June 14th, 2007


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I have a bad habit of emotional eating. I'm not overweight, but if I don't stop this habit, I will be.

I think it started in college, when I was stressed about a test I would eat late at night, or if I was happy about something I would treat myself. So how do I stop?

Also, this summer I want to get really toned and in shape. What helps you (personally) tone up quickly (exercise-wise, even if it's something you hate)?

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What sort of uncommon things can be found around your house?

We have an unreal number of musical instruments in general, and no one in my family is a musician professionally.  I think the count is six or seven saxophones, two clarinets, four flutes, two piccolos, two acoustic guitars, one electric guitar, a bass guitar, a piano, two keyboards, a piano, and a "wind controller".  Also, we have a ridiculous number of books, but especially those relating to military history.

Uh, also, spiral notebooks. I have more than anyone should ever have, and most of them have anywhere from 1-10 pages written on, and then they're relegated to one of my filing cabinets. 
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What are some words that people use to identify things with that are totally wrong and annoying?

I always hate it whenever people say, "butter", for margarine.  Margarine is not butter.
Or, whenever people call ALL vehicles, "cars".  One time this lady told me to look for her in a, "tan car", and 15 minutes later she was right in front of me the WHOLE time in a tan SUV

I fail as a grown-up

If I'm selected for a jury, how long should I be expecting to serve? I have a friend visiting at basically the exact same time I've been called for jury duty (I've put it off as long as I can and I don't think I can get another extension), and we're trying to schedule around it. About what sort of timeframe am I working with?

(I know it varies, but any sort of ballpark idea would be helpful.)

Any tips on avoiding being selected for a jury? I don't mind the idea of serving so much, as I'm unemployed, but the timing really sucks.

Thank you!

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1) What's your favorite musical?

2) What's your favorite song from a musical?

My answers:
1) I'm obsessed with many of them. But I guess my top favorites would have to be Les Miserables, Rent and The Sound of Music.
2) I looove Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid. Haha. Defying Gravity from Wicked, and obviously all of the songs from my three favorite musicals. :)
This is so ridiculous.

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My roommate just got her wisdom teeth out and has gauze in, but she wants to go to bed.

Should she sleep with the gauze in, and risk choking, or should she take it out and bleed all over the place?

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this is for guys but i suppose girls can answer about guys they know... does anyone actually prefer hand jobs over blow jobs? if so, why?

also... the correct shortened version of the word "until".. is it "til" or "till"?

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1. Do you live near Manassas, Virginia?

2. If I gave you a random phone number/address in Manassas, would you head over there/call the number for me and make sure that my dearest online friend (who I haven't heard from in months and have known for six years) is still alive? (I live in California, and, supposedly, for some reason all out-of-state calls don't go through correctly - I always end up getting re-directed to some construction company.)

3. What do you think happened to my friend?
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1. Would you delete someone off your friend's list if they were featured in stupid_free?

2. What if they were featured semi often in a short amount of time?

3. Does your answer change if you don't know them well? How about if they were one of your good friends IRL?

Car question

I have a 1995 Toyota Tercel DX with a headlight out, making me not want to drive at night.
1) How cheap would it be to get it replaced?
2) Can I do it myself (with my lack of knowledge of cars or wireing or anything)?

3) I dont get the whole Eagle vs. Shark thing...do you?
4) The wizard has turned you into a whale. Is this awesome? Y/N

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Do you like your voice?
When hearing it on a recording, does it sound like you think it would?

My answers:


No, it sounds deeper and more gay than I imagine. It also sounds slightly nasally. Not the best thing for an actor. =/

Dear TQC,

Last night, so_mikey sent an apology email for standing me up yesterday and asked to reschedule for Friday. He claims that because I wouldn't give him my phone number, he was unable to let me know he was running late. Aparently very late, as he still wasn't there 45 minutes after the scheduled meeting time. He says it's very important he gets pictures taken for his modeling agency and I am his only hope!

So now I turn to you, good people of TQC,

EVEN THOUGH I was stood up..

should I give so_mikey a second chance and reschedule his "photoshoot"?

people are stupid.

1- Have you ever been at school or work and someone walks up to you or you walk up to them, and they ask you the most stupidest, obvious, "here's-your-sign" kinda question? Tell us about it. What did you do/say?

My answer-  Last year on my birthday, my friends brought me balloons. Some of them say 'Happy Birthday.'
So, I'm walking in the hallways at school. I had __________ (however many people it was... idk. I lost count) ask me if that day was my birthday...
"Is today your birthday?"
"No. I always randomly carry birthday balloons around with me." or "No. I always receive b-day balloons and presents from my friends on one specific day of the year, 'cause I'm THAT awesome."
-_- duh.

2- Do any of you have a list of names that you plan on naming your future children (if you end up having children and haven't had any yet) or if you have children, can you imagine your child/children named that second choice name?

My answer- I have no children, but I do have names that I would like to name them.
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1)wats your irrational fear? the one that makes people think you're a bit freaky....

Mines fire. I plan escape routes in new places, have individual sets of keys for each window in my house so we can get out and a fire extinguisher up and downstairs. I also turn off every plug socket at nite just incase.

