June 13th, 2007


This is driving me nuts. For the life of me I can't remember who sings a song that my friend and I were listening to a while ago.
It's a female singer and in part of the song she sings about doing the dishes and either eating or drinking the dish soap water.
Does anyone have any idea what song I'm talking about?


got it. thanks.
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(no subject)

What are you doing right now?

ETA: Do you have a blankie or stuffed animal from when you were younger still? What'd you call it? Is it beat-up looking now? Do you still sleep with it on your bed?
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Lactose Intolerant

Recently I've noticed that whenever I eat dairy products, I get really nauseous an hour or so later. But it doesn't happen when I have just a little bit (like a piece of cheese or something), but does with a bowl of ice cream or a glass of milk. I was also tested several years back for it but I wasn't even close being lactose intolerant.

Is it possible to get it as you get older (I'm already in my 20s)? Is it possible to only be intolerant to a certain amount? Is simply getting nauseous enough to consider it Lactose Intolerant? Could it be a milk allergy? Anyone else here experience something similar?
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i doubt anyone can answer this

story time: my boyfriend had a cavity on a tooth toward the back of his mouth. he got the tooth with the cavity pulled about a month ago. after getting the tooth pulled, he suffered from the normal pain where the tooth had been as well as pain in his tongue. this pain went away several days after the tooth was pulled. about a week after that, he came to visit me (we live 2 hours apart). when he came to visit, we made out. later that day after he had returned home, the pain in his tongue came back. it has been back for the past 2 weeks. he says it feels like someone is sticking a pin in it, but there is nothing visibly wrong with it. 

does anybody have any idea what this could be?

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Tell me about yourr memories of school lunches, specifically those packed from home?
What was a cool lunch & what was lame?
What did lunches reveal about a person?
Tell me as many details as you can.
What did yr mom write on the brown bag?
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morning commute

1. What bothers you about other drivers? (Other than the obvious tailgating, breaking the law stuff)

2. Can you easily reach the atm at an atm drive through? How tall are you?

3. did you name your car? Where did the name come from?

1. Breaking infront of me when a simple foot off the gas would have worked.
2. No, no matter how close I get I need to unbuckle and open the door. I am 5'
3. Shelly, from the 'mad tv' skit... "come on shelly,come on"


Have you ever had to go to a professional Tax Place (Like H&R Block) and refile your past years' taxes because they were not done correctly? How much did it cost for the service? Did you end up getting a significant amount of money back?

(no subject)

1)How much would you say you spend on groceries every paycheck or every month? How many people are you buying for?

2)Which sports celebrity do you hate the most/are you sick of hearing about?

3)Can you skip stones?
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(no subject)

How do you feel about bands who make self-titled albums? How about solo artists with self-titled albums? Does it matter whether it's the debut album or if it's in the middle of their career?

(no subject)

1. Do you listen to the radio? What is the name of your favourite radio station?

2. How do you pronouce either? Ee-ther or Eye-ther?

3. How do you pronouce neither? Do you pronouce it the same as either?
I don't. I say Eye-ther, but I say Nee-ther.


If you're in your 20's, how much have you changed since your teens?

If you're in your 30's, how much have you changed since your 20's?

40's, 50's?
I guess I'm looking more for changes in temperament, not what clothes you wear or music you listen to.

Do you believe people can change?
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(no subject)

will you show me any pictures of either you or someone that you know with a celebrity? Collapse )

whenever you're visiting a BIG city (say L.A, MIAMI, NYC etc) do you keep an eye out for celebrities?

what are you SICK & TIRED of either having to deal with or hearing about? (in general, not limited to one specific subject and/or person)
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'sports build character'

inspired by an earlier post:

If you're one of the seemingly few who do not admire or like Tiger Woods, why not?

Does anything about Tiger annoy you?

Who do you most admire in sports (other than or in addition to Tiger Woods)?

In case you're wondering what I have against TW, I don't really - he's pretty amazing and has accomplished A LOT, esp. for the game of golf.  It's just that he gets so much press, I want to hear about who else people admire.

Edit: I used too narrow a word choice with 'admire' - I'm interested in knowing what sports figures people like, enjoy, look forward to watching, etc...
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I want Mozilla darnit...

So I'm at work, and I just had to restart the computer for various reasons and I had about fifteen to twenty random tabs open. I can't remember what they were, and they were things I wanted to bookmark and read later when I had a chance.

