhol zebra

(no subject)

1. Are you a clothes horse?
2. What's your favorite piece of summer clothing?
3. Where can I find a cute, casual sundress? I've been poking around overstock.com, but would love a few store reccomendations.

(no subject)

1. Do you know how to drive a stick shift? Would you prefer to own a manual or an automatic car? Why/why not?

2. It's a nice day. You have three good friends, a car, and live just north of San Francisco. What're you gonna do?

Blankity blank want a crackah

1. Does it annoy you when people don't name their pets?

2. Does it annoy you when people put no thought whatsoever into naming a pet and just go with an extremely obvious and generic name (e.g. Kitty for a cat, Birdie for a bird)?

1. Yes; 2. Yes


1. Has participating in the snark in TQC made you snarkier in real life?
I think I've gotten meaner, yes. x3

2. Does it bother you when people type like this?
Yes. You can't possibly be emphasizing all of those words in all of those ways.

(no subject)

What do you think of mothers who plan on going to college shortly after they give birth?

What do you think of women who get impregnated during or right after college?

Obviously, both of these types of people are ridiculous, but I want to hear what you have to say (or rather, insult) them with. :)

EDIT[0]: For reference, after giving birth a new newborn will exist. The father is going to work/college too. This was an unplanned pregnancy.

EDIT[1]: Apparently this wasn't clear (I thought it wasn't implied), the father makes enough to support her if she were to be a stay-at-home-job.
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(no subject)

Have you had your wisdom teeth out? Can you give a girl who's terrified of having hers taken out, some advice or reassuring words?

I have wisdom teeth, but they're not coming up, so I've been told that I need to have them removed if they start hurting. Well, just recently, they have started to hurt to the point where I can't eat crunchy foods on one side of my mouth, and I'm beginning to realise I'll have to suck it up and get them taken out soon. The whole idea of having someone tear apart my mouth just gives me a huge case of the icks.

(no subject)

1. Does it annoy you if someone you are instant messaging with takes forever to respond back?

Not usually since I usually browse several sites while IMing.

2. How tall are you? Are you comfortable with your height?

I'm 5'8" and am fine with my height.

3. Do you have work tomorrow? If so, do you wish you had tomorrow off?

No. I'm glad I don't work on weekends.

(no subject)

After getting back from it just now, I have to ask...

Wtf is up with "Cirque Du Soleil"!?

I don't understand how it is moving or mildly entertaining in the least way...and I'm a huge theatre geek! It was so random and just...acrobatics on crack if you ask me.
Dwight Howard

(no subject)

Do you have a first, middle, or last name that's hard to pronounce?

Very few teachers ever got my last name right.
Verchota - Ver-ko-ta

edit- So by the time I posted this question, I didn't see the one under it. I suck.
Pokemon - Flaaffy

(no subject)

I was thinking about my next major purchase and I wanted to know what you thought:

What should my next major purchase be?

MP3 Player
Digital Camera
Establish a new savings account

More questions:
In your past experience with Digital Cameras, what's the best you've had?

In your past experience with MP3 players, what's the best you've had?

Would it be okay to buy these things used, or should I go 100% new?

Thank you for your time :D


When people order fast food drinks with no ice, do you think it's more of an aversion to ice, or wanting to get more soda for one's money? What about in restaurants (that usually have free refills anyway)? Do people actually enjoy warm soda?

And do you think it's fair to refill your cup at self-serve soda fountains? What about filling it, taking a gulp, and then topping off?
lioness; bw stalk

(no subject)

How desperate can you get?

Why do young people have nothing better to complain about than the fact they can't find twoo luv?

Questions inspired by a friend of mine who can do nothing but bitch about how she can't get any of that, and how no one cares about her and she's always left behind. Yet she couldn't find the time to thank me for taking her on a (free) trip to Disney World, or be there for me when I was having, you know, real issues, like dealing with death in my family. lulz!

My mother says I need more friends, but really, everyone I know is like that; is it worth it?

Am I being annoying yet? I swear I'm just really bored.

One last question: is it worth getting a job if right now if one is planning to quit in January (to move and get an out-of-state job) and is being supported by parents at the moment and making money on the side anyway?