2) I get a male kitten in afew weeks and need help with a name....

suggestions so far include- charlie, mark, howard and jason (You see why i need help?)
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into the ocean.

1. Where does a sense of severe, irrational jealousy come from? Do you think it's a choice?

2. Do you like or dislike when people assume which side of a question you are coming from when you ask it?

3. If somebody raped your child - would you be able to maintain not doing something illegal? How?

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate T-9 text?
Pink Shoes

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1. Does public speaking freak you out or do you find it easy?

2. Does it make a difference if you're speaking in front of strangers or people you know?

3. Does imagining everyone in their underwear really work?
Perry the Platypus

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By now I think we all know each other's fears and phobias. Has anyone ever overcome one? If so, how?

I used to be terrified of cats, until I was at a friends house and woke up with one happily sleeping on my chest. That cured that one real fast. But I'm still deathly terrified of suspension bridges, which is not only humiliating but kind of inconvenient...
Werner Herzog


People who know cuts of steak, etc., please respond.

What do you suppose Dick Cheney's favorite cut of steak would be? People who know cuts of steak, etc., please respond.

In essence, I'm looking for cuts of steak that symbolize rapaciousness and (my own version of) immorality.

Any pictures, or links to hi-res pics, would be welcomed as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Previous question reminded me of this..

Have you ever cut something entirely out of your diet? This includes things like cigarettes and alcohol. How did you do it? How many times did you give in?

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1. What are some musical albums have been important throughout your life or that have changed your life completely?
2. Why were they important? How did they change your life?

My answers in comments.

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love exists

Money, Money Money! MONEY!

My fiance and I went on a road trip to a casino this weekend and had a great time! I was wondering....

1. Have you ever been to a casino? If so, where?
2. Do you prefer card games or slot machines?
3. What is your favorite game?
4. What is the most money you have won?
5. What is the most money you have lost?

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I'm a personal assistant to the CEO of a small company, and my job today is to find him and his employees a health plan...

I'm a student who is just working here for some summer cash...

Thus, I have no idea what I'm looking for. Health plans: where do I go, who do I look at and what am I looking for? I'm in Canada, if that is important, but either way, any advice you could give me would be AMAZING.

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Hey guys,

So I emailed out this joke to some of my coworkers:

So a panda walks into a cafe. He orders a sandwich, eats it, then
draws a gun and fires two shots into the air.

"Why?" asks a confused waiter, as the panda heads towards the exit. The
panda pulls out a badly punctuated wildlife manual and tosses it over his

"I'm a panda," he says. "Look it up."

The waiter turns to the panda chapter in the wildlife manual and reads:

"Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats,
shoots and leaves."

One of my coworkers responded saying something along the lines of "My goodness, what a clean version of this joke!"

This prompts my question:

1. Have you heard this joke before?
2. Have you heard any other versions of this joke? (If you have, please post 'em)

Just pondering about zombies

I've heard the complaint that zombies don't make sense, because if they're mindless, how do they know not to attack each other?

My assumption would be that they're drawn to warm flesh to feed on.

Except that in the movies I recall, animals are ignored by zombies.

Anybody have any explanations for this that make sense? (Inconsistent writing is the obvious one, but I'm more interested in making it fit.)

Just things that occurred to me after yesterday, with everybody writing about zombies.


I know there are lots of Australians here so I'd like your opinion. If you're not Australian, can you please say so in any comments you make, thankyou.

What do you think about the prayers in parliament thing? Do you think it's inappropriate/a waste of  time/hypocritical/religious when most of Australia isn't, etc? Or something else? Harmless? A good thing?

I personally was shocked to know that they still do it. And the letters to the newspaper were people all saying things like "we should remember our christian heritage! Australia/democracy was built on christianity!" etc, and were 'appalled' that the prayers might be taken away from parliament. The athiest MP who started this controversy has been bashed, because surely he can't just sit with his head bowed for a minute, rather than reading a book which is what he has been doing. I am *pretty* sure that most of the people who are making these comments are the... shall I say... more enthusiastic members of Australian's christian citizens, and that the 'normal' people don't care or think it's inappropriate. I'm not sure if it's a 'waste of time' since  it's only one minute, but surely it'd be more  appropriate, for a nation where there are many religions,and only apparently 10% of Australians go to church on a regular basis (but the Christians writing in to the newspaper never seem to notice this), and an apparently *secular* parliament, to have perhaps " A minute of contemplation" instead. Apparently the prayers are supposed to remind them that they are not the most important things in the world, etc because they're held accountable by God. A minute of 'thinking time' where you're supposed to think about your duty to the nation, or something, would seem more appropriate in my view.

To the non Aussies, an atheist MP recently said that the prayers which apparently go on each day, are a waste of time, and a mockery of a secular society, etc.

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When I am completely confounded by something someone says or some turn of events, I generally say

nothing/that NEVER happens to me
"what the fuck"
"what the hell"
"what the hailz"
"what the devil"
"what the shit"
"what the toenail"
"what the [insert your filler word here]"
something that is not covered by the extent of this poll which I will most certainly tell you in the comments

What's one of your favorite kinds of salad and what do you like to put in/on it? (ANY type green, pasta, chicken, tuna, fruit)

Which animals do you think would be the most interesting to watch while they were having sex?
Beast mode!