But I'm using Internet Explorer 7(complete with vaguely useless Google Toolbar) instead of the browsers I'm used to. If this was Firefox, I'd have my tabs back as soon as I reopened the browser. But it's not, so I want to go in to the browser history and see what webpages I've viewed today.

Am I crazy? Didn't this used to be possible? How do I make this happen? I've checked the help, and can't find it. Okay, I FINALLY found the command, buried somewhere in a toolbar that wasn't enabled.

Do you find the help files usually useless?

And for the benefit of randomness:
What's the last thing you looked up on Wikipedia? (I was trying to make sense of the changes in the Marvel Comic universe).
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(no subject)

2 people are having an argument. Who usually ends up winning the argument?

The one who presents more logical points and sensible solutions
The louder of the two
The first one to threaten bodily harm to the other
The person who's more passionate about the subject matter will eventually prevail
There are no winners, cause everybody who argues publically is a loser

Someone at work keeps taking your lunch. You put your name on the bag, and you find the bag on the kitchen table, empty. You tape the bag shut, you find the tape next to the bag on the kitchen table. You're pissed off. Then one day, you sneak into the kitchen early and catch the perpetrator. What sort of thing would you say or do to them?

Nothing. I'd probably say nothing and just stop bringing lunches to work. I don't want any trouble
I'd confront them and there would be angry words and possibly some name calling
I'd report this person to our superior, and let them handle the situation
I'd say nothing, but this person can expect to find their car keyed or worse later
No words need be spoken. The time for speaking is over. The time for angry, beligerent fists is at present.
No less than complete envisceration in the alley later with a butter knife will make this right

Do you like big butts?

I cannot lie
No, not really
Sometimes they're good

Rhode Island

I'm planning on taking a trip to Rhode Island (Westerly area) in mid-August.

Does anyone have input about the hotels in the area? I'm aiming for something under 200 a night, and preferably within walking distance of the beach.

Also, any recommendations on restaurants or attractions worth a visit?
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Fight! Fight! Fight!

1- What's the last thing that you argued with someone about? Who won?
2- Did/does your high school have kids start screaming and drawing attention to smaller fights, in hopes of them growing to full-scale riots? Did you ever participate?
3- Why can't we be friends?
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(no subject)

How do you like your showers, TQC?

Hot, cold, right in between?

With the water so light it's just barely tickling you, or so hard it could be reported for abuse?

Short and sweet, or long and drawn-out?

Do you sing in the shower, act out scenes from movies, think about what you can have for dinner that night, anything else interesting, or just stand there like a boring old statue while you wash your ass? Would your answer for this change if you were alone in the house and no one could hear you?
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Has anyone here taken the GED test before?

I'm not sure how it varies from state to state, but i live in New York.

Just curious about your experiences, as i am taking mine tomorrow and friday!
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(no subject)

so last night i didn't get enough sleep and i can't go back to sleep now and i'm also really annoyed. i have to babysit for the next few hours and i'm basically taking care of two kids. any ideas on what would keep me from blowing up every 5 seconds?
i know i should just calm down, but at the moment that doesn't seem to be working.

also, how the hell do i train our stupid dog to take his shits outside? i've had to spray down a carpet, a towel, and i've picked up some gnarly shit this morning.

heeeelp TQC, you guys know everything.
This is so ridiculous.

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Spurred by yet another discussion on ONTD:

Why is it that people consider obesity to be the most disgusting, unexcusable thing in the world, but turn their heads when it comes to other vices?

Think about it:

An obese person has a vice: eating too much food. This vice is detrimental to their health.


A chain smoker could smoke two packs a day, effectively ruining his lungs. His vice is equally detrimental to is health, and society doesn't label it as disgusting, etc.
The same for alcoholics.

So? What is it about obesity that makes it so much more disgusting than these other health-compromising things?

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Where can I watch the old episodes of Big Love? I've got all the new ones On Demand, but I have no idea what's going on.

ETA: I've got the newer ones, sorry. Episode 9 to the present. Didn't know they were out on DVD either, so I'll put those in my Netflix queue. Answered!

I actually just found out about the show today and watched one episode. I was lost, but I do love me some Ginnefer Goodwin.
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9:22 PM 5/26/07 · A lot of people weren't all that ond of Alien versus Predator, not that I'm one of them, as it didn't really do it for them. Not too unexpected really when you mix two fandoms and what works in the comics doesn't always work on the big screen. Although, this is hardly the first time this sort of thing has gone down.