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1. Why is it that when my boss says, "Don't worry, you're not in trouble," it just makes me feel like I'm in trouble?

2. You are a non-smoker. You are outside and someone near you is smoking. Do you: a.)Move, b.)Wave your hands around and cough, c.)Tell them off for smoking, d.)Do nothing?

3. What is the oddest assignment you've ever been given at work? (Or school, I suppose.)

4. Any plans for this weekend?

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My boyfriend and I are trying to sell our puppy. Any suggestions on where to post ads? Craigslist doesnt allow the actual sale of animals. I've already posted on Backpage.

if you've ever sold a pet  what was it? what type of ad did you use? how long did it take to get responses?


me - with gun

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Have you ever been mistaken for a nationality that you aren't? Which one?

For some reason I'm often mistaken for being German. Sometimes this makes sense, but usually it's just damn confusing

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1.) How much would wood a would chuck-chuck if a would chuck could chuck would?

B.) Without looking how many keys would you guess your keyboard has?

Γ.) What's the deal with airplane food?
young folks

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Are there any smells (foods, perfumes, such) that you can't stand, or gross you out that most other people wouldn't agree?

You recently married your SO, you knew they were married once before, and you later find out that they were married not once but TWICE before, how do you react?
(I ask because my boyfriend's friend has NOT told his new bride that he'd been married twice not once, we currently have a bet on how long they last)

1. popcorn
2. Personally I think that's a HUGE secret, I don't know if I'd leave or not.

High Noon!

Where you live...

1. Do people pronounce "want to" like "wah-noo"? Or is it more of a "wanna"?

2. What about "been"? Is it more like "bin"?

3. How common is it for couples in their early 20s (20-23/24) to be happily married, living in their own house, have good jobs, and (possibly) have a baby?


What are some internet based games that:

- do not require flash
- do not require me to download anything
- are not KOL
- are interesting?

Nutella or peanutbutter? Or ___?

ETA more interesting and interactive question: What do you look like as a drawing in MS Paint? Mine forthcoming in the comments.

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My friend is feeling rather under the weather. Other than chicken noodle, what can I bring her after work to cheer her up?

What's a language you  would really like to learn?

Do you judge people for their musical tastes? As in, do you think less of a person for liking X, or assume that all fans of Y are the same?

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I've been listening to the track "You Know I'm No Good" on Amy Winehouse's Black To Black Album and I have a question.

Does anyone recognize the sample? Any idea what it is?

Here's the video on youtube so you can hear it:

The part that I'm talking about comes in at about 33 seconds and goes until about 50 seconds. I remember hearing something very similar in either a classic movie or a disney cartoon. Any idea what I'm talking about?
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Is there anyone to complain to when you get no service help from a company? Or is the BBB the only way to go? This is a HUGE company, and I don't think one little complaint would mean jack to them.

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Also: Is there a term for when you'd just wish that people could understand plain English? :( Linguism? Like racism/ageism/whatever?
i say, old bean

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so i was trying to ask my mom for help on something and we argued a little and she started bring in sarcasm where it wasn't needed saying how she was going to quit her job and come home and watch my little sister and i can go move out.

which brings me to asking this question, would you let me live with you?
if so, what would you require for me to do?

i don't care if your answer is serious or silly...i just want to know.
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I've tried to figure this out and it just hurts my head.

My...relative, is in town. I'm trying to figure out how we're related. Here are the details:

His name is Andy. His mother, Ruth, is my paternal grandmother's cousin, therefore, Andy is my grandmother's second cousin. What is my grandmother's second cousin in relation to me?

Got it - thanks!


What are some good, well paying jobs that you don't have to go to college for?

Just curious. I know they exist but most people I know who have them kind of "fell into" their jobs. Having to be trained is cool, just not college.

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When you were a young adult (16-21, maybe), how involved were your parents in keeping up with your finances?

Were your parents ever really intrusive when it came to your finances? Would they read your mail or watch you check your online banking things?

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Dear friends,

I'm aware that some of you may know that I accidentally stood up one of your most popular and cherished members yesterday, but I'd like you all to know that stuff happens.

Like, without mixing the colors and yellow and blue we'd never have green. Without mixing blue and red, we'd never have purple; without purple we'd never have Prince. Had Darth Vader never chopped Luke's hand off, he would've never known who his real dad was. What I need right now is your forgiveness. Deep down in my heart I know I tried and felt really bad when I couldn't call her to tell her I was late because I didn't have her number. Stuff like that can be such a down-getter for some people but it doesn't have to be! I fully intend on keeping my head up. We all make mistakes.

Will you all find it in your heart to forgive me?

love always,

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Give a dog a home

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Okay so a sort-of friend of mine emailed me and asked if I knew about this musical that was possibly going on this summer and if they were doing it, and if so, when the auditions are.

It's going to happen, and auditions are on Saturday.

However, she threw a major diva shit-fit when I was stage managing Rocky Horror because she didn't get the part she wanted, screamed at the directors, burned her bridges at that theatre, and when she asked me how things were going in my life and I mentioned the theatre, she got all snippy.

Should I tell her about the auditions? What would you do?

I don't really want to be around her, and there's some people who wouldn't be too thrilled if she showed up.
young folks

inspired by previous post...

Lotsa questions...
How do you feel about parents paying for their children's college education, moving out costs, and other expenses? Good or bad? Does that make the young person 'weaker' than someone who learns to financially take care of themselves? A person who grew up in the ghetto has a better chance of surviving than say paris hilton when thrown when an obstacle? How do you feel about parents who have their 20+ year old children living with them,and when is it okay? Do some parents get taken advantage of?

*edit: sorry I remembered social darwinism wrong.

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What's the worst thing to find under your bed?

Family of spiders
Dead hooker
Driver's license (after I had to go to the DMV, wait in line and get it replaced)

Best thing to find under your bed?

Live hooker
Bag of pot you had completely forgotten about
BUNNIES! (I like bunnies)
Christmas present addressed to you that someone had forgotten to give you

You're driving along through a rich neighborhood, when you spot a gorgeous, well-dressed person of the gender you're attracted to, hitchhiking. I'm talking drop-dead attractive. This person is carrying a sign that reads WILL OFFER GAS, GRASS OR ASS FOR A RIDE. What do you do?

Keep on driving
Run them over, take their wallet. Hitchhiking's dangerous and this should learn them
Pick them up and ask for gas money
Pick them up and ask for marijuana
Pick them up and ask for some ass

Which of these homeless signs would be the most persuasive in getting you to open up your wallet?

Please help. I'm hungry
Will probably spend money on booze. At least I'm honest
Help me afford a bus ticket back to Memphis
Doing my best to avoid the temptation of greed. Please contribute to my cause
Vietnam vet. Please help
Adopt a hobo. Inquire how
Cannot afford medicine. Please help
My presence here is a message for kids to stay in school. Please support this PSA
Will work for food. Amount of effort will depend on the food offered
Without your help, I will probably resort to peddling my ass on the street. Please help prevent prostitution while you can
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Have you ever used Sheer Cover?

Does it really work as well as the commercials say?

How about ProActiv Solution?


I've never used Sheer Cover, but I'm interested.
I've used ProActive and I didn't feel it worked for me, but my husband swears by it.

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When you are driving...

1. When turning, do you hit the brakes THEN turn on your blinker, or turn on your blinker then brake? Which do you prefer other people do?

2. When changing lanes, do you use your blinker? Do you look over your shoulder before moving over?

3. Do you have road rage? How bad is it?

4. Do you like Linkin Park? Why/why not? If you do, what is your favorite album of theirs?

My answers:

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What's with the new trend of user icons that have lips with stuff stuck to them? If you were to take a picture of your lips with stuff stuck to them, what would that stuff be?
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Would you say the following countries are part of Europe or Asia? I frequently see them listed as both:

Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Cyprus.

Also, is the continent that includes Australia supposed to be called Australasia or Oceania? Again, I see both around. Never mind, clearly I need to get me an edumacation!

Star Wars.

So if you met the parents of a friend whose first name was Lucas and Middle name was George (Lucas George, flipped around to be George Lucas), what would you say to them?

Me, I'd make a Chewie roar at them after I properly introduced myself.
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Entirely Not Hypothetical

You are married and you have an 8 year old daughter. You and your spouse are driving your daughter's friend home, and decide to drive through a few developments to look at Christmas lights. Your daughter enjoys looking at Christmas lights as does her friend. However her friend starts to say "pretty, pretty, Jew, pretty, Jew, Jew" and so on. While she is saying this she is pointing to the houses, pretty= house with lights, Jew= house without lights.

Would you be surprised? Would you say anything to the friend? What about to her parents?

My friend did this when we were in 3rd grade. I think my parents were so surprised they didn't even know what to say.I wasn't friends with her much longer.

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Do you find this sentence awkward/poorly worded?

Four teenagers were killed early Thursday morning when the stolen SUV they were in and a train collided.

I had to read it about 3 times before it finally registered that they were *trying* to say the SUV collided with the train.

Should the journalist have known better? Or should that have been a proofreader's job?

According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, six teenagers were in the stolen Jeep when the driver apparently did not see a Union Pacific train that had apparently been stalled on the tracks for some time.

Does this sentence seem too repetitive? Should another word have been used for the second 'apparently'?

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So I have a few nasty scars from an accident a while ago. I've been using Mederma (works wonders), but I was wondering if there was anything else I should take to help. Any certain vitamins? Any specific lotions?
Hotch - GQMF

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Have you ever seen Grounded for Life? If so, what's your opinion? If not, why not?!

It's probably my favorite show. It's on TV on ABC Family at 7pm every weeknight if you want to get a taste of awesome.
Veritas (Boondock Saints)

Film roles.

If you could replace any actor/actress in a role from a movie that's already been made, what would that role/movie be and why?

EDIT: Just to clarify.. You would in theory be replacing them by playing the role yourself.
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Goofing off in the office..