I'm not just talking Freddy versus Jason either. Off the top of my head I can think of about 9 different versus movies and they all weren't what you'd call great but at least they entertaining. Saw the very 1st one when I wasn't even 10 years old: Billy the Kid versus Dracula...

...trust me, AvP was a masterful triumph by comparison! I've yet to work up the nerve to rent Zombies versus Vampires but my expectations are low.

1. Of the ones you've seen, what was your favorite versus movie?

2. What was your least favorite?

3. If you had to choose from two fandoms to fight it out...which ones would you pick from?
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(no subject)

What are some songs that you know are remakes, but people don't seem to know are?

What's the temperature where you are?

Is it just me, or is this week dragging?

How old were you when someone you knew well died?

Collapse )
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(no subject)


1) do you give your # out fairly easy, or does a person have to try, try and try again to get the digits?
2) have you ever traded myspace/e-mail addy's with someone, *upon meeting them?


3) are you hesitant with giving out your #?
4) are you hesitant with giving out your address?

(no subject)

My Spanish skills aren't what they used to be. There's one thing in particular that confuses me. I don't know when to use the letter e or the letter a in certain words. Lemme explain. If you're telling someone to listen, would you say "escuche" or "escucha"? If you're telling several people to look at something, do you say "miren" or "miran." etc. etc. So basically what I'm asking is what is the rule for using these e's and a's?

Stupid hair?

I have naturally curly hair (it's straightend in the icon, ignore that, heh).

However half the time when I wash it, it when it's dry it's all flat and limp and...not frizzy, but kind of poofy, and there's no definition.

And then sometimes I wash it and it comes out great.

I wash it the exact same way with the exact same stuff and finish it the exact same way every time. I use Ouidad stuff, www.ouidad.com. And I only wash it 2-3 times a week. And it's not the weather. :)

So...what's up with my hair being all flat and gross half the time?

We do have pretty low water pressure, so, is it just not getting rinsed good sometimes? Wtf?
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(no subject)

1. Were you breastfed as a child?
2. If applicable - did you breastfeed your children? (Dads can answer this too - you have kids even if they weren't your boobs!)
3. Do you find a woman breastfeeding in public offensive? Why/ Why not?

(no subject)

the neighbor to one side of us has been playing gwen stefani's "sweet escape" on repeat for the past hour.
the neighbor on the other side is playing a mix of songs that include robert palmer's "addicted to love" and john mellencamp's "jack and diane".

what is the worst combination of music you've heard?
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(no subject)

So I'm planning on adopting a second cat soon and want to go ahead and get stuff for it. Obviously, already having a cat, I have some stuff for her.

I'm planning on getting another litter box, travel crate, and more food bowls so each cat will have their separate stuff. I'll buy food, a collar with ID, and litter later once I finalize an adoption since I don't know yet what age the new cat will be (looking at getting an older cat instead of a kitten).

That said, is there anything else I should get that I'm not thinking of?

Any tips for introducing new cats? I'm going to keep them in separate rooms for a couple of days so they'll get used to each other's scents before introducing them face to face. I've been told to let them establish their heirarchy (i.e. if they fight, let them finish it out) and obviously give my current cat extra attention when I bring in the new one.
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My boyfriend is coming to see me for a week, so I'm making him a big batch of brownies. My house is now filled with that wonderful smell of delicious baked goodies.

- What was the last nice thing you did for someone "just because"?
- What's your favourite smell to fill the house with?
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(no subject)

Trying to plan a (realistic) wedding budget here:

1. How much did you spend on your wedding?

2. What did you include or not include due to cost? (Did you have a reception? Did you serve dinner? Open bar? Did you pay for the wedding party's clothing? etc)

3. Since you have stellar 20-20 hindsight, what would you do differently?
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(no subject)

who do i talk to if i want to hold an event on the beach? at night?

is it possible for me to just go ahead and do it and if the police walk up, pay them off for the permit i'm not sure if i need? it's just a bunch of kids sitting around for two hours with maybe a tiki torch or four.

(no subject)

i am going to court next week for a traffic ticket. the idea is for me to try and get probation before judgement. and since my last ticket was 6 years ago, i think i can do that. i figure i should plead guilty, and show them that i know i made a mistake and it won't happen again. however, i don't know what to expect in court. i know first they ask you "how do you plead?". if i say "guilty" do they then allow me to explain myself and ask for probation before judgement? or is it just up to the judge to give me whatever he/she deems a fit punishment? also, am i correct that if i got pulled over and got just a (verbal) warning in the past, that it doesn't show up on my record?