Some of you may or may not have experience working in an office setting. Whatever type of office setting you may have experience in - would you ever do something like throw your stress ball randomly as passer by's just for some fun? Or shoot a rubber band over the cubicle? 
stock- budding flowers

The Dog Whisperer

Do you all like Cesar Millan?

Have you read his book Cesar's Way or watch his show and apply what he says to your troubled dog(s)? How has it gone? Does your dog show signs of improvement?

(I am currently reading his book and finding out that what he says really makes sense. Now let's just see what happens when I apply it to the dogs...)
The Dude Abides

Animal ?'s

1) What animal do you think most closely resembles the sound of the stomach grumblings of a +50 year old man?

2) What's your favorite animal noise? (think Old McDonald and, not animal farts, etc.)

(no subject)

I haven't seen Fight Club, Scarface or any of the Godfather movies.
I still don't really know how to use a coffee maker.

what's something that the rest of the world seems hip on that you haven't yet quite experienced or caught up with yet?

(no subject)

1. Why do people feel the need to shout while using a cellphone?
2. What is one thing you would change about your SO? (if you don't currently have one, your last SO)
3. Why do telemarketers call my house all day when I've told them before to stop calling?
4. What is something you've learned/realized about yourself in the past week?
5. Does eating diet, low/no-fat and no-sugar products really help you lose weight(in the long run)?
6. What is the healthiest food you can think of? Would you eat it?
7. Why are you wearing those clothes?

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jim greco

vinyl records

I don't know a lot about them. I have some older music (70s, 80s) that I bought brand new/sealed and obviously not made in the 70s/80s. I also have a ton of records that I bought used and look like they were probably from their respected time periods.

How can I tell when my specific record was created?

Meddling kids

List off some of the weird/random things elementary-age children have told you they learned in school lately. By weird I just mean.. either outright weird, advanced, or something you never ever would have learned when you were in elementary school.

My boyfriend's 9yo nephew was discussing how they saw a play on how T cells are killed by AIDS.
My 7yo cousin learned to correlate what colors represent what vitamins in various foods (orange veggies have high vitamin A, etc)
Michael Corleone

language learning software

I'm in college right now and was planning to take courses this summer, but an unexpected recent surgery has left me at home, resting and healing for at least the next two or three weeks, forcing me to drop all my classes for summer term. To pass the time, I was thinking of buying some language learning software and trying to learn a new language. I'm a native speaker of both English and Vietnamese, and have been taking French in school for the past 8 years.

I'm thinking of learning either Spanish, Mandarin or Farsi. The first one would probably be the fastest for me to learn, but I have friends who speak the other two, who would be able to give me lots of help and practice.

So, my questions:
1. What's the best language-learning software out there? I've read some reviews and stuff, but personal opinions are always the best.
2. What has been your personal experience with using them? How long did you use them and how much did you learn?
3. What's your general opinion of learning languages from books/software?
4. What language, of the three I mentioned, would you recommend most?


quality of food versus quality of service

There is a restaurant on your block where you work. The staff is over the top wonderful and sweet and so kind to you - asking how you are, how is your day, making the small chat and being genuinely loving and great people. They do the same with the other customers as well. The picture of perfect service. However their food is only so-so. Do you continue to patronize them occasionally because of their stellar service because they don't deserve to go out of business?

Alternatively there is another restaurant on the block with AMAZING TO DIE FOR food. Your mouth waters thinking of it and you'd rather eat dinner there than have sex with your partner. Its THAT good. However they treat you like garbage- rude and snotty and just blah. Do you continue to go back and take the abuse for the pleasure of the amazing food?

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I bought my Dad a Father's Day card and was about to put a stamp on it and drop it in the outgoing mail when I see that it says EXTRA POSTAGE REQUIRED where the stamp goes. Well... how much extra? It's a little larger than normal cards, but only by an inch or two. The local Post Office is already closed and there's nothing useful about it on their website. Would 2 stamps work?

Did you get a card for anyone for Father's Day? Was it hard to pick one? Why do they all have golf and fishing and beer and plaid shit on them? I don't think my father particularly enjoys any of those.
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard


I have cramps of doom that have been coming and going the last day or so, and it stinks. Any non-traditional (ie other than midol) suggestions for what to do?

For those of you who get migraines, do yours have a trigger, or do they just show up sometimes? Is there anything you can do for them, or do you have to sleep it off?

Do you get non-migraine variety headaches, and if so are they caused by anything interesting like an injury, or just stress?

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I'm car shopping. If you were car shopping what would you look for? What is a must-have and what is preferred but not necessary?

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If you were me would you get a Subaru Impreza, a Honda Civic, or a Toyota Corolla?

Did you know power windows still aren't standard on Corollas? Wtf yo.

edit: an impreza sedan guys. geez who do you think i am? liz + suv + south side of chicago = no.

Hypothetically speaking ...

This is based on a conversation I had with someone, and all the breast talk reminded me of it. Sort of. In a roundabout way.

Ladies: Say you get pregnant, and it is NOT the right time, for whatever reasons.
Do you abort it?
Do you have the baby and give it up?
Do you have the baby and keep it?

If you decide to abort, and your SO gives you an ultimatum stating that if you get rid of the child, he's leaving you, what would you do? Would that ultimatum influence your decision? What if your SO were someone you dreamed of spending the rest of your life with?

Guys: If you were in the situation where your SO got pregnant, and you know you wouldn't be able to support yourselves and a child, what would you want her to do? Would you leave her if you didn't agree with her decision, even if you thought you two would be together 'forever'?

(no subject)

Do you read(*) while driving?

If not do you know someone who does?

Would you punch them in the face for me?

(*)For the excessively pedantic, by reading I mean *reading*. book/newspaper/magazine/etc.
Hell - Crapping out sinners

(no subject)

Hey folks, I have a Sony Vaio laptop that is a couple of years old that somebody wants to buy from me. It's model PCG-GRX570. COnsidering the following, how much do you think I should ask for it?

*$2500 new 4-5 years ago
*16.1" XGA screen
*Pentium 4 1.6 GHz
*Dual hard disc, 20GB and 15GB (probably partitioned, but original setup)
*Came with 512MB RAM but one memory slot is now dicky and it won't boot when anything is in it, so it is running 256MB.
*Network card never worked but I got a PCMCIA card to go with that has worked like a dream.
*No battery, wasted it years ago.
*She wants it for her kids to surf the internet and stuff.
*Apart from the obvious above, it's in really nice condition.

Summer driving season is here!

This is the time of year when all the cool rare cars are out on the road. What are some of the most awesome cars you've spotted lately?

I've seen a BMW Tii, an old Jaguar XJ12, A Ferrari Testarossa, a '65 Mustang convertible, an Alfa Romeo Spider, an old Corvette out of the 50's, A Ford Model A, a Ferrari F550, and an antique Stanley Steam car driven by an old man with a huge beard using hand signals. Neat.
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Food Service Woez/ Car Issues

When you go to order fast food, or take out, do you expect the person helping you to speak English (if you live in America...or England I suppose), and speak correct English?
If they're doing something customer service oriented...I expect them to speak correct English. It's polite, and it's easier to.

( Example:

Customer: "Can I please have a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich?"
Drive-Thru Attendant: "We don't got any mo'". )

My friend ran a diagnostic scan on my car, and I have a bad catalytic converter.  I have a 1996 Honda Accord LX with 173000 miles, and if it's going to be expensive, maybe i'll just look for a new car...  What does this mean? How much will it cost to replace?
fma explodin head

gender titles?

Im trying to think of the term to call someone who 'doesnt want to be associated with any gender', and it's driving me crazy.

A friend suggested 'pansexual', but that really is more of a term for someone who is attracted to any gender type, and doesn't quite fit what im looking for. I dont really want to involve sexuality in the situation.. this is a gender term, and not a term to express sexuality...

anyone have ANY idea of the word im looking for?

(no subject)

What are some of your favorite short lyrics/sayings/expressions? Preferably those that would work for snappy away messages.

To what extent do you favor things that are aesthetically natural and unnatural? This could mean hair color, plastic surgery, body modifications, or any other assortment of things.
Hotch - GQMF

(no subject)

1. Would you ever waste your money on an iPhone? (No)
2. Where should I make my mom take me out to dinner? (I'm asking you)
3. Girls, how much do you hate your period (excluding pregnancy scares)? (A lot)
4. Girls again, plastic tampon APPLICATORS for the smartasses or cardboard? (Cardboard)
5. Yet again, girls, pads or tampons? And if pads, WHY? (Tampons like whoa)
6. Everyone, do you text message too much, eliciting stares and other various odd looks from people who don't because you type text messages really fast? (Yep, I'm where I got the question ^^)
7. I hate tequila and haven't had beer in recent memory but think I don't like it either, so what should I get drunk on when I turn 21? I like virgin strawberry Daiquiris and I've heard they're not much different with the rum in them. (I love fruity drinks so I'm thinking daiquiris).
8. Anyone else have Monopoly on CD-ROM? (Yes, hence the else)
9. Anyone who never took the SAT take the GRE? How scary was it? (I hope not too scary)
10. Pens or pencils? (Pens)
11. What do you think of Nora Roberts? (She's not the best writer; in fact, she writes downright cheesily, especially with her sex scenes, but her books are still entertaining)
12. How much do you dislike Everybody Loves Raymond, and/or Ray Romano himself? (A lot to both)

(no subject)

I have a questions regarding bugs.
Have you ever seen those REALLLLY teeny tiny bugs?
they're about the size of : .
they're also red, with six legs i think. i let one crawl on me once, i didnt even feel it it's so tiny.
i dont know i see them every so often i think they're so cute D:
i always wanted to know what they were called.
with my luck its prob. some weird diseased bug or something.

thank you if you can help meee :]

Funny answers obviously...

Tqc, how do you think I should handle my energetic and stubborn 8 year old sister while I'm babysitting her?

Outside she is a huge handful...inside she wants to be outside, then whines when we don't do EXACTLY what she wants. =/

EDIT: By the way, she is sititng on my lap right now reading your responses; Staring at your icons wickedly.