EDIT: i know i plan to plead guilty. it's a long story with technicalities, but i realize that if the cop says i'm guilty, they'll believe him over me. i just wanted to know from someone who's been through this before if i'll get to actually ask for pbj or if after i say "guilty" is it basically case closed, and completely to the judge?
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(no subject)

Has anyone else noticed that ingesting copious amounts products with Splenda [tm] leads to a cold sore? Is it just me? Why might that be?

Also, products and tips for getting rid of cold sores quickly?

(no subject)

OK, TCQ. Here's the deal. I have a not-so-mild addiction to The Sims 2. However, my computer is crap so I couldn't play it for a few months. So recently I finally ponied up and bought a new graphics card (which I really needed anyway), and some RAM, totaling about 120 in upgrades. So, happy with my purchases I went to install the game.

It does not work. I am very sad.

The body shop file won't transfer over. I've tried cleaning the disk and Googling the problem, but it all sounds very complicated on the forums. It requires smarts.

I am not smart, TCQ.

Does anyone have any advice for me that is relatively simple and doesn't involve shelling out another fifty? (And no, I don't have a friend to loan the game from).
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(no subject)

Do you have a blog outside of LJ?

If so - Where is it? What is it for (everyday life, weight loss, parenting, etc)?

Any good blogs you keep up with that you would recommend?

Me -

No blog outside of LJ, and I'm a dooce fan. www.dooce.com <3 Funny stuff.
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(no subject)

My roommate told me that if a light-haired person dyed their hair dark brown or black, their hair will grow out darker than it was before dying it, and may never return to the original color. I am a bit skeptical. Then I asked her if the light-haired person dyed it their original color or some other light shade, if their hair would grow out to be the original color again, and she said she didn't know.

She knows a lot more about beauty secrets, make up, skincare and hair dying than I do, so generally I trust her, but I don't see how this can be back ed up with science. I think if anything, people's perception of the original haircolor changed, or something.

Is any of this true? Pictures of before and afters? What's the scientific basis for this hair phenomenon?

(no subject)

Whats the best advice you've ever recieved?
Whats the best advice you've ever given?
Whats hiding under your bed?
Do you have a kitty? If so is it as annoying as mine?
Whats your favorite flavor of kool-aid?

thats all for today TQC!!
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Job prospects

How do you get your foot in the door in the childcare field? All I've really done is the normal string of babysitting gigs and that was in high school (I'm 26 now).

Besides that, can anyone think of a normal, average job that wouldn't suck and might actually be enjoyable?
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Oh man

Okay, so, you know those memories you have from being a kid that you aren't sure if they're real or not? Yeah, well, this is one of them. I seem to remember when I was about 6 or 7, going into a music store with my parents and there was a movie on. I was watching it, but it scared me, the only thing I remember was two or three HUGE grass hoppers sitting in a tree and for some reason, I think the people had turned into them. Does anyone know if I just have a wonky memory or if this really was a movie?

And another question! Has anyone seen those b movie Christian flicks about the rapture from the 1970s? I was forced to watch them when I was little and it actually caused alot of issues with me as a little kid, but now, I want to see them again because I'm sure they're terrible! I'm just wondering if anyone knows about them. ;P
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(no subject)

My car is dead and i'm not around a bus stop. I've been sleeping with this guy for almost 2 months now. He works in the same plaza as my pharmacy. Is it too forward to ask him to pick up my birth control?

Who dunnit?

For the record, I work at a women's gym. It's a hydraulic circuit and we also offer tanning, fitness classes and massage therapy.

On several occasions throughout the past two weeks, my coworkers and I have discovered a considerable amount of urine inside the plastic wastebasket that is located beside our tanning bed. Pee! I really wish I could say that I'm kidding. I mean, really, the toilet is barely five feet away from the tanning room! WTF?!

So TQC...who is pissing in the trash can?
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there are places I'll remember all my life

Okay, so at the point you are in life, whatever that may be, when you look back, what's the thing where you go, "Damn, if I'd have done that, it would have been the biggest mistake of my life"?