Thank you card

Is it weird to give a "thank you" card if you went to their house to personally thank them for the gift? She's my neighbor and she gave the gift to my sister to give to me. I then went to her house right after I got the gift to thank her. Is another "thank you" kinda...much?

(no subject)

Do you think that severely obese children consitutes accusations of child abuse?
Should parents be punished?
What about an 18 year old who is severely over weight, are her parents responsible?

I ask because my mum's friends 18 year old daughter is absolutely huge. I said I was shocked that her parents let her get to that size, and my mum was very adement that it wasn't her friend's fault.. she says it's just like the fact she couldnt get me to eat, her friend can't control what her daughter eats 24/7. Her other children are normal sized.

edit- i'm not talking about kids who are large due to medical issues.
What Would Wonder Woman Do

"Hello. My name is..."

I work at a day care. Usually with the school-agers. In order to entertain the little hellions dears, I bring movies from home for them to watch.

Today, I brought The Princess Bride, which is rated PG. I wasn't sure why it was rated that way; was it for the fight scenes and peril, or for the mild language (Indigo Montoya's "I want my father back, you son of a bitch!") But the day care's co-director brought The Sandlot, another great movie, which includes liberal use of the word "hell" and one clear (and at least one implied) use of the word "shit", so I tried not to feel too bad.

When it comes to what kids should and shouldn't watch, what do you think is worst: language, violence, or sex? Please explain.

Linkin Park

 If this question has been asked already my apologizes BUT...
1.  i'm curious to hear or well to know what people think of Linkin Park's New cd Minutes to Midnight?

2. And which cd from Linkin Park do you like the best?
A. Hybrid Theory EP
B. Hybrid Theory
C. Meteora
D. Minutes To Midnight
E. Reanimation 1
F. Reanimation 2
G. Reanimation 3

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So my friends and I often have movie nights. The host usually provides the movie. I'm planning to have one, but I want them to be really uncomfortable. Aside from porn (only because I've already done this) what movie would be nice and awkward to show?


My sister won 2 goldfish in a carnival about 2 weeks ago. Having never had fish before, we bought them a bowl and food, and followed the necessary functions to de-chlorinate our water. Anyway, the first one died after about a week, but the second fish was still alive. We haven't really changed their water or anything, or really paid attention to them, so the second fish is about to die. Seriously...it's floating near the top of the tank on its side and only moving its little fin...it's really sad. My sister isn't home right now, so we can't confer with her.
Should we:
1. Flush it right now, while it's still kind of alive, and put it out of its misery?
2. Wait until it's actually dead to flush it?
Also, should we wait until my sister gets home to flush it so that she can say goodbye, or should we not wait for her? She should be home within an hour. It's not like she gets overly emotional about these things, but I feel kind of bad.
EDIT: We've been keeping up with feeding it. And it's not a taking care of animals thing: we have 2 cats and a dog that we've had for years.
EDIT 2: Fish has been flushed. It was dead.
EDIT 3: I'm not deleting my post, because that would be stupid, but it's over and done with, so could we please stop commenting? I'm not trying to be a snarky bitch and start drama or anything.

In addition to my other driving questions from this morning...

Why do people in expensive/luxury cars think that, just because they're in such car, that they rule the road?

Uh, if I'm in my mother's fat-ass Ram, you don't rule the road, buddy. If we were to collide, I guarantee my vehicle would win. You will hurt, so stop cutting me off. :)

Also, how do you say "vehicle"? It drives my boyfriend insane when I (purposely) say it, "vee-hick-le" ... teehee.

EDIT: If you had a sibling who is Autistic, who has also known to have anger issues, how would you feel about him/her getting a Nintendo Wii?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever worked somewhere that was completely unprofessional? How do you deal with it?

I'm a housekeeper for a hotel and technically, our shifts are 8am-2pm. But most housekeepers stroll in around 9 or 10. Boss doesn't care. One of the girls came in hungover and he told her to sleep it off in an empty room. You take breaks when you feel like it. They watch TV while in the rooms. It's frustrating.

2. Is Borat worth watching?

I bought it and tried watching it but got bored with it around 20 minutes in.

3. Have you ever been to the Friendship Festival?

Another topic about....SEX!

1. Is your sex life satisfying? Be honest.

2. What is your relationship status? Are you single, in a committed relationship, married?
a. If you're single, how do you go about getting your sex? Do you wait until you have a relationship? Do you have a friend with benefits? or do you have one-night stands?
b. If you're in a relationship or married, how often do you have sex? Is this too little or too much? Are you happy with your partner's performance? How do feel about your own?

3. Is having an unsatisfying sex life reason enough to end a relationship? How about a marriage?
rufus, muppy

Binge eating :(

I don't know what is wrong with me lately.

I've always been a bit of a binge eater, but it was only occasional and never really a big issue.

Lately however, I just cannot feel full. It is usually the worst in the evening. I eat supper, and then binge all night long. I just CANNOT feel full. I eat, and eat and eat. Once I start with supper, i cannot stop

It's really getting disgusting. Some nights I go to bed with a tummy ache because I have eaten so much. I don't know why I have such sudden uncontrollable urges to eat CONSTANTLY.

I'm not fat or chubby at all, and would like to keep it this way, but it is SO hard to stop myself from eating. I have already bgun to gain some weight... I don't want to gain more.

Any tips?

Tummy aches

1) Do you have an inflammatory bowel disease? (like Crohn's or ulcerative colitis)

2) What medicines do you take for it?

3) What triggers your symptoms.

4) On a scale from one to ten, ten of course being the worst, how much pain are you in during a flare up?

Matrix/Bill and Ted

Do you like the movies Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey? (have you seen it?) How old are you? Do you think it's a 'must see'?
And do you have any links to (or pictures of) any bill and ted/matrix parodies that you could give me?

I love them. I just rewatched Bogus Journey and I still found myself laughing hysterically and giggling often at the rest of it. And I just converted a friend to it. I think it's a 'must see' though I'm not quite sure *why*. I'm 21. Discovered it age 17. Still love it. :D

Is this the right thing to do?

The first lady I ever babysat for pays me $8/hour for 2 toddlers. I still babysit for her and she pays me that same rate. So I've been getting new clients and they ask me what I charge. I'd tell the client that I usually leave it up to the client. She kept on saying, "C'mon, what do you want?" and after saying, "I don't know. I like to leave it up to the client" for a while, she said, "How about $10?" and I agreed. She has 2 kids, also.

Is it wrong that one family pays me $8/hour while the other pays me $10/hour? My heart is telling me that I should tell the new client that she can pay me $8/hour (since the other family pays me that amount) because it's the right thing to do, but my head is telling me that I should take what she's willing to give me.

Plus, if the new client finds out, wouldn't she be hurt?


Thumb twitchy...

I already asked my friend on this but I want to be extra sure so here I am. What does it mean if part of your body starts twitching on it's own? For example since Sunday my right thumb has randomly started twitching every now and then. Someone told me it means I'm low on potassium so I went out of my way to get some banana's to eat but it's still twitching and I'm not totally sure that's what is causing the problem. I was diagnoised with tendinatis in both of my wrists and on the other hand something similar to capral tunnel, but I'm not sure if they have any connection to my thumb twitching. It's just really weird. So yea anyone have any ideas about what is causing this or what I can do? Too broke for a dr unless totally serious and my step-mom is a nurse so I can ask her the next time I see her on Sunday, but until then...
The Receptionist Classic


I don't use 'product' in my hair. I've had the same sample-sized bottle of hairspray for three years. My gel dried up.
Today I went and got my hair cut. Before she started snipping, the woman put this... stuff in my hair. She said it is an anti-frizz serum, but it left my hair feeling slimy and just grody. I have washed it twice with two different shampoos. I've tried plain soap. I've tried body wash and - getting desperate - shaving cream. It still feels nasty.

People, how the hell do I get this crap out of my hair?! Bleach? Drano? I'm *this* close to grabbing the dish soap.

And does your hair poof out and go frizzy at the slightest mention of humidity?

honesty is OBVIOUSLY the best policy

Does it bother you when people ask questions followed by "be honest"?

It really bothers me. I can understand saying that you want serious answers (especially if you've got some serious question... then again this probably isn't the place for serious questions.... but that is for another post... don't bitch at me for my elipses...cunt) but asking any old curiosity question and asking people to be honest is just silly. This is teh interwebz, we're anonymous for the most part.

Text - best is yet to come

(no subject)

If you are a mod:

If someone posted a "Isn't it dumb when people disable comments?" question in response to someone disabling comments, but they disabled comments on it, would you ban them?

WHY? WHY ARE YOU ANTI-LULZ!?!? Someone always comments on those posts with "It would be funny if you disabled comments on this post" but no one ever does.

If you are not a mod:

Would you risk being banned for breaking rules by making a "Isn't it dumb when people disable comments?" post and disabling comments on it?

(no subject)

How do you get over a boy who just so happens to be a good friend and who tells you he doesn't even think of you as a best friend, let alone girlfriend? Should I just avoid him for a while? Out of sight, out of mind?
gasp zooey

(no subject)

Ok, I know I would be crucified for asking this here, but I'm still going to ask.

I can't find a community or a user that makes Disney mood themes, and I need a Dumbo mood theme.  What would be a good community to join to request one?

And so this isn't a horrible, horrible post....

What is your favorite [Adult Swim] show?
koda brother bear air smiley!

(no subject)

1. So its my sisters birthday Saturday and she LOVES to read. So im going to go to the bookstore tomorrow and buy some but im not sure what...Her favorites are "The Perks of being a Wallflower," "This Lullaby," "The Truth about Forever," "Just Listen," and "A Walk to Remember." Any suggestions as to what books she might like?

2. For people who play guitars, how long did you have to play guitar before you were good enough to play an actual song?(for example, "pressure" by paramore) and how long did you practice a day?

3. If you could choose 3 bands to be apart of, what three would you be in and what would you do in that band?

(no subject)

Why is Are you smarter than a fifth grader such a popular show? I think it sucks.
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