For me, marrying my ex and having kids with him. I just thought of it today and realized how much better and different my life is now and that I would have really been miserable had I chosen that.
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(no subject)

At my work, we all got t-shirts for the end of the school year. And, 'in order to have shirts that will fit everyone' they only order t-shirts in sizes L-3X. Yeah. I wear a small. The large shirt makes me look like a fool.

I know people always talk about accidentally shrinking clothes, so it is possible to shrink this shirt, right?

It's 50% cotton, 50% polyester. The directions says to wash in warm water, inside out and tumble dry medium.

How do I get this guy to shrink down?

Sunglasses: Expensive or Cheap?

I'm wondering how many people think sunglasses are worth spending lots of money on.

Assuming expensive = over $20.00 and cheap = under $20.00:

Do you buy expensive sunglasses or cheap sunglasses?

What's the most you've spent on a pair of sunglasses?

Do you think it's rude to wear them indoors?

Mine are all cheap. Only one pair over $10. I don't wear them indoors.
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Does anyone live in Virginia? Better yet, does anyone attend/has anyone ever attended the University of Virginia? I'm headed there in August and I've never been to Virginia before.

I'd like to know:

1. How's the weather in Charlottesville?
2. What are some places I should go to, and events I should attend, while at Virginia?
3. Will I need a bike to get around campus (the grounds?) at UVA?
4. Did you buy a laptop with UVA or by yourself?
5. Any other advice you have?

Anything you can tell me would be simply awesome. Thanks!
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(no subject)

What is your favorite poem?
(post it if you have it handy!)

Mine is "i thank You God" by e.e. cummings:

i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky;and for everything
wich is natural which is infinite which is yes

(i who have died am alive again today,
and this is the sun's birthday;this is the birth
day of life and love and wings:and of the gay
great happening illimitably earth)

how should tasting touching hearing seeing
breathing any-lifted from the no
of all nothing-human merely being
doubt unimaginable You?

(now the ears of my ears awake and
now the eyes of my eyes are opened)

(no subject)

What the hell is with the flying bugs all over this community right now?

EDIT: Go to the main community page, then scroll about halfway down. There's an image of four flies going back and forth across the page.
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Semi-serious question

Just out of curiosity:

Does anyone know what would happen if one were to mix Nyquil and Dayquil?

 Meaning, would you be tired? Awake? Or would you be in the same state that you were before but without feeling as sick?

I'm not doing this.  I was just curious because I'm sure it's been done....

My Google-Fu has failed me

I'm trying to remember a song, that was sort of bluegrassy. I believe the band was called the Ooh la la's or the Oh la la's, or that was the title or something. The gist of the story was that the father had cheated and the mother murdered him. I believe the chorus had something about a roof, and the only line I can remember is 'what should be happening in spring', I believe.

Now that I've given you the vaguest information possible, does anyone know what on Earth I'm talking about?

Got it. It's Ohh La La by the Ditty Bops

(no subject)

How would you react if your parents opened a certified letter that was addressed to you from your doctor, that contained very personal medical information, without asking you first? Assume you are an adult and handle things for yourself.
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i'm about to buy an hp laptop, and for some reason buying it directly from hp is more expensive than buying it from frys electronics. even adjusting for programs that arent included on the frys one, the price is about  500 dollars more if bought from hp.com. can anyone explain why its more expensive there than at frys?

EDIT: at circuit city it is the same.

(no subject)

I'm looking for a picture. I'm sure someone will know what I'm talking about. It's a picture of one of the Beatles, I'm pretty sure it's Paul but I could be wrong. He's in the bath tub full of bubbles submerged with his hands on his face just coming up out of the water.
My description might be a little off, it's been a few years since I've seen it, but that's the general idea. Does anyone have it?



i'm on the homokaasu rasterbation website. i first tried to use the rasterbator they have on the site, but it said that the "request timed out". next, i tried downloading the rasterbator and doing it offline, but again i got the same response. anyone know what's wrong?


hi, im a senior in high school going off to university in the fall. 

theres one thing that worries me, and its that im extremely shy and quiet. because im so quiet all the time, people think im uninterested or mean. and also, people tend to walk over me not because i dont stand up for myself, because i'm not loud about it. i really want to change this and start anew at uni.

im hoping to use this summer to rejuvenate (so to speak) myself. any suggestions?
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(no subject)

1. Earlier today somewhere I saw a macro somewhere with the Burger King guy in a forest that made me laugh really hard and I can't find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about and could you post it for me?

2. Are you watching So You Think You Can Dance? What do you think so far?

(no subject)

Some of you may have heard about the rednecks that lived with my mother for eight months. She spent tons of money on the children (ages 3 to 14, four of them) and, in my opinion, they didn't deserve a dime of it.

They moved out May 12th. They left the kids' bikes here, among other various things that my mother is refusing to take responsibility for and return it to them. Perfectly understandable since they were so obnoxious and the children destructive, with parents who didn't consistently discipline them.

Anyway. We're really only "worried" about the 4-5 bicycles they left, which are sitting in our front yard. They're moving to Georgia soon, and I told mom the first day Sara (the mother) doesn't show up at the plant (news paper distributing plant), the bikes are getting pawned. I have more stuff I have to take to the dump, which will probably be the remainder of whatever isn't destroyed enough to go to St. Vincent de Paul or the Hospice.

Since it's been over thirty days that they've been gone, do we have the right to do what we wish with their things, or have I been lead to falsely believe this?

Thanks for any input. I live in Florida, if that even makes a difference. There was no written contract, except that they *had* to be gone before I returned home, and they were, since we don't have the room for them and me.


If you were a nice, pretty set of decorative bookends, where would I buy you? The only bookends we can find are the plain, bent metal ones, and we don't want those. We want something that will look nice in our living room. Where did you get YOUR pretty bookends? :)

I've tried Target, and they don't have bookends at all. Maybe Pier 1 or something?
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(no subject)

To the ladies of TQC:
How hard is it going to be to walk in 4inch stilettos in grass for my graduation tomorrow?
I can walk in them for dayyyyyys on end, but, I've never walked on anything other than solid ground.
Picture of shoes under cut for reference.
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Question for TQC Grammar Nazis

I've been noticing more plural treatment of singular nouns such as "The band have arrived in the studio". OK, I get "the band" is made up of multiple members, but the band is one unit. Should I start saying things such as "The loaf of bread have become moldy, so I threw them away" because the loaf is pre-sliced?
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(no subject)

okay quick question.
my sister is 165lbs and 5'9. she's afriad that shes getting a little 'chubby'
is it possible to lose 20lbs over the summer without running everyday or dieting a lot?
thank you.


Are you a dollhouse miniaturist? (if so, how old are you, male or female, and are you a member of a club? And what are your favourite things to do? Are you a maker, collector and/or swapper?) Do you know any dollhouse miniaturists? Do you know what dollhouse miniatures is? If you do, what do you think of it?

Do you have creative hobbies? If so, what?

Purely Hypothetical.

Let's say there's this man named John Smith. He doesn't trust keeping his money in a bank account, so he stores all of his extra money in this metal tackle-box type container, which he keeps buried by the base of a tree on a random piece of property. For the sake of this question, we'll say there aren't any houses for miles around, so nobody really knows who owns the property on which John hides his cash.

The box has a lock on it, and on the lid there is this little plaque-type thing stating who the box and its contents belong to, with John's address.

One day John goes to put some money in his box only to find that a developer has bought that land and has dug up the tree and surrounding area to start the construction of new homes. The developer's workers found John's box.

What do you think should happen to John's box and his money? Does it technically belong to the developer seeing as he purchased the land it was buried in? Or is the developer legally/morally obligated to give John his box+money, as it clearly states who the box+money belongs to?
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(no subject)

1 - What's happened to you recently that's exciting?
This month I got my first car and got a new phone!

2 - What's('re) your guilty pleasure(s)?
'NSync. More specifically Lance and Joey. ...I feel like a 12-year-old girl for admitting that.

3 - Have you ever gotten an amusing random text message? Care to share?
I just got one from someone in Iowa (I live in Texas and don't know anyone in Iowa) that said "hey cowboy. whats shakin? (this is jessie lou by the way)"

3b - Should I text Jessie Lou back?

3c - Are you Jessie Lou?
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Some months ago, two friends of mine (one girl, one guy) and I were having a conversation as I put together an outfit before I went to take a shower. I pulled out a bra and panties that were fairly matching (not a set) to which my girl friend questioned why I needed to match so much. It's really just because I have a slight case of OCD. My guy friend then said, "Guys don't really like when girls have matching underwear anyway."

Since then, I've been wondering if this is actually the case. So, guys and girls, do you prefer matching or mismatched undergarments on the ladies/yourself?